Collections support teaching and research programs at the University through the doctoral level in the Philosophy Department and its affiliates.  Interdisciplinary work in the School of Business, the College of Liberal Arts and Natural Sciences in such areas as Ethics and Logic is also supported.

English is the major language of selection, with primary texts, critical editions, treatises and some secondary literature also collected in Latin, Ancient Greek, German, Italian and French.   Other languages may be acquired for primary texts, critical editions and treatises, and for high- or repeat-demand items, and upon request.  All time periods and locals are represented. 

Philosophical traditions and philosophers more regularly affiliated with specific geographic areas are covered by respective area studies subject specialists.  The collection focuses on monographs and peer-reviewed journals both in print and electronic as appropriate and available.  

Contact Shiela Winchester, Subject Specialist Librarian

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Religious Studies

Call Number RangeSubject
B 1-5802Philosophy (General)
BC 1-199Logic
BD 1-701Speculative Philosophy
BH 1-301Aesthetics
BJ 1-2195Ethics