Mathematical Sciences

Mathematics materials are collected to support both research and teaching (through the doctoral level) in the major areas of mathematics. The collection also supports mathematical work of faculty, students, and staff in a wide variety of disciplines. Engineers and researchers in other technical areas focus on applied mathematics while social scientists and business/actuarial researchers are interested in the applications of logic, probability and mathematical statistics.

Primary areas of concentration in the Department of Mathematics are analysis, applied mathematics, dynamical systems, geometry, mathematical finance, number theory, partial differential equations, topology, and mathematical physics. The Actuarial Studies Program is also housed in the Department.

The Department of Statistics and Data Sciences is newly formed as of Fall 2014. Most faculty have joint appointments with other departments, reflecting the interdisciplinary and applied focus of their research programs. Collecting is focused on the mathematics and methodologies of statistics. Statistical treatment of specific topics (e.g., statistical methods for the social sciences) are the responsibility of the appropriate bibliographer for that area.

English is the primary language of collection, and works in other languages or in translation are acquired selectively. Popular works and lower division textbooks are acquired selectively while upper division and graduate level textbooks are purchased broadly.

Publications of the primary societies (American Mathematical Society, Mathematical Association of America, Society for Industrial and Applied Mechanics, London Mathematical Society) are actively selected. In statistics the important society publishers are the American Statistical Association and the Institute of Mathematical Statistics.

The collection includes selected conference proceedings. Technical reports, government documents, theses and dissertations are generally excluded. Materials dealing with specific computer applications are acquired selectively.

The Archives of American Mathematics at the Dolph Briscoe Center for American History holds papers and records of mathematicians and mathematical organizations. Mathematical treatment of specific topics (e.g., mathematics of biology) are the responsibility of the appropriate bibliographer for that area.

Periodicals are collected in electronic format, when available.  Monographs are acquired in print or electronic form.  Older mathematics literature is still in use by current researchers, and monographs are maintained and preserved.

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