Marine Science

The Marine Science collection supports teaching and research through the doctoral level in areas of marine science. It also serves the research functions of the University of Texas Marine Science Institute, supporting fields in biogeochemistry, fish physiology and ecology, and ecosystem dynamics.  Other subject disciplines of interest are relevant to botany, chemistry, geology, microbiology, toxicology, aquaculture, oceanography, reproductive physiology of fish, and endocrinology.

English is the primary language of collection. Acquisition of materials in other languages are selective but usually translations into English are preferred when available.  Material considered for the collection includes all geographical areas, with specific interests in the Antarctic and Arctic regions, the Gulf of Mexico and surrounding estuarine ecosystems.

Print and electronic formats are selected depending on user needs, availability, price and content. Journals are preferred to be in electronic format whenever possible. Acquisition for upper and lower division textbooks are purchased selectively, with strong emphasis on research materials. The collection includes popular works, journals, conferences, proceedings, atlases, maps, technical reports, government documents, thesis and dissertations pertaining to marine science, encyclopedias, dictionaries, and selective DVD films. 

Other considerations for support include: Fisheries & Mariculture Laboratory and the Mission-Aransas National Estuarine Research Reserve.

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