The linguistics collection supports students and researchers with the acquisition of informational materials that range from introductory to highly specialized.  Collection priorities reflect the university’s course offerings and research interests in the field of linguistics.  These include (among others):  computation linguistics, creole languages, signed languages, translation, Germanic languages, endangered languages, historical linguistics, bilingualism, languages of the Americas, Romani, and syntax.  Linguistics is closely linked to various other disciplines. Additionally linked are the study of individual languages and their literatures, both historical and modern. 

English is the primary language of collection; non-English materials are purchased as required.  Subject matter considered for collection includes all historical periods, though with an emphasis on new publications.  Likewise, material considered for collection includes all geographical areas. 

Material format is preferred to be either print or electronic, depending upon factors including availability, price, and type of content.  Journals are preferred to be in electronic format.

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Call Number RangeSubject
P 1-1091Philology. Linguistics (General)
P 1-32General
P 39Language and Logic
P 40-46Sociolinguistics
P 47-48Textual Criticism
P 49-50General
P 51-59Study and Teaching
P 60-86History. Biography
P 87-97Communication. Mass Media
P 98Computational Linguistics
P 99-100Semiotics
P 101-114Philosophy, Origin of Language
P 115Bilingualism
P 116Origins of Languages
P 117Sign Language, Gesture
P 118Language Acquisition
P 119Minority Languages
P 120-215General Linguistics
P 216-299Technical Linguistics
P 300-305Rhetoric, Discourse, Vocabulary
P 306-320Translation
P 321-330Etymology, Semantics
P 331-390Comparative Lexicography
P 391-407Linguistics Atlases
P 408-500Colloquial Language, Slang
P 501-900Indo-European Philology
P 901-1091Extinct Languages