Library and Information Science

The Library and Information Science Collection of the University of Texas Libraries is developed and maintained primarily for the faculty, students, and staff of the School of Information, but also to serve practicing librarians in the Austin area and anyone interested in library and information science and the following specializations:

  • Archival Studies
  • Digital Libraries
  • Human-Computer Interaction & Information Architecture
  • Organization and Retrieval of Knowledge and Information
  • Preservation and Conservation of Physical and Digital Artifacts
  • Development, Management, and Evaluation of Collections and Services
  • Cultural Heritage Development and History and Management of the Cultural Record
  • Information Policy, Ethics, and Advocacy
  • User Behavior
  • Health Informatics
  • Information Work and Workers
  • Social Informatics
  • Digital Media

English is the primary language of collection.  The focus is mainly on United States libraries and librarianship, though other materials are selected as appropriate or when requested.

Both electronic and print format monographs are collected, with emphasis given to the format that best meets the needs of the primary users. Online versions of journals and other serials are always prioritized, though print serials are collected when it is the only format offered.

Contact Bill Kopplin, Social Science Liaison Librarian

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