Hebrew, Jewish, and Israel Studies

The resources supporting Hebrew, Jewish, Yiddish and Israel studies at The University of Texas at Austin cover a variety of disciplines including history, art, music, cinema, linguistics and literature, sociology, government and politics. Published and archival materials supporting these areas of study are found in almost every branch of the University of Texas Libraries.

The Jewish Studies Program offers an undergraduate interdisciplinary program that incorporates all aspects of the Jewish tradition and emphasizes the diasporic accomplishments of the entire Jewish collective and its relations with other peoples in all periods and civilizations. It also provides courses for undergraduates who wish to major or minor in the discipline, or for those who desire an introduction to Jewish civilization. The Hebrew Studies Program offers the most comprehensive course of study in that area available anywhere in the Southwest. The program prepares students for B.A. and M.A. degrees. The Ph.D. is offered in Middle Eastern literatures & cultures (Hebrew/Israel) with a specialization in Hebrew Bible/Ancient Near East. The Department of Germanic Studies, in cooperation with the Schusterman Center for Jewish Studies, offers undergraduate courses in Yiddish language and culture. The newly established Institute for Israel Studies under the auspices of the Schusterman Center, offers courses in Israel studies.

The collection holds over 85,000 Jewish, Hebrew and Israel studies related items, among them 31,500 items in Hebrew, and 11,000 in Yiddish. Alongside core texts of Jewish philosophy and religion, the collection has significant holdings of Hebrew linguistics and language instruction materials. Other topics with valuable or unique holdings include Israeli cinema, Hebrew literature, South American Yiddish newspapers, South African Jewry, the Israeli-Arab conflict and human rights in Israel and the Palestinian territories. In order to support a wide variety of research needs, materials are acquired in all formats and content types. The main languages of the collection are English, Hebrew and Yiddish. Other languages are represented as well, including Arabic and Jewish languages and dialects such as Ladino, Aramaic, Judeo-Arabic, and Judeo-Persian. Geographically, the collection mainly covers Israel, the Palestinian territories, and Jewish communities all over the world, with emphasis on the United States, South America, South Africa and the Middle East.

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Middle Eastern Studies

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AC 101-104Collections, Series, Collected Works. Hebrew. Yiddish
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AE 88Encyclopedias. Modern encyclopedias. By language—Yiddish
AG 30Dictionaries & Other General Reference Books. Hebrew
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AP 91-93Periodicals (General). General periodicals for Jewish readers
B 154-157Philosophy. Orient. By religion. Judaism
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BJ 1277-1279Religious ethics. Christian ethics--General special
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