Germanic Studies

Germanic Studies Collections support teaching, learning, and research up through the doctoral level for the University of Texas’s Germanic Studies Department and affiliated departments.  The major focus of the Collection is on the social sciences and humanities, more specifically in German languages, literatures, and cultures in all aspects.   The sciences are collected as they intersect with other topics, or upon request. 

Material is routinely purchased in German and English.   Material in affiliated languages is collected on request for coursework up through the intermediate level and for researchers up to the research level when combining Germanic and Swedish, Dutch, Danish, or Norwegian language and studies. 

Germanic Studies research spans many regions and disciplines, and collecting reflects that Global and timeless perspective.   Collecting focuses on monographs (both primary and secondary literature), symposia, festschrift, peer-reviewed journals in print, electronic and other formats as appropriate and available.   Popular material and some juvenile material is collected in support of language learning and pedagogy.

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