Geological Map Collection

The Tobin International Geological Map Collection provides map materials in support of teaching and research within the Jackson School of Geosciences, its programs and related disciplines. As graphic summaries of earth and planetary data, maps are an integral part of geologic and geographic study as well as an important information source in various aspects of research in such fields as engineering, land use planning, oceanography, physical and space sciences, environmental studies and the life sciences. To serve these disciplines, geologic, tectonic, stratigraphic, physiographic, bathymetric, geodetic, seismographic, outline, topical (such as soil and water survey), geophysical, and index maps are required. Non-geologic maps and all topographic maps are consolidated at the PCL Map Collection. The Tobin International Geological Map Collection is a part of the Walter Geology Library.

All languages are considered for inclusion based upon quality of cartography and availability of mapping for any area, subject, or scale. Emphasis is upon recent mapping, but retrospective collecting is active for areas of poor coverage, or new emphasis. Coverage is global with selective concern for lunar and planetary materials. Emphasis is on the Western Hemisphere, with special concern for Texas, the Southwest and Mexico, as well as areas of long-standing multi-year field projects. Bibliographies, indexes and reference guides to map materials are acquired to assist in locating desired information. Gazetteers and dictionaries of geographic and cartographic terms are included as aids to map use and interpretation. Atlases are acquired as part of the Walter Geology Library collection to support the map collection.Emphasis is on the acquisition of sheet and wall maps, road maps, map catalogs and folios, serials for current map information and selection, and monographs on mapping principles, techniques and interpretation, which are acquired as needed. Any map relevant to study of geology will be considered, based on condition and utility. Emphasis is on materials published within the last 10 years, or upon most current coverage available. Generally, broad scale area coverage is preferred initially over highly detailed small area maps. As interest in an area grows, finer scales are added as available and required. Some maps are received through depository or exchange arrangements, where possible.  Satellite imagery is acquired selectively. Digital cartography is acquired as needed.

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