The Geography collection supports teaching and research through the doctoral level in the Department of Geography and the Environment and related courses in Government, Architecture and Planning, and Sociology. The field is interdisciplinary and may overlap with other areas including anthropology, biology, engineering, economics, geology, and history.

The three research clusters of the department, Digital Landscapes, Environmental Changes and Surface Processes and Space, Place and Social Worlds are supported as well as the Food and Farming Research Initiative. 

English is the primary language of the collection with secondary emphasis on French, German, and Spanish. Materials in Italian, Russian and other European languages are acquired selectively. Works published in other languages are ordinarily purchased in English translation, if available. For materials in the other languages, see the Global Studies statements.

The chronological emphasis is on present conditions, although historical geography as a field is collected.

Primary geographical emphasis is on North America, Europe, and Latin America.  Secondary emphasis is given to the Middle East, Africa, Asia, Oceana, and the Arctic regions.

Introductory textbooks are purchased when they provide material not available in any other form; typically, this is in a new or rapidly developing field.

Serial publications, society publications and conference proceedings are emphasized. Statistical materials are collected in online and print formats.

The emphasis is on current publications, with limited resources directed toward retrospective monographic and serial purchases.

The Center for American History, Benson Latin American Collection and Harry Ransom Center own many rare maps and atlases, rare books and other items of interest to geographers. The Population Research Center's collections, housed in the Perry-Castaneda Library and Collections Deposit Library, is a worldwide collection of historical censuses.

The primary location for maps is the PCL Map Room. The Geology Library maintains a collection of geological maps.  For a detailed treatment of maps, see the Map Statement.

Electronic and print format materials are collected to meet the needs of users.  Periodicals and products of mainstream U.S. publishers are collected in electronic format, when available. 

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Call Number RangeSubject
G 141General Geography; Historical Geography
G 1-140, G 149-180, G 200-922General Geography Travel, Explorations, Voyages
GA 1-23, GA 51-87Cartography: Mathematical Geography
GA 101-1776Cartography: Mapping
G 70.4Remote Sensing
G 3-398, GB 400-649, GB 5000-5030Physical Geography
GF 1-127, GF 500-895Human Geography: Anthrogeography
HB 848-875, HB 879-3700Human Geography: Economic Geography
JC 319Human Geography: Geopolitics