The engineering collection supports teaching, learning, and research through the Ph.D. level in all aspects of engineering supported by the Cockrell School of Engineering.  This includes the departments of:

  • Aerospace and Engineering Mechanics
  • Architectural, Environmental and Civil
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Electrical and Computer
  • Mechanical,  Materials Science
  • Petroleum and Geosystems

Also included are the special program areas of transportation, nuclear engineering and operations research and the organized research institutes.

While concern for these fields is centered in the Cockrell School of Engineering, other schools and departments have interest in specific areas such as students of chemistry in chemical engineering, architecture in architectural engineering, community and regional planning in transportation engineering, and astronomy in orbital mechanics.

English is the primary language of collection, with a focus on studies concerning the United States and Western Europe. The interdisciplinary nature of engineering requires several subject specialist librarians to work together to provide appropriate coverage, particularly in the chemistry, computer science, biological sciences and physics.  

Electronic and print format materials are collected to meet the needs of users. Periodicals and products of mainstream U.S. publishers are collected in electronic format, when available.


Larayne Dallas, STEM Liaison Librarian
Robyn Rosenberg, STEM Liaison Librarian

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Mathematical Sciences

Call Number RangeSubject
R 855-857Biomedical engineering. Electronics. Instrumentation
T 55-59.77Industrial Engineering, Automation, Operations Research
TA 1-2040Engineering , Civil Engineering
TC 160-181Hydraulic Engineering-technical
TD 169-894Environmental/Sanitary Engineering. Pollution
TE 1-279Highway Engineering. Roads and Pavements
TG 1-470Bridge Engineering
TH 845-895Architectural Engineering. Structural Engineering of Buildings.
TJ 1-1475Mechanical Engineering and machinery
TK 1-9401Electrical Engineering. Electronics. Nuclear Engineering.
TL 1-4050Motor vehicles, Aeronautics. Astronautics
TN 799.6-948Nonmetallic Minerals
TP 155-156Chemical Engineering
TP 670-692.5Petroleum Refining
TS 155-194Production Management, Operations management