The education collection supports teaching, learning, and research for all undergraduate teacher education programs and Ph.D. programs in the following departments and specializations: 

  • Curriculum & Instruction: Bilingual/Bicultural Education, Cultural Studies in Education, Early Childhood Education, Foreign Language Education, Language & Literacy Studies, Learning Technologies, Physical Education, Social Studies Education, STEM Education
  • Educational Administration:  Educational Policy & Planning, Higher Education Leadership, Public School Leadership,
  • Educational Psychology: Counselor Education, Human Development & Learning Sciences, Program Evaluation, School Psychology, Quantitative Methods
  • Special Education: Autism & Developmental Disabilities, Early Childhood Special Education, Learning Disabilities & Behavior Disorders, Multicultural Special Education, Rehabilitation Counselor Education

English is the primary language of collection.  The focus is mainly on U.S. educational practice, though some comparative materials are selected as appropriate or when requested.

Both electronic and print format monographs are collected, with emphasis given to the format that best meets the needs of the primary users. Online versions of journals and other serials are always prioritized, though print serials are collected when it is the only format offered.

Contact: Janelle Hedstrom, Education Librarian

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LBTheory and Practice of Education
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