East Asian Studies

The East Asian Library Program (EALP) supports teaching, learning and research in Asian Studies program through M.A. level and in Asian Cultures and Languages program through Ph. D. level with the concentration of East Asia (China, Japan, Korea and Taiwan) in the Department of Asian Studies at the University of Texas at Austin. The EALP also supports the Department’s joint program with the LBJ School of Public Affairs and the McCombs School of Business, as well as degrees with an East Asian concentration offered by a number of departments in the College of Liberal Arts and by other Colleges or Schools, and a special Taiwan Studies concentration in Asia Department.

The East Asian Studies librarian has the primary responsibility for selection of materials in all languages for East Asian Studies, although the work may be coordinated with other University of Texas Libraries subject specialists as appropriate.

Humanities and social sciences are main focus of the collection. Reference works of all types are more broadly acquired. Chronological coverage is from earliest times to present.

The EALP includes the Taiwan Resource Center for Chinese Studies, a special collection built through a partnership with the National Central Library of Taiwan.

Chinese, Japanese, Korean and English are the primary languages of collection. Print, microforms, electronic and audio visual are the primary formats collected.

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Architecture and Planning
Art and Art History

Call Number RangeSubject
BF 1779Feng shui
BJ 115-118History, by period & by region or country. Ancient- Orient-Far East
BJ 965-976History--By period--Modern (1700- )--By region or country--Asia--China. Japan. Korea
BL 1790-1950Religions. By region. China
BL 1975Religions. By region. Taiwan
BL 2195-2228Religions. By region. Japan
BL 2230-2240Religions. By region. Korea
BQ 1-9800Buddhism
BR 1261-1337Christianity. By region. East Asia
CD 225-226Diplomatics. Archives. Seals By regions. China
CD 238-241Diplomatics. Archives. Seals By regions. Japan
CD 2030-2291.T34Archives. -History and statistics--By region or country--Asia
CE 37Calendar. Ancient. China
CE 38Calendar. Ancient. Japan
CS 1160-1169Genealogy. By region or country. China
CS 1300-1309Genealogy. By region or country. Japan
CS 1330-1339Genealogy. By region or country. Korea
CS 2990-3012Genealogy. Personal and family names. By region or country.
CT 1820-1858National Biography. China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea
CT 3710Biography of women. China
CT 3715Biography of women. Taiwan
CT 3730Biography of women. Japan
CT 3735Biography of women. Korea
DS 701-799History. China. Taiwan
DS 801-899History. Japan
DS 901-937History. Korea
G 320-326History of discovery, explorations, and travel. Chinese.
G 330-336History of discovery, explorations, and travel. Japanese
G 2305-2307Atlas. China
G 2330-2334Atlas. Korea
G 2340-2344Atlas. Taiwan
G 2355-2359Atlas. Japan
GF 656-658Human ecology. Anthropogeography. China
GF 659Human ecology. Anthropogeography. Korea
GF 666-667Human ecology. Anthropogeography. Japan
GT 363-370Manners and customs (general). Houses and dwellings. East Asia
GV 121-122Recreations. Leisure. China
GV 125-126Recreations. Leisure. Japan
GV 133Recreations. Leisure. Korea
GV 651-652.5Sports. China
GV 655-656.5Sports. Japan
GV 663.K6-663.K65Sports. Korea
GV 663.T6-663.T65Sports. Taiwan
HA 4620.5-4655Statistics. East Asia
HB 1060.5-3657Demography.
HC 425-430.5Economic history. China, Mongolia, Taiwan
HC 461-470.3Economic history. Japan, Korea, Hong Kong
HD 910-945Land Use. East Asia
HD 2906-2913Corporation. Trusts. East Asia
HD 4310.5-4331State industries, Privatization. East Asia
HG 187.C6–K6Financial planners. Institutions.
HG 3320.5-3355Banking
HN 720.5-750Social history and conditions. East Asia
HQ 1760-1781Women. Feminism. East Asia
HX 411-431Socialism, Communism. East Asia
JQ 1500-1729Political institutions and public administration. East Asia.
JV 8756.5-8759Emigration and immigration. East Asian
LA 1130-1144History of education. East Asia
LA 1310-1339History of education. Japan, Korea
LG 51-57Individual education institutions. China, Taiwan
LG 240-285Individual education institutions. Japan
NB 1036-1070.3Sculpture. East Asia
ND 1036-1070.3Paintings. East Asia
NE 1310-1326.5Ukioe
NK 3634Calligraphy, Chinese
NK 3637Calligraphy, Japanese
NK 3638Calligraphy, Korean
PL 491-5000East Asian languages and literatures
PN 1993.5.C4Motion pictures. History. China
PN 1993.5.J4Motion pictures. History. Japan
PN 1993.5.K6Motion pictures. History. Korea
PN 2920-2939.8Drama. Dramatic representation. Japan, Korea
Z 3106-3119National bibliography. China. Taiwan
Z 3301-3325National bibliography. Japan. Korea