The Chemistry collection supports teaching and research through the doctoral level in all areas of chemistry, including analytical, inorganic, organic, medicinal, macromolecular, and physical/theoretical chemistry; biochemistry; crystallography; and chemical education.  Interest in these areas is centered in, but not limited to, the Department of Chemistry and the Department of Molecular Biosciences, both within the College of Natural Sciences.  Students in all STEM fields and faculty in related fields (such as biological sciences, chemical engineering, materials science, physics, and pharmacy) also have many needs in one or more of these areas.  Interdisciplinary research in fields such as materials science, environmental science, biotechnology, thermodynamics, nanotechnology, superconductivity, spectroscopy, and biological chemistry do not fall neatly into one statement.  The appropriate subject specialists collaborate to manage ongoing development of collections in these areas.

Access to journals is paramount for the chemical sciences, and we make every effort to provide ongoing access to a broad and deep selection of current and historical journals.  Electronic format is preferred for journals and periodicals whenever possible. 

For monographic materials, emphasis is on recent research- and graduate-level titles in English.  The format of these materials may be either print (hardcopy) or electronic, depending on various factors and user needs. 

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