Biological Sciences

The biological sciences collection supports teaching, learning, and research through the Ph.D. level in the biological sciences including genetics, anatomy, physiology, genomics, neuroscience, conservation biology, ecology, animal behavior, climate change, evolution, infectious disease, microbiology, cellular & molecular biology, computational biology, systematics, immunology, plant sciences, biochemistry, biophysics, neurobiology of addiction, learning & memory, neural development, cognition & perception, and neurodegenerative diseases & injuries.  Agriculture and forestry materials are collected selectively.

English is the primary language of collection.  Specialized materials in descriptive and systematic botany and zoology are considered in any language.  Geographic emphasis for descriptive and systematic biology is on the Western Hemisphere and tropical regions of the world. 

Electronic and print format materials are collected to meet the needs of users with electronic format preferred for periodicals.  Format for monographs is selected appropriately to the material and its use.

Contact Porcia Vaughn, STEM Liaison Librarian for Biosciences

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Call Number RangeSubject
QR 1-705Natural History (General). Biology (General)
QK 1-989Botany
QL 1-991Zoology
QL 61-77Collecting. Zoos (collected selectively)
QL 78-80Aquariums
QM 1-695Human Anatomy
QP 1-981Physiology
QP 136-144Nutrition. (See Nutrition collection policy)
QP 351-500Neurophysiology. Neuropsychology (QP 360 see Psychology collection policy)
QP 460-471Hearing. Physiological acoustics (see Speech Communication collection policy)
QR 1-502Microbiology