The audiovisual collection is the principal media collection for the UT Libraries covering all subject areas. While housed in the Fine Arts Library, it supports all of the university’s colleges and schools.  The scope of the collection covers educational, documentary films and feature films from all areas of the world including global films not available through many U.S. distributors. 

The media coordinator works with many individual UT faculty members and subject bibliographers and to develop and maintain a collection that supports specific teaching needs of the faculty.  The booking service is unique to the Audiovisual Collection in the Fine Arts Library.  This booking service is essential for interweaving AV material into the curriculum on a daily basis.  Additionally, it serves as reserve media collection for faculty in any subject area.

The collection provides audiovisual resources in a variety of formats, but now focuses on Digital Video Discs (DVD) and Digital Electronic Streaming Files.  The media coordinator determines the formats acquired, based on the current standard formats of the educational audiovisual market, the appropriateness to subject matter for larger courses, technical quality and availability of playback equipment.  Audiovisual formats that are standard in the United States are collected primarily but international formats of media are selected as needed and available for purchase.  The media coordinator verifies the license needs for the film, formats, languages and subtitles available in order to assure each film will meet the intended use of its requestor.  Films in the collection vary in license from private use, educational use, and full public performance rights.

The collection also serves as an archive for older audiovisual formats such as 16mm film and video cassette formats.  Many of these titles are unique and rare.  Many titles are in a queue for archival preservation as time and funding permits.

The collection serves as a recreational media resource for feature films and TV series.  This draws many student users into the library.  It also supports film history and media literacy from Hollywood and around the world.

English is the primary language of the collection. Foreign language films and materials are acquired when necessary to support the curriculum of academic programs.  The collection plays a major role in teaching languages and offers the understanding of global cultures.

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Audiovisual materials are collected in any classification, as requested by faculty or other subject specialists.