Asian American Studies

The Asian American Studies collection supports teaching, learning and research through the Ph.D. level.  The collection supports programs of the Center for Asian American Studies which include courses in American Studies, Anthropology, Asian Studies, Communications, Educational Psychology, English, Government, History, Islamic Studies, Middle Eastern Studies, Radio-Television-Film, Religious Studies, Social Work, Sociology and Women's and Gender Studies.

Interdisciplinary materials are collected relating to the social, cultural, and political study of people living in America of Asian descent. Subareas collected, but are not limited to, studies of immigration, diaspora, law and legislation, community formation and civil rights. 

The collection focuses mainly on the United States and Canada.  Related materials on other communities who have experienced immigration and acculturation in America as well as other Asian communities globally are selectively acquired.

English is the primary language of the collection.  Other languages are collected as needed for research.

Electronic and print format materials are collected to meet the needs of users.  Periodicals and products of mainstream U.S. publishers are collected in electronic format, when available. 

A collection of films and documentaries related to Asian American Studies is located in the Fine Arts Library.  The Center for Asian American Studies maintains a small collection of print and video materials in their office.  The Austin History Center, part of the Austin Public Library, collects historical materials on Asian Americans in Austin.

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