Art and Art History

The Art Collection supports the Department of Art and Art History, the Blanton Museum of Art and the Landmarks Public Art Program primarily.  The Department has four unique divisions: art history, studio art, design, and art education and the Visual Arts Center.  All areas are supported equally.  The collection supports art history up to the Ph.D., studio art up to the M.F.A, design up to the M.F.A. and Art Education up to the M.A.  Centers in the Department that are supported include the Center for the Art of Africa and its Diasporas, Center for the Study of Ancient Italy, the Center for the Study of Modernism, the Center for Latin American Visual Studies, and the Mesoamerica Center.

English is the primary language of collection, but works published in other western and non-western languages are also purchased regularly, there are no language limitations.  There are no chronological or geographical limitations on the collection either.  As with most subjects, the art collection is interdisciplinary in nature.  Current interdisciplinary foci include Museum Studies and Digital Arts/Gaming.  Both retrospective and current collecting are the norm in this discipline and a balance must be found between collecting historical materials and emerging artists.

Formats collected include printed books, monographs, exhibition catalogs, collection catalogs, catalogues raisonne, and festschriften; ebooks when appropriate; audiovisual collections including DVDs and streaming video; journal literature both in print and online.   Zines, artists’ books, and other special collections items are also acquired. 

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Call Number RangeSubject
AM 1-501Museum studies
E 98 A7-E 99 N3Art – Native American
KF 4288-4305Art law
N 1-9999Visual arts
NB 1-9999Sculpture
NC 1-9999Drawing, design, illustration
ND 1-9999Painting
NEPrint media
NK 1-1699; NK 2775-3374; NK 3600-9999Decorative arts, applied arts, decoration and ornament
NXArts in general
TP 785-869Clay, ceramics, glass
TR 640-685Artistic photography
TS 890-915Wood Technology
TT 1-999Handicrafts, arts and crafts