Archaeology Collections support teaching and research programs through the doctoral level, mainly centering around work in the Classics and Anthropology Departments, and related fields such as American Studies, Anthropology, Art History, Latin American Studies, Middle Eastern Studies, and Religious Studies.  English is the majority language of selection, with primary and some secondary literature collected in German, French, Italian, and to a lesser extent languages covered by additional Global Studies funds where needed. 

In terms of chronology, material is purchased covering research from early man to the near present, with emphasis on the Classical era and its sphere of influence.  In format the collection emphasizes monographs and peer-reviewed journals both in print and e- as appropriate and available, trade periodicals, and reference works.  Major site reports are essential.  Proceedings of conferences and festschrift are also acquired.   Revised dissertations and theses from other institutions are purchased when presenting primary data and as funding allows. 

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Art and Art History

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CC 1-960Archaeology (General)
CJ 1-6661Numismatics
CN 1-1355Inscriptions. Epigraphy
G 84-88History of geography. Modern authors
GN 674-890Prehistoric archaeology