Advertising and Public Relations

The advertising and public relations collection supports teaching, learning, and research through the Ph.D. level in advertising and public relations, with attention given to the UT School of Advertising and Public Relations’ main areas of study: advertising (creative, media, sports, management) and public relations (corporate, non-profit, health, political.)

English is the primary language of the collection, with a focus on materials concerning the United States and international advertising. There is also a strong interest in cross cultural and sub cultural advertising. The interdisciplinary nature of advertising and public relations compels several subject specialist librarians to work together to provide appropriate coverage for their constituencies, particularly in the psychology, business, art, global, area, and women and gender studies areas.

Electronic and print format materials are collected to meet the needs of users. Periodicals and products of mainstream U.S. publishers are collected in electronic format when available. Media services are not purchased unless a special rate and funds can be acquired.

Contact Brittany Rhea Deputy, Subject Specialist Librarian

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