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Celebrating the Life

Katherine Adams, Barker Texas History Center, 1986 Ralph Alberico, Undergraduate Library, 1994
Susan Ardis, Engineering Library, 1989
Margaret Alvarado, Circulation Services, 2013
Mary Beth Bigger, Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center Cataloging Department, 1984
Boris Brodsky, Fine Arts Library, 2012
Steve Bush, Preservation & Digitization Services, 2011
Olga Buth, Fine Arts Library, 1987
Don Carleton, Barker Texas History Center, 1982
Dorothy Carner, Reference and Information Services, 2004
Benn Chang, Desktop Support, 2009
Aaron Choate, Technology Integration Services, 2009
George Cogswell, Facilities & Support Services, 1984
Jee Davis, Cataloging & Metadata Services, 2011
Dennis Dillon, Reference & Information Services Department, 1993
Beth Dodd, Architecture & Planning Library, 2001
Elizabeth Dupuis, Undergraduate Library Services Division, 1997
Nancy Elder, Life Science Library, 1996
Ralph Elder, Barker Texas History Center, 1991
Anita Farber, Acquisitions & Serials Department, 1992
Cindy Fisher, Library Instruction Services, 2012
David Flaxbart, Chemistry Library, 1998
Jenifer Flaxbart, Reference & Information Services Department, 2005
Robin Fradenburgh, Automated Cataloging Department, 1995
Sue Fuller, Cataloging Department, 1985
Esmael Ghadessy, Audio Visual Library, 2006
Don Gibbs, Benson Latin American Collection, 2000
Margo GutiƩrrez, Benson Latin American Collection, 2001
Harlin Hanson, Digital Library Services, 2012
Ann Hartness, Benson Latin American Collection, 1987
Jo Anne Hawkins, Circulation Services, 1983
Janelle Hedstrom, Reference and Information Services, 2008
Goldia Hester, Reference Services Department, 1982
Janina Hurtado, Aquisitions & Serials Department, 2005
Adrian Johnson, Library Instruction and Information Literacy Services, 2005
Christine Johnston, Chemistry Library, 1990
William J. (Bill) Kopplin, Reference & Information Services Department, 1999
John Kupersmith, Public Services, 1990
Marjorie Lawrence, Cataloging Department, 1996
Jennifer Lee, Preservation Services, 2007
Suzanne McAnna, PCL Circulation Services Department, 1989
Mark McFarland, Electronic Information Programs Division, 1997
R. Bruce Miller, Automation and Information Systems Planning Division, 1983
Jo Anne Newyear-Ramirez, Collections & Information Resources Division, 1999
Alison O'Balle, Library Systems Division, 1994
Sean O'Bryan, Gift Services, 2013
Michele Ostrow, Library Instruction and Information Literacy Services, 2003
Nancy Paine, Interlibrary Services, 2002
Marcia Parsons, Undergraduate Library, 1986
Wayne Perryman, Acquisitions & Serials Department, 1988
Richard Pond, Life Science Library, 2004
Ernestine Potter, Cataloging Department, 1998
Renulfo (Rue) Ramirez, Digital Library Services Division, 2000
Paul Rascoe, Documents Collection, 2002
David Roberts, Facilities and IT Infrastructure, 2013
Al Rogers, Cataloging Department, 1982
Ana Salinas, Cataloging Department, 1991
Rebecca Schaefer, Digital Library Services, 2004
Craig Schroer, Benson Latin American Collection, 2008
Laura Schwartz, Fine Arts Library, 2006
Ron Seeliger, Reference Services Department, 1985
Abazar Sepehri, Middle Eastern Library Program, 1993
Meghan Sitar, Library Instruction and Information Literacy Services, 2007
Steve Stein, Digital Library Services Division, 2007
Robert Stewart, Information Systems Planning Division, 1988
Katherine Strickland, Reference & Information Services, 2011
Jeff Stuenkel, Fiscal Services, 2009
John Tongate, Reference & Information Services, 1995
Dennis Trombatore, Geology Library, 1992
Kristin Walker, Interlibrary Services, 2008
Judy Weidow, Cataloging Department, 2003
Ja-Nice Woolaver, Cataloging, 2006