2011 Recipients of the Library Excellence Award

Library Excellence Awards are given to professional librarians and classified staff in the University of Texas Libraries who have made extraordinary contributions.

Steve Bush: Steve has demonstrated continuous dedication to our UT Libraries for the last 25 years. He has created unique artistic pieces, built and repaired important items, and is a hard worker who dedicates all of energy to the task assigned. In Facilities, Steve was always a team player and was so patient with teaching and administering our student employees. Steve is a model of customer service and has never turned down a request from anyone.
Katherine Strickland: Katherine has become a real star in PCL having arrived last year from the Engineering Library. In the Map Collection she provides map reference (both in person and online), she selects and orders cartographic materials, catalogs, circulates and shelves maps. She plays a major role in the online map collection, processing map images, creating index maps and managing the scanning workflow. She is an excellent representative of UT and the UT Libraries, and helps people in many countries with her map reference work.
Jee Davis: Jee goes beyond just providing excellent service to users and strives to also treat her colleagues and coworkers with dignity and respect, listening to what they need from her and her unit to do their jobs better, thus acting as a true partner as she fosters teamwork and collaboration. She understands both the big picture and the details necessary to effectively manage Cataloging and Metadata Services.