1996 Recipients of the Library Excellence Award

Marjorie Lawrence and Nancy Elder

Nancy Elder
Head Librarian, Life Science Library

Elder is Head Librarian, Life Science Library, a position she has held since 1983. Colleagues note that she places the highest priority on service to users at all levels, from entering freshmen to senior faculty members. They cite her common sense and careful attention to the needs of her diverse user population, as well as exceptional good humor in wearing the many hats required to branch librarians. Her collection-building and information services responsibilities include the fields of botany, zoology, microbiology, general biology and pharmacy. She is a leader in the library's instructional program for both electronic and traditional resources.

Billings notes that Elder "bring a high degree of professionalism, ethics, flexibility, innovation, and specialized skill to all she does." He also notes that she is probably the best blackberry picker in the state. She joined the General libraries staff in 1979 as Assistant Engineering Librarian. She holds both the B.A. and M.L.S degrees from UT Austin.

Marjorie Lawrence Music Cataloger, Cataloging Department

Marjorie (Marjie) Lawrence, music cataloger in the Cataloging Department, has long been recognized as an outstanding member of the cataloging staff. This year she took on the challenge of exploring the world of Internet cataloging, an area that still lacks established polices or clear national standards. She tackled the issues of cataloging electronic resources and found solutions to problem, while many peer institutions have yet to even begin.

In recent months, other staff have also begun to catalog Internet resources, but "Marjie was the front-runner," Billings says. "She is one of the most productive and versatile staff members in Cataloging, and one of the most consistently cheerful people on the staff. Her many accomplishments in a particularly outstanding year warrant recognition."

Lawrence holds B.A. and Master of Music degrees, both from the University of Houston, and an M.L.I.S from UT Austin. She joined the General Libraries staff in 1987.