1993 Recipients of the Library Excellence Award

Dennis Dillon and Abazar Sepehri

Dennis Dillon, Assistant Head Librarian
Reference and Information Services Department

Serving as assistant head Librarian, Reference and Information Services Department, Perry - Castaneda Library, Dillon holds a B.A. in anthropology from the University of South Carolina, a M.A. in American civilization and a M.LI.S. both from UT Austin.

"This past year Dennis played a key role in the transformation of the Reference and Information Services Department to accommodate a variety of electronic information sources," Billings said. "Dennis is a library leader, strong in traditional values and services, while also active in charting a bold new geography of information."

Abazar Sepehri, Librarian
Middle Eastern Studies

Sepehri has been Middle Eastern Studies librarian since 1979. He recently made two trips to Middle East in search of fugitive library materials and new acquisitions sources and to consult with librarians, scholars and government officials. He served as a consultant for an Azerbaijani Romanization table for the library of Congress and this summer will teach a course on Azerbaijani for the Center Middle Eastern Studies using unique teaching aids he developed for the new Latin alphabet.

"Sepehri is a true scholar-librarian who serves a source of knowledge not only to students and faculty here at the University of Texas, but also to colleagues throughout the world," Billings said.

Sepehri holds a B.A. from Tabriz University, Iran; and an advanced certificate in library and information science from the University of Pittsburgh.