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Narratives Newspaper - Vol 2 Issue 2

Editor's Note

Welcome to the fourth issue of Narratives, the newspaper component of the U.S. Latino & Latina WWII Oral History Project.

We’re pleased to present to you stories based on interviews and other information gathered in this past semester. For those of you new to our project, a brief summary: the stories presented are based on interviews of U.S. Latino and Latinas throughout the country. Our interviewers are UT students enrolled in Narrative Journalism, students at San Diego State University and volunteers interviewing family members or even people whom we match them up with. (More about the U.S. Latino & Latina WWII Oral History Project on the back page.)

This issue of Narratives features, again, stories of remarkable men and women. Also, we have what we hope is the first of many from a Puerto Rican veteran – this one is conducted by former student Lucy Guevara. You may recall Lucy’s byline from last spring’s issue of Narratives – her interview then was with Reynaldo Perez Gallardo, commander of the Escuadron 201, a unit of the Mexican Air Force. Today, Lucy is working with AmeriCorp Vista in San Juan and conducting interviews for our project in her spare time.

We also have our first story of a WWII Latina military nurse and hope we will be able to include far more stories about women in future issues.

San Diego State University’s Office of Educational Opportunities/Ethnic Affairs has come through with flying colors again – videotaping interviews with several men in their area.

And journalism students in an intermediate reporting class, J320D have taken the SDSU videotapes and other material and written stories based on those interviews.

As Narratives progresses, we continue to refine our operation. Last semester, we began sending interview subjects copies of their stories before the newspaper went to press. While this slows down our operation, we have found it makes our stories far more accurate. Our interview subjects fully understand that Narratives is, besides a wonderful way of sharing their stories with a broader audience, also a great learning tool for student journalists. Letting your source read your story beforehand is not a generally accepted journalism practice. But Narratives is a special publication, part of a larger oral history project, and involves the full cooperation and partnership of the men and women we interview. Therefore, our goal is to write stories that our interview subjects will be proud to hand down to their families.

We are constantly on the lookout for reference books (during our editing sessions, we refer frequently to them), so if you have recommendations – or want to donate some to our project – we appreciate it. We’ve been looking for Stanton’s Military Order of the Army, an out of print book – we have looking for it for a couple of months now. If you have one you’d like to loan or donate to us, we’ll be thrilled.

We thank the San Antonio Express-News for handling the production work on this issue. We are extremely fortunate to be able to concentrate on the content side of our equation and leave the production to copy editor Guillermo Torres and design and layout editor Monte Bach.

If you like Narratives – or if you have suggestions on how to make it stronger – please let us know in writing. We like to share letters from you with the people – like the San Antonio Express-News, and the Austin American-Statesman, who has also provided production twice before. Your support means more to us than you can know.

And lastly: a warm thank you to the men and women whose stories appear on these pages. The best thing about Narratives is being able to listen to the stories of the remarkable men and women whose stories are contained here. We are privileged to be able to bring you their stories and photographs.

Maggie Rivas-Rodriguez, Ph.D.
Instructor - 352-Community Journalism

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Contributors to this Issue

Narrative Journalism Class

Amy Bauer – Senior, Journalism
Alan Davis – Senior, Journalism
Cliff Despres – Senior, Journalism
Nicole Griffith – Senior, Journalism
Lucinda Guinn, – Senior, Public Relations
Katherine Hearty – Junior, Journalism
Kristen Henry– Senior, Journalism
Sandra Ibarra– Senior, Journalism
Vicki Lamar– Senior, Journalism
Bettina Luis– Senior, Communication Sciences and Disorders
Kimberly Tilley – Junior, Journalism
Monica Rivera – Senior, Journalism

J320D-- Information Gathering/Writing/Editing

Amanda Crane – Senior, Pre-journalism
Melissa Duran – Senior, Journalism
Christine Emmott – Sophomore, Journalism
Raquel Garza – Senior, Journalism
Mayella Gonzalez– Junior, Journalism
Dartinya Harris – Senior, Journalism
Minette Hernandez – Senior, Journalism
Corina Kellam – Junior, Journalism
Alison Kelley – Junior, Journalism
Diana Lee– Junior, Journalism
Angela Macias– Junior, Journalism
Joseph Money – Junior, Journalism
Cody Morris – Junior, Public Relations
Christopher Nay – Senior, Kinesiology
Elizabeth Nottingham – Senior, Journalism
Shannon Owens – Sophomore, Journalism
Scott Reister– Junior, Journalism
Isis Romero – Junior, Journalism
Stephanie Scalco – Sophomore, Journalism
Silky Shah – Sophomore, Journalism
Kathryn Tomasovic– Senior, Journalism
Anthony Underwood– Junior, Journalism
Brian Welch– Junior, Journalism
Sam Wolloch– Senior, Journalism

Contributing Writers

Liliana Martinez – Senior, Journalism

Volunteer Interviewers

Kevin Bales – Dallas
Sharon Bales –Dallas
Tony Cantu – San Antonio
Lucy Guevara – San Juan, P.R.
Rea Ann Trotter – Windsor, CO
Vanesa Salinas – Senior, UT Journalism
Joanne Sanchez – Austin
Theresa DeLeon Weeks

Tape Dubbing

College of Communication Instructional Media Center

Teaching Assistant/Editor:

Michael Sweeney– Master’s Candidate, UT Journalism

Photo Coordinator/Webmaster

Rick Stevens, Doctoral candidate, UT Journalism

Production Assistants:

Karla Gonzalez, Senior, UT Journalism
Liliana Martinez, Senior, UT Journalism


Col. Richard Brito, Ret. Army;
William Davies,

Guest editors

Tony Cantu, San Antonio
Guillermo Garcia, Austin


Maggie Rivas-Rodriguez

© Narratives is a publication of the U.S. Latino & Latina WWII Oral History Project, at the UT School of Journalism. All rights reserved.

Project partners include the UT Center for Mexican American Studies, San Diego State University’s office of Educational Opportunities/Ethnic Affairs and the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Counseling Readjustment Service.