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VOCES Oral History Project

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Project Components

VOCES Oral History Project includes several components for audiences of all ages. All components support the project's central mission: to foster a greater awareness of the contributions of Latinos & Latinas of the WWII generation.

These stories are based on interviews conducted for the project, or on material provided the project, Tributes to persons who are deceased. These stories are written by student journalists at UT-Austin, edited by a journalism professor or professional journalist, fact-checked by two volunteer military historians and, finally, fact-checked by the interview subject or family members.

Publications associated with the project are intended for both a general audience, as well as for an academic one.

Interviewer Training
Many interviews for this project have been conducted by first-time interviewers. People interested in conducting interviews for the project are asked to adhere as closely as possible to the project's guidelines to ensure excellent results. The guidelines have been modeled after those of the Oral History Association.

Play: Voices of Valor, by James E. Garcia
This play was inspired by and adapted, in part, from interviews from the project. Arizona State University's Public Events commissioned the writing of the play and partnered with UT Austin's Performing Arts Center. It was performed at ASU and UT-Austin in March 2006.

Exhibit: Images of Valor
The photographic exhibit includes images and themes from the project archive, as well as contemporary photos by student photojournalist Tino Mauricio. The overall concept came from anthropology graduate student Brenda Sendejo and the design of the 12 panels was created by Missy DiPierro-D'Sa.

Educational Materials
Educational materials were developed in 2005 for use in Austin public schools. Materials include a 97-page teacher guide, trading cards featuring interview subjects and posters. Extension to other cities and grade levels will proceed as funding becomes available.

Academic manuscripts are written by scholars from a variety of disciplines: history, sociology, anthropology, journalism, and psychology. Research is ongoing and includes interview excerpts from the project, with book publications as a final goal.