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Why do I need to identify myself to log in to the Libraries' computers?

The Libraries must know who is using the network and must be assured that users are who they claim to be. Current UT Austin students, faculty and staff may use their individually-assigned UT EID (Electronic ID login and password) to access the network. For other users, an EID verified with a valid, government-issued photo ID is needed to grant access


How do I obtain an EID?

1. Create a UT EID at UT EID Self-Service Tools; you may access this URL from any Library Catalog station. The easiest way to access this site is to click on this orange icon labeled EID Help at the bottom of the Library Catalog home pageeid

PLEASE MAKE SURE TO CREATE A STRONG PASSWORD for more information see Strong Password Requirements below.

2. Take your new UT EID and password and your valid, government-issued photo ID to the PCL Courtesy Borrower Desk or other issuing locations (see below) to enable temporary network access.

3. Once temporary access is enabled for your UT EID, you may log in to any Libraries computer for one session up to one hour in duration each day.

4. Your temporary access will remain active for the duration of the semester. Temporary access can be renewed at the PCL Courtesy Borrower Desk or other issuing locations (see below).

Comments and questions may be directed to (512) 495-4350 or to our online comment form at


Temporary Internet Access Issuing locations:

Perry-CastaƱeda Library, PCL 2.122, (512) 495-4300

Architecture and Planning Library, BTL 200, (512) 495-4620

Benson Latin American Collection, SRH 1.108, (512) 495-4520

Chemistry Library, WEL 2.132, (512) 495-4600

Classics Library, WAG 1, (512) 495-4690

Fine Arts Library, DFA 3.200, (512) 495-4481

Geology Library, JGB 4.202, (512) 495-4680

Life Science Library, MAI 220, (512) 495-4630

Marine Science Library, Marine Science Institute, (361) 749-6723

Physics Mathematics Astronomy Library, RLM 4.200, (512) 495-4610


Strong Password Requirements:

Your password MUST:

  • Be between 8 and 20 characters in length.
  • Consist of some combination of letters, numbers, and special characters. The special characters that are permitted are ! @ # $ % & * ( ) - + = , < > : ; " ' .

In addition, your password CANNOT contain:

  • Blanks.
  • Your UT EID.
  • Your first or last name.
  • Your birthday in any form.
  • Any words found in the English dictionary or common proper nouns of four letters or longer.
  • Common letter transpositions (for example, @ for a, ! for i, or zero for O).
  • You may not re-use any of your last 10 passwords.

You may not re-use any password used in the last 10 days.

Passwords are case sensitive. This means that if your new password contains lower-case and/or upper-case characters you must enter it the same way every time you use it.