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TitleTRC thermodynamic tables: hydrocarbons.
Publisher:Thermodynamics Research Center
Abstract:Extensive data tables in looseleaf volumes, from the Thermodynamics Research Center. Continuation of the API-44 project, providing ongoing critically evaluated thermodynamic data on compounds of interest to the petroleum industry. Formula index in last volume. Finding desired data in this filing system can be a challenge.
Properties: Gibbs free energy of formation; Joule-Thomson coefficient; activity coefficient; boiling point; compressibility; critical density; critical pressure; critical temperature; critical volume; cryoscopic constant; density; enthalpy; entropy; entropy of fusion; entropy of transition; entropy of vaporization; fugacity; heat capacity; heat of combustion; heat of formation; heat of fusion; heat of sublimation; heat of transition; heat of vaporization; melting point; molar refraction; molar volume; refractive index; specific dispersion; specific gravity; specific refraction; surface tension; temperature of fusion; temperature of sublimation; temperature of transition; temperature of vaporization; triple point temperature; vapor pressure; virial coefficient; viscosity
Compounds: hydrocarbons; organic
UT Libraries Call Number: QD 511.8 T72
UT Libraries Location:CHEM REF
OCLC Number:14937654
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