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TitleThermophysical properties of high temperature solid materials.
Abstract:Focuses on materials with melting points > 800K, plus some plastics, polymers, and composites. Data on each material are in graphical and tabular form, with a reference information table with corresponding specifications and remarks. Includes thermal radiative properties: absorbtance, emittance, reflectance, and transmittance. A materials index is at the end of each volume. V.1: Elements; v.2: Nonferrous alloys (binary and multiple); v.3: Ferrous alloys; v.4: Oxides and their solutions and mixtures: pt.1 -- Simple oxygen compounds and their mixtures, pt.2-- Solutions and their mixtures of simple oxygen compounds incl. glasses and ceramic glasses; v.5: Nonoxides and their solutions and mixtures, incl. misc. ceramic materials; v.6: Intermetallics, cermets, polymers, and composite systems. Sponsored by Air Force Materials Laboratory, edited by Y.S. Touloukian.
Properties: density; diffusivity; emissivity; heat capacity; heat of fusion; heat of sublimation; heat of vaporization; melting point; specific heat; thermal conductivity; thermal expansion; vapor pressure
Compounds: alloys; binary systems; elements; oxides; polymers; solids; solutions
UT Libraries Call Number: TA 418.26 P8, 6 vols. in 9
UT Libraries Location:ENGIN REF
OCLC Number:734265
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