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TitleTable of recommended rate constants for chemical reactions occurring in combustion.
Abstract:Table of recommended rate constants for gas phase reactions in combustion: tabulates values of the parameters for the modified Arrhenius equation (k=AT^Bexp (-E/RT). Covers reactions occurring in combustion, oxidation and decomposition of aliphatic saturated or unsaturated C4-C10 hydrocarbons, alcohols, aldehydes, ketones, thiols, esters, peroxides, amines, amides and their free radicals, as well as the reactions of O, O2, H, H2, OH, H2O, H2O2, N, N2, NO, N2O, NO2, N2O4, N2O5, S, S2, SH, SO, SO2, SOH, and NS with each other. Table includes 169 first order, 782 second order, and 57 third order reactions. 1770 entries covering 1008 distinct reactions, taken from 11 evaluations published 1970-76, which in turn evaluated papers published 1950-75. (NSRDS-NBS 67) This compilation was followed by NSRDS-NBS 73 (1987) updating and expanding the database. All are also available as free PDFs from NIST.
Properties: rate constant
Compounds: alcohols; gases; hydrocarbons; hydrogen; ions; ketones; nitrogen; nitrogen peroxide; nitrous oxide; organic; oxygen; sulfur compounds
UT Libraries Call Number: QC 100 U573 no.67
UT Libraries Location:CHEM STACKS
OCLC Number:5833789
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