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TitleMatheson gas data book.
Publisher:Parsippany NJ: Matheson Tri-Gas (McGraw-Hill)
Abstract:Data sheets on 157 Industrial gases. Each chapter includes property tables and graphs (largely in English units)
Properties: acentric factor; autoignition temperature; boiling point; compressibility; critical compressibility factor; critical density; critical pressure; critical temperature; critical volume; density; enthalpy; entropy; entropy of formation; flammability limits; flash point; Gibbs free energy of formation; heat capacity; heat of combustion; heat of formation; heat of fusion; heat of vaporization; liquid molar volume; melting point; molar volume; octanol-water partition coefficient; pressure; refractive index; solubility; solubility parameter; specific heat; specific volume; surface tension; thermal conductivity; thermal expansion; threshold limit value; triple point temperature; vapor pressure; viscosity
Compounds: acetylene; air; ammonia; argon; butane; carbon dioxide; carbon monoxide; chlorine; deuterium; ethane; ethylene; fluorine; gases; helium; heptane; hexane; hydrocarbons; hydrogen; hydrogen chloride; hydrogen sulfide; inorganic; isobutane; krypton; methane; neon; nitrogen; nitrous oxide; noble gases; octane; organic; oxygen; pentane; refrigerants; sulfur; sulfur dioxide; xenon
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UT Libraries Location:CHEM REF
OCLC Number:46685585
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