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TitleCRC handbook of thermodynamic data of copolymer solutions
Abstract:Experimental data gathered from over 300 literature sources; LLE PVT of molten copolymers and second virial coefficients. Appendices define copolymer acronyms covering more than 165 copolymers and 165 solvents. In 2011 a supplemental volume was published under the title "CRC handbook of phase equilibria and thermodynamic data of copolymer solutions", with volumetric, calorimetric and phase equilibrium data on 450 copolymers and 130 solvents, updating the literature coverage to 2009. Indexes by copolymer and solvent.
Properties: activity coefficient; cryoscopic constant; ebullioscopic constant; heat of dilution; heat of mixing; heat of solution; Henrys Law constant; liquid liquid equilibrium; LLE; molar heat; molar volume; phase equilibrium; PVT; specific heat; vapor liquid equilibrium; virial coefficient; VLE
Compounds: ions; polymers; solutions
UT Libraries Call Number: QD 381.9 S65 W635 2001
UT Libraries Location:CHEM REF
OCLC Number:46343165
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