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TitleComprehensive handbook of chemical bond energies.
Abstract:Compilation of experimental BDE data in kcal/mol and kJ/mol for 19,600 bonds of 102 elements, from 5500 literature references. Chapters are organized by bond type, functional group, bond order, bond degree, molecular size, and structure. Recommended values are highlighted. Included are organic molecules, biochemicals, radicals, clusters, ions, H- and surface-bonded species, van der Waals complexes, isotopic species, and halogen clusters/complexes, inorganics, and organometallics. The last chapter covers heats of formation of atoms, inorganic/organic radicals and monoatomic ions in gas phase. Indexes by compound class and name. Compiled by Yu-Ran Luo, and expands his earlier "Handbook of Bond Dissociation Energies in Organic Compounds" (CRC, 2002).
Properties: bond dissociation energy; heat of formation
Compounds: elements; inorganic; ions; organic
UT Libraries Call Number: QD 461 L86 2007
UT Libraries Location:CHEM REF
OCLC Number:76961295
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