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TitleChlorine : tentative tables.
Abstract:Tables for Cl2 give the volume, entropy, enthalpy, isobaric heat capacity, compression factor, fugacity/pressure ratio, Joule-Thompson coefficient, ratio of the heat capacities and sound velocity as function of P and T; the the pressure, entropy, internal energy and isochoric heat capacity as functions of density and T for the gas and liquid states from 0.025-25 MPa and 180-900 K. Zero pressure tables are given, plus properties of fluid phases along the saturation curve. Data are based on predictive methods using what little reliable experimental data were available at the time. (International Thermodynamic Tables of the Fluid State, v.8)
Properties: compressibility; critical points; critical pressure; critical temperature; density; entropy; equation of state; fugacity; heat capacity; heat capacity ratio; ideal gas properties; internal energy; Joule-Thomson coefficient; molar heat capacity; molar volume; saturated vapor pressure; sound velocity; triple point pressure; triple point temperature; vapor pressure; virial coefficient
Compounds: chlorine; halogens
UT Libraries Call Number: QD 511.8 I584 v.8
UT Libraries Location:CHEM REF
OCLC Number:11941684
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