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Shadow of the Silk Road

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Shadow of the Silk Road
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Thubron has penned a number of entertaining and insightful books over a long
career, and he may be one of the last in the British tradition of "gentleman
travelers." His is an elegant style. He writes with crystalline clarity and his
narratives, and travels, inevitable veer from the beaten track, bringing us vivid
tales from faraway places inhabited by strangers who soon become our familiars. In
this book, he details his journey through modern Asia along the ancient Silk Road
from China to the Mediterranean through Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, Iran
and Turkey, revisiting some of the same people and places he detailed in two earlier
books, only twenty years on. His descriptions of history, cultures and people are
vivid and unforgettable.

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Thubron, Colin
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Tim Strawn
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