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Tooth and Claw

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Tooth and Claw
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This is T.C. Boyle's seventh collection of short stories. Since 1979, Boyle has
published 19 works of fiction all of them fully engaging the human condition with
hilarity and compassion. I am continually drawn to his short stories because his
ruminations on and illuminations of our human plight are so intense. Boyle is what I
would call a lunatic-humanist-surrealist who can elicit laughter and tears
simultaneously. This collection assembles 14 of his darker stories, all gems and not
to be missed. From the story of an unlikely romance between a fetching American
ornithologist and a spinster Scot on the isle of Unst to the tale of a drive-time
radio host's attempt to break the world record for continuous hours without sleep,
Boyle fascinates while enlivening his characters with frailty, humor, compassion and
odd heroics.

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Boyle, T. Coraghessan
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Tim Strawn
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