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The Terminator (1984)

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The Terminator (1984)
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The Terminator Film Review

The Terminator movie series represents an icon in
American cinematic history. Regardless of age or gender, The Terminator employs many
different elements of film that make the movie a classic within the hearts of fans
across the nation. This is the movie that boosted new comer's Arnold
Schwarzenegger’s career, made director James Cameron a name in Hollywood, and gave
new meaning to a possible dark future that gave viewers nightmares about hostile
robot takeovers. Regardless of flaws present in the movie, The Terminator is a
highly entertaining film that should be seen by movie lovers everywhere.

The Terminator contains many cinematic elements that add to the movie’s unique appeal to
a large audience, which contributed to the film’s success during the 1980’s. The
story is about an evil cyborg, the Terminator (played by Arnold Schwarzenegger),
from the future that travels back in time in order to kill the mother, Sarah Connor
(Linda Hamilton), of the man who leads a rebellion against the machines. In
addition, a freedom fighter, Kyle Reese (played by Michael Biehn), also goes back in
time in order to save Sarah Connor from the Terminator. The film contains a gripping
blend of romance, action, and horror. Scenes of the Terminator brutally killing his
victims in the search for Sarah Connor are supplemented with the romantic
relationship between Sarah Connor and Kyle Reese. This makes the movie more
appealing to a mass audience by adding more substance to the film that goes beyond
gunfights and car chases. However, certain scenes of combat might get repetitive for
some viewers during the movie. The multiple car chase scenes in the film have the
same general formula; the Terminator finds and shoots at Reese and Connor followed
by a narrow escape by the protagonists. Nevertheless, the action scenes are very
exhilarating and employ special effects that are a focal point in the film.

The cast
of characters also represents the perfect portrayal for the plot and setting of the
film. Schwarzenegger plays the Terminator character to perfection by displaying
robotic characteristics with little to no emotion, and makes the cold bloodied
cyborg killer very believable. Furthermore, Linda Hamilton plays the role of Sarah
Connor perfectly by properly demonstrating character development. She transitions
from a terrified individual to a confident character that is capable of holding her
own even against the evil cyborg. Michael Biehn lives up to the character of Kyle
Reese by displaying the brave and protective qualities that make Reese a central
figure in the Terminator.

The Terminator represents the first movie in a series that
will always be seen as a timeless classic in motion picture. The combination of
action, romance, excellent special effects, and character development makes it easy
to recommend this movie to anyone who appreciates a gripping film.

The Terminator . James Cameron. Orion Pictures, 1984. Film.

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James Cameron
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