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Ghost Rider: Movie 2007

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Ghost Rider: Movie 2007
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Ghost Rider, starring Nicolas Cage and Eva Mendes, is a movie based off the
Marvel Comic book. I kept hearing that the movie was a bust but I wanted to see it
for myself. But soon after the movie started I was able to see what everyone else
was talking about. The movie was just awful. Nicolas Cage, who plays Johnny Blaze,
was a teenage stunt man with his father when he was visited by the devil. Blaze’s
father was sick with cancer so he was given the opportunity to save his life by
selling his soul to the devil. Soon after selling his soul, the devil tricked him
and caused his father to die. Years later, Johnny becomes a world-renowned daredevil
by day and at night he becomes the Ghost Rider, the devil’s bounty hunter, in charge
of returning evil souls back to hell. The devil reappears to Blaze and tells him
that he can win his soul back if he defeats his evil son. Power hungry son
Blackheart who wants to bring a thousand souls to Earth so there will be hell on

Ghost Rider was just way over the top; from the dialogue to the gestures that
the characters used. They all seemed to be trying too hard which made the movie
humorous at times when it should not have been. Eva Mendes’ Character Roxanne was
horrible. She was ditzy and forgettable. Her only real purpose in the movie was to
play as Ghost Riders weakness and to be a damsel in distress. Mephistopheles (the
devil) and blackheart (Devil’s Son) were terrible as villains. They were not scary
nor were they evil enough to play the parts.

Some of the special-effects, like
everything else in the movie, were over the top and were clearly animated, but then
there were a few scenes where I was blown away by how cool it looked. The best
aspects of the movie for me were how the creatures looked, from the evil element
creatures, to the Ghost Rider’s flaming head, to his chopper motorcycle that turns
into a rolling creature from hell. Seeing the Spider-Man movies I was expecting a
great movie from Ghost Rider, but that was not the case. Spider-man stayed true to
the comic and original story-line while Ghost Rider seems to take the story
somewhere else.

Overall the Ghost Rider was very entertaining, maybe not the way the
director intended it to be, but I was entertained. The movie had potential to be a
really good film but at the end failed miserably. If you are looking to watch a
poorly made, bad acted movie Ghost Rider is for you.

Johnson, Mark Steven, dir. . Mark Steven Johnson. 2007. Columbia Pictures. DVD.

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Mark Steven Johnson
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Joshua Phillips
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