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New Moon
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New Moon, written by Stephenie Meyer, is the second book in the phenomenon that
is The Twilight Saga. The book picks up where the first book left off, Bella barely
escaping a close call with a red-eyed, aka non-vegetarian, vampire. The book begins
with an 18th birthday celebration at the Cullen’s for Bella. Jasper, the newest
addition to the family, is unable to control himself when Bella gets a paper cut and
tries to attack her. After this, Edward comes to the realization that Bella isn’t
safe when he or his family is around her. The Cullens leave Forks, causing Bella to
go into a deep depression for months after. Once she starts half-heartedly
attempting to put her life back together she realizes that doing dangerous things
make her hear Edward’s voice. This inspires her to buy and fix up two motorcycles
with Jacob, a family friend. She becomes very close with Jacob through this process.
While Bella is still stuck on Edward, Jacob begins falling for her. Everything
changes, though, when Bella decides to go “cliff diving”, aka jumping off a really
high cliff into dangerous waters. Alice, Edward’s sister who has the gift of
foresight, sees her jump off in a vision, but doesn’t realize that she made it out
alive. Edward comes to believe Bella is dead and as he later tells her, “[He] can’t
live in a world where [she did not]” (p 509). So Alice has to employ Bella’s help to
stop Edward from having himself killed by the Volturi. And in the end life changing
decisions are made.

While many will be saddened by the absence of Edward through a
large part of the novel, they will get to know Jacob and his story. Through the
process of fixing up the motorcycles that Bella brought him, a transformation in
Jacob is seen. His motorcycle represents all the transformations to come in his
life: the changes in his heart, in his body, and in his soul. The motorcycles can
also be seen as a symbol of Bella’s new taste for danger. While the motorcycles
bring Bella and Jacob together, Bella uses it as a way of also feeling closer to

The cover art of the book and the meaning behind it is important to how the
reader will experience the story. It is a red and white tulip. Tulips are a symbol
of perfect love. Red tulips specifically symbolize true love, while white tulips
symbolize forgiveness. This is very important in that Bella and Edward’s love is of
Romeo and Juliet status, while they did not have quite the same ending. Meyer even
begins the book with an epigraph from Shakespeare’s play, “These violent delights
have violent ends, and in their triumph, die, like fire and powder, which as they
kiss, consume!” Just from the cover and this quote, there is much foreshadowing of

Meyer, Stephenie. New Moon. New York & Boston: LITTLE BROWN AND COMPANY,2007.

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Stephenie Meyer
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