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Twilight Saga: Eclipse

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Twilight Saga: Eclipse
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Twilight Saga: Eclipse is the third movie in the Twilight series, directed by
David Slade. Compared to the movies before this one, Eclipse is different in the
fact that the characters have finally discovered how to truly act out their parts.
As the movie opens, Victoria is seen turning a boy named Riley, into a newborn
vampire. Her point in doing this is to begin her plot in killing Bella. Having an
army of newborn vampires is Victoria’s idea of getting the job done quickly. This
dark opening scene starts the movie out with a sort of suspense, especially if a
viewer has not yet read the book. In the midst of all of this, Bella desires nothing
more than to become a vampire. Edward, on the other hand, refuses to let this happen
until they are perfectly married. Jacob is still in the mix of things and is
constantly seen confessing his love to Bella. There is one scene in particular where
Bella is mad at Edward for not telling her Victoria’s evil plan. Jacob is standing
in their circle, posted up against his motorcycle, listening to them argue. To evoke
some jealousy within Edward, Bella has no problem with getting on the back of
Jacob’s motorcycle to go have a private conversation. This is important because it
shows how this work is arguing to prove that a guy on a motorcycle has a different
kind of strength and power to take control.

Eclipse does a great job in proving that
there can be friendly relations between the werewolves and the Cullens. For example,
when Edward realized that an unknown newborn vampire had been sneaking around
Bella’s house, the werewolves were happy to guard the home while the Cullen’s went
to hunt. Although Edward and Jacob are still not considered to be friends, they will
do anything and everything in their power to protect Bella. Towards the end of the
movie Jacob tells Bella, “I’m going to fight for you.” This is another example as to
how the director is trying to prove what this work is arguing for. Slade constantly
alludes to everything in the movie as a constant battle; therefore, strength/power
is a must. Jacob tries to kiss her, but Bella is furious. After spraining her hand
from punching him, Jacob still, never stops fighting for her. Edward proposes to
Bella, but they must keep it a secret from Jacob until after the fight. When the
newborns finally come, the Cullens are prepared because of Jasper’s training.
Although Jacob finds out about the proposal, he still fights for Bella. Edward
finally kills Victoria and the movie ends with Edward and Bella talking about their
excitement to marry each other.

Overall, Eclipse manages to bring more action to the
series, while keeping a good balance between the violence and romance that takes
place throughout. Because of the constant switching between love scenes and fighting
scenes, the viewer never becomes disinterested. The music and sounds keeps the
audience engaged as well. Eclipse also does a great job in avoiding becoming a chick
flick. Although love is a huge part of this movie, the fighting scenes are sure to
keep guys on their toes too. Slade,

David, dir. Twilight Saga Eclipse. 2010. Summit Entertainment, 2010. DVD.

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David Slade
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