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The book “La Motocyclette” better known as “Girl on a Motorcycle" by André Pieyre
de Mandiargues takes place in Europe, more specifically in Haguenau, France. The
main characters are Rebecca Nul, her husband Raymond Nul and her ex-lover Daniel.

The book starts off with Rebecca Nul in bed having dream. The dream she was having
was about how there was no traffic and it would have been the perfect time for a
motorcyclist to really go mad on the road. The description of the dream is really
vivid and a really good start for the book.

The book then goes on to talk about
Rebecca getting ready for her journey, the journey where she is going to go see her
ex-lover Daniel. It talks about Rebecca putting on the all black leather suit. The
leather suit is a symbol. It represents the theme of sex, which is a big theme in
this novel. Rebecca puts on the suit over her naked body; she loves the feeling of
being naked. When her husband see’s her in the suit he looks at her with sadness and

Another symbol seen in the book is the motorcycle. The motorcycle is a
massive Harley Davidson which in the time of the book was the latest and fastest
model around. The motorcycle is such an important part of the book because it is
what she takes her journey on to go see her ex-lover Daniel. It’s the tool that
helps her commit adultery.

Rebecca has only been married to Raymond for only two and
half months. When Rebecca is with her husband she feels lifeless. However by running
to Daniel she feels rebellious but as it turns out she is just running away from one
form of dominance to another. She thinks leaving her husband is a form of liberation
but it really is not. She is running to Daniel who plays mind-games with her and who
dominates her which is what she wants but it is not being independent as she claims.

Rebecca leaves a good man to run into the arms of a man who is an arrogant bastard
and he always treats her like crap, and tells her that he is only using her for sex.
But she would rather have that than live a happy life with her schoolteacher

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André Pieyre de Mandiargues
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Lauren Oritz
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