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The Wild One Review
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In the movie The Wild One, directed by Laszlo Benedek, a motorcycle gang creates
havoc on a small town disrupting the townsfolk and causing one character to die. In
this movie the motorcycle gang displays a typical motorcycle rider stereotype. They
all wear leather jackets, drink mass amounts of beer, smoke cigarettes and do not
care about the law or abide by its rules.

This lack of abiding by the law is seen
within the first five minutes of the film. One of the club’s members steals the
second place prize at a motorcycle race, only because the first place prize was too
big to steal. Later on in the movie, a girl asks what BRMC means which is written on
the back of all the club members’ jackets. Johnny replies, “Black Rebels Motorcycle
Club”. When asked what he was rebelling against he says, “What do you got”. These
are examples of how the club does not follow rules but they almost look for ways to
break them and disrupt the peace because they want to make a scene.

In the movie, an
opposing gang led by Chino comes into town too. Chino and Johnny used to be in the
same gang but are now in separate gangs. Johnny’s ex-girlfriend is also in Chino’s
gang. It takes about five minutes for Johnny and Chino to start handing out punches.
The sheriff eventually stops the fight only to arrest Chino after he grabbed a
townsman. Johnny, seeing how unfair it is that Chino was arrested but the townsman
was not, takes Chino’s side. Although Chino and Johnny are in two different gangs,
and obviously have some differences between them, they both put their differences
aside and join forces against the law.

The one thing in this movie that makes Johnny
uncomfortable and pushes him outside his zone is Kathie Bleeker. Kathie is the
daughter of the sheriff in town and also helps her uncle out with his restaurant and
bar. Kathie is a good girl and respects the law along with the townspeople. Johnny
tries to flirt with Kathie for most of the movie but has little success. It is not
until Kathie is in a sticky situation and Johnny saves her that Johnny and her
really get a chance to talk. Kathie sees through Johnny and is one of the few people
who does not fear him. This is new to Johnny and can be seen through his facial
expressions that he does not know how to act around Kathie. At the end, before
leaving town Johnny gives Kathie the gold second place trophy as a sign of
thankfulness for what she has done for him. He also flashes a smile at her, which is
the only time in the whole movie that we see Johnny show any kind of

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Laszlo Benedek
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Stephanie Liederbach
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