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Summary for The Terminator
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In the film, The Terminator, director/writer James Cameron conducts an amazing,
new age movie that would forever change movie making in the future. This film starts
off in the year 2029 in a post-apocalyptic world. We see that cyborgs have taken
over the planet and that they are trying to eliminate the human race, but there is a
human resistance that is turning the war around lead by one leader, John Connor. It
then fast forwards to the year 1984 in the city of Los Angeles where we see that the
machines have sent a cyborg back in time, the terminator, played by Arnold
Schwarzenegger, to kill Sarah Connor, played by Linda Hamilton, so that her son John
Connor cannot be born. We then see that the human resistance has too sent someone
back in time, Kyle Reese, played by Michael Biehn, to protect Sarah from being
killed my the terminator. The terminator then goes and looks up Sarah in a phonebook
and finds that there are three listed in the area. Being that he is a machine he
does the easiest thing and just goes kill each Sarah in order of the phonebook. Kyle
also goes to the phonebook and looks up Sarah Connor, but being that he already has
previous knowledge of her he knows which Sarah to go to, to help. Once the
terminator sees that he has not killed the correct Sarah he finds out that the right
Sarah is at a night club and goes to find her there. As he approaches Sarah at the
night club Kyle comes in and they escape narrowly.

Being that Sarah has no idea what
is going on other than the fact that something is trying to kill her, she is very
resistant to Kyle. Kyle tries to explain to Sarah that he is from the future sent to
protect her from the terminator because her son is the key to the victory of the
resistance. He explains that a company named Skynet created artificial intelligence
and that the machines became self-aware and sought to destroy the human race. Skynet
in the future goes on to cause a nuclear holocaust to wipe out the human race. Kyle
then went on to explain to Sarah why the terminator was sent back to kill her and
how it is nearly impossible to destroy it.

Kyle knows that the terminator will not
rest until he has completed his mission so they are continuously on the run, the
terminator attacks them yet again through a high speed car chase. This is when all
the action really starts. We can see how terminator will not stop for anything. This
chase then leads to the arrest of Kyle and Sarah taken into police custody. The
police put Kyle into the psyche ward where he tries to explain what time he is from
and that everyone is in danger if they do not release him. Of course, the police do
not believe him and they ultimately pay the price, the terminator tracks them to the
police station where he kills almost everyone in his way, we see that no amount of
bullets can stop him. Luckily though, Kyle and Sarah narrowly escape yet again and
they hide out in a local motel, where Kyle and Sarah fornicate, which would lead to
the birth of John Connor, the resistance leader. The terminator again tracks them to
the motel and another chase occurs while Sarah and Kyle try to escape the grasp of
the machine. As Kyle and Sarah seek refuge in a factory, Kyle sees that the only way
to save Sarah is to place a pipe bomb inside the terminator through his robotic rib
cage and this almost completely disables the terminator but it also kills Kyle in
the process. Sarah is now all alone with the terminator still pursuing her, she
retreats to the factories compressor which the terminator gets crushed by which
destroys the machine.

Sarah continues her journey after her new found knowledge of
the future and heads towards Mexico. While on her way there she records tapes that
warn her son about the future and how important he is to the human race.

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James Cameron
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Nicolas Arredondo
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