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Guide to the Registrar Records

Overview of the Collection

Creator Collector The University of Texas at TylerCollector Texas Eastern UniversityCollector Tyler State College
Collection Title Registrar Records
Dates 1973-2014
Identification UA/UASC.UA.013
Physical Description 17.20
Alternate Extent Statement 22 standard document boxes, 1 oversized document box, 1 oversized folder.
Language of Materials English
Repository The University of Texas at Tyler University Archives and Special Collections Department 3900 University Dr Tyler, TX, URL:

Administrative History:

The Office of the Registrar, originally named the Office of Admissions and Records was among the first departments established at Tyler State College in 1973. Owen Robert Marsh, Ed.D., served as the inaugural Dean of Admissions and Records. Dr. Marsh continued in this role through the transition from Tyler State College to Texas Eastern University in 1975 and from Texas Eastern University to University of Texas at Tyler in 1979. Martha D. Wheat, B.S., joined the University in 1982 as Director of Admissions (replacing the Office of Admissions and Records). Dr. O. Robert Marsh returned in 1983 under a new title, Registrar. Dr. Marsh served as the Registrar until 1992. From 1992-1994, Ms. Wheat continued to serve as the Director of Admissions in the absence of a registrar. Martha Wheat was promoted to Director of the newly formed Office of Admissions and Records in 1994 where she remained until 2000. Nina Rogers served as University Registrar from 2000-2006. In 2006, the Office of Registrar joined the Department of Enrollment under the leadership of Dean Jim Hutto. Candice Garner served as Associate Dean of Financial Aid and Registrar. Latonya McCoy joined the university as the Registrar in 2010 under the Department of Enrollment Management and Marketing, led by executive director Candice Lindsey (Garner) and Assistant Vice President John C. Hutchins. Sonja Morale became interim registrar in November 2010. Ms. Morale was named registrar in January 2011, under the office of Enrollment Management, Marketing and Customer Service. The Office of Enrollment Management, Marketing, and Customer Service was renamed Office of Enrollment Management under the Student Enrollment, Retention, and Success unit in 2013.

Scope and Contents

The Registrar Records include textual materials related to student enrollment, coursework, and registration at the University of Texas at Tyler from 1973-2014. The collection includes catalogs, academic calendars, registration forms, student publications, commencement brochures, newsprint course schedules, schedule planning graphs, handbooks, directories, program brochures, internal policy documents, fact books, joint studies program guides, and select administrative correspondence.

Arrangement of Materials:

The Registrar records are arranged in three series, reflecting the three institutional identities of the University: Tyler State College (TSC) from 1973-1975, Texas Eastern University (TEU) from 1975-197), and University of Texas at Tyler (UT Tyler) from 1979-present. Subseries are generally arranged in order of material type with the exception of Series III, Subseries A: Registrar Files. This subseries represents the core of the collection and original order has been maintained. It is in reverse chronological order with a variety of materials. The remaining materials generally arrived in groups of like materials or in accession with no discernible order. The collection arrangement is as follows:
Series I: TSC
  A. Schedules of Classes
  B. Catalog Copy
  C. Commencements
  D. Directories
  E. Handbooks
Series II: TEU
  A. Schedules of Classes
  B. Catalog Copy
  C. Commencements
  D. Directories
  E. Handbooks
Series III: UT Tyler
  A. Registrar Files
  B. Joint Studies Programs
  C. Calendars
  D. Catalogs
  E. Commencements
  F. Directories
  G. Fact Books
  H. Handbooks
  I. Schedules of Classes
  J. Student Materials


Conditions Governing Access:

Because of the administrative nature of these records, some materials may be restricted in accordance with university policy and applicable law. Please contact the repository for more details.

Access Terms

This Collection is indexed under the following controlled access subject terms.
Corporate Name:
American Association of University Professors
Eisenhower International Golf Classic
Ladies PGA Tour (Association)
PGA Tour (Association)
Robert R. Muntz Library
Senior PGA Tour (Association)
Sister Cities International
Smith County Medical Society-Auxiliary (Smith County, Tex.)
Texas Association of College Teachers
Texas Eastern University
Texas. University of Texas System. - Budgets
The University of Texas at Tyler
Tyler State College
University Archives
University of Texas at Tyler
Family Name:
Eisenhower, David, 1948-
Nunn, Ancel E.
Genre/Form of Material:
Press Releases
Geographic Name:
Tyler (Tex.)
Personal Name:
Eisenhower, Dwight D.
Hamm, George F.
Mabry, Rodney H
Topical Term:
Alumni and alumnae
College Students
Copyright and distance education
Distinguished lecture series (University of Texas at Tyler)
International Summer Program
Master of Science in Social Work
Public relations
Social groups
Texas Eastern University (Tyler, Tx.) - Budgets
Texas--Congress--House of Representatives
Tyler State College (Tyler, Tx.) - Budgets
Universities and Colleges--Faculty
Universities and colleges
University of Texas at Tyler (Tyler, Tx.) - Budgets

Separated Material

Complete student newspapers were removed from the collection. Items were stored with existing Patriot Talon materials where necessary, or deaccessioned if duplicated.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation:

[Identification of item], in the Registrar Records, The University Archives and Special Collections Department, Robert R. Muntz Library, The University of Texas at Tyler, Tyler, TX, USA.

Acquisition Information:

This collection is comprised of four accessions. The primary accession, UA.2013.004, came to the UASC as part of a general University Archives accession previously stored at the Physical Plant building. This group of materials was separated from the rest of the general UA accession in June 2013 to be interfiled with four boxes obtained from the Office of Registrar in Spring 2012 (UA.2012.001). The third accession (UA.2013.005) consisted of four boxes delivered by the Office of Registrar in July 2013. Finally, select materials relating to the Registrar Records were removed from accession UA.2013.010, two boxes from the Office of Institutional Analysis, on July 25, 2013. A representative of the Office of Institutional Analysis delivered ten additional items for accession UA.2013.010 on August 2, 2013. For each accession, duplicate materials, materials not created by or pertaining to UT Tyler, and a small extent of student and faculty records were deaccessioned in compliance with the UT Tyler records retention schedule.

Detailed List of Contents

ArchonID id6508
Tyler State College

ArchonID id6511
Box Folder
1 1 ArchonID id6534
Class Schedules - Spring 1973
2 ArchonID id6535
Class Schedules - Summer 1973
3 ArchonID id6536
Class Schedules - Fall 1973
4 ArchonID id6537
Class Schedule - Spring 1974
5 ArchonID id6538
Class schedules - Fall 1974
6 ArchonID id6539
Class Schedules - Spring 1975
7 ArchonID id6540
Class Schedules - Summer 1975
23 ArchonID id6541
Class schedules - Summer 1974
ArchonID id6543
Oversized schedules: Fall 1973 - Spring 1975
Oversized ArchonID id6542
Scheduling graphs: Spring 1974 - Summer 1975
ArchonID id6512
Box Folder
1 8-9 ArchonID id6546
Catalog Copy 1974 TSC
10 ArchonID id6548
Catalog Copy TSC 1974
11 ArchonID id6549
Catalog Copy (Approved) 1974 TSC
12 ArchonID id6550
Catalog Copy, 1974-1975 TSC
Box Folder
2 1 ArchonID id6552
Catalog Copy, 1974-1975 TSC
1 ArchonID id6553
Tyler State College Bulletin, 1972-1973
2 ArchonID id6554
Tyler State College Bulletin, 1973-1974
3 ArchonID id6555
Tyler State College Catalog, 1974-75
ArchonID id6513
Box Folder
2 2 ArchonID id6557
Commencement Programs, 1974-75
ArchonID id6514
Box Folder
2 3 ArchonID id6558
Personnel Directory 1973-75
4 ArchonID id6559
Tyler State College 1973 Spring Directory
5 ArchonID id6560
TSC Student Directory 1974
6 ArchonID id6561
Academic Degree Programs Inventory 1974
ArchonID id6515
Box Folder
2 7 ArchonID id6562
TSC Faculty Handbook 1973-74
8 ArchonID id6563
TSC Handbook for faculty and staff 1974-75

ArchonID id6509
Texas Eastern University

ArchonID id6517
Box Folder
2 9 ArchonID id6564
Schedule of Classes, 1975-1977
10 ArchonID id6565
Schedule of Classes, 1977-1979
Box Folder
3 1 ArchonID id6570
Class schedules - Fall 1975
2 ArchonID id6571
Class schedules - Spring, 1976
3 ArchonID id6572
Class schedules - Summer, 1976
4 ArchonID id6573
Class schedules - Fall 1976
5 ArchonID id6574
Class Schedules, 1977
6 ArchonID id6575
Class Schedules, 1978
7 ArchonID id6576
Class Schedules, 1979
8 ArchonID id6577
School of Business Administration 1976-1989
23 ArchonID id7616
January 1979 course schedule insert, Tyler Morning Telegraph
Oversized ArchonID id6578
Scheduling graphs: Fall 1975 - Fall 1976
ArchonID id6518
Box Folder
3 9 ArchonID id6580
Catalog Copy (Approved) 1976-77
10 ArchonID id6581
Catalog Copy (1977-1978)
4 ArchonID id6582
Catalog 1975-76
5 ArchonID id6583
Catalog 1976-77
6 ArchonID id6584
Catalog 1977-78
7 ArchonID id6585
Catalog 1978-79
8 ArchonID id6586
Catalog 1979-80
ArchonID id6519
Box Folder
3 11 ArchonID id6588
TEU Commencements
ArchonID id6520
Box Folder
3 12 ArchonID id6589
TEU Student Directory Fall 1975-Fall 1977
ArchonID id6521
Box Folder
3 13 ArchonID id6590
TEU Handbook for faculty and staff 1977-78
Box Folder
4 1 ArchonID id6594
TEU Handbook for faculty and staff 1978-79
2 ArchonID id6595
TEU Handbook for faculty and staff no date
3 ArchonID id6596
TEU Student Handbook 1976-79
4 ArchonID id6597
TEU Student Handbooks 1976-1979

ArchonID id6510
University of Texas at Tyler

ArchonID id6522
Box Folder
4 5 ArchonID id6598
Registrar Records 1993-1994
6-7 ArchonID id6599
Schedules 1993
Box Folder
5 1 ArchonID id6603
Registrar Records 1991-1992
2 ArchonID id6604
Schedules 1992
3 ArchonID id6605
Miscellaneous 1992
4 ArchonID id6606
Miscellaneous 1991
5-6 ArchonID id6607
Schedules 1991
Box Folder
6 1 ArchonID id6610
Schedules 1990
2 ArchonID id6611
Schedules 1990
3 ArchonID id6612
Newspaper 1990
4 ArchonID id6613
Miscellaneous 1989
5 ArchonID id6614
Schedules 1989
6 ArchonID id6615
Miscellaneous 1988
7 ArchonID id6616
Schedules 1988
8 ArchonID id6617
Newspapers 1987
9 ArchonID id6618
Miscellaneous 1987
Box Folder
7 1 ArchonID id6620
Schedules 1986
2 ArchonID id6621
Schedules 1985
3 ArchonID id6622
Schedules 1984
4 ArchonID id6623
Schedules 1983
5 ArchonID id6624
Miscellaneous 1982
6 ArchonID id6625
Miscellaneous 1981
7 ArchonID id6626
Miscellaneous 1980
8 ArchonID id6627
Schedules 1979
9 ArchonID id6628
UT Tyler Self-Study Report 1998-99
Box Folder
8 1 ArchonID id6630
UT Tyler Self-Study Report 1998-99
2 ArchonID id6631
UT Tyler Office of Information Resources Risk Analysis 2000
3 ArchonID id6632
UT Tyler Uniform Recruitment and Retention Plan October 2002
4 ArchonID id6633
Senate Committee on Education Report to he 78th Legislature Nov 2002
5 ArchonID id6634
Planning and Institutional Research Common Data Set 2002-2003
ArchonID id6523
Joint Studies
Box Folder
8 6 ArchonID id6635
Joint Baccalaureate Studies Program - Brochure
7 ArchonID id6636
Off-campus North-Texas Area
Box Folder
9 1 ArchonID id6639
Partnership (File from LS on 1-12-96)
2 ArchonID id6640
Technology Partnership Organization 1990-1991 Operational Plan
3 ArchonID id6641
Quality Workforce Planning in East Tx 1991-1992 Service Delivery Plan
4 ArchonID id6642
Technology Partnership Organization 1990 Directory of Economic Development Support Services
5 ArchonID id6643
Generic T.G. 1998-2000
Scope and Contents
Generic draft Transfer Guide for Joint Baccalaureate Studies Program.
6 ArchonID id6644
Jacksonville College/UT Tyler Joint Baccalaureate Studies Program 1998-2000
7 ArchonID id6645
Jacksonville College/UT Tyler Joint Baccalaureate Studies Program 2000-2002
8 ArchonID id6646
Kilgore College/UT Tyler Joint Baccalaureate Studies Program 1994-1996
9 ArchonID id6647
Kilgore College/UT Tyler Joint Baccalaureate Studies Program 1998-2000
10 ArchonID id6648
Kilgore College/UT Tyler Joint Baccalaureate Studies Program 2000-2002
11 ArchonID id6649
Kilgore College Transfer Guide
12 ArchonID id6650
Lon Morris College/UT Tyler Joint Baccalaureate Studies Program 1998-2000
Box Folder
10 1 ArchonID id6652
Lon Morris College/UT Tyler Joint Baccalaureate Studies Program 2000-2002
2 ArchonID id6653
Navarro College/UT Tyler Joint Baccalaureate Studies Program 1998-2000
3 ArchonID id6654
Navarro College/UT Tyler Joint Baccalaureate Studies Program 2000-2002
4 ArchonID id6655
Northeast Texas Community college/UT Tyler Joint Baccalaureate Studies Program 1998-2000
5 ArchonID id6656
Northeast Texas Community college/UT Tyler Joint Baccalaureate Studies Program 2000-2002
6 ArchonID id6657
Panola College/UT Tyler Joint Baccalaureate Studies Program 1998-2000
7 ArchonID id6658
Panola College/UT Tyler Joint Baccalaureate Studies Program 2000-2002
8 ArchonID id6659
Paris Junior College/UT Tyler Joint Baccalaureate Studies Program 1998-2000
9 ArchonID id6660
Paris Junior College/UT Tyler Joint Baccalaureate Studies Program 2000-2002
10 ArchonID id6661
Trinity Valley Community College/UT Tyler Joint baccalaureate studies Program 1994-1996
11 ArchonID id6662
Trinity Valley Community College/UT Tyler Joint Baccalaureate Studies Program 1998-2000
12 ArchonID id6663
Trinity Valley Community College/UT Tyler Joint Baccalaureate Studies Program 2000-2002
13 ArchonID id6664
Tyler Junior College/UT Tyler Joint Baccalaureate Studies Program 1998-2000
14 ArchonID id6665
Tyler Junior College/UT Tyler Joint Baccalaureate Studies Program 2000-2002
Box Folder
11 1 ArchonID id6667
UTT/TJC Partnership Task Force
2 ArchonID id6668
UTT/TJC Partnership Task Force
3 ArchonID id6669
Tyler Junior College Transfer Guide
ArchonID id6524
Box Folder
11 4 ArchonID id6670
University Calendars - Dec. 1981-Apr. 1984
5 ArchonID id6672
Master Calendar for 1983-1984
6 ArchonID id6673
UT Tyler Master Calendar 1983-84
7 ArchonID id6674
University Calendars - May, 1984 - Dec, 1986
8 ArchonID id6675
University Calendars - Jan 1987 - Aug 1991
9 ArchonID id6676
UT Tyler Master Calendar 1988-1989
10 ArchonID id6677
University Calendars, Monthly October 1990 - July 1991
11 ArchonID id6678
UT Tyler Master Calendar 1995-1996
ArchonID id6525
9 ArchonID id6679
Catalog 1979-1980
Scope and Contents
University of Texas at Tyler sticker (name change effective September 1, 1979)
10 ArchonID id6680
Catalog 1980-1981
11 ArchonID id6681
Catalog 1981-1982
12 ArchonID id6682
Catalog 1982-1983
13 ArchonID id6683
Catalog 1983-1984
14 ArchonID id6684
Catalog 1984-1986
15 ArchonID id6685
Catalog 1986-1988
16 ArchonID id6686
Catalog 1988-1990
17 ArchonID id6687
Catalog 1990-1992
18 ArchonID id6688
Catalog 1992-1994
19 ArchonID id6689
Catalog 1994-1996
20 ArchonID id6690
Catalog 1996-1998
21 ArchonID id6691
Catalog 1998-1999, Freshman
22 ArchonID id6692
Catalog 1998-2000
23 ArchonID id6693
Catalog 2000-2002
24 ArchonID id6694
Catalog 2002-2004
25 ArchonID id6695
Catalog 2004-2006
26 ArchonID id6696
Catalog 2006-2008
27 ArchonID id6697
Catalog 2008-2010
28 ArchonID id6698
Catalog 2010-2012
29 ArchonID id6699
Catalog 2012-2014
1 ArchonID id6701
Catalog Copy School of Liberal Art (1982-1983)
ArchonID id6526
Box Folder
12 2 ArchonID id6703
Commencements 1980-1985
3 ArchonID id6704
Commencements 1986-1989
4 ArchonID id6705
Commencements 1990-1995
5 ArchonID id6706
Commencements 1996-1999
Box Folder
13 1 ArchonID id6713
Commencements 2000-2002
2 ArchonID id6714
Commencements 2003-2005
3 ArchonID id6715
Commencements 2006-2010
4 ArchonID id6716
Commencement 2011-2012
ArchonID id6527
Box Folder
13 5 ArchonID id6708
Faculty & Staff Directories 1983-1986
6 ArchonID id6709
Faculty & Staff Directories 1986-1990
Box Folder
14 1 ArchonID id6718
Faculty & Staff Directories 1990-1993
2 ArchonID id6719
Extensions and Office Locations Info 1992
3 ArchonID id6720
Faculty & Staff Directories 1992-1997
4 ArchonID id6721
Faculty & Staff Directories 1998-2003
5 ArchonID id6722
Faculty & Staff Directory 2003-2004
6 ArchonID id6723
Faculty & Staff Directory 2004-2005
7 ArchonID id6724
Faculty & Staff Directory 2005-2006
8 ArchonID id6725
Faculty & Staff Directory 2009-2010
9 ArchonID id6726
UT Tyler Student Directory Fall 1981
Box Folder
15 1 ArchonID id6728
UT Tyler Student Directories 1982-1984
2 ArchonID id6729
UT Tyler Statistical Data 92-97
ArchonID id6528
30 ArchonID id6730
UT Tyler Fact Book 2000-2001
31 ArchonID id6731
UT Tyler Fact Book 2001-2002
32 ArchonID id6732
UT Tyler Fact Book 2002-2003
33 ArchonID id6733
UT Tyler Fact Book 2003-2004
34 ArchonID id6734
UT Tyler Fact Book 2004-2005
35 ArchonID id6735
UT Tyler Fact Book 2005-2006
36 ArchonID id6736
UT Tyler Fact Book 2006-2007
37 ArchonID id6737
UT Tyler Fact Book 2007-2008
38 ArchonID id6738
UT Tyler Fact Book 2008-2009
39 ArchonID id6739
UT Tyler Fact Book 2009-2010
40 ArchonID id6740
UT Tyler Fact Book 2011-2012
41 ArchonID id6741
UT Tyler Fact Book 2012-2013
ArchonID id6529
Box Folder
15 3 ArchonID id6743
Handbooks of Operating Procedures, 1980-1988
4 ArchonID id6744
Handbook of Operating Procedures, 1993
5 ArchonID id6745
Handbook of Operating Procedures, 2001
6 ArchonID id6746
Management Responsibilities Handbook for Department Heads and Budget Authorities
7 ArchonID id6747
2007 Standards of Conduct Guide
8 ArchonID id6748
UT Tyler Student Handbooks 1990-1996
9 ArchonID id6749
2004 Orientation Handbook
ArchonID id6530
Box Folder
16 1 ArchonID id6750
Spring 1980
2 ArchonID id6751
Summer I & II 1980
3 ArchonID id6752
Fall 1980
4 ArchonID id6753
Spring 1981
5 ArchonID id6754
Fall 1981
6 ArchonID id6755
Spring 1982
7 ArchonID id6756
Summer I & II 1982
8-9 ArchonID id6757
Spring 1983
Box Folder
17 1 ArchonID id6761
Summer I & II 1983
2-3 ArchonID id6762
Fall 1983
4 ArchonID id6764
Spring 1984
5 ArchonID id6765
Summer 1984
6 ArchonID id6766
Fall 1984
7 ArchonID id6767
Spring 1985
8 ArchonID id6768
Summer 1985
Box Folder
18 1 ArchonID id6770
Fall 1985
2 ArchonID id6771
Spring 1986
3 ArchonID id6772
Summer 1986
4 ArchonID id6773
Fall 1986
5 ArchonID id6774
Spring 1987
6 ArchonID id6775
Summer 1987
Box Folder
19 1 ArchonID id6777
Fall 1987
2 ArchonID id6778
Spring 1988
3 ArchonID id6779
Summer 1988
4 ArchonID id6780
Fall 1988
5 ArchonID id6781
Spring 1989
Box Folder
20 1 ArchonID id6783
Summer 1989
2 ArchonID id6784
Fall 1989
3 ArchonID id6785
Spring 1990
4 ArchonID id6786
Fall 1990
5 ArchonID id6787
Summer 1990
6 ArchonID id6788
Spring 1994
7 ArchonID id6789
Schedules, Fall 1979 - Spring 1981
Box Folder
21 1 ArchonID id6791
Schedules, Summer 1981 - Fall 1984
2 ArchonID id6792
Schedules, Fall 1998 - Fall 2001
3 ArchonID id6793
Schedules, Spring 2002 - Fall 2005
4 ArchonID id6794
Schedules, Spring 2006 - Fall 2008
5 ArchonID id6795
Continuing Education Schedule - Spring 1992
23 ArchonID id6797
Oversized schedules: Fall 1984 - Spring 1996
Oversized ArchonID id6798
Scheduling graphs: Spring 1980 - Fall 1988
ArchonID id6531
Student Materials
Box Folder
22 1 ArchonID id6800
Student Guide, 1992-1993, 1995-1996
2 ArchonID id6801
Student Guides and brochures, 1998
Scope and Contents
The Student Guide 1998: A Guide to Student Life at U.T. Tyler, The Student Guide 1998-1999: A Guide to Student Life at U.T. Tyler, The Student Organization handbook, An invitation to attend Freshman Orientation an Special Events August 14-17, 1998
3 ArchonID id6802
Patriot Planner 2010-2011
4 ArchonID id6803
Undated Brochures
Scope and Contents
University Pines brochure; UT Tyler "Challenge" brochure - large; UT Tyler large color brochure, undated (post 1998); UT Tyler small color brochure, undated (post 1998)
5 ArchonID id6804
Safety and Security Information Reports
Scope and Contents
1998-1999, 2000-2001