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Inventory of the Institute of Texan Cultures Vertical File collection, undated

Descriptive Summary

Creator: University of Texas at San Antonio. Institute of Texan Cultures.
Title: Institute of Texan Cultures Vertical File collection
Creator Abstract: The Institute of Texan Cultures (ITC), a museum and campus of the University of Texas at San Antonio, was established in 1965 by the 59th Texas Legislature. Originally housing the Texas Pavilion at HemisFair '68, it was designed to study the ethnic groups that settled in Texas. The ITC Library was established in 1965 as a repository for books and images of artifacts being collected by researchers preparing exhibits for the Texas Pavilion.
Content Abstract: The vertical files were started in 1967 by the original Institute of Texan Cultures research staff, under the direction of R. Henderson Shuffler. This material was used for planning the exhibits for the Texas Pavilion at HemisFair. Staff members and student helpers toured the state making copies of items in libraries and private collections. After the fair, the research staff -- and later library staff-- continued to add to these files for exhibit updates and for use in publications, audiovisuals, and other ITC products. The general file was started for items that didn’t fit into the ethnic category.
Identification: MS 366
Extent: 155 linear feet
Language: Materials are in English.
Repository: The University of Texas at San Antonio Libraries Special Collections.

Historical Note

The Institute of Texan Cultures was established by the Fifty-ninth Legislature on May 27, 1965. The agency was directed to develop and implement an appropriate plan for the state's participation in HemisFair '68 to plan exhibits related to the history of Texas, its development, resources, and contributions; and to design and erect a building suited to housing these exhibits, giving due consideration to its utility for state purposes after the fair. The institute, a permanent state agency located on HemisFair grounds in San Antonio, was designed to study the ethnic groups that settled in Texas. While not a museum, the institute displayed relics, artifacts, and personal memorabilia, but only those that had a direct connection with telling the story of the people in each ethnic group. The exhibits made use of sound, color, movement, and atmospheric design. R. Henderson Shuffler guided the research projects and formed the original staff. (Source: Tiller, David C. "University of Texas Institute of Texan Cultures," Handbook of Texas Online. Accessed 17 September 2008.)

The Institute of Texan Cultures Library was established in 1965 as a repository for books and images of artifacts being collected by researchers preparing exhibits for the Texas Pavilion.

Scope and Content Note

The vertical files were started in 1967 by the original Institute of Texan Cultures research staff, under the direction of R. Henderson Shuffler. This material was used for planning the exhibits for the Texas Pavilion at HemisFair. Staff members and student helpers toured the state making copies of items in libraries and private collections. Since the mission was to tell the story of Texas through the ethnic groups, most of the material from those days fits into those categories. After the fair, the research staff -- and later library staff-- continued to add to these files for exhibit updates and for use in publications, audiovisuals, and other ITC products. The general file was started for items that didn’t fit into the ethnic category. A number of the temporary exhibits—Texas Rangers, Texas and her Constitutions, etc.—didn’t have an ethnic focus.

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This collection is housed at UTSA's Hemisfair Campus and must be accessed via the Institute of Texan Cultures Special Collections reading room. To request access, please use the Collections Request Form.

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University of Texas at San Antonio. Institute of Texan Cultures. Library.
University of Texas Institute of Texan Cultures at San Antonio.
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San Antonio History
Texas History

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Materials received when the Institute of Texan Cultures Library was integrated into UTSA Libraries Special Collections in 2011.

Institute of Texan Cultures Vertical File collection


African American
Abner, David & Family
Adair, Christia V.
Alexander, Velma
Allen, Peter
Allen, Richard
Alton Family
Anderson, J. W.
Anderson, L. C. (See Colleges & Universities - Prairie View A&M )
Anderson, William Thomas
Armstrong, Thomas
Arnold, Hendrick
Ashworth Family
Associations - Black Texans Historical Society
Associations - Colored Farmer's Association of America
Associations - Colored Knights of Pythias & Court of Calanthe
Associations - Farmers Improvement Society of Texas
Associations - Free Masons
Associations - Harris County of Organizations (See Politics)
Associations - Heroines of Jericho
Associations - Law and Order League
Associations - Lone Star Medical Society
Associations - NAACP
Associations - San Antonio Buffalo Soldiers Association
Associations - Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority
Associations - Skandia
Associations - Southwestern Cowboy National Association (See Rodeo)
Associations - Texas African American Heritage Organization
Associations - Texas Council of Negro Organizations
Associations - Texas Negro Peace Officers Association
Associations - Tyler Organization of Men
Associations - Urban League, Austin (See Cities & Towns - Austin)
Atherton, Charles H.
Austin, Ella (See Ella Austin Community Center)
Austin, T. J.
Austin's Colony "Old 300"
Banks, John W.
Barnett, Herman A.
Barnett, Marguerite Ross
Battle, Henry Hugh
Bazy, Heck
Beck, Arthello
Becton, Julius W.
Bellinger, Charles
Bellinger, Valmo
Beverly, Katharine
Biggers, John T.
Bird, Henry & John
Black Chinese (See Cities & Towns - Calvert, Texas)
Black Heritage Week (See Celebrations - African American History )
Black, Claude W.
Blacksmithing (See Moultry, Julius & Paul)
Blacksmithing On Wheels
Blandin, Effie
Bledsoe, Julius
Bluitt, Benjamine R.
Bongo Joe (See Coleman, George)
Bowden, Artemisia
Boyd, H. A.
Boyd, Richard Henry
Brackeen, Faustina G. Bush
Branch, Mary E.
Brewer, J. Mason
Briggs, Osjesta
Briscoe, Hattie
Brown, Charlie
Brownsville Affair, The
Buffalo Soldiers (See also Associations; U. S. Army Cavalry 9th & 10th Regiment; U. S. Infantry 24th & 25th Regiment)
Bullock Sr., Henry A.
Burr, James M. (See Freemasons)
Burton, Dick
Business & Businessmen
Butler Family
Byrd, James Nathaniel
Byrd, S. Clifton
Cabin (See Sharecropper)
Callis Sr., Charles Robert "C. R."
Calvert, Sam B.
Camp Logan (See U. S. Army - Infantry - 24th Regiment)
Canada Family
Carver Community Cultural Center
Celebrations - African American History
Cevallas (Sevalla), Thomas
Chase, John S.
Cherokee Bill (See Goldsby, Crawford)
Cities & Towns
Cities & Towns - Abilene
Cities & Towns - Austin
Cities & Towns - Board House
Cities & Towns - Bonham
Cities & Towns - Brownsville
Cities & Towns - Clarksville
Cities & Towns - Corpus Christi
Cities & Towns - Dallas
Cities & Towns - Deep Ellum
Cities & Towns - El Paso
Cities & Towns - Ellis Alley
Cities & Towns - Fodice
Cities & Towns - Galveston
Cities & Towns - Houston
Cities & Towns - Kendleton
Cities & Towns - Lincolnville
Cities & Towns - Longview
Cities & Towns - Pelham
Cities & Towns - Peyton (Payton) Colony (See Cities & Towns - Board House)
Cities & Towns - Pflugerville
Cities & Towns - Riceville
Cities & Towns - Saint John Colony
Cities & Towns - San Antonio
Cities & Towns - Temple
Cities & Towns - Texada (See Rivers)
Cities & Towns - Waco
Cities & Towns - Weeping Mary
Cities & Towns - Wheeler Springs
Civil Rights
Civil Rights - Marshall, TX
Civil War (See United States History - Civil War)
Clarke, Frank
Clayborn, I. H.
Clothing & Dress
Clouser, John H.
Cobb, Arnett
Cole, Thomas Winston
Coleman, Bessie
Coleman, George "Bongo Joe"
Coleman, Raymond
Coleman, Raymond "Cato"
Colleges & Universities
Colleges & Universities - Bishop College
Colleges & Universities - Farmers Improvement Agricultural College
Colleges & Universities - Guadalupe College
Colleges & Universities - Huston -Tillotson College
Colleges & Universities - Jarvis Christian College
Colleges & Universities - Mary Allen Seminary
Colleges & Universities - Paul Quinn College
Colleges & Universities - Prairie View A&M
Colleges & Universities - Saint Phillip's University
Colleges & Universities - Samuel Huston College
Colleges & Universities - Texas College
Colleges & Universities - Texas Southern University
Colleges & Universities - Tillotson College
Colleges & Universities - Tuskegee Normal and Industrial Institute, Alabama
Colleges & Universities - University of Texas at Arlington
Colleges & Universities - University of Texas at Austin
Colleges & Universities - Wiley College
Collins Family
Conally, Slim
Conley, Karyne
Cooper, Marcellus
Cotton, Walter F.
Counties - Burnet County
Counties - Dimmitt County
Counties - Limestone County
Cox, Elija
Cuney, Joseph
Cuney, Norris Wright
Daniels, Douglas
Davis, Bert Etta
Dawson, Robert
De Lashwah, T. L.
Dick the Drummer
Dixon, Ernest T.
Dogan, Matthew W.
Du Conge, Oscar N.
Dupree, Anna
Education (See Also Public Schools)
Ella Austin Community Center - San Antonio
Ellison, Loil
Ellisor Family
Estevanico (Esteban) of Azamor
Evans, Edward Bertram
Evans, Phillip
Farmer, James
Festivals - Blackfest
Fitzgerald, Otis E.
Flipper, Henry Ossian
Folklore (See Also Intern File Folklore - Caribbean)
Fontaine, Jacob
Food - Recipes
Foreman, George
Foster, Rube
Franklin, James Madison
Free Negroes
Free Negroes - Republic of Texas
Gaines, Matthew W.
Gibbs, Ezekiel
Givens, Everette H.
Glenn, George
Goldsby, Crawford "Cherokee Bill"
Goyens (Goens), William
Grant, Abram
Gray, Spurgeon Nathaniel
Gregory, Fredrick D.
Haley, Alex
Hall, Prince
Hall, Titus C.
Hamilton, Jeff
Hamilton, West Alexander
Hannah Jr., Mack
Hannar Sr., Mack
Harmon, Lenard R.
Harper, Alex
Harris Jr., David F.
Harris, Bernard A.
Hart, C.C.
Hearn, Cleo "Mr. Rodeo"
Hemmings, Myra Davis
Henderson, Nat Q.
Hester, Julia C.
Hickman, John
Hickman, R. C.
Hicks, Jessie Mae
Highway Department - Right of Way Deed (See Hart, C.C.)
Hilliard, A.G.
Historic Buildings
Holidays - June Nineteenth (See Also Intern File Juneteenth - 1985)
Holidays - Kwanzaa
Holidays - Martin Luther King Day
Holland, Harvey W.
Holland, Milton M.
Holland, William H.
Holmes, Zan
Home for the Colored Blind
Hooks, Matthew "Bones"
Hopkins, Sam "Lightnin'"
Hornsby, W. L.
Horse, Chief John
Houston Riot of 1917
Houston, Joshua
Hughes, George
Ikard, Bose
Ivey, Jack
Jackson, A. W.
Jackson, Ernestine
Jackson, Jesse
James Jr., Daniel
James, S. H.
Jefferson, Andrew J.
Jefferson, Blind Lemon
Jefferson, Wallace
Johnson, Britton "Britt"
Johnson, Jack
Jones, Al
Jones, Emma (See Photographers )
Jones, Francis T.
Jones, Homer
Jones, Jesse W.
Jones, Lewis B.
Joplin, Scott
Jordan, Barbara
Kennedy, Garfield A.
Keyes, Alan
Kian (Kiamatia)
Kibbetts, Phyllis (See Negro-Seminole Scouts )
Kilpatrick, Madison "Matt"
Kilpatrick, Robert L.
Kinchlow, Ben
King, John T.
King, Willis J.
Kirk, Ron
Kitchen, Alberta Townsend
Labor Unions
Lawrence, Leonard
Lawson, William A.
Ledbetter, Huddie - Lead Belly Letter
Ledbetter, Huddie "Leadbelly"
Ledbetter, Johnny
Leland, George Thomas "Mickey"
Lemon, Uncle Bob
Lester, Lillie
Lindsay Family
Linton, Dolores Burton
Lipscomb, Mance
Lockridge, Joseph E.
Logan, Greenberry
Lott, Mose
Lusk, Willie
Madison, Mary
Majors, Monroe Alpheus
Maloy Jr., Ollice
McClain, Moses
McClure, Fred
McCullough Jr., Samuel
McDaniel, Myra A.
McDonald, William M. "Gooseneck Bill"
McElroy, Hugh
McJunkin, George
Military Aviation
Military Honors
Military Posts
Military Service
Miller Family
Miller, Doris
Miller's Bar B Q Restaurant
Minor, Ethel
Mitchell-Brooks, Beverly
Morgan, Emily "Yellow Rose of Texas"
Morton, Azie Taylor
Motion Pictures - Production & Direction
Moultry, Julius "Bose"
Museums - Museum of African American Life and Culture
Music - Blues
Music - Gospel
Music - Jazz
Music - Spirituals
Music - Zydeco
Nabrit, Samuel
Newspapers - San Antonio Register
Nickerson Jr., William
Nixon, Lawrence A.
Nobles, John Henry "Bones"
Norris, Clarence W.
Payton Family
Peete, W. A.
Pemberton, Charles W.
People's Party
Perkins, Jonas
Perry, Ervin S.
Peters, Wilk
Pickett, Bill
Pierce, Joseph A.
Pittman, William Sidney
Prosser, Inez Beverly
Race Relations
Radford, Gary Hamilton
Rayner, John B.
Reconstruction (See Freedman)
Reddix, Mason C.
Reeves, Bass
Religion - African Methodist-Episcopal
Religion - Avenue L Baptist Church
Religion - Baptist
Religion - Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church
Religion - Catholic
Religion - Christian Methodist-Episcopal Church
Religion - Colorado Baptist Church
Religion - Episcopal
Religion - First Colored Baptist Church of Austin
Religion - Friendship Missionary Baptist Church
Religion - Holy Cross Catholic Church
Religion - Holy Rosary Parish
Religion - Jacobs Chapel United Methodist Church
Religion - Lee Tabernacle Methodist Church
Religion - Little Zion Baptist Church
Religion - Methodist
Religion - Mount Horeb Baptist Church
Religion - Muslim
Religion - New Hope Baptist Church
Religion - Reedy Chapel African Methodist Episcopal Church
Religion - Saint Augustine's Parish
Religion - Saint James African Methodist Episcopal Church
Religion - Saint James United Methodist Church
Religion - Saint John Baptist Church
Religion - Saint Paul African Methodist Episcopal Church
Religion - Saint Paul United Methodist Church
Religion - Saint Philips Episocopal Church
Religion - Wesley Chapel United Methodist Church
Religion - Woman's Auxiliary of the National Baptist Convention
Rhoads, Joseph J.
Richardson, James
Ripetoe, Walter
Riverside National Bank
Roberts, Meshack "Shack"
Robinson, Fannie
Rodgers, M. M.
Ruby, G. T.
Rundles, Dennis B.
San Jacinto, Battle of
Sasser, Clarence
Schools - Brackenridge Elementary School
Schools - East Valley School Association
Schools - Fredrick Douglass High School
Schools - Harlem Elementary School
Schools - Healy-Murphy Learning Center
Schools - Louis Miller Elementary School
Schools - Negro School of Gillespie County
Schools - Odessa Kilpatrick School
Schools - Rincon School
Schools - Saint Peter Claver
Schools - West San Antonio Heights School
Schools - Wright Cuney School
Schools (See Also Colleges & Universities; Education)
Slavery (See Also Intern File Slavery In Texas)
Smith Jr., Bobby
Smith Sr., Bobby
Smith, Antonio Maceo
Smith, Charlie
Smith, R. L.
Stance, Emanuel
Stephen, The Moor (See Estevanico (Esteban) of Azamor)
Stevens, Chloe "Aunt Cleo"
Stewart, A. T.
Stroud, Logan
Sullivan, Tom
Sutton Family
Sutton, A. C.
Sutton, G. J.
Sutton, Lou Nelle
Sutton, Oliver C.
Sutton, Percy E.
Sutton, Samuel Johnson
Swearingen, Johnnie
Sweatt, Heman M.
Sweeney Family
Taylor Sr., Hobart
Taylor, Robert
Terrell, Alexander
Texas State Police
Text - African American Texans (See African American Texans A Personal History Book)
Text Panels (See Exhibits - Text Panels, 1978)
Thompson, Robert
Tolliver, Oscar
Travis, Joe
Tyler, Nathaniel "Nat"
United States Armed Forces
United States Army - Cavalry - 10th Regiment (See also Buffalo Soldiers)
United States Army - Cavalry - 9th Regiment (See also Buffalo Soldiers; Houston Riot of 1917)
United States Army - Cavalry & Infantry (See also Buffalo Soldiers)
United States Army - Infantry - 24th Regiment (See also Buffalo Soldiers)
United States Army - Infantry - 25th Regiment (See also Buffalo Soldiers)
United States Army - Infantry - 92nd Regiment & 93rd Regiment
United States Civil War
United States Marine Corps
Vesey, Randolph "Uncle Ran"
Walker Jr., Carl
Walker-Ford Singers
Wallace, Daniel Webster
Walton, J. T. (See Associations - Colored Knights of Pythias & Court of Calanthe)
Washington, James H.
Weslay, Carter
Wesley, Mabel
West, Cal (See Bazy, Heck )
Wheatley, Phillis
White, Charles E.
White, Joe
Whittier Jr., Charles A.
Whittier, Pearl Augusta
Williams, Benjamin F.
Williams, Mack
Williams, Roosevelt Thomas
Willis, Dorsie (See Brownsville Affair)
Wilson Potteries (See Wilson, Hiram & James
Wilson, Esau
Wilson, Hiram & James
Wimberly, Ira
Winn, Joan
Wong, Kim
World war II
Young, Charles
Young, George Benjamin
[Ethnicities, continued]
Adair, Paul "Red"
Adams Jr., L. I.
Adams, Andrew Jackson
Adams, Archie
Adams, Dave
Adams, Phoebe
Adams, Warren "Captain" (See Seminole)
Aikens, Jim (See Lemmon, Uncle Bob)
Aldous, Lillie
Allen, Augustus Chapman
Allen, John K.
Allen, W. B.
Alley, Abraham
Alley, Rawson
Allison, Clay
Allred, James V.
Alsbury, Charles.
Anderson, Art
Anderson, Hampton
Andreson, Kenneth L.
Andrews, Stephen Pearl
Angier, John (See Cemeteries - Glendale, Houston )
Annexation of Texas
Anshutz, M. W.
Apothecary (See Billingsley Pharmacy Collection)
Archer, Branch Tanner
Armstrong, Marion
Arnett, W. W.
Arrinton, Alfred W.
Ashley, J. D.
Associations - New Washington Association
Austin & Houston Family
Austin, Moses
Austin, Stephen Fuller
Austin's Colony "Old 300"
Autry, Gene
Avery, Willis
Ayers Family
Ayres Family
Bache, Richard
Bailey, J. W. (See Dies, Martin)
Bailey, James Briton
Bailey, Joseph Weldon
Bailey, Mollie
Baker, Cullen
Baker, James A. III
Baker, O. T. (See Oral History)
Balsey, H. Clyde (See Military Aviation)
Bangs, Samuel
Banister, Emma Daughtery
Barbed Wire Machine (See Barbed Wire)
Barnard, George
Barnes, L. J.
Barnett, Graham
Barnett, Thomas S.
Barr, Amelia
Barret, Lyne Taliaferro
Barrow, Clyde (See Parker, Bonnie)
Barstaw, George Eames
Bartlett, Zenus
Barwise, J. H.
Baskin, Mildred
Bass, Sam
Batts, Robert Lynn
Baylor Family
Baylor, Robert Emmet Bledsoe
Bean, Roy
Bean, Peter Ellis
Bean, Tom
Beck, Harry (See Politics)
Bee, Bernard E.
Bee, Hamilton P.
Bell, P. H. (See Seminoles)
Bell, Samuel
Bell, W. C. (See Lemmon, Uncle Bob)
Bennett, Allen F.
Bennett, Hays (See Lemmon, Uncle Bob)
Bennett, Theodore.
Bennett, William
Berg, J. C.
Berry, John (See Lemmon, Uncle Bob)
Berry, Raymond
Berryman, Helena Dill
Beverly, Bob
Beyan, John Nelly & Margaret
Big Foot Wallace (See Wallace, "Big Foot")
Bigel, Charley "Texas Charley"
Bigelow, "Texas Charley"
Billingsley Pharmacy Collection
Birdsall, John (See Cemeteries - Glendale, Houston)
Blackburn Family
Blackburn, Ephraim
Blackwell, John Bunyan
Blanton, Annie Webb (See Education In Texas - Biographies)
Block, Harlon Henry
Block, Viola
Blocker, A. P. (AB)
Blocker, Dan
Blocker, R. F. (AB)
Bloys, William B.
Boddy, Mrs. H. Macon
Boliver, D. W.
Bond, Elisha W.
Bonds, Robert
Bonham, James Butler
Bonnell, George W.
Bonney, William "Billy the Kid"
Booker, Shields
Boone, Daniel
Boone, Hannibal Honestus
Booth, John Wilkes
Booth, Will T.
Borden, Gail & Family
Bostick, Sion R.
Bourdett (Bourgelt), Sarah
Bowen, John "Peacock"
Bowers, Tom M.
Bowie, James
Boyce, A.. (See Collins, Eugene Stout)
Boyd, John
Brackenridge, George W.
Brackett, B. C.
Brenham, Richard Fox
Bridger, William H. - Personal Papers
Bridger, William H. - Personal Papers - Costs & Standards of Living
Bridger, William H. - Personal Papers - Education
Bridger, William H. - Personal Papers - Land Documents
Bridger, William H. - Personal Papers - Letters From Barbour Company Alabama
Brinker, Maureen Connolly
Briscoe, Dolph
Briscoe, Janey (See West, Mae)
British In Texas
Brown, John Henry
Brown, Walter Harris
Browning, James N.
Browning, William
Brown-Wilcox Family
Brummett, Harrison
Bryan, Jacob M.
Bryan, John Neely & Margaret
Bryan, W. John
Buck, Frank
Buckelew, L. B. C. Jr. & Family
Buckley, Samuel Botsford
Buckner, Aylett C. (Strap)
Buckner, Emmet & Tom
Buckner, Robert Cooke
Bugbee, Harold Dow
Bugbee, Thomas
Bullis Scrapbook
Bullis, John Lapham
Bullis, Pat
Bunton, Mary Taylor
Burch, Valentine
Burgett, Sara
Burke, George C.
Burks, Amanda
Burleson, Ed (See Lemmon, Uncle Bob)
Burleson, Edward
Burleson, John (See Lemmon, Uncle Bob)
Burleson, Omar
Burleson, Rufus Columbus
Burnam, Jessie (or Burnham)
Burnet, David Gouverneur
Burnett, Burk
Burnett, Carol
Burr, Aaron
Busby, Horace
Bush, George Herbert Walker
Bush, George W.
Business & Businessmen
Butcher, George & Bill
Byrd, William
Cain, Whitefield Henderson
Caldwell, Orville H.
Campbell Family
Campbell, Barecue (See Ranches - XIT )
Canfield Family
Cannon, Burrell
Capitol Building - Austin
Carhart, John Wesley
Carmichael, H. H. & Family
Carpenter, Edna Turley (See Education In Texas - Biographies)
Carpenter, Liz
Carter, Amon (See Museums - Amon Carter Museum)
Cartwright, Matthew
Casmer Brothers
Cassidy, Butch (See Parker, George Leroy)
Castleman, John (See Comanches)
Cates, Wesley Wooten
Catlin, George
Caylor, Harvey Wallace
Cemeteries - Glendale, Houston
Chambers, Thomas Jefferson
Chapman, James L.
Cheek, James A.
Cheney, Stokely R.
Chenoweth, W. B.
Cherry, Aaron (See Daniel, Bill)
Cherry, James T.
Childress, George Campbell
Chilton, Thomas
Chipman, Robert & Family
Chisholm Trail
Chisum, John Simpson
Christian, J. T.
Churches - Baptist - Old North Church
Churches - Baptist - Paisano Baptist Church
Churches - Episcopal (See Churches - Episcopal)
Churches - Mormon (See Mormon)
Cities & Towns - Adelphi (See Collective Settlements)
Cities & Towns - Brazoria
Cities & Towns - Coupland
Cities & Towns - Dekalb (See Blocker, Dan)
Cities & Towns - La Coste
Cities & Towns - Sutherland Springs (See Polley, Joseph H.)
Civil Rights
Clark, Amasa
Clark, Edward
Clarke Mary Bayard Devereux
Clay Family
Clay, Nestor
Clem, John Lincoln
Clement, S. E.
Clements, Bill
Clifton, James F.
Clothing & Dress
Cobb, Beatrice
Cockrell, Alex & Sarah
Cody, Samuel
Coffee, Holland (See Porter, Sophia)
Coffee, Sophia (See Porter, Sophia)
Coke, Richard
Coker Family
Coleman, Thomas
Collard, Felix Grundy
Colley, Virgil Benjamin
Collins, Eugene Stout
Collins, James A.
Colonization (See Cultural Background)
Colquitt, Oscar B.
Conger, Roger
Connally, John B.
Connolly, Maureen (See Brinker, Maureen Connolly)
Constitution of 1924
Convention of 1932
Convention of 1933
Cook, Henry Mansfield
Cook, J. Miles
Cook, Jim
Cooley, Denton
Cooper, George R.
Cope, Mason L.
Corbet, Nathaniel L.
Corkery, Bill
Cornick, Boyd M. D. & Miss Amie
Coupland, T. V.
Cowart, W. D.
Cox, Jim & Family (See Langford, B. F. & Family )
Cox, Paris
Crane, Carl
Crockett, David
Crockett, Elizabeth Patton (Wife of David Crockett)
Crouch, John R. "Hondo"
Cruger, Jacob W.
Cullen, Hugh Roy
Cullins, Asa B.
Cultural Background
Culture Conflict (See Race Problems)
Cumins, Williams Fletcher
Current Articles - Anglo-American
Curry, J. M.
Cushman, A. R.
Custer, George Armstrong
Custer, Miss Georgia
Cutler, Thomas N., M. D.
Cutler, Wyatt T.
Dalhart, Vernon (Musician)
Dalrymple, William Cornelius
Danforth, Susie B.
Daniel, Bill
Daniel, Price (See Daniel, Bill)
Daniel, Price Jr.
Daniel, Will
Darnell, Joseph R.
Darr, Hiram M. D.
Daugherty, G. W. (See Lemmon, Uncle Bob)
Davenport, Peter Samuel
Davis, Edgar B.
Davis, Edmund Jackson
Davis, Fletcher
Davis, Henry Clay
Davis, J. Frank
Davis, James Harvey
Davis, Mag
Davis, Nicholas A.
Davis, Trent
Dawkins, Jackson
Day, A. P. ("AD")
De Morse, Charles
De Vilbiss, John Wesley
De Witt, Green C.
De Witt, Martin V.
Dean, Dizzy
Deno, Lottie
Dial, J. J.
Diamond, Bessie
Diamond, Joe
Dickerson, E. K. "Buster"
Dickerson, John T.
Dickinson, Susana
Dickson, Abashai M.
Dies, Martin
Dignowity, Mrs. A. J.
Dill, James
Dill, Lucius
Dillion, W. S.
Dixon, William "Billy"
Doak, John M.
Dobie, J. Frank
Dodge, Major General Grenville Mellen
Dodson, Sarah Bradley
Doshier, Inez C.
Dowling, Richard W.
Downie, Charles
Dudley, James H. & Family
Duncan, John M.
Dunn, Charlie (See Boots & Shoes)
Durrett, Joel, M. D.
Duval, Issac Harding
Duval, John Crittenden
Duval, William Pope
Dyer, Walter (See Martin, John)
Eagar, Sarah Riddle (See Riddle, Sarah)
Eanes, Eliza Howell
East, James
East, John Henry
East, Sarita Kendy
Eastman, Seth
Edmunds, Ernestine
Edwards, Monroe
Edwards, Daniel R.
Edwards, Haden
Eishenhower, Dwight D.
Ellis, W.T. & Family
Ellwood Family
Ellwood, Isaac L.
Ely, L.F.
Emigration & Immigration
Emmons, Martha
Emory, Emma Wilson (See Counties Bastrop)
Engleman, John B.
English Family (See Lemon, Uncle Bob)
English Fort (See Lemon, Uncle Bob)
English, Clarence
Eubank Eugene L.
Euper, Joseph A. (See Inventors)
Evans Family
Eve, Joseph
Ezekiel Airship Co. (See Cammpm, Burrell)
Fammom, James Walker
Farris, James
Faulk, John Henry
Faulkner, King H.
Favor, Milton
Fawcett Family
Featherstone, E. H.
Fenley, Mr. & Mrs. Joel (See Cities & Towns - Murio, Texas)
Ferfuson, Miriam A. "Ma"
Ferguson, James B.
Ferguson, W. R.
Ferris, Justus Wesley
Ficklin, Ben
Fiddlers & Fiddling
Field, Jasper
Finley, Newton W.
Fisher, Alva Jo
Fisher, Elizabeth W.
Fisher, John King
Fisher, Samuel Rhodes
Flower, Tom
Fontaine, Edward
Forbes, Andrew A.
Ford, John Salmon "Rip"
Ford, O'Neal
Forman, Joe
Fort, J.M.
Forts (See Military Posts)
Frank Brothers (GERSON, EML, & SOL) (See Business & Businessmen)
Freeman, John B. (See Buffalo)
French Family
Friar, Daniel Boone
Fulton Family
Fulton Mansion
Funston, Frederick
Gaines, James
Garner, John Nance
Garrett, Pat
Garton Family
Gates, John Warne
Gates, W. V.
Gildersleeve, Fred "Gildy"
Gill, William H.
Gillispie, R.A.
Gipson, Fred
Glidden, Joseph
Gober, James R. (See Cowboy Strike)
Goodnight, Charles
Goodnight, Molly
Goodrich, Marcus
Gosler, Alva H. "Dutch"
Gould, Don R.
Graham, Maggie
Gramm, Phil
Gray, Edgar P. (Beaumont)
Gray, R. M.
Grayson, Peter William
Great Western - (See Bourdett (Bourgelt), Sabah)
Greble, Edwin ST. John
Green, Edward H. R. "Terrell"
Green, George
Green, Lee
Green, Robert B.
Green, Thomas
Green, Thomas Jefferson
Green, William
Greenhill, Joe (See Race Relations)
Greims, P. H.
Groce, Jared Ellison
Guerra, Mary Ann Nooman (See Guerra, Henry )
Guitierrez-Magee Expedition
Hailey, Elizabeth F. (See Authors)
Hale, William.
Haley, J. Evetts
Haley, R. A. "Bob"
Hall, Robert
Ham, Caipahas Kenard
Hamer, Frank (See Moments)
Hamilton, A. J.
Hamlin, James D.
Hamner, Laura V.
Hanks, Camilla
Hannig, Mrs. Almarion Dickinsen (See Dickinson, Susana)
Hardeman, Bailey
Hardin, Jess
Hardin, John Wesley
Harmon Family
Harris, Annie P.
Harris, Dilue
Harris, Ethel Wilson
Harris, John Richardson (See Cemeteries - Lendale, Houston)
Harrison, Benjamin
Harvard Family
Hatfield, Charles
Hawkins, Joseph H.
Hayes, Mose
Haygood, Eliza
Hays, Elijah J.
Hays, Thomas Jeffeson
Hedgecoxe Family
Helm, Mary Wightman (See Wightman, Mary K )
Henderson, James Pickney
Henry, W.R. (See Seminoles )
Henseley, William N.
Hering, Sadie (See Centenarians)
Hickox, T.F. & Family (See Cities & Towns - Rankin, Texas. )
Hicks, Fabian L. & Family
Hill, Robert Thomas
Hill, William Green
Hilton Twins
Hines, Dan
Hjerter, Kathleen Gee
Hogg, Ima
Hogg, James Stephen
Hogg, Will (See Hogg Foundation )
Holden, William C.
Holley, Mary Austin
Hollicott, John (See Collins, Euguene Stout)
Holly, Charles Hardin "Buddy"
Holt, Roy D.
Hood, John Bell
Houston, Margaret
Houston, Samuel
Houston, Temple
Howard, Ed
Howard, Mrs. Tennesse Marshall
Howard, Robert E.
Howard, William James
Hoxey Jr., Asa C.
Hoyt, Henry
Hubbard, Richard
Huddle, William Henry
Hudson, Wiley (See Historical Markers)
Hughes JR., Howard Robard
Hughes, Sarah T.
Hughes, Howell
Huguley, Jenjamin B. (See Folk Medicine)
Hunt, James Callaway
Hunter James M.
Hunter, Major James M.
Hunter, Robert Hancock
Hunter, Warren
Hyatt, Mrs. G.W.
Hyer, Robet S. (See Inventors)
Ingerton, Harry
Jackson Family
Jackson, Frank W.
James John Garland
James, Fleming W.
Jefferson, Thomas
Jenkins, John Holland
Jernegin, Thomas B.
Jinkens, George M.
Johnson, Adam Bankin
Johnson, Cone (See Dies, Martin )
Johnson, Hackberry
Johnson, John T.
Johnson, Lady Bird
Johnson, Lizzie E.
Johnson, Lyndon Baines
Johnson, Mrs. George Ann
Johnson, Raymond
Johnson, Sam Houston
Johnston, Albert Sidney
Jones Marsha
Jones, Allen Carter
Jones, Churchill
Jones, Gus T. "Buster"
Jones, Mattie
Jones, Preston
Joplin, Janis
Jordan, Brunce
Joselyn, Robert
Joseph, Ron
Junt, James Callaway
Justin, Enid
Justin, John
Keen, Moses W.
Kelly, George Addison
Kendall, George Wilkins
Kenedy, Mifflin
Kennon, R. W. (See Royall Family)
Kerr, Peter
Ketchman, Tom "Black Jack"
Kilgore, Anna Bell
Kilgore, C.B. "BUCK"
Kilpatrick, Charles O.
Kimball, Henry
King Ranch
King, Amon B. (See Archealogy)
King, Jesse H.
King, John A.
King, John H.
King, Mrs. Richard
King, Richard
King, Valentine Overton
King, William G.
Kingsbury, William G. (See Historic Buildings - San Antonio)
Kinney Family (See Lemmon, Uncle Bob)
Kinney, Henry Lawrence
Knapp, Seaman A.
Knatcher, Tom M. & Family
Knight, I.
Knight, Lite (Mrs)
Knight, W. K. (See Centenarians)
Kodgle, Bill (See Martin, John )
Kramer, Bill
Kyle, Claiborne
Lama, Tony (See Boots & Shoes)
Lamar, Mirabeau B.
Lane, David H.
Lane, George W.
Langford, B.F. & Family
Langford, P.P. "Pierce"
Langford, S.C.
Lanie, Sidney
Laster, Edward C.
Lattimer, Daniel F.
Lattimore, Joseph Martin
Laureles Ranch
Lawrence, Adam
Lea, J. Horace
Lea, Nancy Moffette
Lea, Tom
Leaton, Ben
Leddy, M. L. & Sons
Lee & Reynolds
Lee & Scott
Lee, Amy Freeman
Lee, Joseph
Lee, L.W.
Lee, Robert Edward
Lee, Russell
Lee, Sarah Jamison
Lefevre, Arthur (See Education In Texas - Biographies)
Leslie, Warren
Lester, James Seaton
Leverton Brothers
Lewis, Samuel K.
Lichauco, Marcial P.
Ligon, W.B.
Lindley, J. R.
Lindley, Redellium
Lindsay, John C.
Lindsey, James C.
Lindsey, James Evan
Linecum, Gideon
Lipscomb, Abner S.
Lisenbee, Lourane
Littlefield, George Washington
Lloyd, Eli & Family
Lloyd, Levi
Lockett, Hugh R.
Lockett, William A.
Locklear, Ormer Leslie
Lomax, John A.
Long Expedition
Long Sr., John P.
Long, James (DR)
Long, Jane Wilkinson
Long, Joe
Longcope, Edmund Mcleod
Longley, Bill
Lott, Uriah
Louisiana Purchase
Loving, Oliver
Lubbuck Brothers
Luckett, Philip Nolan
Lundy, Benjamin
Lykes, James MCKAY
Lyle, Joseph B.
Lyons Family
Mace, Albert Raymond
MacGregor, H.F. (See Politics)
Mackenzie, Ranald Slideli
Magee-Gutierrez Expedition (See Gutierrez-Magee Expedition)
Magoffin, James Wiley
Magoffin, Joseph
Magruder, John Bankhead
Makemson, W.K.
Mann, Pamella (Mrs. Marshall)
Mansfield, Andrew & Family
Markham, Louis N.
Markley, Alfred C.
Marlow, Roy Stone
Marshall, W. H.
Martin, John
Massay, James M.
Masterson, Bat
Matador Ranch
Matthews, Watt
Maud, Walters
Maverick Jr., Maury
Maverick, James (See Oral History )
Maverick, Mary A.
Maverick, Maury
Maverick, Samuel Augustus
Maxie, S.B.
May, Ada "Molly"
May, Joseph A.
May, Reynolds
Mayeur Family (See Lemmon, Uncle Bob)
McAllister Walter W. (See Oral History)
McAllister, George
McAllister, Walter
McBride, Dale
McCarthy, Ed (See Politics)
McCarthy, Ed (See Politics)
McComb, John E.
McCormick, James R.
McCoy, Jasper
McCoy, John C.
McCraw, J.B.
McCuistion, Luis
McCulloch Sr., Sam.
McCulloch, Benjamin
McCulloch, John
McCurly, Jack (See Lemmon, Uncle Bob )
McDonald, William Johnson
McEntire, C.D. "Red Horse"
McGehee Sr., William P.
McGinty, Marion
McIver, Alexander W.
McKee, Patrick C.
McKenney, SHELTON A.
McKinney, Collin
McKinney, Thomas F.
McLarty, E. Sinks
McLendon, Henry Holcomb
McManus, Jane
McMillen, Comfort A.
McMurty, Larry (See McMurty, William J. & Family)
McMurty, William J. & Family
McNeel, Jess
McNelly, Leander H.
McQueen, James A.
McSwill, James Foster
McWhirter, Martha
Menefee Family
Merrill, A. F.
Merritt, Daniel
Mesta, Perle
Metcalfe, Charles B.
Metcalfe, William C.
Methvin, Aaron Woodard
Mhoon, E.S.
Mier Expedition
Milam, Benjamin
Milby, Charles H. (See Glendale Cemetary)
Milby, William Polk (See Glendale Cemetery)
Military Posts
Miller, James F.
Miller, James P.
Miller, Mrs. Zack
Miller, Simon
Miller, William Brown (See Miller, Arch & Charlotte)
Milliken, William D.
Mills, Anson
Millspaugh, Sarah S.
Milsaps, John
Minear, Joseph William & William (See Counties - Bandera)
Mooar, J. Wright
Moody, William Lewis
Moore, Amanda
Moore, John
Moore, Leander P.
Moore, Martha "Granny"
Moore, Samuel W.
Moore, Sidney
Moore, W.C.
Morell, Z. N.
Morgeson, John C.
Morrow, Mc Vey C.
Morrow, Rufus E.
Morse, Samuel B.
Mudd, V.A.
Munson, T.V. (See Cemeteries)
Murrah, Pendleton
Nation, Carrie
Neal, Margie
Neff, Isabella Eleanor Shepherd
Neff, Pat
Neill, J. D.
Neill, James Clinton
Nelson, O. H.
Nelson, Willie
Nestroy, Lee
Newcomer, Felix & Family
Newton Gang
Nicholson, Mary Ann
Nidever, Francis M.
Nix, Will & Family
Nixon, Thomas E.
Noakes, Thomas J.
Noel, Samuel E.
Nolen Family
Norfleet Family
Noyes, Harold
Nunn, Ancel E.
Nunn, W. C.
O'Daniel, W. Lee "Pappy"
Oden, Dean
Oldham, Williamson Simpson
Orton, B. M.
Ostrander, W.B.
Palmer, Arthur
Parker, Benjamin F.
Parker, Bonnie
Parker, Cynthia Ann
Parker, George Leroy
Parker, Isaac
Parker, James W.
Parker, John
Parker, Silas M.
Parks Family
Parks, John
Parmer, Martin
Patton, Elizabeth Carey
Peacock, Ralph William
Pease, E. M.
Pease, Mrs. E. M.
Peebles, Richard Rodger
Peeler, John W.
Peirce, Robert William
Pennington, William
Pennybacker, Mrs. Percy V.
Perdue, Seabron, A.
Perrin, Harvey
Perry, Henry
Perry, Howard E.
Person, Alfred B.
Petree, Adolph
Petty Family
Phickett, John F.
Pickens, Lucy Holcombe
Pickerill, Thatcher S.
Pierce, Abel Head "Shanghai Pierce"
Pierce, Shanghai
Pierce, William L.
Pierson, W.C.
Pike, Albert
Pike, Zebulon Montgomery
Pilgrim, Thomas J.
Piner, Mrs. Mary J.
Pitts, W.H.
Plantation Ranch (See Daniel, Bill)
Plantations - Pecan Point
Plummer, Joseph E.
Plunkett, James W.
Poling, Elam T.
Pollley, Joseph H.
Pope, G. W.
Popejoy, Johnny Waltine "Shine"
Porter, James (See Porter, Sophia)
Porter, Sophia
Porter, William Sydney
Post, Charles William
Post, Wiley
Potter, Reuben Marmaduke
Potter, Robert
Pound, Joseph
Prairie Belle, The
Price, William H.
Prickett, John F.
Priddy, Burk
Printers & Printing (See Mosebach's Scrapbook In the Newspaper Room)
Pritchett, Edward H.
Privett, Samuel T. "Booger Red"
Prude, John.
Pryor, Iket
Purcell Family
Rabb, Andrew
Rabb, Mary Crownover
Rabb, Thomas J.
Rabb, Virgil S.
Rabb, William
Race Problems
Ranches - Prude Ranch (See Prude, John.)
Ranches - Taft Ranch
Rankin, J. P. & F. E. (See Cities & Towns - Rankin)
Ray, Wade
Rayburn, Sam
Reagan, John Henninger
Red, Rebecca (Stuart) (See Education In Texas - Biographies)
Reed, James B. & Family
Reed, Nathanial "Texas Jack"
Rees, Henrietta & Family
Reid, Douglas
Remington, Frederick
Reynolds, John N.
Reynolds, Samuel F.
Rich, William F.
Richards, Ann
Richardson, Tracy
Richter Family
Riddle, Sarah
Riegler Family
Riggs, Walter Ebb
Ritter, Tex
Roach, Joseph D.
Robb, Lynda Johnson
Robbie, Mary King
Roberds (Roberts), G. O. (See McJunkin, George)
Roberson, Margaret A.
Roberts, Arrimus R.
Roberts, Bruce
Roberts, Gideon L.
Roberts, Isaac F.
Roberts, James Travis
Roberts, Jim (See Lemmon, Uncle Bob)
Roberts, John C.
Roberts, John S.
Roberts, Thomas C.
Roberts, Willaim P.
Robertson, Henry J.
Robertson, Jerome
Robertson, Peatus P.
Robertson, Sterling Clack
Robertson, Wiley Luther
Robin, Tex (See Boots & Saddles)
Robinson, Alvin
Rodgers, Christopher Columbus
Rogers, Johnny
Rogers, Kate
Rosborough, J. T. (See Confederate States of America)
Rose, Victor M.
Rosier, Lance " Mr. Thicket"
Ross, Captain George E.
Ross, Lawrence Sullivan
Rowden, George
Roy, Tod
Royall Family - Richard Royster
Rudd, Hughes
Ruff, Samuel Webb
Runaway Scrape
Runnels, Mrs.George W.
Rusk, Thomas Jefferson
Russell, Artus T.
Russell, Lyman Brightman
Ruter, Martin
Rutherford, John Griffith L.
Rutland, Willaim W.
Ryan, Joseph
Ryan, Nolan
Sadler, James A.
Sadler, James F.
San Ildefonso, Treaty of
San Janinto, Battle of (See Swisher, John M.)
Sanborn, H. B.
Sanctificationists (See McWhirter, Martha)
Sandifer, James W.
Saunders Family
Sayers, Joseph Draper
Scarborough, A. B.
Scoggin, L. H.
Scott, Brig. General Robert L.
Scott, Fred Albert
Scott, P. R.
Scott, Thomas
Scott, William Thomas
Scull, Sally
Sessions, William
Shafter, William R.
Shank, George L.
Shannon, J. M.
Sharp, Walter
Sharpe, Lerene
Sheppard, Morris
Shepperd, Ben
Sherman, William T.
Sherry, Patrick
Shields Family
Shirley, Glenn (See Reed, Nathaniel)
Shotwell, Charles H.
Sibley, Henry Hopkins
Simmons, George W.
Simpkins, William Stewart
Simpson, Harold B.
Simpson, James M.
Simpson, Sylvania Woods
Sims, Bartlett (See Avery, Willis)
Singer, John V.
Skidmore, Frank O.
Sladen, Mrs. James
Slater, William
Slaton, William D.
Slaughter, George & Family
Slaughter, James H.
Smallwood, Stephen B.
Smathers, James F.
Smily, Henry C.
Smith, Ashbel
Smith, Cecil (See Sports )
Smith, Doris "Boogie"
Smith, Erastus "Deaf Smith"
Smith, Erwin E.
Smith, Henry
Smith, John William
Smith, Orlando
Smith, Preston
Smith, S. L. S. "Sam"
Smith, Thad
Smithwick, Noah
Snearly, Norman "Pete"
Snell, William P.
Snively Expedition
Snodgrass, Joseph
Society of the Burning Bush (See Collective Settlements)
Soloman, Jerry W.
Sparger, John
Spence, Mrs. Joseph, Jr.
Spiller, Thomas Edward
Spotts, Edward B.
Stanton, Robert
Staten, Daniel Webster
Steen, Alfred M.
Stephens, W. E.
Stephenson, James Bell
Stephenson, W. H.
Sterett, William Greene
Sterling, William Warren
Stevens, Lou & Jack
Stevens, W. E.
Stevenson, Coke R.
Stewart, Alvin
Stewart, Charles R.
Stinson, Katherine
Stoner Family
Stouts, Isaac Newton
Strange, Archie C.
Streeper, Joseph E.
Strickland, R. G.
Stripling, Raiford
Stuart, Charles B.
Stuart, Hamilton
Stubblefield, William L.
Stuckey, Henry W.
Sturdivant, Rebecca
Summers, Hatton
Sweeney, F. M.
Swisher, John M.
Sydnor, John S.
Tankerslely, Fayette
Tate, Charles W.
Tate, R.C.
Taylor, Creed
Taylor, P. C. (See Kilns - Lime)
Taylor, T.J.
Teel, S. M.
Temple, T.L.L.
Terrell, Frederick
Terrill, Edward H.
Terry, Benjamin Franklin
Thacker, Elijan M.
Thomas, E.W.
Thomason, Ronald
Thompson, Alexander
Thompson, Ben
Thompson, Gideon
Thompson, Hank
Thompson, Henry
Thorn, Frost
Throckmorton, James W.
Tillman, Floyd
Tilson, W. H.
Tingle, Green B.
Tobin, William Gerald
Tod Jr., John Grant (See Glendale Cemetary)
Tolbert, T. B.
Torrey, David K.
Torrey, John F.
Torrey, Thomas S.
Tower, John
Towsend, Charles R. (See Wills, Bob)
Towsend, John & William
Traherne, George Washington
Trammell, Emanuel D.
Travis, William Barrett
Trobaugh, Elizabeth M.
Troutman, Joanna
Tuck, Henry C.
Tumlinson Family
Tumlinson, Joe
Turley, John H.
Turner, Martha A.
Vandeveer, Logan
Vann, William H.
Vaudhn, Joseph J.
Vaughan, George W.
Vaughan, Joshua J.
Vaughan, W. B.
Veazey, George E.
Veazey, Lyman C.
Vivian, Charles (See Lemmon, Uncle Bob )
W. A. S. P.
Wade, Terry U.
Waggoner, Jeff
Wagstaff, John Miles
Walcott, Horatio
Walker, Albert A.
Walker, Berryman
Walker, Christopher Columbus M. D.
Walker, Ellen "Ma Thicket"
Walker, Fred L. (See United States History - World War II )
Walker, George W.
Walker, Samuel Hamilton
Walker, Stanley
Wallace, "Bigfoot" (See Wallace, W. A. "Bigfoot")
Wallace, David Richard
Wallace, Joseph Worthington
Ward, J. C.
Warren, Melvin
Washburn, David H.
Washington, Lawrence A.
Wathen, Benjamin Southern
Watkins, Jesse & Family
Watson Samuel C.
Watson, Elizabeth
Waul, Thomas Neville
Weaver, James A.
Weaver, William M.
Webb, Abner L.
Webb, Walter Prescott
Weems, Mason Locke
Weisel, Daniel (See Military Posts - Fort Davis )
Weldon, Thomas J.
Wells, James B.
Wentworth, Edward N.
West, Mae
Westfall Family (See Lemmon, Uncle Bob )
Wharton, A. B. & Electra (See Historic Buildings - Fort Worth )
Wharton, Sarah & George (Mr. & Mrs. William H.)
Wharton, William Henry
Whitaker, John
White, Charles G.
White, Archie C.
White, Frank S.
White, Tom
Whitman, Mertice J.
Whitney, Ann
Whitten, Edgar H.
Wier, Rusty
Wigfall, Louis Trezevant
Wightman Family
Wightman, Mary "Elias R"
Wilbarger, Josiah
Wilcox Family (See Brown - Wilcox Family)
Wilcox, Hallie M.
Wilcox, Maude W.
Wilkinson, James
Wilkinson, Susannah
Willaims, Mrs. & Mrs. Samuel M. (Sarah Scott)
Willaimson, Robert Mcalpin
Willard Family
Williams, Dan (See Lemmon, Uncle Bob )
Williams, Frank (See Lemmon, Uncle Bob )
Williams, John
Williams, Leonard H.
Williams, Oscar W.
Williams, Samuel May
Williams, Thomas
Wills, Bob
Wilmer, Harry A.
Wilson, Fred W.
Wilson, G. W.
Wilson, George A.
Wilson, James
Wilson, Leonidas
Wilson, Turner
Wilson, Washington G.
Wilson, Willaam H.
Wimberly, George C.
Winkler, Betty
Winter, Ambrose V.
Wise, J. C.
Wisnewski, Barbara & John
Witcher, James C.
Withers, Peter Clay
Witt, Benjamin F.
Women - Anglo -American
Women's Exhibit
Wood, John H.
Wood, Samuel
Worth, William Jenkins
Wright, Andrew F.
Wright, Charles
Wright, L. C. "Jack"
Wright, Margaret
Wright, Phil
Wright, Robert W.
Wright, William Crow
Wynn, Hiram.
Yarborough, Charles Richard
Yarborough, Ralph
Yarborough, Richard W. (See United States Indian Claims Commission )
Yoakley, Joseph R.
York, John
Young, David John
Young, John G.
Young, Robert R.
Young, S. W.
Zeliff, Deliza
[Ethnicities, continued]
Armenians In the U.S.
Bardoony, Hrant C.
Churches - Saint Constantine
Cities & Towns - San Antonio
Current Articles - Armenian
[Ethnicities, continued]
Current Articles - Australian
American Texan Exhibits
Appelt, Frantz
Bergmann, Annie
Current Articles - Austrian
Dullnig, George
Dullnig, Jacob
Erath, Joseph
Vanraub, Byron
[Ethnicities, continued]
[Ethnicities, continued]
Agriculture - Implements
Associations - American Club of Texas
Associations - American Educational Foundation, Inc.
Baeten, Adolph
Banul, Juan
Belgian-Mexican Colonists
Blitz, Julien Paul
Brogniez, Frantz H.
Burke Family
Buyck, Jacobus (See Burke Family)
Capitol Building - Austin
Carlota, Empress of Mexico
Churches - Catholic - Saint John Berchman's
Cities & Towns - Galveston
Cities & Towns - La Reunion
Cities & Towns - San Antonio
Crispin, Andre
Cultural Background
Current Articles - Belgian
De Winne Family
Derdeyn, Joseph
D'Hanis, Guillaume
Diedrick, Anton
Dutchover, Diedrick
Festivals - Vegetable Day
Graindorge, Andre
Hollebeke, Pierre Van
Hoodge Family
Hoodge, Marie Leonie
Houzeau de Lehate, Jean-Charles
Huybrechts, Francois
Johnson, Theodore "Charlie"
Membre, Leclercq & Douay
Mosty Family
Otterbein, Charles A.
Pamphlet - Belgian Texans, The
Paquin, J. M.
Pirson, Sylvain J.
Pirson, Victor
Polome, Edgar C.
San Antonio Water Supply Company
Scheire, Oscar
Schodts, Michel
Shiner Family
Social Life & Customs
Souris, Les
Text - Belgian Texans, The
Text - Ex-Clean Copy
Van Daele Family
Van De Walle Family
Van Hende, Bertha
Van Meldert, Leon
Vander Poorten, Evialt "Tip"
Vander Stucken Family
Vander Stucken, Frank
Vanderstraten Family
Verschaffelt, Richard
Wauters Family
Weltens, E. D.
[Ethnicities, continued]
Black Seminole
Big Foot
Black Seminole Indian Scouts (See also Bullis, John L.)
Cities & Towns - Bracketville
Cultural Background
Jefferson, John
John Horse (Caballo) "Gopher John"
Old Army
Seminole Bill
Seminole Indian War, 1817-1818
Seminole Nation
Seminole Scout Cemetery
Wild Cat
[Ethnicities, continued]
Current Articles - Bulgarian
[Ethnicities, continued]
Associations - Cambodian Association of Houston
Baez, Joan
Cambodia (Kmer)
Carter, Rosalynn
Cities & Towns - Houston
Cultural Background
Current Articles - Mormon
Marriage Customs & Rites
[Ethnicities, continued]
Abbot, George
Acadian - Conference on Cajun Culture (See Acadian Colleges & Universities - Lamar University)
Acadian Colleges & Universities - Lamar College
Acadians - Bibliography (See also Bibliography for Canadians)
Acadians - Canadians
Acadians - Cities & Towns - Beaumont, Texas
Acadians - Cities & Towns - Port Arthur, Texas
Acadians - Cultural Background
Acadians - Festivals
Acadians - Folklore
Acadians - Food
Acadians - Judice, A. J. (See also folklife Festival Participants)
Acadians - Legends (See Acadians - Folklore)
Acadians - Louisiana
Acadians - Music
Acadians - Spanish Texas
Actors & Actresses
Adair, Robert
Adams, Louisa
Affleck, Henry Sinclair
Akerlet, A. W.
Aldenman, Jacob
Aldwell, William
Alexander, Frank
Alexander, Joseph
Alexander, Mrs. Mark
Aliens - Illegal (See Emigration & Immigration)
Allen Family, Thomas
Allridge, Mrs. F. M.
Anderson, D. C.
Anderson, Edward
Anderson, John A.
Anderson, Mrs. Justin van Gordon
Anderson, T. D.
Andrews, E.
Andrews, Lambert Shaw
Anguin, George
Ardoin, Theodore & Eli
Armstrong, Frank
Armstrong, Lindern
Arnold, Hariet
Arnold, Jo
Ashby, Mrs. James
Atkinson, Donald Taylor
Atkinson, Horatio Nelson
Attril, Henry
Aubry, Francois Xavior
Austin, William K.
Avery, Mrs. Horace William
Babb, William
Bachelder, Richard
Bacon, Darius
Bailey, Alanson
Baily, Alex
Bakcom, E. D.
Baker, James
Baker, Joseph
Baker, K. C.
Balcom, E.D.
Ball, Sarah
Ballard, George
Bane, Louis
Baptise, B.
Barkley, Mrs. John H.
Barkman, Johan. (See Also Littlefield Lands Co.)
Barkman, Martin (See Also Littlefield Land Co.)
Barlow, William S.
Barnard, Josrph H.
Barns, D.
Barstow, Mary C.
Bartlett Family
Barziza, Decimus Et Ultimus
Baudrand, Jean Marie (See Oblates of Mary Immaculate)
Baumfelder, Leo
Bean, Bert J.
Bean, Roy
Beardall, James
Beaton, Neil E.
Beaulieu Brothers (See Saint Denis, Louis of)
Beecham, Peter
Beechcroft, Bertram
Behrman, James
Beisel, David F. (See Littlefield Lands Co.)
Beisel, Ed (See Littlefield Lands Co.)
Belanche, Louis
Belcher, Edward
Bell, Alexander
Bell, Alexander H.
Bell, Thomas
Bellefeule, L. R.
Benavides, Mrs. Juan V.
Benedict, O.
Benedum, James Claxton
Bennette, Linda
Bennette, Susan
Bensan, Vincent Michel
Bentley, Albert F.
Benton, Gene
Bergen, Mrs. James V.
Bernard, Augustin
Bernard, Frank
Berrat, Antonio
Bertrand, Gary
Bethell, Francis
Bigney, James
Bird, William
Birt, Mrs. Charles Leslie
Bishop, Earl
Black, Jos.
Blackledge, Mrs. Jovita Courtney
Blackwell, Lee
Blain, George H.
Blair, A. R.
Blake, Edward
Blanchard, Lyoniel
Bloom, L. D.
Boatwright, E. M.
Body, Edward
Bogy, Joseph Vetol
Bollich, Charles N.
Boniuk, Milton
Bonn, Mrs. Fred
Bonyman, John S.
Bonyman, William
Booth, Elmer J.
Booth, H. W.
Borden, Catherine
Boslar, John
Bouchard, Dick
Boucher, Julie
Boudoin, Eugene B.
Boudreaux, Ervin
Bowden, Joyce
Bowie, John
Boyd, Albert Hazen
Boyd, William
Boyer, Ralph C.
Boynton, Charles Albert
Boynton, Charles Milton
Boynton, George H.
Boynton, James Edward
Bradley, Mrs. H. D.
Bradley, Rudolph
Brady, Joseph C.
Brady, Olive K.
Braud, Jim
Breaux, A. (See Acadians -Canadians - Colleges & Universities - Lamar University)
Brennan, Patrick J.
Brick, Mary
Briers, Henry
Brissel, Frank I.
Bristol, Ralph A.
Brooks, Mrs. Frances
Brooks, Timothy
Brough, William Jr
Broussard Family
Broussard, Andrew
Broussard, John Lloyd
Broussard, Mrs. Enola
Broussard, Mrs. Salonge
Brown, George W.
Brown, Hugh
Brown, Julia
Brown, Mary
Brown, Mrs. F.
Brown, Mrs. John W.
Brown, Peter
Brown, Robert
Brown, Ron Harry
Brown, Samuel S.
Bruce, John & Murdock
Brundrett, George
Brunett, A. A.
Bryan, Dawson Charles
Bryan, Mrs. George C.
Bryden, H. W.
Buchanan, John
Buchanan, Joseph Hamilton
Buckle, William
Buckmaster, Daniel Farrington
Bugbee, Ethon H.
Bugbee, Ruby J.
Bugbee, Thomas E.
Bugbee, Thomas S.
Burgess, Harry Meredith
Burgess, James A.
Burgis, J. R.
Burk, John
Burk, Richard
Burkhart, Mrs. George
Burkholder, Anthony
Burley, S.
Burris, Enos
Burton, Alex
Busch, Adrienne
Bush, G. W.
Business & Businessmen
Businesses - American Canadian Cattle Company
Businesses - Dominion Cattle Company
Businesses - Four Seasons, LTD
Businesses - France & Canada Steamship Company
Businesses - Littlefield Lands Company
Businesses - Matador Land & Cattle Company
Businesses - Texas Land Development Company
Butcher, Joe
Bute, James House
Butler, Cetts E.
Butler, Mrs. Erastus C.
Butler, Thomas
Byrne, James
Byron, James A.
Cahill, John W.
Cailler, Jackie
Calnan, George B.
Cameron, Archibald
Cameron, C. M.
Cameron, Ewen
Cammeron, Ewen (See Cameron, Ewen)
Cammoze, Mrs. Anton
Campbell, D. R.
Campbell, Lock
Canada Bill
Canadian Texans
Canaliano, Bautista
Caples, William
Capless, Richard
Cargill, Canon
Carhart, Clara H.
Carl, C.
Carlisee, Robert
Carlton, Charles
Carlyon, James Thomas
Carmichael, Thomas
Carnmell, C. F.
Carr, Pat
Carter, Peter
Case, Martha
Caston, William
Caswell, G. W.
Cathcart, Alex
Cattle Trails
Caughlin, John
Cauthorn, Mrs. Robert
Cawker, Victor
Chaison, Jonas
Champie, Charles
Charbonan, Louis
Charbonneau, Alexis M.
Charolay, James
Chatfield, Albert William
Cheall, William
Chenn Family
Chiles, Mrs. William
Chisholine, Donald
Chisholm, Mrs. N. C.
Chisholm, W.
Chisholm, William
Chonca, Cristoval (See Yocante, Cristoval)
Chonquin, Antonio
Chrisler, William
Chrylene, William
Chudleigh, Walter H.
Churches - Mennonite (See Churches - Mennonite)
Cinningham, John Thomas
Cities & Towns - Amarillo
Cities & Towns - Austin
Cities & Towns - Beaumont
Cities & Towns - Brunswick (See Body, Edward)
Cities & Towns - Canadian
Cities & Towns - Clarendon (See Carhart, Clara H.)
Cities & Towns - Corpus Christi
Cities & Towns - Dallas (See Dallas Black hawks)
Cities & Towns - Devine
Cities & Towns - Dominion
Cities & Towns - El Paso
Cities & Towns - Fort Worth (See Fort Worth Texans)
Cities & Towns - Galveston
Cities & Towns - Houston
Cities & Towns - Kent (See Belcher, Edward)
Cities & Towns - Liberty
Cities & Towns - Lubbock
Cities & Towns - Lyford
Cities & Towns - Nacogdoches
Cities & Towns - New Birmingham
Cities & Towns - Plano
Cities & Towns - Port Arthur
Cities & Towns - Robstown
Cities & Towns - San Antonio
Cities & Towns - Scotland (See Scott, Henry J.)
Cities & Towns - Seminole
Cities & Towns - Tivyville (See Tivy, Joseph A.)
Cities & Towns - Weslaco
Clark, Charles
Clark, Etta
Clark, Lester
Clark, Malcolm
Clay, John
Clelland, John
Clements, George
Clements, George E.
Cleveland, W. C.
Clifton, Lewis
Clought, John Edward
Clutiel, Charles
Coatts Family
Cobden, Alexander
Cocrane, Anna
Cole, Celta
Cole, Elie
Collens, Cuiller, Collens
Collett, C. A.
Colliet, Oliver
Collingwood, Douglas M.
Collins, Cuiloler
Collins, Thomas
Colpitts, Robert Vernon
Comeaux, Ervin C.
Cone, Ephraim H.
Conley, James Patrick
Connell, Samuel
Conner, J. F.
Consulate (See Diplomatic & Consular Service)
Convents & Nunneries
Cook, George
Cook, I..
Cook, J. R.
Cooke, Charles
Cooke, George
Cooke, John
Cooney, James
Cormier, Andrew
Coronado, Mary J.
Corrigan, Hugh
Corris, William
Corwin, Dennis
Cosniac, Joe (See Restaurants )
Coter, Lewis
Cotton - Marketing
Couch, Stephen E.
Counties - Brazoria County
Counties - Deaf Smith County
Counties - Jackson County
Counties - La Salle
Counties - Menard County
Counties - Parker County
Counties - Williamson County
Courchesne, Alfred
Cowan, Tom
Cox, Fred
Cranly, George
Cravin, Albert
Crawford, Jack William
Crawford, W. E.
Crearer, J. P.
Credeur, Jessie
Creech, Mrs. Frank Warren
Creel, Georgia Jane
Crepan, Edward
Cresswell, H. W.
Crete, S.
Croft, Henry Holmes
Cross, Michael
Culp, Harvey
Cultural Background - Historical
Cunliff, Mrs. Samuel
Cunningham, James
Cunningham, John Thomas
Current Articles - Canadian
Curtis, Thomas
Cushman, R. W.
Dachesoie, Francis
Daggett, Charles B.
Daggett, E. M. "Bud"
Daggett, Ephraim Beck
Daggett, Ephraim M.
Daglish, Joseph J.
Daigel, Jimmy
Dair, Thomas
Dallas Black Hawks (See Sports - Hockey)
Dammerell, William
Daugherty, Willaim
Davidson, Robert L. Jr.
Davis, Abram
Davis, Frank P.
Davis, Patrick
Day Family
Day, Goerge W.
De Costa, Phillip
De La Fresniere (See Saint Denis, Louis De)
De Lery (See Saint Denis, Louis De)
De Viero, Charles
De Walt, Daniel J.
Deblanc, Patrick
Deblanc, Sharon
Dechene, Remi
Dechman, A. R.
Decker, Isaac
Decker, J. C.
Declaration of Independence - Texas (See Menard, Michael)
Degan, John
Delaney, John
Delisle, Francois H.
Demmick, Roger
Deprose, John
Derbanne (See Saint Denis, Louis De)
Desjardin, Marcell
Deuga, Charles
Devillers, Richard
Devine, Daniel
Devine, Gregory P.
Devine, Jamrs A. (See James M. Devine (Possibly Identical))
Devine, Jamrs P.
Devine, Joe P.
Devine, Joseph P.
Devine, T. A.
Devine, Thomas Jefferson
Devoegelee, E.
Dineen, Bill
Dingee, Arthur Seeley
Diplomatic & Consular Service
Divine, James M. (See Devine, James A. (Possible Identical))
Doan, John
Dobbin, William F.
Dolomy, Michael
Doning, Peter
Donnelly, Daniel (See Tampico Expedition)
Donoho, Ellen Davies
Dorsey, John
Dorsey, Margaret
Doucette, Albert Burton
Doucette, Peter
Douglass, Margaret (Geraldine Wilson Knight)
Doyle, Hugh
Doyle, Mrs. Patrick
Drought Family
Drought, Henry Patrick
Dube, Anthony Zenon
Dubey, Alexander
Dubois, Gordon
Duce, Leonard A.
Dudely, Prosus
Duffey, Thomas
Dumble, George
Dumond, Anna
Duplant, E. V.
Duplant, W. E.
Durkee, Pearl W.
Durnet, I. S.
Durnett, Andrew A.
Dutcher, Calvin
Dwyer, Thomas
Dwyer, William
Dyck, Isaac (See Littlefield Lands Company)
Eagar , Robert
Earle, Mrs. Enoch
Eastwood, John
Eby, Fredrick
Edgar, Robert
Edwards, John
Eldridge, Francis M.
Eli, John Peter
Elking, Forrest
Ellerbeck, Robert
Elliot, John Joseph
Ellis, Lea R.
Ellism, James Arthur
Emigration & Immigration
Everett, Tom
Expeditions - La Salle
Expeditions - Mallet
Expeditions - Mier
Expeditions - Tampico
Farah, Mansour
Fasren, David
Fast, Peter T
Fitzhenry, John
Fitzpatrick, Arthur Joseph
Flanagan, James Wainwright
Fletcher, Winifred
Folk, Paul Joseph
Follett Family
Forsyth, Cyrus Hamilton
Forsyth, F. Howard
Forsyth, Thomas
Forth Worth Texans (See Sports - Hockey)
Foster, Gayle Herbert
Fox, William
Fraser, Alford J.
Fraser, Charles W.
Frazer, Hugh McDonald
Freeman, Dr.
Freeman, J.N.
Friesen, J.R.
Galbraith, William F.
Gardner, Harold B.
Garrett, Alexander
Gaudet, Augustin
Gelot, Paul
Genealogical Research
Giesbrecht, J.J.
Gilpin, Henry A.
Glynn, Bonnie Elaine
Godkin, Samuel Edward
Golby, Tom
Goliad Massacre
Gonsoulin, Mrs. Louise
Goosen, Franz K.
Goosen, Peter D.
Gordon, John Campbell H.
Gordon, Philip M.
Gordon-Cumming, Charles L.
Gorkin, Arthur William
Gotha Mutual
Graham, Carroll Ray
Grahame, Ron
Graveline - (See Saint Denis, Louis De)
Gregory, Role S.
Grierson, Don
Groce, Mrs. Thomas J.
Groman, Daniel
Gueche, Francisco
Gunn, Clare Alward
Haddeman, Harry
Hagerman, James John
Hale, Larry
Hall, Ichabod Nelson
Hall, Murray
Hamilton, A.C.
Hamilton, George Percy
Hamilton, Henry J.
Hanaya, Charles
Harder, Russell Alexander
Hargrave, David Moffett
Harrington, Henry P.
Harrington, Mrs. Lou
Harris, Jonathan
Harrison, Mrs. Mortimer M.
Hart, James Franklin
Harthan, Hans
Hatt, Melbourne Ernest
Haveland, Mrs. James C.
Healy, James A.
Hebert, Louis J.
Heffler, Clifford E.
Henderson, Devereaux
Henry, John
Hershey, David
Hetherington, Tom F.
Hill, Betsy
Hinse, Andre
Hoehn, David
Hoekstra, Ed
Holidays - Christmas
Holidays - Christmas
Holland Creek
Holland Jr., Francis
Holland, Francis
Holland, James
Holland, Tapley
Holst, Fred H.
Holt, Danbiel
Holtzclaw, Mrs. Mary Elizabeth
Honssinger, John W.
Horan, Mrs. Cornaelius
Hornsby, Mrs. John W.
Horton, Frederick Reece
Howe, Gordie
Howe, J.W.
Howe, Mark
Howe, Marty
Hudson, A.W.
Hudson, Jim
Hughes, Charles
Hughes, Frank
Hunt, H.L.
Hurd, Edward M.
Impey, Levi
Ireland, George
Irvine, George
Irwin Glen
Ivash, Eugene V.
Jacobs, Levi
Jalot, Medar
James, John
James, John A.
James, John H.
James, Vinton Lee
Jamieson, Ken
Jenkins, Ferguson
Jenkins, Isaiah C.
Johnson, Arthur S.
Johnson, Isabel F. Hugo
Johnson, J. Albert
Johnson, Raymond W.
Jones, Albert
Jones, Daniel Colman
Jose, Maria
Joy, Greg
Judice, A.J.
Kannegiesser, Gordon
Keating, Cecil A.
Kekeisen, John M.
Kelly, George A.
Kendall, Henry H.
Kennedy, Ed
Kennedy, William
Khedairy, Hamid
King, Jesse H.
King, William H.
Kodelja, Victor
Koenigheim, Samuel
Kootsey, Joseph S.
Kraushaar, Friedrich
Kroeker, Jacob A.
Kuhl, Samuel
La Fitte, Paul Bouvette
Labadie, Emelie B.
Labadie, Nicholas
LaBlanc, Vacour
Labossiere, Gordon
Lackie, Albert W.
Laird, Dan
Lake, Mary Daggett
Lamb, Isaac
Lambert, Ham
Land Surveying
Landers, Mrs. Rachal B.
Landon, James C.
Landry, Sue
Larway, Don
Lawrence, William Angus
Layden, Thomas
Layne, Lawrence
Le Fevre, Richard C.
Le Tourneau, R.G.
Lemoine, Edward
Leslie, Robert Hugh
Lewis, A.W.
Liddy, J. Charles
Lobo, Pedro
Lochhead, Elias J.
Locke, J.
Lockwood, Rt. James T.
Lokey, Mrs. Mary Augustine Kerr
Long, Levi William
Lord George
Lorrin, William H.
Lowes, John S.
Lucas, Cyrus B.
Lucas, Richard Pryor
Lund, Larry
Mace, Charles William
Mackey, William F.
Magnan, Clarence Z.
Makin, Fred
Malcolm, John
Manning, Mrs. Aileene
Marchand, Hondo
Marklee, Jeremiah
Marshsault, Darmin
Martin, George W.
Marvan, Francisco
Marvins, Kaye
Matherne, A. James
Maud, Hudson
McClure, C.C.
McClure, Robert L.
McCrae, Roy
McCully, S.E.
McDiarmid, Erret Weir
McDonald, Donald
McDonald, William
McDougall, George
McFarlane, Harper
McGrath, James
McGreerey, John Wilbert
McGregor, Alexander
McGregor, Jack
McIntire, George
McIntyre, D.W.
McKay, John
McKay, L.F.
McKenney, Ernest
McKenzie, Mrs. Donald
McKenzie, Thomas Horatio
McKissock, Bert T.
McLeod, Don
McMahon, James
McManus, Mrs. William F.
McPherson, Chalmers
Mehus, Ivar A.
Menard, Michel & Peter
Menger, M.
Menthe, Coadjutor Brother Henry
Menzies, William
Mercier, Eva
Milburn, Reginald T.
Military Posts - Fort Concho
Military Posts - Fort Elliott
Military Posts - Fort Gates
Miller, Effie
Miller, George
Miller, Kate
Mitchell, Edwin Thomas
Mitchell, William R.
Mix, Tom
Mogford, William
Montrose, Marcus A.
Montrose, Maynard E.
Moody, James A.
Moore, Jeff
Moore, William H.
Moraud, Marcel Jean
Morgan, Mrs. Conrad B.
Morris, Edward M.
Morris, Mrs. Laura Barstow
Morrison, Alexander
Mosse, Arthur W.
Moyer, Orville H.
Mullen, Robert Roland
Mundt, Albert A.
Murphy, George Stewart
Murphy, John George
Murphy, Mrs. Daniel
Murphy, Mrs. Sarah Rosabel
Nason, Sam
New Mexico
Newcomb, James P.
Newcomb, Simon Bolivar
Newcomb, Thomas
Newton, Carl D.
Nickle, Oliver Wallace
Nicol, Joseph Arthur
Niemann, Adolph
Nika (See Expeditions - La Salle)
Noake, Harry Porter
Oblates of Mary Immaculate (See Priests)
O'Connor, J.S.
Oesterling, Maxine
Ogden, John Bennet
Oldfather, Harry L.
Oliver, Murray
Oliver, W. T.
Olsen, Mrs. Henry F.
Orr, John
Orsay, Henry
Oswald, Samuel
Pacelli, Nick
Paesano, Joe
Palmer, Ernest E.
Pangman, William John
Parsell, Mrs. A.A.
Patullo, George
Paul, Mrs. Charles T.
Pearson, Carl Otto
Pearson, Murble
Pedich, Joseph R.
Pembroke, Ralph
Penick, Mrs. Edgar Cohen
Penner, Peter W. Jr.
Percifull, Thomas Jackson
Perrine, Laurence
Phelps, Judson H.
Phinney, Carl Laurence
Poissant, Octave
Popiel, Jan
Popiel, Poul
Population Notes
Population, 1685-1849
Population, 1850-1870
Population, 1877-1900
Population, 1908-1950
Population, 1960-1978
Porter, Hreny Alford
Potter, Dwight Edward
Powell, Mrs. Benjamin H.
Power & Hewetson Colony
Prentice, Bill
Preston, L.E.
Preston, Rich
Pridham, Frank R.
Pridham, Peter M.
Proctor, Alexander Phimister
Pulley, I.C.
Rachal, D.C.
Ramsey, Mrs. Frank T.
Randolph, Robert D.
Ranin, Mrs. Foster Lee
Rattan, Mrs. Paul
Redford, James
Reid, F.P.
Reimer, Isaac W.
Reimer, John W.
Research Possibilities
Research Possibilities
Riley, Peter Julian
Robbins, Mrs. Fred
Roberts, John Melville
Roberts, W.B.
Robinson, Thomas
Rodeo (See Day, A. P. "AD")
Rogers, Estell W.
Rolland, Del
Roque Family
Rose, Mrs. John Wesley
Royal Canadian Air Force
Ruskowski, Terry
Russell, Charles Arden
Russell, William Henry
Ruthven, Hugh Duncan
Rutledge, Wayne
Saint Denis, Louis De
Saint Jane De Chantal, Sister
Saint Thomas, Sister
Scharlack, Meyer
Schella, John
Scott, Henry J.
Scott, William R.
Seelye, Emma
Semite, Nicholas
Sexton, Manley
Shand, William S.
Shearer, Mrs. Thomas W.
Sherritt, Jim
Shivers, Canada Wilson
Simons Jr., Thomas
Simons, George F.
Simons, Joseph T.
Simons, Maurice Kavanaugh
Simons, Milam T.
Simons, Thomas
Sinclair, William Robert
Skeel, Mrs. D.C.
Skinner, Harry C.
Slade, Will
Smith, Francis
Smith, Howard Green
Smith, Mrs. James Lewis
Snyder, Elvin Valores
Soulerin, Alexander
Sowden, George Swiler
Spence, Robert
Spicer, Mrs. James
Spohn, Arthur Edward
Spohn, Henry
Sports - Baseball
Sports - Hockey
Stanfield, Jack
Stevens, Don
Stevens, Mike
Stewart, Logan
Stockgenger, Phillip
Stockinger, Phillip
Stone, William
Street, Spencer Boyd
Streit, Charles
Strickland, Miles
Sundwall, Norman A.
Sutherland, Hugh R.
Sutton, Alexander Lindsey
Sweet, Alexander
Sweet, Charlotte
Sweet, Hannah
Sweet, James R.
Swim, Duncan
Sylvester, James A.
Szura, Joe
Talon Family
Tamm, Alfred A.
Taylor, Ted
Tays, John B.
Tays, Joseph Wilein
Teggert, J. A.
Telmon, Adrean Pierre
Temple, Edna
Terwey, Gerrit
Tessier, Joseph
Texas House of Representatives (See Legislators)
Thompson, Ben
Thompson, James W.
Thompson, Stanley Earl
Thomson, F.L.
Thomson, George R.
Thorpe, Kenneth G.
Threepersons, Tom
Tivy, Joseph
Tobin, Patrick H.
Todd, Richard E.
Toews, Abraham W.
Toews, C.W.
Toews, D. D.
Toews, Peter W.
Tonelet, Jean Francisco
Tonelli, John
Tucker, Anna Labadie
Turcotte, George
Turnbull, A.M.
Underground Railroad
Vandenberghe, Florent
Vassberg Family
Velard, Louis
Vieno, Edwin
Villa De Trinidad De Salcedo
Viney, Ralph H.
Visueno, Jose
Voguebrer, Antonio
Walker, George E.
Walker, James
Walped, Jack Louis
Walthall, Mrs. T. L.
Ward, Thomas William
Ware, Henry
Warn, Richard C.
Warner, Thor
Wasson, Thomas
Watson, Alexander
Watts, J.H.
Webster, W. O.
Weeks, Margaret Watson
Welsh, Gaines.
Westbrook, Hardy
Whelan, John J.
White, J. F.
Wiege, Gerhard G.
Wight, Levi Harmon
Wilding, Mrs. Ferdinand
Wilkinson, Robert Parkinson
Willcox, Mrs. George E.
Willet, John
Willett, Boyd
Williams, Mrs. Olive F.C.
Williams, W.D.
Williamson, Gary
Wilso, Harold
Wilso, Mrs. James C.
Wilson, J.B.
Wilson, Justin
Winch, Jim H.
Wohlford, Sam
Wolf, Esther
Wood, Ella Randal
World War I
World War II
Wright, Howard Foster
Wyman, G.
Yocante, Cristoval
Young, D.J.
Young, John B.
Young, William
Yucante, Chrysostom
Ziegler, William
[Ethnicities, continued]
[Ethnicities, continued]
Associations - Asia Culture Society (See Newsletters - Asia Culture Society)
Associations - Asian American Voters Coalition
Associations - Chinese Community Council
Associations - Chinese-American Citizens Alliance
Associations - English Family Benevolent Association
Associations - Family Associations of the Chinese
Associations - Hip Sing
Associations - Kuo Min Tang
Associations - On Leong Merchant's Association
Bailey, Lily
Chen, Edward C. M.
Chen, Mo -Shing
Chin, Mow Wah
Chinese - Contacts & Bibliography
Chinese School - San Antonio
Chinese Texans, The
Chu, Paul
Chu, Ting & Shirley
Churches - Chinese Baptist - Houston
Churches - Chinese Baptist - San Antonio
Churches - Grace Chapel - Houston
Cities & Towns
Cities & Towns - Austin
Cities & Towns - Calvert
Cities & Towns - Corpus Christi
Cities & Towns - Dallas
Cities & Towns - Denison
Cities & Towns - D'Hanis
Cities & Towns - El Paso
Cities & Towns - Fort Worth
Cities & Towns - Granbury
Cities & Towns - Houston
Cities & Towns - Luling
Cities & Towns - Marfa
Cities & Towns - Odessa
Cities & Towns - San Angelo
Cities & Towns - San Antonio
Cities & Towns - Sanderson
Cities & Towns - Thurber
Cities & Towns - Toyah
Cities & Towns - Tyler
Cities & Towns - Uvalde
Colleges & Universities - West Texas State University
Counties - Robertson County
Counties - Ward County
Cultural Background
Current Articles - Chinese
Dancers - Greek
Dawn, Frederic S.
Emigration & Immigration
Eng Sr., Sam
Eng, Mrs. Joseph
Etheridge - Tucson
Eubank, Bransford
Fan, Joyce
Festivals - Chinese
Folk Medicine
Garbern, Dan
Gee, Albert
Gee, Steve
Hanna, James
Hobbs, MRS. Charles C.
Hsiao, Hsia Tsai
Huey Family
Ko, William
Ku, P.M.
Kung, Louie C.
Labor Problems
Language & Languages
Lee, Gne
Lee, Tom J.
Libraries - Asian American
Mardock Family
Marriage Customs & Rites
Martial Arts
Medicine (See Folk Medicine)
Moebus, Arthur
Mok, Ed.
Newsletters - Asia Culture Society
Newspapers - Chinese-American Journal
Newspapers - San Antonio Light
Newspapers - Southwest Chinese Journal
Ng, Sing
Pan, Binham Ying Kuei
Pei, I. M.
Peoples Republic of China
Pershing - Chinese Expedition
Ping, Willie
Public Schools
Punitive Expedition
Race Awareness
Railroad - Houston & Texas Central Railroad
Railroads - Memphis, El Paso & Pacific Railroad Company
Railroads - Southern Pacific Railroad
Railroads - Texas & Pacific Railroad
Rhoads, Edward J. M. - Chinese In Texas, The
Sing, W. O.
Slide Show
Social Life & Customs
Teng, Hsi Ching
TEXPERA (See Newsletters - TEXPERA)
Text Panel
Tong, Chi Kung
Walsh, Richard
Who Are The Chinese Texans?
Wong, Cephas
Wong, Chuck
Wong, Howard
Wong, Kim
Wong, Rose
Wong, Virginia
Woo, Bill
Woo, Sam
Wu, Theodore Family
Wun, Wooit
Yang, S. P.
Yepp, Johnny
Yuan, Shao Wen
[Ethnicities, continued]
Current Articles - Cuban
[Ethnicities, continued]
Agriculture - Modern Conditions of Agriculture (Labor In Bohemia)
Agriculture (See also Dance Halls)
Arts & Crafts
Associations - American Czech Culture Society
Associations - C.S.P.S.
Associations - Catholic Czech Club
Associations - Czech Catholic Union of Texas (Kit)
Associations - Czech Club at U.T. Austin
Associations - Czech Ex -Students Association of Texas
Associations - Czech Heritage
Associations - Czech Heritage Foundation
Associations - Farmers Mutual Protective Association
Associations - Fraternal Orders - General
Associations - Hlahol Dramatic Club
Associations - K.J.T. (Catholic Union of Texas)
Associations - Reading Clubs
Associations - S.P.J.S.T.
Associations - Saint Isidor Society
Associations - San Antonio Czech Foundation
Associations - Sokol
Associations - Texans of Czech Ancestry
Associations - Texans of Czech Heritage
Baca, Ray
Balcar, James & Agnes (See Vacek, Joseph & Magdalena)
Beran, Josef Cardinal
Bergmann, Ernst
Blazik, Henry
Bohemia Colony Lands
Breska, Francis
Chernosky, Charles H.
Chupick Family
Churches - Catholic
Churches - Catholic - Ascension of Our Lord
Churches - Catholic - Holy Trinity, Corn Hill
Churches - Catholic - Queen of the Holy Rosary, Houston
Churches - Catholic - Saint John the Baptist - Ammansville
Churches - Catholic - Saint Mary's Praha (See Cities & Towns - Praha)
Churches - Painted
Churches - Prostestant
Churches - Unity of the Bretheren (HUS Memorial School)
Churches - Wesley Brethren Church
Cities & Towns
Cities & Towns - Amansville (See Vacek, Joseph & Magdalena)
Cities & Towns - Amarillo
Cities & Towns - Ballinger
Cities & Towns - Buckholts
Cities & Towns - Corn Hill
Cities & Towns - Corpus Christi
Cities & Towns - Dallas
Cities & Towns - Dime Box
Cities & Towns - Dubina
Cities & Towns - Ennis
Cities & Towns - Granger
Cities & Towns - Hobson
Cities & Towns - Hostyn (See Associations - Czech Catholic Union of Texas)
Cities & Towns - Marak (Maraksville, Marek, Maraksvill)
Cities & Towns - Moravia
Cities & Towns - Praha
Cities & Towns - Red Ranger
Cities & Towns - Schulenburg
Cities & Towns - Shiner
Cities & Towns - Snook (See Social Life & Customs)
Cities & Towns - Temple
Cities & Towns - Thurber
Cities & Towns - Waco
Cities & Towns - West
Civil War
Colleges & Universities - University of Texas at Austin
Counties - Bastrop County
Counties - Bell County
Counties - Ellis County
Counties - Fayette County
Counties - Fort Bend County
Counties - Galveston County
Counties - Harris County
Counties - Lavaca County
Counties - Lee County
Counties - Nueces County
Counties - Runnels County
Counties - Washington County
Counties - Williamson County
Cultural Background
Current Articles - Czech
Czech Legionnaires
Czechoslovakia - Description & Travel
Czechs In Texas (See Pamphlet; Symposiums)
Dancers & Dances
Dignowity, Anthony Francis
Dignowity, Anthony M. & Amanda (Mrs. A. M.)
Dignowity, Karl Anton
Drozo, Anthony
Dusek Family
Emigration & Immigration
Emigration & Immigration
Emigration & Immigration - Ship List - Maria -1852
Emigration & Immigration - Ship List "Maria"
Emigration & Immigration - The First Nepomuky & Certain Cermma Emigrants In Texas By F. Silar
Festivals - American Czech Day - Dallas (State Fair)
Festivals - Aqua Fest - Austin, Texas.
Festivals - Ballinger
Festivals - Czech Fest - New Braunsfels, Texas.
Festivals - Czhilispiel
Festivals - Ennis Polka Festival
Festivals - West Fest
Folk Medicine
Folklore (See Social Life & Customs)
Gallia Family
Genealogy (See Symposiums, Czechs In Texas)
Haidusek, Augustin (1845-1929)
Hajer Family
Hajovsky Family
Hanak, Samuel & Son, Edward
Historic Buildings (See Dance Halls)
Hluchanek Family
Hofner, Adolph
Holick, Joseph
Holidays - Christmas
Holidays - Easter
Hollub Family
Jaggy, Blas
Jakobson, Svatava Pirkova
Klafter, Joseph C.
Klatter, Joseph C.
Kollaer, John
Konvicra Family
Kopecky, Josephine Malinak
Koppel, Moritz
Kostoryz, S. I.
Kovar, Marie
Kovicka Family
Kraica, Tomas
Krejci, Joseph C.
Krenek Family
Kubala, Henry
Kubecerr, Mr. & Mrs. Frank
Kubena, J.R. (See Associations - S.P.J.S.T.)
Kubiak, Dan
Kucera, Henry P.
Language & Languages
Lemsky, Frederick
Lesikar Family
Lesikar, Josee Lindumil
Lidiak Family
Malec, Walter
Malina, Frank J.
Maresh, Henry R.
Maresh, Rudolph B.
Marriage Customs & Rites
Matejowsky, Wenzel
Matocha, Boles
Matula, Frank
Menzel, Bohumil
Mikeska, H.J.
Milulencak, Mrs. Anna
Morkovsky, Alois
Music - Baca's Band
Music - Concert Choral Society
Music - Gulf Coast Czech Singers & Victoria Czech Singing Group
Naplava, Dominik
Nemicek Family
Newspapers - Nasinec
Newspapers - Organ Ceskoslovenskych Spolku V Americe
Newspapers - Svoboda
Newspapers - Vesnik
Novak, Matej
Painted Churches
Passenger List (See Ships - Passenger List)
Pech, John
Personal Recollections
Personal Recollections
Peter Family (Petr) Joseph Sr. - Joseph Jr. - Leo
Petr family, Joseph
Pliska, John
Poboril Family
Polansky, Alois - Inventor
Postl, Karl A. (See Sealsfield, Charles )
Pytlovany, Simon
Research Possibilities
Reymershoffer Family
Reznicek Family
Rosenberg, Israel (See Rosenberg, Israel)
Schanzer, Luke
Schools (See Education)
Sealsfield, Charles (Postl, Karl)
Sebesta Family
Sharp, John
Shiller Family
Shiller, J. J.
Ships - Passenger Lists
Skrivanek, John M.
Social Life & Customs
Stiborik, Joseph A.
Stockbaure Family
Symposiums - Czechs In Texas
Syzdeck, Albert
Taborsky, Ivan
Texas Pacific Oil Company (See Cities & Towns - Thurber )
Text Panels (See Exhibits - Text Panels)
Tkac, Vladik J.
Urbanovsky, Elo J.
Vacek, Joseph & Magdalena
Valenta, Marcos
Vestnk (See Newspapers - Vestnik, The Newspaper Tub For Vestnik Newspapers, Symposiums
Wagner, Patrick J.
World War I
[Ethnicities, continued]
Aarhus Voyage (Die Elbe)
Agriculture - History (See also Pederson, Erick)
Ambassador, Danish (See Borsch, Otto R.)
American Dane, The (See Periodicals - The American Dane)
Andersen, V. M.
Anderson, Christian
Anderson, V. M.
Archives - Danes Worldwide
Artists (See Borglum, Glutzon)
Assimilation - A Comparative Study
Associations - Danish
Associations - Danish American Heritage Society
Associations - Danish Brotherhood In America
Associations - Danish Contacts
Associations - Den Danske Kvindeforening
Associations - Gulf Coast Scandinavian Club
Associations - Lists (See Scandinavian Presence In North America pp. 89 -114)
Associations - San Antonio Scandinavians
Bader, Frederick D.
Bader, Frederick O.
Bennedsen, Carolyn
Bennetsen Family
Bentsen Jr., Lloyd M.
Bentsen Sr., Lloyd
Bentsen, Peter
Bentson, Lloyd M. - Oral History
Berndt, Andrew E.
Bohlender, J. H. Jr.
Borch, Otto R. (Danish Ambassador)
Borglum, Gutzon & Lincoln
Brohn, Daniel
Bruhn, Daniel
Business & Businessmen - Galveston, Rasmussen & Christensen
Census - 1850
Census - 1870
Census (See Census - Counties - Gillespie)
Christensen, John B.
Christiansen, John B.
Church & Life
Churches - Lutheran - Saint Ansgar - Danevang
Cities & Towns - Amsterdam
Cities & Towns - Danevang
Cities & Towns - Danevang - "A History Of Wharton County"
Cities & Towns - Danevang - "Danes In Wharton County"
Cities & Towns - Danevang - "Danish Dinner"
Cities & Towns - Danevang - Christian, Thomas P.
Cities & Towns - Danevang - Co-Op
Cities & Towns - Danevang - Historical marker
Cities & Towns - Danevang - Miscellaneous
Cities & Towns - Danevang - Mrs. Earl Peterson In the El Campo Citizen
Cities & Towns - Danevang - Schools of
Cities & Towns - Danevang (Bicentennial)
Cities & Towns - Danevang (See Oral History - Saustiup)
Cities & Towns - Danevang Community Anniversary (1894 -1944)
Cities & Towns - Galveston (See Business & Businessmen - Galveston - Rasmussen & Christensen
Cities & Towns - Hebbronville (See Kohler, Viggo)
Cities & Towns - Hutto
Cities & Towns - Kristenstad
Cities & Towns - Lamar (See Johnson, Peter & Family)
Cities & Towns - Laredo
Cities & Towns - Liverpool
Clausen, Rassmi (See Associations - Danish Brotherhood In America)
Cole, Dagmar (See Kohler, Viggo )
Contacts - Repeated or No Reply
Counties - Gillespie County
Counties - Lamb County
Counties - Lee County
Counties - Liberty County
Counties - Refugio County
Counties - Williamson County
Cultural Background
Current Articles - Danish
Danske, J. Amerika
Daugjerg, Bernhard
Den Danske Pioneer
Denmark Life
Denmark, Jesse H.
Divided Heart, The - by Dorothy B. Skardal
Dorbrandt Family
Emigration & Immigration
Eng, Mrs. Joseph
Flight to America by K. Kvidt
Friis, Erik J.
Gamel, H.P.N. (See Bohlender, J. H. JR. )
Grantham, Grace Cone
Guldmann, Hans
Hansen Family
Hansen, Harold A.
Hansen, Mrs. Julius
Harton, Peter
Henrichson, John Edward & Family
Hillebrandt, Christian
Hoisager Family
Holidays - Christmas
Hvidt, Kristian
Ingwersen, C.T.
Jacobsen, Christian M.
Jensen Family
Jensen, H.P.
Jenson, Paul
Johnson, Jacob C. (Originally Jensen)
Johnson, Peter & Family
Johnson, Theodore
Jorgensen, Jens N.
Juhl, Mrs. Elizabeth
Kirke Og Folke
Kohler, Otto
Kristoffersen, J. K.
Ladies Aid (See Associations - Den Danske Kvindeforening)
Lamar & ST. Joseph's Island Settlers
Larson, James
Leffland, Jules
Lovenskiold Family
Lovenskiold, Col.
Mathisen Family
Migration Into West Texas - 1845-1948
Missions - Alamo
Museums - Danish Windmill - Elk Horn, Iowa
Names - Family Surnames
Newsletters - Danish Contact
Newspapers - Den Danske Pioneer
Otte Family
Pedersen, Erik H,
Peetz, John J.
People Article (Dane Vang History)
Periodicals - American Dane, The
Periodicals - Kirke og Folke
Petersen, P. J. A.
Petersen, Peter Jepsen Agerskov
Petersen, Verner A (Restricted Use)
Petersen, Verner A.
Peterson, J. B.
Politikens Forlag
Rasumssen, A.J. & Sons
Royal Danish Embassy
Rural Texas - Bizzell
Saustrup, Anders
Scandinavian Presence In North America
Slide Show - Danish
Sorenson, H. W.
Sorenson, John
Striggler Family
Swendsen, Fred
Teacher's Packet
Text - Danish Texans, The - Final Draft
Text - Danish Texans, The - Holding Copy
Thailson, A.
Town & Community Name Origins
Translations - Project Correspondence
Travel Accounts
Travel Books
Trube Family
Westerfeldt, Myrtle
Zanco, (Lanco) Charles
Zanderson, I. H.
[Ethnicities, continued]
Adams, Harden B.
Aten, Ira
Ballast, Dirk
Bastrop, Baron De (Neri)
Bollaert, William
Brands, John
Bruinsma, Carlos
Bues Family
Bulhof, Francis & Ilse
Census - 1850
Churches - Christian Reformed Church
Cities & Towns
Cities & Towns - Gothland Colony
Cities & Towns - Hamshire
Cities & Towns - Harlingen
Cities & Towns - Kingsville
Cities & Towns - Nederland
Cities & Towns - Port Arthur
Cities & Towns - Riviera
Cities & Towns - Winnie
Colleges & Universities - University of Pennsylvania
Colonies (See Cities & Towns)
Costumes or Dress
Counties - Brazoria County
Counties - Jefferson County
Counties - Scurry County
Cox, Samuel H.
Cultural Background
Current Articles - Dutch
De Goeijen, Jan
De Vries, William
Denike, Edward
Doornbos, Jake
Drossaerts, A. J.
Emigration & Immigration
Groesbeeck, John D.
Grothues Family
Hallebeke, August (See Ostmark, H.)
Heine, Aalbert
Holland House (See Zandwyk, Dick)
Kaper, CAPT. John
Koch, Thodore F.
Koelemay Family
Kokernot Family
Lott, Uriah
Naakgeboren Family
Newsletters - Neatherlands - Texas Cultural
Onderdonk, Family
Osterven, Adolfo
Ostmark, H.
Pamphlet - Dutch Texans
Pittard, Robert S.
Port Arthur Land Company (See Koch, Theodore)
Public Schools
Rienstra, George & Dan
Sabine -Neches Waterway
Sanders, Donna (See Colleges & Universities - University of Pennsylvania)
Schools (See Public Schools)
Snyder, W. H.
Social Life & Customs
Stilwell, Arthur E. (See Cities & Towns - Port Arthur, Counties - Jefferson)
Terwey, Gerrit
Text - Dutch Texans
Treaty of 1840 Between Texas & Holland
Van Beek Family
Van Bibber, Dion
Van Court, Alexander
Van De Walle, Henry L.
Van Der Hoeven, Thomas T.
Van Derlip, David C.
Van Dijk, William L.
Van Dyke L. D.
Van Dyke, James E.
Van Hamme, Napoleon A.
Van Heiningen, Jacob C.
Van Hemert, Gysbert
Van Hoogenhuyze, William
Van Horn, James
Van Liew, Jerome R.
Van Pelt, T. M..
Van Tyen, Jan
Van Wert, Nathaniel
Van Zandt, Isaac
Van Zandt, Khleber M.
Van, Katwijk, Paul
Vanderweide, Sam G.
Witte, Alfred George
Wolf, C.
Wolters, Jacob
Young, Nic De
Zanco, Charles
Zandwyk, Dick
Zinder, Herman
[Ethnicities, continued]
Churches - Egyptian Coptic Orthodox Church - Houston (See Egyptian File)
Churches - Saint Anthony thereat Coptic Orthodox Church of San Antonio (See Egyptian File)
[Ethnicities, continued]
Abbotts, Launcelot
Aberdeen, Lord
Abrahames, Florence
Adair, John George
Adams Brothers
Adams, Charles
Adams, John
Aldous, Herbert
American Pastoral Company
Anderson, Thomas James
Anglo-Texan Convention of 1840
Anson Brothers
Anson, Hugo
Anson, William
Argo, John S.
Artists (See Wood, Robert)
Associations - Anglo -Texan Society
Associations - Cricket Clubs
Atkins, Joseph
Ayres, Gwendolen Jane
Ballantyne Family
Barr, Amelia E.
Batsell, J. M.
Beales, John Charles
Beals, David T.
Belcher, Edward
Belcher, James (Family)
Bell, A. C.
Bennet Family
Bentinck, Henry William
Bollaert, William
Bone, Q.
Border, John Pelham
Bourne, Rodger
Bowen, John (See Bowen, John "Peacock")
Bowles, Herb
Brice, H. R. (See Ballantyne Family)
Brinkley, John R.
Briscoe, John
British Broadcasting Company (See Libraries - Radio Times Hulton Picture Library)
Broomhead, Alfred (See Mckenzie, Murdo)
Brown, Basil Evans
Brown, M. K. (See Francklyn Land & Cattle Company)
Bryant, Leban
Buckler, Cecil Payne
Burks, Joseph H.
Businesses - Jones & Company
Busk, W. G.
Campbell, Gloria
Cannon, Charlie
Capitol Syndicate Co.
Carleton Family
Carlton, Charles
Carlton, William
Carroll Family (See Byrne, James W.)
Carrow, Dick
Carter, Frank (See Cities & Towns - LaGrange "The Carter Home")
Carter, Thomas
Caton, James Henry
Cator, James Hamilton
Cattle Brands
Cauthorn, Julia
Census (See Population)
Chalk, Major Whitfield
Chetwynd, Geodfrey J. B. - 8th Vicount Chetwynd
Churches - Catholic
Cities & Towns
Cities & Towns - Cheapside
Cities & Towns - Dewitt's Colony
Cities & Towns - Estacado (See Cox, Isaac Paris)
Cities & Towns - Hallettsville (See Hallett, John & Margaret)
Cities & Towns - Houston
Cities & Towns - Humble
Cities & Towns - Kent
Cities & Towns - Peters Colony
Cities & Towns - Plainview
Cities & Towns - San Antonio
Cities & Towns - Stewards mill
Cities & Towns - Stratford
Clarkson, Herbert S.
Clopton, Albert E.
Coal Mines & Mining
Colleges & Universities - Southwestern University
Collinson, Frank
Compers, Samuel
Consulate - Houston
Cook, Major N. H.
Cookson, Theodore F.
Corcoran, Paul P.
Cordwent, Richard
Cotton - Marketing
Counties - Archer County (See Carrow, Dick)
Counties - Armstrong County
Counties - Collingsworth County
Counties - Denton County
Counties - Fayette County (See Speed Family)
Counties - Kerr County
Counties - Runnels County
Counties - Wharton County
Cox, Isaac Paris
Cox, William D.
Creswell, Gerard
Creswell, Hank
Crisp, Downing H.
Culbert, John
Cultural Background
Cumins, Elizabeth Kelly
Cund, George W.
Cunninghame - Graham, Robert B.
Current Articles - English
Dabney, Benjamin, M. D.
Darwin, James L.
Davenport, Tony
Dawson, Watson, Dawson
Dealey Family
Dealey, George Bannerman
Dealey, James Quayle
Desprez, Frank
Dickinson, Edward
Dickinson, John L.
Doran, Group & Mrs. Frank
Durham, George John
Edgar, John
Edward VII, Duke of Windsor
Elliot, Charles
Elliot, John
Emigration & Immigration
England, Edwin F.
English (See Smith, Edward)
English History
English Impressions of Texas
Espuela Land & Cattle Co.
Estrange, Dr.
Exter, Richard
Falconer, Thomas
Fanthorp, Henry
Farmer, Edward Disney
Faver, Milton
Featherstonhaugh, G. W.
Festivals - Boar's Head
Finch, Heneage, Earl of Aylesford
Fisher, Charles & Elizabeth
Fisher, Thomas D.
Fox, Roy
Francklyn Land & Cattle TO.
Franklin, Thomas
Fremantle, Arthur James Lyon
Fulshear (Fulsher) JR., Churchill
Galbraith, Richard
Garvey, Edward Alexander
Gething Family
Giles, Alfred
Gompers, Samuels
Goodrich, Benjamin B.
Gordon Collection
Goulden, Joe
Green, Herbert S.
Grigg, Arthur
Gritten, Edward
Grooms, B.B.
Hall Family
Hallett, John & Margaret
Hammeken, George Louis
Hanson, Cornelius James
Hawes, Alan
Hawkins, John
Hill, Jeffrey Barksdale
Hilton Sianese Twins
Hittson, John J.
Holdsworth Family
Holidays - Christmas
Holidays - Halloween
Holmes, Henry Marcus
Hopkins, Mark
Hornby, Harry P.
Horsebraugh, Fred
Horses (See Anson Brothers)
House, Edward M.
House, Thomas William
Houston, Matilda Charlotte
Huggins, John (See Fulshear Jr. , Chuchill)
Hunnam, Fenwick C.
Huselby, Mark
Hutchings, Henry
Ikin Family
Ingram, David
JA Ranch
James, John
John Edgar
Jones & Company
Jones Family
Jose, W.P.
Kay Samuel Simon
Kelly, George
Kennedy, William B.
Lacey, Howard
Land, Arthur
Langben, F.A.
Lange, Jean
Langston, William Douglas
Langtry, Lilly
Legation Building, London
Lill, J.
Longbotham, Robert B.
Lord George
Lord, William
Lynch, William S.
Maillard, Nicholas Doran P.
Maitland, P.L.
Majorbanks, Archie
Marryat, Frederick
Marsh, Bob
Marsh, William J.
Martin, James L.
Maud, Walter S.
Mayflower Compact
McDonald, Donald
Melton, George
Melton, Seaborn J.
Mercer Family
Mercer, Charles Fenton
Merrill, George W.
Minns, Richard
Monk House, George W.
Mooar, Lydia LouisE
Moody, Robert
Morrow, James
Mudge, Arthur L.
Munn, Andrew
Murray, Amella Matilda
Nangle, William B.
Neale, William
Newcomb, James Pearson
Newspapers - Illustrated London News
Nicholson, James
Nix, Levi
Noake, Frederick
Odlum, Benjamin Digby
O'Malley, Claire
Omohundro, John Burwell "Texas Jack"
One America
Owens, Henry M.
Page, Ernest Thomas
Palmer, Ernest Jesse
Parker, Adolphus
Patching, Fred
Penwell, John
Percy, Frederick Augustus
Perry, Jim
Perry, Stuart
Petty, William Pitt
Pidcocke, Reginald Goodman
Pidcoke, H. B.
Pilgrim, Thomas J.
Plummer, Family
Powell, William (See McKenzie, Muro)
Proger Family
Pronger, Alfred & Percy
Queen Elizabeth II
Ranch Life
Ranches - Bar O (See Patching, Fred)
Ranches - Crossbar (See Cordbent, Richard)
Ranches - JA
Ranches - JY
Ranches - Rocking Chair
Ranches - XIT
Ranches & Ranching
Rattan, Volney C.
Redman, Henry
Rees, William
Richardson, David
Risien, E. E.
Rodway Sr., Fred
Rorrow, James
Rowden, George
Rowe Family
Royal Family
Royal Flying Corps
Rudd, W. L.
Sackett, Henry (See Kennedy, William B.)
Santa Fe Expedition
Sewell, J. C.
Sexton, Franklin Barlow
Shearn, Charles
Sheen, John D.
Sheep & Goats
Shelley, Percy Bysshe
Sheridan, Francis C.
Sherwood, Frank R.
Sims Family
Singer Family
Smith, Ashbel
Smith, Edward - "Account of a Journey Through Northeast Texas"
Smith, Francis (See Investments)
Snow, D. W.
Social Life & Customs
Sonera, Benjamin D.
Speed Family
Spell, R. P.
Sports - Rugby
Sports - Tournaments
Stanley, J. H. S.
Steed, Thomas H.
Sterne, Thomas
Tasker, Charles
Taylor, Charles Stanfield
Taylor, O.M.
Texan Mounted Militia
Text Panels - Institute of Texan Cultures (See Exhibit - Texas Text Panels)
Thomas Seymour
Thomas, Benjamin (See Thomas, E.W. )
Thompson, James E.
Thompson, Wells
Tillotson, G. J.
Tucker, F. A.
Tunstall, John
Turner, Harley
Tweedmouth, Dudley Coutts
Vaughn, J. L.
Wade, Frederick Soverign "Big Foot"
Waldeck, Price
Warn, Richard C.
Warriner, David
Watson, George Aaron & Thomas
Watson, William
Watts, G. Graham
Wavell, Archibald
Weddington, Rufus
Whaley, M. H.
Whitaker, Jonas
White, John Claude
White, Nancy
Whitehorn, John
Wilderspin, Andy
Williams, B. M..
Williams, Mr. (San Augustine)
Williams, Robert
Wilson & Sons - Thomas
Wilson, Henry William
Wilson, James Charles
Wilson, Robert
Wilson, Stephen Julian
Wilson, Willaim H.
Winbray, John A.
Witherspin, Andy
Wolmack & Faddis
Wood, Robert
Woodman, W. H.
Yoakum, Finis E.
Youens, Jesse
Young, M. J. B.
Young, William Hugh
[Ethnicities, continued]
Current Articles - Finnish
Finnish - American Historical Society
Ward, T. A.
[Ethnicities, continued]
Acadian (See also Cajun)
Actors & Actresses
Adoue, Bertrad
Adoue, Jacques
Adoue, Jean Baptiste
Alley Family
Alsace - History
Armstrong, Anne
Arnaud, Eli
Associations - Castro Colonies Heritage Society
Associations - France in the Heart of Texas
Associations - French Mutual Benevolent Society
Audubon, John James
Aury, Louis De
Barbier, Sieur De
Beauregard Family
Beranger, Sieur
Bergeron, Paul
Berlandier, Jean Louis
Berlandier, John Louis
Beze, F. Victor
Biaggne, Frank L.
Bicentennial Gift
Bienville, Jean Baptiste
Blancpain, Joseph
Bonaparte, Jerome Napoleon Jr.
Boubel, Nicholas
Bouchu, Francis,
Boundaries - Texas - Louisiana
Bowers, John
Braunnagle, Julius
Bremond, Paul
Buffard, Theodore A.
Buquor, Paschal Leo
Bureau, Allyre
Businesses - Franco -Texan Land Company
Cabett, Etienne (See Collective Settlements; Cities & Towns - Icarian Colony)
Caddo Indians
Cadillac, La Mothe
Cajuns (See Intern Files Cajun Music, Cajun)
Cantagrel, Francois Jean
Carlin, Ernest
Carre, Ferdinad
Casanova, Jacques-Donat (See History)
Castro, Henry & Lorenzo
Chaison Family
Chambodut, Very Louis Marie (1821 -1880)
Chapolard, Emilio
Chazelle, Matthew
Chennault, Claire Lee
Churches - Catholic
Churches - Catholic - Saint Mary's Church - San Antonio (See Colleges & Universities - Saint Mary's C
Churches - Catholic - Ursuline Academy & Convent - Galveston
Churches - Catholic - Ursuline Academy & Convent - San Antonio
Cities & Towns
Cities & Towns - Castroville (See Dubuis, Claude -Marie)
Cities & Towns - Champ D'asile
Cities & Towns - D'Hanis
Cities & Towns - Flour Bluff
Cities & Towns - Galveston
Cities & Towns - Icarian Colony
Cities & Towns - La Reunion
Cities & Towns - Natchitoches, Louisiana
Cities & Towns - Nederland
Cities & Towns - Quihi
Cities & Towns - San Antonio
Cities & Towns - Sanderson
Cities & Towns - Wolf Ridge
Claudon, Edward P.
Collective Settlements (See Cities & Towns - La Reunion, Icarian Colony)
Colleges & Universities - La Tjurneau Techinal University
Colleges & Universities - Saint Mary's University
Colonge, Joseph
Considerant, Victor Prosper
Convents & Nunneries
Convents & Nunneries - Divine Providence, Sisters of
Convents & Nunneries - Incarnate Word, Order of
Convents & Nunneries - Ursuline Academies (See Churches - Catholic - Ursuline Academy)
Counties - Bosque County
Counties - Hale County
Counties - Medina County
Courand, Joseph
Cramayel, Jules E.
Crawford, Joan
Creole Food (See Food)
Croix, Theodoro De
Cultural Background
Current Articles - French
Dabney, Robert Louis
Daguerre, Alexandre (Alejandro)
De Bellisle, Francois Simars
De Bray, Xavier Blanchard
De Chaumes, Michael
De Gissac, F.
De La Baume, Josrph
De Masse, N.
De Mazenod, Eugene
De Menil Family
De Mezieres, Athanese
De Saligny Alphonse Dubois (See Dubois De Saligny, Jean Pierre Isidore Alphonse)
Derbenne, Francois D.D.
Desmaziers, Francis Louis
Domenech, Emanuel Henri Dieudonne
Downes, Arthur
Du Bose, Thomas Fred
Du Rivage, M.
Dubois de Saligny, Jean Pierre Isidore Alphonse (Also Known as de Saligny, Alphonse or Saligny, A
Dubuis, Claude-Marie
Dufal, Right Reverand Peter
Dush, George John
Ehlinger, Joseph
Elzear, French Count San Elizario, Texas
Expeditions - Mallet
Farnese,Charles De
Fest, Simon, Sr.
Festivals - Bastille Day
Festivals - Cajun (See Cajuns)
Festivals - Louisiana Cotton Festival
Festivals - Quiche Festival
Festivals - Saint Louis Day - Castroville, Texas.
Fleury, Elj (1845 -1929)
Flory Nicolas
Forest, John Anthony
Fort ST. Louis
Foulois, Benjamin Delahauf
Franco - Texienne Bill
French Legation
French Revolution (See Revolution)
Fretelliere, August & Louise
Gaggy, Blas
Gaillardet, Frederic
Gallia Family
Gano, R. M.
Gautier, A.P.
Gentilz, Theodore
Giraud, Francois
Graff, Louis
Grappe Family
Grenet, Augustine Honore & Edward
Grollet, Jacques
Guerguin, Charles
Guilbeau, Francois
Guillot, Maxine
Gunter, Jot
Gutzeit, Frank A.
Haby, Leopold
Haby, Raymond A.
Haller, Louis
Harden-Hickey, James A.
Havard, Valery
Heisch, Roger
Hirsch, Maurice
Holidays - Bastille Day
Holidays - ST. Louis Day
Horn, Anton
Hug, E.
Hughes, Reece
Hutzler, Joseph
Icarians (See Collective Settlements; Cities & Towns Icaria)
Indians (See Caddo Indians; Kickapod's)
Jagov Celesstin
Janvier, Henry
Jaques, William B. & Family
Jewelers (See Klatter, Joseph C.)
Jouffray, Alexander
Joutel, Henri
Jud, Peter
Keller, Andreas Family
Kieffer, August H.
La Branche, Alcee Louis
La Harpe, Benard De
La Reunior (See Cities & Towns - La Reunion)
La Salle, Rene Robert
Labadie, Nicholas Descomps
Lachappelle, George
Lacoste Sr., Lucian Jean Baptiste
Lafayette, Marquruis De
Laffite, Jean & Pierre
Lallemand, Charles Francois Antoine
Lallier, Leon
Lamaree, Charles C.
L'archieveque, Jean
Larmour, William Winant
Lavender, Eugenie Etiennette
Lavery, "Klondike Jim"
Le Comte, Leon
Leasassier, Luke
Leclerc, Frederic
Leger, Theodore
Leroux, Constant Nicolas
Ligarde, Honore
Long, Benjamin (See Long, Benjamin)
Louis XIV
Loupy, Arnaud Victor
Luby, James O.
Lumaree, Charles C.
Mandry, George
Marecheau, Eugene & Charles
Mareschal, Jean Alexis
Marianists (See Churches - Catholic)
Marriage Customs & Rites
Martin, Raymond
Maureaux, Paul
Maxey, Samuel Bell
McCormick, "Frenchy"
Melles, Gaston
Menard Family
Meny, Joseph
Michel, John A.
Military Posts - Fort St. Louis (See LaSalle, Rene Robert Sieur de)
Monier, John Claude
Moreau, John
Moreau, Julius
Moyne, Jean Baptiste Le
Munson Family
Neraz, John Claudius
Neuville, Stephen Germain
Newspapers - Beau Monde
Odet, Pierre
Odin, John M.
Oge, Louis
Ourand, John D.
Page du Pratz, M. De
Pages, Pierre Marie Francois de
Parisot, P. F.
Pastry War
Pellegrini, Snider De
Periodicals - Kirke Og Folke
Periodicals - Louisiana Historical Quarterly
Phillippe, F. Eugene
Pilant, Elias T.
Pillot, Claude & Family
Plantations - Monte Verdi
Pobril Family
Poinsard, Jules (1814-1885)
Polignac, Camille
Radaz, Henry & Francis
Raguet, Conde
Rambie Family
Reiteer, August
Reneau, Meredith
Reverchon, Julien
Revolutions - French
Ricord, John
Rieden, Frank
Robert, W. H.
Robin, August
Robinette Family
Roche, Charles De La
Rose, Moses
Ruth, Louis
Saint Denis, Louis J. De
Saint Louis De Caddodacho - 1719
Saligny, Alphonse De
Santerre, Francois
Sauvignet, Edmond
Savardan, Auguste
Schools (See Education; Churches - Catholic - Ursuline Academy, Church Convent; Colleges an
Schott, John Senior
Schreiner, Charles & Fritz
Slide Show
Social Life & Customs
Sternberg, Elise
Sturdivant, David A.
Tackitt, Pleasant
Tarrillion, Peter
Terhone, A. A.
Texas - Boundaries - Texas - LA
Toudouze - Eviction
Toudouze, Frank G.
Toudouze, Gustave & Descendants
Tovaris, Marie Kalf
Traders & Trading (See Businesses)
Trimble, William H.
Tronson, Joseph W.
Umbdenstock, William
Une Amerique Francaise (See History)
Ursuline Academy & Convent (See Churches - Catholic - Ursuline Academy & Convent)
Vasant, James M.
Vial, Pedro
Vidal, Alejandro
Villemain, Celestine
Vivion, M. M.
Waldenses (See Cities & Towns - Wolf Ridge)
Waldo, Horatio, Jr.
Warren, Reginald De
Wibaux, Pierre
Winn, Peter (See Thomas, E. W. )
Woll, Adrian
Zinsmeyer, Emil, Sr.
[Ethnicities, continued]
Adenauer, Konrad
Adolph of Nassau
Alexander, E.
Algelt, Ernst Hermann
Altgelt, Ernest Hermann
Althaus, Christian (See Blacksmithing)
Antiques (See Historic Buildings - Fredericksburg)
Archelger, William & Family
Architecture (See Historical Buildings)
Arnim, Bettina Von
Arts & Crafts
Associations - Adelsverein
Associations - American Historical Society of Germans From Russia
Associations - Casino Club - San Antonio, Texas
Associations - Cat Springs Agricultural Society
Associations - Fischerdale Agricultural Society
Associations - German American Club
Associations - German Texas Heritage Society
Associations - German Union
Associations - Germania Farmers Verein
Associations - Germania Society
Associations - Gillespie County Historical Society
Associations - Goethe Institute - Houston, Texas
Associations - Hermann Sons
Associations - Jubilee Committee (See Cities & Towns - Fredericksburg)
Associations - Ku Klux Klan (See Also Moody, Daniel James; Brenham)
Associations - Liederkranz - Hemisfair Park
Associations - Max Kade Institute for German -American Studies
Associations - National Carl Schurz Association
Associations - New Braunfels Conservation Society
Associations - Saengerrunde (See Music - Saengerrunde, Austin)
Associations - San Antonio Turnverein
Associations - Schutzenvereins Shooting Clubs
Associations - Society for German -American Studies (See Newsletters - Society for German -American)
Associations - Society for the Development of German In Texas
Associations - Sophienburg Memorial Association, New Braunfels
Associations - Texas German Society (See Associations - German Texas Heritage Society)
Associations - Turnvereins
Aue, Max
Bachman, Alex
Backofen, Heinrich
Baer (See Also Confectioners)
Baer, Daniel
Banks & Banking (See Groos Family)
Barbed Wire
Baumgarten, Chris
Beckman Christmas Toys
Beckman, Albert F.
Beckman, Edward A.
Beckmann, John Conrad
Behr, Ottomar Von
Behrens, Julius
Beitel, Albert
Beniker, Henry & A. W.
Berg, Peter
Bickler, George
Bickler, Jacob
Bickler, Max H.
Biesele, Rudolph Leopold
Blank, Jacob & Margaretha (See Cities & Towns - Fredericksburg - Historic Buildings - Dambach Hom
Blucher, Felix
Blum, Casper
Bluntzer, Peter
Boddeker, Joseph Louis
Boehler, Fritz
Boek, Carolina Anna
Bohme, O. P.
Bonehead Club of Dallas
Borne, Ludwig
Bowers, John Henry
Boysen, Boy Stephanus
Braches, Charles
Bracht, Victor Friederich
Braden, Edward
Braubach, Philip & Louise
Braunig, H. J.
Brehm, Carl
Breweries - Kreische - LaGrange, Texas
Breweries - Menger - San Antonio, Texas
Breweries - Peter Brothers - San Antonio, Texas
Breweries - Spoetzel - Shiner, Texas
Brey Family
Brodbeck, Jacob
Bruckisch, Wilhelm
Brun Family Papers
Buchel, August C.
Bunsen, Gustav
Burg, Henry
Burg, Sigmund S.
Burgdorf, August (See Historic Buildings - Fredericksburg)
Business & Businessmen
Canaan, Gershon
Casino Club (See Associations - Casino Club)
Chautauqua (See Cities & Towns - Waxahachie, Brenham, P.6)
Churches - Catholic
Churches - Catholic - Fredericksburg
Churches - Catholic - Saint Anthony's - Violet
Churches - Catholic - Saint Boniface Church - Olfen
Churches - Catholic - Saint Joseph's Church - Galveston
Churches - Catholic - Saint Josrph's - San Antonio
Churches - Lutheran - Bethany Church - Fredericksburg
Churches - Lutheran - Bethlehem Church - Houston
Churches - Lutheran - Saint John's church - Meyersville
Churches - Lutheran - Saint John's Church - Rutersville
Churches - Lutheran - Saint John's Church - San Antonio
Churches - Lutheran - Trinity Church - Stonewall
Churches - Lutheran - Zion Church - Sublime (See Cities & Towns - Sublime)
Churches - Mennonite
Churches - Methodist (See Cities & Towns - Seguin)
Churches - Salem Lutheran
Cities & Towns
Cities & Towns - Amansville
Cities & Towns - Anhalt
Cities & Towns - Austin
Cities & Towns - Bastrop
Cities & Towns - Bettina Colony (See Latin Settlements)
Cities & Towns - Biegel
Cities & Towns - Boerne
Cities & Towns - Brenham
Cities & Towns - Castell
Cities & Towns - Cat Spring
Cities & Towns - Comfort
Cities & Towns - Crystal City
Cities & Towns - Cypress Creek
Cities & Towns - D'Hanis
Cities & Towns - Dolchburg
Cities & Towns - Doss
Cities & Towns - Engle
Cities & Towns - Fayetteville
Cities & Towns - Fischer
Cities & Towns - Flatonia
Cities & Towns - Fredericksburg
Cities & Towns - Fredericksburg - Visitor's Guide
Cities & Towns - Frelsburg
Cities & Towns - Freyburg
Cities & Towns - Galveston
Cities & Towns - Giddings
Cities & Towns - Grapetown
Cities & Towns - Gruene
Cities & Towns - High Hill, Texas
Cities & Towns - Hochheim Prairie
Cities & Towns - Houston
Cities & Towns - Indianola
Cities & Towns - Industry
Cities & Towns - LaGrange
Cities & Towns - Latium (See Latin Settlements)
Cities & Towns - Loyal Valley
Cities & Towns - Luckenbach
Cities & Towns - Mariensfeld
Cities & Towns - Marshall
Cities & Towns - Mason, Texas
Cities & Towns - Millheim (See Latin Settlements)
Cities & Towns - Muenster
Cities & Towns - New Braunfels
Cities & Towns - New Orleans, Louisiana
Cities & Towns - Oldenburg
Cities & Towns - Palestine
Cities & Towns - Pflugerville
Cities & Towns - Rio Rico
Cities & Towns - Round Top
Cities & Towns - Rutersville
Cities & Towns - San Antonio
Cities & Towns - San Antonio - German Heritage Park (Hemisfair Park)
Cities & Towns - Schulenburg
Cities & Towns - Schumannsville
Cities & Towns - Seguin
Cities & Towns - Shiner (See Breweries - Spoetzl)
Cities & Towns - Sisterdale (See Latin Settlement)
Cities & Towns - Stanton
Cities & Towns - Starzville
Cities & Towns - Stonewall, Texas
Cities & Towns - Sublime
Cities & Towns - Tusculum (See Latin Settlements)
Cities & Towns - Universal City
Cities & Towns - Uvalde
Cities & Towns - Victoria
Cities & Towns - Violet
Cities & Towns - Warrenton
Cities & Towns - Westphalia
Cities & Towns - Zap
Civil War
Clemmens, William
Clocks & Watches
Coat of Arms
Colleges & Universities - Texas Lutheran College
Colleges & Universities - University of Kansas
Cordes, Frederick William
Cornelius, Albert
Counties - Austin County
Counties - Colorado County
Counties - Comal County
Counties - Cooke County
Counties - Dewitt County
Counties - Fayette County
Counties - Gillespie County
Counties - Lipscomb County
Counties - McCulloch County
Counties - Medina County
Courtman, Henry
Cox, Tyrus
Cross Mountains
Cultural Background
Current Articles - German
Dambach, Friedrich & Johanne
Darst, John & Jacob
De Gress, Jacob
De Montelv Sr., Charles
De Ryee, William
Degener, Edward
Deike Family
Dielmann Family
Dietel Family
Dirr, Gottlieb
Dittlinger, H.
Dressel Family Notebook
Dressel, Julius
Duerler, Gustavus A.
Dullnig, Jacob
Durst, Joseph
Eckenroth, Michael
Eckert, Ludwig or Christine
Eckhardt Family
Eggers, G.W.N.,
Ehrenberg, Hermann
Eichmann, John W.
Eilenberger, F. H.
Eilens Sr., Henry
Eilers, William
Elemdorf, Charles A.
Elemdorf, Emil
Elemdorf, Emilie (Mrs. Henry)
Elemdorf, Henry
Emigration & Immigration
Emlchoir, Rudolph
Engleking, L. H.
Erath, George Bernard & Lucy A.
Ernst, John Frederich
Ervendberg, Louis Cochand
Espangemberg, Agustin
Everheart, Emanuel
Explorers - Long James
Eyth, Louis
Falke, A.E.
Fallersleben, Hoffman Von
Farms, Nassau
Faust, F. M.
Fellers, Walter
Fender, Robet N.
Festivals - "Night In Old Fredericksburg"
Festivals - Anhalt, Texas
Festivals - Berges Fest - Boerne, Texas.
Festivals - Fredericksburg
Festivals - German Day - Dallas, Texas
Festivals - Kinder Maskenball
Festivals - Milfests
Festivals - Oktoberfest
Festivals - Volkfest - Berlin, Germany
Festivals - Volkfest - San Antonio, Texas
Festivals - Walk Fest - Fredricksburg, Texas
Finch Family
Fischer, J.A.
Fisher, Henry Francis
Fisher, Traugott
Flake, Ferdinad
Flato, Charles R.
Flusche Family
Fordtram, Charles
Fox, Oscar
Francke, Louis
Franz, Leonard
Frasch, DR.
Fredrich, Julius
Freese, Wilke H.
Freisleben, Gustave
Frerichs, Rolf
Friedrich Family
Friedrich, Albert
Friedrich, Prince
Fries, John M.
Froboese, Ed
Fuchs, Adolf
Fuchs, Robert A.
Galle, Milton
Gardenhire, Stephen H.
Gebhardt, William
Geiger, Christoph
German Ships
German Texans, The (Text)
Gibenrath, Imanuel Fredrick
Giesecke Family
Gildemeister, Charles
Glaevecke, Adolphus
Goebel, Moritz & John
Goeth, Carl Alexander
Golbeck, Fritz
Gold, Adolph (See Kothe Family )
Goldbeck, E.O.
Golson, Edward M.
Graf, Karl & Christina
Graf, Magdalena
Green, Mrs. Elizabeth
Greenwall, Henry
Griesenbeck, Carl Friedrich
Grinninger, John
Groos Family
Groos, Johann Jacob
Grothaus, Julia
Grube, August
Guenther, Arthur W.
Guenther, Carl Frederick Sr.
Guenther, Carl H.
Guenther, Erhard R.
Guenther, Ernest A.
Gummelt, Gustave Emil
Hadra, Fredrick
Hahn, Conrad & Peter
Hanzal, Franz
Hardware Store - New Braunfels
Harkort, Edward
Harmon, John
Harz, Eduard Ferdinand
Hass, Johann J.
Hass, Oscar
Heiligbrodt, Ludolph W.
Heinen, J.P. & Family
Henke, Heinrick & WM.
Herbst, Carl
Herff, Ferdinand
Herpel, William
Hertzberg, Harry
Hertzog, Carl
Hesser, Christian
Heyne, Fred J.
Hildebrand Family (See Cities & Towns - San Antonio, Texas)
Hilscher, Joseph A.
Historic Buildings - Boerne
Historic Buildings - Fredericksburg
Historic Buildings - New Braunfels
Historical Markers
Hoeffner, Lydia
Hoelscher-Buxkemper Family
Hoerner Family
Hofheinz, Friedrich
Holekamp, Ida
Holidays - Christmas
Holidays - Easter
Holidays - Thanksgiving
Hoppe, Louis
Hornick, Andrew
Hottermann Sr., Dick
Hoyer, Julius
Huffman, Dorthy
Hugo, Charles
Hummel, Charles
Hummel, Charles F. A.
Huth, Ferdinand Louis
Huth, Louis
Internment Camps
Iwonshi, Carl. Von
Iwonshi, Carl. Von (Solnes -Braunfels)
Iwonski, Leopold Von
Iwonsky, Carlos Adolph
Jahn, Friedrich Ludwig
Jahn, Johann Michael
James, Harry
James, Harry
Johnson, Benjamin Frank
Joske, Julius
Kaase, F.C.
Kahla, William
Kale, H.A.
Kapp, Ernest
Kaufman, David S.
Kesler, Henry
Kessler, George
Keuffel, W.L.E.
Kieffer, August H.
Kieninger, Ludwig
King, William Area
Klaner, Christian
Kleberg Family
Kleberg, Robert Justus
Kleincke Jr., H.E.
Kleinkecht, John
Klingelhoefer, Robert W.
Kloche, Hugo
Klundt, Adolph
Knetsch, Fred E.
Knoke, George
Knuffer, Henry
Koch, Augustus
Koch, Christian Heinrich
Kock, Guich
Koehler, Otto
Koerner Sr., George
Koethe, Louie
Konz, Adam
Kothe Family
Kothman Family
Kothmann, H. F.
Kothmann, Heinridh Conrad
Krause, Carl David
Krause, Chester
Krauskopf, Engelbert
Kreische, Heinrich
Kriewiiz, Baron Emil
Kroll, Theo (See Cities & Towns - Biegel, Texas)
Krueger, Max
Kuechler, Jacob
Kupferschmidt, Henry
Kurth, Joseph H. JR.
Lafrentz, Ludolf F.0.
Land Grants - Fisher - Miller Land Grant
Lang, George William
Lang, Otto
Lange, Julius
Langenheim, William
Language & Languages
Latin Settlements
Lehmann, Herman
Libraries - La Grange
Libraries - Pioneer Memorial - Fredericksburg
Lich Family
Lich, Glen E.
Lichtenstein, Morris
Lieck, Godfrid
Liedscher, Alfred
Liedtice, Frank
Lindheimer, Ferdinand Jacob
Lindner, Michael
Linnstaedt, Frederick F.
Lochte, Friedrich
Lohn, William F.
Lorenz, Richard
Ludecus, Edward
Luecke, Henry C.
Lueders, Theodore W.
Lungewitz, Herman
Lungkwitz, Adolph
Lunkwitzk, Martha
Mackensen, Bernard
Maetze, Ernstustav
Mahncke Hotel - San Antonio
Marschalll, August E.
Martin Family
Martin, Anna
Matthes, Benno
Mauermann, Bernhard
Meitzen Family
Melchior, Rudolph
Menger Hotel - San Antonio, Texas
Menger Soap Works - San Antonio, Texas
Menger, William A.
Mengs, John L.
Mensing, August
Metzger Family
Metzger, Fredrick
Metzger, Sidney
Meusbach, John O.
Meyenburg Sr., Julius
Meyer, Albert
Miller, Burchard
Mills & Milling
Modeling, Peter August
Moerke, Randolph
Moke, Gustave
Mosel Family
Moser, Edward - Wife & Son
Moser, Jacob & Rosa
Moser, Leon
Moureau Family
Muenzler, Louis O.
Museums - Nimitz Center - Fredericksburg, Texas
Museums - Pioneer - Fredericksburg, Texas
Music - Beethoven Maennerchor & Damenchor - San Antonio, Texas
Music - Liederkranz
Music - Pehl's Old Timeerman Band - Fredericksburg, Texas
Music - Saengerfest
Music - Saengerrunde - Austin, Texas
Music - Singing Groups
Music - Southern Highland Dulcimers
Nagel, Carl
Nagel, Herman
Nette, August
Neuhaus, Vernon Frank
Neuhauser, G. F.
Neumann, Friedrich - Family
Newsletters - Society for German-American Studies
Ney, Elisabet
Niedringhaus,ottlieb & Wilhelm
Nimitz Hotel - Fredericksburg, Texas
Nimitz, Charles H.
Nimitz, Chester W.
Nitschmann, Franz
Nix, Levi
Nordmann, Albert
Nueces River Massacre
Oberwetter, Peter Henry
Oheim, Joseph Abraham
Olmstead, Frederick Law
Oral History
Oscar, Rudolph
Pabst, Fred C.
Pamphlet - German Texans, The
Pape Family
Pargman Family
Paul, Prince of Wurttenberg
Pentenrieder, Erhard
Periodicals - Magazin fur Amerikanistik
Periodicals - Scala
Petri, Friedrich Richard
Petsch Family
Pfeuffer, George
Pieper Sr., William
Piper, Frederick A.
Piper, Julius
Ploetz, Julius
Portscheller, Heinrich "Enrique"
Prassell, Franz
Pressler, Charles William
Prisoners of War - German
Private Schools - German English School - San Antonio
Public Schools - Austin, Texas
Public Schools - New Braunfels, Texas
Radam, William
Ransleben, Guido Ernst
Ransleben-Brinkman Library
Real, Casper
Rechel, Ernst (See Historic Buildings)
Reinarz, Frederick
Reiter, Max
Research Possibilities
Reuss, Joe m
Reyder, George A.
Rhodius, Christoph
Richarz, Henry Joseph
Richarz, Joe
Riley, Emil H. (See Historic Buildings - Fredericksburg)
Rilling, Henry
Ringelstein, Casper & Family
Riotte, Charles N.
Ripps Family
Rische, Ernest
Rische, Ulrich
Roeder, William
Roehm, Johan Conrad
Roemer Family
Roemer, Ferdinand Von
Rohman, A. B.
Rohrdorf, Carl
Romberg, Jannes C. N.
Rosen, Julius
Rueg, Roy
Rummel-Baur Family
Runge, Carl
Runge, Heinrich
Runge, Louis H.
Rust Family
Ruter, Martin
Ruth, Ferdinand Louis
Ruth, Louis HR
Sachtleben, Charles
Saengerfest (See Music; Festivals)
Sage, George B.
Sagebiel, Herman H.
Salm-Salm, Sophie
San Jacinto, Battle of 1836
Sansom, John W.
Santleben, August
Sartor, Alexander
Sauer, Oswald
Schad, Adolf
Schall, Gottlob
Schaupp, Ferdinand G.
Schawe, Henry
Scheel Family
Schefel, Fritz
Schenke, Frederick & Family
Scherff, Ernst (& Store)
Schiege, Charles
Schilo, Fritz
Schimmelpfenning, Herman
Schiwetz, E. M. "Buck"
Schleicher, Gustav
Schmidt Family
Schmidt, Herman
Schneider, Edward
Schoenwolf, Max (See Historic Buildings - Fredericksburg)
Scholl, Heinrich
Scholz, Adolph - Scholz's Garden
Schools - German
Schriever, Bernard
Schuchardt Family
Schuchardt, F. William
Schuele, Jacob (See Holmgreen, George F. E.)
Schuetze, Julius
Schuetze, Louis
Schuford, Q.A.
Schulze, Johann Ernst - Family
Schurz, Carl
Schuster, Michael P.
Schutz Family
Schutze, Anita
Schwethelm, Henry (See Nueces River Massacre)
Schwirth, John W.
Scoonover, J.
Scott, James W.
Seehatz, William
Seele, Herman Friedrich
Seidel, Otto.
Seydler, Gus
Shamberger, Thomas J.
Short, Amos W.
Shuford, Q. A.
Siemering, August
Simon, Martin
Slagle, George H.
Smith, Hank C.
Smith, John James
Smyth, George Washington
Social Life & Customs
Society Forerman -American Studies
Solms-Braunfels, Prince Carl
Speckels Family
Spiess, Herman
Spoetzl, August (See Breweries - Spoetzl)
Stacke, August Frederick
Staffel, Adeline Wueste
Staffel, Heinrich & Adeline
Stappenbeck, John
Stautzenberger, Jacob Christian
Stehling, Christian & Francisca
Steves Family
Stiehl, John C. (See Librares - LaGrange )
Stieler, Adolf
Stieler, Fritz
Stieler, Herman
Stolley, George
Stremme, Conrad C.
Strohmeyer, August F.
Strubberg, Friedrich A.
Strughold, Hubertus
Strughold, Hubertus (See Paleontology )
Stueckle Family
Stuemke, George F.
Stuessof, Henry
Sturenrauch, Joseph W.
Tatsch, John Peter
Tauch Walding
Taylor, Anna Maria
Teacher's Packet - Easter Fires, The or Fredericksburg
Teich, Frank
Teichmueller, Hans
Temmesfeld, Art G.
Tengg, Nick
Tengg, Thomas
Text - German Texans, The - 1979
Text - German Texans, The - 1979 - Preliminary Manuscript
Text - German Texans, The - Editorial Comments
Text - German Texans, The - Reader's Copy - Not Edited
Text - German Texans, The - Reader's File - Correspondence
Thallman, Leibrecht
Theaters - Casino Club
Theaters - New Braunfels Amateur Theater
Theisen, Gustav
Thielepape Family
Thielepape, William C. A.
Thoma, Herman
Timmermann Sisters
Tips, Carlos (See Guenther, Ernest A.)
Tips, Gus
Tolle, August
Travel - East Germany
Treaties - Louisiana Purchasse
Treibs, Go Gottfreid & Family
Trenckmannn, W. A. & Elsie
Trost, Henry Charles
Turneins (Gym Clubs)
Tydlacka-Tylaska family
Uecker, Grorge
Umlauf, Charles
United States History - Civil War
Unruh, Jesse
Urbantzke, Carl
Usener, J. F.
Van Der Stucken, Frank
Vehlein, Joseph
Venth, Carl
Voelkel, Henry
Vogel, Francis Casimer
Vogel, Ludwig
Voges, Henry
Von Blucher, Felix
Von Coll, Johann
Von Ende, Frederick Charles
Von Hardenberg, Elizabeth
Von Roeder Family
Von Rosenberg, Karl Wilhelm
Vonflie, Heinrich
Voss, Theo
Waelder, Jacob
Wagenfuehr, Fred
Wagnefuehr, Fred
Wagner Sr., Paul
Wagner, Joseph G.
Wagner, Stephen V.
Wahl, Philip Jacob
Wandke, Johann Traugott
Wanz, Xavier
Weber Family
Weber, George
Weidmann, Gus
Weigl, Fortuna T.
Weinert, Ferdinand C.
Welder Family
Welder Family (Francis & John)
Welgehausen Family
Welgehausen, Gustavus Adolphus
Wende Family
Wendt, William
Wenmoh, John & Family
Westerlage, John Hammond
Weynand Family
Wienke, W. G.
Wildhelm Family
Willrich, Georg & Elise
Wine & Winemaking (See Sueltenfuss, Alvin)
Witt, J. M. Mrs.
Woeltz, Julius
Woldert, William Albert
Wolters, Jacob & Herder Family
Wolters, Robert, Sr.
Wrede, F.
Wueste, Louise Heuser
Wulff, Anton
Wuppermann Family
Wurstfest - New Braunfels
Wurttemberg, Paul Wilhelm
Wurzbach, Charles Louis
Wurzbach, Emil Frederich
Wurzbach, Harry McLeary
Yerion, Joseph R.
Zapp, Hugo
Zenner, Ernst
Ziegler, Jesse Adolph
Zimmerscheidt-Leyendecker-Brune House
Zindler, Herman John "Dutch"
Zollner, Matt
Zuehl, Wray
[Ethnicities, continued]
Alexopoulos, Constantine J.
Allen, John M.
Anastassiou, Charles
Andronis, Nicholas
Anthony, John
Anthony, Tom D.
Anton, Peter
Arnakis, George
Assimakis, Charlie
Associations - Ahepa Hellenic Society (See Anthony, Tom D.)
Associations - American Educational Progressive Association
Associations - Center For Neo-Hellenic Studies
Associations - Chios Society
Associations - Greek American Progress Association
Associations - Greek Orthodox Youth of America
Associations - Patman Brotherhood
Barakis, Rocky
Bellos, Photios P. Frank
Bishop John of Therman
Bitsis, Sparta
Blessing of the Fleet (See Churches - Greek Orthodox - Assumption Church, Galveston)
Booras, Harris J.
Brockles, Andrew
Callins, Peter
Caloudas, Steve.
Caralambo, George
Caravageli, Angelo
Carson, John
Carson, Mrs. Paul
Cassis, Dan
Catacalos, Demetres S.
Catacolos, Rosemary
Catahu, Roque
Census - 1860-1870
Census - Saint Sophia Greek Orthodox Church - 1966
Christodoulides, Eleni
Churches - Greek Orthodox
Churches - Greek Orthodox - Annuncion Church - Houston
Churches - Greek Orthodox - Assumption Church - Galveston
Churches - Greek Orthodox - Assumption Church - San Angelo
Churches - Greek Orthodox - Holy Trinity Church - Dallas
Churches - Greek Orthodox - Saint Demetrious - Fort Worth
Churches - Greek Orthodox - Saint George's Church - Port Arthur
Churches - Greek Orthodox - Saint Nicholas' Church - Waco
Churches - Greek Orthodox - Saint Sophia's Church - San Antonio
Cities & Towns - Amarillo
Cities & Towns - Aransas Pass
Cities & Towns - Austin
Cities & Towns - Corpus Christi
Cities & Towns - Dallas
Cities & Towns - El Paso
Cities & Towns - Fort Worth
Cities & Towns - Galveston
Cities & Towns - Hillsboro
Cities & Towns - Houston
Cities & Towns - Marathon
Cities & Towns - San Angelo
Cities & Towns - San Antonio
Cities & Towns - Texarkana
Cities & Towns - Waco
Cities & Towns - Wichita Falls
Coffee Houses
Cokinos, Jimmie P.
Colias, Michel
Condos, Mrs. C. Stathakos
Counties - Fort Bend County
Coussoulis, Pelir
Cultural Background
Current Articles - Greek
Dameris, Catherine
Dameris, Theo
Dancers - Greek
Dear, Pete
Dilboy,. A.
Dixie, Chris
Dounson, George
Douvry, Peter
Dracoulis, Louis
Drossos, John A.
Economides, John
Economidy, Harilaus Emmanuel
Economo, John
Economou, George
Elson, Chris
Emigration & Immigration
Fenichis, George R.
Festivals - Funstival - San Antonio
Galanos, Nike
Garay, Francisco
Gatoura, Elias
Gavere, John N.
George, Jim
Georgiades, George A.
Giannoukos, Ambrose
Govatos, John.
Govatos, Lee John
Greek Petroleum Industry
Gregory, Basil S.
Harris, D.G.
Holidays - Easter
Iacovos, Greek Orthodox Bishop
Icons - Greek
Jelson, Athanasids
Kallos, John
Karahal, A.B.
Karayanis, Plato
Karr, Pano H.
Kazanas, Costas
Kelley, George
Klaras, Pete
Kopan, Andrew T.
Lambros, S. P.
Lepes, Constatine
Lucas, Faithon P.
Mallas, Aaris A.
Malos, Michel
Manitzas, Steve, Nick & George
Manus, Antoinette Dareos
Manus, Max
Maps - Reece
Marosis, Nickolas
Martel, Spiro
Michalopulos, Lorene
Michalopulos, Michaell Nicholas
Mickelis, Nick
Mico, Theodor
Miller Family
Mitchell - Mike, Johnny, George & Christi
Mitchell Family
Mitchell, Arthur
Mitchell, Charlie
Morosis, Nickolas
Moutos, Gus
Music - Greek
Nick, Frank
Nick, Virginia Lucas
Nickelis, Nick
Nicolas (Nikolai, Nicholas)
Panas, Basil
Panos, E.
Papadakis, Tom
Papazoglakis, John
Pappajohn, Steve
Pappas, Bill
Pappas, Charles &eorge
Pappas, H. D.
Pappas, S.
Paris, Andrew J.
Paulos, R. A.
Penichis, George K.
Peters, Tom
Petheriotes, James & Angelo
Petrutsas, John A.
Plainas, Sam
Polemanakos Brothers
Pophjan, Pete
Poulos, Tom
Ralli Brothers
Restaurants (See Anthony, Tom D.)
Rousse, Thomas A.
Sakellarion, Daniel
Saloutos, Theodore
Santikos, John
Sarandos Family
Sarats, George
Semos, Tom
Semos, Victor H.
Shropulos, Basil
Social Life & Customs
Sockler, Arthur
Soulamolho, Carlos
Sparto, Gus
Stathakos, Frank
Stefanou, Nick
Tassos, Damon
Tassos, Gus
Text Panel
Thomas, Thomas A.
Triantafilides, Theoclitos
Tsemelis, Gust
Vakalakis, Lambros
Vaky, Viron P.
Vamvoras, Gus John
Varessis, Elias
Vathis, James
Vlamides, A.
Vlhakos, B.
Yianitas, Sam
Yiantsou, Gus-John
Zarafonetis Family
Zenos, Rose
Zgrovides, George
Zografos, Ergon John
Zotos, John
[Ethnicities, continued]
[Ethnicities, continued]
Roma (Gypsy)
Adams Vitsa
Alvarez Vitsa
Associations - Council of Europe
Associations - Gypsy Lore Society
Associations - International Gypsy Committee
Bimbo Vitsa
Boswell Vitsa
Brunner, Harry D.
Businesses - Reader & Advisor Book Store
Circuses & Carnivals
Cities & Towns - Alice
Cities & Towns - Atlanta, Georgia
Cities & Towns - Austin
Cities & Towns - Beaumont
Cities & Towns - Brownsville
Cities & Towns - Caldwell
Cities & Towns - College Station
Cities & Towns - Corpus Christi
Cities & Towns - Dalhart
Cities & Towns - Dallas
Cities & Towns - Del Rio
Cities & Towns - Devine
Cities & Towns - Eagle Pass
Cities & Towns - El Paso
Cities & Towns - Forth Worth
Cities & Towns - Galveston
Cities & Towns - Greenville
Cities & Towns - Harlingen
Cities & Towns - Houston
Cities & Towns - Lubbock
Cities & Towns - Navasota
Cities & Towns - Pharr
Cities & Towns - Port Arthur
Cities & Towns - Robstown
Cities & Towns - San Antonio
Cities & Towns - San Benito
Cities & Towns - Smithville
Cities & Towns - Texarkana
Cities & Towns - Three Rivers
Cities & Towns - Waxahachie
Cities & Towns - Weatherford
Clark, Marie Wynne "Vanishing Vagabonds American Gypsies"
Communication Between Gypsies
Costella, Vitsa
Counties - Coryell County
Counties - Erath County
Cultural Background
Current Articles - Gypsy
Dileau, Vitsa
Economic Relations
Emigration & Immigration
Evans Vitsa
Evanson, Ruberty
Family Relations
Famous American Gypsies
Feuds - Vitsa vs. Vitsa
Fortune Telling
George Vitsa
Gregg Vitsa
Grover, Ransey C.
Gypsies - In Texas People
Gypsy Genius
Hanconck, Ian F.
Johns Vitsa
Johnston Vitsa
Kuznikoz, Vitsa
Leath Vitsa
Lee Vitsa
Lusson, Mrs. Bertha B.
Madam Grace
Madame Elizabeth
Madame Maria
Marino Vitsa
Marks Vitsa
Marriage Customs & Rites
McDonald Vitsa
McMillan Vitsa
Miller Vitsa
Mitchell Vitsa
Mother Theresa
National Gypsy Crime Investigators
Photographs & Illustrations
Pocahontas, Mother
Research Possibilities
Research Possibilities - Contacts - General
Rievier Vista
Riley Vitsa
Sister Ann
Sister Belinda
Sister Genesis
Sister Margaret
Sister Maria
Sister Navajo
Sister Rachel
Slender Vitsa
Smith Vitsa
Social Life & Customs
Southwest Educational Development Laboratory
Stanley Vitsa
Stevens Vitsa
Stevenson Vitsa
Stewart Vitsa
Sutherland, Thomas
Tan Vitsa
Texas Rangers
Vera, Mrs.
Waldrop Vitsa
Waller Vitsa
War Reparations
Wharton Vitsa
Who Is a Gypsy?
Williamson Vitsa
Young Vitsa
[Ethnicities, continued]
Current Articles - Hawaiian
[Ethnicities, continued]
[Ethnicities, continued]
Andre, Leslie
Associations - American Hungarian Foundation
Associations - Austrian-Hungarian Society - San Antonio, 1916
Badalik, Franz
Bartay Family
Bartok, Bela
Benke (Benko) Family
Beres, Laszlo
Borondy (Borondi), Francis
Budai Family
Census - 1910
Churches - Cistencian Abbey - Dallas
Cities & Towns - Houston
Cities & Towns - Pakan
Cities & Towns - San Antonio
Cities & Towns - Vidor
Counties - Ellis County
Cultural Background
Czibesz Family (See Seabase Family)
De Hory, Elmyr
Deak, Rosalea
Doraiti, Antal
Elder, Kate "Big Nose Kate"
Emigration & Immigration
Eross Family
Faber, Maurice
Farkas, Pierre
Festivals - Hungarian Harvest Festival
Finto Family
Fisher, George
Fisher, Kate (See Elder, Kate)
Gaal, Ignatitus G.
Gaspar, Steven
Goebel Family
Gruber, George
Hamorsky, K.R.
Holidays - Christmas
Holmy, J.R.
Hortobagyi, Daniel N.
Hungarian Colony - Harris County
Hungarian Revolution
Illes, A.E.
Jermy Family
Juhasz, Stephen
Karkalits Family
Karkalits Family
Katona, Gabriel (Gabor)
Kellerschon, Klara Ujhazi
Kerenyi, Frigyes
King, Stephen
Koldus, John J.
Koplyay, Janos
Korompai, Frank
Kozsta, Marton (Martin)
Kraus, Lili
Krusoe, William A.
Laszlo, Joseph
Levay (Levai) Family
Lorenz (Lorant), Anton
Madarasz Family
Madarasz, Ladislaus W.
Madarasz, Louis
Markos, Lajos
McCammon Family
Nagy, Alexander G.
Nagy, Alexander G. & Family
Nagy, Joseph & Family
Nagyvary, Joseph
Periodicals - Hungarian Heritage Review
Periodicals - Hungarian Studies Newsletter (index only)
Petmecky Family
Peto, Frank
Politzer, Louis
Pomutz, George
Popper Family
Roessler, Anton
Rottenstien, Maximillian
Ruttkay, Albert
Safran, Steve & Rose
Schorobiny, Rudolph & Family
Seabase (Czibesz) Family
Somogyi, Arpad
Szabo, Endre
Szenasi Family
Szirmay, Paul August von
Takats, Anton
Toth Family
Ujhazi Jr., Ladislaus
Ujhazi, Farkas
Ujhazi, Laszlo & Family
Ujhazy, Ladislaus
Ujiffy, John H.
Ungar, Tamas
Utay, Joe
Varga Family
Varga, Alexander "Sandor"
Varga, Benjamin
Varga, Gabor
Varga, Janos (John)
Varga, Joseph
Varga, Paul
Vidor, Charles I
Vidor, Charles S.
Vidor, Charles Shelton
Vidor, King
Wadgymar, Arthur
Wadgymar, Arthur
Weiss, Martin
Witchita Valley Railroad Colony
Xantus, Janos (John)
Zsohar, Julius
[Ethnicities, continued]
Current Articles - Icelandic
[Ethnicities, continued]
Indian (East/Asian)
Cities & Towns - Amarillo
Cities & Towns - Austin
Cities & Towns - Dallas
Cities & Towns - Fredrickburg
Cities & Towns - Houston
Cities & Towns - Laredo
Cities & Towns - Lubbock
Cities & Towns - San Antonio
Cities & Towns - Temple
Cultural Background
Current Articles - Indian-Asian
Machia, Bllera
Mommen, Sam
Rao, P.N.
Sangani, Mrs. Suresh
Sardana, Lal
Sharua, S. K.
Texpera Newsletter
Thyagarajan, B.S.
[Ethnicities, continued]
Indians of North America / Native Americans
Adams, K. S. "Bud"
Adobe Walls, Battle of
Alabama-Coushatta - Battise, Arnold
Alabama-Coushatta - Bibliography
Alabama-Coushatta - Crafts
Alabama-Coushatta - Cultural Background
Alabama-Coushatta - Gelo, Dan - Field Notes (See Intern Fileelo, Dan - Alabama-Coushatta Indians]
Alabama-Coushatta - Legislation
Alabama-Coushatta - Maps
Alabama-Coushatta - Martin, Howard
Alabama-Coushatta - Music
Alabama-Coushatta - Photo File Listing
Alabama-Coushatta - Slides
Alabama-Coushatta - Tourist Trade
Alibates Flint Quarry
Apache - Battles
Apache - Cultural Background
Apache - Geronimo
Apache - Peyote
Apache - Social Life & Customs
Apache Indians
Archaeology - Coastal Plain
Archaeology - Historic
Archaeology - Mining - Atascosa County
Archaeology - Prehistoric - "An Analysis of Val Verde County Cave Material Part III", Mardith K. Sch
Archaeology - Prehistoric - "Early man Projectile Points In the Southwest." Kenneth Honea
Archaeology - Prehistoric - Allen's Creek Site
Archaeology - Prehistoric - Anderson, D. D. "A Stoneade Campsite at the Gateway to America." "Sci.
Archaeology - Prehistoric - Bexar County - San Antonio
Archaeology - Prehistoric - Black & Grand Prairie
Archaeology - Prehistoric - Brownsville Complex
Archaeology - Prehistoric - Coastal Plain
Archaeology - Prehistoric - East Texas
Archaeology - Prehistoric - Edwards Plateau
Archaeology - Prehistoric - Gulf Coast
Archaeology - Prehistoric - Hill Country
Archaeology - Prehistoric - Lanning, E. A. & Patterson, T.C. "Early Man In South America." "Sci. Amer
Archaeology - Prehistoric - MacNeish, "The Origins of New World Civilization.." "Sci. Amer." Nov. 1
Archaeology - Prehistoric - Miscellaneous
Archaeology - Prehistoric - Panhandle
Archaeology - Prehistoric - Plateau Station Area Survey
Archaeology - Prehistoric - Rio Grande Valley
Archaeology - Prehistoric - Rio Grande Valley - Bonfire Shelter, a Bison Kill Site, Val Verde County
Archaeology - Prehistoric - Rollings Prairies
Archaeology - Prehistoric - The Bering Sea Land Bridge." "Sci. Amer." January62
Archaeology - Prehistoric - Toledo Bend
Archaeology - Prehistoric - Toledo Bend Reservoir
Archaeology - Prehistoric - Trans Pecos
Archaeology - Prehistoric - Wilmsen, Edwin. "An American Outline of Early Man Studies In the U.S."
Archambeau, Ernest R. Jr. (See Battles - "Battle of Glorietta Pass"(map); Panhandle - " This Is
Arms & Armor
Art - Basketwork
Art - Blankets
Art - Cities & Towns - Dallas
Art - Jewelry
Art - Katcinas
Art - Museums - Witte
Art - Pottery
Art - Turquoise
Artifacts - Indian
Artists - Frontier
Arts & Crafts
Arts & Crafts - Alabama-Coushatta
Associations - American Indian Resource & Education Coalition, Inc. - San Antonio, Texas
Associations - Dallas Intertribal Council
Associations - Indian
Associations - National Congress of American Indians
Associations - Native American League
Associations - Red Men Lodge
Associations - San Antonio Council of Native Americans
Associations - Texas Hobbyist Association
Associations - UNITY (United National Indian Tribal Youth ,Inc.)
Battise, Arnold (Alabama-Coushatta)
Battise, Carol (Alabama-Coushatta)
Battise, Fulton (Alabama-Coushatta)
Battise, Jack (Alabama-Coushatta)
Bedai Indians
Berlandier "The Indians of Texas In 1930" (Alabama-Coushatta)
Berry "The Alabama & Coushatta Indians of Texas" (Alabama-Coushatta)
Beyond the Sundown (Alabama-Coushatta)
Bibliographies (Alabama-Coushatta)
Big Bend
Birth, Death, Marriage Registers
Bludworth - "How the Alabamas Came Southward" (See Alabama-Coushatta)
Blunt, Billy
Bounds - "The Alabama-Coushatta" (Alabama-Coushatta)
Bouse, Chief (Doc)
Bowles Chief of the Cherokees
Bows & Arrows
Bureau of Indian Affairs (See Alabama-Coushatta)
Caddo Indians - Photographs
Cadue, Larue (See Kickapoo)
Calendar - American Indian
Calleros, Cleophas (Tigua)
Campbell, Elsie (See Cities & Towns - Ysleta )
Canadian Indians
Carter, Forest
Castaneda - "Our Catholic Heritage In Texas" Alabama-Coushatta
Castaneda (See Cities & Towns - Ysleta)
Cattle Trade
Cemeteries (Alabama-Coushatta)
Cherokee - Bowles - Chief of Cherokee Indians
Cherokee - Contemporary File
Cherokee - Cultural Background
Cherokee Descendents
Cherokee Genealogy
Cherokee Trail
Children's Literature
Chisholm, Jesse (Cherokee)
Choctaw - Santa Clara
Chronology (See Tigua - Chronology)
Cities & Towns - Atoy (Hatchet's Ferry)
Cities & Towns - Beaumont
Cities & Towns - Corpus Christi
Cities & Towns - Dallas
Cities & Towns - Dallas (See Festivals)
Cities & Towns - Del Rio
Cities & Towns - Eagle Pass (See Kickapoo)
Cities & Towns - El Paso
Cities & Towns - Fort Worth
Cities & Towns - Grand Prairie (See Festivals)
Cities & Towns - Houston
Cities & Towns - Laredo
Cities & Towns - Nacogdoches
Cities & Towns - Ozona
Cities & Towns - San Antonio
Cities & Towns - Tahlequah, Oklahoma
Cities & Towns - Terlingua
Cities & Towns - Tyler
Cities & Towns - Westphalia
Cities & Towns - Ysleta (Tigua)
Colorados, Mangas
Comanche - Education
Comanche - Ironjacket
Comanche - Kwahldi
Comanche - Parker, Quanah & Cynthia Ann
Comanche - War Trail
Confederacy - Civil War - Alabama-Coushatta
Corn - Indian
Coston "Only Indian Reservation In Texas" - Alabama-Coushatta
Council House Fight
Cultural Background
Cultural Background - Alabama-Coushatta
Cultural Background - Oklahoma
Cultural Contributions
Current Articles - Indian
Dallas Intertribal Council
Dance (See Intern File Sahawe Indian Dancers
Dancing (Alabama-Coushatta)
Diamond, Tom
Dolls (See Art - Kachina; Games)
Donley - "Pros & Cons of Being a Member of the Alabama/Coushatta Tribe" (Alabama - Coushatta)
Donley - Pros & Cons (Critiques) Alabama-Coushatta
Dyer, Pete (See Folk Medicine)
Education - Alabama-Coushatta
El Paso Indians
Enrollment & Annunity Rolls
Fain/Story of Indian Village & The Alabama Indians in Polk County,
Federal Records Center - Fort Worth, Texas.
Fields, Richard
Folk Art
Folk Medicine
Folklore (See Also Tigua - Folklore)
Francisco, Fray
Frontier Times Articles (Alabama-Coushatta)
Garland, Hamlin (See Cities & Towns - Ysleta, Texas. )
German Language Periodical
Great Comanche War Trail
Halsell, Ewing &William E.
Handbook of Texas - Alabama-Coushatta
Health Status (Alabama-Coushatta)
Hides & Skins - Preparation
Hill, Lon C.
Hill, Ruth Bebbe
Holley - Texas Diary, 1835-1838 (Alabama - Coushatta)
Hopi (Pueblo)
Horses - Equipment
Hueco Tanks (See Tigua - Parks - Hueco Tanks; State Parks - Hueco Tanks
Huron (Wyandot)
Indian - Educational Curriculum
Indian - Identity
Indian Captivities
Indians - Alabama
Indians - Paleo
Indians - Treatment of / Indians, East
Indians of North America - Preservations
Iron Jacket (See Quasho, Prohibit)
Jacobson - Origin of the Koasati Community of Lousiana (Alabama-Coushatta)
Jaramillo, Pedro
Jemez - Pueblo
Jurgens-Tascalusa "Black Warrior of the Alabama (Alabama-Coushatta)
Kanasa (Kaw)
Karankawa - Bibliography
Kaskaskia Indians
Keeler, W.W.
Kickapoo - Mexican Kickapoo Indians BY Mary NUNLEY
Kilman Kalita's People (Alabama-Coushatta)
Kinship Terms
Kiowa - Cultural Background
Kiowa - Dances
Kiowa - Religion
Kirkpatrick, Jack
Kwanaldi (See Comanche - Kwahaldi)
Laguna (Pueblo)
Land Allotments
Language & Languages
Las Moras Creek (See Military Posts - FT. Clark)
Legislation & Related Topics
Lipan Indians (See Apache)
Loker Report of D1910 To Congress - Alabama-Coushatta
Lumber - Alabama-Coushatta
Maguire - Talk of Texas - Alabama-Coushatta
Malakoff Heads
Maps - Alabama-Coushatta)
Martin, Howard (Collection) (See Alabama -Coushatta Slides )
McMurrey-Sissie Thompson Sylestine - Alabama-Coushatta
Mead - Indians of Texas In Legend & Poetry - Alabama-Coushatta)
Miles, Bob
Military Posts
Mounds - Caddoan Mounds State Historic Site (See Caddo)
Munson, Thomas V. (See Wines)
Museums - Americn Indian Museum - New York, NY
Museums - Amon Carter
Museums - Big Bend - Alpine, Texas
Museums - Denver Art Museum
Museums - Denver Museum of Natural History
Museums - Jefferson Historical Museum
Museums - Smithsonian Institution - Washington, DC
Museums - Texas Memorial Museum - Austin, Texas
Music - Densmore/Alabama Indians & their Music
Nash - Indians of Texas - Alabama-Coushata
Nez Perce
Notes - Exhibit Proposal Indian Area
Olive, James
Omohundro, John Burwell "Texas Jack"
Papago Indians
Parker Family
Photographic Collections - "Alabama Coushatta by Howard Martin"
Photographs - Institute of Texan Cultures - Alabama-Coushatta
Photographs (Alabama -Coushatta)
Picket, Will
Pictographs (See Picture Writing)
Picture Writing
Plains Indians
Plum Creek, Battle of
Polk County Towns - Alabama-Coushatta
Population - Bibliographies
Population - Cities & Towns
Population - Counties
Population - Cultural Background
Population - Mexican Period
Population - Spanish Period
Population - Tribes & Tribal System
Population, 1830 -1980
Potta Wattomie
Pow-Wow - Alabama-Coushatta
Probate Records
Proposal Notes - Indian Exhibit Area (See Exhibit Proposal Notes - Indian Area)
Quaker Peace Policy
Quapan - Arkansas
Quasho, Pohibit
Reading - "Arrows Over Texas" - Alabama-Coushatta
Religion (Alabama-Coushatta)
Reservation Laws - Alabama-Coushatta
Reservation Surveys - Alabama-Coushatta
Reservations - Alabama-Coushatta
Rio Grande Valley
Rock Art (See Picture Writing)
Rogers, Will
Sac & Fox
Salt River
Sam Houston - Alabama- Coushatta
Santa Clara
Scouts (See Tigua - Scouts & Scouting)
Sign Language
Silver Horns
Sitting Bull
Slide Show Text - Alabama-Coushatta
Slides - Donlay - Alabama-Coushatta
Smither - Southwestern Historical Quarter - Alabama-Coushatta
Social Life & Customs
Social Life & Customs (See Tigua - Social Life & Customs)
Southwestern Historical Quarterly - Alabama-Coushatta
Spanish Fort
Stallings, Rocky
Stallings, Rocky - Tapes (Large Reel Series #1 - #10)
Stallings, Rocky - Tapes (Large Reel Series #11 - #23)
Stallings, Rocky - Tapes [(Small Reel Series #4 - #13) (Cassette #1 - #4)]
Steffen, Randy
Swanton - Early History Of The Creek Indians & Their Neighbors - Alabama-Coushatta
Swanton - Social Organization - Alabama-Coushatta
Sylestine - Alabama & Coushatta Indians, The - Alabama-Coushatta
Sylestine - Houston-Post Dispatch, October 11, 1931 - Alabama-Coushatta
Tarahumara - Mexico
Tarasco (See Jaramillo, Pedro )
Taylor/ETHNOGRAPHIC MS. on KOASATI TOWN (Alabama -Coushatta)
Teacher's Packet
Tejas Indians
Telephone Numbers - Alabama-Coushatta
Texas Indian Commission
Thompson - A History of The Alabama & Coushatis Indians - Alabama-Coushatta
Tigua - Archeology
Tigua - Bibliographies
Tigua - Chronology
Tigua - Cultural Background
Tigua - Dancers & Dancing
Tigua - Festivals
Tigua - Folk Art
Tigua - Folklore
Tigua - Food
Tigua - Hueco Tanks
Tigua - Language & Languages
Tigua - Legislation
Tigua - Paso Viejo
Tigua - Population
Tigua - Scouts & Scouting
Tigua - Slide Show Script
Tigua - Social Life & Customs
Tigua - Tolbert, Frank - Newspaper Articles
Tigua Indians
Torrey's Trading Post
Tourist Trade - Alabama-Coushatta
Tours (See National Preserves - Big Thicket)
Trails (See Cherokee Trace)
Tribal Council - Alabama-Coushatta
Tribal Meetings - Alabama-Coushatta
United States Bureau of Indian Affairs
United States History - World War II
United States Indian Claims Commission
United States Indian Policy
Volodores, Los
Wade - "Alabama Indians Of East" (Alabama-Coushatta)
Whiting, William H. C. (See Cities & Towns - Ysleta)
Women In Business
Yavapai (Apache -Yavapai)
Yellow Wolf
Zuni (Pueblo)
[Ethnicities, continued]
[Ethnicities, continued]
Acton Family
Adair, John G. - Goodnight & JA Ranch
Allen, Martin
Anderson, John
Argyle Hotel
Associations - American Scotch Irish Federation (See Newsletters - Banner)
Associations - Ancient Order of Hibernians
Associations - Harp & Shamrock Society
Associations - Irish American Cultural Institute
Associations - Irish Cultural Society, San Antonio (See Newsletters - Heritage)
Associations - San Antonio Irish Dancers
Associations - Southwest Celtic music Association
Barker, Samuel John
Barr, William
Barrett, James
Bell, Joseph
Bennett, Joseph
Bowen, John "Peacock"
Bowers, A. L. (Barney)
Boylan, James D.
Boyle Family
Boyle, Andrew Michael
Brady, Thomas F.
Brennan, Bishop Thomas F.
Brennan, Michael
Brenon, William
Browin, Bryan
Brown, John
Buckley, Timothy
Burke, Pat
Burke, Sean
Burke, William H.
Burkett, George W.
Burns, Hugh
Burns, John
Burroughs, John J.
Butler, Michael
Byrne, James A.
Cahill, Cornelius
Cahill, Michael
Callaghan, Bryan & James
Callaghan, Charles
Callan, James J.
Callaway, William Jackson
Cameron, Benjamin
Campbell, John
Campbell, John P.
Campbell, William
Carolan, John Mansfield
Carrall, Jack (See Maitland, P. L)
Carroll Family (See Byrne, James W.)
Carson, Hon Thomas
Carson, Samuel P.
Cator Brothers
Churches - Catholic - Saint Patrick's Parish - Corpus Christi (See Mcbride Family; Cahill Family
Cities & Towns - Benchley
Cities & Towns - Blanconia (See McGuill, Thomas)
Cities & Towns - Burlington
Cities & Towns - Corpus Christi (See McBride Family, Cahill Family, Dunn or Dunne Family
Cities & Towns - Gussettville
Cities & Towns - Irish Creek
Cities & Towns - Lamar (See Refugio Colony)
Cities & Towns - O'Quinn
Cities & Towns - Refugio
Cities & Towns - Rockport (See Refugio Colony)
Cities & Towns - San Antonio (See Irish Flats)
Cities & Towns - San Patrico
Cities & Towns - Shamrock
Cities & Towns - Stagger Point
Cities & Towns - Victoria (See Owens, Richard & Elizabeth)
Clavin Sr., James
Clayton, Nicholas
Clements, James R.
Colleges & Universities
Colleges & Universities - University of Texas at Austin
Collingsworth, James
Cook, Abner
Copano, Texas
Corcoran, Mike
Corrigan, Bartholomew "Bat"
Corrigan, Douglas "Wrong Way"
Cosgrove, Nicholas James
Counties - Armstrong County
Counties - Kaufman County
Counties - Refugio
Couzens, William H.
Crenan, Willaim
Crosson, George & Thomas C.
Cuff, William
Cultural Background
Cumins, Robert J.
Cunifee, Henry Joseph
Curley, John
Current Articles - Irish
Currin, James
Dalzell, Robert
Davenport, Peter
Desertion - Military - San Patricio Battalion
Dobbius, John
Dolan, Martin & Pat
Dougherty, Robert
Douglas, Margaret Charles
Dowling, Richard "Dick"
Driscoll, Clara
Dunn Jr., John
Dunn Sr., John & Family
Dunn, John
Dunn, John B. (See Dunn, Matthew & Sarah)
Dunn, Matthew & Sara
Dunn, Michael
Dunn, Thomas B.
Dunne, Edward Joseph
Dunne, Patrick C.
Dunne, Peter
Durack, Pat
Dwyer, T. A.
Dwyer, Edward
Dwyer, Michael
Dwyer, Thomas
Earl, John Doyle
Edgar, Edward
Education (See Also Public Schools)
Elliott, William
Emigration & Immigration
Ewing, Alexander Wray
Fagan, Nicholas
Finerty, John F.
Fitzgeral, Autustine
Fitzsimmons, C.D.
Fitzwilliam, James W.
Flannery, John B.
Flannery, John Brendan (See Folklore for Tape Cassette)
Flats (See Irish Flats)
Fleming, John.
Gagen Andrew
Gallagher, John Francis
Gallagher, Peter
Garrett, Alexander Charles
Geraghty, John
Gilmer, Alexander
Glass, Anthony
Goodnight, Charles
Grace, Patrick H.
Green, "Whiskey Jack"
Guian, Vincent
Haley, Laurence
Halligan, Maureen
Hart, Tom (Mrs.)
Hartnett, Conrelius
Healy-Murphy, Reverend Mother Margaret Mary
Hefferman Family
Heritage (See Newsletters - Heritage)
Hewetson, James
Hibbetts, Joseph
Historic Houses
Holidays - Christmas
Holidays - ST. Patrick's Day
Hughes, CAPT. Patrick
Hurley, Mike
Ireland, John Decourcy
Irish Flats
Irish In Texas (See Cultural Background)
Jackson, Humphrey & Alexander
Japanese Texans
Kelly, William
Kennedy, Ross
Kennedy, William
Kenney, John & Robert (Bob)
Kerr Family Records
Kilday, Paul J. & Family
King, Patrick
Kinney, H. L.
Knox, John Armoy
Knox, Matthew N.
Labor Unions - "Molly Maguires"
Lambert, Walter
Lane, Walter & George
Laughlin, R.A.
Lavery, "Klondike Jim"
Leah, Michael
Liberto, Thomas P.
Lilly, J.F.
Lincecum, Gideon
Linn, John J.
Loyd, Frank
Luby, James O.
Lynch, Francis J.
Lyons, William
Lytle, William "Billy"
Macdonell, Christopher Marmion
Magee, Augustus
Magoffin, James W.
Mahoney, Robert L.
Mallet, John William
Malone, John
McArdle, Harry Arthur
McBride, James & Mary
McCall, Thomas P.
McCann, James Ferdinand
McCarmack, Harry
McCormick, Aloysius, James & Thomas
McCormick, Michael
McCrabb, John
McCrea Family
McDermott, Hugh J.
McDonald, Mark
McDonnough, Edward
McFerrin, Jane
McGloin, James
McGuill, Thomas
McHenry, John
McKinney, Samuel
McKinstry, George B.
McLoughlin, M.
McMullen, John
McMullen, John vs. McGloin, John J.
McNamara, W. J.
McNelly, Tom H.
Meagher, Michael
Meaney, John W. (See John Dunn, Jr. for Young John Papers)
Mecaskey, A. H. & Charles B.
Montford, William
Mooney, James
Moore, Francis JR.
Morfi, Juan
Mules Muldoon, Michael "Padre"
Mullen, E.
Murphy, Audie
Murphy, Dan
Murphy, Dennis
Murphy, Edward
Murphy, John Bernard
Murray, Frank
Neill Family
Newsletters - Fox Nation
Newsletters - Gaeltalk
Newsletters - Heritage
Newsletters - Ireland Today
Nolan, Philip
Noonan, George H.
O'Brian, George W.
O'Brien, John
O'Connell, Michael
O'Connor, Dennis Martin
O'Connor, Kathryn
O'Connor, Mrs. Lawrence W.
O'Connor, Thomas
O'Conor, Hugh
Odem, Dave
O'Donnell, Patrick
O'Dwyer, Roger Joseph
O'Grady Family
O'Neil, James
O'Reilly, Alexander
O'Reilly, Myles
Owens, Richard & Elizabeth
Parks, Charlie
Power, James
Power, Martin
Prendergast, Patrick
Priour, Rosalie B. Hart
Public Schools (See Also Education)
Quinan, George E.
Quinn, William
Quirk, Edmund
Quirk, James
Railroads - Irish
Ranches - J. A.
Ranches & Ranching
Reaugh, Frank
Refugio Colony
Regan, D. H.
Reid, Mayne
Reiley, Richard
Rhea, William Alexander
Rice, Bernadine (See Oral History)
Riddle, Wilson Irwin
Roark, Mortimer
Robinson, Thomas
Rooney, Francis
Royal Irish Regiment of Refugio
Sampson, Robert Francis
Schools - Private
Scotch-Irish (See Associations - American Scotch -Irish Federation)
Scotch-Irish (See Scotch-Irish; Newsletters - Banner)
Scott, John
Scott, Mr. & Mrs. John
Shannon, John Moore
Shaw, James B.
Sheahan, John Stanislaus
Sheridan, Sargeant Hugh
Simpson, Moses
Slagle, George H.
Smith, John C.
Smith, Thomas J.
Social Life & Customs
Stephens, James M.
Stevens Sr., James E.
Stevenson, Isiah J.
Sullivan, Daniel
Taylor, John Orange
TeaL, Annie Fagan
Text - Manuscript Notes
Timon, John
Tinnin, William H.
Tomerlin, William J.
Trainer, James
Trapnell, John
Tumility, Hugh
Tweed, Jimmy
Twohig, John
Tynan, Walter C. & Edward K.
United States Armed Services
Usher, Partick
Vance, William & James M. & John
Ward, Thomas William "Peg Leg"
Wason, William
Watson, William
Weir, James
Welder, Rob & Bessie Wildlife Foundation (See Welder Family)
Williams Family (See Byrne, James W. )
Wyer, Father L.
[Ethnicities, continued]
Adamo, Agatha C.
Alessandro, Victor
Amateis, Louis
Associations - Christopher Columbus Society, San Antonio
Associations - D'Aosta - D'Aosta Club
Associations - Italian -American Civic Federation
Associations - Italian -American Organizations (See Intern File Italian Federation of America)
Associations - Italian Club of Dallas (See Also Intern File Italian Club of Dallas)
Associations - Italian Folk Art Federation of America
Associations - UNICO
Bagnoli, Bruno
Bailey, James (See Italians In Texas)
Bailey, Mrs. Light D'Albergo
Barziza Family
Barziza, Decimus Et Ultimus
Battalia, Vincent
Bernardi, Prospero
Bertani, Andrea
Biaccini, Benjamin F.
Bogatto, Anthony Joseph
Branchizio, Ralph
Bravi, Basil
Bruni, Antonio
Bruni, Antonio Mateo
Burratti Family
Burri, Alberto
Caffarelli, Rocco
Cangelosi Family
Cardis, Don Luis
Carsini, Jose
Casiraghi, Louisa & Arturo
Cassiano, Jose
Cavalini, Manlio
Celli, Frank
Cerrachio, Enrico Gilberto
Chiodo, Vincent
Churches - Catholic - Assumption Church, Houston
Churches - Catholic - Saint Anthony's - Bryan
Churches - Catholic - Saint Mary's - Umbarger
Churches - Catholic - San Francisco de Paola - San Antonio
Churches - Catholic - San Ignaciode Loyola - El Paso
Churches - Catholic - San Salvador Mission - Caldwell
Churches - Presbyterian - Valdese Church - Galveston
Churches - Waldensenian (See Churches - Presbyterian)
Cirincione, D. J. "Nick"
Cities & Towns - Austin
Cities & Towns - Bryan
Cities & Towns - Dallas
Cities & Towns - Delmitia
Cities & Towns - Dickinson
Cities & Towns - El Paso
Cities & Towns - Fort Worth
Cities & Towns - Galveston
Cities & Towns - Houston
Cities & Towns - Italy
Cities & Towns - Milano
Cities & Towns - Montague
Cities & Towns - Rockport
Cities & Towns - San Antonio
Cities & Towns - Texarkana
Cities & Towns - Thurber
Cities & Towns - Victoria
Coal Mines & Mining
Coboloni, Louis
Colonetta, Victor
Columbus, Christopher
Coppini, Pompeo
Coronado Expedition (See Explorers)
Costa, John B.
Counties - Brazos County
Counties - Montague County
Counties - Robertson County (See Cities & Towns - Milano)
Crispi Family
Cultural Background
Current Articles - Italian
D'Aluimar, Octaviano
De Attellis, Orazio
De Bona, L.
De Farnese, Count Charles
De George Family
De Grazier, John L.
De Soto (See Explorers)
De Stafano, Charles
De Tonti, Enrico
De Tonti, Henry
Del Barto, P. C.
Del Curto, J. M.
Del Curto, Ornato
Delpapa, Omero
Destafano, Frank
Dyer, Leon
Emigration & Immigration
Emiliana, Countess Anna
Fenoglino O Family
Ferrara, Charles
Filippone, John C.
Filisola, Vicente
Fossatts, Victoria
Franzetti, Nat
Gatti, Francis, OMC
Gentile, Luigi
Gevasi, Frank
Ghieu, The Hunchback
Ghio, Anthony L.
Giarraputo Family
Glass Blowing & Working
Gottardi Family
Grasso Family
Guerra, Henry
Guido, Louis L.
Hanzel, Francis
History Sketch of Italians (See Cultural Background)
Illegal immigration (See Aliens)
Ingrando, Frank & Jenny
Italians In Texas by James Bailey
Italians, Texas (See Cultural Background)
Janelli, Adam
Jesuits In Texas
Labor Unions (See Cities & Towns - Thurber)
Lallemaud, Charles Francois
Lallemund Colony
Lama, Tony
Lanere, John B.
Liberto, Frank
Liberto, Sam
Liberto, Thomas
Lipari, Joseph
Lombardino, Frank
Lucchese Family
Lucchese, Josephine
Macaroni Line (See Telfner, Count)
Martineto, Tom
Martini, A.& G.
Matador Land & Cattle CO. (See Ranches & Ranching)
Mattiussi, Antonio
Micheli, Vincente
Montalbano, Joseph F.
Morrison, Elam
Navarro, Angel
Newsletters - Italian Heritage
Newsletters - Tradizioni
Newspapers - Messagerio Italiano, Il
Newspapers - Revista Catolica, La
Newspapers - Texas Tribune
Niccolini, Don
Numerical Distribution
Paggi, Edward
Paggi, Michael
Paletta, Louis
Papa, Charles S.
Partito Nazional Fascista
Piazzo, Tanina
Pinto, Carlos M.
Pizzini, Frank
Pollastrint, A. J.
Prisoners of War - Italian
Puccilarello, Antonio
Qualia, Louis F.
Railroads - Employees
Railroads - New York, Texas, & Mexican Railway Company
Ranuzzi, A.
Research Possibilities
Rizzo, Bruno
Rolando, Bartholomew
Ruffini, Frederick
Ruffini, Oscar
Ruffo, Louis
Rural Texas - Bizzell
Saint Joseph's Alter (See Social Life & Customs)
Santi, Lorenzo
Scardino, Pietro
Schiaro, Giovanni
Siringo, Charles
Social Life & Customs (See Intern File Saint Joseph's Alter; Manini, Paula - "Italian Texans";
Southwestern States (See Population)
Talerico, Frank
Tamsini, George Von
Telfener, Giuseppi "Joseph"
Tibeletti, Cayeton
Tomasini, George Von
Torregrossa, Joseph A.
Tramonte, Jasper
Tritico, Cangelosi Family
Tritico, Frank E.
Trochese, Carmelo
Tronchese, Carmen
Vassalo, Signor N.
Vespucci, Amerigo
Wine & Winemaking
Zeppa, Joseph
[Ethnicities, continued]
442nd Regimental Combat Team
Agriculture - Implements
Akagi Family
Akagi, Joe
Aoyagi, Susumu
Art - Galleries & Museums - Corpus Christi
Art - Galleries & Museums - Houston
Arts & Crafts
Associations - Asia Culture Society (See Newsletters - Asia Culture Society)
Associations - Go For Broke, Inc
Associations - Ikebena International
Associations - Japanese American
Background Information
Bizzell, Mona Baskin (See Internment Camp - Crystal City Texas)
Business & Businessmen
Churches - Revival Temple - San Antonio
Cities & Towns - Beaumont
Cities & Towns - Corpus Christi (See Art - Galleries & Museums - Corpus Christi)
Cities & Towns - Crystal City (See Internment Camp - Crystal City, Texas)
Cities & Towns - Dallas
Cities & Towns - El Paso
Cities & Towns - Fredericksburg
Cities & Towns - Grapeville (See Japanese Art)
Cities & Towns - Houston
Cities & Towns - Kumanoto
Cities & Towns - Orange
Cities & Towns - San Angelo
Cities & Towns - San Antonio (See Churches - Revival Temple, San Antonio)
Cities & Towns - Webster
Concentration Camps
Contacts (See Research Possibilities)
Counties - Orange County
Cultural Background
Current Articles - Japanese
Diawabo America Corporation
Docent Material (See Background Material)
Education (See Prejudice)
Emigration & Immigration
Federal Elementary School (See Internment Camp - Crystal City, Texas)
Federal High School (See Internment Camp - Crystal City, Texas)
Fish Rubbing (See Art)
Flower Arrangement
Folk Art
French, John Jay
Fukuchi, Nubud
Garden of Peace
Harada Kunji
Hirasaki, Tokuzo
Hubbard, Richard Bennett
International Relations
Internment Camps - Crystal City
Jingu Family
Kagaua, Yonekichi (See Cities & Towns - Western)
Kashima, Tetsudin
Katamaya, Sen
Kawahata Family
Kishi, Kichimatsu
Kobayashi, Mitsutaro
Kosaka, Sue
Libraries - Asian American
Libraries - Japanese American
Miyakawa, John
Museums - Japanese American National Museum
Museums - Japanese Art Museum - Corpus Christi
Museums - Kiko Galleries - Houston
Museums - Nimitz - Fredericksburg, Texas
Muta, Hideo
Mykawa, Shinpei
Nagai, Ken
Nagy, Margit
Nakagawa, Shinichi "Sam"
Newsletters - Asia Culture Society
Newsletters - Japanese American Bulletin
Newspapers - Dallas Morning News
Ogata, Benny
One America
Onishi Family
Picture Set
Research Possibilities
Rural Texas - Bizzell
Saibara Family
Shimotsu Brothers
Social Life & Customs
Tanamachi Family
Taniguchi, Isamu
TEXPERA (See Newsletters - TEXPERA)
Textile Factories
Textiles In Texas
Tsukahara, Kinya
United States History - World War II
Uyeyama, Terry
Walls, Tom
Watanable, Toyozo (See Cities & Towns - Webster, Texas)
Yanagisawa, Samuel T. (See Business & Businessmen )
[Ethnicities, continued]
Advisor Committee
Angerstine, Ernest
Archives (See Oral History)
Askancese, Reuben
Associations - American Jewish Community
Associations - B'NAI B'RITH
Associations - Hadassah
Associations - Hebrew Benevolent Society, Houston
Associations - Hebrew Free Loan Association
Associations - Jewish Community Center
Associations - Jewish Immigration Information Bureau (See Cities & Towns - Galveston)
Associations - Jewish National Fund
Associations - Jewish Welfare Federation
Associations - Ladies Hebrew Benevolent Society - Galveston
Associations - NCCJ
Associations - Texas Jewish Historical Society
Associations - Women's Campaign of the Combined Jewish Appeal
Balnemones, Michael
Banking on Galveston Island (See La Porta, Jao)
Banks & Banking - Oppenheimer Bank
Banks & Banking - Victoria Bank & Trust
Bar Mitzvah
Beer, Emma
Bender, C. M.
Bernard Family (See Levy, Joseph; La Porte, Jao)
Bielamowicaz, Mark
Blum, Abraham (See Cities & Towns - Brownsville)
Blum, Leon
Blumenthal, Charles
Brachfield, Charles L.
Brenner, Marie
Brown, A. A.
Brown, Carrie Pfeiffer
Businesses - Blumenthal, B., Clothier
Businesses - Neiman -Marcus
Businesses - Page Boy, Inc.
Byer, Edward & Mabel
Cannan, Gershon (See Canaan, Gershon)
Castano De Sosa
Castro, Henry
Chimene Family
Cities & Towns - Austin
Cities & Towns - Beaumont
Cities & Towns - Big Spring
Cities & Towns - Breckenridge
Cities & Towns - Brownsville
Cities & Towns - Calvert
Cities & Towns - Castroville
Cities & Towns - Corpus Christi
Cities & Towns - Corsicana
Cities & Towns - Dallas
Cities & Towns - Dublin
Cities & Towns - El Paso
Cities & Towns - Fort Worth
Cities & Towns - Galveston
Cities & Towns - Houston
Cities & Towns - Jefferson
Cities & Towns - Kilgore
Cities & Towns - Lubbock
Cities & Towns - Marshall
Cities & Towns - Matamoros, Mexico (See Cities & Towns - Brownsville)
Cities & Towns - New Braunfels
Cities & Towns - San Angelo
Cities & Towns - San Antonio
Cities & Towns - Texarkana
Cities & Towns - Tyler
Cities & Towns - Waco
Cities & Towns - Wharton
Clark, Henry
Cline, Isaac M.
Cohen, Henry
Cohen, Henry (Letters)
Cohen, Maurice
Confederate States of America
Cotton - Marketing
Counties - Robertson County
Counties - Smith & Tyler Counties
Cultural Background
Current Articles - Jewish
Dahlman, Isaac
Danne Baum, M. W.
De Cordova Family
De Cordova, Jacob
De Cordova, Phineas
De Sosa, Gaspar
Dietary Laws
Dreben, Sam
Duveen, Hans "Henry"
Dyer, Isadore
Eldridge, Philip
Emigration & Immigration (See Also Population)
Ethnicity (See Community)
Ettlinger Hyman J.
Farfel, Aaron
Feld, Mose
Fierman, Floyd
Fighting Jews (See Soldiers - World War II)
Fink Family
Fisher Family, J. & W.
Florence, Fred Farrell
Frankfurt, Elsie
Freeman, Harry
Freudenthal Family
Freudenthal, Sam
Friedman, Kinky
Friedman, Mrs. Ben (Susana)
Friedman, Mrs. Mose
From Oppression to Freedom (See Cultural Background)
Frost Family (See Also Morwil-Frost Families)
Frost, Joe M.
Frost, Martin
Frumin, Epim
Galveston Movement (See Cities & Towns - Galveston)
Garsek, Isadore
Gernbacher, Henry
Godshaw, Carrie Sanger
Gold, H.
Goldberg, Irving
Goldberg, Charles
Goldberg, Louis N.
Goldsmith, Nathan
Goldstein, Aaron
Goodman, I. B.
Goodman, Joseph H.
Goodman, Mrs. I. B.
Grimes Family
Haber, Benjamin
Halff Family
Halff, Henry M.
Harby, Lendra de Leon
Harby, Levi Charles
Henry Maurice
Hertsberg, Anna
Hertsberg, Harry (See Also Circus)
Hirschfeld, Albert
Hirshberg, Henry
History In Texas - Jewish
Hoffman, Morris
Horowitz, Celia P.
Horowitz, Henry Jacob
Information Bureau (See Cities & Towns, Galveston)
Isacks, Elijah
Isacks, Miss Maude
Isacks, Samuel
Isreal Texas Jews
Jacobson, David
Jacobson, Helen
Jewish Immigration Information (See Cities & Towns - Galveston)
Jewish Sects
Johnson, Edward I.
Josey, Abe
Kahn, Robert I. (See Synagogues - Temple Emanuel - Houston)
Kallison, Frances
Kallison, Perry
Kaplan, Cantor Ruben
Karpels, Leopold
Kaufman, David S.
Kay Samuel
Kempner Family
Kempner, Harris
Kempner, I.H.
Kessler, James
Kohlberg, Ernest & Olga
Konigheim, Michael
Kopperl, Moritz
Kowalski, Benjamin B. (See Cities & Towns - Brownsville)
Krakaver, Adolph & Ada
Krakow - Jewish
Kravitz, Jack
Kruger, Fania
Krupp, Hayman
La Porta, J.A.O.
Labatt, A.C.
Landa Family
Landa, Joseph
Lang, Sylvan
Language & Languages
Lapowski Family
Lasker, Albert
Lasker, Morris
Lefkowitz, Blanche
Lefkowitz, D.
Leftwich, Robert
Levi, Abraham
Levi, Leo N.
Levin, William C.
Levy Letters
Levy, Abraham
Levy, Adam J.
Levy, Adrian F.
Levy, Albert Moses
Levy, Harry H.
Levy, Joseph
Levy, Max
Levy, Myer
Levy, Sol L.
Levyson, Sidney
Lewine, Jerome
Liebowitz, Harold DR.
Linguistics (See Language & Languages)
Luskey, Jake
Maas, Anna K.
Maas, Mrs. Isabel L.
Marcus Family
Marcus, Herbert
Marcus, Stanley
Marks, Samuel
Marriage Customs & Rites
Marwil, Abram
Mayer, Sol
Mehl, Isreal N. (See Fort Worth)
Menken, Adah Isaacs
Mexican-American Jewish Heritage (See Cultural Heritage)
Miehls, Eugenia (See Krakow - Jewish)
Migration - Population (See Population)
Moke, Leon
Mossiker, Frances
Murov, Nathan
Museums - Jewish Museum of the West Magnes
Mussina, Simon
Nathan, David H.
Nathan, Max
National Conference of Christians & Jews
Neiman, Carrie
Neiman, Marcus
New Spain
Newspapers - Jewish Herald Voice
Noah, Samuel
Olan, Levi A.
One Hundred Years of Jewelry In Texas
Oppenheimer, Anton
Oppenheimer, D. & A.
Oppenheimer, Dan
Oppenheimer, Jesse
Oral History
Osterman, Joseph
Osterman, Rosanna
Palestine Day, 1935
Philanthropists - San Antonio
Philosophy - Jewish
Prengler Family
Radio Broadcasting
Research Possibilities
Ribak, Abe (See Institute of Texan Cultures)
Rinkin, Arthur L.
Rosen, Sam
Rosenberg, Israel
Rosenfield, Morris
Rosengren, Florence (See Women's)
Rosenman, Samuel I.
Roth, Jack
Rudman, Mayer Billy
Russian Jews (See Emigration & Immigration; Cities & Towns - San Antonio)
Sack, Mrs. Mildred
Sakowitz Family
Sanger Brothers
Sanger Family
Sanger, Charles
Sanger, Hannah
Sanger, Lehman
Sanger, Phillip
Sanger, Sam
Schachtel, Hyman Judah
Schepps, Julius
Schools (See Education)
Schutz Family
Schwartz, A. R.
Schwartz, Adolph
Schwartz, Hirsh
Schwartz, Joseph
Schwartz, Maurice
Seinsheimer, J. F.
Sephardic Ethnicity In Spanish New World Colonies
Sephardic Jews & the Mexican-Americans of Texas (See Cultural Background)
Settlement of the Jews In Texas (See Cultural Background)
Shlenker, Irvin M.
Small Town Jewry (See Brachfield, Charles L.)
Social Life & Customs
Southern States
Stahl, Samuel M.
Sterne, Adolphus
Stolaroff Family
Strauss, Annette
Subsociety & Subculture (See Assimilation)
Sugar - Manufacture & Refining
Suhler, Felix R.
Synagogues - Adath Emeth - Houston
Synagogues - Adath Israel - Houston
Synagogues - Adath Yeshurun - Houston
Synagogues - Agudas Achim - Dallas
Synagogues - Agudas Achim - San Antonio
Synagogues - Agudath Jacob - Waco
Synagogues - Ahavath Achim - Tyler
Synagogues - Beth Israel
Synagogues - Beth Israel - Houston
Synagogues - Beth Jacob - Houston
Synagogues - Beth-El - Fort Worth
Synagogues - Beth-El - Houston
Synagogues - B'Nai Israel - Amarillo
Synagogues - B'Nai Israel - Galveston
Synagogues - B'Nai Zion - El Paso
Synagogues - Dallas
Synagogues - Emanu-El - Dallas
Synagogues - Emanu-El - Houston
Synagogues - Fort Worth
Synagogues - Mt. Sinai - El Paso
Synagogues - Rodfe Sholom - San Antonio
Synagogues - Rodfe Sholom - Waco
Synagogues - Shearith Israel
Synagogues - Temple Beth Israel - Houston
Synagogues - Temple Beth-El - San Antonio
Synagogues - Temple Eman-El - Houston
Synagogues - Temple Emanuel - Beaumont
Synagogues - Temple Mount Sinai - El Paso
Taub, Ben
Taub, Jacob N.
Taubenhaus, Jacob
Texas Revolution
Walter, Roy A.
War - Middle East
Washer Brothers
Washer, Nat M.
Weingarten, Abe & Joe
Weingarten, Miriam Hadar
Weiser, Dan
Werlin, Joseph S.
Werlin, Rosala H.
West Texas Jews
Zale Family
Zale Foundation (See Zale Family )
Zangwill, Israel
Zionism - Texas
[Ethnicities, continued]
Associations - Asian American Voters Coalition
Associations - Asian American Voters Coalition
Associations - Korean - American Association of San Antonio
Associations - Korean - American Friendship Assn.
Chung, Junk O.K.
Churches - First Korean Presbyterian Church of San Antonio
Churches - First Presbyterian Church - San Antonio
Churches - Northeast Korean Baptist Church - San Antonio
Cities & Towns - Amarillo
Cities & Towns - Austin
Cities & Towns - Baytown
Cities & Towns - Corpus Christi
Cities & Towns - Dallas
Cities & Towns - Denton
Cities & Towns - Dickinson
Cities & Towns - El Paso
Cities & Towns - Fort Worth
Cities & Towns - Houston
Cities & Towns - Keene
Cities & Towns - Lubbock
Cities & Towns - Mesquite
Cities & Towns - Mullin
Cities & Towns - Port Arthur
Cities & Towns - Richardson
Cities & Towns - Tatum
Cultural Background
Current Articles - Korean
Diplomatic & Consular Service
Emigration & Immigration
Kim, A.Y.C.
Kim, Chung Jin
Kim, Louis
Kim, Young Hi
Libraries - Asian American
Periodicals - Korea Photo News
Saint John, Yo Chin
Tak, Jung Ran
War - Korean
Yoo, Ha Sang
You, Byung Pal
[Ethnicities, continued]
Associations - Asian American Voters Coalition
Cultural Background
[Ethnicities, continued]
Current Articles - Lativian
[Ethnicities, continued]
Abdel-Kader, Mizar
Abdnor, Dieb
Abdo, Joe
Abdou, Salim
Abercia, Ralph
Aboussie, Joe
Aboussie, T. A.
Abraham, George
Abraham, John Milton
Abraham, Louis
Abraham, Malouf & Nahim
Abraham, Winnie
Ackels, Lawrence
Adwon, Salema
Akekee, Wlademer
Alkek Family
Alkek, Albert
Allen, Mrs. Idell Michael
Ameen, C. S.
Amuny, Abe
Amuny, Kinnon A.
Anawaty, Henry
Anawaty, William "Bill"
Andera, Katherine
Angelo, Mrs. George
Ansara, D. A.
Anton, Jim
Antone, Kamal E.
Arabs (See Lebanese)
Arbeely, Abraham
Asaff, Tommy
Ashkar, Faris
Ashmore, Joseph
Ashy, Richard J. Jr.
Associations - A.L. San Antonio.
Associations - American-Arab Society - Houston
Associations - Arab -American Council, San Antonio
Associations - Cedars of Lebanon, Tyler
Associations - Druze Council for Research & Development
Associations - L'Monar Club
Associations - Longview Cedars Club - Marshall
Associations - Southern Federation of Syrian-Lebanese American Clubs
Associations - World Lebanese Union
Attal Family
Attra, Esper J.
Attra, William A. Jr.
Avila, Manuel
Ayoub, Amwen
Azar Family
Badouh, Edward
Balagia Family
Balbouty, Tom
Bando, Abe
Bashara, Sam & Joe
Bashir, Metropolitan Anthony
Basila, Nicholas
Battros, Sam
Berbary, Maurice
Bosby, Louis E.
Businesses - Anton's Import Foods
Businesses - Farah Company
Businesses - Haggar Slacks
Businesses - Karam's Restaurant
Callas, Elias
Campbell, George K.
Campbell, J. Edward
Campbell, Joseph H.
Casseb, Anne
Casseb, Solomon Jr.
Cattan, Salim
Churches - Maronite
Churches - Melkite Rite
Churches - Saint Elias Orthodox - Austin
Churches - Saint George Maronite - San Antonio
Churches - Saint George Orthodox - Houston
Churches - Saint George Syrian Orthodox - El Paso
Churches - Saint Michael Orthodox - Beaumont
Churches - Syrain Orthodox Antiochian Diocese
Cities & Towns - Austin
Cities & Towns - Beaumont
Cities & Towns - Corpus Christi
Cities & Towns - Dallas
Cities & Towns - Dimebox
Cities & Towns - El Paso
Cities & Towns - Fort Worth
Cities & Towns - Houston (See Intern File Channam, Farha - The Arabs In Houston
Cities & Towns - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Cities & Towns - Palestine
Cities & Towns - Port Arthur
Cities & Towns - Refugio
Cities & Towns - San Antonio
Cities & Towns - Tyler
Cities & Towns - Victoria
Cities & Towns - Waco
Colleges & Universities - Texas Tech University
Colleges & Universities - University of Texas at Austin
Cultural Background
Current Articles - Lebanese
Curry, Peter Michael
Dacy, Joe
Dakil Family
David, Solomon
Daywood, Haikel Mike
De Bakey, Michael Ellis
Debes, John Troy
Dick Family
Dieb, John Nicholas
Diplomatic & Consular Service
Donath, Helen
Dounay, Jim
Druze Council
Druze Sect
Edd, Nicholas
Emigration & Immigration
Estebanico of Amazor
Fadal, F. Otis
Fadal, George
Fadal, Robert
Faour, Jack F.
Farah, Mansour
Farah, William F.
Farha, Azar W.
Farris, Elias
Ferris, Anthony
Ferris, Carmen
Ferris, Saadi
Festivals - "Magic Is The Night" - San Antonio
Festivals - Lebanese Founders' Day
Festivals (See also Intern File Palestine Ensemble Palestine Womens Association)
Friis, Erik J.
George, Abdullah
George, Katherine
Gibran, Kahlil
Gilbert, Chris
Hachar, D.D.
Haddad, Daher
Haddad, William
Haddah, Abe
Hadji, Ali "Hi-Jolly"
Hage, M.K.
Haggar, J. M.
Haik, H. M.
Halaboutly, Michel T.
Halaby, Najeeb
Halbouty, M.R.
Halbouty, Thomas J.
Halebian, Hratch
Hallack, Nick
Haney, John
Hani, MR. George
Hanna, Donald
Hassan, Mohamed
Helou, Redman
Hyak Family
Jamail Family
Jamail, N. Antone
Joseph Family
Joseph, Fronia
Joseph, George
Joseph, Lily
Joseph, Philip
Joseph, Tom
Jowdy, A.
Kadane, Edward & Hannah
Kadane, Fred A & Sheffield
Kadane, George E.
Kadane, Mike
Karam, R.
Karam, Solomon
Karam, Ted
Karan, Faris
Kazen JR., Abraham "Chick"
Kazen SR., Abraham
Kazen, James E.
Kazen, Charles
Kazen, Family
Kazen, Philip
Khalil, Mohammed Hassein Hadj
Khoury, Fred
Khoury, S. G.
Kiatta, Philip
Korkmas, Joseph H.
Kouri, E.L.
Kouri, Jim
Lebanese Church & Family
Lebanese In Southwest
Lebanese In Texas - by Rosmary Karam
Lewis, Nassif
Lotiff, Cecil
Mafrige, Zachary Abraham
Malooly, Elias
Malooly, Esau
Malouf, John S.
Manziel, Bobby
McKool, Mike
Meduchi, Paul Peter "Pierre"
Mery, Mr. & Mrs. Kalil J.
Milheim, Nicholas
Mohammedans (See Also Intern Fileomah; See Islamic Society of Greater Houston)
Monsour, Andren R.
Moussa, Naaman "Moses"
Mujrad, John
Nacol, Samuel
Nader, Abraham Lee
Nahas, Nikolas Albert
Nami, George
Nami, Herman G.
Nami, William C.
Nassif, John
Nebhan, Joseph
Nemir, Clarence T.
Nemir, Stuart
Newsletters - Arab Views
Newsletters - Lebanon Monitor
Newspapers - Syrian Spotlight
Newspapers - Texas Arab - American
Ogdee, Metra George
Oral History
Otto, Annie Salem
Otto, Joe
Otto, Mrs. Vedon
Owen, Harriet Samon
Parker, Mrs. R. L.
Periodicals - Arab World
Periodicals - Southern Federation Official Bulletin
Rainwater, Richard Edward
Rizik, Michael
Rizk, Fred
Rottle, James
Saba, Jake
Salem, Joe T.
Salem, Joseph J.
Salem, Nick
Salih Family
Samman Family
Schaded, Enis
Schmaley, A. A.
Semaan, Ameen
Serur Family
Shabouk, Asmir
Shadid, Michael A.
Shahody, Edward J.
Shalhoub, Mike
Shmaley, A. A.
Smith, Dave Jr.
Succar, Sultan A.
Syrian Spotlight
Tawell, George
Tawil, Souheil
Text Panel
Thomas, George
Thomas, John
Totah, Pete
Tourist Trade
Trad, John
Unis, Mrs Charles
Yafar, Pete
Yamin, Kaisar
Younes, Jamailla (See Joseph Younes Folder )
Younes, Joseph
Younis, Adele
Zayek, Francis
Zogheib, Alexander
Zwan, Alphonso.
Zwan, Mr. & Mrs. A. M.
[Ethnicities, continued]
Counties - DeWitt
[Ethnicities, continued]
Acosta, Manuel
Acosta, Miguel
Adobe Making
Agreda, Maria de Jesus de (Woman In Blue)
Aguadores (See Social Life & Customs)
Alaman, Lucas
Alamo Accounts….
Alamo, Battle of
Alaniz, John C.
Aldrete, Cristobal P.
Aldrete, Jose Miguel
Aleman, Licenciado Miguel
Almaraz, Felix D.
Almazan, Juan Antonio Perez de
Almendarez, Manuel (See Poetry)
Almonte, Juan Nepomucena
Alsbury, Mrs. Horace A.
Alvarez, Francisca (The Angel of Goliad)
Angel of Goliad (See Alavez, Panchita)
Aquqdors (See Social Life & Customs)
Arango, Doreteo (See Villa, Francisco "Pancho")
Arciniega, Miguel
Ariste, Mariano
Arizpe, Ramos
Art - Mexico
Art (See Folk Art )
Arte Publico Press
Arteaga, Antonio De
Arts & Crafts (See Folk Art)
Assemblies (See Conferences)
Associations - Association For Advancement of Mexican-Americans
Associations - Case De Espana
Associations - Communities Organized For Public Service - C.O.P.S.
Associations - Good Neighbor Commission of Texas
Associations - Image
Associations - Instituto Cultural Mexicano
Associations - La Raza
Associations - Lulac
Associations - Mayo
Associations - Mexican -American business & Professional Women's Club
Associations - Mexican -American Culture Center (MACC)
Associations - Mexican -American Joint Council
Associations - Mexican -American Unity Council
Associations - Moya
Associations - National Association for Chicano Studies (See Paredes, Americo)
Associations - Paso
Associations - San Antonio Hispanic Arts Association
Associations - Sanyo
Associations - SER - Jobs for Progress
Asto, Lalo
Balli, Nicolas
Bands - Music
Barkley, David (See Military Service)
Barrera, Roy
Becerra, Francisco
Benavides, Christobal
Benavides, Jesus Garcia
Benavides, Placido
Benavides, Santos
Benavides, Santos M.
Benites, Frank.
Berlanga Family
Bernal, Joe F.
Bexar County Archives (See Archives)
Bilingual Education (See Language)
Blair, William Cochran
Blanco, Victor
Bonilla, Henry
Border Relations
Borrego, Jose Vasquez
Boundaries (See Border Relations; Borders)
Bravo, Manuel B.
Briseno, Alex
Buffalo Hunters
Business - Executives
Businesses - Banks
Businesses - Wax Industry
Bustamente, Albert
Caceres, Emelio
Calaveras (See Holidays - Day of the Dead)
Calderon, Manuel H.
Calendar (See Weather - Lore)
Camacho, Daniel
Campbell, Eloise (See Poetry)
Canales, J. T.
Canales, Antonio
Canales, Greorio
Cancer (See Adobe)
Candelaria, Andrea
Candelaria, Villanueva
Candelilla Wax Industry (See Businesses - Wax Industry)
Capitols of Texas
Cardenas, Danny
Carr, Vikki
Carrillo, Oscar Sr.
Cartina, Juan Nepomuveno
Carvajal Crossing
Carvajal, Jose Maria
Casas, Juan Batiata De Las
Castaneda, Carlos E.
Castillo, Leonel
Cattle Brands
Cavazos, George C.
Cavazos, Lauro
Cavazos, Richard
Celebrations (See Festivals; Holidays)
Census (See Population)
Cervantes, Fred
Chaney, Dona Maria (See Curanderos)
Chapa, Francisco A.
Chapa, Victoriano
Charro (See Cowboys)
Chavez, Cesar
Chavez, Juan Antonio
Chili Cook off (See Food - Chili Cook off)
Chronology - Mexico (See Mexico - Chronology)
Chronology (See Mexico - Chronology)
Church In the Community (See Religion)
Churches - Catholic - Guadalupe
Churches - Catholic - Our Lady of San Juan, San Juan
Churches - Catholic - San Juan de Los Logos - San Antonio (See Intern Files - Garcia, Maria -Cristin
Churches - Mennonite (See Churches - Mennonite)
Churches - Methodist
Churches - Methodist - El Buen United - Brownsville
Cigarroa, Leon G.
Cinco de Mayo (See Festivals - Cinco de Mayo; Zaragosa, Ignacio)
Cisneros, Henry G.
Cisneros, Jose
Cisneros, Sandra
Cities & Towns - Alamita
Cities & Towns - Alice
Cities & Towns - Amargosa
Cities & Towns - Brownsville (See Churches - Methodist - El Buen Pastor United Methodist)
Cities & Towns - Corpus Christi
Cities & Towns - Crystal City (See Also Gutierrez, Jose Angel)
Cities & Towns - Dallas (See Intern File Mcdonald, Dedra - Tejano Exhibit Video Project - Dallas
Cities & Towns - Dumas
Cities & Towns - El Paso
Cities & Towns - Floresville
Cities & Towns - Goliad (See Holidays - Diez Y Seis)
Cities & Towns - Guerro
Cities & Towns - Helotes
Cities & Towns - Houston (See Cities & Towns - Houston "Invisible In Houston", Intern File Mcd
Cities & Towns - Lampazos, Mexico
Cities & Towns - Laredo
Cities & Towns - Los Presenos
Cities & Towns - Mexico City, Mexico
Cities & Towns - Mexiquito (See Weather - Lore)
Cities & Towns - Monclova, Mexico
Cities & Towns - Monterrey, Mexico
Cities & Towns - Muzquiz, Mexico
Cities & Towns - Nacimiento, Mexico (See Seminoles)
Cities & Towns - New Braunfels
Cities & Towns - Randado
Cities & Towns - San Angelo
Cities & Towns - San Antonio (See Intern File McDonald, Dedra - Tejano Exhibit Video Project - S
Cities & Towns - Seguin
Cities & Towns - Smeltertown
Cities & Towns - Somerville
Cities & Towns - Tascosa
Cities & Towns - Tenoxtilan
Cities & Towns - Whon
Cities & Towns - Ysleta
Civil Rights
Civil War
Cock Fighting
Colleges & Universities - National Autonomous University of Mexico (See Museums - Instituto Mexico
Colleges & Universities - University of Texas at Austin
Collie, D. L.
Communication - Radio & Television
Conjunto Music
Contributions (See Social Life & Customs)
Corporations - Economic Opportunities Development Corporation
Corridadas (See Music)
Cortez, Gregorio
Cortez, Pete
Cortina, Juan Nepomuceno
Cos, Martin Perfecto De
Counties - Tomreen County
Counties - Zapata County
Coy, Andrus
Credit Panels (See Exhibits )
Cruz, Lauro
Cruz-Ramo, Gilda
Cuellar, Jesus
Cuilon, El
Cultural Background
Current Articles - Mexican
Customs - Folk (See Social Life & Customs)
Dance (See Intern File Buenrostros, Pedro; Imafuku, Ryuta Machines Matachines; Iago, John
Danda, Olohio
Day of the Dead (See Holidays - Day of the Dead)
De La Fuente, Pedro (See Cities & Towns - El Paso)
De La Garza, Carlos
De La Garza, Eligio
De La Garza, Robert
De La Pena, Jose Enrique
De Leon, Alonso
De Leon, Jim
De Leon, Juan Maria Ponce
De Leon, Martin
De Rivera, Ramon
De Salazar, Gregoria Sagarnaga
De Zavala, Adina E.
De Zavala, Manuel Lorenzo
Declaration of Independence - Texas
Dia De los Muertos, El (See Holidays - Day of the Dead)
Diaz, Porfirio
Dominguez, Manuel
Dominquez Y Valdez, Juan
Don Pedrito (See Jaramillo, Don Pedro)
Drama (See Folk Drama)
Drug Abuse
Education - Bilingual (See Language)
Education (See Also Public Schools)
Elizando Family
Emigration & Immigration
Equal Employment Opportunities (See Arredondo, Jose; Benites, Frank.)
Escalona, Beatriz "La Chata"
Escobedo, Ruben
Escontrias, Silverio
Esparza, Gregorio & Enrique
Espinosa, Ysidro
Esquivel, Jose
Faith Healing (See Curanderos)
Falcon, Miguel De Laarza
Family Structure
Farias, Valentin Gomez
Fasts & Feasts
Fernandez, Rosita
Festivals - Border Folk Festivals - El Paso
Festivals - Cinco De Mayo
Festivals - Diez Y Seis
Festivals - Fiesta De Rancho
Festivals - Guanajuato, Mexico
Festivals - Hispanic American Folkloric Festival - Houston
Festivals - Hispanic Heritage Week
Festivals - Mexican Heritage Day.
Festivals - Pastores, Los
Festivals - Posadas, Las
Festivals - Semana de Las Misiones
Fiestas (See Festivals)
Flores, Augustin
Flores, Gaspar
Flores, Manuel
Flores, Patrick
Flores, Vicente (See Oral History)
Folk Art (See Also Intern File - Garcia, Maria-Cristina - Mexican Artisans ORTIZ, CARMEN /OSNELL, LYNN
Folk Drama (See Also Intern File Haney, ETE - The CARPA In Texas / HANEY, PETE - Spanish Language T
Folk Medicine - "Grandmother's Tea" (Study Guide)
Folk Medicine - "J. Graham's File" (See Also Intern File Curiel, Adela Herbs/Herbs)
Folk Religion
Food (See Also Intern File Gomez, Salome)
Gaceta de Tejas (See Newspapers - Gaceta de Tejas)
Gallargo, Thomas Sanchez
Gallo, Juana
Galvan, Ernest
Garcia, Clotilde "Dr.Cleo"
Garcia, Fray
Garcia, Gus
Garcia, Hector
Garcia, John
Garcia, Maria-Cristina
Garcia, Perez E.
Garriga, Moriano Simon
Garza, Carlos de LA
Garza, Catarino
Garza, de La Family
Garza, Eligio de LA
Garza, Eva
Garza, Gilbert
Garza, Jose Antonio
Garza, Jose Rafael
Garza, Reynaldo
Garza, Robert de la
Garza, Rudy A.
Gensamer-Vierira, Albert A
Gonzales Pedro & Jose
Gonzales, Henry B.
Gonzales, Jesse L.
Gonzales, M.C.
Gonzales, Rafael
Gonzales, Rudy Tee
Gonzalez, Alfredo
Gonzalez, Henry B.
Gonzalez-Mireles, Jovita
Gonzaullas, Manuel "Lone Wolf"
Grandee, Joe Ruiz
Grandmother's Tea - Study Guide (See Folk Medicine - Grandmother's Tea)
Gringo (See Language)
Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center
Guadalupe, Our Lady of
Guerra, Alejo
Guerra, Cipriano F.
Guerra, Fidencio M.
Guerrero, Antonio
Guerrero, Rosa
Guiterrez, Jose Angel
Gutierrez, Bernardo de Lara
Gutierrez, Genoveva (See Centenarians)
Gutierrez-Magee Expedition (See Gutierrez-Magee Expedition)
Headless Horseman (See Hinojosa, Vidal)
Herbs (See Faith Healing; Folk Medicine)
Hernandez, Andres
Hernandez, Josie
Herrera, Adolph
Hidalgo, Y Costila Miguel
Hinojosa, Gilbert
Hinojosa, Vidal "Headless Horseman"
Historic Buildings
Holidays - Christmas
Holidays - Day of The Dead
Holidays - Easter
Holidays - Epiphant (Day of the Kings)
Holidays - Quinceanera - Quinceanero
Housing (See Also Intern File Medina, Demis - The Jacal In Texas
Huerta, Victoriano
Ibanez, Mauel Ruiz
Idar, Jovita
Illegal Immigration
Indians - Caddo
Indians - Tigua
Indians - Tlaxcalan
Indians - Trahumara (See Tarahumara)
Internment Camps
Ituribide, Augustin de
Jaramillo, Don Pedro
Jimemez, Manuel
Kales, Sandra
Keith, Miguel Hernandez
Kinenos, Los (See Ranching)
La Bahia (See Cities & Towns - Goliad, Texas)
La Raza (See Political Parties)
La Villita (See Cities & Towns - San Antonio - La Villita)
Labor & Laboring Classes
Labor Unions
Ladron Deuevara, Antonio
Leal, Antonio
Leal, Armando
Leal, Domingo
Ligarde, Honore
Longoria, Felix (See Discrimination)
Longoria, Jesus
Longoria, Raul L.
Lopez, Bernardo
Lopez, Trini
Machado, Mike
Madero, Fransisco
Madero, L. Villareal
Madrid, Lucia
Malo, Don Jose Ramon (See Mexico - Chronology)
Marriage Customs & Rites
Martinez, Cesar A.
Martinez, Proceso
Matachines, Los (See Dances)
Medal of Honor
Menchaca, Jose Antonio
Mendoza, Lydia
Mercado, Lorenzo
Merida, Carlos
Mexia, Jose Antonio
Mexican Enrichment (See Contacts)
Mexican Museum Loans (See Exhibits)
Mexican-American Culture Center (See Associations - Mexican-American Culture Center)
Mexico - Chronology
Mexico - History - Mexican Revolution
Mier Expedition
Mier Y Teran, Jose Manuel Rafael
Military (See Exhibits - Text Panels - 1978; Medal of Honor)
Military Posts - Fort Lipantitlan
Military Posts - Fort Teran
Military Services
Mines & Mineral Resources
Missions - Alamo
Montemayor, Alicia D.
Montes, Juan
Morales, Pancho (See Inventors)
Morales, Reynaldo
Moreno, PAUL C.
Munguia Family
Munguia, Romulo
Muniz, Raul
Munoz, Agapito
Museums - Instituto Mexicano de Cultura
Music - Conjunto
Music - Contemporary
Music - Tejano
Musquiz, Acacia Arredondo
Musquiz, Don Manuel
Nanez, Alfredo
Navarro, Angel
Newsletters - Cross-Cultural Southwest Ethnic
Newsletters - La Pena
Newsletters - Puente, El
Newsletters - Viaztlan
Newspapers - Crusader, The
Newspapers - Hispanic Register
Newspapers - Sol de Texas, El
Obregon, Alvaro
Ochoa, Baldemar
Ojuelos, Hacienda de las
Olivares, Maria
Onate, Don Juan de
Ortega, Henry
Ortiz, Luis Reyer
Ortiz, Ramon
Otermin, Don Antonio
Padilla, Juan Antonio
Palafox, Mario
Paredes, Americo
Pastorela, La
Pastores, Los (See Festivals)
Patrick Flores
Pecan Shellers Strike
Pedraza, J. J.
Pedrito, Don
Pena Station
Pena, Albert
Pena, Raymundo J.
Perales, Alonso S.
Perez, Alejo De La
Perez, Pablo
Perez, Selena Quintanilla
Pichardo, Jose Antonio
Piedras, Jose de las
Plants (See Businesses - Max Industry Faith Healing)
Polancio, Jose Maria
Political Parties - Raza Unida, La
Politics (See Vidaurri, Juan)
Population (See Also Census)
Portilla, Jose Nicolas de las
Posadas, Las (See Festivals - Posadas, Las)
Pre-Columbian Cultures (See Cultural Background)
Quirarte, Jacinto
Rabago, Karl
Race Awareness
Ramirez, Anthony T.
Ramirez, Linda
Ramirez, Mario
Ranches - J. A. (See Rodriguez, Juan)
Rangel, Yolanda Rios
Republic of the Rio Grande
Restaurants - Mirador, El
Revolution (See Mexico - History - Mexican Revolution)
Revolutions - Texas
Reyes Conspiracy
Reyes, H. V.
Rivera, Juan
Rivera, Tomas
Rodriguez, J. M.
Rodriguez, Alberto
Rodriguez, Chipita
Rodriguez, Cleto (See Medal of Honor)
Rodriguez, Dionicio
Rodriguez, Johnny Davis
Rodriguez, Jose Policarpo "Polly"
Rodriguez, Juan
Rodriguez, Louis
Rodriguez, Manuel Jaramillo
Roland, Gilbert
Romero, Julio
Romo, Ricardo
Romo, Richard
Ruiz, Francisco Antonio
Ruiz, Jose Francisco
Sager, Manuela Soliz
Salas, Benito
Salazar, Trinidad
Saldivar, Armandina
Salinas, Porfirio
San Jacinto, Battle of
San Miguel, Trinidad
San Roman, Jose
Sanchez Family - Laredo
Sanchez, Alejandro
Sanchez, Enrique
Sanchez, George I.
Sanchez, Henry
Sanchez, Jose Maria
Sanchez, Ricardo
Sanchez, Tomas (See Gallardo, Tomas Etc.)
Sandoval, Hilary
Santa Anna, Antonio Lopez De
Santiesteban, Humberto Tati
Santos Coy, Ignacio De Los
Santos, Richard.
Saucedo, Jose Antonio
Seguin, Erasmo & Juan
Selena (Selena Quintanilla Perez)
Sepulveda, Frank
Serna, Esteban Herculana
Serna, Mercelino (See United States History)
Sheep & Goats
Sierro, Savina
Social Life & Customs (See Intern File McDonald, Dedra - Tejano Exhibit Video Project)
Soto, Isamael
Spiess, Lena
States - Coahuila & Texas
Teacher's Packet
Telles Jr. Raymond L.
Tellez, Rodolpo
Tenayuca, Emma
Tenejapa (See Marriage Customs & Rites)
Tenorio, Antonio
Teran, Manuel de Mier
Tewnorio, Antonio
Tijerina, Felix
Torres, Modesto
Torres, Peter
Trejo, Barola
Trespalacios, Jose Felix
Trevino, Felix B.
Trevino, Jesse
Trevino, Jesus
Trevino, Julian & Mary
Trevino, Lee
Trevino, Rudy
Ugartecha, Domingo De
Uriste, Guadalupe
Urrea, Jose
Urrea, Teresa
Urrutia, Adolfo & Aureliano
Valdez, Abelardo Lopez
Valdez, Jose Antonio
Vale, Robert L.
Vaquero (See Cowboys )
Vargas Family
Vargas, Kathy
Velarde, Adela "Adelita"
Velazquez, Eulalio
Veramendi, Juan Martin
Veramendi, Ursula Maria De
Vidaurri, Juan
Vidaurri, Juan Antonio
Vidaurri, Santiago
Viesca, Augustin
Villa, Francisco "Pancho"
Villarreal Family (Francisco - Ignacio - Benito Descendents Benito Villarreal, 1832-1900)
Villarreal, Jesse James
Virgin De La Candelaria (See Folklore )
War - Mexican - 1846-1848
Wars, Texas Revolution
Wax, Candelilla (See Businesses - Wax Industry)
Weather Lore
Weddings (See marriage Customs & Rites)
Witchcraft (See Folk Medicine)
Woll, Adrian (See Woll, Adrian)
Women In Business
World War II
Ximenez, Edward T.
Ximenez, Vincente T.
Ybarbo (Ibarbo),il Antonio
Yndo Family
Ysleta Mission (See Cities & Towns - Ysleta)
Yturri Family
Zambrano, Juan Manuel
Zapata, Emiliano (See Mexico - History - Mexican Revolution )
Zapata, Octaviano
Zaragosa, Ignacio
Zertuche, Teresa
[Ethnicities, continued]
[Ethnicities, continued]
Amundsen Jr., Gus M.
Assimilation - A Comparative Study
Associations - Nordic Club
Associations - Norse Mutual Fire Association
Associations - Norwegian
Associations - Norwegian -American Historical Association
Associations - Norwegian Society of Texas (See Newsletters - Nyheter)
Associations (See Danish; Scandinavian Presence)
Beck, J.J. Family
Bertelsen Family
Canuteson, Ole A.
Carlson Family
Christensen, John.
Churches - Lutheran Norwegian Seaman's Church
Churches - Lutheran, Bosque Co.
Churches - Lutheran, Oslo, Gruver, Texas.
Churches - Lutheran, Our Savior's Lutheran Church
Churches - Lutheran, Saint Olaf's Kirke
Churches - Methodist - Scandinavian Methodist Church
Cities & Towns
Cities & Towns - Brownsville
Cities & Towns - Clifton
Cities & Towns - El Paso, Texas
Cities & Towns - Houston, Texas
Cities & Towns - Kristenstad
Cities & Towns - Normanna
Cities & Towns - Norse, Texas
Cities & Towns - Olson
Cities & Towns - Prairieville
Colleges & Universities - Clifton College
Colwick, Ovee
Counties - Bee
Counties - Bosque County
Cultural Background
Current Articles - Norwegian
Dahl, Hendrick & Christine
Didrikson, Mildred "Babe" (See Zaharias, Mildred Babe Didrikson )
Doloson, Adolph Daniel
Emigration & Immigration
First Norwegian Migration Into Texas
Flagstad Family
Folk Medicine
Foreign Students
Hastvedt, Knudt O.
Hoel, Sadie Swenson
Holidays - Christmas
Holidays - Norwegian Independence Day
Hommerstd Family
Looms (See Weaving)
Marriage Customs & Rites
Mayes, Elias (See Cities & Towns - Clarksville)
Mowinkle, Johan Ernest
Museums - Bosque County Historical Museum
Museums - Vesterhein - Decorah, Iowa
Newsletters - Nyheter
Newspapers - Christiansandposten
Norling Family
Norman, Charles Berkeley
Olander, Ole Edwin D.D.
Oral History Transcript
Reierson, Johan R. (See Churches - Lutheran - Four Lutheran Church)
Research Possibilities
Rogstad, Ved Anna
Rohne Family
Teacher's Packet
Tellefson, Ole C.
Tergersen Family
Thompson, Peter
Waerenskjold Family
Zaharais, Mildred "Babe" Didrikson
[Ethnicities, continued]
Nova Scotian
Current Articles - Nova Scotian
[Ethnicities, continued]
[Ethnicities, continued]
[Ethnicities, continued]
[Ethnicities, continued]
Associations - Asian American Voters Coalition
Associations - Club Filipino of Dallas
Associations - Filipino American Association
Barsales, Melody De Guzman
Burch, William Emerson
Chua, Eufemia Sudario
Churches - Methodist - First Filipino/American United Methodist Church United Methodist Church - Dal
Cinco, Narciso M.
Cruz, Anatolio B. Jr.,
Cultural Background
Current Articles - Filipino
Dizon Family
Eclarinal, Eulogio F.
Emigration & Immigration
Espinola, Aurelio A.,
Ethnic Heritage - Filipinos
Festivals - Flores De Mayo
Festivals - Santa Cruzan
Flores, Francisco
Gaje Jr., Leo T.
Interviews (See Cultural Background)
Jones, William Atkinson
Libraries - Asian American
Manila Galleons
Montesclaros, Melecio
Pendon, Lucy
Quijano Family
San Luis, Alexandro
Satterly, Anita P.
Sea Gypsies
Severino, Rodolfo Jr.
Somera, Benjamin D.
[Ethnicities, continued]
Ablowich, H. S.
Agricultural Implements
Associations - American Council of Polish Cultural Clubs
Associations - Copernicus Society
Associations - Polish Arts & Culture Foundation
Associations - Polish Genealogical Society
Associations - Polish Heritage Society of Texas
Associations - Polish National Alliance
Associations - Polish-American Center, San Antonio
Associations - Polish-American Club
Associations - Polish-American Club, Brownsville
Associations - Polish-American Congress
Associations - Polish-American Congress of Texas
Associations - Polish-American Historical Association
Associations - Polish-American Priests Association
Associations - Saint Albert Polish Mutual Aid Association
Bakanowski, Adolf O. R.
Baker, T. Lindsay
Bartinicki, Natascha
Barzynski, John Vincent
Bielaski (Bielawski), Alexander
Birkner, Gustave
Black Madonna
Blawinski, Charles
Blue Nuns (See Convents & Nunneries)
Bomba Family
Boulton, Joseph L.
Bozek, Andrej
Braunek, Florian
Brojek, A.
Bukowski, John
Burda Family (See Stanush, Claude)
Carr, Fernando
Census (See Population)
Champ D'Asile
Chlebowski, Richard
Churches - Catholic
Churches - Catholic - Czestochowa (See Cities & Towns - Czestochowa)
Churches - Catholic - Holy Trinity - Falk City, Texas
Churches - Catholic - Holy Trinity Catholic Church, Falls City
Churches - Catholic - Immaculate Conception, Panna Maria
Churches - Catholic - Saint Joseph's - New Waverly
Churches - Catholic - Saint Margaret Mary's (See Festivals)
Churches - Catholic - Saint Mary's - Brenham
Churches - Catholic - Saint Michael's - San Antonio
Churches - Catholic - Saint Stanislaus - Bandera
Churches - Catholic - Sts. Peter & Paul - Meyersville
Chworowsky, Martin
Cicherski, Joseph L.
Cities & Towns - Anderson
Cities & Towns - Bandera
Cities & Towns - Bellville
Cities & Towns - Boca Chica
Cities & Towns - Bremond
Cities & Towns - Brenham
Cities & Towns - Brownsville
Cities & Towns - Bryan
Cities & Towns - Chappell Hill
Cities & Towns - Cotulla
Cities & Towns - Czestochowa
Cities & Towns - Falls City
Cities & Towns - Houston
Cities & Towns - Huntsville
Cities & Towns - Kopernick Shores
Cities & Towns - Kosciusko
Cities & Towns - Lenz
Cities & Towns - Marlin
Cities & Towns - McCook, Texas
Cities & Towns - New Waverly
Cities & Towns - Panna Maria
Cities & Towns - Panna Maria - Newspaper & Other Periodical Clippings
Cities & Towns - Panna Maria - Photographs
Cities & Towns - Pawelekville
Cities & Towns - Pulaski
Cities & Towns - Richmond
Cities & Towns - Saint Hedwig
Cities & Towns - San Antonio
Cities & Towns - Sandusky
Cities & Towns - Stockdale
Cities & Towns - Thurber
Cities & Towns - Wesley
Cities & Towns - White Deer
Cities & Towns - Yorktown
Civil War (See United States History - Civil War)
Convents & Nunneries
Cotulla, Joe
Counties - Bandera County
Counties - Carson County
Counties - Dewitt County
Counties - Karnes County
Counties - Washington County
Cultural Background
Current Articles - Polish
Czerwinski, Josrph
Czestochowa - Our lady of (See Black Madonna)
Czestochowa (See Cities & Towns - Czestochowa)
Czyczeryn, J. A.
Dabrowski, Louis
Debicki, Louis Napolean
Dlugosh Family
Dmochowski, Leon Ludomir
Dobrowalski, William
Dobrowski, Paul W.
Dubinski, Martin Leo
Dugosh Family
Dupnick, Joe Jr.
Dworaczyk, Edward J.
Education (See Education In Texas - Polish)
Emigration & Immigration
Espuela Land & Cattle Co., The
Felician Sisters, D.S.F. (See Convents & Nunneries)
Festivals - Polish Month in San Antonio
Florian, Charles Henry
Florian, Erasmus Andrew
Folk Art
Foundations - Kosciusko
Foundations - Polish Arts & Culture Foundation
Galbraith, Richard
Gnoza, Frank
Goebel, Bernard
Grouski, Dean John A.
Gryski, LeonARD
Holidays - Christmas
Iwonski, Carl. Von (See Giroski, Carl. Von )
Jachimczyk, Joseph A.
Jaloniks Family
Jaworske, Leon
Julian, Iganacio