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Inventory of the Zintgraff Studio Photograph Collection, 1800s-1987 (bulk 1930-1987): H-L

Descriptive Summary

Creator: Zintgraff Studio
Title: Zintgraff Studio Photograph Collection,
Dates: 1800s-1987
Creator Abstract: Zintgraff Studio was a commercial photography firm in San Antonio that operated from the early 1930s to 1987.
Content Abstract: The collection includes original negatives and prints made by the Zintgraff Studio. Images in the collection include downtown street scenes, businesses, movie theaters, film stars, parks, schools, the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo, and Fiesta San Antonio royalty. This collection comprises approximately 850,000 images.
Identification: MS 355
Extent: 850,000 photographs
Language: Materials are in English.
Repository: The University of Texas at San Antonio Libraries Special Collections.

Biographical/Historical Note

Zintgraff Studio was a commercial photography firm in San Antonio that operated from the early 1930s to 1987.

Scope and Content Note

The collection includes original negatives and prints made by the Zintgraff Studio. Images in the collection include downtown street scenes, businesses, movie theaters, film stars, parks, schools, the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo, and Fiesta San Antonio royalty. This collection comprises approximately 850,000 images.

Selected material in this collection has been digitized and is available in our digital collections.


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Inventory of the Zintgraff Studio Photograph Collection,1800s-1987 (bulk 1930-1987): A-B
Inventory of the Zintgraff Studio Photograph Collection,1800s-1987 (bulk 1930-1987): C-D
Inventory of the Zintgraff Studio Photograph Collection,1800s-1987 (bulk 1930-1987): E-G
Inventory of the Zintgraff Studio Photograph Collection,1800s-1987 (bulk 1930-1987): H-L [this page]
Inventory of the Zintgraff Studio Photograph Collection,1800s-1987 (bulk 1930-1987): M-O
Inventory of the Zintgraff Studio Photograph Collection,1800s-1987 (bulk 1930-1987): P-R
Inventory of the Zintgraff Studio Photograph Collection,1800s-1987 (bulk 1930-1987): S
Inventory of the Zintgraff Studio Photograph Collection,1800s-1987 (bulk 1930-1987): T-Z


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There are no access restrictions on the materials for research purposes, and the collection is open to the public.

This collection must be viewed at UTSA's Hemisfair Campus.

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The researcher assumes full responsibility for observing all copyright, property, and libel laws as they apply.

Index Terms

Zintgraff Studio (San Antonio, Tex.)
San Antonio (Tex.)
Local Subjects
San Antonio History

Related Materials

There are no known other archival collections created by Zintgraff Studio at the date of accessioning.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

[Identification of item], Zintgraff Studio Photograph collection, MS 355, University of Texas at San Antonio Libraries Special Collections from the Institute of Texan Cultures.

Processing Information

The collection has been encoded by Nikki Lynn Thomas, Manuscripts Curator. More detailed processing is not anticipated at this time.

Inventory of the Zintgraff Studio Photograph collection, H-L

H and H COFFEE 1925-1963
987 Nun
Man dusting off coffee roaster used by Mr. Hoffman in 1904
Three men at desk 1960
H and H tea
Saint Benedict's Hospital
Saint Vincent's Home 1961
Grid map
Group at H and H warehouse
Awards presentation 1963
Exterior of Hoffman Hayman Coffee Company
Buildings where H and H coffee was roasted and packed in 1904
Employees 1963
Man and woman drinking coffee
Exterior of H and H Coffee building and trucks 1958
Exterior of H and H Coffee building and trucks 1953
Two men at piano
H and H Coffee with three bag of other coffee
Group standing outside circa 1925
Exterior of H and H Coffee building and trucks 1938
Exhibit at Chicago Century of Progress Worlds Fair 1934
Ground-breaking 1932
Construction of H and H building 1932
Office and plant employees
Two little girls
Christmas party
983 Harper Truck
Hertz Rent-a-Car: car in front of Majestic Theater 1964-08-25
Rendering: Hillcrest Bowling Center 1963-09-13
Exterior of house 1960-05-31
Hays Sammons: Home and Garden Center bug spray display 10-22
Haddox Manufacturing: road roller 1959-06-03
People in park across from Alamo
Martha Huff: horse racing painting
Hobo the horse 03-28
Hawkinson Tire Mileage Inc.: Mobil truck and tire tread design 1969-03-12
E. F. Hutton and Company: interior of company 09-08
Huntress Lodge: exterior and interior of lodge on Guajolote Ranch 1964-08-19
Hoppesetter Coffee Company: coffee machines and supplies 1969-09-10
Hillyard Company: floors at Convention Center 1968-10-03
Dave Hubbard: unidentified man 1973-07-05
Hair Life: men's wigs 1970-11-09
Mrs. Henning: hand made carpet 1969-07
A. R. Harpool: drawing 1973-02-27
House, Mercer, House and Brock: steel 1973-02-15
Hussmann Refrigeration: meat department 1972-12-05
Hicks Company: interior of kitchens 1972-10-15
John Harris: pickup camper 1971-01-18
Hicks Company: interior of kitchens 1972-08-05
D. B. Harrel Business Properties: map showing area of projected development at University of Texas in San Antonio 1972-09-13
Harry Hornsby: drawing of shelf cabinet 05
Three men by Magna Cum Laude board
Holiday Finance: sign 1972-02-24
Holly Farms of Texas, Inc.: interior of plant and chickens 1972-02-08
Harry Hornsby: painting 1971-11-02
Handee Corporation, Inc.: rendering of lamp post 1971-02-04
Oriental tapestries
Hillyard Company: interior at Convention Center 1970-10-07
Hoppesetter Coffee Company: coffee and tea 1969-10-01
Humble School: tier rack 1968-06-04
Interior of plane
Office 1965
984 Holliday Inn: banquet 1979-05-29
E. E. Hudson: deceased woman in coffin 1979-07-03
Frank Hall Insurance: group wearing T-shirts 1979-04-06
Hunan Restaurant: three men at lunch 1979-03-02
Hersey Products, Inc.: two unidentified men and two men testing equipment for the City Water Board 1976-09-14
Hertz Rent-a-Car: exterior of Hertz building and lot 1977-12-21
Jim Hardin: aerials of nursery 1978-02-20
Mrs. Henning: Oriental tapestries and jewelry 1978-05-08
Hills Brothers Coffee: coffee display 1977-03-21
Mrs. Schreiner Harrison: grandsons in backyard 1977-05-20
Cliff Hill Seed Company: exterior of building in Pearsall, Texas 1977-05-03
Master Hosts Inn: motel and pool 1977-09-21
Hill Country Foods, Inc.: smoked foods 1976-09-13
Hill Country Foods, Inc.: smoked foods 1976-08-30
Harrison, Friedman and Associates: interior and exterior of Wonderland Mall 1976-09-30
Robert Hundley: painting 1975-06-03
Honeywell: floor plan 1975-01-03
General Hyman: military jacket with decorations 1975-11-07
Houston Bridge and Engineering Company: aerials and photographs of bridge 1975-11-06
Warren Reeds house
Hedley Marine: off road race car 1976-07-08
The Heather Apartments: Harriet Waldvogel and employees 1976-04-30
Two little girls with man in snowman costume
Health Management Corporation: computer with model 1976-08-02
High Standard Arms Corporation: Colt .45 bicentennial model 1976-08-05
High Standard Arms Corporation: Colt .45 and DA Revolver 1976-07-23
Cyrus Heard: party and groups 11-09
Sam A. Harbert, Jr.: man and woman 1974-10-23
Barbara and Anton Hajek 1974-07-11
Mrs. Alex Halff: painting 1974-03-05
E. Hauge: drawing of dogs at WC 1973-11-05
Heritage Communities of America: landscape 10-23
G. G. Hawn: family portrait 1973-07-10
985 Healy-Murphy Center: graduating class 1986-05-27
Hank Harrison: group 1984-05-11
Hank Harrison: two guitar players 1986-04-15
Hank Harrison: Tennesse Valley Authoroty: Bluegrass band 1982-10-06
Hank Harrison: Tennesse Valley Authoroty: Bluegrass band 1982-09-23
Helm, Pletcher and Hogan: traffic accident in Bandera, Texas 1982-12-20
Holiday Inn: Laundromat and dryers 1984-01-12
David T. Hiller: bronze sculptures 1984-04-24
Hill and Knowlton, Inc.: two men by construction of building 1984-02-21
Trina Harold 1983-10-04
George Henry 1983-10-13
Holbrook, Kaufman, Becker: buildings 1983-08-25
Hill and Knowlton, Inc.: plaque presentation to Mrs. Wisher 1983-06-27
Marie Halff 1983-08-05
Hill and Knowlton: plaque presentation to Mrs. Wisher at Saint Anthony Hotel 1983-07-11
Healy-Murphy Center: group of Seniors at Carver center 1983-05-23
Gary Hahne: photographs off TV 1982-01-07
Gustav Heye: rendering of Alpine house 1982-12-07
Hyatt Regency Hotel: food on Crescendo menu 1982-10-11
Gustave Heye: downtown San Antonio circa 1940 and aerial skyline view of downtown near Teatro Nacional and Hotel Moreles and Hotel Continental 1982-11-11
Granda Hometel: exterior and interior aerials of Granda Royale Hometel 1982-09-22
Harry Hooker Construction: ground-breaking ceremonies 1982-06-04
Bernice Harwell: couple 1982-04-15
Hank Harrison: Mrs. Hank Harrison 1982-02-19
Susan Harold: woman holding fish 1981-12-04
F. Heger: seven jeweled rings 1981-08-14
Houston Bridge and Engineering Company: aerials of New Braunfels Street bridge 1981-05-11
Houston Bridge and Engineering Company: New Braunfels Street bridge 1980-01-17
Houston Bridge and Engineering Company: aerials of New Braunfels Street bridge 1980-05-07
Charles Huey: water on floor at airport 1980-09-06
Hughes Microwave Communications: tower microwave installation on National Bank of Commerce building 1980-02-26
Harry Grove: western scene 1980-01-31
Reagan Houston: interior of Convention Center 1981-04-22
Harry Hooker Construction: rendering of Southwest Subaru Office and Warehouse facility 1981-03-13
Howard, Timlison Drayn, Inc.: rendering of interior of plane 1981-02-12
Norman Hitzfelder: two horses 1980-11-04
Harry Grove: golf ads 1980-01-15
986 Healy-Murphy Center: graduating class 1987-05-26
Houston Commercial Box Corporation: Larry Dunlap 01-07
Harris Corporation: interior and exterior 1986-11-17
Hoerbigez Corporation of America: display 1986-02-21
Pinky Hill: unidentified man
Healy-Murphy Center: senior graduating class 1985-05-30
C. M. Harrington: Texas ranger stars 1984-05-24
Half Price Movers: unidentified man 1984-05-24
Half Price Movers: unidentified man 1984-03-12
Reese. L. Harrison, Jr. 1983-10-27
Don Hudspeth: rendering of Coney Island Building 1983-12-27
Hogan Property Company: Woodway Park Phase IV rendering 1985-07-09
Hogan Property Company: Woodway Park Phase II rendering 1985-02-11
Hogan Property Company: Woodway Park Phase II rendering 1985-06-28
Healy-Murphy Center: Sister Mary Boniface 1984-10-05
Hachar Imports: brass and glass boxes 1984-07-17
Healy-Murphy Center: graduating class 05-31
988 Exterior of Hallock House 1976-03-15
Wooden candle holders 1976-04-22
Glass candle holders 1976-03-04
Candles and holders 1975-11-20
Candles and bird candle holders 1975-10-15
989 B. M. Hammond Company building
Unidentified employees 1962
[ Inv # 16865 ]
Ben Hammond 1961
Interior of Jewelry store
Storage room
990 Charms 1965
Rings 1965
Construction on building 1965
Pins 1965
Bracelets 1965
Necklaces 1965
Tie clasps 1965
Earrings 1965
991 Unidentified men 1967
[ Pic # 66866 ]
992 Rings 1967
Tie clasps 1967
Bracelets 1967
Knife, belt buckles, pins 1967
Necklaces 1967
Earrings 1967
Crosses 1967
Charms 1967
Watches 1967
993 Rings 1968
Necklaces 1968
Charms 1968
Pins 1968
Bracelets 1968
994 Watches 1970-10-05
Zodiac pins and rings 1970-03-15
Rings 1970-01-13
Rings, watches, charms, bracelets, pins, necklaces 1969-10-24
Brooches 1968-10-11
Necklaces 1968-10-15
Earrings and charms 1968-09-23
995 Rings and display holder 1978-12-12
Texas charms
Heart pins
HANDY ANDY SUPERMAKETS 1929-1981 and undated
996 Candy
Canned food
Lunch boxes
Folding chair
Valentine Candy
997 Handy Andy packed with people
Frozen foods
Woman hitting piñata
Exterior of store
Fruits and vegetables
Woman in Spanish costume singing
Hygiene products
Grand opening
998 Butcher shop and sides of meat
Hygiene products
Grand opening
Kids on fire truck with clown
R. R. Clothiers sign
999 Displays
Two men shaking hands
Group at awards banquet
Crowd at Coliseum
Group of ladies swimming in pond
Interior of store
Exterior of store
Unidentified men
Truck being loaded from plane
Rendering of Handy Andy Supermarket
Deer Trophy
Dog boxes
Exterior of store 1945
Olmos Park and Dam
Old bus circa 1929
Aerial of Alamo Stadium
Group of men
Ladies coming out of Municipal Auditorium
Boy milking cow on Army Boulevard
1000 Knife
Mixing bowls
Unidentified couple with dachshunds
Boy and man
Two men with Air Conditioner unit
Frozen foods
Stag Beer display
Brown Express truck
Exterior of Handy Andy Supermarket 1941
Budweiser Beer display
Fruit display
Falstaff Beer display
Canned vegetables display
Truck being loaded from airplane
Crowd and WOAI-TV truck outside Handy Andy
Man with two kids
Interior of Handy Andy Supermarket
Drug department
Kiddie Korner
Handy Andy Supermarket exterior 1937
Woman behind counter
Interior of store
Ladies swimming in pond
Shopping carts
Cups and saucers
Diet dressing, jelly and peaches
Group of men at dinner
Horse with elaborate saddle
Hunter with deer
Man with mare and foal
Exterior of Handy Andy Supermarket 1953
Two men shaking hands
Fruits and vegetables
Hunter with two deer, three pheasants and four geese on car
Chef headdress and drum
Tool kit
Deer trophy
Two unidentified men
Two men with certificate
Group of men in meeting
Construction of Handy Andy Supermarket
Group of men In front of the Alamo
Exterior of Handy Andy Supermarket 1938
Roy Rogers-Dale Evans lunchbox
Three people greeting woman getting off train
Groups and unidentified men
Handy Andy Supermarket exterior 1948
Handy Andy Supermarket exterior 1957
Handy Andy Supermarket exterior 1946
Car outside Handy Andy Supermarket 1951
1001 Interior of Handy Andy Supermarket 1968-09-13
Exterior of Handy Andy Supermarket 1974-04-23
Exterior of Handy Andy Supermarket 1966
Exterior of Handy Andy Supermarket 1964
Interior of Handy Andy Supermarket 1967
Exterior of Handy Andy Supermarket 1958
Exterior of Handy Andy Supermarket 1956
Exterior of Handy Andy Supermarket 1937
Exterior of Handy Andy Supermarket
Exterior of Handy Andy Supermarket 1958
Two girls looking at grill 1953
Interior of Handy Andy Supermarket
Exterior of Handy Andy Supermarket 1952
Gas station
Exterior of Handy Andy Supermarket 1953
1002 Rendering of Handy Andy Supermarket
Interior of Handy Andy Supermarket
Couple with refrigerator
Crowd of people in Handy Andy
Crowd of people outside Handy Andy 1951
1003 Cooking utensils 1951
Bicycles 1951
Group by WOAI-TV microphones 1951
Rake 1951
Candy 1951
Christmas lights 1951
Mixing bowls 1951
Kids on bikes 1951
Group by freezer 1951
Rendering of Handy Andy offices and warehouses 1951
Mug 1951
Rendering of Handy Andy Supermarket 1951
Cheese display 1951
Car outside Handy Andy Supermarket 1951
Bakery display 1951
Hygiene products 1951
Cake 1951
Man with sides of beef 1951
Canned vegetables display 1951
Turkey 1951
Construction of building near freeman Coliseum 1951
Interior of Handy Andy Supermarket 1951
Woman with Cocker Spaniel 1951
Nut cracker set 1951
Group of men 1951
Housewares department 1951
Kiddie Korner 1951
Unidentified man 1951
1004 Woman and child by range 1951
Exterior of Handy Andy Supermarket 1951
Grand opening 1951
Food 1951
Man with two boys and steer 1951
Interior of Handy Andy Supermarket 1951
Meat 1951
Bakery 1951
Hygiene products 1951
Housewares 1951
Large cake of Handy Andy Supermarket 1951
Dairy products 1951
Vegetables 1951
Handy Andy Bakery exterior 1951
WOAI-TV at Handy Andy Supermarket 1951
Dinner 1951
Rendering of Handy Andy Supermarket 1951
Exterior of Handy Andy warehouse 1951
1005 Interior of Handy Andy Supermarket
Exterior of Handy Andy Supermarket 1953
Exterior of Handy Andy Supermarket 1960
Helicopter by Handy Andy Supermarket
Aerial rendering of Wonderland Center
Customer shopping
Rocket in Handy Andy parking lot
Grand opening
1006 Unidentified man 1954
Place settings at table 1954
Employee dinner 1954
Brooms, mops, rakes, brushes, hangers 1954
Meats 1954
Elephant in parking lot 1954
Unloading airplane 1954
Man with monkey on leash 1954
Two kids with Santa Clause 1954
Three boys and a man with steer 1954
Side of beef 1954
Two men with two groups of kids 1954
Elephant and clowns 1954
Three men 1954
Group of ladies and a man 1954
Kitchen appliances meeting at Municipal Auditorium 1954
Herd of cattle 1954
Group of people 1954
Aerial of Handy Andy Supermarket 1954
Awards 1954
Two little girls with puppies 1954
Displays 1954
Fountain with swan 1954
Party at Saint Anthony Hotel 1954
Audie Murphy cutting the Alamo cake on Davy Crockett's birthday 1954
Clown with kids by gate 1954
Food 1954
Man with Shetland 1954
Exterior of Handy Andy Supermarket 1954
People swimming 1954
Grapes 1954
Dolls 1954
Jerry Spangler 1954
Machinery at Falls City, Texas 1954
1007 Cheese display 1955
Kids with clown 1955
Construction of building near Coliseum 1955
Onions 1955
Refrigerator 1955
Crowd in Coliseum 1955
Construction of Handy Andy Supermarket 1955
Meeting 1955
Two boys on Ferris wheel 1955
Man and boy with sheep 1955
Three men 1955
Man with pony 1955
Boy on merry-go-round 1955
Group of men 1955
Ladies at luncheorn 1955
Two little girls with puppies 1955
Vegetagle Show 1955
Exterior of Handy Andy Supermarket 1955
Certificate 1955
Kiddie rides 1955
Two people with steer 1955
Unidentified people 1955
Food 1955
Unidentified people at dinner 1955
Vegetable Queen 1955
Little girl with large doll 1955
Lucky Ranch 1955
Awards presentation at Saint Anthony 1955
1008 Parking lot at Christmas time 1956
Santa Claus with little kid 1956
Family winning car 1956
Little girl on pony 1956
Interior of Handy Andy Supermarket 1956
Ad 1956
Toys 1956
Food 1956
Older couple 1956
Four men shaking hands 1956
John Orin, Dorothy Schmidt and E. Scobin 1956
1009 Unidentified men 1956
Truck 1956
Two men shaking hands 1956
Check presentation 1956
Basket of potatoes 1956
Exterior of Handy Andy Supermarket 1956
Meeting 1956
Awards banquet 1956
Interior of Handy Andy Supermarket 1956
Aerial rendering: Northlane Shopping Center 1956
Baby elephants 1956
Freeman Coliseum 1956
Cookout 1956
Housewares department 1956
Vegetables 1956
1010 Men with vegetables
Interior of Handy Andy Supermarket
Winners of refrigerator
Check presentation
Group at awards ceremony
Warehouse interior
Fruit in warehouse
Exterior of Handy Andy Supermarket
Groups of people
Air Conditioner units on roof of building
Side of beef
Men cooking
Aerials of Handy Andy Supermarket
Man and boy with sheep and steer
Kiddie rides
Hula hoop contest
Christmas tree and Santa Clause
Men with trophy
Meeting of chefs
Men in cornfield
Anniversary banquet
Playland Park
1011 Oranges and orange juice 1959
Check out counters and employees 1959
Butchers and bakers 1959
Exterior of Handy Andy Supermarket 1959
Tuna display 1959
Frozen foods 1959
Medicines 1959
Woman with huge heart shaped box of candy 1959
Displays 1959
Manufacturers dinner 1959
People with prize vegetables 1959
Ads 1959
Stamp Redemption Store 1959
1012 Food 1960
Unidentified men 1960
Handy Andy Bakery 1960
Cakes 1960
Wedding cake and dolls and decorations 1960
Candy and pastries 1960
Exterior of Handy Andy Bakery 1960
Two little girls with bread 1960
1013 Copies of photographs of first Handy Andy Store circa 1910
1014 Aerials of Handy Andy Supermarket 1960
1015 Cakes
Two ladies looking at poster about John Wayne in San Antonio for "The Alamo" premiere 1960
Ladies with cakes 1960
Bakers decorating the Alamo cake 1960
Bakers decorating the cakes 1960
Bakers decorating the cakes 1962
Butcher chipping meat 1964
Interior of bakery 1963
Interior of bakery 1964
People checking eggs 1963
Exterior of bakery
1016 Hygiene products 1961
Exterior of Handy Andy Supermarket 1961
1017 Clown 1961
Woman wearing stole
Piano cake
R. H. Newcomer
Santa Claus at Christmas party
Unidentified people
Three people and basketful of money 1962
Two ladies 1962
Group 1962
Group of men at luncheon 1962
Mr. Willis and Mr. Sandelback
Group outside Montgomery Ward and Company
Winner of car
Washing machine and range and refrigerator
Air France plane
Golf clubs
Mexican band
Opening ceremony at Montgomery Ward and Company 1961
Mr. Pries
Barbecue equipment
Construction of Handy Andy Supermarket
Man with Liberace
Liberace cutting piano cake
1018 Interior of store 1972-02-25
Cake 1961-07-05
Interior and exterior of store
Food 1971-08-26
Fondue set up 1971-09-01
Rendering of Handy Andy Supermarket 1971-07-29
Furniture 1969-01-22
Products 1974-04-22
Candy 1962-01-19
Interior and exterior of house 1961-06-13
Beer can 1974-09-07
Cooking products 1979-12-12
Ads 1970-08-14
Goldware displays 1970-09-19
Tray of mints 1968-01-06
Dinnerware 1969-01-16
Group at dinner 04-06
1019 Woman with stole
Hygiene products
Two men looking at building 1964
Three kids on Ferris wheel 1963
Two little black kids on Kiddie boat ride 1963
Kids on Toonerville Railroad 1963
People at Haunted Castle 1963
Man putting coffee in cart 1963
Man putting meat in cart 1963
Man with eight carts of stuff 1963
Three men with posters 1963
Handy Andy Supermarket under construction
Two men and little boy with mounds of tickets 1963
Man with boxes of food 1964
Chicken coop
Michelangelo exhibit 1964
Banquet and meeting at Saint Anthony
Woman wearing money dress 1963
Men with plaque 1962
Trip winners 1962
Food 1962
Two little girls
People at Freeman Coliseum 1963
Aerial of Handy Andy Supermarket
Kids on rides
Rendering of Handy Andy Supermarket
Prince of Majestic in Acapulco 1963
Swimming pool
Casaba Colon Hotel in Mexico City 1963
Unidentified people
1020 Interior of store 1974
Exterior of store 1970
Interior of store 1976
Exterior of EZI store 1976
Interior and exterior of Handy Andy Supermarket 1970-11-02
Interior and exterior of EZI ice house 1970-10-29
French bakery at Central Park 1973-01-03
Interior of Handy Andy Supermarket 1968-10-11
Exterior of Handy Andy Supermarket 1970
Interior of Handy Andy Supermarket 1967
Rendering of Handy Andy Supermarket 1972-08-24
Interior and exterior of ten Handy Andy Supermarkets 1970-12-28
Cake 1962-06-05
Interior of Hang It On Clothing store at Central Park 1969-04-18
Flower show at La Villita Roundhouse 1968-05-06
1021 Deli trays 1985-10-31
Baker and oven 1978-08-15
Wedding cakes
Wedding cake and groom's cake 1975-07-08
Bridal cake booth at Villita Assembly Hall 1969-02-25
Cakes, birthday and wedding 1972-06-07
Wedding cakes 1970-02-26
Cook with bread 1975-07-03
Father's Day cake 1972-06-03
Cake display booth at Home and Hobby Show 1972-03-28
Cookies 1971-11-12
Wheat, uncut in field 1972
Bride and groom with cake 1964
Cakes 1964
Cakes 1965
1022 Frozen food display 1970-12-11
Award presentation at Villita Assembly Hall 1968-05-20
Three people by car at North Star Dodge 1968
Two men in cornfield: Joe Orin and Vance Wauf 1968-06-07
Little girl with clown 1968
Awards dinner at Arden Grove 1969-04-12
Airport arrival of Tony Manero 1969-03-29
Toys 1968-12-16
Polly Lambkins Nurser and Mrs. Mann presenting awards 1968-06-24
Bug killers 1968-06-26
Winner of cart at Gillespie Ford
Cold storage and exterior of Handy Andy Supermarket 1968-06-27
Awards banquet at La Villita 1969-05-05
Air Conditioner units and chicken plucking machine 1968-06-14
Group by San Antonio College Administration building 1968-10-02
Dinner at Saint Antony Hotel 1968-09-20
Art Gillien with Ad Club Award 1969-09-11
Group of men 1970
Toilet paper 1971-01-07
Drivers safety award dinner at Arden Grove 1970-03-28
Awards at La Villita 1970-09-04
Winner of car 1970-05-05
Products, ladies in fur coat and people 1970-09-10
Race car and Paul Jett 1970-08-07
Orton Wilcoxen 1970-06-11
Winners of coats 1970-08-20
Opening ceremony 1970-11-02
Winners of car at Hemphill-McCombs Ford 1970-11-25
Kathryn Ray receiving and award 1970-12-01
Drawing for prize winners 1968-04-03
Service pin awards 1967
Football player
Safety Awards Dinner at Arden Grove 1967-03
Santa Claus
1023 Buffet restaurant: Brittany Buffet
Brittany Buffet 05-16
Interior of Brittany Buffet 1969-03-05
Kitchen 1969-01-27
A. B. Johnson and Mr. Freeman 1969-01-28
1024 Food 1972-08-13
Carpenter, Horton, Ischope: rendering of Consumers Wholesale Commissary 1979-12-10
Pitluk Advertising: employees 1975-07-24
Interior and exterior of Harry Tappan warehouse 1975-07-08
Model of Handy Andy and rendering 1974-06-20
Rendering of Handy Andy Supermarket 1974-07-25
1025 Ground-breaking 1960
Awards presentation at Arden Grove Restaurant
Interior of Handy Andy Supermarket
Baskets of cheese
Unidentified people
Employees 1974
Interior of store
Group of ladies 1976
Opening ceremony 1978
People in cafeteria
1026 Roast 1981-07-08
Food and laundry products 1981-04-23
1027 Four men at check presentation 1975-06-18
Country Cupboard Foods
1028 Exterior of Handy Dan Garden Center 1978-08-16
Bill Brown 1975-04-22
Doug Saks 1974-09-25
Rendering of Handy Dan 1972-08-10
H. Michael Nivens receiving award 1974-01-03
Taping session at KSAT-12 1973-01-27
People receiving award 1973-03-23
Women meeting in Mrs. Saks apartment 1973-01-30
Salesman in hardware area 1972-10-17
Judy Goodman 1972-06-21
Daylin meeting 1972-06-01
Parts 1970-09-09
1029 Executives portraits 1983-03-08
[ Pic # 121169-76 Inv # 3369 ]
Merchandise in store 1983-02-03
Interior and exterior of store 1983-01-31
Interior of store 1983-01-27
Interior of store 1982-10-21
Interior of Garden Center 1982-11-02
Interior of store 1981-11-02
Warehouse interior 1981-10-16
Canyon Lake 1981-06-08
Executives 1981-01-26
[ Pic # 27890 Inv # 33823 ]
Girl 1980-07-09
[ Pic # 26567 Inv # 33372 ]
Trucks 1980-10-05
Store on Marbach Street 1979-02-24
1030 Man with props 1984-01-06
Executives 1983-09-09
Interior of Handy Dan 1984-10-15
Interior of Handy Dan 1983-10-19
1031 Hargis garage 1962
Two headed car 1960
Two men with boat at Norton Hargis garage
Boats 1961
Interior of garage 1960
HARPER, ED 1961-1963
1032 Ed Harper 1963
Man with baby
Girl in swimsuit 1961
Man waterskiing and jumping
Men moving trout and letting them go in lake 1962
Beauty contest winner by lake 1961
San Antonio Ski and Boating Club Queen on float 1961
Picnic 1961
Lake and resort
People, waterskiing with flags and girl on two men's shoulders 1961
Rendering for proposed ski lodge
1033 Unidentified man 1980-10-09
[ Pic # 118441 Inv # 33414 ]
Two unidentified people 1981
[ Inv # 33414 Pic # 118439-40 ]
Judy Sackett, Barry Box, Brigitte Boccarelli 1979-07-17
Janet Henry 1979-03-15
Ann Lowman 1979-03-19
John Anderson 1979-04-06
Men with news van 1979-05-04
Ann Lowman 1977-07-12
Todd 1977-07-27
Jeanette Tully, Jon Dell Antonia 1980-01-31
Jerry Wevier 1979-10-04
1034 Wrecked cars 1945
Torn up basement floor
Grant, W. T., Department store, exterior 1945
HAUCK, BILL 1963-1976
1035 Sheriff and deputies in front of City Courthouse 1963-04-23
Sheriff and deputies in front of City Courthouse 1963-06-07
Sheriff Hauck running for re-election 1964
Fund raising dinner 1964
Buffet restaurant: Brittany Buffet 1976-03-13
1036 Glenn Advertising: Haversack Wine in Fredericksburg, Texas 1975
Woman by well with wine 1975
Wine 1975
Interior of Haversack Wines 1975
Wine and cheese 1975-06-17
1037 Final progress on Pacific Plaza construction 1986-06-30
Final progress on Pacific Plaza construction 1986-05-28
Final progress on Pacific Plaza construction 1986-05-01
Final progress on Pacific Plaza construction 1986-03-26
Final progress on Pacific Plaza construction 1986-02-26
Final progress on Pacific Plaza construction 1986-01-28
Final progress on Pacific Plaza construction 1986-01-17
Final progress on Pacific Plaza construction 1985-07-31
Final progress on Pacific Plaza construction 1985-08-20
Final progress on Pacific Plaza construction 1985-09-26
Final progress on Pacific Plaza construction 1985-10-28
Final progress on Pacific Plaza construction 1985-12-02
HDW COMPANY 1968-1970
1038 Interior and engine of plane 1971-02-12
Rendering of plane 1970-02-24
Interior of helicopter 1969-11-30
Rendering of interior of plane 1969-10-29
Rendering of interior of plane 1969-11-06
Helicopter 1969-07-30
Recliner chair for plane
Interior of Grumman II 1968-12-16
Hangar with plane 1969-01-15
Interior of plane 1968-01-03
Rendering of interior and exterior of planes
Plane taking off
Bell Helicopter and Falcon Jet 1968-06-26
1039 Heat Transfer dashboard of Volkswagen 1973-02-12
HEB 1930-1987
1040 Carnival ride outside HEB
Meat counter
Cosmetic counter
Birthday cake
Kid in coonskin cap with rifle
Four people by four cars
Wedding cake
Conformation cake
Exterior of HEB
Woman cooking on WOAI-TV
Two men receiving safety awards
Anniversary cake 1954
Interior of HEB
Little kid on car hood 1930
Unidentified man
[ Pic #966 ]
Exterior of HEB 1957
Coonskin cap
Unidentified man
1041 HEB store exterior and interior 1946
HEB store pastry counter 1946
Woman making cakes
Looking down Broadway Street
Old picture of couple with flowers 1985-02-12
Workers pouring concrete
HEB soda fountain
Man with grand champion, carrots
Two unidentified men shaking hands
Bakery at HEB
Opening of new HEB 1946
Perfumes and makeup
Construction of HEB
Wedding cake
Conformation cake
Birthday cake
Light bulbs
HEB warehouse 1946
Opening ceremonies 1946
Butt, Howard 1946
1042 Exterior of HEB warehouse
Two men watching chicken burn
Departments in HEB and exterior of HEB Family Center 1968-09-26
Exterior of warehouse 1971-09-17
Interior of HEB 1968-09-24
Exterior of HEB 1968-12-03
Exterior of HEB 1951
Two men looking at HEB truck 1964
Interior of HEB and displays 1960
Exterior of HEB 1957
Exterior of HEB 1954
Grand opening of HEB 1945
Texas Gold Gift Center
North Star Mall sign
Exterior of HEB 1960
Two men oat Plaza de Las Palmas HEB
Marching band
Warehouse 1962-02-22
1043 Unidentified woman 1963
[ Pic # 37779 ]
[ Pic # 66933-943 ]
Meat counter 1960
Family shopping
Woman receiving live chicken 1961
Exterior of HEB 1951
Checkout counter 1963
Two ladies with giant bag of groceries 1960
Unidentified boy 1966
[ Pic # 60456 ]
Unidentified people 1966
[ Pic # 59561 ]
Exterior of HEB and construction on extension 1966
Aerial of HEB
Interior of store 1963
Money winners: Margaret Poe, Kate Schenek, Mrs. Brockerton, Mrs. Floyd W. Dobson, Mrs., Ben B. Guerra, Nancy Rodgers, Harry Dauer, Jr., Lizzie Albert, Stell Orn, Roy Lee Banks, Leana Losoya, Rosalio Castro
Kids putting small stamps in books 1963
Mrs. Willian C. Hall, Mrs. Turner
BBQ picnic for HEB employees 1960
HEB Managers: Davis Mogford and H. E. Frey 1960
Check presentation 1960
Grand champion steer
Mexican singers 1960
Old car circa 1930 1962
Money winners: Barbara Crawford, J. L. Rose, L. G. Dominguez, Pedro Cuellar, Tillie Arredendo, J. B. Coone, E. D. Leyva, Tillie Dunn, Pearl Battersby
Check presentation 1963
Group of HEB employees
Employees with trophies 1961
HEB baseball team
Fashion show 1961
Easter baskets
1044 Woman looking at jars of food
Little girl
Man and woman looking at jars
Exterior of HEB 1957
Woman with two little kids
Two women at makeup counter
Grand opening
Old Spice display
Little kids on Tilt-A-Whirl
1045 Ladies sorting cookies
Chefs in the bakery 1965
Donuts on conveyer belt 1964
Ladies decorating cakes 1964
Lady boxing donuts 1964
Man putting rolls in oven 1964
Ladies watching machine dribble frosting on cakes 1964
Man starting giant mixer 1964
Pastries 1962
Cakes 1962
Baker with two pies 1961
Wedding cake 1960
1046 Interior of store at North Star Mall 02-20
Interior of store at Wonderland 1969-02-20
HEB exterior 1960
Interior of store 1961
Warehouse 1960-05-24
1047 Interior of store 1962
Check out register
1048 Man with trophy by truck 1968-05-28
Group of men
Men by plane 1966
Man with kids and bicycle 1965
Check presentation 1965
Interior of store 1965
Ground-breaking for warehouse 1964
Man and woman with fur coat 1964
Man and woman 1964
1049 Group of men 1966
[ Pic # 56413 ]
Booth at Home and Hobby Show 1966-03-25
1050 Doyle Caraway, Alvin Krusntscher, Ely Espinosa, Flores, Kanny Lopez 1970-06-08
Bower, Guajardo, M. R. Cervantes 1970-05-27
Herb Conway, Gene Boehm, Johnny Cavazos 1970-05-05
Roberta Chenault, Slfred Porras 1969-11-12
Zaragosa, Anguino, Mirelas
George Valz 1968-04-09
Robert Reynolds, Joe Webb, Oscar Flores, Danny Lopez, Alfred Porras, Swearingen, Ivers, Anguino, Mireles, Jerry Felan, Norma Brannam, Ed Crane, Bill Bynum, Joe Limerick, J. Gaunt, J. Brown, Roy Schmidtzensky, Sorhorro Mendez 1968
James Milltorn, Mabry, Tom Moore, Joe Webb, Joseph Pruitt, Guadalupe Anguiano, Gilbert Green 1970
Billy Young and Joseph Pruitt 1968-04-24
Olen Amyx, Black, Tom Bickle, Larry Bower, Richard Barker, Ron Bunsrin, Charles Butt, Boyd Caraway, Robert Chapman, Martha Clovis, Tom Czarnesky, Barbara Cunnignham, John Dieterle, David Dumenil, Eddie Echols, Joe Franklin, Harold Frey, Jene Garcia, Jim Gaunt, Leo Hernandez, Nicholas Hernandez, John Hincir, Ronald Heim, Eugene Hallmann, Sr and Jr., Thelma Iners, Carl Jehl, Frank Kosub, Socorro Mandez, Charles McKinney, Don Miller, Lee Ralls, Felix Rendon, Irene Rousell, Tom Rudd, Charles Sawyer, Bill Simmons, Jim Stanley, Willard Stanley, Jimmie Swope, Alex Torres, Willian Ziche
1051 Dairy rack and cookies 1975-10-13
Fresh produce 1969
Exterior of HEB 1971-02-07
Interior of HEB 1969-09-08
Employees 1969-11-12
Girl in gift department 1972-11-27
1052 Five department managers 1978-09-29
[ Inv # 30470 Pic # 115109-13 ]
Milk plant at HEB warehouse 1977-02-24
Ed Crane 1976-12-07
HEB and display outside 1974-10-23
Interior of HEB 1975-10-28
Produce and frozen food sections 1976-04-05
Store managers 1976-07-24
Group of employees 1974-07-17
Airport departure of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Webb for Mexico 1973-03-08
Charles Butt 1973-04-18
Groups 1973-09-04
HEBs at Walzem and Wurzbach Roads 1972-11-29
Employees 1972-12-30
Roy Schmidtzinsky 1972-10-13
Woman being presented a car 1972-11-01
Truck driver winners at airport 1972-10-11
Department managers at HEB # 24 1972-06-06
Check presentation to Alamo YMCA 1972-04-06
Group at Sheraton Motor Hotel 1972-03-29
Meat department manager 1972-02-14
Department managers at several departments 1972-01-27
Swimming pool in San Pedro Park 1972-02-10
Check presentation at Brittany Buffet 1972-02-01
Contest winner getting on plane to Europe 1971-11-01
Managers meeting at San Antonio Inn 1971-10-26
Man accepting TV prize 1971-10-01
Winner fo TV prize 1971-10-02
Shopper in store 1971-09-08
Cakes 1971-05-05
Benny Mathis 1971-03-01
HEB interior in Kerrville, Texas 1971-03-24
Joe Webb and family and Mr. Clihe and Joe Webb 1969-06-30
Old Spice display 1970-06-06
Trophies 1969-12-01
HEB at Las Palmas 1969-10-11
Charlie Butt: trophies and yacht 1969-10-07
Employees 1969-09-22
Rendering of shopping center in Corpus Christi, San Antonio, Texas 1969-08-06
Augustin Guyardo 1969-05-31
Man with trophy 1969-05-15
1053 Robert Reynolds 1971
Art Guerro and Joe Morena 1970-08-28
Nacho Vidaverri, Bobby Cesar, Manuel H. Rodriguez, Adaci Garcia 1971-08-18
1054 John Gill 1977-10-03
Group 1977-09-13
[ Inv # 241168 Pic # 113269 ]
Group 1977-09-06
[ Inv # 24137 Pic # 113234 ]
Group 1977-08-22
[ Inv # 24804 Pic # 113174 ]
Gordon Lyon, Craig Kublank, Jerry Hitchcock, Hector Valdez, Daniel Jimenez 1977-08-15
Dona Wilhemson 1977-06-02
Unidentified people 1977-05-26
[ Inv # 24381 Pic # 112814-819 ]
Javier Moreno, Tony Lessing, Norris Adams 1977-04-06
Manuel H. Rodriguez, John Cavazos, Richard Esparza, Joe Aguilar 1977-02-04
Bill Flynn 1976-11-05
Unidentified people 1976-11-02
[ Inv # 20989 Pic # 111296-301 ]
Richard Nolan, Paul Gonzales, George De La Pena 1976-10-28
Felix Borrego, Charlie Smith 1976-10-26
Robert Reynolds 1976-09-10
Nelson Caddy 1976-09-13
Doug Cawan, Ken Vaughn 1976-08-20
Unidentified men 1976-07-16
[ Pic # 109672-73 Inv # 23000 ]
Roland Lopez 1976-05-10
Unidentified men 1976-04-28
[ Pic # 109672-73 Inv # 22592 ]
Guadalupe Flores, Pete Espinoza 1976-04-21
Joe Webb, Vacho Videurra, Eloy Esperanza 1975-11-06
Ricardo Cortez 1976-04-02
Gloria Castillo, Bob Jonson, Jerry Hitchcock, Tony Lessing, Ricardo Estrada 1976-04-02
Joe A. Davilis, James M. Gardver, Doug Meiske and Joe Munoz 1976-03-18
Roscoe Armstrong, Roy Schmidtzinsky, Gary Thomas 1976-03-18
Lloyd McVey, Jerry Martinez, Helen Chandler, Bill Flyn 1976-03-15
Kubiank, Stanton, Jimmy Knebel 1976-11-07
Anthony Hughes, James Pyree, Shirley Garicas 1975-10-21
Jerry Martinez 1975-10-01
Field International Drilling Company: drilling in water 1973-04-19
Mary Hamilton, R. Garza, D. Aldrich 1975-03-15
Lloyd McVey, Allen Wood, R. Ruiz, Benno Kriwald 1975-07-31
Elane Downing, R. H. Aston, Charles Douglas, Jim Burt 1974-01-04
Ron Denny, Nick Ammons, Paul Speas, Toby Castro 1974-07-01
Larry Bower, Ed Crane, William East 1973-08-15
Roy Schidtzinsky, Larry Sweet, Gary Thomas, Bill Simmons 1972-11-29
Tom Moore, Ron Denny Beldon Duty, Richard Hodge, Walley Kinser 1972-06-06
Bill Rose, Kenneth Faifer, Tom Herbison, Jim Lemmon 1972-05-16
Val Adrich, James Alexander, Marie Bartholemew, Bower 1970-08-31
Larry Battie, Frances Breeze, Betty Brooks, C. A. Bryce 1971-06-22
James Bryce, Wilford Buchhorn, Geneva Buffin, Burdeen Burks 1970-07-15
George Burton, H. E. Butt, Charles Butt, Edward Cooper 1970-07-15
Charles W. Crutchfield, Barbara Cunningham, Mildred Dalchar 1970-07-07
Frank Domann, Charles Douglas, Emando Estino, Richard Estrada 1970-07-21
Larry Faulk, Harold Friesen, Barbara Galloway, Robert Gonzales 1970-07-13
Filomae Godsey, Edwin Grieve, Joyce Haile, Gene Hernandez 1970-07-15
Alfred Huck, Billy Ray Johns, Judy Kimdall, Ray Kyrish, Mabry 1970-07-15
Benny Mathis, Salvador Nuer, Joe Moreno, Joe Munez, Richard Nolan 1970-07-14
Adolph Ortiz, Jr., Ramon Quiroz, B. Rose, Charles Sawyer, Betty Schultz 1970-07-10
Tom Stanislav, Jimmy Swearingen, Darwin Thomas, Perry Townsend 1970-06-15
Elizabeth Villarreal, Ralph Unger, Bob Wahl, Hollis Ware, Jack Winslow 1970-07-14
1055 Cakes 1970
Cakes 1974-06-11
Cakes 1970-01-05
Cakes 1971-04-02
Wedding cake
Rost Christilles 1978-07-06
1056 Group of employees at 65th anniversary awards 1971
1057 Speakers at sales meeting, Duane Peters, Charles Butt, Larry Taylor, Bill Pullium, Bob Chapman, H. E. Butt, Doyle Cannon, Steve Thompson, T. B. Ault, Murray Jones, Ed Crane 1972-10-19
Slide show
Food displays
1058 Health care products
Bread products
Meat products
Dishes and cookware
Animal products, soft drinks and cleansers
Household items
Dietary products
Exterior of HEB 1972-10-25
1059 Food 1973-04-23
Deli platters 1973-03-23
Food 1973-03-06
Exterior of HEB # 29 1975-05-02
1060 Estrada, Richard 1980-01-22
Unidentified people 1979-12-05
[ Pic # 116939-42 Inv # 32079 ]
Joe Carter 1979-10-17
Unidentified people 1979-10-04
[ Inv # 31525 Pic # 116660-62 ]
Mr. Dimckick 1979-09-12
Unidentified people 1979-09-11
[ Inv # 31925 Pic # 116490-91 ]
Larry Chusty 1979-09-07
Unidentified people 1979-08-23
[ Pic # 116447-56 Inv # 31850 ]
Unidentified people 1979-08-30
[ Pic # 116450-56 Inv # 31885 ]
Unidentified people 1979-08-30
[ Inv # 31771 Pic # 116340-48 ]
Unidentified people 1979-04-13
[ Inv # 31206 Pic # 115879-87 ]
Unidentified people 1979-03-28
[ Inv # 31130 Pic # 115806-812 ]
Roselyn Mills 1979-01-15
Unidentified people 1979-01-08
[ Inv # 30795 Pic # 115447-52 ]
Dan Jimenez 1978-09-26
Mr. Schmidtzinsky presenting award to Ella Austin and Earl Snide 1978-09-06
Mel Salinas 1979-06-30
Unidentified people 1978-06-27
[ Inv # 25491 Pic # 114683-686 ]
Unidentified people 1978-06-28
[ Inv # 25496 Pic # 114696-698 ]
Unidentified people 1978-06-29
[ Inv # 25504 Pic # 114694-95 ]
Retirement party at Brazier Restaurant 1978-04-28
Unidentified people 1978-03-16
[ Inv # 23980 Pic # 114115 ]
Art Cuestra 1978-01-19
Richard Esparza 1977-10-12
1061 Food 1981-06-24
Exterior of HEB 1984
Food and Nutrition Center 1984-11-11
Milk products 1983-01-07
Bunny slippers 1980-10-20
Toys and Christmas catalog 1980-10-17
Warehouse 1982
Exteriors 1982
Interiors 1981-10-28
Ice cream, kid's party 1981-07-29
Store opening with Cisneros, Henry and Butt, Charles 1981-06-30
Logo 1981-02-17
1062 HEB brochure 11-04
Cabbage Patch dolls 1985-10-27
Shampoo, candy, plates, medicines, vitamins, food, skillets, light bulbs, batteries, flowers, toys, Ken and Barbie dolls, eggs, soft drinks, frozen and canned foods, bread, mixer, radio
1063 Wrenches, shoes, rice, chicken, steak, bread, Listerine, pizza, soft drinks, scrap books, medicine, fruit, flowers, oil, dental products, clothing, lotions
Turkey dinner 1985-11-01
Pork loin
Store interior 10-09
People and products 1986-01-06
Exterior of Head Quarters
Drugs 11-20
Soft drinks
Produce department 1985-11-18
Interiors 11-14
Vegetables 1985-11-19
Christmas 12-06
"Gilbert" 01-23
Seafood 1986-04-03
Interior 1986-04-07
Popsicles 1986-03-05
Food 05-13
Produce 04-24
Pie, plant 1986-01-30
Employee in store 1986-01-27
Girl employees in produce 01-27
Signs 1986-07-03
Produce 1986-01-22
Drugs 1985-01-24
BBQ 05-15
Produce 05-16
Interior 1986-10-28
Interior 1987-03-17
food 06-05
Dairy products 1986-04-17
Fruit 1986-06-04
Lettuce 1986-03-12
Exterior 1986-10-28
1064 Paper products 1986
Food and tools 1986
Hygiene products, medicines 1986
Oil and cookware 1986
Pots and pans 1986
1065 Food, clothing, radio, flowers, medicines, TV, cooking pots and pans 1986-12-18
1066 Food, batteries, hygiene products, flowers, video tapes, watches, cameras, iron, medicines, car care products, taster 1986-12-21
1067 Food, hygiene products, coffee pot, clock, utensils, flowers, medicines 1986-12-27
1068 Food, hygiene products, notebooks, medicines, bowl, clock, radio, chair, cassettes, trash can 1986-01-10
1069 Hygiene products, trash cans, toys, oil, medicine, clothing, shoes, batteries, makeup 1986-01-13
1070 Coffee maker, plates, food, perfumes, hygiene products, calculator, lawn mower, medicine, flowers 1986-01-14
1071 Flowers, medicines, food, hygiene products, shoes, dishes, coffee maker
1072 Food, medicine, weight control drinks, hygiene products, envelopes, tape, earrings, blow dryer, perfume, cosmetics, radio, car care products, toaster, coffee maker, iron, flowers 1986-06-27
1073 Hygiene products, can opener, food, perfumes, batteries, camera, dishes, coffee filters, fruit, clothing, pots and pans, medicine, cosmetics, oil, film, cat litter 1986-06-03
1074 food, notebook, perfume, charcoal, film, batteries, videotape, cosmetics, radio, medicines, hygiene products 1986-07-07
1075 Oil, microwave, food, cosmetics, hygiene products, cleaning products, tape, dishes, fruit 1986-09-02
1041 HEB (MOVIE) 1946
1076 Iron boat and knight paperweights 1972-09-29
HEMISFAIR 1964-1968
1077 Aerials of residential areas 1964
Henry B. Gonzalez presenting Lalo Gonzalez with International Ambassador for Hemis Fair certificate 1964
Lawrence Welk getting International Ambassador certificate 1968
Two men looking at Hemis Fair model 1964
Queen with flowers 1964
Frank Manupelli
Mayor McAllister and another man announcing Hemis Fair 1968 1964
Ruben Schneider, Governor Frank G. Clement, Noble C. Caudill and Miguel Aleman Valdez with Hemis Fair International Ambassador certificates 1964
Drawing of Hemis Fair
1078 Connaly, John Bowden 1966
Connaly, Nellie 1966
Tower, John Goodwin 1966
Fitzsimons, Hugh 1966
Newman, Jack, Mrs. 1966
Frost, Tom C., Mrs. 1966
Chamberlain, Barclay, Mrs. 1966
Flannery, W. W. 1966
Zachry, H. B., Mrs. 1966
Negley, Nancy 1966
Roth, Bob 1966
Steves, Marshall T. 1966
Steves, Patsy 1966
Light, Walter Scott 1966
Guido, Gene 1966
Cuido, Ella 1966
Shand, James 1966
Shand, James, Mrs. 1966
Sinkin, William R. 1966
Harris, Jerome K. 1966
Harris, Jerome K., Mrs. 1966
Howell, Paul N. 1966
Davis, F. M., Mrs. 1966
Jockusch, John 1966
Jockusch, John, Mrs. 1966
Arneson River Theater (San Antonio, Texas) 1966
Bureau of International Expositions 1966
1079 Construction progress on Hemis Fair
Construction progress on Convention Center 1966-10-26
Construction progress on Hemis Fair Arena 1967-10-12
Receptions at various venues, including the McNay Art Museum
Dignitaries: Connallys, John Tower, Jerome K. Harris, Mr. and Mrs. Forrest M. Smith, Mrs. Ike Kampmann, Henry Bartell Zachry, Henry B. Gonzalez, Paul Howell, Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Tucker, Mrs. Houston Reagan
1080 Hemis Fair Executive Board 1968
Ground-breaking for Hemis Fair 1968
University of Texas Institute of Texan Cultures at San Antonio 1966
Tower of the Americas (San Antonio, Texas)
Spanish art
Buildings 1966-1968
Photographs of Joh Connally, Bob Hope, Everett J. Jennings
1081 Model of Hemis Fair Park 1967
Rendering of Hemis Fair Park
Model of Hemis Fair Park 1966
Logo 1968
Rendering: Korean Pavilion
Rendering: Eager House
Rendering: Woman's Pavilion
1082 Old houses interior and exterior
Aerials of construction of Hemis Fair Plaza and Tower of the Americas
Two men in Hemis Fair Plaza
Starting construction at Hemis Fair
James Stewart receiving Hemis Fair International Ambassador certificate
Bob Hope with another man on golf course
Man with a monkey at Hemis Fair
Hemis Fair canal
Two men setting up skyride cars
Construction of Hemis Fair pavilions
Model of Tower of the Americas made from rocks
Dean Martin being interviewed
John Connally at construction site
Construction of Tower of the Americas
Model with license plate
Man interviewing character actor
Anissa Jones and doll Mrs. Beasley
Sears Roebuck Southwestern Territory map
Aerial of Our Lady of the Lake University
Lyndon B. Jonson's visit
Interior of Pearl Pavilion
Lawrence Welk receiving Hemis Fair International Ambassador certificate
Official Hemis Fair car
Danny Thomas with another man
Three men outside Falstaff House Hemis Fair Press Club
Greg Morris by construction of Tower of the Americas
Mayor McAllister with two paintings
Group of men
Hemis Fair coins
Three ladies with model of Hemis Fair
Construction of Ford Pavilion
Aerial of Convention Center
Three soldiers
Frank Manupelli signing papers
General Motors Pavilion exterior
Model of Canadian Pavilion
Model of French Pavilion
Man signing autographs
J. Hogstedt receiving Hemis Fair International Ambassador certificate
Model of Tower of the Americas cake
Ceremony by Tower of the Americas
Two men at concession stand
Construction at Convention Center
Man with cake
Aerials of Hemis Fair at night
Lila Cockrell and others
George Zoritch receiving Hemis Fair International Ambassador certificate
People around Hemis Fair model
Three men outside Falstaff House Hemis Fair Press Club
Man picketing
Construction of United States Pavilion
East German Pavilion model
Rendering: Gulf Group Insurance building
Men on top of Tower of the Americas
Little girl
Ground breaking
Banners of explorers
Bell System Pavilion model
Unveiling of General Motors Pavilion model
Ladies by coach
Aerial of construction of University of Texas Institute of Texan Cultures at San Antonio
German Pavilion
Group of people in Pearl Pavilion
Model of Pearl Palm Garden
Indians in costume dancing
Rendering of Pavilion for the Organization of American States International Exposition
Body armor
Group on monorail looking at the construction
People on skyride
Man on horse going around barrels
Man and woman each with water ski
Unidentified people
Rendering: General Electric Pavilion
Interior of new areas at University of Texas Institute of Texan Cultures in San Antonio
Everett J. Jennings
Toy land
Mexican dancers and guitar player
Kids at trout tank at Lone Star Pavilion
King Antonio
Man balancing woman and boy on his shoulders
People playing on computers
McAllister and man, in hard hats, on tower
1083 Model wearing uniform of Hemis Fair
Model of Hemis Fair Plaza
Aerial of construction of Hemis Fair Buildings
Rendering: Convention Center
Models of buildings in Hemis Fair
Tower being built
Aerial of Tower of the Americas
Woman with baby
Models wearing uniform of Hemis Fair
1084 Sign about Hemis Fair
Aerials of Hemis Fair
Banner about Hemis Fair tickets 1967
Papier-mâché Tower of the Americas 1967
Barges on river and lagoon boats
[ Missing #73330-4 ]
Baldor motors for monorail 1968-07-12
Display windows 1967
Hemis Fair Ticket signs
Style setting for Fashion show
Alamo National Building with Hemis Fair flag 1967
Rainbo Bread Truck advertising Hemis Fair 1967
1085 Aerials during construction of Tower of the Americas and arena and park area 1967-06-28
Aerials 1968-06-17
1086 Pipe installation by Johns-Manville 1968
Pipe installation by Johns-Manville 1967
1088 Convention Center
Aerial photographs 1968
Convention Center Arena
Gonzalez, Henry B.
Opening ceremonies
Boat shows
Tower of the Americas 1967-1968
Restaurants 1968
Amusement rides
Ferris wheels
Fashion shows 1968
McAllister, Walter W. 1968
Gonzalez, Henry B. 1968
Connaly, John Bowden 1968
Clowns 1968
Zachry, H. B 1968
Johnson, Lady Bird 1968
Tower of the Americas (San Antonio, Texas) 1968
Flags, American 1968
Fife and drum corps 1968
Bagpipers 1968
Street entertainers 1968
1089 Crowd around tall pole
People on river by RCA Pavilion
Raising flags
Statue of Saint Anthony de Padua
People with lion cub and parrot, Miss Cypress Gardens and others, people eating in Tower of the Americas Restaurant, John Connally with parrot and Anita Bryant
Florida Development Commission: Florida group with Governor Connally 1968-09-19
Henry B. Gonzalez
One millionth visitor
Jazz Week Proclamation in Mayor's office with Don Albert 1968-09-19
1090 Group 1968
Montour High School marching band: Robinson Tup 1968
Girl 1968
Kids in cars going around track a Gulf TouRide 1968
Iron display 1968
1091 Hemis Fair Plaza: monorail and Tower of the Americas
Citi of San Antonio, Tower of the Americas 1968-04-30
William Cameron Company: William Cameron fountain 1968-09-30
Armco Steel: iron sculptures 1968-09-09
Flags flying of half mast 1968-06-05
Carte Blanche Magazine: Texas flags and Tower of the Americas 1968-05-09
Indians in costume 1968-09-23
1092 Alamo City Jazz Band playing in Pearl Pavilion
VIASA International Airlines: airline display in Venezuelan Pavilion 1968-04-22
Foster D. Snell, Inc.: interior of Humble Pavilion 1968-10-03
1093 Skyline of Hemis Fair
City of San Antonio: birdseye view of Convention Center and Tower of the Americas 1968-07-01
Aerial of Tower of the Americas
Looking out from inside of Tower of the Americas
1094 Lagoon cruise boat
Family scene including mini-monorail in back ground
Machinery used to run mini-monorail
1109 Grand opening of Galleria d'Italia
Construction of Akyride
Pavilion: Mexican folk-art
Official "Oldsmobile" automobile
Herman Schultze store: construction phase
Halff house
Halff house
Tower of the Americas and rides
Shot of steps within grounds
Pearl Pavilion
Monorail and tower
Walk in grounds
Tower of the Americas with ride in foreground
Construction of stature near United States Pavilion
Photograph of Mexican statuary and folk-art
Exterior of Mexican Pavilion
HEMISFAIR Belgian Pavilion 1968
1096 Belgian officers and girls outside Belgian Pavilion
People inside Belgian Pavilion 1968
Large diamond 1968
Original saxophone 1968
Exterior of Belgian Pavilion 1968
Belgian artifacts and jewelry
HEMISFAIR Bell Telephone Pavilion 1968
1097 Bell Telephone Pavilion exterior and interior 1968
Magical Productions, Inc.: magic act 1968-03-15
Exhibits in Pavilion
HEMISFAIR Central American Pavilion 1968
1099 Central American Pavilion: group of men 1968-05-27
HEMISFAIR Chilled water plant 1968
1100 Front of building, well fountain
Night scene, exterior
Interiors: control room, chillers, compressor
Aerial views of Chilled Water Plant and downtown area
HEMISFAIR Coca-Cola Pavilion 1968
1101 People lined up to get into Coca-Cola Pavilion 1968
Giant puppet show
Man and woman with hamburger puppet
Exterior of Coca-Cola Pavilion 1968
Photographs of products of Coca-Cola Company
Coca-Cola interior and exterior of Pavilion and groups 1968-07-15
HEMISFAIR Convention Center 1968
1102 Carlos Merida Mural
Interior of Theater of Performing Arts
Ringling Brothers Circus at Convention Center Arena
O. Gorman Mural
Mosaic on Theater
Interior of Arena
Dome in Arena
Exterior of Theater of Performing Arts, with Tower of the Americas in background
Interior of Convention Hall with exhibits
Metal sculpture in lobby of Convention Center Theater
exterior of Convention arena
Arena, Convention center: Dale Robertson Show
HEMISFAIR Convention Center 1968-1979
1103 Theater of the Performing Arts: exterior 1969
Arena Lighting
Interiors of arena during Lawrence Welk Show 1969
Barge on river in front of Convention Center
View of Theater of Performing Arts, Arena and Tower of the Americas
Convention Hall Exhibit Hal: interior
Theater of Performing Arts: interior with chandeliers
Exterior: entrance to Exhibit Hall
Interior of Theater of Performing arts: stairs
Interior of Performing Arts: rows of seats, balconies
Interior of Convention Center: Mission Room and Mural
Banquet Hall at Convention Center
Night shot, artist's rendering
Exterior of Convention Center
Aerial of grounds
Interior of Arena
HEMISFAIR Eastman Kodak Pavilion 1968
1104 Eastman Kodak: Kodak booth at Texas Confluence Library
Pavilion opening 1968-04-04
HEMISFAIR Falstaff House 1968
1105 Fraser-Wiggins: Falstaff Pavilion opening and Press party 1968-04-08
HEMISFAIR Food Cluster 1968
1106 Food Cluster 1968
Rathskeller, Jr., BBQ Chicken and other country's food
HEMISFAIR Ford Pavilion 1968
1107 Formula I car at Ford Pavilion 1968
Jack Benny playing his violin
People looking at car parts, band, instrument
Exterior of Ford Pavilion
John Connally shaking hands with people
Group of girls demonstration instruments
Girls on tractors
John Connally with Henry Ford II
Ford Motor Company: employees of Pavilion 1968-04-09
Ford Motor Company: Wills Family 1968-06-12
Mayor McAllister with groups
Ford Motor Company: one millionth visitor and winner of refrigerator 1968-07-08
Couple looking at Quaddricycle, Henry Ford's first car in 1886
Ford Pavilion: race driver in old cars and signing autographs 1968-04-04
HEMISFAIR French Pavilion 1968
1108 Man and woman
Sculpture outside French Pavilion 1968
People in Food Court
Air France plane model
Dining room and place settings
People talking at party
French Pavilion: Princess Grace and Prince Ranier with John Connally and meeting people, fashion show at Charity ball for mentally impaired children 1968-09-30
Ozita: interior of French Pavilion 1968-08-28
Foods from France, Inc.: exterior of Café de Paris 1968-04-26
Foods from France, Inc.: chef cooking 1968-04-05
French Pavilion: Lila Cockrell greeting Mayor of Paris at airport 1968-05-10
HEMISFAIR General Electric Pavilion 1968
1110 General Electric Pavilion exterior
Group of people
Interior of General Electric Pavilion 1968-08-19
Group and man receiving Gold Key award 1968-06-12
Opening of General Electric Pavilion and Press party
HEMISFAIR General Motors Pavilion 1968
1111 General Motors Pavilion
People looking at cars and appliances of the future
Man pinning button to girl's collar
Girls in Mexican costume greeting visitors
People looking around Pavilion at displays
Men shaking hands
Miss America at General Motors Pavilion
Marine Band in front of General Motors Pavilion
HEMISFAIR German Pavilion 1968
1112 Mayor McAllister and H. B. Zachry with German women in costume in the German Pavilion
HEMISFAIR Girard Foundation Exhibit 1968
1113 Pziter: interior of Girard Exhibit 1968-08-29
HEMISFAIR Golden Garter Club 1968
1114 Stage scene: singers, dancers, guitar player
"Gay Nineties" dancers
Interior of Club
People at tables eating
Dancer in 1920's costume
Male singer with Victorian style hat
Interior of club: tables and chairs, stairs, music instruments
HEMISFAIR IBM Pavilion 1968
1117 South American employees 1968-06-05
Exterior of IBM Pavilion
Mini-monorail and Tower of the Americas
People at computers and loom 1968-05-20
Information booth
Man demonstration computer
Visit to pavilion by Mr. Watson 1968-07-12
People trying out new office machinery
Families at Hemis Fair 1968-04-08
Loom at IBM Pavilion 1968-08-29
People watching the loom
Exterior of IBM Pavilion 1968-04-03
Girl with IBM Hemis Fair patch
Two men looking at blueprints at construction site of IBM Pavilion # 2
Group of men, including Mayor McAllister, touring IBM Pavilion 1968-05-03
Man receiving small TV 1968-04-29
Press conference on IBM exhibits
HEMISFAIR Institute of Texan Cultures 1968
1115 Governor Connally in front of Institute of Texan Cultures during constructions
People Looking at exhibits in Texas Pavilion
Costumes used in Texas Pavilion
Copy of photograph of Albert Pena
Copy of photograph of Ramon Gelles, former mayor of El Paso, Texas
Eastern Orthodox Church
Displays in Texas Pavilion
Interior of Institute of Texan Cultures: exhibit
Copies of photographs
Painting of Dean Rusk's grandfather
Baron de Bastrop: painting
Case and medals of Audy Murphy
Copy of painting of old sailing ship and sundown
Copy of painting "Filling the Vases" by artist Robert Onderdonk of Eleanor Onderdonk at Witte Museum
Night colored photographs of Institute of Texan Cultures
Picture of de Leon crest
Copies of photographs of Mrs. A. D. Key (oval, sepia) and Mrs. S. H. Norres (black and white)
Old map of Texas
Sister Veronica, 1875 photograph
Wedding pictures of "Susan" 1969-03-26
Copy of painting of Pancho Villa, letter from Pancho Willa and memorial to Oscar J. Fox, composer of "The Hells of Home"
Pictures of John Clem, youngest Confederate soldier: his wife and children
HEMISFAIR Italian Pavilion 1968
1116 Italian scenery 1968-04-03
Italian ambassador with Mayor McAllister 1968-10-15
Ozite: interior of Italian Pavilion 1968-09-05
Religious painting 1968-07-30
HEMISFAIR Japanese Pavilion 1968
1118 Japanese man viewing glass case in exhibit
Interior: exhibit
Girl planting cherry tree
Mayor McAllister with men, at Cherry Tree planting
Reception and cocktails for Japanese Ambassador
Exterior of Japanese Pavilion
HEMISFAIR Lone Star Pavilion 1968
1119 Exterior of Lone Star Pavilion
Interior: "Sam Houston" wax museum
Interiors: "Alamo", Davy Crockett, wax museum figures
Interiors: "Lieutenant Colonel Theodore Roosevelt" wax museum figures
Interiors: "Priest and Indians", wax museum figures
Scene in front of pavilion, people, flags
HEMISFAIR Philippine Pavilion 1968
1098 Exterior of Pilipino Pavilion and Casa San Miguel opening and party 1968-04-17
HEMISFAIR Radio 1968
1120 Mayor McAllister with two women
Balloons labeled "Hemis Fair Radio" being released
HEMISFAIR RCA Pavilion 1968
1121 RCA Pavilion exterior
People inside talking at opening party
Girls working on typewriter
Woman working on computer
Woman demonstration computer
Group of men
HEMISFAIR Restaurants 1968
1122 Ladies in restaurant
Couple in Tower of the Americas restaurant
Group outside Old Frontier Steak house
Food in Mexican Pavilion
Patio: Mexican Foods
People in unidentified restaurants
Diners in Tower of the Americas restaurant 1968-05-30
Opening of Tower of the Americas restaurant 1968-05-03
HEMISFAIR Sky-ride 1968
1124 Pitluk Advertising: ad card on the sky-ride 1968-05-23
People getting on and off sky-ride
Sky-ride over Hemis Fair
HEMISFAIR Swiss Pavilion 1968
1125 People in the Swill Pavilion including Mayor McAllister
Two men setting up equipment
Official time
Exterior of Swills Pavilion
HEMISFAIR U.S. Pavilion 1967-1968
1126 Group of people 1968
Construction progress: United States Pavilion Confluence Theater 1968-02-29
Construction progress: United States Pavilion Confluence Theater 1968-02-01
Construction progress: United States Pavilion Confluence Theater 1967-12-28
Construction progress: United States Pavilion Confluence Theater 1967-11-04
Construction progress: United States Pavilion Confluence Theater 1967-10-03
Construction progress: United States Pavilion Confluence Theater 1967-09-01
Construction progress: United States Pavilion Confluence Theater 1967-08-16
1127 D. J. Rheiner Construction: construction of United States Pavilion 1967-07-03
D. J. Rheiner Construction: construction of United States Pavilion 1968-02-29
D. J. Rheiner Construction: construction of United States Pavilion 1968-02-01
D. J. Rheiner Construction: construction of United States Pavilion 1967-12-28
D. J. Rheiner Construction: construction of United States Pavilion 1967-12-02
D. J. Rheiner Construction: construction of United States Pavilion 1967-11-04
D. J. Rheiner Construction: construction of United States Pavilion 1967-10-03
D. J. Rheiner Construction: construction of United States Pavilion 1967-09-01
D. J. Rheiner Construction: construction of United States Pavilion 1967-08-02
D. J. Rheiner Construction: construction of United States Pavilion 1967-07-01
D. J. Rheiner Construction: construction of United States Pavilion 1967-06
1128 L. B. Johnson and Lady Bird and groups, Pat Boone and Mayor McAllister at Pavilion 1968-10-05
John Connally and people at party of opening of Pavilion
People looking at exhibits 1968-09-30
Ed Clark 1968-10-01
L. B. Johnson at party 1968-07-05
Mayor McAllister and ceremony at United States Pavilion 1968-09-23
Groups at Untied States Pavilion
Installation of carpet at United States Pavilion
United States Pavilion Fairwell party 1968-10-07
Italian ambassador at United States Pavilion 1968-04-16
Party 1968-10-02
President of Tunisia at Pavilion 1968-05-19
King of Norway at Pavilion 1968-04-29
L. B. Johnson at Hemis Fair 1968-07-23
Interior and exterior of United States Pavilion 1968-05-30
Henry B. Gonzalez
1129 Confluence Theater
Interior and exterior of United States Pavilion
1130 Winner of pony cart 1972-06-10
Promotion for tickets for Henry B. Gonzalez Appreciation Dinner 1971-09
Red McCombs 1969-06-30
Retirement party 1970-12-07
Ford 1968-09-24
Trucks being repaired 1968-
Parts and accessories department 1968
Trucks on the lot 1968
Red McCombs and another man with trophy 1968
Red McCombs on ABC-TV 1967
Automobiles 1966
Parade with Marty Woods on car twirling lasso 1967
Hemphill-McComb-Ford Dealership
Groups around cars 1963
Groups 1964
Group of men wearing burlap shirts and pants 1964
Girl with horse 1965
Boy from Boys Club of San Antonio at Hemphill-McCombs Ford 1963
Kay Hemphill, Catherine Hemphill
Awards 1966
Sales meetings 1966
Trophies 1966
Men with awards 1963
Girl on horse 1963
Cars arriving at Austin Hemphill Ford 1957
1131 Exterior of Hemphill-McCombs 1969-10-09
1132 Painting 1983-10-26
John Hendry 1983-08-10
Painting of two Indians 1981-07-08
Interior of Idlewood Apartments 1979-03-19
Exterior of Vista Del Rey Apartments 1979-06-19
Exterior and interior of Camino Real Apartments, pool and tennis courts 1979-08-21
Aerials 1977-05-11
John Hendry III 1977-10-13
HENIE, SONJA 1938-1946
1133 Sonja Henie and other skating
Sonja Henie eating ice cream sundae
Sonja Henie on ice alone
Sonja Henie greeting man
1134 Sitterby Brothers on construction site 1980-02-22
Exterior of houses 1980-03-06
Unidentified men 1980-05-05
[ Inv # 32449 Pic # 117422-29 ]
Unidentified people 1980-01-21
[ Inv # 32258 Pic # 117103-06 ]
Unidentified people 1979-12-05
1135 Interior of office 1981-08-21
Race car driver, gymnasts, race car crash, boat racing 1981-08-13
Car racing 1981-08-04
Food 1981-07-01
Industrial plant 1981-07-01
Oil pump
Telephones 1981
1136 Memorabilia
Miniature circus scenes
1137 Hammond, Inc.: circus performers, circus posters, Mollie Bailey 1972-02-04
Little kids with circus memorabilia
Ned R. Sands: circus posters 1973-04-26
Natural History Magazine: posters of Jumbo
Reader's Digest: pictures of interior of Circus tent 1971-03-05
Ad for hippo 1971-03-18
Circus performers 1971-05-24
1138 Girl in store 1962-05-11
Couple with ring and interior of china room 1968-06-05
Bird statues and sculptures 1965
Fish sculptures 1965
Clock 1965
Pens and pins
Corner of North Saint Mary's and East Houston's Streets
Herzberg's Jewelry Store interior 1960
Unidentified people
Window displays 1961
China and place settings
Diamond ring 1962-11-08
1139 Rolex watches 1973-04-03
San Antonio Magazine: interior of Hetzberg's Jewelry Store 1969-05-16
1140 Students learning how to give massage
Students learning how to cut hair
Students learning how to give a pedicure
Students learning how to give perm
Students learning how to give a manicure
1141 Food: sausage and ham 1968-05-08
1142 Map of High Country Ranch
1143 Pitluk Advertising: two men outside bank 1974-07-08
Pitluk Advertising: people watching silent movie 1974-04-12
People at bank 1971-04-03
Pitluk Advertising: painting by Norman Rockwell 1973-01-05
M. L. Bogish and E. O. Goldbeck 1972-01-17
Interior of Highland Park State Bank 1971-11-02
Mr. Bogish and Board of Directors 1970-06-09
Interior and exterior of bank
Addie Martin, Lucile Radetsky, Lorene Reitzer, Olga Gorman and Dorothy Morgan 1958
1144 Contract signing at Consumer Commissary 1983-07-15
Julian Lanzada, Billy Ryser, Al Hendez 1982-08-24
Bill Covell and Aames Gonzalez 1982-08-26
Hector Gonzalez 1982-09-03
HILL and KNOWLTON 1983-1987
1145 Anti-drug campaign at KSAT-TV with Henry Cisneros 1987-03-05
People looking at Video machine in Wards 1984-10-01
Quincy Lee and Israel Vogel 1985-04-15
Joe Webb 1985-04-01
B. K. Johnson with unidentified man and canvas art work 1985-02-07
John Naisbett 1986-05-19
1146 Trees and stream
Fall in Hill Country
Leaves on moss
Leaves changing colors
Cattle by windmill
1147 Construction of Hilton Palacio Del Rio Hotel
Hilton Palacio del Rio Hotel 1968
Hilton Palacio del Rio Hotel 1973
Hilton Palacio del Rio Hotel 1980
Hilton Palacio del Rio Hotel at night 1968-07-30
Interior of Hilton Palacio del Rio Hotel 1969-08-18
Exterior of Hilton Palacio del Rio Hotel
Buffet: El Tesoro Club 1969-09-24
Commander Room 1968-09-18
Menu ad 1968-10-01
People in restaurant 1972-09-27
Rendering: interior and exterior
Interior of rooms 1977
Cavalier Room 1968-07-30
HINCHEY, J. J. 1959-1973
1148 X-rays 1977-03-03
X-rays 1976-12-20
X-rays 1975-12-29
Lettering 1974-11-05
X-rays 1973-09-12
Girls with flowers
Medical drawings 1959
1149 X-rays 1963-01-07
Medical drawings 1960
Charts and tables 1962
1150 X-rays 1973-06-20
X-rays 1970-10-08
X-rays 1970-11-27
X-rays 1970-12-07
X-rays 1971-05-06
Tables and graphs 1970-11-25
X-rays 1969-12-09
Statistics 1969-10-25
X-rays 1968-05-01
1151 Trucks 1948
Trucks 1949
Employees on picnic
1152 Trucks 1967
Two men, with shove, ground-breaking 1974-06-01
1153 Rendering of Holiday City
1154 Red Carpet Committee at airport 1967
Ground-breaking ceremonies 1967
Group on site of future Holiday Southwest 1966
Three men signing papers 1966
Crowd at car and boat show at Holiday Southwest 1966
Holiday Southwest symbol 1966
Map of Holiday Southwest 1966
Clarence Kogel
People being greeted at airport
Henry Banks
Rendering: Pleasure Island Club 1966
Ground-breaking for raceway 1967
Miss San Antonio 1967 1967
Aerials of raceway under construction 1967
Race track 1968-08-07
Tunnel 1967
1155 Cheerleaders
Holmes High School
Homecoming queen and duchesses 1968-12-09
Football team 1966
Band 1966
Homecoming queen and escorts 1965
Homecoming queen being crowned 1965
Cheerleaders 1967
Cheerleaders 1968
Coaches 1965
1156 Group in front of plane 1969-02-18
Saint Mary's University
Barry Trask 1964-03-21
Unidentified men 1963
Holt Machinery Company building
Employees at work
Board of directors
Airplanes 1973-02-16
Machinery 1977-07-19
Holt Aferten 1975-04-10
Group leaving for Chicago 1975-02-14
Hangar and planes at night 1975-05-21
Hangar and planes 1975-05-28
Hangar and airplane 1974-03-25
HOME and FOOD SHOW 1969-1973
1157 Irving Wayne: interior of Home and Food Show 1970-04-05
Woman with casserole 1970
Irving Wayne: Home and Food Show Room 1970-03-29
Irving Wayne: Home and Food Show Room 1970-09-24
Irving Wayne: people working for Home and Food Show 1970-03-24
Irving Wayne: Home and Food Show Queen Verita Booth 1970-03-12
Bob Johnson, Irving Wayne and Jim Battersby 1969-11-24
1158 Irving Wayne: cookout and groups 1971-04-04
[ Inv # 9612 Pic # 87928-33 ]
Irving Wayne: opening of Home and Food Show
Irving Wayne: Jack Hurnting, Jack Morrison and ticket girl 1971-03-16
Irving Wayne: Home and Food Show Queen 1971-03-02
Irving Wayne: people showing their products 1971-03-02
Irving Wayne: contract signing 1971-01
Irving Wayne: man and woman looking at food 1971-01-26
Irving Wayne: signing papers at Little Red Barn 1971-01-27
Irving Wayne: three guys with charts by Little Church of La Villita and La Villita sign 1971-01-27
1159 Irving Wayne: men signing contracts at Home and Food Show 1972-01-12
Irving Wayne: trio in front of Arneson River Theater 1972-02-21
Irving Wayne: publicity for Food Contest 1972-03-13
Irving Wayne: crowd 1972-04-02
Irving Wayne: Miss Home and Food at Sears 1972-03-15
Irving Wayne: Queen with different men 1972-02-09
1160 Crowds at Home and Food show 1973
Crowds at Home and Food show 1971
Brooks Advertising: groups at Home and Food Show 1972-04-01
Chefs 1973
Brooks Advertising: Mr. Rosel's arrival at airport 1976-04-07
Brooks Advertising: winner of women's cooking contest 1973-04-07
Brooks Advertising: winner of men's cooking contest 1973-04-08
Brooks Advertising: Miss Home and Food Show 1973-02-14
Brooks Advertising: Queen of the Home and Food Show 1973-01-24
Brooks Advertising: Queen of the Home and Food Show with compactor 1973-01-29
Brooks Advertising: booth exhibits 1973-01-18
HOME and HOBBY SHOW 1966-1969
1161 Home and Hobby Show Room
Telephone display 1966
Mrs. Home and Miss Hobby 1966
Man with medals 1966
[ Pic # 55744 ]
Mrs. Home and Miss Hobby being shown displays 1966
Woman with painting and devil's claw dolls 1966
Two models showing stoves 1966
Two men with meat 1966
Mrs. Home and Miss Hobby kissing 1st place winner 1966
Starving Artists show 1966
Miniature train 1966
Marine Corps exhibit, Culligan exhibit and Jarco of Texas exhibit 1966
Art work 1966
1162 Demonstrations of grills by D. D. Alley, Joel Allard, Rick Evans, Jerry Zimmerman, Jack Castillo and Jeff Nessa 1967
Mrs. Home and Hobby Show and Miss Home and Home Show 1967
Lancaster Building and Supply Company exhibit
Man basting chicken 1967
Man basting shish kebabs 1967
Girl with two bird houses 1967
Girl sewing 1967
Mrs. Home and Miss Hobby being crowned
Displays in Texas Pavilion
Crowds at Home and Food show
Woman working loom
1163 Groups of girls 1968
Three men looking at home improvement pamphlets 1968
Man surrounded by kids 1968
Ladies in German, Japanese and Spanish costumes 1968
Priest buying piece of artwork 1968
Priest with five girls wearing hard hats 1968
1164 Winner of cooking contest Don Dailey 1969-04-14
Miss Home and Hobby Show 1969-04-08
Demonstrations of grills 1969
Couple with portrait of priest 1969-04-06
La Villita Assembly Building 1969-01-13
Miss Home and Hobby at different places around San Antonio 1969-03-17
Home Show Queen 1969-03-13
1165 Irving Wayne: Irving Wayne and Dickburner at Wonderland 1974-05-21
1166 Interior of store 1960-03-24
Furniture 1968
Bedroom suite 1968-08-30
Exterior of store
Chest, mirror, loveseat and carpeting 1968-08-07
Furniture at warehouse 1968-08-16
Furniture at warehouse 1968-07-30
Unidentified man 1965
[ Pic # 39133 ]
Man with cello
Open band 1963
Interior of house and exterior
Clothing 1962
Smorgasbord Restaurant
Unidentified men
Exterior of Honigblum's furniture store
1167 Rendering: mini-max storage 1973-09-06
Rendering: El Mirador Apartments 1973-07-02
Rendering: Balfour Square 1973-05-10
Rendering: Coker Methodist gym 1972-09-26
Rendering: Windcrest Dental Building 1972-07-26
Rendering: Villa Espana 05-04
Exterior of American Cancer Society Building 1971-04-02
Painting: mare and foal meet two skunks 1971-03-24
Interior of Harry Hooker's office 1970-11-09
Hooker Development Corporation building 1970-07-24
1168 Poem and face over aerial of airport 1965
Two men cleaning plane
Aerial of airport
Unidentified men
Airplane being worked on
David Hooks
HOOWIJ, JAN 1972-1974
1169 Painting of little boy 1974-05-03
Painting of a little boy, men and priest 1972-07-12
HOPE, BOB undated
1170 Bob Hope with three other men
Bob Hope with two priests and a nun
Bob Hope at microphone
Bob Hope with kids
Bob Hope visiting people in hospital
Bob Hope with nurse
Bob Hope getting out of chopper
Bob Hope with students
Bob Hope playing pool
Bob Hope with Bob Dale, Express-News artist
HOSPITALS circa 1937-1977
1171 Exterior of unidentified hospital
Exterior of Skinner Clinic 1961
Southwest Texas Medical Center 1974
Southwest Texas Medical Center 1977
Methodist Hospital 1974
Exterior of hospital circa 1937
Exterior of hospital 1946
Exterior of Santa Rosa School of Nursing
Hospital on 205 Camden Street
Robert B. Green Memorial Hospital
Santa Rosa Hospital
Exterior of a church
Nurse with newborn 1976
Rendering of hospital 1961
1172 Peach display
Exterior of houses
Exterior of houses 1937
Magnolia Arms Apartments
Ralph Henderson, Millinery Designer
Carnation Company
1173 Docks and ships in Houston Ship Channel
Ship and San Jacinto memorial
Majestic Theater: exterior
HOWARD AERO 1959-1963
1174 Interior of plane 04-04
Exterior of plane 1959-12-12
Exterior of plane and Howard Aero hangar 1959-05-19
Interior of plane 1960-06-02
Interior of plane and cockpit 1963-02-05
Interior of plane 1963-09-24
1175 Damaged airplane of 3 trucks 1969-12-01
Interior of hangar 1970-02-27
Interior of hangar 1969-05-13
Airplanes by Dee Howard Company hangar 1969
Interior and exterior of plane 1969
Jet engine 1970-09-18
Grimes, Rickert and Bryont 1976-05-19
Exterior of plane 1971-04-19
1176 Lode Star 500 on the ground and airborne
Plane on tarmac
Plane in the air
Plane being built in hangar
Wing flaps
Plane in front of hangar
Interior of plane
Instrument panel
1177 Exterior of Boeing 707 1971-11-30
Exterior of Boeing 720 1971-11-10
Freshly painted airplane 1971-11-04
Interior of Boeing 720 1971-11-04
Dee Howard 1971-11-13
Exterior and interior of plane on runway 1971-05-04
Interior of Saberliner 1971-04-12
Landing gear of DH 125 1970-09-10
Composite of landing gear 1970-07-30
Interior of plane 1970-07-23
Dee Howard at desk 1970-05-02
Exterior of Jet Star 1969-08-11
Instrument panel 1969
Toilets 1969-06-02
Wheel and block assembly 1969-04-11
Hangar with planes 1969-04-04
Interior of Jet Sat 1969-03-12
Dee Howard employees working on plane 1969-02-05
Hangar 1968-07-19
1178 Sherwood Products: self contained toilet 1974-06-24
Broggi Advertising and Sherwood Products: seven toilets 1973-10-17
Sherwood Products: equipment and operations 1973-03-13
Broggi Advertising and Sherwood Products: white shrouds 1973-07-31
Broggi Advertising and Sherwood Products: toilet seats and air sickness products 1973-06-26
Sherwood Products 1973-07-06
Sherwood Building 1973-05-16
Sherwood Products: toilets for airplanes 1970-06-01
Sherwood Products: toilets for airplanes 1969-08-27
1179 Dee Howard at airport with Howard 500 behind 1973-08-14
Saberliner interior and exterior 1973-08-09
Mechanics on Lear Jet 1973-07-19
Plane being worked on in hangar 1973-06-19
Interior of DH 125 1973-06-18
Interior of BAC III 1977-05-20
Group of men
[ Pic # 9420 ]
Plane landing in water 04-16
Lear Jet fuselage 1973-03-15
Interior of hangar and plane 1972-12-04
1180 Interior of plane 1974
DH booth at NBAA Commuter Los Angeles 1974-10-01
Topless model on phone in plane
Interior of BAC III 1974-09-23
Interior of plane 1974-06-25
Exterior and aerial photographs of DH hangar 1974-08-23
Interior and exterior of plane and plane in hangar 1974
Two men shaking hands by plane 1974
Exterior and interior of BAC III 1973-12-14
Instrument panel in cockpit 1973
1181 Interior of plane 1974
Plane taking off and landing
Interior of plane 1976
Model at bar 1976
Instrument panel 1976
1182 Lear Jet 1975-10-13
Hangar 1975-02-24
Exterior of plane 1974
Exterior of Lear Jet 1974-07-11
Interior of plane 1975-10-17
Jets in hangar 1975-08-21
Nude models in plane 1976
Interior of plane 1976
Planes on tarmac by hangar
Interior of Ackerman Commander 1975-04-15
Plane being built 1975-05-01
Jim Klepas 1975-03-06
Nude and clothed models in plane 1977
Exterior of plane 1975-02-24
Wet bar on plane 1974-06-21
Instrument panel in cockpit 1977
Unidentified couple
1183 Nude models in plane 1976-02-06
Interior of plane and instrument panel 1976-01-29
Interior of plane and instrument panel 1975-12-19
Man in plane and plane exterior 1975-12-19
Interior and exterior of Beechcraft
Houses in King Williams district 1976-05-27
Plane taxing for take off 1976-02-27
Shots from in the air 1976
Airplane in hangar being assembled 1975-12-05
Old car circa 1935 parked in front of Lear Jet 1975-12-02
Unidentified people
1184 Instrument panel and gas tanks of Boeing 720 1977-07-01
Interior of plane 1977-03-28
Interior of plane being installed 1977-05-12
Instrument panel and hangar exterior 1977-06-08
Rendering of interior of plane 1977-05-13
Exterior of plane 1977-03-03
Rendering of interior of plane 1977-01-26
Rendering of Rockwell 727 1976-12-21
Rockwell 727 before restoration 1976-12-19
Nude model on phone and at bar 1977
1185 Interior of jet 1977-11-15
Exterior of jet and hangar 1977-11-21
Interior of plane 1977-08-01
Rockwell 727 in front of hangar 1977-07-13
Ray De Broots: old photographs of bride and groom circa 1938 1977-07-28
Interior of DC-I 1977-11-01
Cockpit and instrument panel 1977-07-13
Fountain at Dee Howard Company 1977-07-06
DC-9 instrument panel 1977-07-01
1186 Wedding 1978-07-11
Pilots and flight attendants in front of plane 1978-10-06
Interior of plane 1978-09-27
Plane in front of hangar 1978-10-03
Instrument panel 1977-11-16
Interior of plane 1978-08-11
Planes in hangar 1978-08-11
Interior of 720-B and pilot 1978-07-05
Hoses 1978-04-13
Rendering of plane interior 1978-01-18
Interior of unidentified plane 1978-01-16
1187 Exterior of plane and plane in the air 1978
Interior of plane 1979-11-09
Houses and busses
Exterior of large plane 1978-11-20
Interior and exterior of Bell helicopter 1978-12-06
Interior of DH-125 1978-14-07
1188 Interior of airplane 1980-12-05
Falcon 50 in hangar 1980-11-27
Exterior of Lena 24 1980-10-17
Air stairs 1980-10-01
Interior of plane 1980
Interior of BOC III Hilton 1980-07-10
707 TAG interior 1980-07-17
Interior of plane 1980-08-21
Work areas in hangar 1980
Interior of plane 1980
Interior of Boeing 707 1980-03-05
Interior of Sabreliner 1979-12-18
Interior of plane 1980-01-04
Interior of TAG 720 1979-06-08
Planes on tarmac
Exterior of jet 1979-05-14
Old photographs of old plane with crowd around
Cockpit of plane 1979-07-03
1189 Interior of G II 1983-02-25
Interior of Boeing 737 1981-01-29
Interior of plane 1981
Rendering of interior of plane 1981-03-04
Interior of galley 1981-02-04
HUBER, KEN 1940-1948
1190 Interior and exterior of houses
Group of men with swordfish
Huber gravestones
Two men looking at papers
Unidentified man
Keith Huber
Honey-Kist Ice Cream Store 1940
Group of ladies
Brother and sister
Man in uniform
Man with shot turkey
Group of donkeys
Bride and groom
Group getting ready to swim a race
Two men opening presents
Honey-Kist Ice Cream trucks 1942
Frosted Milk Corporation
Bill Heel Motors 1948
1191 Slides for Humble Oil booklet, ads and charts 04-25
Dinner meeting 1964
People at airport 1963
Humble Oil Gas Station and attendant 1963
Refinery 1962
Humble Oil Gas Station and attendant 1954
Humble Oil Gas Station and attendant 1952
1192 Unidentified man
[ Inv # 12805 Pic # 93521-22 ]
Ads for Pepsi and 7-Up
1193 Guajolote Ranch: hunted deer at the ranch and people 1970-09-19
Mrs. F. Huntress: Mrs. Huntress and grandchild at ranch 1974-06-07
Interior of hunting lodge 1969-02-27
White tailed deer and Rio Grande turkey 1969-03-06
exterior and interior of hunting lodge
Zebra 1970
Frank Huntress 1970
Guajolote Ranch 1964
Couple in colonial costume 1975-07-24
1194 Interior and exterior of building 1964
Meat hanging on hooks
1195 Independent Insurance Agents of San Antonio: three men shaking hands 10-25
Integrand: interior and exterior of Emily Morgan Hotel 1986-06-10
International Order of Foresters: group by pool at Berrinda Apartments 1985-05-02
Impact Products: model 1981-09-10
Institute of Texan Cultures: drawing of battle 1987-09-29
International Displays: helicopter 1983-11-28
International Displays: helicopter 1983-08-12
International Displays: interior of prison 1983-07-08
International Displays: airplane 1983-04-18
International Displays: transfer trailer 1983-04-20
International Displays: garbage trucks and buildings 1983-04-07
Interstate Electric: unidentified men 1981-11-04
Impact Products: model 1981-09-17
Intellectrix: stores interior and exterior 1981-08-25
Interior Designs: interior and exterior of Hunt Lear Jet 1977-02-15
International Architecture: park bench, lights and planter in Milam Park and Alamo Plaza 1977-01-17
International Portion Control, Inc.: drink dispenser 1976-10-04
International Architecture: stone planters at USAA 1976-05-04
International Architecture: fountain and interior and exterior of building 1976-04-09
International Dynamics Corporation: NBAA Convention, Los Angeles Convention Center 1974-10-01
International Brangus Breeders Association: cattle 1973-12-19
IMC Mint Corporation: exterior of plane 1973-11-19
Insurance, Inc.: check presentation to Sigmor Shamrocks office 1972-10-02
Insurance, Inc.: check presentation to Sigmor Shamrocks office 1972-03-18
Insurance, Inc.: check presentation to Sigmor Shamrock office 1971-12-03
Electronic equipment 1971
Industrial Chrome Plate: large grinders 1970-01-07
Institution's Magazine: food
Ison: group at piano 1960-08-03
International Harvester: exterior of plane 1960-01-22
1196 Dinner
Men with computer 1961
Building model 1961
IBM building 1961
People at airport 1960
Business machines
IBM building 1947
Groups of people
Santa Claus at Christmas party
Burrough's 1950
1197 Group 1973-01-26
Don Grammer 1972-05-16
Four people by sign 1972-04-06
Breakfast at Earl Abel's 04-04
Kallison Tower 1972-03-17
Check presentation 1972-01-13
Retirement party at Argyle Club 1971-12-15
Retirement party at Argyle Club 1971-11-18
25 years honoree 1971-11-11
Dinner 1971-11-08
D. G. Reithner 1971-06-04
R. B. Bell 1971-07-07
Group at Argyle Club 1970-12-02
Luncheon at Argyle Club 1970-05-25
Ken Joerson at Trinity University 1971-10-07
40 years celebration 1970-03-30
Annual breakfast at Saint Anthony Hotel 1970-01-06
Presentations 1969-12-30
People 1969-10-14
IBM Meeting at La Posada Hotel 1969-03-05
Two men in front of chart 1968-11-19
Tour of IBM offices 1968-11-14
Speakers at banquet 1968-10-01
IBM exhibit at Texas Bankers Convention 1968-05-14
Groups of people 1966
1198 Employees at La Louisiana 1978-03-10
Employee awards at La Louisiana 1977-09-01
Building 1977-07-19
30 years awards 1976-11-01
25 years awards 1976-09-07
Mini-monorail and Tower of the Americas 1976-07-27
Fred Cutter 1976-07-13
25 years luncheon at Plaza Club 1976-06-18
Woman at desk 1975-11-13
Presentations 1975-07-12
Groups 1975-02-14
Retirement luncheon 1975-06-30
25th anniversary party 1975-06-11
Slide how of Roegelein Provision Company 1973-12-20
Equipment and people in Kerrville 1973-12-17
Groups at IBM Lutcher Center
Plaque presentations 1974-03-07
Painting 1974-03-18
Groups and awards presentation at La Mansion 1975-01-11
Retirement dinner of R. A. Dorchester 1975-04-01
Howard Kochwell 1973-02-23
IBM Convention at Saint Anthony Hotel 1973-01-05
1199 Dinner party 1980-02-19
Luncheon reception 1981-05-18
Award luncheon 1981-03-05
25th anniversary dinner for employees 1980-02-04
Hal Grimes 1981-07-24
Affair at IBM Towers 1982-11-19
1200 Frank Pena and Guy Shown Realty: Frank Pena 1974-05-03
Paloma Properties: Mr. and Mrs. Frank Pena 1974-04-11
IDC Real Estate: plan chart 1973-11-01
Paloma Properties: Walker Ranch renderings 1973-11-27
Guy Shown and IDC Real Estate: painting 1973-01-15
Paloma Properties: John Coates and Skip Schimff 1971-10-16
Equality Control Corporation: apartments 1972-04-05
Paloma Properties: Candle Light Square and Gold Talon Apartments 1970-05-27
Waggoner and Associates: Golden Talon Apartments, Universal City 1969-11-23
Paloma Properties: property on South Flores Street 1968-08-17
Interior and exterior of Lamplighter Apartments 1968
1201 Gymnast on rings and nurse 1974-05-21
Exterior of Clements Hall 1970-04-07
Aerial of Incarnate Word College 1972
Students 1966
Saint Joseph's Chapel 1973-03-23
Students with trophies, in pool and on rings and bowling 1966
Priest receiving certificate 1963
Students on KONO-TV 1963
Floates (parade)
1202 Saint Joseph's Chapel
Incarnate Word College stationary logo 1984-10-04
Aerial photograph of campus 1972
1203 Indians, costume and adornment 1963-11-02
Chief: Lindy Cannon, Medicine man: Bud Shannon
Old Indian man
1204 Trash compactor and light with cigarette lighter 1982-10-15
Trash bins 1980-01-24
Compactor 1980-05-23
Trash bins 1980-04-17
Trash bins 1975-02-13
Trash bins 1975-02-19
Trash bins 1975-04-03
1205 Compacting unit 1983-08-23
Trash bin 1985-01-25
Disposal equipment 1985-03-28
Dumpster-compactor 08-12
Equipment 1984-11-05
Dumpsters 1985-04-17
1206 Mr. Stevenson ads 1976-02-20
Applied Business Systems: equipment shop, dynometer room, exterior of building, sign, classroom and equipment 1976-02-10
ABS machinery, cranes, engines, segars 1976-02-18
Exterior of building 1950
Group of men
Men looking at heavy equipment
Cement truck
1207 Equipment 1977-03-24
Equipment 1972-10-15
Trailer and equipment 1975-05-16
Trailer and equipment 1971-06-24
Drilling and testing equipment 1972-06-21
1208 Group of men at La Grande railroad station (old)
Engineers by train circa 1900
Rendering : Texas and Pacific Railway 1817
Oil derrick gushing (old)
Man on railroad track bicycle
Rendering of engine
Drawing of people and stage
Locomotive (old)
Crowd in downtown San Antonio circa 1914
Group of men circa 1900
Four men working on oil rig
Train coming in to town
Group on caboose of train
Drawing of people on train
Men on water tanks
Group of men by train
Painting: Fall of the Alamo 1885
Drawing: Crosby County memorial 1973-07-12
1209 Interior of Insurance Club
Dining room
Door to Insurance Club of San Antonio
Members sitting and talking
Mrs. G. Chas Childre, Mrs. John Peace, Mrs. Leonard Hyatt, Mrs. Cotton Traibor, Mrs. E. Sheridan
Opening ceremony
Mayor J. Ed. Keykendall, G. Chas, Childre, Gordon Beital, M. Albert Strunk, Chevis Arnick
Dudley R. Walker, Sr. Vates Field, B. A. Lamdureanx, Marvin Hartung, J. K. Butler, Leonard Pilot
1210 Volkswagen Beetles and exterior of Intercontinental Motors 1959
Volkswagen Beetles and van in Intercontinental Motors showroom
Volkswagen truck 1959
Volkswagen in garage 1959
Salesman in class
Men by Volkswagen Vans 1958
Parts room
Unidentified man
Group of employees
Mechanics in class
1211 Group of people
Interior of Intercontinental Motors, Volkswagen warehouse, offices, classrooms, work area, exterior of building 1969-10-27
Volkswagen diagnostic slides 1969-09-11
Award at North Loop Volkswagen 1969-09-18
Volkswagen ad booklet and brochures 1969-09-09
Group and awards 1969-03-04
Group out hunting
Group around IBM Data Processing equipment
Aerials of land 1968-09-24
Party 1968-09-24
Exterior of Volkswagen building 1968-07-25
Awards at University Club
1212 Truck outside Interior Creation building 1981
Furniture 1981
Truck 1980
Interior Creation dune buggy 1981-01-13
1212 Flag day ceremonies
Boy Scouts Troop 667
Man and woman putting up flag
Lila Cockrell
Flag Day: Flag Raising ceremonies at airport 1969-06-14
Construction on North Satellite Terminal
Airport Terminal 1965
Airport control tower and Braniff plane
Zintgraff: flag raising at airport 1968-06-15
America Airlines lounge
Zintgraff: flowering plants at airport 1976-03-10
Aerial of airport
San Antonio airport satellite construction 1968-12-04
Progress at North satellite terminal
1213 Radios 1968-08-22
Radio instruments 1968-07-31
1214 Dirk Broower 1984-09-20
Fred Whipple 1984-09-19
James Van Allen 1984-09-04
1215 Alameda Theater
Aztec Theater: exterior and interior
Hitchcock, Alfred
Russell, Jane
Baxter, Anne
Dann, Roger
Lockhart, June
Rios, Lalo
Pine, William H.
Trailways Bus Company
I confess (Motion picture: 1953)
It's a Joke, Son (Motion picture: 1947)
The Lawless (Motion picture: 1950)
Gentlemen Marry Brunette (Motion picture: 1955)
Island of Desire (Motion Picture: 1952)
Alamo (San Antonio, Texas) 1950-1959
Motion pictures premieres
Motion picture producers and directors
Lebanese dance
1216 Broadway Theater
Drive-in Theater
Empire Theater
Harlandale Theater
Highland Theater
Josephine Theater
Laurel Theater
Obrero Theater
Palace Theater
Plaza Theater
Prince Theater
Progreso Theater
Ritz Theater
State Theater
Sunset Theater
Teatro Nacional
Teatro Zaragoza
Fire stations
Grocery stores circa 1937
Department Stores
Guadalupe Street
1217 Texas Theater: exterior, interior, miscellaneous and movie premieres
Unidentified theaters
Wonder Theater
Woodlawn Theater
Alameda Theater
Mexican costume
The Greatest Show on Earth (Motion picture: 1952)
Empire Theater
Majestic Theater
Motion pictures projectors
1218 Display for "Trapeze" movie 1950
Theater Obrero
Theatro Zaragoza 1937
Ritz Theater 1937
Harlandale Theater
Palace Theater
Teatro Nacional
Highland Theater
Broadway Theater
Highland Park Theater
Trucks with banners for "Along Came Jones" movie
"Trapeze" movie contest 1956
Clint Walker
Richard Widmark
Buster Keaton with four girls
Alfred Hitchcock, Anne Baxter and Roger Dann
Concession stand
James Garner and Maury Maverick, Jr. 1959
Uptown Theater 1948
Unidentified theater 1937
Four men with trophies
Progress Theater 1937
Nesner's store window display
Woodlawn Theater
Prince Theater
Concession stand
Texas Theater
Price Family Theater
Empire Theater
Unidentified people
Jester, Beauford Halbert, 1893-1949
Malone, Dorothy, 1912-
Morgan, Dennis, 1910-
Jack Carson, 1910-1963
Adams, Julie, 1926-
Wills, Chill, 1902-1978
Wayne, John, 1907-1979
O'Hara, Maureen,1920-
Interstate Texas Theaters
Majestic Theater (San Antonio, Texas)
Trapeze (Motion picture) 1956
The Last Command (Motion Picture) 1955
Davy Crockett (Motion Picture) 1955
Rio Grande (Motion picture) 1950
Winchester '73 (Motion picture) 1950
The Lusty Men (Motion picture) 1952
Two Guys from Texas (Motion picture) 1948
El Paso (Motion picture) 1949
King Kong (Motion picture) 1933
House of Wax (Motion picture) 1953
The Man from the Alamo (Motion picture) 1953
White Christmas (Motion picture) 1954
Battle Humn (Motion picture)
To Hell and Back (Motion picture) 1955
Take the High Ground (Motion picture)
Rd Ball Express (Motion picture)
Devil Drivers of the Army (Motion picture)
The Robe (Motion picture) 1953
Aman Alone (Motion picture)
Strike it Rich (Motion picture)
A Star is Born (Motion picture) 1954
South of Saint Louis (Motion picture)
The Leopard Man (Motion picture)
It Happened on Fifth Avenue (Motion picture)
Panhandle (Motion picture)
The Goose Hangs High (Motion picture)
Cease Fire (Motion picture)
Gypsy (Motion picture) 1962
The Big Lift (Motion picture)
Race discrimination
African Americans
Motion pictures
1219 Majestic Theater interior
Red Ball Express (Motion picture)
Empire Theater
Texas Theater
Storm, Gale
Motion Pictures: premieres
Forbidden Adventure (Motion picture)
Blondie and Dagwood (Motion picture)
Durante, Jimmy
Allen, Gracie
Home of the Brave ( Motion picture)
A Star is Born (Motion picture)
Rogers, Roy
Bus Stop (Motion picture)
Lusty Men (Motion picture)
Wills, Chill
Ivanhoe (Motion picture)
To Hell and Back (Motion picture)
Greatest Show on Earth (Motion Picture: 1952)
The Robe (Motion picture)
A Man Alone (Motion picture)
The Last Command (Motion picture)
Price, Vincent
DeFoe, Don
1220 Majestic Theater
Morgan, Dennis
Carson, Jack
Winchester 73 (Motion picture)
Solomon And Sheba (Motion picture)
Wynn, Keenan
Malone, Dorothy
Wayne, John
Rio Grande (Motion picture)
Evans, Dale
It's a Joke, Son (Motion picture: 1947)
DeCarlo Yvonne
Charge at Feather River (Motion picture)
Davy Crockett (Motion picture)
Alice in Wonderland (Motion Pictures)
Hayes, Gabby
Rogers, Roy
The Alamo 1949-1960
1221 Battle Hymn (Motion picture)
Girl Rush (Motion picture)
Trapeze (Motion picture)
All the King's Men (Motion picture)
Texas National Guard
Woodlawn Theater
Fifty Roads to Town (Motion picture)
White Christmas (Motion picture)
Stewart, Elaine
Widmark, Richard
Malden, Karl
Take the High Ground (Motion picture)
United States Army: recruiting, enlistment
Armored Command (Motion picture)
Springtime in the Rockies (Motion picture)
Magnificent Obsession (Motion picture)
Strike It Rich (Motion picture)
Two Guys from Texas (Motion picture)
Black Orchid (Motion picture)
Sudan (Motion picture)
Wayne, John
LaPlanche, Rosemary
The Gay Senorita (Motion picture)
Marx, Croucho
Cease Fire (Motion picture)
Panhandle (Motion picture)
Winchester 73 (Motion picture)
Rio Grande (Motion picture)
Calvert, John
El Paso (Motion picture)
The Great Waltz (Motion picture)
The Last Command (Motion picture)
Aztec Theater
State Theater
Majestic Theater
Laurel Theater
Empire Theater
Sunset Theater
Broadway Theater
Alameda Theater
1222 Jones, Carolyn
O'Hara, Maureen
Woodlawn Theater
Maxwell, Marilyn
Municipal Auditorium circa 1950
Mitchum, Robert
Widmark, Richard
Price, Vincent
Lovejoy, Frank
Broadway Theater
Kilday, Owen
Wayne, John
Baker, Carroll
1223 Samson and Delilah (Motion picture)
Tembo (Motion picture)
Jester, Beauford
Malone, Dorothy
Carson, Jack
Morgan, Dennis
The Daring Miss Jones (Motion picture)
South of Saint Louis (Motion picture)
Smith, Alexis
Murphy, Audie
Two Guys from Texas (Motion picture)
The Lawless (Motion picture: 1950)
Captain Carey, USA (Motion picture)
Sons of the Pioneers
McCrea, Joel
The Alamo circa 1950
Hill, Howard
Aztec Theater
Texas Theater
Empire Theater
United States Airforce
The Man from the Alamo (Motion picture)
Parades circa 1950
Majestic Theater
Pancho Villa Returns (Motion picture)
Wills, Chill
Frances the Talking Mule (Motion picture)
Bands (music)
1224 Crockett, David
Children: recreation
Ebsen, Buddy
Majestic Theater
Davy Crockett (Motion picture)
The Alamo
Costume, Davy Crockett
Parker, Fess
1225 Broadway Theater
O'Hara, Maureen
Powers, Stephanie
McLaglen, Andrew
Murphy, Audie
Dancers, Lebanese
DeCarlo, Yvonne
Wayne, Patrick
Bands (music)
Majestic Theater
Parades 1966
San Antonio River Parade 1966
Fiesta San Jacinto 1966
Teatro Nacional
Aztec Theater circa 1960
Corbett, Glenn
Hudson, Rock
Miss San Antonio 1966
McAllister, Walter W. 1965
Conners, Chuck
Pickens, Slim
Stewart, Jimmy
Deckard, Carey
Avalon, Frankie
Knotts, Don
1226 Lee, Robert E., Hotel
Alamo Title Company
Conquest of Space (Motion picture)
Hotel circa 1956
Milam Building
Scott, Randolph
People standing in line along quad rails to river for Texas Theater
United States Navy: recruiting and enlistment
School kids in theater
Concession stand
1231 Laura Johnson family 06-30
Jumal Properties, Inc.: property in North West San Antonio 1983-07-18
Ruth Jones 1982-05-12
John Wesley Jones: interior and exterior of buildings 1982-06-24
Jimenez Food Products, Inc.: three men in front of capitol 1981-10-22
Jimenez Food Products, Inc.: Jimenez, party and food 1981-02-03
Joseph Thomas Company: apartments 1979-12-27
Jonathan's: food 1977-08-08
J. S. Upholstery: furniture 1975-10-02
J. S. Upholstery: furniture 1975-07-23
Charles A. Johnson: medal 1975-07-08
Dale Johnson: damaged fuel tanks 1975-02-27
A. A. Jergins: painting 1974-12-19
A. A. Jergins: architectural model 1975-01-10
Larry Jordan: turkeys 1972-04-13
Larry Jordan: architectural model 1971-07-23
Jackson Brewing Company: painting 1967-04-21
Jamie's Hamburgers
Bob Jornoyvez family
J. H. International Corporation: presentations 1972-06-21
J. S. Upholstery: furniture 1974-06-25
George Johnson Company: Dow display 1973-01-24
George Johnson: fountain
Harry Jewett Associates: land near Churchill High School 1974-05-31
Jackie Anne Juarez: landscape painting 1974-07-29
George Judson: soldier on horseback 1974-09-23
George Judson: china display 1972
Reverend Joseph: priests 12-10
Jim's Coffee Shop: rendering 1964-03-20
H. Jones, Jr. 1965-07-23
Jimmy Johnson: granddaughter 1965-11-08
Bob Jornoyvez: children 1964-01-13
Joske's exterior 1950
1234 Little girl with teddy bear
Ray Klieg, Darlene Hoffner 1977-01-20
Mother 1984-02-13
Little girl with teddy bear 1983-07-18
Nephew in cap and gown 1973-07-13
Pam Jaeckel 1969-08-25
Girl with horse
Sue Zowarka 1976-11-26
Wedding 1969
Kathy Terry at Jaeckel Ranch 1970-05-27
1233 Two men 1975-09-02
[ Inv # 20311 Pic # 107666 ]
Exterior of warehouse 1975-05-26
Exterior of building 1975-05-22
Exterior of warehouse 1974-07-16
Exterior and interior of building 1960
Machinery 1961
Office 1971-04-13
1235 Handy Andy Supermarket 1957
Empire Plaza 1957
Pullen's Department store 1957
Fed-Mart 1957
Grace Baptist Church
Southside Bowling
HEB 1950
JAFFE, D. MORRIS undated
1236 Morris Jaffe with Harry Truman
Group of people
[ Pic # 41953 ]
Harry Truman with three others
Painting: Fall of the Alamo 1885
Skyline of San Antonio from airport
Man and girl at piano
Group in plane
Dan J. Quill, former Postmaster, San Antonio
1237 Christmas tree 1970-01-04
Group at construction site 1969-08-27
Exterior of houses in East Bexar County under construction 1969-05-30
People looking at blueprints 1966
People at houses 1966
Interior and exterior of houses
Exterior of house 1963
Exterior of house 1962
1238 Students in garden of flowers by school
Students on steps
Jefferson High School 1935
Reserve Officers Training Corps 1944
Entrance to building
Band and cheerleaders
Students 1955
Football team
Students raising flag
Students looking at fountain
1239 Marching band
Baseball team
Track team
Football team
Reserve Officers Training Corps
1240 Cheerleaders
Ballroom dancing
Reserve Officers Training Corps
Music band in practice 1939
Students in classroom
Students on steps
Girls tennis team
Boys tennis team
Christmas party
Christmas tree decoration
1241 Students looking at fountain and school
Reserve Officers Training Corps
Students out by buses in groups
Play cast on stage
Two men looking at flowers
Reserve Officers Training Corps drilling on field
Students in library
Marching band
1242 Students
Cheerleaders on field with school behind them
Marching band
Reserve Officers Training Corps
1243 Reserve Officers Training Corps
Band on stage
Play cast on stage
Students raising flag
1244 Reserve Officers Training Corps
Students on stage
Students in gym
Students in library
Annual office and staff
Students raising flag
1245 Group of employees 1983-08-14
Exterior of bank 1982-09-08
Employees 1982-08-12
Employees 1981-08-11
Employees 1980-08-12
Employees 1971-06-18
Employees 1979-08-14
Employees 1978-08-14
Employees 1975-08-12
Employees 1977-07-18
Employees 1974-08-12
Employees 1973-08-21
Employees and exterior of bank 1972-08-16
Mr. and Mrs. Lewis, Linda Lewis and A. J. Lewis, Jr., George M. Lewis and Mrs. G. M. Lewis 1963
Employees 1968-08-08
Employees 1970-08
Opening ceremonies at bank 1963
Vault 1963
Dinner 1963
Raising of flag 1963
Unidentified man
1246 Employees 1985-09-10
Employees 1986-08-05
Employees 1984-09-05
1247 Exterior of Jefferson Methodist Church (New) 1966
Jefferson Methodist Church (Old)
JENKINS and OGILIVE 1968-1980
1248 Kelly-Scherrer Flowers: flower arrangement 1970-12-02
Board of directors and officers of American State Bank 1970-11-12
Men with Walter Talkin 1970-04-13
Director of Central Parke Bank 1970-04-23
Central Park Bank 1970-04-20
Proclamation presentations 1970-05-07
L. H. Frederick and Mary Eady 1970
Presentations 1970-11-11
Group at World Wide Realty 1970-05-18
Opening ceremonies at Central Park Bank 1970-04-05
Ground-breaking for music lodge at Valley Hi 1970-02-28
Water treatment plant 1970-02-19
Boss of the Year Award 1970-02-05
Christmas tree at American State Bank 1970-01-20
Employees of American State Bank 1969-12-30
Interior and group at Mission City Imports 1969-12-10
Open House at Mission city Imports 1969-12-15
Central Park sign 1969-10-03
Lady and man at Paul Anderson Company 1969-08-05
Oxygen analyzer 1969-06-03
Group in front of hot water heater 1969-05-15
Model houses at Camelot 1969-04-23
Shopping spree at Handy Andy McCrelless 1969-04-09
Camelot-Valley Hi 1969-03-31
Camelot model home 1969-03-14
Rendering of office building 1969-01-21
American State Bank 1969-01-07
Unidentified men 1968-11-25
[ Inv # 2523 Pic # 74844-49 ]
Holiday Inn sign and two men unloading truck 1968-10-31
Oak Hills Country Club swimming pool 1968-08-09
Necklaces 1968-07-12
Pat Legon 1968-06-04
Pearls 1968-06-26
Ray Ellison with Mrs. W. R. Hearst, Jr. on Valley Hi site 1968-06-21
Party at San Anthony Hotel 1968-05-24
Meter and Jim Dair 1968-05-20
Flow meter 1968-04-18
1249 Cafeterias, Inc.: interior of Luby's 1972-04-08
Cafeterias, Inc.: woman receiving 30 year award 1978-04-24
Luby's # 7: interior and exterior, McCrelles Mall 1976-04-22
Luby's: fillet mignon 1974-11-14
Luby's officers 1974-10-17
Luby's food 1974-10-18
Luby's on Broadway Street 1974-05-30
Luby's officers 1973-09-16
Luby's at North Star Mall 1973-07-24
Cafeterias, Inc.: Board of Directors 1973-08-14
Cafeterias, Inc.: exterior and interior of Luby's 1972-10-04
Cafeterias, Inc.: food line 1972-09-15
Cafeteria, Inc.: first cafeteria in United States 1916 1972-09-13
Cafeteria, Inc.: interior of Luby's in Austin, Texas 1971-10-16
Mr. Wenglin 1970-11-25
Luby's board meeting 1969-01-15
Interior and exterior of Luby's
1250 Purchase of bus ticket by Mr. Frost 1974-06-11
Cafeteria and serving line
Two men by desk 1974-06-11
Potted plant 1974-03-05
Union State Bank : maps of existing ranch in area 1973-09-25
Tennis players 1973-08-21
Romana Cafeteria in Dallas, Texas 1972-07-17
Handy City personnel 1973-05-30
Ray Ellison 1973-06-19
Toudouze Market: grand opening of new market: Lillian Debner, Bob Heard, Clare Greenspoon, Mary Louise Halsey, Irene Vasquez, Betty Toudouze 1973-05-02
Toudouze Market grand opening: N.Toudouze 1973-05-03
Winner of car and Mr. Toudouze 1973-06-09
Pat Logan 1973-05-04
Toudouze: people and interior of store 1973-04-24
Toudouze: grand opening and check presentation 1973-05-03
Toudouze Market: appliance department 1973-04-30
KONO-TV: city skyline 1973-04-09
Toudouze Market: construction of Toudouze Furniture and Appliance 1973-03-14
Rausner, Pierce Secunties: board directors and Mr. Kocunek 1973-01-31
Ray Ellison: maps 1972-11-22
Construction at Toudouze Market 1972-11-16
Toudouze Market: construction progress 1972-11-08
Northern Hills Country Club 1972-10-27
Construction at Toudouze Market 1972-10-19
Construction at Toudouze Market 1972-10-13
Construction at Toudouze Market 1972-10-10
Model realty map of city 1972-09-12
Voting machine 1972-03-09
R. L. Stewart Company 1971-12-06
Men playing golf at Northern Hills Country Club 1971-11-23
Kelly- Scherrer 1971-11-22
Rendering of Saint Matthew Church and Educational Building 1971-10-05
Employees of Jenkins and Ogilvie 1971-08-21
General James Doolittle at Air Force Village and Valley Hi Mall 1971-04-16
Group at Superior Pontiac 1971-02-25
Opening ceremonies in front of bus at Rosa Villa 1971-02-15
1251 Fashion show 1975-10-15
Mr. Merit 1975-12-23
Cafeterias, Inc.: Luby's # 9 1975-11-19
Cafeterias, Inc.: directors in meeting 1975-10-20
Cafeterias, Inc.: people inside Luby's # 9 1975-10-20
Cafeterias, Inc.: Mickey Smith in Tyler, Texas 1975-10-28
Wood Bridge Tower Homes: party room 1976-10-24
Wood Bridge Tower Homes: interior and exterior of Wood Bridge Tower Homes 1975-10-17
Bill Byerly on oil rig 1975-10-08
Sanchez and O'Brian: employees 1975-09-25
Rendering : Luby's in Midland, Texas and Austin, Texas 1975-07-23
Sanchez and O'Brian: employees and oil rig 1975-10-01
Exterior at Valley Hi 1975-09-15
Ray Ellison Homes 1975-10-15
Fire damage at Woodbridge Apartments 1975-07-11
Ray Ellison Homes: army hat 1975-06-16
Winn's grocery store exterior 1975-03-08
Winn's grocery store interior 1975-03-03
1252 Building materials in warehouse
Freezer and man welding
Sigmor Shopping Station
Sunset with silos in foreground 1979
Aerial view of oil plant
Unidentified man and trucks for Mission Petroleum Carriers, Inc.
Building under construction
Unidentified employee on Sigmor Corporation
[ Inc # 20075 ]
Airplane on tarmac
Sigmor Corporation and employees and flags
Machinery and secretaries
Office employees for Sigmor Corporation
Interior of Sigmor Shopping Station
Sunlight shining through test tubes of oil
Cowboy hats and unidentified woman 1976-09-07
Luby's sign at mall on Southwest Military Highway 1977-02-28
Winn's exterior in San Angelo, Texas
Winn's: Steve Spears 1977-02-02
Winn's Annual Report 1977-01-31
Winn's at West and Basse Streets 1977-01-28
Winn's warehouse 1977-01-25
Ray Ellison Homes: Salesman of the month presentation 1977-01-13
Winn's employees 1977-01-11
World Wide Realty: presentation of Sales Awards 1976-12-16
Ray Ellison Homes: man receiving salesman award 1976-12-09
Rendering of Superior Pontiac 1976-11-16
Paint can 1979-11-09
Bill Pitman 1976-11-10
Texas Pharmacal Company: products 1976-10-20
Luby's interior and people and food 1976-09-22
Mr. Luby and others in field with plans 1976-09-02
Food, employees and customers at Luby's 1976-09-31
Exterior of Luby's at Wurzbach Road and Interstate Highway 10 1976-09-10
Cafeterias, Inc.: bronze plaque 1976-08-23
Romana Café, Dallas: rendering of Romana Café 1976-08-17
Exterior of Union State Bank 1976-04-08
Ursuline Academy: nun and two others in front of Northwest 6 Theaters sign 1976-03-31
Negley Paint: opening ceremony 1976-03-04
Negley Paint: Mr. Negley 1976-02-27
Two men skiing 1976-02-09
Ray Ellison Homes: exterior of houses 1976-01-16
1253 Romano's interior in Dallas, Texas 1977-03-30
Exterior of Romano's 1977-12-12
Cafeterias, Inc.: first cafeteria 1911 1977-12-15
Father Nueva and Carolyn at Rectory 1977-11-07
Cafeterias, Inc.: man at table 1977-10-24
Cafeterias, Inc.: training school 1977-10-14
Superior Pontiac 1977-10-05
Cafeterias, Inc.: Mr. Luby and Mr. Winglein 1977-10-05
Managers of Luby's 1977-09-26
Cafeterias, Inc.: area managers 1977-09-12
Interior and exterior of San Fernando Cathedral 1977-09-23
Rendering: Luby's in Arlington, Texas 1977-09-08
Rendering: Luby's in San Antonio, Texas 1977-09-02
San Fernando Cathedral 1977-08-24
Rendering: Luby's in Houston 1977-08-15
Cafeterias, Inc.: man 1977-07-18
Superior Pontiac: taking big Indian down from old store 1977-07-19
Superior Pontiac: construction progress 1977-06-02
Cafeterias, Inc.: award recipients 1977-04-20
Indian on top of Superior Pontiac 1977-03-08
Unidentified man
1254 Romana Cafeteria, Dallas, Texas 1978-05-09
Cake cutting and small group at Negley Paint Store 1978-06-07
Unidentified men 1978-01-31
[ Pic # 21257-62 Inv # 23897 ]
Winn's Stores, Inc.: bicycle 1978-02-06
Cafeterias, Inc.: Luby's on Walzem Road 1978-01-19
Cafeterias, Inc.: interior of Luby's on Walzem Road 1978-01-18
Winn's: dirt with time pine seedlings 1978-01-13
Archbishop at dinner, airport, baptism, mission tour, dedication ceremony and with Lila Cockrell a 1977-11-10
[ Inv # 24841 Pic 20553-63 ]
1255 Unidentified people 1981-10-20
Computers and printouts 1982-04-29
Winn's Stores: Bill Hale, Lynn Hockaby, Robert Kuehl 1981-10-08
Winn's Stores: John Welton 1981-09-14
Unidentified people 1981-09-04
[ Pic # 119655-56 Inv # 34848 ]
Paul Anderson Company: interior of Security Services Federal Credit Union 1981-04-16
Paul Anderson Company: Skinner Clinic 1981-03-17
Paul Anderson Company: Security National Bank 1981-03-17
Paul Anderson Company: Southwest Research institute and McCreless Mall 1981-03-13
Sigmor Station on Callaghan Road 1980-07-17
Brides for La Feria Department Store 1980-05-06
Employees at Contact Corporation 1980-04-20
Personnel and furniture at Paul Anderson 1980-03-21
Staffel's furniture main office and factory 1980-02-20
Employees at Union State Bank 1980-01-29
Staff and display at Staffel's Furniture 1979-12-20
Winn's store interior 1979-02-07
Winn's store interior and employees 1979-02-08
Man with camera and projector 1979-05-21
Superior Pontiac: removal of big Indian 1979-04-06
Employee of Union State Bank 1979-03-26
Winn's store new distribution center under construction 1979-01-08
Award presentation at Cafeterias, Inc. 1979-01-08
Cafeteria's Inc.: exterior, interior, food and people at Luby's at El Paso, Texas 1978-10-02
Cafeteria's Inc.: exterior, interior, food and people at Luby's in Dallas, Texas 1978-10-06
1256 Group and Tom Turner 1980-08-19
Group for annual report 1980-09-08
Truck 1980-08-29
Petroleum Refinery in Three Rivers 1980-08-20
Signal station 1980-07-24
Group working at computers 1980-08-21
Man standing by Sigmor Corporation sign
Ship unloading pipe in Houston 1980-08-30
Trucks and products depot 1980-07-16
Offices at Sigmor Corporation 1980-07-24
1257 Unidentified man 1984-08-28
[ Inv # 38079 Pic # 33501 ]
Unidentified man 08-29
[ Inv # 38089 Pic # 33502 ]
Unidentified men 1984-08-28
[ Inv # 380797-38087 Pic # 38991-998 ]
1258 Bentley Race car 1930 1987-03-09
Large machine 1980-09-19
Model plane 1980-07-28
Engine 1977-08-01
Work area 1978-05-08
Airplanes 1977-03-01
Machinery 1980-04-10
1259 Burned out warehouse 1976-02-02
Flower arrangement 1973-12-03
Board of directors 1973-10-05
Tractor trailer 1973-07-20
Exterior 1973-02-23
Trucks 1973-02-27
Employees at work 1973
Trailer 1972-11-22
Jewish plants 1972-11-30
Shirley Jones 1974-01-21
Truck at Flag Plaza 1974-03-27
Building and signs 1981-11-11
Trailers 1981-09-11
1260 Interior, exterior and warehouse of new building, computers 1968
Man welding 1968
Employees 1968
Pipes 1965
Employees 1966
Pipes being fitted together 1964
1261 Cunningham and Walsh, Inc.: two men looking at sides of house and houses 1968-09-04
1262 Notebooks "Mannequin Modeling" and "Drilco" 1977-01-10
First National Bank, Harlingen, Texas: Christmas mug, cake and candle 1973-12-02
Files in a pile 1973-11-14
Digital radio 1973-11-14
Four radios 1973-11-09
Santa Claus mug with money in it 1973-10-27
Square box with appliances 1973-09-19
Whip Foods: Harral's Hot Sauce 1973-07-20
Rendering of First Savings Bank 1972-12-26
Bexar County Savings and Loan sign 1972-12-13
Bexar County Savings and Loan sign 1972-12-07
Exterior of Laredo National Bank 1972-10-18
Ad announcing First National Bank $60,000,000 total deposits, Harlingen, Texas 1972-08-10
House in Bristol place 1972-07-14
Rendering: Laredo National Bank 1972-02-28
Gene Spires Buick signs 1972-01-23
Karotkin's Furniture: man assembling TV, trying to put a couch in Volkswagen bug, trying to pick out curtains and put up chairs 1972-01-12
Ads for mattress sets 1972-01-13
Furniture at Karotkin's Furniture 1972-01-13
Laredo National Bank personnel 1971-10-15
Rendering: Bexar County Savings and Loan in mall 1971-10-28
Nature 1971-11-03
Truck at Alamo Iron Works 1971-09-09
Truck at Alamo Iron Works 1971-07-26
Rendering: First National Bank, Kleberg, Texas 1971-06-04
Teakettle and coffee percolator 1971-12-21
First Federal Savings Bank, Uvalde, Texas 1970-11-13
Officers of bank 1970-06-08
"1st" lapel pin 1970-10-15
KXEL radio sign 1970-09-28
Glasses and clock 1970-06-12
Scissors and stack of money 1970-03-03
Drawing of a billboard 1970-04-14
Satin Wing soft margarine 1969-11-13
Anchor Hocking precut American glassware 1969-09-19
Bun warmer 1969-09-25
Three men in front of Whip Foods 1969-11-13
Karotkin's Furniture 87th anniversary 1969-10-07
Highest Legal Rate at United Savings ad 1969-09-26
First National Bank Board meeting at Tower of the Americas 1969-02-14
Newt Godfree Chevrolet 1969-01-20
Ad for a loan at First National Bank 1969-06-10
Gene Spires Buick Company ads 1969-05-01
Signs and windmill at Zuider Zee 1969-02-14
Ad for Brownsville Savings 1969-02-11
Gibson's Discount Center 1968-12-23
Community National Bank 1968-12-20
Ad for 5.5 % Savings Certificate 1969-01-13
Susan Faser: Bexar County Savings and Loan 1968-12-30
Billboards for bourbon and Channel four news 1968-12-13
Gibson's Discount Center 1968-12-19
Painting at bank by Donald M. Vena 1969-01-30
Gene Spires Buick Company, 501 Broadway 1969-09-18
Model with pecan catchers 1969-07-08
Ground-breaking at First National Bank 1968-11-26
First National Bank Board meeting at the Tower of the Americas 1969-02-14
1263 Three people receiving money receipts 1981-12-18
Man receiving a check 1981-10-06
Leon Valley Elementary School: little girl for meat ads 1981-04-15
South Padre Island: Holiday Inn and sandy Retreat 1979-08-15
Produce and meats 1980-06-24
Liquor ad 1980-06-05
Unidentified island 1980-02-04
Unidentified hotel 1980-01-30
Travel van and trailer 1980-01-09
Ocean, beach and seagulls 1979-12-17
Swimming pool 1979-12-11
Buffet bar 1979-11-30
Portrait of Smith family at Smith Office Furniture 1979-11-06
Swimming pool at hotel 1979-10-16
Ad for Alamo Heights National Bank 1979-08-23
Orange juice cans 1979-08-23
Orange juice cans 1979-08-14
Office 1979-07-06
Pineapple and pineapple juice 1979-06-27
Exterior of Whittlesey's Fine Meats plant 1979-06-14
Steak and vegetables 1979-05-16
Sandy Retreat Bar 1979-05-03
Band performing on beach 1979-02-19
Rendering of hotel on beach 1979-12-18
Oranges and orange juice 1978-10-31
South Padre Island 1978-10-25
Grapefruit and juice 1978-10-25
Liquor ad 1978-10-13
Gold bar 1978-05-30
Easter basket and bunny 1978-02-20
Man working on tax forms 1978-07-01
Satin Whip margarine and salad oil 1977-11-11
Army Colonel and family 1977-09-30
Motel swimming pool 1977-09-28
Wine bottles 1977-09-26
Bottles of wine 1977-09-19
Economic Profile magazine, Harlingen-San Benito, Texas 1977-08-31
Sunshine Liquors 1977-08-29
Books 1977-07-26
Padre Island 1977-07-13
Set ups of high school annuals 1977-07-11
"First Place" badge on cowboy hat 1977-02-09
Books "Memoirs of Pancho Villa" and "Roadside Flowers of Texas" 1977-06-03
Painting: First Savings and Loan Association, Leakey Branch 1977-03-08
Ad for tourist council of Corpus Christi: man at desk at J. Smith Company 1977-01-28
First National Bank of Arlington, Texas: folder and apple 1976-12-06
Bicentennial coins 1976-12-08
National Geographic binders 1976-10-11
First National Bank of Arlington, Texas 1976-04-28
Universal Bookbindery: postbinder 1976-01-21
Universal Bookbindery: Ritual of Friendship books 1975-10-08
Rendering of Frost National Bank 1974-10-23
Rollins Outdoors: different signs at different locations 1974-09-12
Whip Foods: two men with Satin Whip margarine and assembly line 1974-07-24
Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company 1974-05-07
Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company: exterior of Central Park Mal and GPM South Buildings 1974-05-25
General Supply: three men and machinery 1974-05-10
First Savings Bank of Eagle Pass, Texas: personnel 1974-03-14
Bexar County Savings and Loan: Pyrex, sugar holder and salt and pepper shakers 1974-03-12
Harral's prepared mustard 1974-02-26
Rendering: First National Bank Building 1974-01-08
JOHNSON JAY 1900-1968
1270 Newspaper article 1968-10-29
French W. Ferguson grocery store circa 1945
Woman (old)
Traffic accident 1963
House interior and exterior
Three men
Drawing of the Alamo 1900
Girl with bruises
The Alamo and Cenotaph in snow circa 1955
Building 1956
Girl at Sheriff's office (mug shot) 1951
Woman with baby
Woman with bruises
J. Johnson with painting 1964-09-09
JOHNSON, DAN undated
1265 Asbury Methodist Church interior and exterior
Houses interior and exterior
1266 Red McCombs Ford
Texas Commerce Bank and Kelly Field National Bank 1982-11-30
First Federal Bank 1978
Luby's Cafeterias, Inc. building and Alamo Savings Association
Luby's Cafeterias, Inc. Corporate Office Building 1982-01-04
Texas Commerce Bank of San Antonio 1981-08-04
Bexar Electric Company
Johnson and Dempsey Building 1983-01-24
Rendering of building 1983-10-05
Proposed building 1977-03-02
1267 Luby's Building, First National Federal Building and others
Kelly Field National Bank
Texas Commerce Bank
Medical Center Tower
Alamo Savings Association
Johnson and Dempsey Building 1983-09-27
KENS-TV building
Church interior and exterior
Security Service Federal Credit Union
Rendering: proposed CPSB Head Quarters
E. F. Hutton
Bank library interior
Broadway Plaza Building
JOHNSON, ED 1960-1961
1268 Cattle
Woman on horse
Unidentified man with bowling ball
Bowling lanes under construction
Crowning girl 1960
Man with dog
Ed Johnson 1961
1269 Opening ceremonies at new Howard Johnson's 1962
Groups 1962
Unidentified man 1962
On balcony of hotel 1964
Howard Johnson Motor Lodge 1965
Interior of rooms and exterior of building and restaurant 1967
1271 L. B. Johnson and Lady Bird with another couple 1962
L. B. Johnson's portrait (Presidential)
L. B. Johnson at Trinity University
L. B. Johnson talking on WOAI-TV and KONO-TV 1962
L. B. Johnson greeting people 1962
Lady Bird
L. B. Johnson at airport 1964
L. B. Johnson at Randolph Air Force Base with Israeli Prime Minister 1968
1271 Jolly Jack food 1968-09-68
1272 Lubricants 1976-07-06
Group by boat 1976-05-12
Ad 1976-03-30
Calvert Building 1975
Cow Palace exterior
Screens 1975-05-07
Fujya Restaurant: egg rolls 1975-04-04
Turtle Creek: landscape 1974-06-13
Rendering of office building 1974-01-21
Naylor Realty group 1973-10-12
Group at Naylor Realty 1973-10-10
Kotzebue Air Conditioning group 1973-07-17
Ingram Manufacturing Company interior 1972-10-24
Models and showcased at Smart Shop 1973-04-20
Carrier Air: party 1973-03-10
Equipment 1973-03-05
1273 Glenn Advertising: ads 1968-04-04
Glenn Advertising: drawing of Jordan Motor Company 1968-04-04
Glenn Advertising: exterior of Jordan Motor Company 1965
Glenn Advertising: interior of Jordan Motor Company and cars 1956
Glenn Advertising: garage 1956
Glenn Advertising: aerial of Jordan Motor Company 1965
1274 Furniture 1967
Unidentified woman
Mayor McAllister, Ware Ricci
Mary Denman, Renata Byrnes, Tom Ellis
JOSKE'S 1949-1973
1275 Banquet
Christmas decorations
Children's Center
Linoleum and Tile
Camellia Room
Joske's General Tire on North Bonham and East Commerce Streets
Models getting off train
Joske's Sportsman's store
Junior Shoe Center
Dog Tags
Ads for sales
Model in bridal outfits
1276 Exterior of Joske's circa 1937
Rendering of Joske's and Saint Joseph's Church 1967
Aerial of Joske's and Saint Joseph's Church
Joske's Brothers building (old) circa 1910
Joske's Las Palmas 1969
Fantasy land 1965
Fiberglass Engineering Association: exterior of building showing façade and flags 1965-05-27
Close up of flags and ornamental stone work 1968
Rendering of stagecoach out of the 1880's and plane being unloaded for Joske's
Joske's Sportsman's store 1948
Collin -Atkins and Joske's: Joske's at North Star and Las Palmas 1969-08-16
Lifting airplane to top floor of Joske's
1277 Fine linen shop
Exterior of Joske's circa 1955
Millenery Salon
Sports Shop
Gift Canteen Shop
Montage of pictures: Joske's, the Alamo, Randolph Field Head Quarters, Ricci, San Jose Mission, soldiers, Municipal Auditorium
Exterior of Joske's 1939
Jewelry department
Furniture department
1278 Exterior of Joske's 1958
Houses interior and exterior
Three Unidentified ladies
Exterior of Joske's circa 1945
Rendering by Bartlett Cocke, Architect: Joske's in Corpus Christi, aerial and ground
Andy's Ice and Food Store
Sign circa 1950
1279 Joske's truck 1949
Houses circa 1949
Burned house
Two men laying insulating material
1280 Joske's TV ads and promotions
Exterior of Joske's Sportsman's Store 1950
Joske's Appliances
Banquet and employees
Joske's different stores
1281 Children's clothing department
Aerial rendering: Plaza de las Palmas
Garden Shop
Group getting on plane
1282 Refrigerator with food 1963
Woman with little girl 1962
Models 1963
Models on KONO-TV 1963
Young Man's Shop
Children's Center
Aerial rendering of store at Houston, Texas by Bartlett Cocke, Architect
Brides Shop
The Camellia Room
Exterior of Joske's and employees 1963
Mrs. Hagemeister in large hat 1963
1283 Three people in men's department 1966
Three ladies trying on fur coats
Toy department
Kids department 1962
Models 1962
Giant piñata
Fantasy land
Beauty Salon
Hat department 1962
Employees 1964
Sports department
Joske's: drawing of two men 1969-01-28
Bernhard Altmann: show-windows 1965
Girl Scouts in uniform
1284 Interior of store 1966
Exterior of store 1963
Shoe department 1966
Purses 1966
Book department 1966
Candy department 1966
Giant piñata 1965
Exterior of store 1965
86th Birthday sales
Ground-breaking for Joske's at North Star Mall 1968
Beauty Salon
Clothing 1962
Toys 1962
Furniture 1965
Models wearing formal gowns 1962
Piano and Organ Salon
Joske's and Atkins: Fantasyland 1971-11-15
Audio equipment 1979-08-13
Saddles 1970-12-31
Joske's and Conservation Society play about Jesus 1974-12-28
1285 Christmas displays 1965
Christmas displays 1966
Joske's Fantasyland 1966
1286 Exterior of Joske's
Rendering of Joske's
Atkins Associates: Joske's North Star Jewelry Salon 1970-11-17
Furniture 1971-10-05
Joske's: Dali painting 1970-10-06
Pitluk: Fiesta Celanese boat on river in front of Joske's
Fantasy land 1966
Christmas displays 1966
1287 Carpet 1967
Fashion show and models 1967
Old World Map
Miss Universe 1968
Three unidentified men 1968
[ Pic # 69034 ]
Ground-breaking at North Star 1968
Joske's: Mexican Ambassador 1968-09-06
Shoes 1968-03-16
Joske's: Mexican Ambassador 1969-09-11
Joske's: Zsa Zsa Gabor 1969-08-13
1288 Peyton Cochran: distant views of new Joske's at North Star Mall 1968-10-28
Pitluk: Joske's at North Star Mall close up 1968-09-23
Household linens 1983-06-14
1288 Lemon candy 1971-06-15
Candy 1971-07-01
Halloween candy 1971-06-22
Candy 1970-06-16
Candy 1970-06-01
Candy 1969-01-29
Candy 1969-02-10
1289 Norm Anderson Advertising: apple sour candy 1973-11-05
JULIAN and WHITE 1960-1961
1290 Rendering: convent for Daughters of Mary Immaculate
Rendering: convent for Cordi-Marian Sister
La Salle High School
Rendering: proposed High School for Sequin, Texas
Rendering: Science Engineering building
Two men
Rendering: Sunshine Cottage
Rendering: portable classrooms
Rendering: Holy Family Parish, Diocese of Galveston Houston
Rendering: Science Recreation building
Rendering: church
Rendering: master plan for Saint Edwards University
Rendering: High School Chapel Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word
Rendering: Gym Building Incarnate word college
Rendering: Saint Luke's Parish School addition
Rendering: Melody Ranch
Rendering: school for Saint Ann's Parish
Rendering: Saint Mary's School
Rendering: Student Center and Dorm , Incarnate Word College1961
Southern Equipment Company
Interior of church
Library 1960
Rendering: Saint Peter's Church
Rendering: San Antonio Music Company
Architectural model
Rendering: Saint David's Episcopal Church
Rendering: Saint John's School
Rendering: Church for Stockdale
Rendering: Sacred Heart Church of Flatonia
Rendering: school at La Coste, Texas
Rendering: rectory Saint Mary Magdalen Parish
Rendering: school and convent at Our Lady of Refuge Parish
Master Plan Assumption Seminary
Rendering: Jourdanton Public School
Priest and office
Rendering: Science building
Rendering: Saint Louis Chapel, Laredo, Texas
Rendering: Church for Our Lady of the Gulf, Port Lavaca, Texas
Rendering; Saint Benedict Church
Interior of dorms 1960
Blueprint of Youth Vocational Guidance Center for Oblates of Mary Immaculate
Rendering: Saint Peter Prince of the Apostles School
1291 David Rochelle and woman 1963
Mexican band and people
Three men
Two men and nun
Girl in swimsuit
Miss San Antonio contest 1963
Jim David, James Woff and another man with Miss San Antonio contestants 1963
Two men with Mayor McAllister 1962
1292 Kecor Financial Group: apartment exterior 1982-03-08
Krupp Associates: exterior of Moon Point Apartments 1978-03-31
Krupp Associates: Dorothy Lamour receiving luggage
Richard Kleberg III: coats of arms 1976-09-24
Boyd King: King family for Christmas 1973-12-17
James Keeten: man with huge fish 1975-07-24
Carol Lee Klose: Weimaraner dog in Olmos Park 1975-07-25
Carol Lee Klose: Weimaraner dog in Olmos Park 1975-05-13
James Keeten: rendering, site landscape treatment and bulldozer moving tree 06-05
Knights of Columbus: officers at Sheraton Hotel 1972-07-08
Elizabeth King 1972-06-20
Interior of Knights of Olde bar 1972-12-14
Dan Klepper: man in witch doctor costume 1975-02-23
William Kirby: interior and exterior of Travel Lodge 1973-11-11
Kettle Restaurant: food 1973-10-11
Gary Kortyna: bride and groom 11-26
Kugler-Morris: Oak Hills Motor Inn 1974-11-27
Fritz Kupferangel: family crest 1974-10-29
King Radio Corps 1975-02-14
[ empty ]
Lewis Kayton: Distinguished Service award 1970-02-18
Christmas tree
Construction of Kelly Air Force Base
News team
Roy Klossner Company 1967
Henry T. Kaufman and Associates: Farmers Merchants Bank, Ballinger, Texas 1970-03-03
Harold Keller: water board 1965-07-23
Kelfer Furniture 07-28
C. Kosub: kitchen 1962-05-07
Koehler Center: x-ray laboratory 1963-04-10
Mrs. Chester Koock: BBQ 1964-09-01
U. J. Keefe, Inc.: cement plant and truck 1960-09-01
Aerial rendering, Key Allegro
Prassell: interior of Kelly Field National Bank 02-02
1293 Kallimar II: luggage 1983-12-15
Nell Kirbee: people by stream 1985-01-25
Kirby State Bank: Fred Baker 1981-12-08
C. H. Ketchum Company: Stanley Ketchum 1984-10-02
Kleinguenther: rifle 1986
K. and E.: cameras 1984-05-03
Jerry Mahan 1984-04-13
R. G. Kurz: girl in different outfits 1984-05-02
Kerrville Bus Company, Inc.: buses in Austin, at University of Texas in San Antonio and people 1983-08-01
Kay Kelfer: tranquil exteriors 05-01
Kwick Kopy: rendering of downtown San Antonio 1983-05-31
Kuper Realty: Kocurek home 1983-04-05
Kallimar: luggage and Dorothy Lamour 1978-10-12
Mark Previty: band "The Klocks" 1983-02-24
John Kemmy: bullets 1982-12-01
K. and E.: machinery 1982-11-18
Kerrville Bus Company, Inc.: buses circa 1937 1982-08-23
John Kemmy: bullets 1982-08-06
Kecor Financial Group: apartments 1982-04-07
KURU Radio: painting 1981-07-14
Roy Kosaka: jewelry, watches and pens 1980-12-18
Wayne King: unidentified woman 1980-11-11
Kenyon and Eckhardt Advertising: men by fake gas pump 1980-11-10
KRUS-Forester Corporation: food booths 1980-01-31
Lucille J. Kerwin: woman 1979-11-19
KEVCO interior and exterior 1979-08-24
Kothman: lady with roller bag 1978-10-06
1294 Kelly Air Force Base: flag and jets in missing man formation 1986-05-20
Harland Building 1986
Aerials of constructions and buildings
1295 People around microphone
Man with violin
KABC studio circa 1937
KABC equipment
Man climbing radio tower
Disk jockey
Semi truck
People talking into microphone at KCBS Radio
Large group outside Municipal Auditorium
1296 Kaepa Shoes neon sign 1985-09-27
Kaepa Shoes 1985-08-12
Kaepa Shoes 1984-03-02
Kaepa Shoes 1984-05-24
Kaepa Shoes 1983-11-11
Kaepa Shoes 1982-01-06
Kaepa Shoes 1981-11-19
Kaepa Shoes 1979-11-06
Kaepa: two tennis players 1980-02-25
1297 Old Alamo National Bank Building, 128 West Commerce and North Presa Street 1968-07-11
Jefferson Standard Life 1957
Exterior of building, 201 North Saint Mary's Street
Kallison Tower 1966
Interior of building
Interior of building 1967
Calvert Building 1966
Shoppers City 1966
Barkers Department Store 1966
Exterior of Executive building 1966
Kallison's Appliance Center 1954
Warehouse full of furniture and appliances
Hardware department
Western Auto
Kallison Professional Building 1965
Kallison's 1956
1298 Exterior of building 1982-04-12
Renderings of Shoppers City
Executive Building, Kallison Professional Building, IBM Building
Buildings 1959-12-19
Exterior of old bank building, 115 Broadway Street 1969-08-09
Morris Kallison Building 1971
Elkins Institute, Volvo, Kathy D. Building 1970
Great Southern Life Insurance Company 1970
Aerials of buildings
American Optical Company, buildings, New England Mutual Life Insurance Company 1967
Mutual of New York office 1968
Lincoln National Life Insurance Company
Aerials of buildings
John Hancock Building 1982
Buildings exterior 1982
1299 Landscapes 1961-04-06
KAPE RADIO 1960-1964
1300 Group of African-Americans on the air 1964
Presentation 1964
Presentation for National Cleanest Town 1963
Unidentified men 1963
[ Pic # 40658 ]
Ladies with bowling awards 1963
KAPE Radio Station: plane and chopper 1963
Grand opening of KAPE building 1960
Contest prizes 1960
Group of men
Disk jockey 1960
[ Pic # 18966 ]
Model with Reliable Batteries 1960
Model with potato chips 1960
Model with smoked ham 1960
Woman with boat
Unidentified people 1960
Miss Frigi-King 1961
Prize winners receiving their prizes
Luncheon 1960
1301 Exterior of Karam's Restaurant 1954
Windsor Publications: interior of Karam's Restaurant West 1974-10-30
Windsor Publications: interior of Karam's Restaurant North 1974-10-30
1302 Notebooks, Alamo National Bank 1982-08-20
Gebhardt Mexican Foods: products 1982-10-05
President of Alamo National Bank 1982-08-19
Alamo National Bank: notebooks 1982-08-18
Alamo National Bank: computer room, 1982-08-16
Alamo National Bank: employees 1982-08-17
Mission Chevrolet automobile dealership: employees 1982-03-10
Party at Argyle Club 1978-11-21
Shoes 1977-07-06
Captain Jack surrounded by bard games 1977-02-21
Shoes 1977-01-17
Farm and barn 1976
Acme Lumber Company: employees 1976-01-07
Consolidated Realty Management, Inc.: employees 1975-11-20
Frost National Bank: luncheon and award ceremony 1975-10-06
Interior of clothing store 1975-03-12
Mr. Hennen 1975-03-04
Gillespie Ford: Mr. Gillespie 1975-08-11
Carpet Land 1975-03-10
Prince Dog and Cat Food 1971-09-23
People at Global Land 1971-08-15
[ Inv # 10493 Pic # 89415-418 ]
Group at Global Land Corporation 1971-08-20
Rendering of Coastal Community 1971-08-05
Detergent 1970-06-01
Ads 1970-02-13
Natural Bridge Caverns 1969-05-19
Model on motorcycle
Kids in kindergarten
Book "Rays of the Dawn" 1976-03-26
1303 Interior of houses and furniture, Karnes City, Texas 1968
1304 Spurs player in lounge chair 1974-04-23
Mattress 1973-12-17
Karotkin's warehouse showroom 1973-11-15
Karotkin's warehouse showroom: furniture 1973-10-31
Interior and exterior of new store on Broadway Street 1973-10-18
Warehouse showroom 1973-10-01
Chair 1973-02-23
Mattress 1973-02-15
Furniture and carpet 1971-08-03
Clothes washer (old) circa 1954
Window displays
Exterior of Karotkin's Furniture Company 1951
High chair
1305 Rug samples 1974-07-29
Furniture 1974-07-02
Store or warehouse 1979-02-15
1306 Interior and exterior of depot
1307 Southwest: Paul's Show bicycle 1977-03-08
Henry Hass: graduation ceremonies 1977-05-10
Pam Kayser cutting hair
KBAT 1960-1970
1308 Behind the cameras at KENS-TV 1960
KBAT sign and disk jokey 1970-03-30
KBAT party 1969-05-23
KBAT Christmas party 1962
Two men in convertible automobile
Mr. McKinsey
Halloween party and clowns 1961
Drawing of a bird
People on the radio
KENS Radio ads and promotional games
Meeting of KENS Radio
Gregory Peck talking of KENS Radio
Karen Sharpe being met at airport
1309 Girl in swimsuits 1973-05-24
Mary Robins, KBUC Kikker 1972-09-05
Betty Kirkpatrick, KBUC Kikker 1973-04-09
Jennifer Edwards at Tuesday Musical Club 1972-10-17
Men around KLRN camera and disk jokey 1972-08-14
KBUC Kikker in studio 1973-01-05
KBUC Kikker in studio 1971-11-09
Annie Dreywoulf 1971-08-05
Turner, Bubba Redenz
KBUC winner 1968-10-26
Miss KBUC 1971-07-09
John Woody 1967
Employees: Don Rhea, Doug Dillon, Jim Clements, Jeff Britt, Dale Eichor
KCOR RADIO 1963-1974
1310 Dr. Williams
Phone book
Dolores Rivas
Unidentified people
[ Inv # 10771 Pic # 89915-30 ]
Exterior of KCOR
KCOR signal towers
1311 Man painting and sculptures 1974-06-10
1312 Chairs, reclining and rockers
Recliners 1962
Fold-up bed
Lawn chairs
1313 Furniture 1975
Furniture 1974-10-16
1314 Planes in hangar
Base housing 1941
Soldiers near Operations building 1970
Soldiers on tarmac by plane
Ballroom dancing
Plane on tarmac 1947
Men repairing controls of planes
Electronics equipment being repaired
1315 Plane on tarmac by hangar 1959
Planes by runway 1947
Planes in hangar
Large planes on tarmac 1974
Jets on tarmac 1974
1316 Aerials of house 1974-07-18
Bowman and other men and group 1973-12-21
Exterior of bank
Unidentified man 1973-09-13
[ Inv # 15878 Pic # 99105 ]
J. M. McCormick 1973-08-08
Exterior of bank 1973-01-22
W. F. Holder 1972-01-19
Toy soldiers 1968-06-20
Grand opening of bank
KELLY LODGE # 1131, AF and AM 1970-1975
1317 Officers 1970-06-30
Groups of new officers 1974-06-28
Groups of new officers 1973-07-07
Groups of new officers 1975-06-27
1318 J. F. Kennedy and his wife being greeted at airport by police 1963
KENNY, JOE undated
1319 Exterior of Mount Sacred Heart School
Barracks with cross on top
House with small garden next to it
KENS T.V. 1963-1985
1320 Sign and quadrangle tower 1964-11-10
convention booth 1964-02-12
TV ad 1984-09-07
San Antonio skyline
TV 5 News team 1979-09-21
Severe weather watch and warning and KENS logo 1977-06-06
KENSE logo 1976-10-26
Ron Taylor 1976-08-10
Party 1972-09-26
Mary Denman Show 1972-08-09
News Department 1970-10-01
Model home in Forest Oaks 1970-09-17
Herb Booth, Dan Cook, Larry Camp, Jim Abbott 1970-05-07
Bill Shomette, Gene Tuck, Jerry Zimmerman, Manuel Mier, Mary Denman 1970-02-09
News people 1969-10-28
Arneson River Theater
Michael Tuck, Jerry Zimmerman, Jim Abbott, Ward Andrews, Dan Cook, Gene Tuck 1969-03-17
R. C. Dodd 1965
News people doing various activities on and off the job 1963
1321 Aerial of downtown San Antonio
Aerial of downtown San Antonio
Skyline 1985-08-02
Majestic Theater
Aerial view of Interstate Highway 35
Chopper 5
Skyline 1985
1322 People with Colonel Sanders 1974
Collins Food and F. W.: Colonel Sanders at Central Park 1974-02-16
Colonel Sanders in front of the Alamo 1974
Winners of trial bicycles 1974-12-21
Colonel Sanders at rodeo 1974
Winners of contest 1974-07-15
Colonel Sanders on horse 1974-02-15
Colonel Sanders pitching horseshoes 1974-02-15
Colonel Sanders at airport 1974-07-16
Colonel Sanders at auction at Coliseum 1974-02-15
Colonel Sanders at San Antonio River 1974-02-15
Colonel Sanders at Fiddling contest 1974-07-17
Colonel Sanders at awards ceremony at Red Crow\ 1974-02-15
Colonel Sanders at Baptist Children Hospital 1974-02-15
1323 Gadget 1972-01-26
Boy doing experiment 1970-07-02
Weather vane 1970-03-26
Art work 1969-07-09
Weather kits 1969-06-16
Wind instruments 1973-01-30
KEUFFER and ESSER 1980-1981
1324 Computer 1980-12-30
Exterior and interior of Keuffer and Esser 1981-07-09
Enlarger 1979-02-13
Building 1980-10-23
1325 Interior and exterior of motel 1973-05-17
Interior and exterior of houses, people walking on beach, people by pool 1973-08-24
KEY SYSTEMS 1969-1972
1326 C.B. Radio 1969-01-10
Radio equipment 1972-02-28
1327 Keystone School Trustees 1974-09-17
Desk with apple 1973-08-30
Library and exterior of school and students 1973-04-02
Construction of school and people 1973-03-29
Dentist 1973-03-30
students in class and on playground 1973-03-23
Classrooms, groups and activities 1973-03-07
Class taking test 1973-03-03
Students working in laboratory 1973-03-03
Gary Atherton 1973-02-14
Keystone School Board 1973-02-02
Entertaining 1978-12-19
1328 Girl standing by the Alamo
A man and three women
Group of priests at a luncheon with others
Kilday family 1951
1329 Rail Road tracks over highway 1962
Deserted roads
KING ANTONIO 1940 1940
1330 Fiesta 1940
King Antonio outside the Alamo
King Antonio riding in carriage
King Antonio and soldiers at the Alamo
Southern Transfer and Storage Company float
Lone Star float
Horses and soldiers
Junior Chamber of Commerce car
Brackenridge High School float
City and Work Progress Administration Recreation float
Harry Jersig reading proclamation to King Antonio (Maury Maverick)
KING RANCH undated
1331 Maps of the Rio Grande Valley
Sketch of Port Isabel, circa 1900
Percentage chart of ships entering port of Matamoros from New Orleans and New York 1825-1846
Sketches of Matamoros, circa 1890-1900
Map of Spanish and Mexican land grants
1332 Groups of people 1966
Contest winners 1966
Plaque presentations 1966
Dinner at Gunter Hotel 1966
Group at Gunter Hotel 1963
Man with car 1960
Dinner 1960
KITE RADIO 1966-1974 and undated
1333 Winners of prizes 1967-04-10
Paul Allen, Randy Wood, Paul Morgan, David Marshall 1966
Man getting measured for boots 1967
Rob Webb 1966
Dave Scribner
Rex Preis 1967
Disc Jockeys
Carriage and carts
The Alamo
Mayor McAllister
Outdoor cookery
Radio announcing
1334 Cake and employees 1968-10-01
Winner 1968-09-12
Cart at Hemis Fair 1968-09-09
Paul Thompson 1968-08-29
Les Brecht 1968-08-27
Bob Ferris 1968-08-20
Winner of watch
Party 1968-06-07
Secret Sound winners 1968-07-23
Mrs. Texas 1968 with Mayor McAllister 1968-06-28
Three men on Tower with kite 1968-06-26
1335 KITE winner 1970-08-27
Mr. Yo-Yo and clown 1970-05-14
Winning cake 1970-04-18
Broggi Advertising: winner of mink 1969-10-02
Ricci Ware and Randy Wood 1969-12-26
Broggi Advertising: Bob Harris 1969-08-27
Mr. Sawyer 1969-08-06
Glen Yarborough with winner 1969-05-16
Winner of Secret Sound 1969-02-21
KITE winner 1968-12-13
Stereo winner 1968-10-10
1336 Hal Davis 1973-06-25
Girls at Real Estate Office 1972-09-14
Party 1972-10-16
Disk jockey 1972-09-25
Tom East 1972-08-03
Randy Waad
Awards presentations: Jerry Zimmerman, Cary Deckard, Dow Sherry, Paul English, Rex Pries, O. P. Shnabel, Sean Burke 1972-07-14
Dan Garcia 1972-06-14
Ducky 1971-09-17
1337 McGee Advertising: employees of KITE 1974-02-06
[ Inv # 16837 Pic # 101081-101097, 103722 ]
KITY 1969-1977
1338 People posing disk jockeys 1972-08-07
Nancy Tory and David Sheffield 1969-03-28
Bill Cadaback 1969-04-02
Client appreciation party 1977-10-26
KLAR, ROLAND 1969-1986
1340 Amy Klar wedding 1977-08-19
Portraits 1986
Opening ceremonies 1971-10-11
Debbie Klar wedding 1979-07-07
Wedding of Floy and Mike 1984-10-27
Klar's 60th and 35th wedding anniversary 1983-11-07
Two men in convertible automobile 1977-04-29
People at Southwest Research Institute Federal Credit Union 1975-10-03
Meeting 1976-08-26
Two ladies at ATM machine 1975
75th wedding anniversary 1973-11-03
20th Annual Federal Credit Union meeting
Klar family 1973-03-13
Group with Lila Cockrell 1970
Three women 1969-05-14
1341 Rifles, one with telescopic site 1985-02-21
Rifles and firing pins 1984-01-25
1342 Hortenzo Buchanan wedding 1977-06-02
Rug 1981-11-11
Old family photographs: little girls, bride and groom, family 1969-01-06
Wedding photographs of Aubrey Jean Kline
Birthday party and cake
Four people with Rex Allen
Group at a party
Christmas tree and kids opening presents 1958
Girl in ballet costume 1958
Informal shots of the family 1958
1343 Lockers 1966
Double tier chest of drawers 1965
Land being cleared
Desk 1965
Bed lounger
Objects made from steel
Steel furniture and lockers at Illinois Naval Station
Machinery 1968
Vernon Manufacturing Company: press 1968-09-04
Chamber of Commerce presentation at KLN Steel Products Company and employees 1968-10-22
Steel products 1970-05-07
Cabinets and stoves 1975-09-29
Aerial photo of KLN Steel Products Company 1969
1344 Steel chest of drawers 1976
Furniture 1971-01-14
Patient Room Furniture 1972-10-27
Wardrobe closets 1972-05-11
Wardrobe closets 1978-05-01
Desks and tables 1980-05-19
Desks 1976-06-14
Desks, wardrobe and bookshelf 1969-10-23
Vanity 1975-03-13
Wardrobe 1975-08-14
Robert Jornayvaz: tennis practice machine 1975-04-15
Wardrobe 1972-05-11
Desks 1973-04-30
Drawers 1971-03-29
Legend for wardrobe and desk 1970-11-20
Book shelves 1968-10-24
Lockers 1970-10-28
Cabinet 1969-09-15
Wardrobes 1965-09-20
Aerial photograph of KLN Steel Products Company Building 1964-10-22
1345 Chest of drawers 1986-03-10
Chest of drawers 1984-07-26
Desk and closet 1985-01-23
Desk and cabinet 1984-10-02
Bank bed 1984-04-04
Furniture in dorms at Randolph Air Force Base 1982-01-03
Furniture in dorms at Randolph Air Force Base 1982-10-19
Tables with chests and drawers 1982-01-13
Beds 1981-03-25
Cabinets 1981-02-25
KLRN TV 1972-1975
1346 Mr. and Mrs. Sullivan 1975-02-07
Alfred Vasquez 1975-02-07
People at University Club 1973-12-12
Check presentation 1973-08-29
H. B. Gonzalez and Bill Sinkin 1973-08-25
Membership chairman 1973-07-24
Couple 1972-12-11
People in Mayor Gatti's office 1972-10-09
1347 Road neon radio towers in China Grove 1977-06-13
KMEX - TV 1965-1981
1377 Group in studio for ad 1971-04-15
Winners of Pepsi contest 1970-12-23
Confirmation of bishops at Convention Center 1970-05-05
Coffee display 1969-09-25
People around cement truck 1966
Harold Calmbach 1967
Play and flamenco dancers
Emilio Nicolas 1981-04-21
KMOL T.V. 1975-1982
1348 Couple 1982-07-20
Blue jeans ad 1982-07-08
San Antonio skyline 1982-06-15
Scholarship presentation 1979-07-11
Entertaining 1975-11-18
KNAPP REALTY 1971-1973
1349 Floor plans 1973-09-17
Floor plans 1973-02-09
Aerials of houses 1971-08-12
Map 1972-10-10
Aerial of Seguin 1971-03-29
1350 Products, trucks and unidentified employees
A and M ice cream cartons 1968-08-13
Man and boy delivering milk in horse drawn cart, circa 1908
Two men looking at milk containers 1966
Three men with certificate 1966
Food 1967
Mrs. S. E. Knowlton
Group of men with certificates
Man in laboratory
Jim Knowlton receiving StranSteel Building-of-the-Year Award
Two men with plane 1965
Karen Knowlton with plane 1965
Boy with sheep and horse
1351 Knowlton's Dairy on Fredericksburg Road
Dairy cattle
Man pouring milk out of a light bulb
Little Red Riley and Frances
Dairy case in grocery store
Knowlton's Dairy truck
Mayor McAllister with Ed and Jim Knowlton 1961
House 1962
Milk man at school delivering milk to kids with a nun
Man by Ryan Navion airplane
Knowlton Family
Man with milk wagon pulled by a horse 1942
Unidentified men
Bowling team with trophy
Milk container truck
Man with cow and on horse
Knowlton children
Knowlton's Ice Cream Plant 1960
Knowlton Dairy trucks in front of the Alamo
Patients in Fort Sam Houston dining room
1352 Man in clown costume
Knowlton Twins 1960
Knowlton's truck 1953
Safety awards
Kids eating ice cream 1958
Boxing department
Groups of employees
Two men by truck 1955
1353 Truck 1960
Banquet and speaker
Unidentified people
Mr. Knowlton bringing baskets of products to woman in hospital with newborn
Cow milking display
Three men with award of merit
Milk trucks 1956
Mr. Knowlton unveiling new ice cream dispenser
Safety awards
1354 Oak Farms-Knowlton Dairy: machinery, warehouses, cartons being filled with milk, milk holding tanks, trailer, employees, trucks, billboard 1986-07-10
Trucks at old dairy 1962
Three Knowltons 1964
Aerial of Knowlton's Dairy
Lloyd M. Knowlton getting "Boss of the Year" award 1964
Red Riley, magician
Plaque given to Jim Knowlton in 1956 by Rotary Club for outstanding agricultural achievement
Food 1963
Unidentified people
Dairy cattle
Aerial of dairy 1966
1355 Milk filling bottle machine and employee
A and M model with yogurt 1972-09-29
Pineapple dish 1971-08-10
food 1970-11-25
Four Seasons dip 1970-11-04
Ice milk 1970-06-26
Pudding 1970-04-08
Salad 1970-02-24
Food and French Onion Dip 1969-02-05
1356 Winners 1978-10-12
Two men with TV 1977-01-06
Award winners 1976-01-14
Swiss Charolais cows 1975-08-14
Dairy Farm: Knowlton Farm and herd 1974-09-16
Award presentations 1974-08-09
Sales winner 1974-08-20
Safety award section 1974-03-12
Presentation of TV to salesman of the year 1974-01-16
Insulation trapping unit 1973-07-12
Cows in Von Ormy, Texas 1973-03-26
Presentation of plaques to Ed and Lloyd Knowlton 1972-02-25
Man receiving award 1970-07-29
Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Knowlton 1970-07-02
Grand opening at Knowlton's 1970-06-26
Salesman of the year award 1975-01-17
Knowlton's Plant 1970-02-19
Lloyd Knowlton's plane 1969-11-25
Lloyd Knowlton's plane 1969-08-13
Ground breaking for dairy 1969-03-27
1357 Jim Knowlton, Knowlton family with dairy cows 1980-02-22
Ed Knowlton 1973-01-04
Salesman of the year 1978-01-09
1358 John Knox
People dancing at The Place 1968
Marching band
People in pool
True Memorial Funeral Home
Presbyterian Church of the Good Shepherd
People painting 1968
People sitting and talking 1968
Employees of the church 1966
Interior of the church 1966
Exterior of house 1966
Dinner and meeting 1966
Kids at a camp, tents, food, hiking 1963
1359 Plastic sunshields for cars 1981-06-19
Experimental car XK-1 1981-03-24
Cars 1981-05-26
1360 Entrance to house and exterior from different angles 1964
KONO RADIO 1953-1986
1361 Exterior 1958
Transmitter tower
Bank JX Top Hands outside KONO Radio Station
Special Events Mobile Unit
Groups on stage
KONO-TV camera
Arneson River Theater
Cab with Channel 12 sign on it 1956
Magician with kids
Teen Canteen band 1968-06-22
Unidentified people
Randolph Scott
Automobiles 1957
Building on 3rd Street and Avenue E 1955
Transmitter tower being put up
Woman with baby
People with sheep
Easter baskets
Royal Pharmacy
O'Krent Floor Covering: corner of West. Elmira and San Pedro Streets
Blake McCreless
Award 1953
People with calf
Buster Keaton
Clint Walker
Witte Museum
Man with lion in bed
Construction on KONO-TV
Aerial of San Antonio
1362 Station sign 1960-08-11
O'Conner, Danny, guitarist 1968-06-27
Transmitter tower
Unidentified men 1962
Clown 1961
KONO Alamobile
Two ladies with a clock 1961
KONO helicopter
People waiting for parade 1963
Parade passing by cenotaph
Disk Jockey at Tom Benson Chevrolet 1963
KONO-TV camera recording parade 1963
Canned ham
Two people with award 1963
Man with award 1962
Woman getting off plane 1963
People at airport
Speaker at Saint Anthony Hotel
March of Dimes telephone: Johnny Crawford, Pedro Armindariz
Man with two priests
Dick Porter's wedding
Disk Jockeys and newsmen
Girl by car 1954
Sean Burke
Johnny Crawford
1363 Station sign 1964-02-28
KONO cars and planes 1964-11-10
Helicopter 1964-03-18
KONO cars and planes 1964-12-02
KONO Radio and TV
Wedgewood Apartments interior and exterior 1966
Gary Shannon
Miss San Antonio contestants and sponsor 197803-27
Stan Webb and Bile Weaver 1974-05-06
Check presentation 1974-05-21
Unidentified man 1964
[ Pic # 102431 ]
Howard Edward with money winner 1964-05-02
Fountain in Trinity University
Howard Edward by pickup 1973-05-11
John Wilson and Bob Dickson 1972-10-25
Bruce Dodge 1972-10-24
Henry Roberts 1972-10-05
Chris, Cooper and David Mitchell 1972-07-21
Rod Tannor, Rick Reynolds and Charlie Scott 1972-07-20
B. Bailey Brown and John Steele 1972-07-28
Dick Porter 1972-03-08
Plaques 1971-11-09
San Jose mission
Charles Scott, Mike Murphy, John Steels and Chris Cooper 1971-03-17
Newsmen 1969-02-07
KONO plane 1968-04-11
Theater of Performing Arts: band and audience 1969-01-26
Rick Reynolds 1968-11-07
Jerry Lee 1968-08-08
Stevens 1968-11-07
Check presentation 1968-08-29
Dan O'Connor 1968-06-27
Band onstage at Teen Canteen 1968-06-22
Awards presentations: Jerry Zimmerman, Cary Deckard, Dow Sherry, Paul English, Rex Pries, O. P. Schnabel, Sean Burke 1968
Eugene J Roth with plaque 1967
Jaime'sHamburgers 1967
Bob A. Roth and Roy C. Smith 1967
KONO cars, helicopter and plane
John Wilson, Reichard Roll and Jim Moreland
International Heating and Air Conditioning
Gene Lively, Joe Blanchard, Glenn Hartman 1966
Miss Teenager of 1964 1964
Exterior of KONO YV 1964
Machinery and control booth
Lee Majors with girls on Swingtime Siesta Awing Company 1965
Border Fence Company
Transmitter tower
Unidentified girl
Jim Logan
Beach Boys
1364 Woman in fur coat 1985-11-29
Disk Jockeys 12-10
[ Inv # 39287 and 39282 ]
Rudy Rocha 12-17
Ron 01-09
Bill Crawford at Atkins Budget Car Sales 1986-01-09
Gail Harmon 04-03
Patty Ramsey 04-11
Caroline and Josh 05-21
[ Inv # 39668 Pic # 123605 ]
Eliah Malaro and Bill Reilly 1986-06-03
John Dakins and Joe Narasco 04-29
Karr 1986-09-16
Jerry Rodda 1986-03-17
KITY Disk Jockeys 12-15
1365 John Bedford 1973-12-18
W. W. Oakley 1972-02-03
Jim Tillman, Phil Raye, Fred Mc Cauley, Dave Sanders, John Stanton, Wayne Elbanks, Nick Swanson, Ron Gardiner, Delores Rios, Nick Fuller, Carl Story 1971-12-10
Jerry Baese 1971-04-16
Dave Koehler 1970-09-03
Allan Walker 1970-04-24
R. F. Tilley 1970-04-24
John Supiela 1969-10-13
Wayne Liska 1968-04-25
Jack Arnold 1969-09-10
John Neisner 1968-08-28
Woody Woodruff 1968-07-25
Ralph Daves, Al Winchester, Bill Peny, George Joseph Smith, Robert Lanier, J. T. Alkire, Allen Walker, Charles Ramby, Harold Brown, Jack Murphy, Bob McKnight, Tommy Cryer, Ralph Reasor, Al Czajowski, John Boorman, Doyle Parker
Retirement party 1965
Kraft products 1963
1366 Cheese display at Food City 1972-07-07
Chocolate malt display, BBQ sauce display 1972-05-12
Macaroni and cheese display 1972-03-03
R. S. Tilley 1971-11-18
Kraft Foods 1971-11-18
Awards group 1970-11-21
Food display 1966
KROMER and HENDERSON 1968-1973
1367 Moon globe 1969-08-20
Exterior of Lakeview Pharmacy, interior and people 1971-05-11
Texas State Bank drawing winners 1973-01-26
Ground-breaking for new Toudouze building with Mayor Gatti 1973-07-18
Texas State Bank exterior 1972-06-29
Bill Sinkin 1972-06-29
Old photographs of group in uniform 1972-06-01
Award winners and Texas State Bank 1972-05-31
Board of directors 1971-03-18
Junior Board members 1972-03-30
Fiesta Fabrics exterior 1971-10-07
Cocktail party 1971-05-23
Little girl with doll 1971-04-14
Dog and puppies 1971-02-22
Group around piano 1971-02-06
Cake 1971-01-22
A. C. Toudouze 1970-05-19
Nursing home exterior 1970-05-06
Mr. Williams 1970-04-04
Oak Crest Inn Nursing Home in New Braunfels, Texas 1970-01-27
Frank E. Rouse, Doug Saunders 1969-12-22
Interior of Toudouze Market 1969-10-07
Warehouse 1969-09-24
Swimming pool 1969-03-24
Oak Hill Arms and Oak Hill Village 1969-03-26
Helmets 1968-11-21
1368 W. Krueger and unidentified woman at WOAI microphone
General Krueger and General Wainwright with unidentified man
General Krueger and General Wainwright at dinner
General Krueger and General Wainwright at microphone
General Krueger and General Wainwright at meeting
General Krueger and General Wainwright with unidentified man getting keys to 1946 Pontiac automobile
General Krueger and General Wainwright in car
General Krueger and General Wainwright with unidentified man, soldiers and flags on a stage
General Krueger and General Wainwright at a dinner outside
General Krueger and General Wainwright being interviewed for KTSA radio
KSAT TV 12 1968-1979
1369 KSAT 1976-08-23
Promotion card 1976-06-21
Johnny Moore 1975-10-07
Paul Venema 1975-07-24
Newsmen 1975-09-23
Rick Lozano 1974-05-30
Don Ines 1974-03-25
Bob Branson 1974-05-06
L. Alegria, K. Carter, D. Sherry, J. Thomas, R. Rodriguez, J. Moore 1973-07-26
Paul Venema, Bob Dixon, John Wilson 1973-07-19
Rueben Gavazos 1973-07-29
Skyline 1973-04-09
Newsmen 1971-11-01
Drawing of tornado, Lubbock, Texas, 1970-05-11 1971-04-14
Moon 1969-09-25
Exterior of Granada Hotel 1968-09-19
Audie and Joyce Cooffures 1968-09-05
Sunset 1968-07-10
1370 Two unidentified people 1976
[ Pic # 109551 ]
Ads for TV shows and businesses 1976
KSAT newsmen 1976-04-07
Men with horses 1976-01-28
Newsmen 1975-01-22
Paul Venema 1975-08-22
Paul Venema, Johnny Moore and D. Sherry 1975-07-23
Christmas on TV presentation 1972-12-02
Cocktail party 1972-08-30
Winners of Delta Sigma Chi 1972-05-22
KSAT news team 1970-05-07
Glenn Hartman
Pat Carroll with David Scott 1971-09-03
Control room 1971-11-09
Henry Guerra and Mrs. Gonzales 1971-01-05
Paul Venema, Ken Carter, Henry Guerra, John Moore, Irene Rodriguez 1971-03-04
Singers 1970-03-23
Baseball player 1969-10-03
Circuit board layout 1969-02-14
Jack Dicks 1968-04-23
1371 KSAT-TV helicopter 1969-10-23
Jim Logan: helicopter 1972-03-02
1372 Mario and Peggy Bosquez 07-09
Unidentified man 1979-06-15
[ Pic # 116171 Inv # 30057 ]
Banquet and Presentation of awards 1979-04-10
Jim Davis 1979-04-10
"Eyes on Texas" 1978-05-05
KSAT ID 1978-11-13
KSAT ID 1977-03-22
KSAT logo 1977-11-10
Adam-12 ad 1977-05-27
ABC TV Rental 1977-06-01
Jud Ashmore 1977-06-01
Keefer, Mezzetti, Wheeler, Hi-Gear Keefer Tire Center ads 1977-05-25
Ads for TV shows 1977-04-29
Easter Seal Telephone 1977-03-15
Jud Ashmore with Michael Landon 1977-03-08
KSAT-TV building 1977-01-28
Secretaries 1977-01-27
Angelo Vierville 1977-01-07
Quinn Mathews 1977-01-18
Colson, Ashmore 1976-01-13
Karen Wilson 1976-12-20
Lawrence Welk 1976-11-09
Still from "Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman" Louise Lasser and unidentified actor 1976-10-01
KTSA RADIO 1937-1949, 1971-1987
1949 photographs and negative are badly deteriorated
1373 Adolf Hofners' Pearl Wranglers band
Unidentified woman
Cars 1937
People in line at Majestic Theater to see "Fred and Ginger" (movie)
Unidentified men
1374 KTSA: Dick Martin and Preston Smith drawings /portraits 1971-02-26
Peggy? 1981-01-07
KUKA RADIO 1969-1970
1375 Exterior of building and check presentation 1970-02-02
Oxydol control winners 1969-02-10
1376 John Kuntz III 1975-11-25
Rosebud Homes: house on 9610 Boutwell Street 1973-03-13
Rosebud Homes: tile 1973-01-08
Lumber yards 1971-10-12
Men with plywood 1972-04-06
1378 Le Febure: exterior of building 1982-05-25
Dale Leeds and Libby Owens Ford: exterior of building 1981-09-04
Lloyds Insurance Company: four people 1982-06-07
Wagner Leharding: children 1980-04-14
Lyda, Inc.: buildings and the YMCA 1979-12-06
La Vala: unidentified man 1979-12-11
Pat Legan: old documents at Witte Museum 1973-01-29
Pat Legan: Egyptian Art 1976-03-25
Major Lyons: Health Science Center 1979-01-30
Mrs. Kenneth Lee: old painting 1979-05-16
Leo Lannier: male model 1978-07-02
Major Lyons: group of medical students 1978-10-07
Major Lyons: graduating class 1978-08-11
Lone Star Seed: display rack 1978-05-05
Lewis Studios, Inc.: exterior of Wilford Hall Hospital 1977-03-07
R. R. Lende: elephants, zebras, cats, monkeys and natives in Africa 1976-10-05
Paul Loyd: chess set 1976-04-22
Longhorn Paint Company: signs 1963-04-15
Lackland Chapel interior 11-26
Lackland City Homes: display 1959-04-09
Prestige Homes: interior
Lachman Rose: toys 08-16
Lufkin Trailers: trucks 09-03
Painting of the last supper
Sheryl Leakey: tapestry 1971-05-11
Lande Photographers: golf course 1969-05-12
Littleton Tire Company: Littleton Tire Center exterior 1968-01-06
Littleton Tire Company: Littleton Tire Center exterior 1969-01-17
Dwight Lab: shopping center 1973-06-10
Sylvan Lang: Saint Mary's University School of Law Degree 1973-06-28
Sylvan Lang: Saint Mary's University School of Law Degree 1973-07-05
Mike Pigott: grand opening of Mexican Restaurant 1973-09-19
La Motte: paintings of the Grand Canyon 1974-03-25
Fred Lozano: people 1974-07-17
Lone Services: aerial of hotels, hospital and interior of buildings 1974-07-15
William H. Lamkin: flowers at Porter Loring 1975-01-07
William H. Lamkin: couple
Daniel Lamont: painting 1975-10-22
Daniel Lamont: restaurant 1966
Daniel Lamont: models
Daniel Lamont: Longhorn Paint Company sign 1963
Pat Legan: flowers 1973-04-25
Rudolph Lozano: paintings 1973-03-22
Lachappell Electric Company: presentation at Alamo 1972-12-05
Sam Liberto: Golden Anniversary family shot 1972-05-23
Langhammer-Fincke-Hall: equipment 1971-08-12
1379 Liquid Air Corporation: computer 1987-09-24
Evardo Lewis: portrait of unidentified man 1987-01-30
Evardo Lewis: old portrait of unidentified man 1984-12-14
Lone Star Groups: Dr. Smith 1985-09-25
Ludowici Tile: detail of repair at Emily Morgan Hotel 1985-08-13
La Quinta Motor Inn: interior and exterior 1984-11-15
Le Fromage, Walter Barth: basket of cheese and wine 1984-04-06
La Quinta: Carl Hays 1984-03-16
La Quinta: Dave Bariss 1984-01-09
David Liebmann: Spenser Residence 1983-09-29
Logic Controls Corporation: Liquilift II computer 1983-05-31
La Quinta, Inc.: exterior of La Quinta in Austin, Corpus Christi, Tyler and Longview, Texas 1984-10-06
La Quinta, Inc.: exterior of building 1983-03-10
Lyda Construction, Inc.: Lincoln Center Tower, Mercantile Bank, Gill Plaza and Frost North Bank 1983-03-31
Jose Pepe Lucero 1982-08-12
Vince Larocca 1982-09-29
Lavaca Development Corporation: aerials of Jones-Maltsberger Street at Bluecrest Street 1983-01-28
Lavernia Independent School District: aerials of school and football field 1982-10-15
1380 Interior and exterior of restaurant
Kitchen and chefs
1381 Cocktail party 1979-06-21
Posada Motor Hotel
Maître Dom at club in hotel 1973-08-03
Food display 1979-06-15
Hotel room remodeling 1976-01-09
La Posada del Rio 1968-09-20
Lobby 1979-01-11
Exterior of hotel 1979-08-26
Models on bed 1979-09-06
Maître Dom on balcony 1973-06-13
Hotel 1973-05-02
Musicians 1972-02-15
Two men in courtyard 1972-05-09
Interior and exterior on hotel 1973-05-15
Juan Esqunal y Los Ecos Dorados 1970-07-11
Chefs 1972-01-21
Band at hotel 1970-06-16
band in club 1969-08-26
Rooms at the hotel 1970-06-16
Exterior of hotel 1968-04-15
La Posada plane at Flying Ranch 1969-11-12
Old Saint Mary's College circa 1900 1970-02-17
Henry Naranjo 1969-02-19
Grand opening with Mayor McAllister 1968-05-20
Construction of La Posada Hotel from Saint Mary's University School of Law and Downtown College building
"Sylvia" singing 1973-06-14
1382 River Hotel Company: La Mansion del Rio Hotel 1980-07-10
River Hotel Company: La Mansion del Rio Hotel pool area 1980-08-13
Conference room, dining room 1979
LA POSADA, LAREDO, TX. 1967-1972
1383 Rendering of La Posada , Laredo, Texas 1972
Exterior of hotel
Aerial of hotel 1967
Interior of hotel 1968-04-02
Museum of the Republic of the Rio Grande
1384 Max Morales: Mayan art, paintings and model of Mayan temple 1971-09-15
LA SIRENA 1962-1964
1385 Building
Aerials of San Antonio
Old Schultz Building
Winding stairs 1963
Costumes, Mexican 1964
Prints of sculpture 1962
LA VILLITA 1959-1978
1386 Red Cross volunteers
Night in Old San Antonio
Little Church of La Villita
Starving Artist show
Glass blowing and working
Fiesta San Jacinto 1967
Cookery, Mexican
Samaniego family
Cos House
Villita Assembly Hall
Art exhibitions
Bombach House
Conservation Corner
Little Rheine Steak House
Virginia Fitchner
Clarkson Groos
Lillian Clem Groos
Ed Tschoepe
Marian Seng Tschoepe
LABOR TEMPLE 1952-1957
1387 Groups of people
Cameron Store Fixtures 1957
Man receiving certificate
Construction of building
Three men shaking hands
Small lake
Christmas party with Christmas tree and presents
Construction crew
People at airport
Truck 1953
Group of ladies
Truck in front of the Alamo 1953
LAKES undated
1388 Bayou
People in motorboat going thru bayou
1389 Dispenser-carbonator tank 1974-01-31
Dispenser- coffee machines 1976-06-10
Table 1987
Condenser unit 1984-11-19
Seed dispenser 1984-09-17
Soft drink dispenser 1984-08-21
Soft drink dispenser 1983-06-13
Tea fountain equipment 1982-03-25
Soft drink dispenser 1981-10-30
Soft drink dispenser 1980-06-19
Tools 1979-09-20
Soft drink dispenser 1978-06-12
Stainless steel Coca-Cola machine 1978-11-19
Stainless steel Coca-Cola machine 1976-05-13
Dispenser-carbonator tank 1975-08-18
Popcorn warmer 1976-05-04
1390 Soft drink dispenser 1986-11-19
Racks 10-20
Soft drink dispenser 1979-11-07
Tea dispenser 1978-04-04
1391 Operators on switchboard
People in rowboat
Looking toward International Bridge during flood of Rio Grande river 1954
People looking at gaping railroad tracks were bridge once was
Man working on power lines
Downtown flooded
Houses after flood water receded
Rescue helicopter
1392 Models wearing western cut clothes and cowboy hats 1980
1393 Men by bus in front of El Lasso Theater
Four men holding up handprints in cement
Three people on "The Last Command" Wagon Train
"Indians" on horseback
Group of kids
Crowd around the City Club
Unidentified people
Anna Maria Alberghetti getting of train
Town meeting at Brackettville, Walter Compton at microphone
Man shaving horses mane
Wagon train
World premiere of "The Last Command" at Majestic Theater with Frank Lloyd on stage and Sterling Hayden, Richard Carlson and Ben Cooper
Dance and BBQ at Forte Clarke
Two men in canoe
Joe Carper, Edwin Kuykendall, Louis Hobbs, James T. Shahan, Woodrow Sharpe, O. A. Fly and C. W. McMurray, mayors
Three guys eating watermelon
1394 One of the stars of the movie signing autographs on wagon train for group of kids
Herbert J. Yates receiving proclamation
Anna Maria Alberghetti, Sterling Hayden, Ben Cooper and Richard Carlson meeting people
BBQ at Fort Clarke
"The Last Command" wagon train from Brackettville to San Antonio
Anna Maria Alberghetti getting of train
People in line at Majestic theater
Audie Murphy in uniform
Banquet and Presentation of awards
Town meeting in Brackettville, James T. Shahan on microphone
1395 Aerial photographs of housing divisions: Meadow View Estates
1396 Living rooms
House exterior
Lyric South
Unidentified man
Red Horse Ridge
Concept Homes
Fountain Park
Floor plans
Mrs. America
1397 Dens 12-03
Meadow View Estates
Billboards 1962-02-22
Exterior of houses
Community Properties Board Members 07-06
Interior of houses 1964-06-08
1398 Quincy Lee FHA contest: interior and exterior of house 1963-10-22
Mr. M. Food Stores
North Lane Surplus City
1399 Landscape
Cliff Morton 1964-09-17
Group of people in front of house
Unidentified man
Pouring concrete
Unidentified people
Rendering of Red Horse Square
Two men with a trophy
Two little boys with red wagon
Mrs. America
Good Homebuilding Citation
House interior
Parents' Magazines' Special Merit Award
Look Magazine
Two kids with Santa Claus
Woman making cookies
Lumber yard
John Bridges
1400 Red Horse Ridge
Interior of houses
Golf course
Exterior of houses
Golf course
Exterior of houses
Living rooms
Kitchen appliances
Meadow View Estates
Kids at swimming pool
Awards and trophies
Royal Crest Homes
Unidentified man
Lyric South
Fountain Park
The Foothills
1401 Open house
Meadow View Estates
Houses exterior
Unidentified man 1965-04-04
Corner of Robin Hill and Mossrock Drive at Concept Homes
Living room
Dining room
Kids going up stairs
Kitchen appliances
1402 Lyric South
Royal Crest Homes: interior and exterior of house on Red Oak 1970-04-02
People looking at house
Quincy Lee Guarantee
1403 Royal Crest Homes: interior of house on 3530 Red Oak 1970-03-21
1404 Royal Crest
Fountain Park
House under construction
Houses exterior and interior
Crane lifting Smith Chevrolet truck
Royal Crest Homes: exterior of house 1970-03-14
Living rooms
Floor plans
People with child size playhouse
Dining room
1405 Luncheon
Luncheon and conference about site development at Conroy Square 1973-05-23
Exterior of Pepper Tree Apartments and Woodbury apartments 1973-05-16
Home at 100 Sir Arthur Drive 1973-11-27
Concrete foundation 1972-10-03
Building at 8026 Vantage 1971-12-06
1406 Exterior of hotel
Interior of lobby
Man in lobby reading paper, circa 1938
Interior of rooms
Exterior of hotel circa 1938
Lady in lobby
Group in lobby
Dining booth
Waitresses and cooks in diner
Interior of diner
Exterior of hotel 1940
Painting of Robert E. Lee
LEWIS and THOMPSON 1978-1985
1407 Man with bean dip 1980-12-10
Koozy Kups 1980-12-02
Amigos: Harvey Christianson 1980-11-14
Amigos: Ralph Velasquez 1980-11-18
Ron Butterall and Tom Kidd 1980-08-14
Bill Boyer 1980-08-15
Storm on Padre Island 1980-09-23
Wall panel 1980-10-09
Party at El Tropicano 1979-10-26
Solar energy presentation 1980-02-26
Andy Anderson 1980-01-18
Rex Allen at airport 1980-01-14
Unidentified man 1980-02-29
[ Pic # 117403 Inv # 32419 ]
Wanda Mann 1980-04-03
Model of church and Archbishop Flores 1980-04-04
Puzzle 1980-08-19
Amigos: dip 1980-08-19
Amigos: food 1980-08-18
Pat Haufeer 1979-10-17
A. J. Lewis: Hank and Melissa 1979-10-19
A. J. Lewis: cement 1979-11-12
Man and horse at ranch 1979-11-08
Ski goggles 1979-11-27
A. C. Lex 1979-03-05
Engineer at Timber Teck 1979-03-16
Buddy Adding 1979-03-29
M. Neely 1979-03-28
Jerry Hoskins and Pat Wright 1979-04-02
Bitts Miller, Charles Taylor, Dick Calhoun and Fred Timmons 1979-04-02
Morton South West :insulation 1979-05-09
A. J. Lewis 1979-05-24
Building model 1979-06-19
Bill Hammond 1979-07-26
Band 1979-08-16
Harry Dave 1979-08-14
Phil Dunne 1979-09-27
Mr. Cord 1979-10-09
Senior Art Director and new art students 1979-03-01
Truck driver 1979-02-08
Bill Heil 1979-02-01
Man playing tennis, interior of house and woman and little girl talking 1978-12-15
Interior of HEB 1978-12-13
Kids and people in front of fireplace 1978-12-12
1408 Brick 1981-11-11
San Antonio Convention and Visitors Board 1981-10-22
Awards presentations to L. V. Woods and others 1981-10-20
Santa Claus and smoked foods 1981-09-09
Green Light: Rose Care 1981-09-04
West Side Bank: Virgil Parker 1981-08-18
Flowers 1981-08-05
Old picture of man on horse 1981-07-28
Green Light: Green Light catalogue 1981-07-02
Nolte National Bank: Emmitt Donegan in front of automatic teller 1981-07-06
Tiffany Brick 1981-06-02
Barrett Industries: concrete blocks 1981-05-26
Tiffany Brick: girl by pool 1981-05-08
Tom Meyers 1981-04-23
Check Stop: Check Stop machine 1981-04-13
Morton South West: Jerry Hoskins 1981-03-30
Timer Teck: man in plant and aerial of building 1981-04-08
Morton South West: house 1981-03-30
Nolte Bank: Nolte National Bank in Seguin 1981-04-07
Green Light: flowers 1981-03-25
Pat Smith and Pete Martinez 1981-03-12
HEB logo 1981-02-17
WOAI Radio: Pat Rogers of WOAI Radio 1981-02-18
Mike Hearns 1981-02-25
Amigos Food: food 1981-02-12
Necklace, champagne and flowers 1981-02-09
Koozy Kups: Koozy Kups 1981-01-06
1409 Brick panels at Tiffany Brick 1981
1410 Brick panels at Tiffany Brick 1982-04-12
Brick panels at Tiffany Brick 1981-07-02
Man behind brick wall 1981-04-13
1411 Ray Walls 1983-12-01
James Howe 1985-01-21
Unidentified man 1984-01-18
[ Inv # 38453 Pic # 33873 ]
Bill Huffman 1983-09-13
Ron Ault and Mark Rue 1984-12-05
Dollie Bordin 1983-11-21
Unidentified woman 1984-02-01
[ Inv # 37513 ]
Ken Thompson 1984-02-01
Richard Lindner and Cindy Eggenberger 1984-04-17
KLLS Radio 1984-05-11
The Alamo in the snow 1982-01-13
Marty Stone 1983-11-15
Group of men 1983-10-18
Katherine Black 1983-09-22
Engineer at Timber Teck 1983-09-14
Jim Phillips 1983-08-29
Horses and hill scenes 1983-07-27
Mark Rue and Barbara Raynor 1983-07-05
Chuck Curry 1983-05-19
Jane Sabin 1983-03-02
Susan Finck 1983-03-24
Henry Roadriguez 1983-02-03
Dave Buster of Lucchesse Boot Company 1983-01-27
Business Committee for the Arts 1982-12-23
Greg Hiss 1982-09-02
Carl Johnston 1983-10-13
Whataburger 1984-09-27
Chris Haley and Veronica Reed 1984-07-17
Winner of Riceland Food contest 1984-06-28
August Moczygemra Floresville 1984-06-27
Pat Marince 1984-04-05
Chevy pickup truck 1982-11-22
Ralph Velasco 1982-11-18
Miss America 1983 1982-11-04
Unidentified people 1982-06-09
[ Inv # 35601 ]
Ann Magner 1982-08-19
Homes at New Territories 1982-09-08
People making tortillas 1982-09-08
Amigos: cans 1982-08-13
Employees of Nolte National Bank, Seguin 1982-07-08
Blueprints and renderings 1982-07-30
Microwave 1982-07-12
1412 Christmas ham for HEB 1983-11-29
Interior of HEB 1984-06-13
House 1985-01-04
Painting of bronco and rider 1983-12-27
Pentathletes at HEB fencing 1983-07-19
Exterior of HEB 1982
Food (steaks) 1984-03-08
Ice cream 1984-07-02
HEB # 2 1982-11-23
Aerial of HEB Distribution Center 1982-10-23
Exterior of HEB 1982-05-17
Interior of HEB 1982-05-10
Unidentified employee 1982
[ Pic # 30691 ]
Employees at HEB in Austin 1982-04-13
Exterior of HEB Alamo Heights 1982-04-11
Employees at HEB # 2 1982-04-01
Saint Luke's Hospital exterior 1987-06-18
Patients and staff 05-20
"Calvary reunion at Fort Clark Springs" 1987-04-25
"Grip and Grin with sculpture" 1986-03-24
Dr. Randy Craven 1985-12-04
Award presentation, A. J. Lewis 1986-01-10
Pro-Drone cans
HEB: peach ice cream 1985-09-13
HEB: Village Pach frozen food 1985-03-11
Discount ad 1985-02-22
Child's head with cap 03-18
Hamburger 1982
Henry Cisneros 1982-01-20
"Family at Visitor Information Center" 1982-02-11
Banett Products 1982-06-28
Microwave over 1982-06-30
Sunset 1982-06-16
Coca-Cola ice chests, cans, sailboat, Honda three-wheeler 1982-06-07
HEB: ice cream 1982-05-10
Agency employees 1982-05-27
Mexican dinner table setting 1982-05-05
Coca-Cola ice chest 1982-05-26
Mexican food, picnic style 1982-05-19
Wedding photographs 1981-04-12
"Nite shot of city from tower" 1982-03-02
Piñatas 1982-03-18
Green Light pesticides 1982-02-28
Mexican dancer in front of mission 1982-02-09
Zintgraff presenting Cisneros with night skyline of San Antonio 1982-02-04
Man and woman models in country dress with drink and dancing 1982-01-28
Man cutting lawn and nesting in hammock and living room 1982-01-28
Pocket watch 1982-01-15
Ferguson Map employees at work 1981-08-07
Bill Lykins 1981-12-21
Eduard M. Strauss, Jr. 1982-01-05
Amigos Food factory, food preparation 1981-12-15
Elrey Stucco sign 1981-11-18
Cisneros with three young women 1981-11-05
Ebrey Stucco 1981-11-25
Terrain King 1981-12-16
Vasquez family 1981-12-16
Visitor Information Center dinner 1981-12-15
Model on Mock truck front 1981-12-14
Hayes Production's Christmas card 1981-12-07
Nolte National Bank, Seguin, Christmas decoration 1981-12-10
San Antonio River, paddle boats 1981-11-23
Mexican pastries 1981-11-24
Mi Tierra bakery 1981-11-23
Construction 1981-09-06
LEWIS A.J. and ASSOCIATES 1976-1982
1414 Timber Tech, Inc. 1978
A. J. Lewis: men building house frames 1978-10-18
Unidentified men relaxing 1978-10-03
Exterior of houses 1978-09-25
Jill Kurek 1978-09-21
Houses and man with Dalmatian and fire equipment 1978-08-19
HEB Byer Appreciation Day 1978-08-24
Three men in front of school bus 1978-09-01
HEB warehouse party and HEB truck 1978-08-27
Food 1978-08-25
Stan Munales 1978-08-11
Green Light catalog 1978-07-10
Boy and dog 1978-06-23
Amigo Plant 1978-06-02
Tortilla machine at Amigos 1978-06-20
Mary Karns 1980-02-06
Timber Tech, Inc. party 1978-11-17
Aerial of Timber Tech, lumber and employees 1978-10-20
Amigos food products and employees 1978-05-12
Ken Thompson and Jill Hightower 1978-05-26
Westside State Bank 1978-05-10
Foods from HEB 1978-04-21
Foods from HEB 1978-04-07
Roger Woodbridge 1978-02-28
San Antonio Dodgers baseball memorabilia 1978-02-24
San Antonio Dodgers baseball 1977-12-28
Shopping center at Bandera and Huebner Streets 1977-12-13
Mr. Velasquez in Amigos warehouse 1977-11-21
Bride, bridesmaid and flower girl 1977-10-17
Rudolph Valentino 1977-09-26
Necklaces 1977-09-16
Rings 1977-06-01
Westside Bank: future site of bank 1977-05-06
Woolco 1977-04-27
Steve O'Neil 1977-04-25
Hank Harrison 1977-04-26
James Burch 1977-04-25
Ad for HEB uniform change 1977-04-15
F. Heger Company: jewelry 1977-03-17
Sheraton Inn: Starlight Band 1977-02-21
Amigos food products 1977-01-07
Plant for contest 1977-01-04
HEB milk display 1977-03-29
F. Heger Jewelers: interior of Jewelry Store 1976-12-03
La Feria: boots, slippers, clothing toys, hats 1976-11-19
La Feria: bride, maid of honor and flower girl 1976-10-20
Retirement ceremony for W. J Black, Bettie Klier, Sybil Black and Sinclair Black are beside him 1976-10-07
HEB employees 1976-09-15
Band at Sheraton Inn 1976-09-08
1415 Timber Tech 1979
Green Light products 1982-04-21
Grand opening at HEB 1981-04-04
HEB employees 1980-04-10
Meat section at HEB 1981-11-03
Interior and employees at HEB 1981-03-16
Billboard 1981-03-16
HEB interior and employees 1981-02-18
Opening of HEB and Miss America 1980 1980-11-01
Miss America 1980 at airport and at HEB bakery and ice cream factory 1980-10-31
Food, cosmetics and coupons 1980-08-01
1413 Men by tractor 1956
Aerials of San Antonio
Road grader
Lewis Equipment Company building
A. J. Lewis ranch 1977-07-12
House interior 1980-08-01
LEWIS JOHN undated
1416 Art of Madonna on cloud on cover of Macaulay
Christ on the Cross
Priests walking on campus at Saint Mary's University
Priest among gravestones
Priest reading to Mexican children (old)
Priest on horse
Old painting of priest
1417 Rico's Peanuts 1973-03-01
Paper cups, straws, cones and paper plates and plastic spoons 1973-02-26
Peanuts 1973-02-16
Rico's Products 1975-03-06
1418 Club Spanish Trace Apartments Phase III 1969-09-11
Interior of Apartments 1969-09-07
The Oaks and Spanish Trace Apartments 1969-05-19
Spanish Trace Apartments 1968-06-19
Rendering: Spanish Main Apartments
LIPS, BARBARA 1969-1986
1419 Photographs taken on Lips Ranch, Barbara Lips "B" lease well # 3, showing water tank yet to be filled in and containing large amounts of exposed garbage laying in and around it. Also large abandoned heater laying on cleared area. And shots from on top of storage tank showing the same 1982-04-07
1420 Gas line pipe
Funeral rites and ceremonies
Fur coat
Interior of house: furniture
1421 Ranches
Natural gas wells with certified identification
House exterior and interior: stained glass and marble
1422 Interior of Little Flower Shrine with priests
Girls sewing
Girls cooking
Students in typing class
Priests at altar
People receiving communion
Priests and bishops on steps
Interior of church
Students outside Little Flower School
Exterior of Our Lady of Saint Carmel Church
LLANO, TEXAS 1931-1932
1423 River
Courthouse 1931
Group of men near tent
Mason, Texas 1932
Llano, Texas 1932
Bear Creek 1932
Sharp Mountain Tunnel
Texas Oil and Mines Exchange 1931
Man behind desk
Sandy Creek Camp 1932
Men panning for gold
Hotel Llano 1931
Fort Mason Hotel
1424 Cary Shipp 1983-05-04
LONE STAR BREWING COMPANY 1940-1980 and undated
1425 Women posing in swimsuits with and without men
Man with baby
Group of women in swimsuits
Group of men
Three men standing by Lone Star Spectacular sign
Group of women in front of a horse corral
Men and women in swimsuits in front of sign
Two women under arch of flowers
People singing at picnic
Steins and cups
Meeting at Beer Hall at Buckhorn Lone Star
Group standing on lawn at Lone Star
Three men with delivery truck
Christmas party
Men sitting on corral fence
Little boy holding puppy
Men and women at picnic
Women and men standing behind a donkey
Rodeo arena
People on horseback lined up for the grand parade
Man standing next to rodeo queen contestant
Flag bearers in grand parade
Man in office
People dancing
Group of men with skillet fryers
People a banquet
Men seated behind desks
Lone star beer Christmas display
Truck pilled high with Lone Star beer
Women punching their time cards
People in offices and labs
People diving into pool
Women rehearsing a show
Men in lab and by the pool
Mini-carnival at Lone Star
Pony rides
Women in swimsuits with dogs
Two women with fishing poles
Talent show
Men in scuba gear
Gardeners tending flowers
First building 1941
Victory Garden
Employees with mariachi band
1426 Lone Star Brewery aerial 1988-11-28
Aerial of Lone Star with San Antonio behind it 1988-11-28
Unidentified people 1988-11-28
1427 Unidentified employees of Lone Star Brewery
1428 Bill Carson
1429 People at picnic
All-star cast of swimmers, divers and comedians
Synchronized swimming
1430 Christmas 1949
Christmas 1950
Christmas 1951
Christmas 1948
Christmas 1947
Christmas 1952
Christmas 1954
Banquet room ass set up 1948
Banquet room ass set up 1947
Banquet room ass set up 1952
People eating Christmas dinner 1950
People eating Christmas dinner 1949
People eating Christmas dinner 1953
People eating Christmas dinner 1951
Kids getting presents
People putting on a program
1431 Unidentified men
Lone Star beer ad 1969-02-14
Stuffed bird wall mount
Lone Star display at 1969 Stock Show 1969-02-17
Rodeo arena
Unidentified people and queens and duchesses of different things
Lone Star pool
Beer Barrel
Lone Star baseball team
Lone Star Brewing Company Head Quarters 1947
Aerial of Lone Star Brewery before 1968
Lone Star billboards
Lone Star distributor warehouse
Proper beer glass washing
Rendering: Lone Star Brewing Company new Head Quarters
Unidentified people
Daniel H. Schilling holding plaque giving him the order of the Silver Spur
Buckhorn exhibits
Drawing of President Lyndon B. Johnson
Men going fishing
1432 Aerial of Lone Star Brewery
Crane lifting Huge tank
Lone Star beer wagon in parade
Rendering of Lone Star Brewery
Ad for Brewery
Line of Lone Star Brewery trucks
Lone Star Brewery truck by the Brew House
Lone Star Brewery being loaded
Lone Star Brewery warehouse under construction
Lone Star Brewery pool
Lone Star Brewery water fountain
Women in swimsuits ready to go into pool
Lone Star floats
Six can packer machine
Car and Lone Star Brewery truck at gas pumps at brewery 1950
Huge vat
Unidentified house
Lone Star Brewery beer display
1433 Six unidentified men in front of pool at Lone Star
Dining room with table and chairs
Eight unidentified men
Five unidentified men
Two unidentified men wearing hats near containers
Crane putting in container tanks
Lone Star beer can and bottle
Painting of Texas Statehood: annexation of Texas 1845-46, Centennial of Statehood 1945-46, President Anson Jones- Last President of the Republic 1846, Governor J. Pinckney Henderson, 1st Governor of Texas 1846, President James K. Polk, President of U.S. 1846
Group of men and women at dinner
Aerial of Lone Star
Little boy drawing a ticket out of a barrel
Holding tanks
Employees in theater
Thirteen unidentified men
Nine unidentified men
Six unidentified men
Sixteen unidentified men
Group of men getting ready to watch a film
Five unidentified men
Lone Star six pack
Eight unidentified men outside
Klieg lights on a Lone Star truck
Lone Star Brewery laboratory
Lone Star Brewery vats and holding tanks
Lone Star German beer garden
Bottling machine
Group standing by Lone Star display
Beer lecture
crane moving holding tank
Drawing of a woman holding a wreath
People eating dinner
Group of men on lawn
GMC pickup 1953
Crowing a "king"
People suntanning on lawn at pool
Unidentified house
Lone Star Brewery beer trucks 1953
Lone Star bottle cap
Unidentified grocery store
Lone Star Brewery logo
KIWW radio talking to woman with baby in bed
Unidentified couple
People dancing
Houston sales meeting
Band playing
Girl on float
John Henry
1434 Unidentified people
Paloma del Rio restaurant
Group of men with grand champion steer
Aerial of Lone Star Brewery
Six pack of cans
Six pack of bottles
Kids with winning steers
Cinderella pumpkin coach and eight little horses
Lone Star Brewery truck
Diver at aquacade
Office and display at Buckhorn Salon
1435 Quality control laboratory with huge vat
Beer boxes
Fermenting tanks
Machine shop
Brew kettles
Narrow hall with hoses for moving the beer
Valves and handles
Boxing the beer by hand
Unidentified men taking a tour
Hot water cooler
Lone Star employee writing statistics on a fermenting tank
Air conditioning units on roof
Mural "The Gay 90's"
Murals and a fake bar and bartender
Buckhorn bar with animal wall mounts and bird pictures
Smaller bar with couches and tables, longhorn over bar, and beer steins along the wall
Buckhorn exhibit of Longhorn
Lone Star Brewery employees packing the beer
Exterior of Lone Star Brewery parking lot 1959, 1966
Beer can and bottle
Beer assembly line can filling section
Can closing section
Aerial of brewery
Packing section
Long bar with Indian head on mirror, horned animal heads on wall and large mirror behind and beside bar
Bottle washing department
Aerial of brewery and swimming pool
People touring storage tank area
Lone Star Brewery truck at distributor warehouse
Loading truck
Filter room
Exterior holding tanks
Wood shop
Lone Star garage 1950
Can sealer department
Buckhorn North American Hall exhibit
Beet vats
Labeler and pasteurizer departments
Water softener tank and ovens
Bottle filling and capping section
Rendering of Lone Star Brewery
Testing laboratory
German Beer Hall at Buckhorn
Aerial of Lone Star before 1968
Lone Star Brewery trucks
Filler department
Dining room with table and chairs and steins along the wall
Ad for Lone Star Brewery
Employee testing the beer
Mr. Jersig and group 1954-02-01
Annual report 1954
1436 Rendering of Lone Star Brewery
Certificates and plaques being given out
People eating
Man with gun
People dancing
1437 San Antonio Brewers Association: turn of the century
Unidentified men
Aerial of Lone Star Brewery
Unidentified women
Kids with Santa
Kids with police officer
Man with trophy from Alamo Boat Club
Two kids
Acolytes on dias of alter
Horse drawn wagon
Beer bottle
Deserted road
Gay 90's stage
People at Lone Star German beer hall
Helicopter landing
Texas Top Hands band
Man with gun
L. B. Johnson with three men
Horse drawn wagon passing Continental Bus Station
Kid on steer
1438 Meeting at brewery
Opening of Lone Star movie theater
Men getting plaques
Woman with pet lion
1439 Presentation ceremonies
Lone Star Brewery men with 10 years working history
Talking over WOAI radio
Buckhorn Hall of Horns
Movie premiere at Lone Star Theater "The Girl"
"Can't Help It" starring Jayne Mansfield 1957
Lone Star Brewery men with 15 years working history
Lone Star Brewery men with 20 years working history
Lone Star Brewery men with 5 years working history
Men with pigs
Men with champion lamb
Men with cattle
Men with sheep
Men with grand champion steer
1440 Men with pigs at stock show
Woman with pet lioness
1441 Unidentified men
Vegetable day 1959
Horse drawn fire engine
Steers (calves)
1442 Lone Star Beer Head Quarters building
Buckhorn Hall of Horns sign
Lone Star beer ad
Lone Star displays in grocery stores
Lone Star beer bottles
Lone Star laboratory
Lone Star beer bottle float
Cookout in Buckhorn Hall of Horns
Mariachi band and dancer
Courtyard at Buckhorn
Presentation ceremony: Lone Star courtyard 1960-04-18
Lone Star Brewery men with 20 years working history
Harry D. Hersig receiving certificate
Couple in front of pictures
Ceremony honoring James Edward Grant for literary excellence
Lone Star executives lighting candles on Lone Star Brewery anniversary cake 1960-04-18
Lone Star airplane Beechcraft Twin-Bonanza
Award presentation and banquet
Lone Star bar
Raffle drawing from barrel
Grocery store
Boy riding pony
Gunfight reenactment
Lone Star display 1960-07-26
Lone Star ad for Mexican 150 years anniversary of independence
Lone Star picnic
Lone Star Brewery men with 15 years working history
Lone Star Brewery men with 10 years working history
Lone Star swimming pool
Loading truck
1443 Buckhorn Hall of Horns display
Aerial shot of Lone Star Brewing Company
Apache Distribution Company, 1515 Tampico Street 1965-04-15
Miniature horses pulling stagecoach and fire engine
Lone Star beer display
Miniature horses pulling Cinderella coach in parade 1962-05-02
Fancy beer steins 1964-05-29
Lone Star 20th anniversary cake with executives around it 1960-04-20
Lone Star billboards
78 point deer horns
Lone Star fountain
Lone Star display
Lone Star cookout on lake
Pretend campout at Buckhorn exhibit
1444 Pool table, living room
Medina Lake
House overlooking lake
Fireplace and wet bar
Exterior of house
Stairway 1961-09-09
Swimming pool
1445 Men with sheep at Stock Show
Man with dog at Stock Show
Men with pigs at Stock Show
Men with steers at Stock Show
Horse drawn fire engine
1446 Beer barrels 1964-11-12
Lone Star Sticker
Woman in tiger stripe swimsuit at pool
Buckhorn deer exhibit
Lone Star logo
German Beer Hall picnic
Swimming pool and fountain
Woman on diving board
Lone Star ad
Buckhorn North American Hall exhibit
Beer in steins and mugs on chess board
Fiesta gowns
Buckhorn horn exhibit
Flags outside Buckhorn
18 prong antlers
Picnic at German Beer Hall, on grounds and on the river
Longhorn exhibit
vats and Holding tanks
Horn room exhibit
Steer from Livestock Show
1447 Men standing with pigs at Stock Show
Men standing with cattle at Stock Show
Men standing with sheep at Stock Show
Men standing with grand champion steer at Stock Show
1448 Unidentified man
Beer display
Acme Distributing Company, 1515 Tampico Street
Lone Star bar
Aerial photograph of Lone Star Brewery and swimming pool
German Beer Hall
1449 Lone Star Brewery aerial 1969-06-10
Lone Star Brewery aerial with San Antonio in background 1969-06-10
Lone Star Brewery aerial with San Antonio in background 1965-03-17
1450 Sandwich 1968-07-12
Petite popsicle and sandwiches 1968-04-23
Woman in cowgirl costume and man in Indian chef costume
Mug of beer
1451 Men along river fishing with nets for rainbow trout
Men hauling buckets to truck
People standing in river fishing
Canyon dam
Billboard for Rainbow Trout
Harry Jersig and John Vynalek putting brown trout in river 1972-11-03
3 1/2 pounds trout 1968-07-03
1452 Lone Star Brewery new officers 1968-12-09
Ray Teutsch 1973-03-28
Harry McEldowney 1973-03-13
Mr. McKinnis 1972-11-08
Tony Valdez and Harold Wear 1972-10-26
1453 Lone Star Brewing Company Engine Room 1969-02-12
Beer bottles display
Buckhorn Hall of Horns display
Lone Star Beer-Point of Purchase signs on various colored backgrounds 1970-02-06
Betty Schmidt, Miss Berges fest in 1st parade car and Owens Country Sausage 1970-02-12
Mr. Jersig 1971-03-09
Group of 60 people at Lone Star 1970-12-03
Lighter, lamp, cuff links and tie clasp 1970-12-17
Dolly 1970-10-05
Extension of facility
Ice cooler 1970-09-15
Styrofoam six pack coolers 1970-08-03
Aircraft hanger 1970-05-11
Steve in Lone Star jacket 1970-03-25
Beer bottle float
Lone Star display 1970-02-20
Point of purchase sales sign 1970-02-04
Brut display on Lone Star point of purchase display 1977-01-29
Look, Time and Life magazines and Lone Star distributor newspaper advertising material 1970-01-23
Ice chest, lapel pin, Lone Star products 1970-01-12
Lone Star items 1970-12-23
Henry Van de Walle 1969-11-18
Lone Star displays 1969-02-12
1454 James W. Gorman 1972-09-14
Floyd Schneider
President of Board of Directors: Al Beckmann 1973-11-12
Marshall Steves 09-25
Mr. Jackson
Bob Treece 1972-04-20
William Wood and Mickey Schmidt 1969-09-22
W. L. Mathews
Carl Jackusch
Harry Jersig
Eddie Sullivan
Charles Kuper
Dan Quill
General James Snyder
Bill Ochse
1455 Beer bottles and cans
Glenn Advertising: Lone Star Products
Lone Star machine shop
Sprayers, dischargers, elevator and track blower on production line
American Can Company building
1456 Beer mug over interior of bar 1971-01-21
White ice chests 1971-12-15
Large group in beer garden 1971-11-18
Four products on bricks: cans and bottles 1971-10-01
Large storage tanks
Salinas and David Scott with painting 1971-09-03
Beer bottle flashlight, beer trashcan, beer coffee pot 1971-08-28
beer flashlight 1971-08-18
Luggage 1971-03-09
Clocks saying "meet you friends here" and cold beer 1971-03-06
Pool tables 1971-03-10
Golf bag and clubs and boat 1971-03-05
Aerial of Lone Star Brewery 1970-10-23
American Can Company: machinery at Lone Star canning facility 1971-01-18
Beer mug with Brut spigot 1971-01-25
Beer mugs 1971-06-26
Beach towel and suit bag 1971-02-01
Ice chests 1971-01-25
1457 Display of antlered animals, beers in North American Hall
Display of Texas Hall cattle, horses, boars, cats, dogs, deer, horn chairs and two headed calf
Outside mural
Lone Star interiors 1973-06-18
Edward Plateau's exhibit 05-02
Horned animals, tusks and guns
Bird exhibit
Bear exhibit for East Texas
Gulf Coast exhibit
Buckhorn Bar
Fish exhibit
Witte Museum: wildlife diorama 1971-04-07
Lone Star Brewery 1973-06-12
Lone Star Brochure 1974-04-28
Pictures, crafts, calendars and wall hangings exhibits
1458 Horse and rider at Dannon Ranch 1972-05-12
Models in Lone Star uniforms 1972-12-04
Two men receiving awards from third man in Lone Star Board room: Eddie Sullivan and Herbert Wilson 1972-12-19
Lone Star ice chest 1972-10-20
Mug and beer can with horse and rider background 1972-09-27
Babies 1972-10-04
Main Avenue high school 1972-10-04
Newspaper page: Harry Jersig's 70th birthday 1972-10-03
"The Country Gentleman" magazine 1972-10-03
Main Avenue Pharmacy tennis champion cup won by Harry D. Jersig 1972-10-02
Harry Jersig: 1920 football team 1972-10-03
Beer bottle and cans and six pack 1972-09-05
Buckhorn bird, North American, longhorn, deer, garden and O. Henry house exhibits 1972-05-03
Lone Star 550th press conference and breakfast 1972-06-09
Lone Star Fiesta float: calendar shot 1972-04-21
Jake Johnson's family 1972-03-20
1459 Lone Star poles and exhibit cabinet 1972-04-11
Lone Star sweat shirt, towel, clean up kits, patches 1972-04-10
Lone Star point of sale trinkets, caps, cards, shirts, lamps, glasses, etc. 1972-03-24
1460 Lone Star Pavilion at Hemis Fair 1973-08-08
Lone Star front gate with flags and swimming pool and fountain 1972-04-11
1461 Brewing process and people 1973-02-13
Pearl Employees 1973-02-06
Ads for Lone Star 1973-02-02
Products shots, advertising, close-up of bottles 1973-02-22
Bottles, six packs, charcoal filtered handy Keg 1973-02-19
Purchase signs, clocks, panorama 1973-02-19
Thirty cases of beer 1973-02-20
Wild grains at ranch 1973-02-09
Lone Star displays inside and out 1973-02-08
5,000 gallon tanks at brewery, scenes in brewery 1973-02-19
Family of products 1973-02-19
Lone Star bottles and cans 1973-02-13
Lone Star distributor in Pharr, Texas 1973-02-16
Buckhorn cans 1973-02-15
Long haul trucks 1973-02-15
Charts on audience reaction 1973-02-13
Men at their desks 1973-01-29
Twenty men 1973-02-12
Aerials of Lone Star Brewery 1973-02-13
Wild turkeys, big horn sheep and warehouse 1973-02-13
Lone Star silent salesman kit 1973-02-10
Lone Star products, advertising 1973-02-22
1462 Lone Star Brewery: Point of Sale 1973-1974
Golf hat with Lone Star emblem 1974-03-22
Lone Star belt 1974-03-06
Products for a catalogue page 1974-01-30
Lone Star hunting cap 1973-12-19
Red Lighter 1973-12-07
Styrofoam ice-chests 1973-03-13
Lone Star cooler display 1973-02-27
1463 Long Neck Club Letter 1977-02-07
Slides from posters, bumper stickers about Lone Star long necks 1977-02-02
Beer ads and comparison chart 1974-02-01
Lone Star Color Contest: horse roundup 1973-02-09
1464 Lone Star executives with movie star Goldie Hawn at party 1973-02-25
Two men and lady with Lone star longnecks 1977-12-15
Prize winning bull 1975-02-14
Employees in front of giant beer cans 1973-11-28
Beer bottles in front of keg
Lone Star family 1973-09-06
Jersig receiving award at Texas press Association meeting 1973-04-30
Stockholders meeting 1973-04-16
Distributors, speakers, groups, etc. at Lone Star sales meeting 1973-02-21
Groups 1973-02-22
Groups in front of beer can tanks 1973-02-28
1465 Vegetable day 1977-11-05
Stock Show 1976-02-21
South Texas Chamber of Commerce meeting award 1976-09-30
Vegetable day auction 1975-11-08
Lone Star logo 1975-08-06
Floyd Schneider accepting plaque 1974-02-10
Lone Star Brewery 1974-12-18
Buckhorn Beer 1974-11-19
Lone Star six pack 1974-09-05
Plaque of antique barbed wire 1974-07-08
Paintings 1974-05-28
Lamb and steer at Stock Show Auction 1974-02-15
Board members at Buckhorn 1974-02-04
Board members at brewery 1974-02-27
Giant horse award 1974-02-06
Booth at Lone Star 1974-02-16
Lone Star six pack 1974-08-05
Lone Star six pack 1974-07-25
1466 Beer cans 1979-03-19
Speakers and small groups 1979-02-13
Beer can with blue star 1977-12-16
Bill Ochse
"Betsy Roes" and "Uncle Sam" 1981-07-02
Fourth of July party 1981-07-04
Gorillas 1981-06-25
1468 Projectors and projection booth
1469 Lone Star Ice Station exterior 1941
Lone Star Ice Station exterior 1946
Little boy with baby
Little boy and girl
Charles Lander 1984-02-24
1470 Unidentified men 1975
[ Pic # 106313, 102349, 106312 ]
Unidentified men 1974
[ Pic # 102935, 102347, 102349, 102357 ]
Group in front of Lone Star Wholesale Liquor Company 1974-08-09
Group in front of Lone Star Wholesale Liquor Company 1974-03-22
[ Inv # 17148 Pic # 102347-51, 102476-80 ]
Joe R. Todaro, Joe Girid, Louis Alizzi, Raymond Escamilla, Max Keller 1970-06-19
Employees 1949
Employees 1969-03-10
Beer display and wines 1967
Group of people at opening of Liquor Store 1967
Le Sage Company building
Trucks 1955
Board of directors
1471 Presentation of safety award 1973-05-01
Presentation of safety award 1973-05-09
Exterior of building
Longhorn cement Company
Damage to cement 1979-02-14
Chapel at plant
Aerials of plant
1472 Exterior of Porter Loring Mortuary
Ground-breaking for Porter Loring Mortuary
Interior of chapel
Construction of Porter Loring Mortuary
Two men with trophy and riffle
Rendering of Porter Loring Mortuary
Owen Mort 1969-12-10
Porter Loring Mortuary 1971-06-18
Boat 1972-02-15
Woman in casket 1975-10-07
Party 1976-02-20
Golden Deeds Banquet: Porter Loring receiving Golden Deeds award 1976-11-01
Unidentified man
Unidentified woman 1987-05-26
[ Inv # 40186 ]
Grace K. Winn
Employees 1968-05-24
Daughter and son-in-law 1975-01-06
Robert Shepherd's, Jr. military discharge 1975-03-28
Table set for entertaining 1957
Infant in casket 1966
Award presentation 1964
Waiting rooms
Coffins and showroom
Swordfish being reeled in
New finder map
Infant in casket 1960
Man by cow
1472 Neighborhood performance of Los Pastores. Photographs possibly by Elision Photography, not Zintgraff
Religious drama
Manuel Espinosa
Alberto Gallegos
E. Vallejo
1473 People dancing
People on trail ride
People around campfire
People around swimming pool
Dining room
Horse rearing
Group singing around campfire
Living room
Man playing golf
Couple playing tennis
Mare and foal
1474 Man watching TV
Trial ride
Golf course
People at swimming pool
Dining room
People around campfire 1950
People sun bathing
People dancing 1960
Galloping horse
1475 Line of women checking eggs
Ladies washing cups
Joe Lowe Corporation building
1476 Ship named Wilderness
Unidentified men
[ Pic # 24046-50 Inv # 31257 ]
1477 Luby's Cafeteria 1962
Luby's Cafeteria 1956
Luby's Head Quarters 1983-09-12
Luby's Head Quarters 1982-02-04
Interior 1966-03-10
Exterior 1960-01-26
Publicity for construction of new cafeteria 1980-12-02
LUCEY, ROBET E. undated
1481 House exterior
Archbishop Lucey
1478 Jimmy Dean being fitted for boots 1960
[ Pic # 17735 ]
John Wayne in Lucchese Boot Company 1956
Movie star being fitted for boots 1969
Audie Murphy being fitted for boots
Lloyd Bridges and other stars being fitted for boots
Roy Rogers being fitted 1961
Fess Parker and Buddy Ebsen 1956
Rex Allen at airport
Maureen O'Hara
Unidentified people being fitted for boots
Slim Pickens 1963
Jimmy Stewart 1963
Joe Freeman 1960
Unidentified couple 1967
[ Pic # 61978 ]
Patrick Wayne 1965
James Garner
Robert Taylor
Yvonne De Carlo
Johnny Yuima
Clint Walker
Tom Brenham
Dale Robertson
Anita Bryant
Spike Jones
Gene Autry
Lorne Greene 1968-10-02
Joel McCrea
Mr. Lucchese 1969-10
Man making a boot
McCrory's 1949-12-11
Exterior of Lucchese Boot Company 1949
Gloves and moccasins
Boot jacks and buckles
Bob Hope
Polo player and pony
Lucchese Boot Company 1949
Foot massager
1479 Boots 1977-02-28
Boots 1972-09-07
Boots 1972-10-09
Boots 1975-09-02
Boots 1977-11-14
Belts 1977-03-25
Alligator Farms 1976-12-29
Jimmy Dean being fitted for boots
Picture on wall of Being Crosby
Ray Milland
Interior of Lucchesse Boot Company
James Cagney
Gary Cooper
Boots and wallets 1979-04-30
Boots and wallets 1977-04-08
Boots and wallets 1977-03-31
James Garner
Ava Gabor
Clint Walker
Boots 1976-09-27
Boots 1974-05-08
Working situations at Lucchese 1971-05-07
Sam Lucchese
Picture on wall of Bill Elliot
Boots 1970-09-10
Judy Lynn
1480 Old boots 1982-10-07
Belts 1980-05-23
Belts, boots and billfold 1980-05-20
Wallet 1980-05-30
Old photographs with Buddy Ebsen and Fezz Parker 1981-07-01
Father's Day ad 1981-03-20
Mariachi, piñata, food 1981-02-24
Items for ad: champagne, rose, necklace, car 1981-02-09
Boots, western clothing 1981-02-05
1482 Interior of hospital 1978-04-06
Rendering of hospital 1977-02-24
Chapel with stained glass window 1976-05-29
Meeting 1975-11-26
Group of people 1975
Unidentified man 1965
[ Pic # 48941 ]
People looking at charts and plans 1965
Priest and alcolytes 1963
Men raising flag 1964
Woman with flowers 1964
Birthday cake
People and cake 1962
Exterior of hospital
1483 TV sets
Seeburg Music display
Record players
Unidentified men