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Inventory of the Zintgraff Studio Photograph Collection, 1800s-1987 (bulk 1930-1987): C-D

Descriptive Summary

Creator: Zintgraff Studio
Title: Zintgraff Studio Photograph Collection,
Dates: 1800s-1987
Creator Abstract: Zintgraff Studio was a commercial photography firm in San Antonio that operated from the early 1930s to 1987.
Content Abstract: The collection includes original negatives and prints made by the Zintgraff Studio. Images in the collection include downtown street scenes, businesses, movie theaters, film stars, parks, schools, the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo, and Fiesta San Antonio royalty. This collection comprises approximately 850,000 images.
Identification: MS 355
Extent: 850,000 photographs
Language: Materials are in English.
Repository: The University of Texas at San Antonio Libraries Special Collections.

Biographical/Historical Note

Zintgraff Studio was a commercial photography firm in San Antonio that operated from the early 1930s to 1987.

Scope and Content Note

The collection includes original negatives and prints made by the Zintgraff Studio. Images in the collection include downtown street scenes, businesses, movie theaters, film stars, parks, schools, the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo, and Fiesta San Antonio royalty. This collection comprises approximately 850,000 images.

Selected material in this collection has been digitized and is available in our digital collections.


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Inventory of the Zintgraff Studio Photograph Collection,1800s-1987 (bulk 1930-1987): E-G
Inventory of the Zintgraff Studio Photograph Collection,1800s-1987 (bulk 1930-1987): H-L
Inventory of the Zintgraff Studio Photograph Collection,1800s-1987 (bulk 1930-1987): M-O
Inventory of the Zintgraff Studio Photograph Collection,1800s-1987 (bulk 1930-1987): P-R
Inventory of the Zintgraff Studio Photograph Collection,1800s-1987 (bulk 1930-1987): S
Inventory of the Zintgraff Studio Photograph Collection,1800s-1987 (bulk 1930-1987): T-Z


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There are no access restrictions on the materials for research purposes, and the collection is open to the public.

This collection must be viewed at UTSA's Hemisfair Campus.

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Zintgraff Studio (San Antonio, Tex.)
San Antonio (Tex.)
Local Subjects
San Antonio History

Related Materials

There are no known other archival collections created by Zintgraff Studio at the date of accessioning.

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[Identification of item], Zintgraff Studio Photograph collection, MS 355, University of Texas at San Antonio Libraries Special Collections from the Institute of Texan Cultures.

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The collection has been encoded by Nikki Lynn Thomas, Manuscripts Curator. More detailed processing is not anticipated at this time.

Inventory of the Zintgraff Studio Photograph collection, C-D

284 Coffee Room at the Big Tree
Christie's Restaurant 1948
Interior and exterior of Charles Pharmacy 1967
Davis Construction Center , Inc.: house 1975-02-25
Cunningham and Walsh Company: air pollution control system 1971-09-02
Clark Printing Company: three suede purses 1971-09-27
Commercial Refuse Systems: refuse truck leaving Marymount 1971-10-05
Columbia Properties maps 1972-06-02
Football field
Consolidated Control Supplies: equipment at Lackland Officers Club 1971-07-12
Mrs. Ray Creek painting 1971-02-04
Champion Development Company: South San Antonio High School press box and bleachers 1970-09-30
Gongoleum Industries: Congoleum Floors, San Marcos 1971-02-27
Champion Development Company: exterior of building 1970-10-07
Mrs. Pat Camp: Mrs. Camp at Conception Mission 1970-07-23
Champion Development Company: San Antonio Frame and Alignment Center 1970-04-20
Champion Development Company: exterior of A to Z Rental 1969-12-17
Clegg Company: award 1970-03-26
Champion Development Company: exterior buildings 1969-11-12
Clayton Manufacturing Company: dynamometers 1970-03-18
Cermat Corporation: tile 1967-09-05
R. Emmett Carter: people at party 1969-12-16
Truck 1967
Central Boat Company: boat windows 1968-07-30
Community Carpet Corporation: interior of U. S. exhibit and Bell Telephone 1968-06-25
Columbus Plastics Products: displays 1968-04-06
Stanley L. Campbell: family 1969-08-05
George Clifton Jr.
Continental Trailways: exterior 1963-05-32
Capitol Steel and Sons Corporation Display
Clark Advertising: Foodway 1968-08-26
Central Catholic Band
Creative Vending: Golden Girls 1965-12-02
Continental Trailways: exterior 1963-06-20
Exterior of Children Hospital 1964-06-15
Exterior of City Service Building 09-26
Continental Inn: exterior
Catty and Putty movers 01-22
Casa Rio barge
Edward Calton in coffin at Porter Loring
Chicken Delight
Union Carbide: Coca Cola cans in freezer 1964-09-03
Baxter: Colonial Arms 10-01
Carnation booth at Trade Fair 01-07
George Coates's daughter-in-law 1955
Comal Cottons, Inc.
Electrical station
285 Chilton Enterprises: paining of a seascape 1974-05-20
Ceramic Cooling Tower Company: cooling tower fans at Trinity University 1974-06-20
Craftsman: Bexar County Medical Society booth 1974-06-19
Conn Sherrod and Company, Inc.: rendering , Resaca del Sol 1974-08-13
Clocks 1974
Mrs. Eugene Comontofski: Carl Comontofski on John Marshall High School float 1974-04-26
Chilton Enterprises: young boy 1974-05-06
Chilton Enterprises: ship by iceberg 1974-05-04
Consociated Control System: aircraft carrier at sea 1974-04-22
Arthur Carter: Menger Colonial Room party 1973-12-14
Chrysler Realty Company: Chrysler-Plymouth City 1974-01-25
Chilton Enterprises: paintings 1974-04-29
Food truck 1974
Mrs. Dick Creamer: girl with escort 1973-11-14
Consolidated Control Systems: truck 1973-09-28
Cushman Wakefield: elevator buttons 1973-10-15
George Carmack: grandson 1973-07-24
Chem-Resins: interior of bank and exterior of bank sot show translucent panels 1973-06-29
Jim Sommerset: office furniture 1973-06-29
Chem-resins: polyester floor covering 1973-06-09
Chevy Motor Division: Mobile service training 1973-06-05
Unit at Tom Benson
Mrs. Pat Camp by river 04-11
Arthur Carter: man and woman 1973-05-22
Cascade Caverns: waterfall in cave 1973-04-12
Mrs. Eugene Comontofski: Leon Valley float 1973-04-28
Consolidated Control Systems: mobile bar 1973-03-05
Cameron A. Alexander: interior and exterior of building, computer and machinery 1972-10-16
Mrs. Schaum: window display 1972-10-20
Cockrell Corporation: exterior of plane 1972-09-22
Calidad Color Separation: unidentified men 07-05
Mrs. Ed M. Cape: African-American man (old) 1972-05-19
Peter Callins and Associated: rendering , Southwest Bell Building 1972-07-20
Commercial Refuse Systems: trash truck at San Francisco Steakhouse 1972-08-11
Calidad Color Separation: bicycles 1972-08-18
Mrs. Jim Calvert: family portrait 1972-01-10
Mrs. Jim Calvert: family portrait 1971-11-24
286 David Calvert: Mrs. Calvert 1981-01-06
Cambridge: interior of house 1980-08-03
Norm Callow: old oriental tigers 1980-07-22
Central Park Mall: rendering 1680-06-16
Celebrity, Inc.: cosmetic display 1980-04-17
County Commissioner's Court: Rodriguez park 1980-03-07
Robert W. Carlson: family tree 1980-03-05
Casa Productions: certificates 1980-02-25
Sister Monica Carroll: Sister in habit 1979-03-29
Engineering correction drawing
Color Separations: jewelry and rosary 1979-04-18
Map of Comal County
Stout Belt of Texas: graphs 1978-04-27
Marina Interest Inc.: Marriott carpet and office building 1978-04-06
Al Cargen: students 1978-01-13
Post Office: post office ad 1978-02-10
Creation, Inc.: interior of plane 1977-11-01
Creation, Inc.: carpet samples 1978
Ludowici-Celadon Company: house at Horseshoe Bay 1977-09-08
Interior Creations: plane interior 1977-09-01
Commercial Contracting Company: plant model 1977-05-26
Interior Creations: interior of Lear Jet 1977-04-26
Calavo Growers of California: presentation 1977-01-14
Conn Sherwood and Company, Inc.: Wind Rush Apartments in Corpus Christi rendering 1976-12-27
Carpenter's Local Union: check presentation 1976-12-14
Country Cupboard Foods: box of Jalapeno cornbread 1976-10-06
Ann Armandy: car 1976-10-28
Charles A. Campbell Properties: manager with roses 1976-11-29
Charles A. Campbell Properties: manager receiving flowers 1976-06-18
Charles A. Campbell Properties: group and check presentation 1976
Colonel Cartwright: commercial meat smoker 1976-11-30
Conn, Sherwood and company: the University Apartments rendering 1976-06-29
El Dorado Company: interior of Crystal Baking Company 1976-04-13
Consolidated Coated Systems: drink dispenser 1975-10-30
Creative Marketing, Inc.: Open furnace installation 1975-08-28
Contained display of Texas trash containers 1975-08-30
Chism Company: patio cover and furniture 1975-08-11
Pat Camp: Mrs. Camp on river for La Mansion 1975-05-23
Chism Company: patio 1975-08-09
Compliment Décor: furniture 1975-04-14
Compliment Décor: interior of house needing repair 1975
Commercial Refuge Center: race car 1975-02-27
Neal Carter: Texas Rangers building 1975-04-10
Neal Carter: trucks 1974
Chateau Dijon Apartments 1974-12-16
Jill Cullum: man fishing 1974-11-11
Carey Chambers: construction in mountains 1974-12-26
Celotex: defective parking lot 1975-01-17
287 Cardell cabinets: cabinets 10-08
Crystal Baking Company: interior of bar at Crystal Baking Company 1985-03-17
Cadillac : Cadillacs at Lake Canyon Yacht Club 1985-09-09
Cadillac: construction 1985
Mr. W. R. Courtney 1985-07-08
Beverly Cranford: Visc photos 1985-06-11
Marian Caul 1985-06-03
LIGNA: buckled steel in a ladder 1984-02-28
Cov-Tron coupon machine 1985-03-25
Clyde Childress 1985-03-12
Chumney-Urrutia: interior of office 02-26
Bonnie Chism 01-21
Commerce Industrial Properties: aerials of property 1985-01-08
Rudy Cerna 1984-09-14
Todd Beebe: aerials of property 1984-12-31
Todd Beebe: unidentified man
Collie Craft: artist 1984-04-05
John Crain and Company: picante sauce 1984-04-02
Catholic Life Insurance: Mike Lutz 1984-03-25
Cystic Fibrosis: Twins with spurs player 1984-02-05
City of san Antonio: City Hall 1983-08-10
City of san Antonio: exterior of City Hall 1983-04-15
Consumer Commissary: unidentified men 1982-08-02
Commercial Credit: Duane Moose 1983-03-07
Concepts Unlimited: Christmas tree 1982-12-01
Concepts Unlimited: symphony 1982-12-07
Commercial Credit: meeting 1982-08-24
Commercial Credit: aerials 1982-08-30
Bill Curtis: rendering of design 1982-08-09
Consumer Commissary: Charles Geyden 1982-05-26
Carter Trucking, Inc.,: trucks 1971-01-19
New-West model 1982-04-27
Caldwell-Bartlett-Wood: elevators in Hyatt Regency Hotel 1972-02-24
Carta Blanca Corporation: river walk between Hyatt Regency Hotel and Alamo 1982-05-12
Carver Community Center: graduates 1982-05-26
Clark, West, Killer, Ellis: unidentified objects 1982-05-05
Clairol cosmetics display 1982-03-31
Pat Collins: lady in hospital by flowers 1982-01-22
Ivor B. Clark: Northchase Office Building 1982-02-09
Ivor B. Clark: Shepherd King Lutheran Church 1982
Ivor B. Clark: Old San Francisco Steak House 1982
Ivor B. Clark: apartments 1982
Ivor B. Clark: house 1982
Community Enterprises: Majestic Theatre rendering 1981-12-16
Tom Castellano: couple 1981-12-03
Commercial Realty: condos at Cherborg Square 1981-12-08
Chiquita Brands, Inc.: men touring plant 1981-08-19
Bill Curtis: rendering of building 1981-11-17
Lisa Carter: couple 1981-04-07
Cancer Therapy Research Center: rendering 1981-02-12
288 Crumrine Printers: tile samples 1987-01-27
Communication Workers of America: Home Quarters 1987-09-05
Celotex: John Kuft 1987-08-12
Jerry Connell 09-24
Century Development Corporation: Centre Plaza Building, Forum building, Commonwealth Savings Building, Lincoln Life Building 1985-09-30
C and C Imports: batteries 1987-03-30
Patrick Collins: wedding portrait 1985-02-08
Patrick Collins: rendering of coupon machine
Patrick Collins: unidentified man
Contemporary Enterprises, Inc.: Trinity Baptist Church construction 1986-11-17
Cameron A. Alexander: man with equipment 1986-10-20
Central Freight Lines: truck superimposed by the Alamo 1986-08-20
Cabell Constructions: interior of Gene Canavan's office 198607-26
Stearns Catalytic: display at NPRA Convention 1986-02-21
Tim Connelia: saddles 1986-01-07
Cardell cabinets: door panel 10-21
International Cancer Laboratory: unidentified woman 1987-01-14
289 Furniture 1972-03-22
290 Painting 1974-05-21
Three kids on merry-go-round
Formally dressed young woman on the stairs
Birthday party and four kids 1963
Woman with Coke at airport
Little boy 1964-05-20
Group of people
Woman and three kids
Mrs. Cadwallader and Cyndy 1974-08-02
291 Dale Knight
Group shot
CAIN, JOSEPH W. 1970-1973
292 Drawing: Christ 1970-03-30
Bibles ( The Living Word) 1970-03-19
The Catholic Bible in Pictures
Bible open to Book of Psalms
Cross, candles, offer plate and communion plates
293 Machinery
Exterior of the company
294 Man by cars 1964
Renault 1964
Exterior of Calmbach Auto Top and Body Company
Three men with sledgehammers and pick ax 1960
Car 1970-06-04
Datsun sport car
295 Rainbo bread display at Gulf-Mart 1970-12-19
Hamburgers 1970-10-09
Model wearing wig 1970-05-19
Signs and signboards 1966
Letter Plex Company 1966
Car-Mart: used cars 1966
House 1965
Club members with Queen
Queen contestants
Lady Marion Beef Products 1965
The Three Bears Hamburger Den 1965
297 Exterior of Campbell-Ince Distributing Company building 1964
Two men outside of Campbell-Ince Distributing Company 1959
Awards from General Electric Company 1977-04-26
Awards from General Electric Company 1976-04-18
Awards from General Electric Company 1975-04-03
Graphs 1973-01-16
Mr. Ince with awards 1977-05-12
296 Small freezer 1961
Unidentified people 1960
[ Pic # 20983-85 ]
Meeting 1960
CAMPUS CLUB 1969-1950
299 Group of young people a High School Campus Club
Kids playing Pool game and Ping-Pong
Exterior of High School Campus Club circa 1950
People dancing
Group around desk
CANADA DRY 1969-1973
300 Men loading cases 1970-08-07
Bottles 1974-05-13
Six pack of grapette soda 1973-11-08
Six pack of Frostie Root Beer 1973-11-14
Soft drink display at Food City 1971-09-30
Soft drink display at Handy Andy 1971-08-19
Soft drink display at Food City 1971-07-29
Cars advertising: WINK 1969-04-16
CANYON CREEK COUNTRY CLUB 1959-1964 and undated
301 Two people in the boat
Aerial photographs of Canyon Creek Country Club
302 Dance 1963
Three men on golf course
Golf carts
Man putting
Swimming pool: people swimming
Hawaiian night: people in Hawaiian costumes 1964
Girl with guitar
Three unidentified men 1964
[ Pic # 43782 ]
Banquet 1963
Food serving line 1963
Exterior of Country Club
Six unidentified men
Four people at the table
Members of the Country Club
Tables ready for dinner
Locker room
Game room
Group of young girls
Bar and lounge
Dining room
Dance floor
Receiving line
303 Canyon Lake before flooding and dedication
Sign and map of Canyon Dam and Reservoir
Lots of cars
Dedication ceremony with John Connaly
People scooping up Rainbow trout and putting them in truck for relocation
Aerial of area before flooding
CARPET CENTER 1968-19 69
304 Carpet Center installing carpet in GPM building and two men 1969-11-07
[ Pic # 5315 Inv. 79994-96 ]
Two men and a dryer 1968-11-25
Exterior of Blanco, Goliad and Lone Oak Stores 1968-11-07
Employees 1968-10-19
Mark Yenno and R. Garcia 1968-10-16
Breakfast at Holiday Inn and employees 1968-10-11
Carpet 1968-10-07
305 Jones Advertising : Turille Cruce at Country Club 1973-12-14
Jones Advertising: model with air conditioners 1973-05-17
Machinery 1972-12-21
Rendering of Project TEX unit Housing for Elderly 1972-11-16
Duct work in construction project 1972-09-28
Unidentified people
Carrier Corporation building 1967
Exterior of Winn's and Lenny's Fashions 1956
People shopping for groceries
Air conditioning unit
R and R Clothiers
Awards presentation
Carrier Air Conditioning 1956
North Towne Plaza 1956
Air conditioning unit in house
Saint Mary's University power plant 1968-09-19
Penny Kitchen reads Christmas story before Sales Santa arrives
Santa and kids
Men with air conditioning units
306 Two men in wheat field
Herding cattle
Mowing grass 1953
Open hand
CASA DE GOES RUM 1972-1973
307 Glenn Advertising: rum and liquor 1973-09-05
Glenn Advertising: rum and liquor 1973-10-09
Glenn Advertising: rum and liquor 1973
Glenn Advertising: rum and liquor 1973-05-15
Glenn Advertising: rum and liquor 1973-07-24
Glenn Advertising: Ron Castillo and rum 1972-07-11
308 People in barge outside Casa Rio 1968-05-21
Casa Rio from the street 1961
Paddle boats on the San Antonio River
People eating 1960
Mayor McAllister at Casa Rio 1960
CASSEB. SOL 1947-1953
309 House
Lafayette Hotel and Alamo Garage 1950
Garage 1953
The Angelus Hotel on North San Saba 1947
King Clothes Factory 1950
Corner of Sandmeyer and North New Braunfels: Star Theater 1953
Melton Provision Company 1947
Houses by W. Kings Highway
310 Moye Military School exterior
Kids in uniform
Kids in formation
311 James L. Hayne 1966
Lawnmower 1961
Man mowing lawn 1960-01-28
Line of mowers
Two men shaking hands 1964
Henry E. Catto 1964
Switchboard operator
312 Interior of cave
Three guides
Rock formation
Group in cave circa 1954
313 Exterior of Cavender Oldsmobile 1960
Four men with award 1982
Presentation of plaque 1982-08-27
Presentation of plaque 1985-08-09
Presentation of plaque 1983-09-01
Exterior of Cavender Oldsmobile 1969
Presentation of plaque 1981-06-15
Presentation of plaque 1980-05-15
Car presentation to Sunshine Cottage 1966
Awards presentation 1979-04-18
Awards presentation for services 1978-05-16
Awards presentation for services 1977-07-21
Man in wheelchair and Jim Cavender by new Oldsmobile 1976-06-09
Service award presentation 1975-04-02
Lady buying 1975 car 1974-11-01
Group by car 1974-06-13
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Cavender 1974-05-16
Awards presentation 1974-04-05
Winner of KTSA contest with car 1974-03-04
Service award presentation 1973-04-05
Car presentation to Sunshine Cottage 1973-01-24
Group of salesmen 1972-03-02
Christmas display 1971-12-13
Salesmen dinner 1971-10-21
Presentation of award 1971-05-05
Presentation of award 1970-08-17
Groups at Cavender Oldsmobile 1970-07-15
Groups at Cavender Oldsmobile 1969-02-08
Miss America at Cavender Oldsmobile 04-05
314 James Joferson and Rick Hulas 1981-07-01
315 Men unloading truck
Little boy with beret
Woman by cars 1967
Bandera Industrial Park sign
Minimax Supers truck
Water damage to store 1973-06-12
Jones Advertising: Elio Centeno and group at new building site 1970-11-09
G.I.'s in Vietnam, one holding Centeno bag 1970-02-19
Exterior of new store on Castroville Road 1968-06-24
Nelson, Daves and Son, Inc.: interior of New Centeno Store 1968-05-13
Grand opening of new store 1968-05-14
Back cake shop in Centeno store 1968-04-25
Opening of a new store 1968-04-10
Large oven 1968-
Food products for making Mexican food
Hog head
Bucketful of tamales 1966
Mr. Centeno and priest
Crowd in store
Big Chief Pencil Tablet 1967
Gold Inn Pineapple Juice
Nifty paper
Interior of store
State Fair corny dog mix
Two unidentified men
[ Pic #64765 ]
Hytone Construction Paper
Corner of Barclay: site of proposed Centeno Super Market
Aerial map of Street between Zarzamora and Roosevelt
Rico Fried Pork Skins
Rico Chorizo Mexicano sausage
Rico German style sausage
Rico Bologna
Leo Aubrey, world's fastest talking human and Speed Riggs, auctioneer 1967
Luncheon at Christmas with tree
People dancing
Speed Riggs auctioning of cigarettes 1967
Hair and tooth brushes 1967
Giant freezer 1966
Rico truck
Three unidentified men 197
[ Pic #62102 ]
Meat counter
Canned goods
Unidentified man 1967
[ Pic # 62897 ]
Fake mistletoe 1966
316 Damage at theater 1986-02-06
Grand opening of # 3 store 1972-11-12
Interior of Centeno's new store 1972-11-11
Mr. Centeno and family
Crowds of people in store 1967
Grand champion of 21st annual South Texas Vegetable Day. Vegetable Queen 1972
317 Three little girls by large cake
Four at mass
Two young couples by cake
Eloy Centeno's, Rae Jean Centeno's 15th birthday 1969-11-23
Girls with flowers and long green dresses
Birthday girl and parents
Birthday girl and mother
Birthday girl with friends
Birthday girl with flowers and guys in tuxedos
Water on floor 1979
Friedrich freezer 1979
Water damaged ceiling
J. P. Williamson: water damage from leaking roof 1979
Candids at 30 years celebration 1979-11-09
Centeno's daughter's wedding at church and house 1976-09-05
Centeno's daughter's wedding reception 1976-09-05
Golden Wedding Anniversary 1972-07-30
Unidentified people
Jones Advertising : grand opening of Family Center and interior of departments 1970-11-29
Grand opening of theater: Mercado Centeno 1975-10-04
Mexican band
Rendering of Centeno Supermarket # 3
318 Man with boots
Exterior of Central Boot Shop on Pacific and Flores Street
Interior of Central Boot Shop
Building 1952
319 Exterior of Central Catholic Marianist High School 1963
Marching band 1970
Group at Trinity University 1968-05-21
Group at carnival
Ladies in gym playing bridge
Class of 1984, 1986 1985-10-04
Class of 1986 1986-07-02
320 Kitchens 1959
321 Anniversary cake and award presentation 1978-07-22
Mobile solar heating display trailer 1977-12-08
Alamo Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. 1974-09-17
Kitchens 1972-11-29
Sink unit 1972-06-21
Central Lighting and Appliances sign 1972-02-09
New Central Distributing Company sign 1971-12-29
Steer with Notre dame brand cartoon 1971-05-04
Fedderson air conditioning 1971-05-05
Interior of house in Laurel Heights 1970-05-06
Fedderson air conditioning dealer 1970-05-13
Address of different companies
Rolls Royce in Olmos Park 1968-04-26
Group of people on stairs of plane 1966
Gibson Refrigerators for Vietnam airlift
Interior of lamp store 1963
Jappan kitchen appliances 1963
Motorola TV
Art show at North Park Mall 1962
Group of men
[ Pic # 32339 ]
Record player
Parkair Theater and Wolff and Marx tent sale 1960
Fedders air conditioner 1960
Houses by W. Kings Highway 1961
Clothes washer
Stove and oven
Motorola radios
322 Little girl in wheelchair with United Central Palsy march banner 1964
Dr. F. E. Garrison at microphone 1963
Group of unidentified people 1966
[ Pic # 57247 ]
Little kids with clown and rabbit
Helen Harvey receiving plaque 1966
Ladies putting up flag
Man with little boy wearing braces 1964
Group by tree
United Central Palsy Treatment Center
Rex Allen at United Cerebra, Palsy Treatment Center with kids
KONO-TV receiving Public Service Award 1965
Hazel Rayling giving Cerebral Palsy Association $100 1964
Little boy on crutches
Unidentified man
Little girl with braces and crutches doing various things 1963
Christy Susan Wilson ground- breaking for the new Cerebral Palsy Center 1962
Pedro Armandariz, Rex Allen, Dennis James and Jane Mansfield at Cerebral Palsy Telethon at WOAI-TV 1961
Banquet 1961
Rex Allen singing
Mr. Lobe 1964
Rehabilitation center for the United Cerebral Palsy Association of Bexar County: blueprints and rendering
323 Girl in wheelchair bowling, little boy walking with braces, and walker with volunteer, kids playing, little girl in rocker, little kids going up and down steps, little girl riding tricycle 1972-07-12
Plaque for The Stewart Room dedicated as a living memorial to C. Scott Stewart, M. D., Doctor and friend to the Cerebral Palsied child 1972-03-06
Zeta Tau Alpha member presenting wheelchairs 1971-05-02
Award winner for state Jim Thompson 1971-05-24
Ladies standing by new school bus 1970-06-08
Children with aides and volunteers 1969-06-30
Two girls in wheelchair and four women 1969-02-26
Children and volunteer workers 1968-07-16
324 Architectural models
[ Pic # 120632, 120634 ]
Construction on building
[ Pic # 120633 ]
Construction of Tower of the Americas 1967
Rendering of Macy's
Office 1980
Construction shots and renderings 1982-08-16
Metropolitan General Hospital 1979-09-12
Architectural models and construction 1980-01-09
Apartments and renderings 1980-03-12
Rendering of Law library addition on Saint Mary's University
Architectural model of a church
Metropolitan Professional Building
Architectural model 1980
Offices construction project 1979-11-29
Rendering of buildings 1979-03-09
325 Parking garage 1982
Architectural model 1982
People in a restaurant 1982
Office building rendering 1982
Hilton Palacio del Rio and River and Riverwalk 1982
Metropolitan Professional Building 1980
Metropolitan General Hospital 1979
Rendering of buildings 1978-03-29
Dirty Nellies' lounge 1978-04-04
Rendering of Hilton Palacio del Rio 1978-11-06
Dining room
Rendering of buildings 1978-02-20
El Comedor Restaurant 1978-04-04
Interior of Hotel, Restaurant and eating area 1978-11-01
Interior of Karam's Kantina 1977-06-29
Hilton Palacio del Rio lobby 1978-04-05
Corte Real restaurant 1978-04-05
Suite 1978-04-07
Open area with plants and tables: Garden Room rendering 1980
Bar 1978
Rendering of Prelim Building, Dallas, Texas 1978-02-16
Rendering of church 1977-09-06
Rendering of US Border Station, Laredo, Texas 1976-08-18
Rendering of Karam's Kantina and Produce Market Square Raw Rehab Project 1976-08-06
Rendering of Hilton Palacio del Rio 1976-07-19
Interior and exterior of church, stain glass windows, offices of Cerna, Garza and Raba, Inc. and building 1974-07-11
Burbank High School exterior 1974-07-11
Rendering: proposed Texas Tech University 742 Dial Building, Lubbock, Texas 1974-06-18
Metro General Hospital 1974-05-31
Victoria Toll Building 1974-05-29
Renderings of hotel in Kuwait Bay 1973-11-05
Renderings of Burbank High School 1972-10-06
Renderings of Saint Mary's University 1971-11-09
Rendering of Rosa Verde Multi Family Housing project 1970-05-15
Rendering 1970-01-12
Hotel 1969-10-02
326 Twenty four people 1984-10-18
[ Inv. # 38256 Pic # 12275-97 ]
New employees 1984-07-19
[ Inv. # 388007 Pic. # 122542-54 ]
Employees 1983-10-14
[ Inv. # 37140 Pic. # 121856-57 ]
Employees 1983-10-27
[ Inv. # 37187 ]
327 People listening to army band
People in front of the Alamo reading placards on Frontier s of Army medicine
People looking at art works on the Alamo grounds
Large crowd in front of the Alamo
People on Bandstand
Indians dancing: reenacting on lawn in front of the Alamo
Two men holding David Crockett's marriage bond
Man in David Crockett's costume with two boys and rifles
Boy scouts crossing San Antonio River on rope bridge
Boy scouts tying knots
boy scouts learning to save someone from drowning
Grand Prize Winner of David Crockett Muzzle Loader context
Girl scouts handing out David Crockett badges and certificates
Man and woman with painting of a saddle on a fence
Backwards water-skier holding onto rope with foot
Food line
David Crockett's clothing
Slalom skier
Older couple in front of Municipal Auditorium
Couple and little girl wearing coonskin hat
Water-skier at night
Young couple in front of Municipal Auditorium
People in a restaurant
Two little kids in front of Municipal Auditorium
Man waterskiing on a chair holding a rifle and powder horn and wearing coonskin hat
Two men holding piece of wood from David Crockett's well in Morristown, Tennessee
Cloggers in front of Municipal Auditorium
Boys and girl on 76 MM gun Tank N41
People in front of plane with muskets
Shooting contest
Men on a couch with musket
People buying art
Man on top of Indian burial palette
People sitting along lake or river watching water-skier at night
328 Unidentified man
People in the Alamo
Marie J. Persch: Silver Spur
Men in front of Alamo Cenotaph and Landmark Building
P. G. Spencer and others in front of the Alamo
Two men looking at well
Man with rifle
Woman with rope around rhino head
Two women with jacket
Three men with Chambers of Commerce calendar of events
Convention of paint producers and buyers
People at airport
Roy Rogers and Dale Evans with contest winners
Aubrey Kline, Leslie Neal and others
Girl with lamb
Man with drill
Brackenridge Eagle
Unidentified people
Woman with harp
Man in Indian costume with headdress and twin girls
Girls on Chambers of Commerce float
Three men behind KONO Radio microphone
Howell Jones Day
Three men behind KTSA Radio microphone
Two women in front of well
Group going into the Alamo
Man kicking football
Woman in Spanish costume sitting by window
Men on KENS-TV
Boy scout wearing coonskin cap with jar full of pennies
Rocco Siciliano
Man with guitar
Plaque on the Alamo
Construction on the Ordnance Fuels and Lubricants Research Laboratory
Two men in theater
Mexican costume outside Spanish Governor's Palace
Serving line
Little girl with beads
Little girl and boy with stuffed rabbit
Quartet singing with band behind them
Receiving line
Men in empty field with tennis courts behind them
Two little boys in front of the Alamo
Woman with coonskin cap and powder horn
329 Three men being sworn in
Two woman in front of the Alamo
Four men on quadcycle
Man pointing at San Antonio on map
Unidentified woman
Woman turning on a lamp
Man and woman at file cabinet
Woman with gaslight follies sign
Fire equipment
Fireman's banquet at Saint Anthony Hotel
Model ships
M. L. Butter receiving plaque
Two men with flowers
L. K. Richardson, Ed Apree and three others
Group looking at planes for Interstate highway
Luncheon at San Antonio Hilton
Crockett Statue on the Alamo Cenotaph
Dewey B. Short and others
Men talking on a radio
Award to Mildred Kitchen for food reporting
Men with broccoli
Henry Rearns
Miss San Antonio in front of the Alamo with huge fake match and firecracker
People at racetrack
Man kicking football
Highway Department: along San Antonio's city limits
Boy scouts giving man electric torch
Two men with rifles
Chamber of Commerce meeting
John E. Hough
People by Texas Air National Guard plane
People boarding Mexicana Airline
Bert Krause
Men from Handy Andy at bank with sacks of money
Men with San Antonio flag
O. J. Snyder
Man on horse
Shooting "The Alamo" movie at Brackettville
John Wayne
[ missing 1992-04-02 ]
John F. Killea
Publicity photos during shooting of "The Alamo"
Two men trying to break piñata
330 People watching golfers at Texas Open
Red Carpet Greeting Barry Goldwater 1964-05-06
Red Carpet Committee 1964-03-17
Hal Ross 1964-02-11
Girl on a horse in front of the Alamo with banner 1964-02-11
Funeral of H. Jones 1964-03-13
Charles Kenworthy 1959-10-08
Jimmy Gause: tower on River level 1970-01-02
Graphs exhibiting financial input of Hemis Fair on San Antonio 1968-10-23
Unidentified people
People in front of the Alamo
Tourist information cart by the Alamo
Military Standard Bearers at Fort Sam Houston Quad
Texas Open Golf Tournament
People riding horses
Couple in water
People watching sky ride over Japanese Sunken Gardens
People standing on bridge
Statue of Saint Anthony and church
Cowboy on horse
331 Two girls holding up San Antonio flag along riverwalk with Alamo National Bank in background
San Antonio Flag with Alamo in middle of star
Dolph Brisco, Jr. receiving plaque
Cora Lewis, Lillian Jacob, Maude McGrainer
Couple in front of the Alamo with wreath
Men with horse
Banquet at Granada Hotel
People at the Alamo by painting of Battle
Group on Deas
Mayor McAllister signing proclamation
Group by airplane at airport
Girl eating fruit
Group of ladies
Truck moving house
Girl moving arrows on map showing proposed express highways
Opening ceremonies for express highway
Two men with hat
Group in front of bus
Jensen and Hilger meeting people in receiving line
Check presentation to an African-American family
People in front of San Antonio Chamber of Commerce building
E. E. Voigt Ranch and E. E. Voigt
Hunting trophies: moose head
Groups at Saint Anthony Hotel
Dick White, KENS-TV, George Scharman, KONO-TV and Henry Guerra, WOAI-TV
Jumbo tractors
Harlendale Bears High School basketball team and Zane Machbacher
La Mesa High School basketball team and Jerry Faulkner, Sam Houston High School
Football players
Walter W. McAllister and Melvin Sisk with two others
Man signing huge postcard to John Wayne by the Alamo 1960-04-02
Ed F. Eisenhauer
Speaker in front of the Alamo
Fiesta de Paza Vendedores
Dan Sullivan IV
Fiesta de Parasoles
Group with certificate of appreciation
Leung Jeu Cantonese Restaurant
Charles Butt
James W. Laurie
James W. Zingraff
Men on caterpillar bulldozers.
Opening ceremonies for express highway
Men planting a tree
Two men shaking hands
Quad at Fort Sam Houston
Press: San Antonio Chambers of Commerce
Fred Emerson
Walter N. Corrigan
Tom Frost, Jr.
Ed Kukendall
Uvalde Chamber of Commerce
Football team
Two men looking at potato chips
United State Air Force plane
Veteran's Administrative Building
Mexican dancers
Miller Curtain Company
Stewart Folvey and U. H. Browning
Chamber of Commerce annual dinner 1960-05-20
Meeting at Manger Hotel: military luncheon 1960-08-16
Model of downtown San Antonio
Tampo Manufacturing Company
332 Ellen Moore, Edith Jones, Helen Moore, E. Yamin, R. S. Mitchell, Al Carter, Ted Marchan, H. L. Fulbright, J. B. Cole, Bobbie Cates. F. E. Willertson, J. W. Gruetzman and others at luncheon
W. R. Hendrix, Miles Turney, B. A. Grimes, J. O. Gate, Edith Schumacher, Klein, L. Winsby, C. C. Smith, R. H. Dailey, Alford, C. Kincaid, J. L. Bell, and others at luncheon
Two men shaking hands
W. R. Brown, E. V. Barefield, Miles Turney, Alan Childre, S. M. Granstaff, A. R. Applequist, A. Childre, John Gunstream and others at podium, U. E. Cavita
W. R. Brown behind desk
Unidentified people signing papers
Roy J. Stroth signing papers
Unidentified African-American man
Two men and a woman standing together
Group at table
Woman playing a piano
Mr. Cornelison
Dan. S. Harris at the desk
Leading Agency of the month trophy 1962
Santa Claus next to Christmas tree
Angels: five women
Angels with Santa Claus
Christmas party
Man singing
Texas Reserve at Gunter Hotel presentation 1960
Four ghosts by Christmas tree
Clothing and dress: women circa 1925
Downtown scene
Greyhound Bus Station
Virgil Baker
W. L. McNeil
333 Leslie R. Neal
Building model
Two men looking at drawing of proposed Convention Center
United States Army with machine gun
Unidentified people
Houston Street Christmas and Jefferson
Allen's Shoes
J. C. Penney's Company Inc.
Neisner's Department Store
Landmark Building
Lee Optical Company
Pincik Company
Chayet's Fashions
Payless Drugs
Floresheim Shoes
Zale's Jewelry
Houston Building
Texas State Optical
F. W. Woolworth's
O'Connell Jewelry Company
Baker's Shoes
Mode O'Day
Coast to Coast Clothes
Sol Frank Company
Meeting at Christmas
Check presentation
Memorial rites and ceremonies
Unidentified woman
Premiere "The Longest Day" at Woodlawn Theater 1962
N. E. Nix
W. Hollis Fitch, Eagle Pass; T. F. Anderson, Point Comfort; Hilmer Fahren, San Antonio and two others
Soldiers demonstrating machine gun at "Longest Day" movie premiere
Robert F. Tate, Mary R. Jordan, Wesley H. Grote retirement award
Charles Kenworthy
Audie Murphy on tank
City Water Board Building
Checks for Hospital Building Fund
Unidentified people
Alta Mae Cohn, police officer, with trophies
Man with microscope
Stanley Campbell, Dave Calvert, L. K. Patterson, R. T. Bradford and Gene Gettinger
Battle of the Alamo painting with John Wayne's and Richard Widmark's faces
Men in front of bus
Woman with plants
Groundbreaking ceremonies
William W. McLean
Rendering of South Texas Medical Center
Spanish dancers
Teacher teaching class
Werner Bockelmann
George T. Jambers, Jr. with trophy
Al Moore and Howard S. Motley
Sir Frederick Hoare
Bernard Schriever with golf trophy
Space Science Administration table
Unidentified people
W. A. Parker signing papers
68th Annual Chambers of Commerce meeting and banquet
Men with box and stein
Receiving line
Man with machines
334 Two men with document
Three people in front of the Alamo
Jim Grause
Four men from Chamber of Commerce with brooms by tourist cart
Two men by tourist cart
Four people by the entrance to La Villita
1963 automobile
Two men by sign for the Alamo
Crews putting signs in front of Governor's Palace
Kurt A. J. Monier Silver Spur Award
Lila Cockrell and others in front of Governor's Palace
Men working with microscopes
Three men in front of sign about San Antonio Health Fair
Paul O'Brian Silver Spur Award
People conversing
Speaker at Granada Hotel
Drawing names from a drum
People on pontoon boat on river
Man with machines
Mayor McAllister with flight attendant from Braniff
Military Ball
Fashion show at Saint Anthony Hotel
Fashion models
Dinner for State Champions 1962
Man on donkey with group by entrance to La Villita
James Gaines Day
Republic of China Army Officers
Allen Polunsky with Certificate of Appreciation
69th Annual Chamber of Commerce Meeting and banquet
Red McCombs, Bob Roth on James Gaines Day
Dining room plaque at Concepcion Mission
Group in front of the Alamo
Group by motel pool
Dining room in Mission Concepcion
Speaker at Saint Anthony Hotel
Harry C. Van De Walle distinguished Service award
Mr. Luby
Donkey at Chamber of Commerce meeting
Man riding donkey at Chamber of Commerce meeting
Randall Clay, Harry O. Curnutt, Robert L. Bridgman, Bob A. Roth and J. Edwin Kuykendall Silver Spur Awards
Bob Roth, James Gaines and Mayor McAllister at Chamber of Commerce breakfast
James J. Kitzer, Mary Ellen Holman, Mrs. Preston Dial
Man putting on spurs
Three men around podium at El Tropicana
Girl with lamb
Unidentified woman
Francisco Villagren, Praxedis Giner with International Good Neighbor Council in Mexico
B. A. Roseland, Kurt A. J. Monier
Ribbon cutting ceremony
335 Two men with Eastern Airlines poster
Two men with unassembled airplane
Couple with record
Priest ringing bell
Police women and men at El Tropicano
Three men in front of June is Dairy Month sign
Woman with book "Bells Over Texas" by Bessie Lee Fitzhugh with picture of San Juan Capistrano Mission
Al Eckhardt and another man with plaque and trophy from Alamo Round up Club
Dan Quill 1964-06-15
Two men on golf course
Robert C. Hardy Silver Spur Award at Saint Anthony Hotel
Stanley Campbell and Herbert Christianson receiving plaques at 70th annual meeting of Chamber of Commerce
People in serving line
Kenneth BeLeiu receiving Proclamation at Alamo Council meeting
Group in front of Alamo
William S. Clark and others in front of airplane
Unidentified woman
United States Navy League meeting at Saint Anthony hotel
Chamber of Commerce on West Texas tour 1964-05
Anna Andre of Sweden receiving proclamation
Man wearing Indian costume
Howell C. Jones receiving Plaque from South Texas Press Association
Groundbreaking : Monterey Park
Man with Brackenridge Eagle
Earl R. Hunt receiving Award of Special Merit
Unidentified men of Chamber of Commerce
William S. Clark, H. W. Dutcher and others in receiving line
Three men with airplane piñata
Two men with bus for Chamber of Commerce West Texas tour
Mayor McAllister signing papers
Robert Johnson receiving Key to the city
Couple with trophies and golf shirts and balls
People riding Brackenridge Eagle
Jim Gause
Henry Christopher Silver Spur Award
Tennis player
Three men looking at map of Texas
The Jewel building
John Taylor receiving plaque
People standing in line to see Main Street USA exhibit
Couple with Sister Philip Neri
Fred. C. Latcham, Jr. and two others with plaque
Herschel E. Nix with plaque
South Alamo Street, later site of Hilton Palacio Del Rio. Chamber of Commerce River Project 1963-06-24
336 Presentations by L. E. Kincannon to C. M. Altman at Saint Anthony Hotel and others
L. E. Kincannon, C. K. Rolf and another man
L. E. Kincannon and F. N. Gammelgand
Robert D. Bent
Rex Blazer and L. E. Kincannon shaking hands
Catholic Clergy
337 Lila Cockrell giving out a proclamation 1965
Two soldiers on a paddle-boat 1965
Group at Wurstfest, New Braunfels, Texas
Al Chop 1965
Group at Saint Anthony Hotel for dinner and speaker 1965
Unidentified men 1965
Men playing around with football 1965
Mayor McAllister giving out certificate 1965
Alamo Roundup Club breakfast at Earl Abel's 1965
Group on river in gondola 1965
Mr. Dudek
Map of downtown at El Tropicano
United States Navy 1965
Military Ball 1965
Man hunting birds
Old car circa 1900 1965
Rause and Bill Sinkin
Silver Spur Award to P. P. Straw
Group on Casa Rio barge 1965
Edward H. White being honored
Group by fountain in garden of Spanish Governor Palace
Kern Tips receiving Proclamation
71st annual meeting of Chamber of Commerce Greater San Antonio
Speaker at banquet at Brooks Air Force Base
Unidentified men
Group with cottage cheese posters
Daniel H. Schilling Silver Spur Award
Walter McAllister 76th Birthday
Operation Progress luncheon at El Tropicano
Luncheon and speaker at Saint Anthony Hotel
Angus Cockrell Certificate of Appreciation 1965-04-13
Opening ceremonies
Calvin Williams and C. E. Wamble Silver Spur Award
General arriving at airport
Bernard Bloom Silver Spur Award
Henry Christopher
Jack G. Rheiner
John K. Chamberlain
Paul O'Brian and Lewis McLean
John Baade, sales manager WOAI-TV
Roger F. Word and Roy Schultz
Benjamin F. Biaggini
Men playing clarinet and piano
Two men in front of San Jose Mission
Man sitting on fountain edge at Governor's Palace
Entrance to Governor's Palace
Lois Parkhouse and Ralph E. Cox
George Fleet
Perry Shankle, Sr., Hollis Bridgman, Perry Shankle, Jr., Robert L. Bridgman and others
Arthur E. Meyerhoff
Melvin Sisk
Steve Spaugh
Roger P. Ringler
Mexican Troubadour Head Quarters
Ray R. Brimble
Luther Hodges
Trophy for golf to C. L. Averill
Conway C. Craig
Max A. Mandell
Tourist Information Center at airport
Sonny McLaughlin
People at airport
Tolbert Rice
Dan Quill
Harold Goodwin
Miss Alameda County
Alamo Roundup Club at Earl Abel's
Man with nun Meetings
338 Silver Spur Award presentation
Man and boy in the Alamo looking at portrait of David Crockett
Two men shaking hands
River Art Show 1966-10
Three men
Man and boy looking at David Crockett's rifle
Lila Cockrell and four men: Beautify San Antonio Association
Group of ladies and Mexican band
Presentation of Certificate of Appreciation at Saint Anthony Hotel
Three men with rendering of proposed addition to Alamo Stadium
Second Annual Operation Touch Down luncheon at El Tropicano
Alamo Roundup Club breakfast at Earl Abel's
Group standing by bus
William H. Morrow receiving Silver Spur Award
Bob Keith and Jack Frost with two other men
Musicians with clarinet and trombone
People waiting at airport
Couple in restaurant
Bernie Block and two other men
Two couples in formal attire
Three Wives Antique store
Two men at San Antonio Chamber of Commerce voter information center
Couple and little boy at Espada Aqueduct
Group of men signing papers
Chart of Military payroll in San Antonio
School kids in auditorium
McAllister, Ben Barnes and two others
Three men from Alamo Roundup Club
Group of women at table
Inga and Gerhard Saar from Germany visiting City Hall, the Alamo and other places
Group of referees and a man with football and helmet
Man with football
Couple beside Greyhound bus
Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Christian
William A. Harris receiving plaque
Police Officer Davis
Postmaster Dan Quill and William S. Clark
Danny Dreeben
Steve. L. Spaugh receiving Silver Spur Award, Bernie Blood and Rouse
W. B. Hauck receiving Silver Spur Award
Tourist Division Quarterly Meeting: Lila Cockrell and Jim Hayne
Unidentified people
Miss San Antonio on river barge
Mooney receiving plaque
People watching man pour molten steel
White House Press Corps Party and Presentations
Group in San Jose Mission 1966
Launching of new San Antonio riverboats-barges, includes Lila Cockrell, Walter McAllister, Sr. and Albert Bustamante 1966-07-19
339 Girl on horse in front of the Alamo holding 4-H Club banner
White House Press Corps reception at El Tropicano
Men at airport in front of Continental airplane
Girl scouts in canoe
Unidentified man and woman holding passport
Unidentified woman and two men along river
Unidentified group
Unidentified man and Postmaster Dan Quill
Three men with Longhorn head
Five men if front of Texas Longhorn Centennial Trial Drive Head Quarter 1966
People looking at model for Tower of the Americas
Red McCombs, Press, San Antonio Chamber of Commerce
Walter McAllister 77th Birthday and Lila Cockrell
Group of men in front of San Jose Mission
Three men with plaque for Centennial of Southwell Company
Three women answering phone
Miss San Antonio and man with balloons in front of the Alamo 1966-04-15
Man being decorated by General Kinney
Supervisors meeting at Knowlton's Dairy
James M. Gaines and another man
Clifford. M. Clarke and woman with sombrero
Mexican dancers
Luncheon at Granada Hotel
Two men outside San Antonio Chamber of Commerce building
U. S. Marine Corps aide, General and woman
Mayor McAllister and wife
Three people with map of Texas
Military Ball
Plaque to Earl Abel's Restaurant
72nd Annual Meeting of Chamber of Commerce
Reneau Brothers trophy
Four girls and U. S. Navy
Four girls and a captain
Four girls, a nun and two officers
Group of men
Jack P. Morris, Paul Klinger and Dick Altermann receiving Silver Spur Awards and Golden Telephone award
Women being sworn in
Two men with sketches along river
Newspaper clippings of Lady Bird Johnson
Roundup Club meeting at Earl Abel's restaurant
Meeting at Saint Anthony Hotel
Groundbreaking for new Teaching Hospital
Three men with police officer and a car
Three young people on phones checking lists
Group in front of San Jose Mission
Men looking at map for proposed Mission Parkway
Couples with plates
Unidentified people
Unidentified men
340 Cecil Casebier
Father Soeepiseh, Little Church La Villita
Huge tractor
Mr. Lyda
Arnold Palmer and San Antonio Golf Association Commissioner John J. Monfrey
Lee Trevino and J. J. Monfrey
Bob Goalby and J. J. Monfrey
Mr. Rose Lachman: Rose Toys
Man with painting
Man with model of Lockheed C-5A airplane
San Antonio Magazine: group of people
San Antonio Magazine: Rodeway Inns of Texas
San Antonio Magazine: Rodeway Inn executives
San Antonio Magazine: Mr. Stewart, Gary Aircroft
San Antonio Magazine: Paul Gutierrez
San Antonio Magazine: Joe Burgess
San Antonio Magazine: Steve Miller
San Antonio Magazine: two men with plane
San Antonio Magazine: Soto Little League
San Antonio Magazine: Houston Oilers practicing
San Antonio Magazine: Gene Spires Buick
San Antonio Magazine: basketball player
San Antonio Magazine: Orville Carr
San Antonio Magazine: MacArthur High School Football 1966
San Antonio Magazine: Finck Cigar Company
San Antonio Magazine: German bands
San Antonio Magazine: Pool Shooting Exhibition
San Antonio Magazine: Fort Sam Houston' 1966
San Antonio Magazine: unidentified people
San Antonio Magazine: Hugh Halff
San Antonio Magazine: man looking through microscope
San Antonio Magazine: Toros footfall team
341 Texas High bridge over Pecos
Man in field of vegetables
San Antonio College
San Antonio Water Board
Stan Kealofer, Jr.
Couple on a train car "Nancy Tail"
Swearingen aircraft
Horace Mann
Max Kahn
Unidentified man smoking pipe
Two couples with fabric
Ray Cook at desk with golf club heads
Man in military regalia putting out
People playing golf
Man outside Jamie Hamburger restaurant
Finck Cigar Company
Jim Battersby, Perry Kallison, S. A. Parkette and Sam Lucchesse
Man with two cigars in mouth
Toros football team
Construction on the Ordnance Fuels and Lubricants Research Laboratory
German band with clarinet, trumpet and tuba
Jose Vives-Atsara painting on stage
Amy Freeman Lee
Trip to Sabinal-Leonard Ranch: cattle and horses
Minnesota fats
Pool game
Pool Shooting Exhibition
Melvin Sisk
Woman ironing
Polo match at Brackenridge
342 Aubrey Kline and Dan Quill
People at airport by Braniff, Continental, Eastern, TTA, Radar airplanes
Unidentified people
William S. Clark, Gene Gettinger, Paul Hesson and C. E. J'sell receiving Certificates of Appreciation
[ J'sell? ]
Three men with camera
Four unidentified men
343 David Straus Building on river 1967
Joe J. ? , state senator, V. E. Berry, state senator, Judge Sheldon Casseb and unknown man shaking hands
[ Joe J. ? ]
John Steen and Houston Chamber of Commerce Presentation
Group of people at junior high school taking notes
Unidentified couple
Floyd Schneider and two unidentified men
Paul A. Jones III, Sam Anthony and Byron L. LeFlore receiving Golden and Silver Spur Awards
Paul A. Jones III with two unidentified men
Speaker at Alamo Roundup Club breakfast at Earl Abel's
Three unidentified men
William M. McMillan, assistant Postmaster General Bureau of Operation
Herbert Gambrell
Rendering of an office building
Alamo Platoon boarding plane and Mayor McAllister speaking 1967-08
Young boy wearing buckskins, representing David Crockett with plaque in the Alamo
Group of people in the Alamo
Postmaster General in the Alamo
Billboard for new Chambers of Commerce building
Audience of people at Alamo listening to speaker
Presentation of check to a woman in front of armoire
Toros football with David Calvert and Floyd Schneider
DeWitt C. Grier with plaque and another man
Speakers at Saint Anthony Hotel
David Straus and others on Podium at dinner for new Chambers of Commerce building
Lionel O. Birkeland and another man with certificate
People in receiving line
Group of ladies with broom and shovel
Hommo De Kanter, Ernest H. Parks and unidentified woman
Fred W. Allen and two unidentified people
Jack Gordon, Chris Stromberger and two unidentified women
Bud Gilley, Pete Heilbron, Ballew, Ray Bufler of the Red Carpet Committee and R. Panel De Conner, General Consul from Honduras
Couple with unidentified man
Four unidentified men
Three fire officers
Looking at wall mural by Juan O'Gorman
Four men standing in front of flags at Saint Anthony Hotel
Roundup Club meeting at Earl Abel's restaurant
Three kids and unidentified man looking at Project Gemini plates
Man with small model of plane Wright Brothers flew at Kittyhawk
Four people at Market Meeting
Speaker at Menger Hotel
Check presentation
Two men with small crape myrtle trees
Check presentation to Neighborhood Community Action Center
Vernon Cordts, David J. Schneider and Sbadge with certificates of appreciation
Henry B. Nussbaum receiving Silver Spur Award
Men at Hemis Fair Plaza
Richard B. Curlin and two others with certificate of appreciation
Charles S. Murphy with certificate appointing him International Ambassador
N. P. Clark and two others
Four men swimming from top of pole with ropes tied around ankles
Melvin Sisk receiving a doctorate in Political Science from the University of San Antonio 1967
Groundbreaking new Chamber of Commerce building
Meeting of towns
Group in Hemis Fair Arena
Bob A. Roth
73rd annual Meeting of San Antonio Chamber of Commerce dinner
Unidentified people in meeting
Socorro Lopez and two men
Two men in front of the Alamo
Four men in front of the Alamo Cenotaph
Donna Beth Hitzfrider and Nancy Kay Spencer with scholarship certificate
Janis Paige being named international ambassador
Two men with plaques for the Seguin Gazette and San Marcos Record
Chamber of Commerce in Austin
110 Kennedy Street
Two men with handfuls of University of Houston spring training tickets
Two Japanese women by headstone of men of the Alamo
Two people with model
Lila Cockrell and City Council
Guadalajara group visit
Lonnie Crisp and Mathew L. Dolce with unidentified man
Pinkie Smith, Ken Hardy, Matthew L. Dolce, Tony Cruz, Jim S. Burleson and Lonnie Crisp and others : Red Carpet Committee
Dan S. Dreeben with Sam S. Dreeben receiving Golden Spur Award
William H. Center receiving Silver Spur Award
Bernie Block
David R. Calvert Golden Spur Award
Bob A. Roth Golden Spur Award
Mike Patterson Silver Spur Award
Testimonial luncheon for P. G. Jordan
Press party at El Tropicano
344 C. Bruno and Son, Inc.
Jorrie's Furniture trucks and warehouse
Brown Express Company : 526 South Medina Street
Meyer Supply Company, Inc. 1967
National Wholesale Grocery
Eljer Plumbing
Georgia-Pacific Corporation
Central Moving and Storage, Inc.
Goodyear Building
Colonial Care Company
Capitol Meat Company
Rollins Outdoor Advertising
Esskay Manufacturing Company
Pioneer Equipment Corporation
Stanley Supply Company: hospital and physicians supplies
MOPAR One Source Jobbers Warehouse Inc.
Chrome Plate, Inc.
Comanche Steel Products
CPSB Braunig Power Plant
Dixie Form and Steel
Sherwood Van Lines
Sunshine Pecan Company
Texas Pharmacal Company
Coca-Cola Plant (old Straus-Frank Building)
Dunlop Tires, Howell Refining Company
Construction on a building, Towne Services
General Supply Company, Inc.
Freuehauf Trailers
Coca-Cola Bottling Company
345 Bill Henderson
Alex Haiff 1971-10-18
San Antonio Magazine: Rose Pomerantz 1968-01-04
Brad Fairchild 1971-08-20
Ron Jackson 1971-08-05
Gene Neeley 1971-07-25
Bob Tisdale 1971-02-23
Fred Burtner 1971-06-24
Jimmy Gause
Charles Kenworthy 1970-12-10
Chuck Snyder 1970-09-09
Bill Linquest 1970-09-14
Pop Peters
Unidentified woman
Dave Calvert
Jack King
Bill Taylor
Unidentified man
Leslie Neal
Walter Corrigan
Melvin Sisk
Muriel L. Anderson
Tom Perkins
Jim Carter
Arthur Villarreal, Jr.
Bob Moore
Clinton Rowe
Pat O'Brien
Bill Phelan
H. C. Christopher
Dan Rheiner, Jr.
Jordon Flask
Jim Piconi
Al Trapps
Tom Dixon
Zane Chastain
July Floyd
Bob Gormley
Stan Kealofer, Jr.
Bob Alderman
P. P. Straw
Al Eckert
Dan Rheiner, Jr.
Martin Rodriguez
Bert Zausmer
San Antonio Magazine: Leonard Johns 1968-08-31
Tom Dixon
Al Spear
W. J. Cox
Lennert Boenig
Mike Mullins
Mary Eickenloff
Roger Ridings
Johnny Johnson
Bob Sawtelle
Jud Morrow
Tommy Lockridge
346 Air National Guard
San Antonio Magazine: interior of Naval retail store Valley-Hi Mall
San Antonio Magazine: Mrs. Carmack at Fort Sam Houston Libriary with collection of political buttons 1968-12-02
San Antonio Magazine: Bob Dale at Western Village 1968-06-26
San Antonio Magazine: Three girls from Continental Airlines 1968-12-16
Unidentified man
[ Pic # 75318-23 ]
San Antonio Magazine: Lauderstein's plant and display 1968-12-18
San Antonio Magazine: Rex Priess at KITE Radio 1968-12-19
San Antonio Magazine: B. B. Loxan 1968-01-21
San Antonio Magazine: Jim Westberry 1968-09-03
San Antonio Magazine: Cal Nicholson in front of Wolff and Marx in mall 1968-10-24
San Antonio Magazine: Flag ceremonies at Incarnate Word College Boulevard of Nations 1968-10-15
San Antonio Magazine: three ladies from National Council of Jewish Ladies 1968-10-14
San Antonio Magazine: International airport
San Antonio Magazine: Walter Barth at Root Candle Company
San Antonio Magazine: Mr. Knight of Claire Candles and Henry Reed of Reed Candles
San Antonio Magazine: San Antonio Area Foundation 1968-11-14
San Antonio Magazine: exterior of Joskes circa 1968
San Antonio Magazine: Lathers and Torhen in front of City Hall 1968-11-26
San Antonio Magazine: Reed Candles, Hefferson Candle shops, Carl Drigern 1968-11-26
San Antonio Magazine: man in front of Rear Imports 1968-07-17
San Antonio Magazine: people wathcing golf at Pecan Valley Golf Cours
San Antonio Magazine: Pecan Valley and Maverick-Clarke: Jimmy Elrod 1968-05-27
San Antonio Magazine: Ray Johnson and secretary 1968-08-27
San Antonio Magazine: Frank Beneck, Louis Smith and Ad Club 1968-07-05
San Antonio Magazine: Edward at Pecan Valley
San Antonio Magazine: E. J. Burke and golf course in background 1968-06-18
San Antonio Magazine: E. J. Burke at Pecan Valley Golf Course 1968-05-29
San Antonio Magazine: Tex Wood 1968-05-20
San Antonio Magazine: Bud Rodriguez
San Antonio Magazine: Charlie Cheever 1968-04-06
San Antonio Magazine: art gallery group 1968-04-03
San Antonio Magazine: people in front of Tower of the Americas under construction 1968
San Antonio Magazine: committees for Hemis Fair
San Antonio Magazine: Lockheed Aircraft, Mr. Ellis
San Antonio Magazine: Zane Chastone
San Antonio Magazine: Dick Neely
347 Unidentified man
Military 1968
San Antonio magazine covers
Zane Chastain-Personal
Josef-University Club: Josef and Nick with pizza 1968-04-04
San Antonio Magazine: Josef and Nick with pizza 1968-04-04
348 Luncheon at Saint Anthony with speakers: Clayton, Leon Jaworski, Burrus, Godfrey, Jambers, Henry Guerra, Red McCombs. Presentation of plaque to Gilbert R. Hickenbottom 1976-09-30
People riding horses
Skyride over Japanese Sunken Gardens
349 Presentation of Chamber of Commerce meeting at Saint Anthony Hotel 1969-07-08
Two unidentified men and Stapleton
Luncheon honoring Bishop Levin 1969-11-24
Presentation to two generals with Bill Ochse and Corky 1969-07-17
Jack Renfro and others signing papers 1969-07-16
Presentation of hats to Generals Ursin and Potter 1969-08-30
Children riding elephant 1969-07-29
Saint Anthony Hotel Navarro Room board meeting 1969-08-12
Alamo Roundup Club: Silver Spur Award at Sheraton Inn Banquet 1969-09-03
Four men and Avis manager at Avis Rent-a-Car downtown 1969-09-03
Two groups in Sisk's office 1969-10-24
[ Inv. # 5514 Pic #80490 ]
Presentation by Mr. Steen to Paul Garcia and another man 1969-11-11
Rendering of NCR building 1969-10-29
Melvin Sisk's arrival at airport 1969-10-22
Saint Anthony Hotel El-Tejano Room 1969-10-14
General Dahlen and other man 1969-10-07
Commanders Room: Frost National Bank 1969-09-24
Compais Some Rive Room 1969-09-24
[ Pic # 79785-86 and 79840-42 Inv. # 5207 ]
Men on river 1969-09-25
Awards at Chamber Board meeting to Bob McClane 1969-06-17
La Louisiane Restaurant 1969-12-02
Alamo Roundup Club breakfast at Sheraton and presentation to R. N. Aurin 1969-05-28
Generals Potter and Slattern with wives 1969-03-19
Pearl Corral 1969-03-18
Men with General Stapleton at Saint Anthony Hotel 1969-11-25
Lee football coach and player with J. Steen; mayor and J. Steen with Gold Spur Winners 1969-12-09
Preston Smith signing bills in front of the Alamo 1969-06-05
Alamo Roundup breakfast at Sheraton 1969-06-04
General Hafan, Mr. Steen and Mrs. Cockrell 1969-10-03
King arrival at Chamber of Commerce 1969-04-24
Presentation to James Stahlbaum at Alamo Roundup Club breakfast 1969-04-30
Group in Mayor's office 1969-05-15
Presentation of Committee man of the Month to Bob Thomas in Navarro Room 1969-05-21
Meeting at Confederate Room 1969-01-15
Joe J. Reilly and Edward Kockwelp receiving awards for Man of the Month 1969-01-14
Silver Spurs presentation 1969-01-23
Unidentified men 1969-03-27
[ Inv. # 3606 Pic # 76912-914 ]
Robert DeWitt in front of the Alamo 1969-04-21
San Antonio Magazine: two men at Trinity University 1969-04-22
Group at Alamo Roundup Club 1969-04-16
Job counseling 1996-12-29
John Steen with water ski and snow ski 1969-09-11
Breakfast at Earl Abel's 1969-03-10
General Rowe retirement: Menger Hotel Colonial Room 1969-03-10
Presentation at board meeting 1969-03-12
Southwest Bell and John Steen office
Col Underwood, Dr. Croner and wives going to Military Ball 1969-03-13
Couples at Military Ball 1969-03-17
Winners at Alamo Roundup Club 1969-03-18
Chamber of Commerce arrives at airport from Mexico 1969-07-07
Awards at Alamo Breakfast Roundup Club 1969-07-02
Eagle Scout awards at Alamo Heights Presbyterian Church 1969-06-26
Mayor and three other men signing contract at Chamber of Commerce 1969-06-19
TTA office at airport
Mexican Airline officer and John Steen 1969-09-12
Arrival at airport of Mr. Grajales (Mexican Undersecretary) 1969-09-13
Presentation to T. D. Kincaid 1969-01-24
Goodwill trip to Mexico 1969-01-29
Chamber of Commerce returns from Mexico at airport 1969-02-01
Chamber of Commerce in Austin 1969-05-06
Board meeting in Saint Anthony Hotel Navarro Room 1969-01-12
VIPS from Phoenix, Arizona 1969-01-23
Presentation of Alamo Roundup Club at breakfast 1969-02-19
Alamo Roundup Club breakfast at Earl Abel's 1969-02-06
Mayor Louis Welch of Houston 1969-02-26
Dinner in Commanders Room: Joskes of Texas for Air Force Children 1969-03-03
Meeting at Sheraton Inn Breakfast and Speaker on Alamo Plaza 1969-03-05
Red Carpet Committee party 1969-03-27
Opening ceremonies at servomaster 199-03-31
Awards at Navarro Room at Saint Anthony
Chamber dinner at Hilton 1969-07-11
350 Ochse presenting plaque to Calvert, David 1970-07-13
Six month plan chart
Presentation of Spears and Gold Telephone at Alamo Roundups breakfast to Dave Langford and Marcus W. Semmelmann 1970-07-01
Presentation of awards to John Smith 1970-06-24
Jimmy Gause: two little barefoot girls (old) 1970-06-24
Group of girls from Stonewall, Texas with peaches and officers of Chamber of Commerce 1970-05-11
Group from A and M a Palacio Del Rio and Southwest Research Institute 1970-06-09
Alamo Roundup Club breakfast at Earl Abel's 1970-06-03
General Horan receiving award 1970-06-02
Forward San Antonio at Ring Tap RM Lone Star 1970-05-21
[ ? Inv. # 70298 Pic # 833877-80 ]
Chamber Presidents at Pearl Corral 1970-05-28
Airport : Jake Johnson, Lila Cockrell, Bill Ochse and girl 1970-05-19
Tom Jones at airport 1970-05-19
Trip to Austin: visiting highway department 1970-03-31
Science Fair at Trinity Navy Science Cruiser Award 1970-04-04
Melvin Sisk presenting award in front of the Alamo to Choir director from Kansas 1970-04-05
Ochse and Cavender sitting at tables 1970-04-07
Alamo Roundup Club 1970-04-09
Rich Port and Ochse 1970-04-09
Luncheon at La Villita 1970-04-08
King's visit to Chamber of Commerce and Chamber President 1970-04-23
Students working at Chamber of Commerce office 1970-05-01
Presentation of a hat at Villa a Pancho 1970-07-22
Group of chair people in front of the Alamo 1970-05-04
Sombrero and judges at Chamber of Commerce 1970-05-05
New officers at Texas Fairs and Stock Show Association and awards 1970-02-17
John Steen handing gavel to Bill Ochse 1969-12-19
Gold Phone Awards at Alamo Roundups at Sheraton Inn 1970-02-11
Breakfast , awards and presentation at Sheraton Inn 1970-03-11
Press conference at Chamber of Commerce building 1970-03-04
Norman Kevan and Association Insurance Company building opening at Viewpoint apartments Professional building 1970-02-26
General Aero at airport 1970-02-23
Ground-breaking at Gulf-Mart 1970-03-20
Joe Freeman presenting award to Phippit at Pearl Collar 1970-01-22
Alamo Roundup Club breakfast silver spur awards to Michael Emich and Clark Vanburen 1970-01-14
Renaming Chamber of Commerce barge Amanda 1970-01-13
El Tropicano Ball Room 1970-01-23
Potorico Award to Chamber of Commerce President 1970-02-13
[ Potorico? ]
Groundbreaking at Fredrich Air Conditioning and Refrigeration 1970-02-11
Ed Hitt with Ed Sullivan at Brooks General 1970-02-10
Ground breaking for Shopper's World 1970-02-06
Chamber of Commerce President and wife with Cox Smith opening show at Convention Center 1970-01-31
Chamber of Commerce President and Reverent Barns at Gunter Hotel 1970-02-02
Opening ceremonies at Sterling Electronics opening on Austin Highway 1970-02-30
Chamber of Commerce President and Bishop 1970-01-28
Golden Spur Award at Board Meeting 1970-01-13
Four seasons at medical convention at Hemis Fair Convention Center 1970-01-27
Priority meeting at El Tropicano 1970-03-17
351 Doug Smith of Harlandale State Bank 1975-09-24
Alamo Roundup Club breakfast and presentation to John F. Le Flore at Earl Abel's 1970-12-16
Christmas party in Tower of the Americas: groups and presentations 1970-12-11
Meeting at South Texas Methodist Hospital 1970-10-15
People for Texas Employment Commission at Chamber of Commerce building 1970-11-24
Ground-breaking for Audie L. Murphy Memorial Veterans Hospital 1970-11-20
Bill Oakie and UTSA model at O'Neil Ford 1970-12-03
[ Inv. # 8761 Pic # 86403-04 ]
F. Bertner with another man holding painting of wild turkeys by Clay McGaughpy 1970-12-10
Brunch for orchestra 1970-12-06
New officers of Alamo Roundup Club 1970-10-07
Bill Ochse and Marcus W. Semmelmann with Golden Spur Award and Paul Morgan being given a plaque 1970-10-15
Group in board room for Charles Kenworthy 1970-10-01
Group 1970-10-10
U. S. Navy group in front of the Alamo 1970-10-23
Chamber of Commerce groups 1970-11-18
Presentation at El Tropicano 1970-11-20
Diez y seis meeting at Saint Anthony Hotel 1970-09-14
Group for membership drive 1970-11-20
Public shot: Battles of Bexar 1970-11-04
Chamber of Commerce stickers: Ken Cloud 1970-11-05
[ Inv. # 8595 Pic # 86099-101 ]
Stanley Campbell and Wayne Kearl 1970-09-15
Class at café 1970-09-14
Mayor McAllister, Bill Ochse and man from Wichita Chamber of Commerce 1970-09-16
Charles Kenworthy: Mr. Wakety being sworn in by Judge Barrows 1970-09-17
[ Wakety? Inv # 1890 Pic # 85470 ]
Priest receiving proclamation from Ochse 1970-09-25
Frost National Bank Commanders Room 1970-09-30
Silver Spurs Award to Eugene E. Massey 1970-09-23
Red White and Blue Banquet 1970-10-01
Argyle Club 1970-07-25
"A" Room at Saint Anthony Hotel 1970-07-29
New San Antonio Manufacturers at ? Room 1970-07-30
[ Pic # 84829-31 Inv # 7862 ]
Alamo Roundup breakfast at Earl Abel's 1970-08-07
Alamo Dog and Cat Hospital: Beautify San Antonio 1970-08-03
Three men, prizes and Tower of the Americas 1970-08-06
Group rising new equipment at TEC 1970-08-13
Winners of contest 1970-09-09
352 Men signing papers, woman looking at lamps, man firing engine, woman with chess board, man stirring a vat 1973-07-31
San Antonio Magazine: woman teaching 1973-08-10
Group of men posing 1973-10-25
Group of people seated on chairs 1973-12-16
Cattle 1973-12-11
J. W. Erler 1973-12-14
Ground-breaking for Flemming Foods Company 1974-02-06
Satellite map of San Antonio 1974-03-28
Metropolitan General Hospital 1974-05-06
Ronald Reagan at Villita Assembly Hall 1975-01-15
Ronald Reagan at luncheon 1975-01-15
Randolph Air Force Base Tower
Phil Moseley: Alamo Roundup Club 1975-11-09
San Antonio Magazine: unidentified man in airplane cockpit 1972-12-12
Judge Brown at County Courthouse 1973-01-29
Unidentified man behind desk
San Antonio Magazine: Art Thompson for Food City Inc. 1973-02-02
Orchestra drum and pipe sections 1971-12-03
Jim Allen, Sr., Jim Allen, Jr., and Jim Harris 1971-12-01
Image filming for IMAGE 1971-10-30
Mexico President in San Antonio 1972-06-19
Bicentennial Area of Interest List
Building 1972-10-16
Alamo Roundup Club 1972-11-15
Mayor McAllister, J. W. Zintgraff and two others 1971-04-01
C Part Invention 1971-02-03
353 Unidentified people at a meeting 1980-08-14
[ Inv. # 32565 Pic # 26844 and 45 ]
354 Interior of B. K. Johnson's airplane 1981-01-08
355 Office interior and exterior
Painting of woman and dog
356 Oxygen analyzer 1970-05-18
Oxygen analyzer 1970-04-06
Oxygen analyzer 1969-12-30
Zero-Max instrument 1969-12-12
Zero-Max instrument 1963
Plug 1963
Connectors 1966
Rendering: Lone Electronics, Inc. 1962
Oxygen analyzer 1962
357 Warren Walker 1967
Two men with trophies 1964
Man with Corgi
Two men with trophy and wool 1965
Bull 1965
Man in chaps and cowboy hat with six guns and saddle 1965
Man with sheep
Man in corn field 1965
Men gathering up hay bales 1965
Herd of cattle, Charolaise 1965
Woman with ribbons and banners for cattle 1965
Man by longhorns on wall 1965
Chemurgy plant 1963
Beef on hooks 1963
358 Chicken hanging from hooks
Employees plucking and skinning chickens
Unidentified man 1961
Man with live chicken 1961
Man with live baby chicken 1961
Large chicken house 1961
Employees behind desk 1961
Woman cooking chicken 1961
Chicken breasts, legs and whole chicken in box
Man by airplane 1962
[ Pic # 24678 ]
Chesser Company exterior and interior
Chicken display
359 Car
Packard Used Car 1953
Two men with car
Interior and exterior of Packard dealership
Cars in parade
Three men by car 1951
360 Banquet
Salesmanager meeting
A. H. Ahrens, Ruth Barfield, Alberta Lehinberg, William McLane, Mrs. Chester Simon
CHILDREN undated
361 Two kids in circus museum
Two kids in Hemis Fair Park
Two kids playing baseball and jumping rope
CHORDSMEN 1964-1969
362 Mark IV Quartet: Franklin S. Spears and others quartet members at home 1969-10-03
Mark IV Quartet: at San Jose Mission 1969-10-11
Mark IV Quartet: Quartet on the River 1968-09-10
Mark IV Quartet: Chords men at Arneson River Theater 1968-09-09
Chords men 1964-06-02
Chords men on the River 1964-10-21
Chords men at Arneson River Theater 1967
363 Hand lotions and creams 1981-01-14
CHRISTMAS 1950-1984
364 Huge Christmas tree in front of Alamo 1962
Christmas lights and decoration on houses
Christmas play
Christmas lights and decorations downtown
Christmas decoration 1962
Christmas decoration downtown 1947
Christmas decoration downtown 1954
Aerial looking up Houston Street towards Majestic Theater
Christmas decorations downtown 1950
Tower Life Building with lights
Christmas tree by Cenotaph 1962
Christmas lights on Smith-Young Tower skyline 1981-12-10
By river
Christmas trees painted different colors 1981
Christmas decoration along river by Hilton Hotel and other places
CHROME PLATE 1969-1974
365 Employees making cylinders
Montage of things chrome is used in
Award presentation 1974-07-18
Airplanes 1973-11-06
Employees 1973-10-19
Equipment 1973-04-09
Employees at Albert Pick Motel 1973-04-02
Porosity charts 1971-04-19
Man with machine 1972-10-31
Sample parts 1972-01-05
Pistons 1971-10-01
Piston barrel cross section 1970-12-10
Employees at work
Piston barrels 1970-06-04
Aerial of Chrome Plate, Inc. 1970-02-03
Sample parts 1969-04-03
Instruments 1969-10-18
366 Chrysanthemum Ball and Candlelight Dinner invitation 1956
Chrysanthemum Ball and Dinner invitation 1957
367 Little League baseball players 1962
Girl in Western Clothes and rifle by Gunn-Belts Ads 1962
Students 1962
Unidentified people 1962
Mid Cap Bearing Service Building 1962
Unidentified ladies in gowns 1962
Children 1962
368 Ladies , A-Z 1962
Lone Star Chuck wagon 1962
369 Flowers and centerpieces 1963
Unidentified ladies 1963
Past Presidents 1963
Ballroom 1963
Ladies at San Jose Mission 1963
Mrs. Shankle 1963
Barbara Seine 1963
Mrs. J. W. Gorman 1963
Mrs. White 1963
370 Mrs. Seavers 1963
Unidentified ladies 1963
Unidentified men 1963
Mrs. Cadwallader, Mrs. Thornton, Mrs. Murchison 1963
Mrs. McAshen, Mrs. R. Fair 1963
371 Two girls with calf 1963
Girl with horse 1963
Three kids on merry-go-round 1963
Unidentified ladies 1963
Unidentified men 1963
Woman in front of Tuesday Musical Club 1963
Group of people 1963
Couple in front of San Pedro Playhouse 1963
Three men in front of Municipal Auditorium 1963
Woman in front of Richter's Bakery 1963
Woman on Riverwalk 1963
Ladies working with stones 1963
Actors in costume 1963
Groups at the ball 1963
372 Unidentified ladies 1964
Unidentified men 1964
Mrs. George Coates and Julian Gold 1964
Ladies, A-Z 1964
373 Unidentified ladies 1965
Unidentified men 1965
Group of girls with older woman 1965
People at ball 1965
Baby 1965
Ladies, A-Z 1965
374 Ladies, A-Z 1966
375 Unidentified men 1967
Ladies, A-Z 1967
376 Ladies, A-Z 1968
Flowers 1968
Groups at ball 1968
Oil pumping station 1968
Decoration 1968
377 Ladies, A-Z 1968
Unidentified men 1968
378 Past Presidents 1969
Ladies, A-Z 1969
379 Interior scenes and people dancing at ball 1965-1985
380 Sculpture 1970
Groups at ball 1970
Past Presidents 1970
Ladies, A-Z 1970
381 Ladies, A-Z 1970
382 Ladies, A-Z 1971
383 Past Presidents 1971
Ladies, A-Z 1971
384 Ladies, A-Z 1972
385 Ladies, A-Z and Mrs. Stumberg 1973
386 Past Presidents 1973
Ladies, M-Z 1973
387 Ladies, A-M 1974
Group of kids on tennis court 1974
388 Past Presidents 1974
Ladies, N-Z 1974
389 Charity ball and people 1975-10-16
390 Ladies, A-Z 1975
391 Past Presidents 1975
Officers 1975
Large house exterior 1975
Three little kids 1975
Ladies, A-Z 1975
392 House exterior 1975
Ladies, A-Z 1975
393 Unidentified ladies 1976
Unidentified kids 1976
394 Past Presidents 1976
Ladies, A-Z 1976
395 Ladies, A-Z 1976
396 Ladies, A-Z 1976
Children 1976
397 Ladies, A-Z 1977
398 Ladies, A-Z 1978
399 Past Presidents 1979
Ladies, A-Z 1979
400 Officers 1980
Ladies, A-Z 1980
401 Past Presidents 1981
Ladies, A-Z 1981
402 Ladies, A-Z 1981
403 Ladies, A-Z 1982
404 Past Presidents 1983
Ladies, A-Z 1983
405 Ladies, A-Z 1983
406 Unidentified ladies 1983
407 Unidentified ladies 1983
408 Unidentified ladies 1984
409 Unidentified ladies and man with horse 1984
410 Past Presidents 1984
Ladies, A-Z 1984
411 Ladies, A-F 1985
412 Ladies, F-G 1985
413 Ladies, H-L 1985
414 Ladies, H-Z 1985
415 Unidentified ladies portraits with frames 1985
416 Lamps 1967
Bowl and platter 1967
Goblet and box, cups 1967
Mirror and flower box 1965
Picture frame 1965
Christmas decorations 1965
417 University of Texas Health Science Center floor plans, elevations, isometrics, building sections, and project site charts and plans
CHUMNEY, JONES and KELL 1981-1985
418 City block, street and building map: Special Flood Hazard area Zone "A" (covers Arsenal street, South Flores, Durango and Dwyer Streets, South Maine Street and San Antonio River) 1981-10-05
Unidentified buildings
419 Charles Schreiner Motor Bank, Kerrville, Texas 1985
New Chancery Building 1984-01-12
Bill Curtis: empty 02-15
Karotkin Building restoration 1983-04-21
Unidentified people 1983-01-03
Building interiors 1982-12-30
Checkered drawing on paper 1982-11-30
Corporate International: Bartlett Cocke, Jr. Construction Company 1982-10-02
Mathews and Branscomb: interior 1982-09-07
Floor Plans: Citizens 1st National Bank and Frost National Bank 1982-08-30
Floor Plans: Citizens 1st National Bank and Frost National Bank 1982-08-24
8" x 10 " prints with tape markings 1982-09-01
Floor plan 1982-08-16
Museum 1982-03-25
Renderings 1982-05-25
Frost National Bank: interior 1982-06-09
Warehouse 1982-04-01
Renderings 1982-03-25
CHURCHES 1949-1961
424 1st Presbyterian Church 12-30
2nd Baptist Church 1970-02-26
Saint Mark's Episcopal Church 1968-12-13
Asbury United Methodist Church 1969-08-29
Castle Hills Baptist Church 1969-09-17
Calvary Missionary church 1972-04-02
Pilgrim Presbyterian Church 1970-05-19
Covenant Presbyterian Church 1973-01-08
Unidentified church on Navarro Street
First Presbyterian Church: corner of 4th and North Alamo Street
Saint Andrew's Episcopal Church
Covenant Presbyterian Church: 211 Roleto Street
Saint John's Lutheran Church
Jefferson Methodist Church
Saint Paul's Catholic Church
Interior of Pilgrim Presbyterian Church
Alamo Heights Presbyterian Church
Needlepoint poem
Needlepoint: Apostles of Jesus
Saint Mark's Methodist Church
Alamo Presbyterian Church
Los Angeles Heights Methodist Church
Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church
Four Square Church Gospel Church graduates
The Church News: Cathedral House ceremony and awards
Saint Gregory's Catholic Church
Westminster Presbyterian Church
Christ Lutheran Church
Palm Heights Methodist Church
South San Antonio Baptist Church
Cresthome Presbyterian Church
Baptist Temple Church
Highland Christian Church
Highland Church of Christ
Manor Baptist Church
Northgate Baptist Church
Second Baptist Church
Shearer Hills Baptist Church
Terrell Hills Baptist Church
Our Lady of Sorrows Catholic Church
Our Lady of Apostles Catholic Church
Saint Benedict Catholic Church School
Saint Margaret Mary's Catholic Church
Central Christian Church
San Pedro Christian Church
First Congregational Church
Saint Luke's Episcopal Church
Faith Lutheran Church
Holly Cross Lutheran Church
Saint Paul's Episcopal Church
Saint Paul's Lutheran Church
Aldersgate Methodist Church
Saint Mark's Methodist Church
Laurel Heights Methodist Church
Beacon Hill Presbyterian Church
El Divino Redemptor United Presbyterian
Emanuel Presbyterian
House of Neighborly Service
Harlandale Presbyterian
Grace Church of the Nazarene
Agudas Achim Congregation
First Communion
School lunchrooms, cafeterias
Sunday Schools
420 Offices 1970
Exterior of building 1970
Banquet and Bill Church 1970-09-16
Church's National Head Quarter 1970-09-23
Exterior of Church's Fried Chicken Restaurant 1970-08-05
Corn and chicken 1970-07-07
Check presentation 1970-07-13
Open house at Church's Head Quarters 1970-03-27
Jenkins and Ogilve: unidentified man
[ Inv. # 6732 Pic # 82689 ]
Jenkins and Ogilve: drawing of Church's Fried Chicken Restaurant 1970-02-02
Jenkins and Oglive: shipping department at Philipp Poper Company 1970-01-17
Jenkins and Ogilve: T. M. Hale at desk for annual report 1970-01-20
Jenkins and Oglive: bank at Durango Head Quarter 1970-01-15
Jenkins and Ogilve: interior of Pleasanton Road Store 1970-01-15
Jenkins and Ogilve: exterior of Wonderland store 1970-01-09
Jenkins and Ogilve: George W. Church, Jr. and J. David Bamberger 1970-03-10
Jenkins and Ogilve: Board Members 1970-01-05
Dinner party at Oak Hills Country Club 1969-12-15
Jenkins and Ogilve: rendering of church's National Head Quarters 1969-10-11
Buffet at Ramada Inn
Church's Food Service, Inc. Training Unit 1969-09-17
Old San Francisco Steak house: 1st Seminar meeting
Frank Hall and Bill Church 1969-02-17
Secretary 1968-07-31
421 Franchise owner from Alaska and Bill Church 1975-08-07
Jenkins and Ogilve: unidentified man 1974-09-24
[ Inv # 18281 ]
Tony Doyle 1974-10-16
Tony Doyle and two other executives 1974-10-08
Jenkins and Ogilve: plaque for Oscar Overmeyer 1974-03-14
Jenkins and Ogilve: unidentified man 1974-04-10
[ Inv # 17245 Pic # 102161 ]
Jenkins and Ogilve: Roger Harvin 1974-06-25
Jenkins and Ogilve: unidentified man
Robert Knight and Associates: construction at Rector Street store 1974-02-05
[ Inv # 18365 ]
Jenkins and Ogilve: store on North New Braunfels Avenue 1973-12-18
Jenkins and Ogilve: store on North New Braunfels Avenue 1973-11-13
Renderings of church's stores 1972-09-25
Meldrum and Fey-Smith: Church's store and plant 1972-02-01
Employees in stores 1973-02-27
Jenkins and Oglive: Church's Chess Tournament 1972-12-10
Jenkins and Oglive: Church's Final Closing dinner and awards 1972-12-11
Jenkins and Oglive: Church's Chess Tournament 1972-11-18
Jenkins and Oglive: Ken Smith and Larry Evans 1972-11-15
Jenkins and Oglive: chess players 1972-11-14
Jenkins and Oglive: chess players 1972-11-02
Groups and presentations 1972-09-30
Man in front of map with award
Sosart: large wooden map and Church's store model 1972-01-31
Party at T Bar M Guest Rand in New Braunfels 1971-01-04
Model of church's store 1971-10-01
Sink and equipment 1971-07-16
Machinery at Church's for Underwright Laboratory
Jenkins and Oglive: exterior of Church's Manufacturing Building 1971-02-15
Jenkins and Oglive: Church's Chicken in Atlanta 1971-06-01
Publicity shots in North Terrace Room, Gunter Hotel 1971-04-03
Jenkins and Oglive: exterior of Church's Manufacturing Building 1971-02-06
422 Chicken, beans, rice, corn, tortillas, jalapenos, carrot cake, pudding 1983-03-18
Employees of Church's stores 1980-08-18
Jalapeno peppers and employees 1978-06-09
Church's store 1978-07-18
Person putting Jalapenos in bag 1978-06-15
Church's dinner 1978
Employees: R. Martinez, Scott Smith, Judy Barnes, F. Basquez 1978
Unidentified man 1978-07-13
[ Inv # 25523 Pic # 114796 ]
Chicken dinner pack 1977-03-21
Roger Staubach shaking people's hands 1977-01-21
Glenn Reed Advertising: chicken and side orders 1976-10-29
Glenn Reed Advertising: chicken with side orders and drink 1976-11-16
Store on Broadway Street and 410 Expressway 1977-01-20
J. W. Church, Jr. store on Bandera and Hillcrest Street 1977-01-04
Church's store at Bandera and Hillcrest street 1976-12-27
Interior of Church's store at Bandera and Hillcrest street 1976-12-10
Interior and exterior of Church's at Blanco Street and West Avenue 11-01
White Freight Line truck 1976-10-07
Church's president 1976-10-26
Menu board and exterior of J. W. Church, Jr. store and Manufacturing Plant 1976-09-29
Interior of J. W. Church, Jr. store on Commerce and 25th Street 1976-09-27
Chicken 1976-09-02
Roger Harris 1976-19-01
Exterior of Church's on Bandera Street 1976-07-19
Stores on Perrin-Beitel and Bandera Street 1976-06-25
Sign at store on Bandera 1976-06-22
Exterior of Church's on Bandera Street 05-27
Exterior of Church's on Bandera Street 1976-05-14
Exterior of Church's on Bandera Street 1976-05-11
Corn on the cob 1976-05-05
Glenn, Bozell, and Jacobs: chicken and side orders 1976-02-03
Pieces of chicken for comparison 1975-12-11
CHURCH'S G.W. JR. 1975-1979
423 Glenn Reed and Associates: dinner party and basketball 1976-11-11
Atkins and Associates: hot dogs 1977-03-18
Glenn Reed Associates: apple pie, apples, pecans and pecan pie 1976-10-28
Key in box 1979-08-20
Exterior of J. W. Church, Jr. store and employees 1979-08-14
Exterior of J. W. Church, Jr. store and employees 1978-09-08
Food 1975-10-16
Food and exterior of J. W. Church, Jr. store and employees 1976-07-21
Food and exterior of J. W. Church, Jr. store and employees 1975-12-11
428 "Streetcar Named Desire" display
Interior of theaters
Exterior of Josephine Theater
Interior of Josephine Theater and concession stand
Opening of "Rage in Heaven" at Josephine Theater 1946
KABC Radio reporter with another man
Exterior of Woodlawn Theater 1963
Audience 1961
429 Stone entrance to Circle R Guest Ranch 1941
People riding horses on trail ride 1941
Interior of ranch house 1941
People on porch 1941
Swimming pool 1941
Airplanes 1941
Cabins 1941
Group watching sunset 1941
430 Cisneros, Henry in baseball uniform
Cisneros, Henry doing pushups in Reserve Officers Training Center
Cisneros, Henry picking up rocks in Reserve Officers Training Center
Cisneros, Henry with French Horn in uniform
Cisneros, Henry with uniform with sword
Cisneros, Henry in A and M band
Cisneros, Henry in lux
ZEF TV Production: school days pictures 1987-03-23
431 Art show at Citizen's National Bank 1970-09-30
Opening of Citizen's National Bank 1970-09-16
Interior and exterior of Citizen's National Bank 1970-09-11
Models at Citizen's National Bank 1970-08-19
Entrance to Citizen's National Bank 1970-08-24
Offices at Citizen's National Bank 1970-08-11
CITY HALL 1954-1965
432 Aerials of San Antonio and highways
City council members
Kids painting
Man 1965
[ Pic # 52351 ]
Quadrangle at Fort Sam Houston
Laying pipe
Highlands Christian Church
Bulldozer clearing land downtown
Tree planting
Traffic signs and signals
Crews working on road
Man bowling
Baseball field
Man shooting free-throw
International Airport
African-American kids on playground
Group of ladies 1965
Lila Cockrell 1965
Men outside City Hall 1965
Man mowing 1956
Bus 1954
Men mowing grass in park across from Children's Hospital
First aid in illness and injury 1956
Fredrich Air Conditioning
433 Brooks Advertising: banquet hall, employees of Citi Public Service, construction on buildings, man at large control board, men working on phone poles, aerial of water treatment plant, aerial of San Antonio, machinery, City Public Service Buildings on Villita Street, monitors, meters 1971-03-03
Rendering of Victor Braunig Power Plant
Telephone poles
Power plant 1936
Gunter Hotel
Houston Street and Saint Mary's Street 1948
Gunter Hotel, Empire Building, Washington Candies, Majestic Man's Shoes, Loan Service Company, Landmark Building 1948
Citi Public Service Board building and Potchernick's hardware and sporting goods 1948
Interior of building's lobby
Meeting room
Building 1968
Aerial view of building
Power station
Huge water tank 1948
Pilots in flight suits going to plane
Aerial map of San Antonio
Eagle Furniture, The Clegg Company
Map of street showing incomplete work orders for overload and low voltage 1952-09-23
San Antonio River
City Public Service logo
Drawing of bull rider, bull and clown
W. H. Yelland, Ed Georges, W. Besselieu, Sterling Browning, W. F. Philippus, Al Schwartz, Floyd Covington and Bill Bryant
434 Jersey, Lilly 1975-06-23
Client art work, graphs and reports 1974-10-31
Slides on the South Texas Nuclear Project 1974-10-17
Graph showing typical monthly use of electricity by residents 1974-04-23
Wyatt Advertising: drawing of Fossil Fuel Electric generating plant 1974-04-15
Employees of Citi Public Service 1974-03-18
SEEMA meeting at Holiday Inn Empire Room 1974-02-13
Wyatt Advertising: power plant 1974-01-18
Artwork of four cars 1973-11-16
Views of expressway 1973-11-03
Artwork 1973-10-12
Graphs and charts 1973-10-11
Diagrams of equipment 1973-10-12
Power plant 1973-07-10
Fossils 1973-07-03
Man with binoculars and dogs 1973-04-06
Cook-in and cook-out at Home and Food Show 1973-04-03
Machinery, meetings and Power plant 1973-02-16
Wyatt Advertising: stove and clothes washer 1973-02-05
Wyatt Advertising: power plant 1973-01-31
Group at office 1972-01-04
Bill Heil: photographs for contest 1972-11-10
Wyatt Advertising: girl with thermometer 07-19
Control center at power plant
Equipment at Citi Public Service 1972-02-29
Cook-outs 1972-04-03
Winners with prizes for photo contest 1972-03-24
Personnel at Citi Public Service
Man at system monitor 1972-03-02
Sebera Plumbing and Supply Salesman of the Month: Art Sebera 1972-02-11
Citi Public Service float at parade grounds 1972-02-11
Salesman of the Month 1972-01-07
Portrait of Citi Public Service Trustees for 1986-1987 annual report: Cockrell, Lila; Biggs, Glenn; Heil, Earl; Escobedo, Ruben; Spruce, J. K.; Freeman, Howard; Harz, Kenneth; Von Rosenberg, Arthur. Annual report
435 Fountain 08-13
Fountain 1965-11-30
436 Betty Kirk and Debra Vokeneuela 1982-03-26
Board of directors 1984-02-21
Rendering of City Water Board building 1970-03-20
Market at pump station 1969-08-15
Hemis Fair Plaza, Convention Center, and Tower of the Americas 1978
Hilton Palacio del Rio 1969
Tower-Life building 1969
Machinery 1968
Plaque 1970-01-12
City Water Board including Mayor McAllister 1970
[ Pic # 3977 ]
25 years tie bar clasp 1970-01-19
Northside pump station 1970-01-20
Plaque 1970-01-22
Plaques 1974-02-08
Board of trustees of City Water Board 1974-01-15
[ Inv # 16668 Pic # 100791-93, 11541-42 ]
Jack H. Kaufmann 1974
Rendering: Rolling Hills Treatment Plant 1973-06-11
Basin Station 1970
Robert Van Dyke 1973-03-15
Rolling Hills Water Treatment Plant 1973-03-15
Water tower 1970-01-28
Property 1973-02-03
Mayor McAllister and water board 1971-04-13
Data Processing department 1970-01-30
Board of Directors and Water Board 1970-01-30
Annual report 1970-01-11
Elmer R. Crumrine receiving award 1970
Employees of City Water Board 1970
Trophy and plaque 1969-12-18
Men in control room 1969-11-24
Aerial view of San Antonio from Tower of the Americas 1969-02-07
Market Street and Pump Park 1969-08-21
Boiler 1969-08-15
Site plan 1969-04-11
City Water Board office building rendering 1969-04-10
Central Park Mall
Charts, diagrams and maps
Bruce Basse
437 Three kids
Two men carrying man on a stretcher
Man folding blankets
Nurse with patient
First aid kit
Dr. Ogleby with equipment
438 Candles 1966
Candles 1967
Candles 1972-05-18
439 Unidentified man
Telephone tapes 1984-01-17
Telephone tapes 1985-01-30
Clark Wicker, Ralph Meyers, George Laux 1983-05-24
Jim Thompson, Larry Greene 1984-01-18
Ted Bay, Ray Jaec, Lisa Brundott 1983-08-29
Arthur Baffield, Ruso Marino, Rick Hall 1981-06-19
Audrey Wellington and unidentified people 1981-07-30
Wanda Doggins, Randy Dolsson, John McKee, Virgil L. Schulz and David Wilson 1980-10-06
Ken Leard, Mike Inckep 1980-07-17
Checkbook Holders 1979-12-14
William Alfaro 1979-05-08
Two secretaries 1979-01-31
440 Ed Sargant, Mark Griffin 1983-07-13
Jimenez food display and products 1983-02-18
Dave Christian, Tom McMinn 1981-12-28
Robert Smith and unidentified men 1980-11-12
[ Pic # 119383-84 ]
Mr. Ullrich, Richard Eland 1980-09-22
Executives 1980-07-22
Web press and operator at print shop 1978-12-19
Checks 1978-11-15
John Lapaya 1977-09-19
Rendering of a condo 1977-08-09
Monopoly game 1977-08-17
Herbert Belcher 1977-02-01
Boy Scouts camping 1976-11-09
Stained glass window 1976-08-17
Duke and baron check registers 1976-07-08
Unidentified men 1976-01-15
[ Inv # 21005 Pic # 108614-15 ]
Two men 1975-11-05
Office machines 1975-08-20
Employees 1975-11-13
James Coln, Ken Cleary 1973-01-04
Molecule model and checkbook 1972-10-16
Tape 8 track cassettes 1970-03-31
Checkbook covers 1969-01-08
Checkbook covers 1968-03-04
Carol M. Yartsments 1962
Machinery 1964
Models 1960
Hats and gloves 1960
441 Boxes of pencils 1971-07-09
Two men by mimeograph machines
Two men with stuffed fish trophy
Jerry Staffel 1972-05-05
Furniture 1972-06-12
Candles 06-09
Furniture 07-06
Painting of Creative Union 1974-02-26
Award to Jack Ball 1970-03-26
442 One Riverwalk Building 1982-09-22
Rendering of National Bank of Commerce 1983-01-11
Bank deposit slips 1983-03-23
Chair 1982-04-14
Old photographs: San Antonio Printing Company building, The Clegg Company group 1982-04-26
Old photographs: San Antonio Printing Company building 1982-04-20
Sawtelle and Goode law offices 1981-11-04
Doctor's office 1981-07-21
Holmes and Shaw offices 1981-11-24
Interior of Colonial National Bank 1981-03-16
Interior of Marshall Clegg's showroom 1982-05-14
Severance Laboratories 1981-07-29
Interior of Texas Commerce Bank 1981-08-04
1st Victoria National Bank 1980-11-12
Valley Federal Savings, McAllen, Texas 1981-01-29
Law Offices of Fulbright and Jaworski 1980-10-15
Office buildings interiors 1979-04-10
Office interiors 1979-02-26
1st National Bank of Eagle Pass, Texas 1981-02-04
Office interiors 1978-02-03
Tracy Fohlman 1977-09-01
Orthodontist's office 1977-11-07
Santa Rosa Hospital lobby 1978-01-30
Bank interior in Weslaco, Texas 1977-11-03
Commerce State Bank 1977-06-30
Designers at office 1977-07-01
Offices 1977-06-27
Doctor's office in Nix Building 1977-06-16
First Mortgage Company in Crossroads Building 1977-02-22
Group of men with machinery 1975-10-10
Pan American Bank Brownsville, Texas 1976-04-11
Wedding albums 1975-10-28
Ceremony at the Alamo exterior: Cavalier crowning King Antonio 1975-10-17
Office furniture at Alford Machinery 1975-02-17
George John Hallock, Bud Newman 1974-07-01
Barn Door engraved wood 1974-10-28
Bud Newman in front of processing equipment 1973-11-13
San Antonio Spurs playing other teams 1973-10-16
Two men at Spurs basketball game 1973-09-26
White building rendering 09-19
Hemis Fair Plaza aerial 19-19
Basketballs 1973-09-25
Window 1973-09-06
Pitluck: three men at Frost National Bank 1973-07-06
Renderings 1973-04-17
Room with French Provincial chairs 04-12
John Hallock 1972-11-17
443 Security Service Federal Credit Union interior 1984-11-28
International First Building interior 1983-06-08
De Zavala Family Clinic 1984-04-05
Marshall and Jim Clegg with banker looking at plans 1984-06-04
Ozona National Bank circa 1912 and man 1983-11-03
National Bank of Commerce at Perrin-Beitel interior 1983-11-18
Interior of National Bank of Commerce at Colonnade 1983-11-22
Law Offices of Fulbright and Jaworski 1983-12-18
Law Offices of Fulbright and Jaworski 1983-10-31
Interior of National Bank of Commerce 1983-11-09
Law Offices of Fulbright and Jaworski interior 1983-10-26
International First Building exterior 1983
Three unidentified men 1983
[ Pic # 32234 ]
Interior of Kelly Field National Bank 1984-01-05
Interior of Wells Fargo 1984-01-04
Construction at Fulbright and Jaworski 1983-08-27
Aerial of San Antonio Blue Bonnet Hotel, Frost National Bank, Gunter Hotel, Tower-Life Building, Alamo National Bank, Bexar County Courthouse
Fullbright and Jaworski office 1983
CLOUDS undated
444 Clouds in blue skies
CLUNIE and CIACCIO 1975-1978
445 Bank scenes, Victoria Bank Shares 1975-09-10
Grand opening of 1st Federal Bank Building 1978
Ground-breaking 1978-11-13
Interior and exterior of 1st Federal Building 1978-04-18
Soda dispenser 1977-04-18
Ground-breaking for 1st Federal Bank Building 1977-01-18
Barge loaded with bags going down a river 1976-10-20
Mary Geyer 1976-04-07
Silver dollar 1975-01-02
446 Grasses, dunes, water, birds
Dune buggy on sand 1977
People swimming
447 Three unidentified men
Portrait of unidentified man
[ Pic # 22196 ]
San Antonio Coca-Cola Bottling Company
Three unidentified men 1960
[ Pic # 26609 ]
Spring Promotion 1962
Board Members 1962
Anita Bryant at KENS-TV 1962
Anita Bryant at Mexican Baptist Children's Home 1962
Five unidentified men 1961
[ Pic # 26610 ]
Coca-Cola, Sprite and ice dispensers in car 1961
Coca-Cola employees at picnic 1961
Anita Bryant with children drinking Coca-Cola 1962
Sprite display 1961
Three men looking at chart
Star and plaque
Coca-Cola board members circa 1930
Plaque commemorating 50 year anniversary of Coca-Cola
Coca-Cola delivery men circa 1930
Group of men outside house
Soldiers and sailors circa 1942
Two men giving woman rose bouquet
Group in Spanish costumes
Man with golf clubs
Lunch room
Two little girls (old)
Coca-Cola in grocery store
Five kids (old)
Two men at Coca-Cola dispensers in malt shop
Sprite party
Groups on stage at Coca-Cola 1960-03-14
Girl at piano
Mexican singer and guitar players
Coca-Cola machine
Unidentified men
Awards presentation
Employees of Coca-Cola
Peace on Earth dinner circa 1943
50th anniversary of Coca-Cola 1936
Coca-Cola truck
Coca-Cola machine at gas station
Banquet outdoor by White Plaza Hotel
Billboard in Spanish language
Banquet outside on rooftop by Bexar County National Bank
Meeting 1960
Hot Dog Haven
Dotson Family
Group of kids by bus
People in line at Aztec Theater to see "Winged Victory"
Christmas party circa 1943
Group of ladies
Concession stand
448 Indian Paintbrush
Lake, person in the snow, art gallery
House covered in snow
People running in the snow
People on snowmobiles
Newspaper ads
Bluebonnets and other flowers
Baby in highchair
Family in car
Baby walking
Family in car circa 1912
Two kids in Halloween costumes
Mother and a child in water
Al Becker
Hunter with a deer
Girl at microphone
Two men with birthday cake
Man with large fish
Men with boat
Coca-Cola employees at picnic
Birthday party
Christmas tree
Billy Nix
Three guys camping
Three guys swimming in pond
Group camping 1938
Huber gravestone surrounded by flowers
Family reunion
449 Exterior of Coca-Cola Plant 1968-11-11
Lady Bird Johnson Ranch with Lady Bird 1965-07-14
Three men talking, Coca-Cola employee setting up Coca-Colas, Lady Bird Johnson and two others looking at cattle, ranch house 08-31
Refrigerator 1962-02-20
Man and girl in front of Alamo
Machinery at Coca-Cola plant
Portrait of unidentified man 1962-01-18
Four girls drinking Fresco
Glen Campbell and Miss Smile 1968 1968-08-24
Tower of the Americas and people around Coca-Cola dispenser 1968-05-03
Three men in Tower of the Americas restaurant 1968
Coca-Cola Pavilion puppet show 1968-04-06
Two men is Scottish regalia and a mountie 1968
450 Unidentified man
[ Pic # 90672 ]
Awards 1966
Per Capita Sales Award: awards presentation 1973
Presentation at Spurs game 1973-12-19
Presentation of Coca-Cola Basketball Tournament trophy at Saint Mary's Alumnae Room 1973-12-28
Check presentation 1974-05-09
Service awards at Comanche Park 1974-10-13
Key presentation to Zoomobile at Oakgrove Elementary School 1973-11-29
Award presentation 1973-10-14
Lunchroom at Snappy Snack 1973-08-06
Joske's Coca-Cola display 1973-08-21
Fiesta 1973-05-02
Coca-Cola truck 1972-04-05
Inspection procedure at plant 1970-01-27
Architectural model 1971-10-10
Tour of Coca-Cola 1971-09-22
Awards presentation: Don Alford 1966
Sprite display in grocery store
Two men with map at Kelly Building 1968-06-06
A. M. Biedenharn, Sr. 1968-01-21
Children touring plant 1968-12-04
A. M. Biedenharn, Sr. 1970
Meeting in plant auditorium 1969-06-30
Coca-Cola bowling group 1970-02-06
Soft drinks 1969-04-17
Awards presentation 1969-10-05
Service award recipients 1968-10-14
Seven bottles 1969-04-15
Coca-Cola Press Party at Saint Anthony's Hotel 1970-05-28
Jacobs Car 1971-07-02
Food City 1970-10-29
Racing car 1970-10-13
Coca-Cola machine 1968-04-24
451 Award presentation at Coca-Cola Banquet: Kenny Knippa, Eminett Ranger, Hector Gonzales, Gilbert Martinez, E. G. Gonzales, Bobby Jkloss, Margaret Wolfe, Mildred Hoffman, Jean Bruno, Johnnie Smith, Betty Whistenfield, Marvin Bland, Art Medina, Julian Martinez, Roland Rohan, Betty Kosinski, Pete Martinez 1980-11-06
Case of Coca-Cola 1980-04-04
Coca-Cola Bottling Company, 1917 1980-02-25
Exterior of Coca-Cola Plant, offices, truck dock, Coca-Cola trucks, Snappy Snack Vending Company sign, Bevtex Beverage Service and Supply 1980-02-27
Awards: Marvin Griffin, Glada Adams, Francisco Garcia, Tom Miller, Bobby Williams, Debbie Decker, Norb Cob, Juan Rosa, Marvin Rudolph, Virginia Robbins, Ruby Mattke, Velma Banis, Sue Cook, Viola Coleman, Anastacio Arca 1971-11-16
Awards presentation at Coca-Cola dinner: Albert Biedenharn, Bill Droke, Bob Alford, Ismael Mendez, Raymond Moreno, Reynolds Bailey, Ralph Lerma, Johnny Gonzales, Melva Hooper, Fernando De La Garza, Eloy Aguilar, Dick Grier, Larry Cordaw, Manuel Martinez, Don Jones, Thomas Levine, Clark Boady, Cynthia Harris, Margarita Lopez, Alzo Cole, Chip Pfeil, Bea Rodriguez, Robert Castillo, Rudy Arriola, Fritz Heitzman, Bob Alford, Alfred Juarez, Jimmy Draper 1978-11-10
Group at San Antonio Club cocktail party 1977-12-15
Service awards: Albert Biedenharn, Jr., Clovis Harter, Fernando Acosta, Arthur Canales, Ray Baver, Ruben Cardenas, Marcos Acuna, Bob Alford, Nick Arias 1977-11-18
Cocktail party 1977-05-12
Awards presentation 1976-10-03
Tour group at San Antonio Coca-Cola Plant 1976-04-05
Groups at luncheon for retirees 1976-01-22
Groups at luncheon for retirees 1975-12-16
Awards picnic at Comanche Park 1975-10-02
Coca-Cola bottles 1975-09-11
Man's portrait 1987-06-22
452 Interior and exterior drawing of house. Drawing: Winerich Motor Company floor plan for Alamo Heights High School
Drawing of Joske's
Rendering: New Sam Houston High School
Rendering: Sunset Ridge Stores
Sears and Joske's
Rendering: proposed Central Industrial District
Rendering: Educational Building for the Alamo Heights Baptist Church
Three men on tractor
Rendering: R. S. Cobb Shopping Center
Rendering: Joske's
Rendering: Samuels Glass Company
First Floor Plan for unidentified building
Rendering: National Bank of Fort San Houston
Rendering: Physical Education Building at A and M College of Texas, College Station, Texas
Rendering: Alamo Heights Senior High School
Rendering: Weinert Building
Ping pong table
Rendering: Richard Gill Companies building
Living room
Plot plan of a golf course
Samuel's Glass Company 1950
Rendering: Mildred Baskin Elementary School
Rendering: production Building San Antonio Light
Rendering: Jefferson Village Stores, Inc.
Rendering: San Antonio Country Club
Aerial of buildings
Rendering: The Muller Company, Ltd., Lake Charles, Louisiana
Rendering: Perry Shankle Warehouse
Rendering: Distribution Head Quarters Buildings and Maintenance Building for Texas Highway Department
Four men by tractor
Rendering: Hillcrest Shopping Center
Rendering: Building for Willard M. and Jack W. Berman
Rendering: Petroleum Building
Rendering: proposed movie theater
Rendering: Joske's warehouse
Rendering: The Stewart Company
Rendering: Cullen Place Shopping Center, Corpus Christi, Texas
Rendering: Sears warehouse
Coat of arms: Cocke
Rendering: Sears in Galveston, Texas
Floor plan: Alamo Heights Senior High School
Second floor plan: unknown building
Rendering: O. R. Mitchell Motor Company
Rendering: Sully's Rowling
Rendering: Pearl Brewing Company
Unidentified man
Rendering: proposed expansion for Saint John's Lutheran Church
Rendering: nurse's home for Grant Company Charity Hospital, Silver City, New Mexico
Rendering: building for Nelson-Tanner Corporation
Rendering: Northside State Park
Rendering: Science Building for Trinity University
Rendering: building for Armstrong Tire and Rubber Company
Rendering: Classroom and Administrative building for Trinity University
Rendering: building for Don Danvers
Rendering: parking deck for Sears
Rendering: warehouse for Peaslee and Gaulbert
Rendering: building for General Neon Advertising Company
Trinity University Baptist Church
Rendering: Motor Bank and Parking Garage for Alamo National Bank
Rendering: Cocktail Lounge
Rendering: Joske's Las Palmas
Church interior
Rendering: Hachar's, Laredo, Texas
Rendering: Nelson-Tanning Corporation building
Rendering: Jefferson State Bank
453 Living room
Rendering: Tennis courts for Trinity University
Rendering: Joske's Las Palmas
Rendering: Sully Rowling
Rendering: O. R. Mitchell Motor Company
Rendering: plot plan for a golf course
Rendering: building for S. W. Acceptance Company, Ltd.
Rendering: Sorority House for Omega Chapter of Alpha Phi of University of Texas in Austin
Rendering: Texas Saving and Loan Association building
Rendering: General Neon Advertising Company
Joske's model
Rendering: Siegal's Canadian
Rendering: M and S Tower
Rendering: Sears
Joske's 1933
National Bank of Fort Sam Houston
Rendering: Sears warehouse
Rendering: Buckhorn Hall of Homes
Rendering: Nelson-Tanning Corporation building
Rendering: San Antonio Country Club
Rendering: New Edison High School
Houses interior and exterior
Church interior
454 Joske's Las Palmas 1962
Deer 1973-01-16
Rendering: Charles Schreiner Motor Bank, Kerrville, Texas 1972-09-01
Drawing of statures and building around the world 1974-10-18
Building 1979
Rendering: Baptist Memorial Hospital
Interior of church
GPM Life Building 1978
Mayan city of Uxmal 1968-04-04
Architectural model of Joske's
Rendering: General Neon Advertising Company
Three unidentified men 1965
[ Pic # 52162 ]
Rendering: O. R. Mitchell Motor Company
Trinity University Baptist Church exterior 1963
Exterior of Joske's 1962
Bartlett Cocke, Architect, building 1962
Construction of building 1979
Rendering of Sears
Rendering of South Texas Medical School and Bexar County Teaching Hospital 1975-09-26
Original drawing done by Bartlett Cocke: memorial 1979-04-16
Rendering: Frost National Bank
Bartlett Cocke
Frost National Bank under construction 1979
Rendering: Joske's Post Oak, Houston, Texas 1977-10-04
Rendering: Sears Southside Center
Rendering: Educational Building, Trinity Baptist Church
Rendering: addition to Richter's Bakery
Rendering: North East Medical Center
Rendering: map of Mexico and Mayan history
Rendering: Texas Veterinary Diagnostic Hospital
Rendering: R. L. White Company Building
Rendering: Normandy Terrace Nursing Home
Map of Guatemala 1971-03-02
Floor plans for dental school 1970-07-14
Rendering: addition to San Antonio Light Building
Baptist Memorial Hospital 1965
Rendering: Witte Museum and Pioneer Hall
Rendering: Paul Wright Electrical Company
Rendering: Hachar's, Laredo, Texas
Rendering: Health and Physical Education Building at Prairie View, A and M University
Rendering: aerial perspective of buildings 1962
National Bank of Fort Sam Houston 1962
Rendering: Cullen Place Shopping Center, Corpus Christi, Texas
Allstate Auto Repair 1959
Rendering: Porter Loring building
Motor Parts Depot 1962
Tomas A. Edison High School 1962
Richard Gill Companies
Texas Highway Department
Rendering: Mary Madgalin Church 1960
Rendering: Peaslee-Gaulbert Corporation building
Rendering: Jefferson State Bank
Ford tractor
The Stewart Company
Seguin State Bank and Trust Company
Aerial of Sears 1956
Rendering of San Antonio Country Club
W. W. Wright Building
Perry Schankle Company building
Rendering: Basset Shopping Center, El Paso
COINS 1963-1970
455 50 cents coin the size of a penny 1963
1950 quarter 1965
Silver dollar 1970
Silver dollar: 1902 1967
Silver dollar: 1921
Silver dollar: 1928
Silver dollar: 1899
Gold coins 1905 and 1907
456 Coliseum interior 1968-12-12
Convention in Coliseum
Palomino Patrol at Stock Show 1967
Showing animals in arena
Boat show
4-H horseshow 1966
Aerial of Coliseum
457 Exterior of Coliseum
Stock Show: rodeo arena 1969-02-10
Exterior of Coliseum 1963
Aerial views, dated 1950-1968
COLLEGES 1977-1980
458 San Antonio College 1980
Trinity University 1980
University of Texas in San Antonio 1977
COLLINS and JOHNSON 1960-1967
459 Pan
Mike Passur 1967
Man and woman
Flower pot 1966
Silver tray
460 Little girl blowing out candle on cake
Man running outside Zintgraff's studio
Little boy getting hair cut
Man in surgical gown
Mother with little girl
Man behind desk 1960
W. E. Bakke Oil Company: Esperanza Ranch
Banana cake
Old lady with little girl
ABC blocks
Notebook 1965
Model on lake
Rendering 1961
Model 1962
Houses 1962
Spackles and trowel 1965
Electric lure
Chester A. Clayton
L. C. Smith typewriter
Model wearing mortar board
Steak knives
Silver tray
Model with typewriter
Logo for Texas Appaloosa Horse Club, seal for Austin, logo for Lulling Oil and Gas Company
Finger with string tied around it
Garbage truck
Unidentified man 1965
[ Pic # 50621 ]
Man with hard hat 1960
Man with golf clubs 1965
Lock and key
Boy with trophy, basketball and model plane
Wedding albums
Newsweek magazine
Mr. Copeland
Chef with pan full of money
Coins: 1899 silver dollar
Pin cushions
Cheyenne Federal Savings and Loan Association
Three kids and Jo Anne
Two men shaking hands 1966
[ Pic # 55837 ]
Little girl on swing
Man with stuffed swordfish on wall
People outside of Main Saving Association 1966
Glass frames
Mean wearing straw hat
Old lady in rocking chair
Doctor examining boy
461 Silver dollar 1921
Unidentified people
Year books: TCU, A. C. Flora High School, W. B. Ray High School 1963
Woman doing various things 1962
Culver truck outside Lone Star Ice and Food Store 1963
Model with spoons
Man with straw hat and camera
Bob Johnson
Waco Saving and Loan Association
Unidentified man
[ Pic # 41719 ]
Jo-Anne's children
Baseball with silver dollar on it 1964
[ Pic # 43080 ]
Bear cakes
Citizen's National Bank
Unidentified people 1964
462 Fruehauf Trailer Corporation: building under construction 1965-03-01
Fruehauf Trailer Corporation: interior of building under construction 1965-03-15
Fruehauf Trailer Corporation: building under construction 1965-02-15
Fruehauf Trailer Corporation: building under construction 1965-02-01
Fruehauf Trailer Corporation: exterior of building under construction 1965-01-15
Fruehauf Trailer Corporation: building under construction 1964-12-30
Fruehauf Trailer Corporation: building under construction 1964-11-30
Site of new Fruehauf Trailer Corporation building 1964-10-13
463 Honey bun 1978-01-19
Birthday cake 1972-03-10
Boston crème cake 1969-01-22
Pineapple cake 1968-08-13
Ground-breaking 1964
Exterior of Colonial Cake Company
Fudge nut cake 1959
Chocolate cake with German chocolate icing 1962
464 Columbia Bowling Industries 1968
Unidentified man 1975
[ Pic # 15620 ]
Bowling balls 1972-02-03
Bowling lane
Portrait of Jim at desk 1975-08-26
100 years old bowling ball 1974-05-01
People bowling 1973-04-24
Bowling balls 1978-05-07
Bowler and crowd in background 1973-04-25
Bowling balls 1972-09-29
Japanese tourists on a tour 1971-10-14
Bowling ball 1970-11-06
Group with bowling balls
Bowling balls 1961-04-27
Dorothy Kirstan and bowling ball 1965-03-22
465 Wyatt Advertising: green bowling ball 1972-12-04
Wyatt Advertising: bowling ball 1969-08-14
Rendering of Columbia Bowling Industries 1963
Bowling trophy
Employees of Columbian Bowling Industries
Material for manufacturing of bowling balls
Presentation of trophy
Bowling team
Unidentified man 1965
[ Pic # 52570 ]
Unidentified men 1973
[ Pic # 63913 ]
Men's bowling team 1966
Two men looking at painting by Jose Vives-Atsara 1966
Two men by Ford Mustang car and Ford Building 1965
Three people in front of large painting
[ Pic # 522447 ]
Columbian Bowling Industries warehouse 1967
Road 1964
Wyatt Advertising: artwork 1969-05-22
Bowling ball 1969-08-06
Columbian Bowling Industries
Bowling ball
466 Wyatt Advertising: signing of contract 1977-11-20
Wyatt Advertising: man holding bowling ball 1973-01-26
Wyatt Advertising: champion bowlers 1968-07-18
Wyatt Advertising: bowlers with ball 1968-07-22
Ladies bowling team 1969-08-20
Wyatt Advertising: five men with bowling balls at Columbian Bowling Industries 1970-01-15
Employees 1970-08-06
Wyatt Advertising: one millionth bowling ball 1968-05-17
Wyatt Advertising: Pepper Martin 1972-07-13
Wyatt Advertising: men holding bowling ball 1973-06-21
467 Unidentified people with bowling balls
bowling balls
Wyatt Advertising: Donna Adamek at Sports Palace 1979-09-10
Wyatt Advertising: bowling balls 1976-09-30
Wyatt Advertising: family 1980-05-13
Woman receiving key 1980
Betty with bowling ball 1980
Wyatt Advertising: rendering of SASA 1980-09-08
Wyatt Advertising: employees of Columbia Bowling Industries 1980-10-30
468 Steel bed frame 1973-02-12
Wrought iron fence 1971-09-16
Interior and exterior ornamental steel on mobile homes 1971-09-09
Steel railing 1970-07-08
Exterior of Comanche Steel building 1969-08-19
Grant Road Lumber
Comanche Steel booth at Convention Center 1968-04-19
Comanche Steel building exterior an interior and employees at work 1966
Steel fence 1966
469 Texas Quality Foods truck 1958
Hydraulic digger
Commercial Body Corporation truck 1957
Eloise Japhet School bus
Dorsey Trailers
Dump truck
City of Seguin Electric Department truck
K. J. Smith and Son Cattle Truck 1956
Bekins truck
470 Dump truck 1959-12-12
Truck 1959-04-03
Automobile circa 1919 1960-08-01
471 Truck with hi-Ranger lift basket 1966
Truck with driller
Roegelein truck 1964
Truck with sky ladder 1963
Broadway National Bank little league baseball team 1964
Maxwell 1912 1964-10-26
Truck with sky basket near Alamo Stadium 1965
Truck with winch 1965
Truck outside Commercial Body Corporation building 1964
Truck parked by houses 1963
Dump trucks 1963
Truck with sky basket fixing EMCO sign 1965
Trucks in lot 1965
472 Truck with sky basket 1966
Truck with driller
Hercules Galion: salesman of the Month Award to Harold Grist 1966
Banquet for Salesman of the Month 1966
Line of trucks 1966
473 Transportation Museum: interior 1979-10-01
Interior work areas and service department 1978-10-09
Exterior of Commercial Body Corporation and yard 1979-10-10
Cranes on trucks 1976-07-15
Two men working on assembling 1975
[ Pic # 106629 ]
School bus at North East bus parking lot 1975-04-23
Two trucks 1974-01-29
Yancy-McGee: Commercial Body Corporation 1973-01-19
Direct: exterior of Commercial Body Corporation 1972-12-21
Exterior of Commercial Body Corporation at night 1972-12-20
Exterior of Commercial Body Corporation at night 1972-12-13
Trailer 1972-09-25
Interior of plant 1972-11-27
Reel trailer 1972-09-08
Truck 1972-08-22
Trailer 1972-08-11
New truck 1972-05-15
New truck 1971-11-24
Econoline van with hi-rise basket 1971-04-21
Yancy-McGee: interior of shop area 1971-03-09
Crane on truck 1970-10-20
Truck with double box sky lift 1970-08-03
Party at Commercial Body Corporation 1970-03-30
Truck with dump flat bed 1969-11-19
Interior and exterior of plant 1968-12-16
Truck with belt 1968-07-18
Larry Smith 1968
Hercules Galion Products, Inc.
Aerial of Commercial Body Corporation 1967
474 Two men with Airport Shuttle Service Bus 1985-01-25
Blue Commercial Body Corporation truck 1984-04-10
Harold Grist 1982-07-14
Exterior of body shop 1978-02-07
Wheelchair lift on bus 1976-05-12
Aerial of body shop
Interior of small bus or van 1980-06-03
475 Rendering of futuristic buses 1969-06-05
476 Girl 1980-06-17
Executive 1980-03-05
[ Pic # 117447-51 Inv# 32447 ]
Man 1980-02-14
[ Pic # 117304 Inv # 32363 ]
Oil refinery and tankers 1980-01-04
Portrait 1976-07-14
Portrait 1976-07-26
Unidentified 1977-04-17
Aerial of company plant 1977-05-05
Gary Davis 1977-06-08
Portrait, D. S. Schupp 1977-05-31
Norm Wakeman 1979-07-05
Customer's: refinery 1977-02-14
John Skeehan 1977-04-20
Unidentified man 1978-11-03
Unidentified man 1976-05-06
Hardostg 1979-03-26
Paul Vermglen 1979-02-17
Unidentified 1979-02-20
477 Exterior of Computer Knowledge Corporation 1973-08-17
Operation of Computer Knowledge Corporation and employees 1972-05-05
Man at podium at Nix Hospital 1972-04-20
Man operating computer 1972-04-14
New computers 1972-02-24
Four men by tractor 1972-01-13
Group at University Club 1971-11-15
Charles W. Burmeister 1971-05-04
Interior and employees of Computer Knowledge Corporation 1969-09-12
Congressman Gonzales at Computer Knowledge Corporation 1970-07-10
478 New Computer Terminal Corporation building 1969-08-08
Computer Terminal Corporation: people using terminals 1969-10-21
Terminal at plant 1969-09-18
Bob Knight and Associates: Jack at computer 1970-01-12
Bob Knight and Associates: ads for computer terminal
Computer terminal 1969-06-28
Exterior of two buildings 1970-02
People working in production 1970-02-23
Computers 1970-02-14
Computers 1969-05-01
Charts for presentation 1970-02-17
479 Secretaries working at computer terminals 1970
Man using computer terminal 1972
Computer terminal Datapoint 3300 1970
Interior of computer terminal and people assembling computers 1971-06-03
Financial Trend: Datapoint 2206 1971-04-22
Datapoint 2200 and 300 1970-04-08
Management Communications Consultants, Inc.: computer 1968-07-08
People using computer terminal
Drawing of computer 1970-10-23
Board members 1970-10-12
[ Inv # 8354 Pic # 5132 ]
Aerial of computer Terminal Corporation 1970-10-28
Exterior of Computer Terminal Corporation 10-20
Presentation on various computer related subjects 1970-09-19
Group of young men drinking Jax Beer
3300T Tape unit 1970-04-21
Computer Terminal Corporation building at dusk 1969-09-22
480 Exterior of church
Clergy, Catholic
Exterior of church
Painting by Hermann Lungkivitz
481 TV slides 1969-01-17
Customers in toy store 1968-09-23
Nurse with others in meeting 1968
482 Koozie Kups: cups 1980-03-27
Koozie Kups: cups 1981-03-18
Koozie Kups: cups 1980-10-15
Sports display and cups
Koozie Kups 1979-03-15
Koozie Kups: Pearl Brewing Company 1979-03-23
483 Children's choir 1978-05-14
Reverend Dr. Gordon Merkens 1978-03-15
Reverend Dr. Gordon Merkens 1975-04-28
Choir 1974-05-19
Reverend Dr. Gordon Merkens 1974-05-08
Children 1974-01-31
Reverend Dr. Gordon Merkens 1973-04-20
Group in gym 1973-04-15
Congregation and interior of church 02-26
Confirmation class 1972-11-19
Bible Class 1971-08-02
Group in church 1971-07-19
Football team, coach and cheerleaders 1970-11-24
Interior of church 1968-08-02
Confirmation class 1969-05-25
Two clergymen in robes 1975-05-16
Group of children with minister 1975-05-18
Minister, man and two women 1975-08-24
484 Hallway
Hunters with deer
Book: Five Years, Five Countries, Five Campaigns with the 141st Infantry Regiment
Lone Star truck 1947
River Side Shops
Man and woman with doll
Deserted road
485 Serving tray on wheels 1973-06-22
Clocks 1979-03-29
Plexiglas tables
Book rack and oil lamp 1972-07-17
Serving tray on wheels 07-27
Silver cabinet, picture frames and neon stuff for decoration 1971-12-08
Clock 1971-03-29
Plexiglas serving carts, mirror and table, magazine rack with magazines, Interiors, Playboy and Steiner Company 1977-11-30
Aquariums 1977-02-07
Plastic aquariums, tables, book racks 1976-12-03
Plexiglas products 1975-12-17
Wood and Plexiglas tables 1974-08-02
Numerous trays, tables, tanks and other things made of Plexiglas 1975-01-06
Nude woman behind Plexiglas panel by airplane bar 1977
Model with Plexiglas products 1973-01-04
Plexiglas grandfather type clock 1971
Clock and booth at fair 1970-01-22
486 Acrylic furniture 1985-01-07
Plexiglas furniture 1981-02-07
Plexiglas bar 1981-01-08
Plexiglas table 1978-08-01
Plexiglas table 1971-12-08
Plexiglas table 1973-06-06
Plexiglas furniture 1974-05-22
Plexiglas furniture 1976-02-11
487 Plexiglas table 1979
Plexiglas bookcase 1980
Plexiglas tables 1979
Plexiglas clocks and mirror 1979
Plexiglas tables and chairs 1979
Plexiglas hangers 1979-10-13
Plexiglas clocks and mirror 1978-07-29
488 Employees at airport 1972-02-01
Interview with two flight attendants 1971-06-16
Plaque presentation and groups at Gunter Hotel 1971-03-10
Flight attendant and pilot being interviewed on WOAI-TV and KENS-TV 1970-06-16
Three flight attendants 1968-12-18
Miss International Hostess 1968-08-27
Groups by plane 1968
489 Jack Burkett 1979-05-28
Joe Casseb 1978-09-21
Hank Halter 1978-04-03
Marcelle 1977-10-24
Ernest Rodriguez 1977-04-29
Robert H. Roese and Victoria Cadena 1977-03-03
Ed Flynn 1976-08-04
Ceasar Gutierrez 1976-04-27
Executives 1975-03-26
Marshall Davidson 1975-03-27
490 Fas Gas station 1973-07-28
491 Consolidated Productions, Inc.: stuffed animals 1969-02-21
Freeman Decorating: overall of booths 1971-10-11
Dixie Decorators: interior of Convention Center 1973-09-11
Mrs. Stone, Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals 1973-11-11
Texas Food Association trade show 1971-04-23
Freeman Decoration booth 1971-10-11
Mueller Company booth 1971-10-11
Scott Foresman and Company booth 1969-04-12
Cla-Val Company booth 1971-10-11
Booths 1971-10-11
SCM Corporation booth at Mathematics' Convention 1970-01-24
American United Life Insurance booth at Medical Convention 1970-01-27
Lumberman's Association convention 1968-04-20
Holt, Rinehart and Winston, Texas Library Conference 1968-04-08
COOK, RAY, COMPANY 1968-1984
492 Two girls in white bikinis with cowboy hats and boots and gun on green 1975
Golf clubs 1979
Putters 1974-12-10
Golf balls 1976-08-30
Golf balls 1975-08-19
True Spot test kit 1977-02-15
Ray Cook 1979-07-24
Putter at Oak Hills Country Club 1979-07-30
Golf putters 1972-10-31
Putters 1968-05-24
Putter 1969-02-18
Putter 1976-02-21
Putter with golf ball 1971-09-14
493 Ray Cook
Ball Master Golf Club 1983-07-18
BNCC golf club 1974-10-12
494 Interior of plane and cockpit 1980-01-01
Interior of plane and cockpit 1979-12-30
COOPER AIR undated
495 Plane exterior
Plane interior: sinks, chairs, tables, cockpit, bathroom, stereo
496 Interior and exterior of two Jet Stars Heenz: chairs, bars, couches, lamps, tables 1971-08-19
Interior and exterior of two Jet Star: bars, cockpit, bathroom 1979-08-06
Jet Star 1979-03-12
Bac III 1978-10-17
Challenger mockup 1978-10-19
Aircraft plant 1978-06-09
Aircraft facility 1978-04-13
COOPER, GARY 1943-1961
497 Greer Garson 1943
George Murphy
Will Rogers
Jayne Mansfield, Rex Allen and Pedro Armendariz 1961
Rex Allen with little girl
Gracie Fields
Gary Cooper with four other men
Gary Cooper at Rose Window
Gary Cooper at Conception Mission signing autographs for two girls
Gary Cooper at Caxias House with group of ladies
People in line at theater
Audience at Majestic Theater
Gary Cooper at dinner
Gary Cooper at Lucchese Boot Company
Pedro Gonzalez, Greer Garson, Dana Andrews and Mervyn Le Roy
James Cagney
COPIES 1955-1985
498 Rendering of a building
Unidentified men selling chocolate
Rendering of the Proposed Central Industrial District near Loop 13
Machines (unidentified)
Drawing of kids jumping out of a hay loft
Unidentified people
Marfa, Texas
A lake
Rendering for proposed High School Plant for the Fremont High School District, Fremont, Texas
Drawing of and Indian by Otto Ransleben 1957-05-28
National Extension University seal
Copy of receipt for State and County Tax for 1855
Rendering for the Shop-o-Rama
People in front of the Longhorn Cavern
William H. Dukes, architect: renderings of the San Antonio Osteopathic Hospital
Aerial view of the south side of San Antonio by Brooks Air Force Base
Drawing of a Hawaiian dancer doing the splits on the beach in the surf
Ad for Judge Harold Hall for District Attorney
Picture of a pond with a caw by it and more cattle drawn in
Rendering of a big Wolff-Marx store
Poinsettia Christmas cards
Oil drilling equipment and charts
Group school photograph
Security Federal Saving and Loan Association
Stature of Jesus
Bull and bullfighter
International Charolais Association: Charolais show
Map of Northeast Mexico
Rendering of Muriel Vance Forbes Elementary School
Apartment building
Portrait of an unknown woman
499 Police officer being sworn in
Unidentified house
Two unidentified men
Drawing of The Battle of the Alamo, 1836
Senior Law Class of University of Texas 1936 1966
Unidentified town
North Loop Volkswagen
Hugo and Schmeltzer Company by the Alamo
Drawing of a man and four children
Painting of an Indian warrior
Pat Camp
Painting of the surrender of ex-General Twiggs of the United States Army to Texas troops in the Main Plaza, San Antonio, Texas on 1861-02-16
Almanzars's coins of the World
Two men with fifteen large mouth bass
Painting of a little house
Portrait of George Lord, soldier of the Republic of Texas
God and Neighbor symbol patch
Henry B. Gonzales as a young man
Man sitting in a chair and on a horse 1960-01-04
Forrest N. Welmaker
Little boy and train conductor
San Antonio Medical Foundation map
Henry Guerra and children 1969-12-18
Copies of plaques: S. Lang and Milam Building 1969-10-27
Girl with chicks 1968-12-02
Old portrait of a soldier 1968-12-06
Group 1969-04-23
Painting: Battle of the Alamo 1969-04-09
Mr. Stanley Guido of Guido Lumber Company 1969-01-11
Wolff and Marx store at the time of recent opening
First Baptist Church Chair: Kirk Voss 1968-12-23
Montage of various famous personalities 1970-03-31
Poster: Uncle Sam Wants You
Fling artifact from san Miguel Creek Frio County, Texas 1969-04-09
Hemphill-McCombs Ford, 1025 San Pedro, Texas
Alamo Country Club
500 Mrs. Nixon: group in front of airplane 1971-06-11
The Clegg Company: couple in front of doorway 1971-08-16
The Clegg Company: man and woman in front of door 1971-08-11
Sam Goldfarb 1971-06-06
Kittrell Realtors: Holiday Inn 1971-04-04
San Hose Mission State Park: San Hose Mission plaques 1971-04-04
Jines Skip: unidentified man 1971-07-29
Gill Companies: apartments at 7600 Broadway 1971-07-21
Bexar Metropolitan Water District: catch of fish 1971-07-15
Mrs. Greene Patterson: painting "Spirit of the Tower of the Americas" 1971-06-24
Addressograph Division: Nix hospital 1971-06-22
E. R. Mobley: red angus bull 1970-07-06
James Ingram: medical drawing of cross section of skin 1971-07-02
Cartwright and Pletz: four men walking 1971-07-02
Ms. Allen in wedding dress 1971-06-23
Mrs. B. E. Harrell: woman in jungle fatigues 1971-06-11
A. Gergins: copy of old painting 1971-06-04
Alan Hawes Antiques: interior of museum in Blanco, Texas 1971-05-26
Suburban News: unidentified man 1971-05-17
Larry R. Walton: little boy's profile 1971-05-13
Villa de la Mina, Inc. 1971-05-12
Kurt Ritter: young man in uniform 1971-05-12
Frank C. Sammis: skull 1971-05-11
Schenker and Rosenhem: frame from 16 mm movie strip 1971-05-03
B. B. McGimplsey: picture of unidentified man 1971-04-12
F. C. Sammis: x-ray of skull and drawing of a woman's face 1971-05-05
F. C. Sammis: portion of human skull 1971-05-03
Grace Keeling 1971-04-19
Wayne J. Hart: Michael G. Holloman 1971-04-21
Baumgardiner: portrait of two boys and a girl 1971-03-30
Lutheran General Hospital: hospital site plan 1971-04-14
The Clegg Company: group outing by lake 1971-04-14
Christian: ocean and ship 1971-04-12
Clifford Noonan: General Custer, a Colonel, a Crow Indian, Private Noonan and grizzly 1971-03-15
Bill Zintgraff: Colonel James Monroe Ferguson 1970-11-24
Praxis Corporation: charts and graphs 1971-03-29
Associated Milk Producer: President Nixon, Richard M. 1971-03-24
Site plan for Paloma Apartments 1971-03-15
Russ and Company, Inc.: Mr. Menger 1971-03-16
Drawing of Bob Garcia 1970-03-12
Community Welfare Council: Louis A. Ruybalid 1971-02-25
Saunders and Greischmann: aerial of buildings 1971-02-15
Joyce Moravits: old family photograph 1971-01-14
D. M. Smith: unidentified woman 1971-01-07
Bert Marshall: old wedding photo 1970-12-02
G. W. King: copy of old Spanish shipping manifest 1971-01-15
Mrs. McDonald: cow 1970-12-31
Bob Warren: man behind bar 1970-12-28
Robert S. Gralten, DDS: teeth 1970-09-04
Homer Ferguson: cartoon by Ace Reid 1970-12-21
Hood-Gillis Building Company: copy of newspaper article 1970-12-16
Texas Wired Music, Inc.: Chuck Batthorpe 1970-11-05
House, Mercer, House and Breck, Attorneys: Hemis Fair Roundhouse 1970-12-08
Budget Finance Company: presentation to Princess Grace of Monaco 1970-12-01
Joe Kincaid: old house exterior and interior 1970-11-27
Putnam and Putnam: engine diagram 1970-12-03
James McElhatten: ID card Marguerite McElhatten 1970-12-03
E. B. Flowers, architect: buildings 1970-11-27
C. Earto: young 1970-11-20
Prospthill Masonic Lodge: 1st Past Master of Lodge 1970-09-28
Mrs. Nixon: copy of Chrysanthemum Ball shot with art work 1970-11-13
R. H. Mercer: court exhibits at Courthouse 1970-11-13
The Bindery: portrait of Stanley Waranck 1970-11-02
Community Welfare Council: Olin LeBaron 1970-09-14
Windcrest Golf Club: golf club building 1970-10-09
North Printing Company: crowd 1970-10-07
1944 portrait of D. M. Smith 1970-10-05
University Press: architectural drawing and floor plans 1970-09-28
Colonel William H. Hanson: President and Mrs. Kennedy 1970-09-25
Associated Mil Producers, Inc.: Miss Kansas and man 1970-09-18
Gordon C. Blackburn: group of soldiers in front of aircraft 1970-09-08
Alamo Land and Cattle Company: painting 1970-09-09
501 Mrs. A. C. Hulen: unidentified man 1972-11-10
Bob Griffin: Corsair Racing Team, Inc. 1971-08-09
Bill Brown and Associates: interior and exterior of Handy Dan 1971-11-02
Gary Chatham: rendering and models of a city on a river 1971-12-02
Old picture of a couple circa 1880-1900 1971-12-07
Y-Tex Corporation: livestock with tags 1971-12-28
Mrs. Hannon: old photographs of a man and two women circa 1885-1900 1972-01-21
Anna K. Schelper: old woman circa 1880-1900 1972-02-28
Whitmore Enterprises: Total Body Volume Meter 1972-05-17
Joan McSevine: unidentified man in checker coat 1972-06-06
David Pipes: chair 1972-06-05
Harry Freeman: little girl with microphone 1972-07-11
Eight girls 1972-08-01
Ancestor of Mrs. Ed. H. Cave 1972-07-26
Innovation Art and Design: angels and Madonna and two cups with birds, the other says Gloria 1972-08-11
Dreyer Vibrator Company, Inc.: baseball cartoon 1972-08-04
Robert Riley: Lone Star Radiator Works and the corner of Commerce and Presca Street 1972-08-11
Dick Stall: Pony of the Americas horse 1972-08-01
Dreyer Vibrator Company, Inc.: baseball cartoon 1972-10-04
L. Sterling: couple by hut and man on camel possibly in Mongolia 1972-12-08
Southside Bowling: Appaloosa County champions 1972-10-18
Catherine Anderson: unidentified house 1972-11-27
American Printers: modular construction building 1972-12-18
Unidentified couple
Star Attraction: unidentified woman 1972-08-27
Carlos Freymann and Associates: unidentified man 1972-12-19
Creative Union: old pictures of an old couple and a young girl circa 1885-1900 and a dinner table set, also a young man 1972-03-24
Mrs. J. M. Parker: drawing of San Antonio river scene 1972-04-06
Nippero Flower Shop: Grace Knotts 1972-04-04
Maggie: unidentified little girl 1972-03-21
D. L. Riche: unidentified little girl 1972-02-20
Mrs. Henry Guerra, Jr.: unidentified little girl 1972-05-20
Mrs. Robert Cole: unidentified couple 1972-06-06
Don Raumaker: unidentified little boy 1972-07-31
Lola Allen: old picture of unidentified man circa 1880-1900 1972-06-29
Mrs. Julia Nixon: unidentified girl 1972-05-25
Mrs. George Peacock: Travis Jones 1972-07-31
Peter Fearey: boy scouts 1972-08-04
Groos and Associates, Inc.: couple and child on farm 1972-09-07
W. Jay. Johnson: unidentified children 1972-08-30
Mrs. R. L. Babbitt, Jr.: Judge R. L. Babbitt, Jr. 1972-09-22
Star Attractions: unidentified singer 1972-08-31
Mrs. C. W. Winter: unidentified man and woman circa 1920-1930 1972-09-25
Joe Frost: Port Aransas, Texas 1972-09-28
Gustave Heye: two men in wagon with horse 1972-10-02
Mrs. Tom West: old man with beard 1972-07-20
Homeowners Listing Service: George Williams 1972-10-18
NCD Association: United States Navy personnel 1972-11-13
Frank Gurierrez: birth certificate for Esperanza Rebecca Gutierrez 1972-10-20
Jesse Urban: unidentified couple and man with two children 1972-09-06
Bill Rodgers: cowboy on wagon 1972-12-13
Carl Forrester: boy scouts 1972-09-12
Frank Mamifelli: Saint Mary's University School of Law 1950 graduating class 1972-11-28
Margaret A. Gething: lion and lamb 1972-12-08
Lee Farrell: unidentified man and woman 1972-11-09
Jesse Urban: unidentified man and woman 1972-12-06
Jesse Urban: unidentified bride and groom 1972-12-12
Timothy P. Holls: photographs of unidentified man and woman 1972-12-21
Mrs. Jim Tyson: unidentified man and woman (old) 1971-09-10
Mrs. Jim Tyson 1970-03-13
The Alamo Village; Akins Village 1971-08-31
Mrs. Russel Oppenheimer: girl at piano 1971-10-08
Don Marshall: Appaloosas 1971-02-28
A. A. Jerkins: ships in harbor 1971-11-17
Global Lane Corporation: restaurant interior 1971-12-15
E. A. Winker: unidentified woman 1971-12-20
stockman Restaurant Corporation: cowboy riding horse 1971-12-15
Marion Hair: man standing in snow 1972-01-25
Bill Heil: passport photograph of Bernie Charles Zansmeyer 1972-01-17
Jim A. Gunn: soldiers in trucks, eating by planes and having their clothes fumigated 1972-01-28
Mrs. William James: family of three 1972-05-16
Unidentified woman
Mrs. Lee Fanell: man and woman 1972-12-06
502 Mary Ann Guerra: page from Our Catholic Heritage in Texas on Fort Saint Louis at the Bay of Espiritu Santo in 1685 1973-12-05
NCO Association: ration stamp books 1973-11-29
L. M. Haunt: unidentified woman (old) 1973-11-27
Diane Brown: Indian boy 1973-11-17
Dr. Henry: title sheets 1973-11-09
Jim Stoker: art work 1973-10-03
Allstate: shots of fire damage 1973-09-24
Helen Kothmann Wall: old house with family in front 1973-09-20
NCO Association: Tres Vides en la Playa 1973-09-24
Robert Calloway and Associates: unidentified building 1973-09-24
Robert D. Ownby: Colonel James D. Isaacks, Jr. 1973-09-19
Mrs. Nelson P. Wells: unidentified man 1973-08-23
Marion J. Dillon: wedding photograph and invitation to Claude Antone Taylor and Clara Wasson wedding in 1877, June 9th 1973-08-20
NCO Association: ad for Veterans Job Fair 1973-09-04
Eric Steinfeldt: ships 1973-08-17
R. and S. Mehlainn, Inc.: San Antonio library circus freaks pictures 1973-08-20
Urban renewal: river extension 1973-07-08
Carol Moore: three unidentified women 1973-08-27
NCO Association: George's men's clothing 1973-08-20
Sarah Demaree: couples in car 1973-08-13
NCO Association: American Bald Eagle 1973-08-07
W. L. Ebder: aerial view 1973-07-18
Avis University Studio: C. R. Monroe, traveling photographer and Fey and Braunig Photographers, Cuero and Hallettsville, Texas 1973-06-25
Pat Camp: family of three in front of house with picket fence 1973-06-22
L. G. Hewell: unidentified man and woman (old) 1973-07-13
Old family photograph of Ann Tibbets 1973-07-10
Suzi Lyson: old photograph of two little boys and family of three 1973-07-06
Fred Kingston: unidentified man and woman 1973-07-03
Mrs. L. E. Riley: Audie Murphy 1973-07-02
Mrs. L. M. Haupt: old photograph of Joseph H. Collins 1973-06-20
Bexar Metropolitan Water District: water tower 1973-06-20
George P. Isbell: unidentified woman 1973-06-01
NCO Association: painting of The Declaration Committee in Philadelphia 1973-05-30
Rejuvenation Center: unidentified women 1973-05-07
S. D. Bowdler: unidentified man 1973-04-20
Scarvey: unidentified young girl (old) 1973-04-20
Gregory Walcott: unidentified couple 1973-02-21
Michael J. Waters: Brackettville Alamo site 1973-03-20
F. U. Garbich: unidentified man and his mother 1973-04-20
House, Mercer, Howe and Brook, Attorneys: fire 1973-02-16
Ben Johnson: man on horse 1973-02-14
Keystone School: two people meeting Linden B. Johnson 1973-02-05
J. B. Rives, Jr. And House, Mercer, Howe and Brook: ads in newspaper 1973-01-04
Harold A. Roney: painting "Quiet Country 1973-01-08
Texas Watercolor Society: Henry B. Caldwell 1973-01-03
Unidentified man
503 Josephine Kalmer: unidentified little girl 1974-12-27
Immanuel Lutheran Church School: Christmas pageant nativity scenes 1974-12-13
Ford, Powel and Carson: unidentified men 1974-12-18
Photography by Janet: name plate: Representative Susan J. Captain, 16 November 1974 1974-12-11
Photography by Janet: unidentified little girl 1974-12-05
Photography by Janet: unidentified couple 1974-12-12
Jack Kessler: TWA aircraft and a biplane with man standing on his head on the wing 1974-12-04
Dr. Bonam: church scene 1974-11-26
Floseine Jones: painting of Christ carrying cross 1974-11-22
Mr. a. Scott: unidentified woman 1974-11-15
Carte Blanche: birthday party 1974-11-18
Lochman Rose: trademark 1974-11-18
Eric Steinfeldt: posters of sailing ships and docks 1974-11-06
Christian Jew Foundation: Dr. Holff 1974-11-05
J. D. Harris: unidentified people and an anniversary invitation 1974-11-04
Jackie Juarez: pool and patio of unidentified house 1974-16-30
Mr. F. Phillip Williamson: aerial map of The Rose Tree and Fox Hunting in Delaware and Chester Counties, Pennsylvania ad 1859 1974-10-31
Robert Griffin: men at Pearl Brewery 1974-10-29
Christian Jew Foundation: Dr. Holff 1974-10-30
Zavel Photographers: art works 1974-10-21
Jerry Neal's sister 1974-10-18
Russ Stanley: passport photo 1974-10-22
San Antonio Advertising Bureau: two houses and floor plans 1974-10-17
Stan Fickel Advertising: campaign ads for Patrick L. Searcy for State Senator District 21 1974-10-16
Borden Company: Borden Newspaper Ad 1974-10-10
Mrs. Marie Harley's mother 1974-10-09
W. J. Murray: unidentified woman and couple 1974-10-04
Texas Public Relators Association: crowd holding balloons 1971-09-27
Jose Machado: boxers 1974-09-23
Mrs. L. A. Penaloza: old photograph of man on bicycle and motorcycle 1974-08-28
Gill Companies: man in office 1974-08-22
Bob Lew: Chinese documents 1974-08-21
Alvoid Scott: young man wearing cap and gown 1974-08-19
Kingston Manufacturing company: couple 1974-08-13
Alamo Printing Company: aerial view of city 1974-07-25
John Saenz: golfer 1974-07-29
Eric Steinfeldt: ships and buildings 1974-07-23
Jonathon F. Cassel: Mayan Indians 1974-07-22
Ten Ring Precision Inc.: pistols 1974-07-24
Mrs. D. Jenning: unidentified man 1974-07-19
Ed Finch: new trolley 1974-07-03
Archdiocese Centennial Book: Father Margel de Jesus, founder of San Antonio Missions 1974-06-27
John Saenz: four unidentified golfer 1974-06-24
Tom Bardelon: cross 1974-05-23
Ed Fonk: meat trolley 1974-05-22
Barbara Henk: couple 1974-05-07
Archdiocese Centennial Book: Mission of San Xavier 1974-05-01
Mrs. Julia Nixon: nativity for Christmas play 1974-04-08
Adolph F. Spitta 1974-04-17
Whitmore Enterprises: Total Body Volume Meter equipment 1974-04-01
R. L. Mabie: unidentified boy 1974-03-20
Gland and Thuss Pathology Associates: chromosomes 1974-03-26
James Q. Barnes: unidentified little girl 1974-03-04
Mary Ann Jaffe Sigler: unidentified woman with two men 1974-02-25
Eric Steinfeldt: old ships in Jacksonville, Florida Harbor 1974-02-20
R. S. Wiemers 1974-02-14
E. A. Branham: young girl with sail fish 1974-02-11
Lifohutz, Yvonne: unidentified man in old photograph 1974-01-10
San Antonio Lodge of Perfection: unidentified men 1974-01-07
Uptmore and Associates: bride 1974-08-01
504 Bowen: horses hitched to a plow and a winding road 1975-08-08
First Baptist Church Chair: unidentified man 1975-08-15
Mrs. Acuna: group of musicians circa 1914 and an old man playing violin 1975-07-18
Mrs. Acuna: unidentified man wearing a sombrero 1975-08-19
Mrs. L. W. Fimsternaker: unidentified couple 1975-08-22
Brazos Guido: family portrait (old) 1975-08-29
Brazos Guido: family portrait (old) 1975-08-29
Mrs. Stephen E. Carrell: unidentified man (old) 1975-09-08
A. J. Lewis unidentified couples, families, individuals and a girl on a donkey 1975-07-24
Wallace Kear: profile of unidentified woman 1975-09-08
Joe. A. Leal: unidentified woman 1975-09-10
The Unlimited Pencil: beer can holder 1975-09-15
Mrs. Raymond Phelps: unidentified couple 1975-09-18
Marley Media Advertising: unidentified man 1975-09-30
San Antonio Light headlines about curbing cancer 1975-09-12
Abraham Davis: man plowing with mules 1975-09-27
X-rays of a skull and neck
Robert Lynch: unidentified couple 1975-08-19
Anderson Machinery: Fiat-Allis tractors 1975-10-15
William H. Spenser Trustee: rendering of building (unidentified) 1975-10-10
Mrs. Luther Brown: unidentified man 1975-10-16
Mrs. Robert Ferguson: unidentified boy and girl 1975-10-17
Patricia Reane: drawing of a person with plants 1975-10-27
R. J. Stafford: portraits of two boys 1975-10-29
Holy Spirit Catholic Church: unidentified priest 1974-10-23
River City Studio: house being renovated 1975-11-07
Melvin Catten: Union Stock Yards, August 14, 1933 1975-08-04
Concordia Lutheran Church: unidentified woman 1975-07-30
Joseph Alston: unidentified man 1975-07-08
Colonel Keel: old photographs of a bank, a family and individuals 1975-07-24
Concordia Lutheran Church: unidentified man 1975-07-28
Al Gehrels: onions, sausage and sauerkraut 1975-07-02
Christian Jew Foundation: unidentified man 1975-06-23
Urethorne Industries: lumber 1975-06-13
Janice Wolf: construction of a warehouse 1975-06-09
Urethorne Industries: wedding certificate of G. H. Brutenbucher and Ella McWillen of Nashville, Ohio 1975-06-09
Letter and poem about Caterpillars to Holt Atherton Machinery 1975-05-30
Ford, Powel and Carson: Mission San Fernando 1975-06-06
Elizabeth G. Weymouth: newspaper ads for a circus 1975-06-06
Barbara Henk: unidentified couple and family 1975-05-02
Martin Electric Company: building on corner of Main Plaza and Commerce Street from White Plaza Hotel, BAMC, Joske's, Medical Arts Drug Company, Martin-Wright Electrical Company, Texas Theater, Kallison Tower 1975-03-22
M. B. Jauer: unidentified building 1975-05-13
Groos, Fernandez, Barry Ahford and Associates: construction of the river 1975-05-01
Rudy Perez, Jr. : unidentified man 1975-04-22
Cannon-Orah Wall Construction: rendering and model of train station 1975-04-16
Barbara Henke: old wedding and family photograph 1975-04-02
Robert Mushen: unidentified man with hurt eye 1975-04-07
Margaret Boehrne: unidentified girl 1975-04-10
Nettie Bill: unidentified man 1975-04-07
Financial highlights: Associated Milk Producers, Inc.
Pat Camp: unidentified men (old) 1975-03-05
Al Pancoast: family photograph (old) 1975-03-12
Green, Kaufmann and Lanffear and Alamo National Bank: roads, buildings, electrical stations, tires, heavy equipment, pipes, cranes 1975-03-10
GECU: distribution of income charts 1975-03-16
Mrs. Richard Schrag: unidentified couple 1975-01-30
Henkins, W. I.: unidentified men 1975-01-30
Ben Sinfeton: unidentified men 1975-02-06
Texas Military Institute: man kayaking 1975-02-12
Christian Jew Foundation: unidentified man 1975-01-02
John L. Marx: President Lincoln 1975-01-14
Unidentified houses
Unidentified families
Unidentified individuals
505 S. W. Office Supply: little girl 1976-06-02
Trace Kleburg: two girls in swimming suits 1976-05-19
Michael Clunie and Ciaceco Advertising: ads for First Saving and Loan Bank 1976-05-18
Bob Wyman: painting by Ernest Schuckard, 1932 1976-05-10
Michael Clunie: 1976 Media Strategy Chart 1976-05-14
Portrait of Red Connell 1976-05-10
Robert Hilliard: unidentified woman 1976-05-06
C. L. Smith: painting of a windmill, a seagull, a deer and a bald eagle 1976-05-04
Morley Media Services: restaurant interior 1976-04-30
Mary Ferry: unidentified man 1976-05-04
Alvin Freidan: new mini-warehouse on South East Military Drive, San Antonio, Texas 1976-04-30
Texas Hunters Hotline magazine, winter 1975 1976-04-29
Verna Blair: unidentified man 1976-04-28
Portrait of cowboy next to bronco rider statue 1976-04-28
Mark VII Productions: auto parts store 1976-04-22
Martin and Associates: living room 1976-04-20
Doris Gumpp: Clyde R. Gumpp, Colonel 1976-04-19
E. W. Denmaree: unidentified man 1976-04-20
Stuart Thayer: circus announcement 1976-04-14
Mr. DeWitt: unidentified elderly couple 1976-04-06
Associated Pools: swimming pool 1976-04-19
Fire Department of Greater San Antonio, 1913 1976-04-12
Ray Bunumi: horse 1976-04-10
Albert Burler: unidentified woman 1976-04-06
Oliver B. Chamberlain: letter 1976-04-04
Wollam: painting of a farm in winter 1976-03-19
Couple with buffalo 1976-03-31
Wheeler: cowboy by the chuck wagon on cattle drive in 1908 1976-03-29
Dr. Hinclly, MD: x-rays 1976-03-17
Robert Wagers: unidentified man and couple 1975-01-02
Saint Johns United Methodist: unidentified man 1976-03-17
A. J. Zunker Jr.: unidentified couple 1976-03-18
Rose Lawman: maps 1976-03-16
Meeting minutes 1915-08-14
Eunice Tyson: TIVY graduates 1926 1976-03-08
Scholastic Photo Account and Star Engraving Company: unidentified man and aerial map 1976-02-23
Addressograph Multigraph Corporation: exhibit hall at Convention Center 1976-01-15
Addressograph Multigraph Corporation: A. M. Corp Trade Show, exhibit hall, convention center 1976-01-14
Christmas tree and dolls
Carol Donaldsson: man standing by car 1976-02-23
Kathryn Jenson: paintings and plants 1976-02-03
Jose Wsquimal: painting 1976-02-12
Way Schloff: unidentified man 1976-02-09
Southwest High School: school out of 1952 yearbook 1976-02-04
Map of Texas 1976-02-02
Carl M. Kendall: unidentified couple 1976-01-30
Hank Smith: neon signs 1976-01-27
Ms. J. F. Chambers: prints 1976-01-22
Peter Collins and Associates: house 1976-01-15
Ed Hall: T. K. Waldrup 1976-01-15
C. R. Branch: bull 1976-01-22
C. J. Ebert: couple in Western costumes 1976-01-14
City of San Antonio: huge house 1976-01-13
Al Jergens: aerial shot 1975-01-06
Tom Ricks: drawing 1975-12-05
Tom Frost: girls (unidentified) 1975-12-22
Farrell Rooney: painting of barn house 1975-12-30
L. Starling: unidentified people cursing Alaska aboard Polarstar II 1975-12-29
Leroy Neal: unidentified people 1975-12-15
Thomas Ricks: ships 1975-12-16
Roger M. Dreyer: unidentified family 1975-09-18
J. W. Booth: unidentified family 1975-12-11
Insurance Inc.: checks 1975-02-06
Insurance Inc.: checks 1975-02-19
Insurance Inc.: checks 1975-02-04
Insurance Inc.: checks 1975-10-17
Insurance Inc.: checks 1975-02-13
Insurance Inc.: checks 1975-02-27
Hayer McFarlane: unidentified little girl (old) 1975-12-04
C. M. Campbell: unidentified man (old) 1975-12-10
Ted Pearsley: unidentified woman
Thomas Ricks: book cover 1975-11-24
Holy Spirit Catholic Church: Father Leo Goertz 1975-11-05
Leo Gonzales: masonic document 1975-11-12
Robert W. Haston: aerial map 1975-12-10
Theodore Arthur Klecker: unidentified house 1975-11-04
Jeannie Clark: unidentified boy and girl 1975-10-29
Mr. Folks: unidentified couple 1975-11-10
506 Unidentified woman 1977-11-22
Mr. and Mrs. Sterling 1979-12-18
Unidentified woman 1979-12-04
Woman in regular dress and wedding dress 1979-12-10
Unidentified man 1979-12-11
Unidentified couple 1979-12-10
Unidentified couple in Russia 1979-12-07
Unidentified woman and kids 1979-11-26
Little boy and his mother 1979-11-21
Business Men's Club 1979-11-21
Three grand champion steers 1968-1970 1979-11-19
Family, couple and individuals 1979-11-15
Two women 1979-11-12
Unidentified man and German Shepard dog 1979-11-08
Unidentified children 1979-11-05
Cavalry 1979-10-23
Unidentified woman 1979-10-23
Wedding photograph 1979-10-16
Mrs. Wischer 1979-10-18
W. B. Jack Ball as Grand Marshal of Texas 1979-10-11
Certificate for The American Institute for Property and Liability Underwriters, Inc. 1979-10-12
Scott Appleton 1979-10-12
Unidentified woman 1979-10-09
Photograph of unidentified man for passport 1979-10-15
Navarro family crest 1979-05-17
Old house 1978-10-19
Unidentified couple and little girl (old) 1978-09-20
Unidentified man (old) 1978-09-20
Unidentified couple 1978-09-18
Needlepoint of downtown San Antonio 1978-04-04
Chart of on-site construction schedule for Holiday Inn North for the H. B. Zachary Company 1978-02-20
Two girls at a New Years Evening party 1978-02-06
Old San Antonio Sewer Pipe Works building and employees 1978-01-10
Unidentified woman 1977-11-30
Unidentified man 1977-12-19
Airplane: World War II Cotton-Eyed Joe 1977-12-06
Unidentified house 1977-12-06
Looking at Earth coming up on the Moon's horizon 1977-11-30
Unidentified couple 1977-12-05
Mother and baby (old) 1977-11-29
Bride and groom circa 1941-1946 1977-11-14
Map of Corpus Christi Bay 1977-10-31
Family montage 1977-10-26
Certificate for Texas State Board of Medical Examiners 1977-10-26
Family in front of house (old) 1977-10-25
Watercolors of Tonkawa Indians 1977-10-12
Jimmy Carter, President 1977-10-11
Hunter with deer 1977-09-21
Hal Sims: painting of a house 1977-09-21
Unidentified man 1977-09-12
Unidentified couple walking down the street 1977-07-25
Couple in Hawaii 1977-07-06
Lewis ' family crest 1977-07-01
Unidentified woman and children and woman boarding a train 1977-06-28
Unidentified buildings 1977-05-11
Drawing of Novelist Jules Verne (1828-1905) 1977-05-25
D. W. Freeman's funeral 1977-05-18
Mushroom cloud over Bikini Atoll 1977-05-04
Unidentified family and couple 1977-04-29
Unidentified family and couple 1977-03-30
Joe Martinez 1977-03-30
Unidentified man 1977-03-07
Man in confederate uniform 1977-03-03
Painting of Jimmy Hoffa 1977-02-25
Book cover: G. I. Gurdjieff 1977-02-21
Interior of the Alamo gift shop 1977-02-17
Five unidentified men 1977-02-07
Postcards from Germany to Mrs. Imogene Challis in October 1913 and December 18, 1918 1977-02-03
Paining of Dr. Nixon 1977-01-28
Unidentified family and couple 1977-01-11
Horse racing at La Mesa Park 1976-12-16
Unidentified man from book introduction 1976-12-16
Man pushing clear case 1976-12-13
Topographical map with name of rivers 1976-12-10
Unidentified man 1976-12-20
Unidentified woman 1976-12-03
Plaque certificate from the American Board of Surgery 1976-11-26
Abstraction turkeys 1976-11-01
San Antonio Fun Map of downtown 1976-10-25
Unidentified men 1976-10-20
Unidentified man 1976-10-06
Unidentified man 1976-10-14
Certificate commemorating Mrs. Sallie Ward Beretta being named to the Board of Regents State Teachers Colleges of Texas for 18 years (1933-1951) 1976-09-23
Unidentified men (old) 1976-09-20
Unidentified woman 1976-09-09
Unidentified man 1976-09-08
San Antonio Ballet Company: ballet dancers and ballerinas 1976-08-19
Logo for Kelly Field National Bank 1976-07-16
Unidentified boy and couple 1976-06-14
Hunter with bear 1976-06-11
Unidentified family, individuals and couples
Unidentified man
Painting of unidentified woman (possibly a queen to one the Georges) 1976-06-07
Beechcroft School graduation announcements 1976-06-03
Graduation and a horse in a field 1976-05-26
507 Paulette Baribeau: house in King William District, San Antonio, Texas (old) 1980-08-18
W. O. Allison: unidentified man and woman 1980-12-15
[ Inv # 33733 Pic # 118723-24 ]
Ed Sullivan: old house with people on the porch 1981-07-01
Luby's old cafeteria, Joplin, Missouri, 1916 1981-07-24
Painting: General Barney M. Giles 1981-07-17
Pat Camp: family and little boys in front of house circa 1900-1920 1981-08-04
Hugo and Carolyn Elmendorf 1981-07-20
Mrs. Robert Raquet: unidentified man 1981-07-22
[ Inv # 34730 Pic #119579 ]
Commercial and Industrial Properties: aerial shot of Loop 1604, Expressway 16 and FM 1380 1981-08-05
George L. McKee: unidentified couple 1981-07-24
[ Inv # 34730 Pic # 119579 ]
Mrs. Jim Tyson: Houston Avenue, Westhoff, Texas circa 1880-1900, Chas Wild General Merchandise, Bello state Bank, wagons, buggies and horses 1981-08-10
Bill L. Stratton: airplane attached to cables and sitting in a field 1981-07-31
Dennis Griffin: Beacon Hill Presbyterian Church 1981-07-14
Frankie Barthel: unidentified man and woman 1981-01-12
[ Inv # 33666 Pic # 118798 ]
Mrs. Martin D. Tochirhart: unidentified man and woman circa 1885-1900 1981-01-15
[ Inv # 33688 Pic # 118802-03 ]
E. F. Jimenez and the City of San Antonio: fire trucks circa 1910 1981-01-30
City of San Antonio Public Library: unidentified men and woman 1981-01-03
[ Inv # 33856 Pic # 118891, 118904 ]
Consolidated Produce Company, Inc. : fruit and vegetable order sheet 1981-02-16
Suzanna Shields: unidentified men (tailor, painter, photographer) 1981-02-23
[ Inv # 33942 Pic # 118976-78 ]
Jiminez Food Products: unidentified man 1981-03-02
[ Inv # 33636 Pic # 118972 ]
Mrs. Gere Shouse: choir 1981-05-22
Paula Strength: unidentified little girl 1981-06-24
[ Inv # 34127 Pic # 119406 ]
Christy Ramsey: unidentified couple 1981-06-24
[ Inv # 34128 Pic # 119414-17 ]
Sholund: unidentified couple and family 1981-07-06
[ Inv # 34167 Pic # 119414-17 ]
Thorton-Summers: tow trucks 1981-04-13
Ray Neumann 1981-05-11
Suzanne Shields: shooting an scene for silent movie "The Big Parade" (1925) 1981-05-18
H. L. Kinard: man in front of house 1981-05-19
Ray Hernandez: ad for Coors Beer 1981-04-06
Bobby Jones and Loraine Young: Exhibition Golf Match, San Antonio Country Club, January 9, 1932 1981-04-07
Dan Sullivan: The Alamo circa 1910-1925 1981-03-20
A. B. Crowther: unidentified man 1981-03-25
[ Inv # 34471 Pic # 119064-65 ]
Lucia Zararte: circus freaks 1981-03-26
[ Inv # 34475 Pic # 119085-86 ]
Mary Ann Marks: close up of a painting 1981-03-26
David Bennett: World War II soldiers in the trenches (painting) 1980-12-11
Mrs. Richard Schrag: portrait of a girl 1980-01-03
[ Inv # 31235 Pic # 117032 ]
Gilbert at Southwest: bronco rider 1980-01-03
Emil Olfeas: unidentified man 1980-02-13
[ Inv # 32209 Pic # 117302 ]
Wedding portrait of a bride 1980-02-06
[ Inv # 32334 Pic # 117173 ]
Paulette Ganbeau: young man in Army 1980-02-18
[ Inv # 32372 Pic # 25870 ]
Joe Cochran: unidentified man 1980-02-22
[ Inv # 32390 Pic # 117344 ]
Mary Guerra: W. L. Richter Bakery, delivery truck, store, wagon, employees and wood pile 1980-02-25
Mary Guerra: unidentified family, couples, individuals and children 1980-03-14
Mary Guerra: groups of men, couples, families 1980-03-04
[ Inv # 32432 Pic # 117430-45 ]
Brigitte Weldon: couple at Pat O'Brien's' 1980-03-05
Mrs. George Misselman: unidentified woman 1980-08-06
[ Inv # 32527 Pic # 118207 ]
Johnson: unidentified man and woman 1980-08-13
[ Inv # 32558 Pic # 118214-15 ]
Hank Harrison: Bill Doggett Jazz Band 1980-08-21
Leo Gonzales: two little girls (old) 1980-08-28
Carolyn Bolton: couple 1980-02-11
John Saenz: unidentified men 1980-09-03
[ Inv # 32643 Pic # 118291-92 ]
Robert Altherman, Jr.: unidentified children, men and couple 1980-03-18
[ Inv # 32676 Pic # 117559-60 ]
Mary Guerra: unidentified man and woman and Richter Bakery truck 1980-09-12
[ Inv # 32672 ]
Arlene Murry: unidentified couple and men 1980-03-20
[ Inv # 32691 Pic # 117549-51 ]
A. D. Mail Systems: priest and kids at Wolff Trail Kids Kamp 1980-03-25
[ Inv # 32704 Pic # 117552-53 ]
Robert Delgon: unidentified man 1980-03-27
Barrett Industries and The City: typewriters 1980-03-31
Mrs. E. R. Feille: unidentified couple and trio 1980-04-01
[ Inv # 32723 Pic # 26035 ]
C. C. Gunn 1980-04-07
Old city directories containing Richter name 1980-04-08
J. F. Johnson: J. F. Johnson in uniform 1980-04-15
Becky Norrell: two unidentified little girls 1980-03-24
Antonette Haegelin: man on horse, Roy Rogers and Trigger and longhorns 1980-07-30
Mrs. E. R. Feille: unidentified couple 1980-07-30
Anna Schelper: couple 1980-09-22
Richter: unidentified family in front of house 1980-09-24
Bill Zintgraff: couple in 1880's costume 1980-10-01
D. E. Moore: unidentified family 1980-06-04
Richter: Mayor and City Council circa 1900 1980-06-25
J. R. Sholund: great grandmother 1980-10-15
Mrs. Bennet: unidentified siblings 1980-10-20
Staucher: unidentified men and women 1980-11-06
Mary Guerra: from old book Jack Harris's Theater and O Faro game 1980-11-12
R. F. Donohue: unidentified family 1980-11-17
Concordian Lutheran Church: clergy 1980-11-19
Avenue E and Houston Street: Landmark building on Alamo Plaza and Cenotaph across from The Alamo 1980-12-01
North American Towns of Texas: Clark, Texas 1980-12-12
508 Leo Gonzalez: old wedding photograph, November 5, 1922 1981-09-03
John Keck: old photographs 1983-06-29
Portrait of an unidentified man
Bobby Geisler: Mayfield High School Band 1983-08-29
Jim Coyle: football scene 1983-09-15
Jim Berg Publications: Air Force photograph 1983-09-14
Prompt Printers: cowboy boots 1983-09-15
George Lewis: Mr. Lewis 1983-08-24
Gina Nesalony: man in water with fish 1982-12-17
Joe Bruha: abstract 1982-12-10
Mrs. Mathews: photo of Mr. Mathews 1981-09-14
H. L. Jordan: guilt pattern 1983-02-28
Georgia Van Buren: montage of houses 1982-11-16
"X" Vasquez: boy scout code of honor 1982-11-22
Jerry Joyal: horse (Standard bred) 1982-11-26
L. K. Cattle Company, Inc.: cattle, Willow Spring Ranch 1982-11-02
Barth's Restaurant, Inc.: 1914 group shot 1982-09-29
Aerial views of San Antonio
A. J. Ballard: montage 1982-10-01
Emil Moliner: great grandparents 1982-08-30
Mr. W. R. Fox: daughter running 1982-08-13
American Printers: photos of Spurs players shooting free shots 1982-09-03
Eula Forsythe: old family photos 1982-07-06
J. R. Showard: old family photo 1982-06-15
John Culpepper: B-52 and B-36 1982-06-09
Joyce Cope: school photograph 1982-06-07
D. Arbuckle: 1920 school photograph 1982-05-14
Butchers: old photograph of a group 1982-05-26
Michael Jenkins: old photograph of a family 1982-06-01
Linila Llewellyn 1982-05-27
Martha Luroro: photograph of couple 1982-05-19
Corporate Interiors: fabrics and finishes 1982-05-05
Mrs. George Musselman: old photograph of a woman 1982-06-02
Mrs. George Musselman: old homestead 1982-05-10
Mrs. George Musselman: grandfather's photograph 1982-04-30
Paulette Baribeau: old wedding photograph and certificate and diploma 1982-04-15
Hyatt Regency: hotel scenes 1982-04-01
Kerrville Bus Company: pictures of and old bus circa 1940's 1982-03-24
Jean Stunn: group photograph 1982-03-02
Bill Stratton: airplane landing on runway 1983-08-04
Bill Stratton: military buddies 1983-03-31
Bill Stratton: totem mat 1982-08-26
Bill Stratton: three men (flight school) 1982-03-25
Bill Stratton: two men in front of plane 1982-05-07
Bill Stratton: airplanes 1981-12-22
Mary Fenstermaker: woman sitting in a chair 1982-03-10
Mrs. Opper: little girl outside of home 1981-12-02
Cipriano Gonzales: man smiling 1982-03-04
Sandy Quinn: baby 1982-03-08
Anthony J. Bobner: man and woman head shots 1982-03-03
Janet Tippin: photograph of a man 1981-12-14
Laurence Beauchamp: old photographs
Carolyn Shellon: paintings 1981-12-04
Donna Collins: baby pictures 1981-07-06
Leonard Johnson: old photographs 1981-11-18
Jim Johnson: two old photographs of a man and a woman taken about 20 years apart 1981-10-28
Crumrine, Inc.: two cylinders 1981-10-21
Coca-Cola Bottling Company: Mr. Biedenhorn Jr. 1981-11-02
Scott Petty Company: copies of old photographs 1981-10-14
Bert Thompson: group shot of Truman and Cropman, portrait of Cropman 1981-09-24
Pravel, Gamrell, Hewitt, Kirk and Kinabell: shots of La Mansion del Norte
Aubrey Kline: photograph of Elvis 1981-09-01
Mable R. Benson: nurse sitting at desk 1981-08-27
W. H. Walker: copies of old photographs 1981-09-02
Robert Roquest: family tree 1981-08-12
Saint Paul United Methodist: portrait of two men 1981-08-11
Scott Petty: old photographs 1980-08-04
Zondeck-Poage Partnership: Blanco, Texas, early 1900's 1983-02-28
William E. Parrish: old house 1982-12-10
Fargo's Pizza: old photographs 1983-03-14
George Kaes: portraits of a man 1983-04-21
Edgar G. Smith: micro-organisms 1983-04-19
Edgar G. Smith: micro-organisms 1983-04-29
Jack Frazien: Shenandoah National Park 1983-04-18
Michael Mann: football stadium 1982-12-20
Harley A. Eckhart: track photographs (yearbook) 1983-09-27
Mrs. H. F. Afflack: old family photographs 1982-10-11
Carl Moore: son with deer 1983-10-26
Auction Committee: lady and men with cow 1983-10-04
SAMA: painting 1983-08-18
Stewart, Maxwell: second floor plan 1983-07-21
Woman's Golf Association: two lady golfers posing 1983-07-20
Antonio Cavazos: certificate 1983-07-18
Linda L. Fisher: buildings 1983-07-13
F. McDance: couple ready to go out 1983-07-07
Mrs. John White: copy of old photos 1983-06-08
NEISD: H. C. Brown 1983-05-16
Conrad Richard: living room scene 1983-05-31
Steve Spence: couple 1983-06-29
John Harrison: fax document 1983-06-28
509 Dr. Edgar Frezell 1983-10-21
Wood structure 1983-10-25
San Antonio Orthopedic Group: The Cross Clinic 1983-02-01
Glenn Patton: library interiors 1983-11-01
C. E. Wilson: old family photograph 1983-11-17
Montgomery Cameron: photographs of mother and son and unidentified woman 1982-03-09
Budget-Finance Company: Saint Helena 1983-11-18
Dr. Heaney: hole in man's neck for a feeding tube 1983-12-02
Miller Lite: group shot 1983-12-09
Etching of a long haired and bearded man 1983-10-01
Jim Reiffert: ranch scene 1983-12-13
Rick's: painting " Three White Hats" 1984-01-05
Mary Pat Stumberg 1983-12-28
Forach Neuma: QEII ship photographs 1984-01-05
Chroma Graphics: Sheraton Fairways 1983-12-19
Belle Foster: painting "Jesus Calming the Waters", 1963 1983-12-27
Paul Shealy: Family News 1983-12-16
Paul Shealy: Family News 1983-12-23
Campus Guide and Bob Walden: unidentified student 1983-12-06
Tetco: Mrs. Turner 1983-01-05
C. J. Fremin: aerial map of Seguin 1984-01-06
Bill L. Stratton: World War II military photographs 1984-01-12
C. A. Bolner: laminated wood plaque 1984-01-09
Aerial photos of roads 1984-01-23
E. J. Steller: hand tinted portrait of a woman in a frame 1983-01-16
City Water Board: group of women 1924 1984-01-26
San Antonio Public Library: Mary Womack 1983-01-10
Bruce Koenig: light board for transparencies 1984-01-27
Thom Ricks Industries: painting " Christmas on the Riverwalk and bartender behind bar" 1984-01-31
CSC Property: photos of groups, couples and individuals 1984-01-30
Gus Van Steenberg: unidentified man and woman 1984-02-15
Marion State Bank: exterior 1906 1984-02-17
Plunker, Gibson and Allen: unknown woman burned 1984-02-15
De Heaney: hole in a neck 1984-03-13
Generlate: unidentified woman and group from the Incarnate Word University 1984-02-21
Edward Mitchell: unidentified girl 1984-04-10
Zavells of Texas: rendering of aerial map 1984-04-17
F. D. Williamson: painting "The Alarm, Black Duck" 1984-04-17
Mrs. A. R. McCombs: old photograph of two young children 1984-05-01
Robert Blaha: weather station antenna pole 1984-04-16
Melanie Mead: Arnold Palmer poster 1984-04-09
Mrs. Richard Davis: church group 1930 1984-05-07
Grace Sheefield: group shot 1984-04-30
Walker Barnerey: group shot 1984-05-04
R. L. Smith: MacArthur book jacket photograph 1984-05-07
R. L. Smith: Jack Nickalaus 1984-05-09
Martha Hixon: aerial shot of unidentified building 1984-05-31
R. L. Smith: Jack Nickalaus 1984-05-31
Richard Garcia: saxophone player 1984-06-14
Saint Joseph's Community: unidentified men 1984-06-20
George DeWinne: unidentified couple and the Belgium Inn 1984-06-21
Fred Durbon: unidentified woman 1984-06-25
Thornton-Sommers: high tower on its side 1984-06-27
Vintage Air: mechanic and old car 1984-07-06
Old car at Vintage Air Building 1984-07-09
Dayree M. Warren: Reverend Ives and Emily Marks 1984-07-06
Mrs. Voyle V. Smith: portrait of young men 1981-07-09
Bill Wiseman: aerial map of Brooks County 1984-07-05
Jo Oppenheimer: dog 1984-07-12
Mrs. Sam Godfarb: unidentified woman's hand painted portrait 1984-07-11
Three Americas Building: two men fighting (drawing) 1984-07-17
Patsy Coolay: group of unidentified men 1984-07-13
Barbara Williamson: man in white hat 1984-07-24
Norgerto Martinez: unidentified mother and son, old lady, chicken and couple 1984-07-20
John Sykes: general expressway map, Kendall County and town map 1984-07-27
Old family group shots 1984-07-17
F. H. Stephens: two children 1984-08-09
R. O. Johnson: family group 1984-08-16
Antonio L. Davilia: yearbook photo of Tomas Davilia 1984-08-20
Elsie Kohn: unidentified man 1984-08-20
David Rary: family group 1984-08-16
R. N. George: man and woman 1984-09-06
R. N. George: man out of large group 1984-09-06
Quezada Lube: woman 1984-09-20
Bill Stratton: airplane at Fort Sam Houston, April 1942 1984-09-25
Robert Dubray: two children and model (old) 1984-09-24
Doris Dorsett: group shot and men with cotton bales 1984-09-25
Jim Springs: aerial shot of farm land 1984-09-27
Emma Cardanes: woman and baby 1984-09-25
Mrs. Fred Burtner: church under construction 1984-10-03
Incarnate Word University: cranes 1984-08-24
Peggy Joice: golfer 1984-10-08
Billboard for Texas Outlet Mall 1984-10-19
Labbat: early downtown San Antonio, Hugo and Schmetzer and the Alamo 1984-09-27
Mrs. Larry Owens: unidentified house 1984-10-16
Helen R. Miles: unidentified couple 1984-10-15
Charley Gonzales and Mary Beth Garza: old family photos 1984-07-20
Mary Beth Garza: woman with book, group shot, baby 1984-08-08
N. W. Martinez: Wellington Photo and family group shot 1984-10-16
Virginia Botello: eclipse of the sun and story 1984-10-19
Robert Dubray: Cathy 1984-10-29
Paul M. Reyna: children on couch and man and girl 1984-10-22
F. D. Christian: unidentified man 1984-10-29
Nancy Banford: old family photographs 1984-08-01
Mission Estates and tarantula 1984-10-26
J. H. Rufhn: unidentified woman 1984-08-03
Wanda Preston: man with trailer 1984-08-06
Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority: three woman 1984-10-29
Children in river (old) 1984-08-02
Vicki Sanches: ad for Budweiser 1984-08-24
Raymond Hindes, Communication Advertising: unidentified elderly woman 1984-10-20
Wedding photograph
Group of men
Portrait of an unidentified man
Unidentified man
510 Sheriff's Office: Constable Joey Groff 1984-09-25
Mrs. Moreno: unidentified woman 1985-04-05
Son of Jodi Lorenz 1985-01-31
AKA: unidentified woman and group of women 1985-03-26
Rosemary Proll: unidentified old woman 1985-03-20
Mildred Trowbridge: unidentified couple 1985-03-01
F. A. Nunnelly: unidentified man and woman 1985-03-26
Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority: unidentified girl 1985-03-12
Mrs. Sam Goldfarb: woman with dog 1985-03-01
Ramirez Zaragosa: family group 1985-03-01
Mary Cirilo: little girl 1985-03-01
Fotofolio: Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey circus freaks and performers 1985-03-12
Suzy Shearrer: unidentified couple 1985-02-28
Jerry Pyle: unidentified group of women and men 1985-02-26
Mrs. Richard Jenkins: mother in law 1985-02-18
Bobbie Smith: two majorettes 1985-01-10
Jane A. Hagelstein: sketch of Dr. Amos Graves 1984-11-27
Richard and Stephanie Briggs: old family photos 1985-02-18
Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority: group shot and individuals 1985-02-15
Ted Kohleepel: old family portraits 1985-01-29
Airplane landing and airplane tied to runway 1984-12-18
Richard Delson: unidentified boy 1984-12-14
Virginia Wilkerson: unidentified woman 1984-12-06
John Hall 1984-12-06
Carolyn Christian: three young girls 1984-12-05
W. R. Rockhand: C. C. Chemical Plant 1984-12-06
Mrs. John White: drawing of a farm 1984-12-04
Portrait of Nancy Donley's mother 1984-11-10
Mrs. John Bohmfalk: unidentified woman 1984-11-29
Mary Green: family portrait (old) 1984-11-27
Mrs. W. F. Francisco: portrait of unidentified woman 1984-11-07
L. Sterling: unidentified couple at the Great Wall of China 1984-12-03
Paul Clink: portrait of unknown woman 1984-11-07
Doris Sweeney: unidentified woman and Hank Tindad 1984-11-14
Dan Russell: man and woman 1984-11-21
G. K. Benedict: wedding photographs 1984-11-12
Bobbie Smith 1942 1984-11-05
Dorothy Raymond: family group 1984-11-16
Edward Rosas: unidentified musician 1984-08-03
Dickenson family crest
MacAllen: trains 1984-11-15
Bill Stratten: airplanes 1984-12-18
CORONATION 1931-1988
511 Coronation 1932
Battle of the Flowers Parade
512 Coronation 1934
Battle of the Flowers Parade
513 Coronation 1936
Battle of the Flowers Parade
514 Coronation 1937
Battle of the Flowers Parade
515 Coronation 1938
Battle of the Flowers Parade
516 Coronation 1939
Battle of the Flowers Parade
517 Coronation 1940
Battle of the Flowers Parade
518 Coronation 1941
Battle of the Flowers Parade
519 Coronation 1941
Battle of the Flowers Parade
520 Coronation 1946
Battle of the Flowers Parade
521 River floats 1947
King Antonio XV
522 King Antonio XVI 1948
Battle of the Flowers Parade
523 Coronation 1949
River Parade
Battle of the Flowers Parade
Trader Day Parade
King Antonio XVII
524 Coronation 1950
River Parade
King Antonio
Night Parade
Hopalong Cassidy (William Boyd)
Battle of the Flowers Parade
525 Battle of the Flowers Parade 1951
526 Coronation 1952
Battle of the Flowers Parade
527 Coronation 1953
Battle of the Flowers Parade
528 Beverly Jean Judson, Lucie Armstrong 1954
Emma Zachry, Patricia Hoppers, Elizabeth Renick
Miss Morgan, Nancy Lee, Linda Nixon, Mary Jane Cameron, Ann Robertson, Catherine Cocke
Battle of the Flowers Parade
Ruth Ann Davis, Betty Breuer, Ella Harmon, Jo Ann Ansley, Phyllis Kauthorg
529 Coronation 1955
Lucie Carr Armstrong, Rinalda Van Brunt, Beverly Elaine Bihn, Shirley Corinne Fitch, Nancy Bivings, Mary Sue Stone, Elaine Ann Korth, Ruth Ann Davis, Patricia Dilworth, Bonnie Sue Dilworth, Nancy Ellen Williamson, Jean Menefee at Battle of the Flower Parade
530 Display window 1956
Battle of the Flowers Parade
531 Coronation 1956
Battle of the Flowers Parade
Float in front of the Alamo
River Parade
Mary Addams
532 Coronation 1957
Display window
Battle of the Flowers Parade
533 Coronation 1958
Battle of the Flowers Parade
River Parade
Unidentified people
534 Coronation 1959
Battle of the Flowers Parade
535 Coronation 1960
Couple in ballet costumes
Battle of the Flowers Parade
536 Coronation 1961
Battle of the Flowers Parade
537 Coronation 1962
538 Coronation 1963
Battle of the Flowers Parade
Float in front of the Alamo
King Antonio
539 Play at Arneson River Theater 1963
Battle of the Flowers Parade
King Antonio
Rey Feo and consort
540 Coronation 1964
541 King Antonio at Arneson Theater watching River Parade 1964
Crane lowering River Parade barges into the water
Unidentified men
542 Coronation 1965
Battle of the Flowers Parade
Band Festival
543 Coronation 1966
544 Coronation 1967
545 Coronation 1968
King Antonio
546 Coronation 1969
547 Coronation 1970
548 Coronation 1971
549 Coronation 1972
550 Coronation 1973
551 Coronation 1974
Battle of the Flowers Parade
552 Coronation 1975
Battle of the Flowers Parade
553 Coronation 1975
Battle of the Flowers Parade
554 Coronation 1976
555 Coronation 1977
Japanese play
Group of little kids
556 Coronation 1978
557 Coronation 1979
558 TV tape of Coronation 1980
559 Coronation 1981
560 Coronation 1982
Battle of the Flowers Parade in front of the Alamo
561 Coronation 1983
Battle of the Flowers Parade in front of the Alamo
562 Coronation 1983
Battle of the Flowers Parade in front of the Alamo
563 Coronation 1984
564 Battle of the Flowers Parade in front of the Alamo 1985
565 Battle of the Flowers Parade in front of the Alamo 1986
566 Coronation 1987
Battle of the Flowers Parade in front of the Alamo
John Willing Grand Marshal
567 Coronation 1987
Battle of the Flowers Parade in front of the Alamo
568 Coronation 1988
569 Group of men
Two men shaking hands
Two men with boys outside Boysville house with Christmas tree
Cosmopolitan Club car for parade for centennial of statehood 1946
Award presentation
Group of ladies
Group with Christmas tree at Ella Austin Children's Home
Man coaching baseball
Kids at Missions game
COWBOYS 1941-1980
570 Cowboys making a fire
Cowboy on a horse
Old photo of horse and cowboy
Group around fire singing with guitar 1950
Ranch house
Old photo circa 1890: cowboys in town by City Market
Trial ride
Man playing fiddle
Cattle drive and auction
Cattle lot
Cowboys rounding up horses
People riding horses at Circle R. Ranch 1941
Man riding on beach 1980
Man Watering horse 1978
Cowboy on a horse near corral
571 Houses 1962
Rendering Hillcrest Bowling Center
Houses under construction
572 Aerial view of Creative Cabinets 1980-08-29
Gift box 1975-11-06
Cabinets 1974-02-13
Cabinets 1973-10-10
Cabinets 1972-07-01
Stephen Pechenik 1972-05-29
573 Slides for TV 1976-07-28
Rendering for office building 1975-12-30
Interior of building 1975-12-09
Interior of atrium Building 1975-12-10
Trinity: shots around Trinity campus 1975-08-07
Two ladies working on computer 1975-09-29
Plant food 1975-07-29
Group in field 1975-06-28
Plant food and pine trees 1975-04-20
Circuit board 1975-04-21
Plaques 1974-09-10
Man in office 1974-09-13
Copy of painting 1973-12-21
574 Machinery 1966
Beer man at baseball game with beer dispenser on his back
Coca-Cola and beer dispenser 1967
575 Exterior of hotel 1950
Interior of hotel
Exterior parking lot 1952
Exterior, swimming pool courtyard 1980-08-17
CROWDS 1937-1950
576 Crowd to see Errol Flynn at Majestic Theater for premiere of " San Antonio" 1937
King Antonio in parade
World premiere of "Rio Grande" 1950
CULLUM, JIM 1965-1973
577 Happy Jazz Bank, people 1973-10-08
Happy Jazz Band members
Happy Jazz Band World Series of Jazz 1969-05-29
Happy Jazz Band : add photograph of Duke Wellington 1970-09-22
Jazz concert 1970-08-09
Jimmy Durante and Jim Cullum 1965
Louis Armstrong at airport 1967
Band at the Landing 1967
578 Esther Curnatt and Associates: employees of Alford, Doebbler and Jungman 1981-01-19
Esther Curnatt and Associates: CPA office 1981-01-15
Esther Curnatt and Associates: three men in front of Beldon Truck 1982-05-03
579 Mattresses
Unidentified people
Unidentified buildings
Oaks irrigation
Bottle of perfume
Sculpture of a nude woman
Sculpture of fish
Corner of West Woodlawn and Fredericksburg Road
Picture of a horse
Little boy with a fawn
Mayor Alfred Callaghan and four unidentified men drinking milk
Empty rooms
Lentz, Newton and Company
Chickens in a chicken house
Gushing oil rig
Unidentified women sewing: sweat-shop
House with Santa Claus in Chimney 1952-12-11
April 20th and 22nd, 1949 editions of San Antonio Express News and San Antonio Evening News respectively
April 20th and 26th , 1949 edition of San Antonio Express News and April 22nd and 21st , 1949 editions of San Antonio Evening News
Kids and parents in an ice cream shop
San Antonio Express Magazine: 1947 sample
Samuel's Glass Company, 221 Newell Avenue, San Antonio
Boy on a rearing horse
60th anniversary of Farm and Home Savings and Loan Association 1893-1953
Texaco station: two guys drinking Barg's Coca-Cola
Potted plants
Wrecked car
Cliff Lodge Ranch
Man taking a photograph
Sunset Service truck
Election ballot for Mayor and others 1949-05-10
Sigmore Service Station: ethyl 25.9 cents per gallon, regular 23.9 cents per gallon
Grocery store: Piggly Wiggly 1947
Southern Union Life Insurance building
Television console
Two unidentified hunters with five deers
Drinking glasses with images of Annie Oakley, Jim Bowie and Daniel Boone printed on them
1928 half dollar
CYCLE SOUND 1977-1979
580 Interior of car sound system 1979-11-12
Sound system on cycle 1977-12-17
Sound system in truck 1979-11-29
581 Broken window in old wooden building
Davis Construction: exterior of house 1975-07-24
Davis Construction: exterior of house 1975-03-24
Carl I. Duncan: charts 1975-01-27
Denhome: display at decorator's showhouse 1974-10-12
Public Communications, Inc.: girl talking with people 1974-09-30
Davis Construction: exterior of house 1974-09-19
Delta Advertising: Sweetheart Cup promotion in High School 1974-01-16
Bruce Duderstadtt: two tapestries 1973-10-29
Denhome: Decorator's showhouse 1973-10-25
Denhome: home row 1973-10-13
Howard Duff: painting 1973-07-27
Howard Duff: painting 1973-06-29
Charles E. Dresser: development and land use map of Black Buck Ranch 1973-07-10
Dixie Decorators: booths 1973-04-27
Rector B. Duncan: models in apartments 1973-03-23
Dr. Dreskin: skillet in fire 1972-12-14
Dec-Mar: Afghan hound dog 1972-10-17
Dresser-Atlas Company: exhibit 1972-10-11
Denhome Furniture: furniture exhibit 1972-10-04
Mr. Dreeben: tapestry 1972-04-25
Bob Dixon: man squeezing through fence 05-04
Olga Dani: paintings 1971-11-15
Denhome: display of Decorators showroom 1971-10-08
Division Laundry Cleaning: interior of dry cleaners 1971-09-30
Division Laundry Cleaning: plant 1971-09-02
Division Laundry Cleaning: man at desk 1970-11
Division Laundry Cleaning: exterior and processing of laundry 1970-11-04
Bill Donaho: old photographs and painting of dairy cows 1971-01-05
Dayling, Inc.: exterior of Gulf-Mart 1970-11-07
H. Dunning: clown on motor scooter 10-16
Denhome: display of furniture 1970-09-18
Dunning Rents: trucks 1969-10-12
Dorsey Trailers: truck in front of flags at airport 1969-05-22
S. P. Dubose: drawings 1968-06-10
Ford car
Rendering: Babcock Road Medical Center
Store display window with TVs 1965-10-04
Dumas Milner Chevrolet Company 1959-08-21
Douglas S. Drury 07-09
Mr. Powell: bird feeder 06-30
Dallas Chamber of Commerce aerial map 1965-04-06
Truck 02-03
Guy Dale Palm Tree 1964-08-31
Carnation Milk display 03-15
Dumont dog feeders 1961-05-09
582 DBGH: model building 1983-04-15
Driscoll Children's Hospital: nurses working with kids 1982-12-07
George Dennis Jewelry: old Dennis Jewelry 1982-10-22
Gene Dawson 1982-10-12
Data Archives, Inc.: boxes for archive storage 1982-08-23
Tom Dunham: prescriptions 1982-08-18
Barbara Doeppenschmidt: exterior of church 1982-07-08
Tome Dunham: safety rules for ladder 1982-04-16
Ginger Dutcher: Tom Stolhandske 1982-03-30
Davis Building Materials: exterior of house 1982-01-15
Davis Building Materials: exterior of house 1981-12-22
GD: factory interior 1982-01-12
Jack Dane: couple sitting on porch 1980-10-10
Dresser-Atlas Industries: awards 1980-09-17
Dispatch Industries Inc.: ovens 1980-08-12
Decker Packing Company: aerials 1977-05-25
Rudy Drauty and Fort Sam Houston: two army medical classes 1978-05-01
Data Trend Systems: computers 1978-05-05
Decker Packing: ham 1978-03-06
Interior and exterior of factory, machinery and pipes 1978
Davis Construction: exterior of house 1977-07-22
Davis Construction: exterior of house 1977-06-10
Davis Construction: exterior of house 1977-06-03
Dabney and Associates: map 09-29
Ray Daniels: girl 1976-12-10
Dale Dorn: paining and sculpture 1977-02-04
Captain L. G. Dunaway: Smith and Wesson pearl handle 1976-09-27
Vincent Druding: boy scout group 1976-07-12
583 Lillian Dunlap: General Lillian Dunlap 1984-04-10
Thomas O. DeVilbiss Manufacturing Company: walk-in food locker 1983-11-29
Thomas O. DeVilbiss Manufacturing Company: walk-in food locker 1984-06-01
Dotson, Inc.: wheelchair lift 1984-08-24
Charles Cooper: interior and exterior of house on Dom Estate
Sterly Dossman: three people at table 1985-02-03
Diversified Development:Timberock Apartments 1984-10-31
Design, Inc.: layout for Media Specialties 1985-01-23
The Dominion: map of Dominion Gardens 1985-03-08
Design, Inc.: layout for Media Specialists 1985-05-01
Thomas O. DeVilbiss Manufacturing Company: Ice boxes 1985-05-14
Thomas O. DeVilbiss Manufacturing Company: Ice boxes 1985-06-10
Dillard's polo T-shirts 1986-09-08
Graphic Design: Kingtron Cafeneba Computer 1986-05-06
584 Twirlers with man with accordion
Group of ladies
Group with organ
Two men with organs and piano
Woman at piano with two men
Dacbert Piano Company and truck
585 Sofas and chair 1974-08-23
Hide-a-bed couch 1974-02-20
Furniture 1974-01-29
Sofas and chair 1973-08-18
Furniture 1972-02-24
Furniture 1969-08-08
Furniture 1971-03-26
Furniture 1970-03-04
Furniture 1969-07-17
Furniture 1968-08-20
586 Three piece couch 1986-06-23
Four couches 1982-03-15
DAILEY, DON 1965-1975
587 Los Dorman band 1966
Brownies 1968-11-15
Check presentation 1968-10-16
woman painting
Natural bridge Caverns
Painting and Spanish dancing girl 1968-05-27
Mayor of Los Angeles with Mayor McAllister and Manager of Hilton Palacio 1968-06-13
Japanese girls 1968-06-21
Bobby Vinton, Paul Allen, Jim Ratliff and others 1968-06-14
Two men at Hilton Club Corte Real: Presentation of Anniversary bottle 1968-06-17
Twins 1968-06-25
Franklin Life Insurance Sales meeting
Groups at Hilton Hotel 1968-07-05
Jim Calary and trumpet player 1968-07-05
Connor and Flora 1968-08-08
Party at Kangaroo Kourt 1968-08-12
Doctors and nurse in Nix Hospital 1968-09-06
Saint Anthony Hotel 1968-10-24
Miss Universe at airport with Cavaliers 1968-04-22
Miss Universe and King Antonio at River Parade 1968-04-23
Don Meredith at Hilton Hotel 1968-05-07
King Antonio Coronation 1968-04-22
Opening of Japan Pavilion 1968-04-08
Groups at Hilton
Tree boys with lamb
Parker Feelder
John McConnell
Joseph Gargon and Tree Planting
Unidentified people 1965
People at airport
Ladies in various costumes
Contest signing 1975-05-08
DAIRY QUEEN 1972-1975
588 Tacos in dish with milkshake 1972-01-25
Tiger milk cup 1972-02-01
Tiger milkshake 1972-02-08
Store 1975-01-17
589 Console and machinery 1975-02-12
Analog Expander 1974-01-06
Dataquire Systems 1974-06-21
Equipment 1974-05-22
Equipment 1973-12-14
Equipment 1973-09-19
Equipment 1973-05-31
computer units 1973-03-16
Electronic Data Converse devices 1972-12-11
Equipment 1972-12-01
DATOS 303 1972-11-02
Electronic unit 1971-06-09
Computers 1971-03-05
Computers 1970-10-14
Equipment at Southwest Research Center 1970-08-27
Equipment at Southwest Research Center 1969-11-28
Man working on equipment 1969-12-08
590 Unidentified man 1981-07-31
[ Inv # 34783 Pic # 119183 ]
Jim Larch 1981-04-10
Unidentified man 1981-07-25
[ Inv # 33957 Pic # 118994 ]
David Monrow 1970-06-13
Drawings 1980-09-22
Unidentified man 1980
[ Pic # 27627 ]
Rendering: new corporate Head Quarter 1980-09-03
W. Gibles 1980-05-23
Glen Cavanaugh 1980-04-02
Officers 1980-09-03
[ Inv # 32649 Pic # 118607-11, 123027, 27627, 118604 ]
Helaine Harthcock 1980-03-13
John Higlod 1980-02-21
Computers 1976-04-02
Rendering: Mnemonics 1974-04-19
Board of directors 1978-04-27
Executives 1978-07-12
Harold O'Kelly 1979-07-06
Harold O'Kelly 1979-07-25
591 Automobile being repaired 1949
Automobile being painted 1949
Employees of Davidson Pontiac Company
Wrecked car 1947
Five man by plane
New car 1947
Exterior of Davidson Pontiac Company 1949
Interior of garage
Men by crane
Car up on blocks 1948
Showroom 1949
Pontiac Used Cars
592 Brooks, Johnson and Zausmer: bottle of Septic Tank Treatment 1974-04-03
Brooks, Johnson and Zausmer: Septic Tank Treatment 1974-02-14
Brooks, Johnson and Zausmer: DACO Drain Opener 1974-02-12
Brooks, Johnson and Zausmer: DACO Drain Opener 1973-05-03
Brooks, Johnson and Zausmer: Sanivac Wipe Cleaner 1973-05-12
Brooks, Johnson and Zausmer: bug spray 1972-09-29
Brooks, Johnson and Zausmer: tire cleaner 1972-08-25
Brooks, Johnson and Zausmer: tires 1972-08-25
Brooks, Johnson and Zausmer: E-Z Sol Bowl Cleaner 1970-11-13
Brooks, Johnson and Zausmer: drain opener 1970-07-07
Brooks, Johnson and Zausmer: spray cans 1970-07-07
593 People with steer 1965
Cattle being rounded up 1966
River and building
Bull 1965-09-04
594 Mrs. Davis 1971
Mrs. Davis 1972-07-28
Hereford cattle
595 Cattle being herded into trailer
Cattle being herded to trailer 1973-10-25
Mr. and Mrs. Davis
596 Jet in front of Dee Howard Company 1970-08-17
Man with guitar by shack 1970-05-10
Unidentified men
B-24 1971-05-13
Beechcraft 1971-05-17
Exterior of Lear Jet
Young boy and girl 1970-06-01
Helicopter 1970-05-29
King Air 1970-03-23
Danny Kaye's Jet Commander 1969-06-12
Bell Ranger helicopter 1970-01-19
Amphibious plane 1969-06-24
Hanger and plane 1968-06-21
Lockheed 1968-09-09
Hawaiian party
597 Display 1980-09-26
Airplane in flight 1980-08-04
Interior of Lear 24 1980-04-15
Interior of plane 1979-07-10
Employees of Davidson Pontiac Company 1979-07-03
Interior and exterior of plane
Exterior of Federal Express plane 1979-06-02
Interior of plane 1979-05-30
Interior of Howard 500 1979-05-14
Interior of plane with model 1678-12-01
Interior of MU-2 model 1978-07-12
Interior of Starliner 1978-07-14
Mrs. And Mr. Charles Day
Lear Jet 1978-03-02
Bearcat 1977-12-15
Interior of plane 1977-06-08
Interior and exterior of plane at night at Rio Airways 1977-01-25
Interior of plane 1976-12-14
Models in plane 1976-09-23
DBGandH 1983-1984
598 Rendering: houses 1983-04-29
Rendering: houses 1984-09-17
Building 1983-03-28
Building 1983-04-15
599 Hotel on the beach: interior and exterior 1963
DECKERT, CULLEN F. 1954 and undated
600 Christmas cards
Man beside grave marker
Two men at Grotto Chapel
People being blessed and given communion
Priests and bishop
Altar boys
Stained glass windows
Large group outside church
Church exterior and interior
Vietnamese or Korean people
Painting of Christ
Painting of Christ on the cross
Unidentified people
Madonna statue
father Deckert and church life in Mexico
Kids in the hospital
601 Oblat Fathers with Bishop Gerard Mongeau
Father Deckert
Notre Dame of Lagao
Little kids
Man on horse
Little girl in communion dress
Madonna jewelry
Painting of woman praying to stature of Mary
Christmas cards 1954
People coming out of Grotto Chapel
Little Flower School
Church interior
Clergy by plane
Christmas tree
Little girls and boys dressed for communion
Mary Immaculate painting
602 Aerials of housing developments
603 Past presidents, group and reception line 1974-05-08
Luncheon at Oak Hills Country Club 1973-10-16
Groups at meeting 1973-05-15
Party at Oak Hills Country Club 1973-02-03
Groups and reception line 1971-02-13
Groups at Saint Anthony 1970-05-27
Luncheon at Oak Hills Country Club 1969-10-21
Groups 1969-05-21
Groups 1969-02-17
Groups at banquet 1968-10-13
New officers 1968-05-21
Groups at parties and banquets 1966
Groups at parties and banquets 1965
Groups at parties and banquets 1963
Groups at parties and banquets 1959
604 Road 1967
Billboard 1973-02-03
Delta sign 1970-07-05
Group of men 1971-10-10
[ Pic # 90060 ]
Billboard on Woodlawn and Fredericksburg Roads 1971
Cars going down the highway 1971
Billboard 1972-02-15
Two men and exterior of Delta Sign Company 1972-08-01
Billboards 1967
Unidentified man
Billboards 1965
Billboards 1962
Billboards 1960
Signs 1970-01-24
605 Presentation of potato chips to Salvation Army 1974-07-19
Kids and check presentation 1974-06-03
Driver-- salesmen with Dentler-Facs Company truck 1974-12-31
Presentation of tickets to Boys Club 1973-11-26
Doug Ferguson 1973-10-10
Presentation to Salvation Army 1973-10-01
Mini tacos 1973-11-15
Chips and dip 1970-09-04
Trucks 1970-09-04
Models with chips 1970-08-20
Mr. Fulton
Machinery 1968
Chips and dip 1966
Dentler-Facs Company
Chips and dip 1963
Machinery 1961
People at Vegetable show with potatoes
Third Annual Facs meeting and employees 1957
Hot dogs
Truck 1959
First Annual sales Convention 1955
Facs trucks at Coliseum
Unidentified people
DENTON - McMANUS 1980-1982
607 Furniture 1982-05-18
Citations and proclamations 1982-01-11
Eyewitness News Mini-can truck 1981-09-24
Coin 1981-09-04
People 1981-08-13
Sunrise brochure 1981-08-05
Silver coffee service 1981-06-15
Home show 1981-01-30
Shirts 1981-01-22
Interior and exterior of homes 1980-09-18
Man in shower 1980-06-23
Views of Country Bend 1980-06-03
Exterior and interior of The Exchange 1980-05-06
Ice Cube Container of Texas 1980-02-26
Fiesta Shoes 1980-03-24
DENTON, LLOYD 1960-1962
606 Houses exterior
Road 1962
Houses interior showing floors and kitchen sinks 1962
Back porch with picnic table and grille 1962
Window 1962
Garage exterior 1962
Fireplace in living room 1962
Kitchens, storage rooms, garages, interior, bedrooms, driveways, front doors 1962
Dining room with atrium 1960
Exterior of house 1960
Bill James's house 1962
DESIGNERS, THE 1970-1971
608 Little girl 1971-12-01
Little girl 1971-11-22
Exterior of Schillo's Deli (old) 1971-09-22
Unidentified man (old) 1971-09-15
[ Inv # 10674 Pic # 89716 ]
Rendering of a house 1970-02-02
Mini warehouse 1970-10-27
Little boy with skies 1970-08-27
Man with rake
Bottle of Cine Couche 1970-08-18
Motorola Pageboy radio 1970-04-29
Diane Brown: man making be posts at Our Door and other employees at work 1970-03-05
609 Texas Top Hands Orchestra with custom Desoto automobile circa 1950
Hope Ambulance Southside office, three ambulance attendants, Desoto Ambulance
Horse tethered in open field
Red River Dave with guitar posed outside Municipal Auditorium with custom Desoto automobile circa 1950s
Alamo Paint and Wallpaper Company, West Side of San Antonio circa 1953
Interior of store circa 1950s
Horse and handler in field
Four women on a sofa circa 1950-1956
DEUTSCH, JIM 1974-1986
610 Texas Legends sculptures 1986-06-25
Donnie and Oscar sculpture 1984-08-27
The Trophy sculpture 1982-04-19
Coyotes Duet 1981-02-26
Buffalo Battle, Prairie Neighbors, In a Spin, Drought, Snuffy, Alaskan Brown Bear, Bull, Survivor, Running Buck, Lion and Impala sculptures 1979-02-08
Mountain Majesty sculpture 1978-09-11
Two Thinkers sculpture 1974-10-15
In a Spin, Mountain Majesty and The Get Away sculpture 1974-07-09
DIKES AGENCY 1966-1969
611 Group of men at Mammy's Cafeteria 1969-07-15
Pre-publicity at High School rodeo of Sheriff and Posse 1969-07-02
San Antonio Women's Bowling Association: presentation and group of women 1969-04-21
San Antonio Women's Bowling Association: Christmas toys, piñata 1968-12-12
Interior of apartment 1968-10-17
Bowling family
Three people 1967
Four people with bowling balls 1967
Mayor McAllister with two others 1967
Luncheon at Oak Hills Country Club 1967
Unidentified ladies 1966
Drive In Theater
612 Aerials of Dittlinger Mills
613 Furniture for conventions 1973-03-11
People at Aquarena Springs, San Marcos, Texas
Horse and dog racing
Old man with drum
Texas Tech and North Carolina Universities in the Sun Bowl in El Paso
Bob Henry: Landa Resort map 1974-03-18
Bob Henry: Natural Bridge Caverns and Landa Resort 1974-03-13
Happy Shahan and Alamo Village, Brackettville, Texas 1974-02-28
Texas Highway Department: Alamo Village 1974-03-13
Truck, booth, Convention Center 1970-11-07
614 Men working on construction of structure 1963
Dixie Farm and Steel Company exterior and interior 1960
Large steel grain silo 1962
Construction of structure 1964
615 Off shore oil rig 1976-11-30
Off shore oil rig 1973-09-12
Off shore oil rig rendering 1974-09-08
Off shore oil rig rendering 1974-06-12
Off shore oil rig 1973-09-05
Off shore oil rig rendering 1972-03-06
Off shore oil rig rendering 1971-07-08
Drilling rig in Kenedy, Texas 1970-09-18
Dr. Thomas Denton 1971-02-03
Group of men 1971-02-05
[ Pic # 87051 Incv # 9124 ]
616 Men with mechanical wheelbarrow
617 Weather vanes 1966
Ventilator vents 1966
Industrial District board 1966
Metal items 1972-02-17
618 Ed Harllee and Al Brown 1974-01-07
Groups in Gunter Hotel 1970-09-16
Miss. Killman and others at party at Gunter Hotel 1968-08-28
Missouri Pacific Line Building 1967
Girl by Christmas tree 1966
People boarding bus 1966
Awards presentation 1965
619 Machinery
Pitluk: charts and maps 1971-05-25
Pitluk: slide presentation 1971-05-24
Pitluk: air conditioning unit 1971-05-12
Pitluk: cartons with Volkswagen sings on them 1971-05-17
Pitluk: opening ceremonies for new building
Pitluk: on the barge from Hilton Hotel 1971-04-23
Man watching gauges
Exterior of DPD building 1971-04-19
Automobile 1971-04-14
Three men looking at construction 1971-03-16
Air conditioner in cars 1971
Filter 1971-01-12
Volkswagens in a circle 1970-12-17
Tom Mooney 1970-12-14
Pitluk: ground-breaking at 4926 Space Center Drive 1970-12-15
Pitluk: Volkswagen engine 1969-08-27
620 Datsun pickup trucks air conditioning vents 1978-10-01
Datsun pickup trucks air conditioning vents 1978-12-12
Datsun pickup trucks air conditioning vents in Dallas 1978-09-29
Toyota Celica and Corolla air conditioning vents 1978-01-19
Toyota pickup air conditioning vents at GPM building 1978-07-25
Volkswagens Fox air conditioning vents 1978-05-08
Datsun F 10 air conditioning vents at Crystal Baking 1978-04-25
Datsun B 210 air conditioning vents at Century Building 1978-03-08
Employees of DPD Manufacturing Company outside with cars 1978
Air conditioning units in Corona Wagon and Porsche 1978-01-26
Air conditioning units in Porsche 911 and Toyota Celica 1978-02-13
Air conditioning units in Volkswagen Dasher 1977-16-25
Air conditioning units in Subaru 1977-08-11
Air conditioning units in Honda and Honda Accord 1977-02-23
Air conditioning units in Audi Fox Station Wagon 1977-01-27
Air conditioning units in Volkswagen Dasher 1977-01-04
Air conditioning units in Porsche 924 and Honda Civic 1976-07-15
Air conditioning units in Porsche at Olmos Park 1975-11-21
Air conditioning units in Audi in front of the Alamo 1975-14-29
Air conditioning units in Mazda truck 1974-07-01
Air conditioning units in Porsche 1973-12-07
Air conditioning units in cars 1975-01-28
Air conditioning units in Audi 1974-06-12
Air conditioning units in Mazda 1974-04-11
Air conditioning units at DPD Manufacturing Company 1972-11-09
Air conditioning units in Toyota Station Wagon 1972-12-20
Air conditioning units hanging by chain 1972-03-24
Rendering of air conditioning unit in car 1972-03-27
Air conditioning unit in Mazda 1971-12-21
Air conditioning units 1971-11-15
621 Air conditioning units in Honda 1981-03-10
Air conditioning units in Honda 1981-02-24
Air conditioning units in Volkswagen Rabbit 1980-12-17
Engine of a car 1980-07-07
Air conditioning units in Datsun 210 1980-05-07
Air conditioning untist in Honda 1979-12-04
Air conditioning parts under hood 1979-02-07
DR. PEPPER 1961-1970
622 Party at Tac-A-Taco for Dr. Pepper 1970-12-01
Retirement dinner 1971-10-30
Bob Freeman 1970-02-04
Award and group at Nisley Center 1968-10-28
Lee Trevino in park and at practice 1968-07-17
Employees in front of Dr. Pepper plant 1968-05-23
Interior of Dr. Pepper plant and machinery 1966
Exterior of Dr. Pepper plant 1966
Dr. Pepper machines
Group of men 1964
People by helicopter 1964
Harold and Berry Burke 1964
Dr. Pepper display in stores
Check presentation 1961
Group of men wearing straw hats 1961
623 Machinery
624 Vibrators
Vibrators 1978-03-29
Parts 1974-09-06
Artworks 1974-04-08
Equipment 1973-09-25
Cartoons 1974-12-04
Vibrator machines 1971-05-31
Concrete vibrator 1970-06-03
Machinery parts 1971-02-26
625 Rendering: Shadow Oaks Apartments 1984-07-05
Rendering: High ridge II Apartments , El Paso, Texas 1984-07-19
Rendering: Churchill Crossmap Apartments 1984-08-27
Rendering: Churchill Park and Creekside Village, Dallas, Texas 1984-09-24
Rendering: billboards 1984-11-09
Rendering: Cornerstone, Champion Oaks and Oak Springs Apartments, Houston, Texas 1984-06-29
Rendering: Cedar Creek Apartments 1978-02-12