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Inventory of the Herbert J. Spiro Papers, 1946-2002

Descriptive Summary

Creator: Spiro, Herbert J.
Title: Herbert J. Spiro Papers
Dates: 1946-2002
Creator Abstract: Herbert John Spiro was a noted educator in political science, a U.S. ambassador, and a candidate for public office. Spiro spent over a decade as a member of the faculty at Harvard, and taught political science at Amherst College and the University of Pennsylvania and published thirteen books on government. From 1970-1975, Spiro was a senior member of the policy planning staff at the U.S. State Department, and under President Ford became ambassador to Equatorial Guinea and Cameroon.
Content Abstract: Correspondence, coursework, notes, papers, classified files, audio and videotapes, photographs, literary manuscripts, and printed materials spanning 1946-1994 document Herbert J. Spiro's education and teaching career, military service, government service, and involvement in politics and political campaigns. The bulk of the collection consists of academia office files, correspondence, course notes and lecture notes from Spiro's teaching career at Harvard, Amherst, University of Pennsylvania, and University of Texas.
Identification: MS 113
Extent: 51 linear feet (about 38,000 items)
Language: Materials are in English and German.
Repository: University of Texas at San Antonio Libraries Special Collections

Biographical Note

Born in 1924 in Hamburg, Germany, Herbert John Spiro immigrated to the United States in 1938 where he would become a noted educator in political science, an ambassador to Equatorial Guinea and Cameroon, and a candidate for public office. Spiro became a naturalized citizen at the age of 20, attended San Antonio Jr. College from 1942-1943, served in the Army during World War II earning a purple heart and two bronze star medals. In 1945-1946 he was an administrative assistant for the U.S. War Dept. in Vienna, Austria. After the war, Spiro continued his education at Harvard where he graduated summa cum laude and went on to earn a Masters degree in 1950 and a Ph.D in 1953. Spiro spent over a decade as a member of the faculty at Harvard (1950-1961), and taught political science at Amherst College (1961-1965) and the University of Pennsylvania (1965-1973), in addition to the Free University of Berlin and the University of Texas. In total, he published thirteen books on government including: Government by Constitution, Word Politics: The Global System and Responsibility and Government.

During the 1970s, Spiro was active in national and international government. From 1970-1975, he was a senior member of the policy planning staff at the U.S. State Department, and under President Ford became ambassador to Equatorial Guinea (1975-1976), and Cameroon (1975-1977). Spiro ran unsuccessfully on the Republican ticket for the Texas House of Representatives in 1991, the U.S. House of Representatives in 1992 and 1994, and the U.S. Senate in 1993.

Scope and Content Note

Correspondence, coursework notes and papers, classified files, audio and videotapes, photographs, literary manuscripts, and printed materials spanning 1946-1994 document Herbert J. Spiro's education and teaching career, military service, government service, and involvement in politics and political campaigns.The bulk of the collection consists of academia office files, correspondence, course notes and lecture notes from Spiro's teaching career at Harvard, Amherst, University of Pennsylvania, and University of Texas. Also included are a number of essays and manuscripts by Spiro including "Theory of Responsibility in Government" and "The Revolt Against Determinism." Of note are reel-to-reel taped interviews with Spiro in 1975 when he was U.S. Ambassador to Cameroon.Campaign materials including flyers, newsclippings and correspondence offer insight into Spiro's run for a seat in the Texas House of Representatives, and the U.S. House and Senate in the 1990s.


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Spiro, Herbert J.
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United States--Politics and government--20th century.
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[Identification of item], Herbert J. Spiro Papers, 1946-2002, MS 113, University of Texas at San Antonio Libraries Special Collections.

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Received from the Center for American History at the University of Texas at Austin in July 2002 (Acc. 2002-033) and from Herbert J. Spiro in 2003-2006 (Acc. 2003-033, 2005-052, 2006-016).

Processing Information

The collection has been partially processed by Stephen Vargas, Graduate Assistant, 2012.

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5 Individuals
Michael Armacost, 1984-1987
Tatsuo Arima, 1963-1986
Clifford Alexander Jr., 1964-1966
Leland Barrows, 1982
Benjamin Barber, 1967-1981
Samuel Beer, 1959-1986
Klaus von Beyme, 1968-1978
Vincent Bucci, 1968-1969
James Chastain, 1981
Charles Cherington, 1953-1954
Karl Carstens, 1980-1982
Anke Christie, 1969-1981
Melvin Croan, 1959-1990
Hee Chae Chung, 1967-1985
Arthur and Mary Cable, 1960-1978
Chester Crocker, 1981-1985
Henry Cisneros, 1983
Klaus von Donhanyi, 1985-1988
Constantin Elfe, 1985
Stefan Erdos, 1983-1984
Josef Ernst, 1984-1987
Rupert Emerson, 1952-1962
Rolf Enders, 1981
Joel Fisher, 1976-1983
Gerald Ford, 1976-1977
Charles Foster, 1969-1981
Thomas Franck, 1974-1978
Walter Fritsch, 1969-1975
Walter Gleich, 1967-1988
Christine Griner, 1945-1987
George Harris, 1963-1977
MacGeorge Bundy, 1957-1960
Edward Mulcahy, 1960-1961
Iain Macleod, 1962-1970
Joseph Neubert, 1979-1984
Paul Noack, 1978-1980
6 Joseph Palmer, 1964
David Riesman, 1978
Ronald Reagan, ca. 1986
Peter Shepherd, 1981-1988
Berndt von Staden, 1980-1984
Wolfgang von Stromer, 1980-1981
John Train investment advisor - includes financial portfolio, 1965-1968
Jay K. Zawodny, 1971-1975
22 Senator Hugh Scott, 1958-1975
Miez Zimmer, 1963-1969
Correspondence & flower, undated
Knud Krakau, 1977-1980
Dean Acheson, 1964
Abraham E. Abrahamson, 1963
Ibrahim Abu-Lughod, 1967-1969
5 Organizations
AAA Insurance, 1960-1979
American National Insurance, 1939-1979
Aeta Auto Insurance, 1965-1966
Book World, 1967
Bowling Green University, 1966
British Overseas Airway Corporation, 1959-1960
Berliner Wissenschaftliche Gessellschaft (German), 1988
Bild, 1986-1987
Christian Science Monitor, 1961-1987
Council of International Organizations, 1977-1978
Die Zeit, 1982-1987
Fidelity Philadelphia Trust Company, 1959-1978
Harvard Class of 1950, 1965-1984
IBM, 1980
Mercedes, 1967-1973
National Sciences Foundation, 1978
New York Times, 1960-1986
6 Publishing companies, 1957-1982
Tufts University, 1983-1984
Trinity College, 1983-1984
U.S. Bureau of the Budget resume and correspondence, 1956-1957
U.S. International Communication Agency, 1982-1983
Veterans Administration, 1948-1967
D. Van Nostrand Company, 1967-1971
22 Institute for the Study of Diplomacy, 1981-1982
Scobey Storage – correspondence and agreements, 1957-1958
Frank Tennant - The Consultants' Clearinghouse, 1979-1980
5 Subjects
Frankfurt, ca. 1981
President Johnson and Vietnam, 1966-1968
Maritime shipping, 1968-1969
6 Tenancy agreement - London, 1967-1969
Vacation, 1966-1968
22 Foreign service – assorted correspondence, 1980-1987
Arbeitsgericht (labor court), 1980-1983
Introduction to Political Science book proposal - correspondence, 1966-1967
Germany trip, 1969
Anthropologists, 1963
3 A-G, 1940-1961
A-G, 1961-1965
A-G, 1966-1970
A-G, 1970-1975
A-G, 1975-1977
A-G, 1977-1979
4 A-G, 1980-1988
A-G, 1989-1991
A-G, undated
H, 1946-1991
I, 1954-1987
J, 1958-1986
K, 1959-1988
L, 1959-1990
M, 1939-1989 and undated
N, 1957-1988
O, 1959-1991
P, 1955-1981
P, 1981-1991
Q, 1960
R, 1956-1969
R, 1970-1979
R, 1980-1988 and undated
S, 1957-1969
S, 1970-1979
S, 1980-1991
T, 1958-1977
T, 1980-1988
U, 1961-1978
V, 1960-1985
5 V-Z, 1958-1969
V-Z, 1970-1979
V-Z, 1980-1989
21 Correspondence, 1953-1958
Correspondence, 1953-1958
22 Correspondence & notes, 1983-1984
National Climate Program Act - Congressman George Brown, 1976-1978



6 Correspondence
Assorted university applications, 1960-1984
Hebrew University of Jerusalem fellowship, 1987-1988
Assorted university applications, 1977-1979
University of California San Diego provost position, 1979
University of Texas at San Antonio presidency position, 1978
Pitzer College presidency position, 1978-1979
University of Texas at Austin professorship, 1977-1978
Whittier College presidency position, 1978
University of Airzona professorship position, 1978
Johns Hopkins SAIS position, 1977-1978
University of Denver deanship position, 1978-1979
Yale professorship position, 1978-1979
Fletcher School - Tufts University, 1977-1978
American University deanship position, 1978-1980
Center for Advanced Study in Behavioral Sciences - Stanford, 1978-1980
European University Institute - professorship position and correspondence, 1985
Victoria University of Wellington - New Zealand chair, 1978
Assorted letters of recommendation, 1962-1990
Gibson Njei-Tegha Mba foreign studies recommendation, 1975-1976
Africanists - scholars' resumes and correspondence, 1965
7 Institutional Files
Amherst College
Amherst colleagues, 1960-1965
Course Materials
Political Science 29, 1963
Political Science 29, 1964
Political Science 121 course materials, 1963
Political Science 45s course materials, 1963
Political Science 46 course materials, 1964
Government 48b course materials, 1964
Political Science 23 course materials, 1962-1965
Political Science 24 course materials, 1962-1964
Political Science 29 course materials, 1961-1965
Political Science 610 (Comparative Politics & Comparative Government) syllabi and assignments, 1965-1966
9 Defense Intelligence School
Defense Intelligence School – application, information & finances, 1979-1980
Intelligence and the American Tradition course materials, 1979-1980
Guest lectures, 1979-1980
Travel – expenses & conference/meeting requests, 1979-1980
Personnel file, 1979-1980
Freie Universität Berlin
Recommendations for improvement of Institute – correspondence, notes, memos course listings, & meeting minutes, 1982-1989
Present & future development of Institute – correspondence, memos, & report, 1985-1986
Prüfungs (Graduate exams & theses) - correspondence, memos, reports, & forms 1982-1988
Course Materials
Geschichtephilosophie (Philosophy of History), 1982
Abteilung für Politik Nordamerikas (Department of North American Politics) course lists and intradepartmental memos, 1980-1988
Harvard University in der amerikanischen Politik, 1984-1985
Einführung in das Regierungssystem der USA course materials, 1982-1986
Einführung in die Politik der USA course materials, 1988-1989
10 Intelligence – reports, correspondence, newsclippings, 1964-1988 & undated
Introduction to Political Science – notes, states & draft, 1980-1988
Congress course materials, 1982-1984
Openness & Secrecy in U.S. Politics course materials, 1981-1988
Politics & the Media course materials, 1984-1987
Openness as a Theme of the Political Development of the US course materials, 1981-1982
Politik in Texas course materials, 1985-1987
Policy Planning Staff seminar materials, 1985
"The President's Assistant for National Security Affairs" seminar materials, 1981-1984
"Zwei Präsidenten: Johnson and Nixon" seminar materials, 1984-1986
"Organisation der amerikanischen Aussenpolitik" seminar materials, 1983-1984
Assorted seminars' materials, 1981-1988
"Deutschland aus der Sicht der anglo-amerikanischen politischen Wissenschaft seit den '30er Jahren" seminar materials, 1984-1985
Thomas Hobbes seminar materials, 1984-1985
"Die Verfassung und der Supreme Court in den USA" seminar materials, 1987
"The Congress" seminar materials, 1982-1984
Assorted essays/lectures & academic correspondence, 1966-1988 and undated
Institut für Innenpolitik und Komparatistik (WE 3) memos, notes & reports, 1981-1988
Zeitung von & fur Amerikanisten, undated
"Regerierungssystem USA” assorted readings, undated
Assorted notes, clippings, correspondence, receipts, 1982-1983 and undated
Freie University professorship and correspondence, 1978-1980
Financial queries during Berlin employment (German), 1980-1988
5 Harvard
Harvard University, 1948-1983
Assorted correspondence, 1953-1958
9 Course Materials
Course draft, 1953
Government 1b course materials, 1952-1953
Government 106a course materials, 1951-1954
Government 112b course materials, undated
Government 112 course materials, 1954
Government 112b course materials, 1956-1957
Government 106a readings lists, exams, and notes, 1951-1954
Government 1a/b lectures, 1956-1958 and undated
Government 1a course materials, 1957-1961
Government 111 - Canadian Government course materials, 1956-1957
8 Student
Thesis: "The Marxian Criticism of Democracy," notes, draft, and submission, 1949
Government 1a course materials, 1946-1947
Government 1b course materials, 1947
Assorted course reading materials and notes, ca. 1948
Geology course materials, 1946-1947
Economics 15 course materials, 1947
Government 12 course materials, 1948
Government 281 course materials, 1950
Government 106a – History of Political Thought in the West notes and exams, 1948-1949
Government 112/113 – Parliamentary Government course materials, 1948-1950
Assorted reading lists, 1947-1953 and undated
Government 106b readings, undated
Social Relations 13 - Contemporary Sociological Theories notes and exams, 1947-1948
Philosophy A notes and exams, 1946-1947
Government 204 notes and essays,
Government 36 - Public Administration notes and exams, 1947-1948
English 23a notes and exams, 1947-1948
Economics notes, 1946-1947
History 250b - Origins of Fascism in Germany notes and essays, undated
History 34a - Intellectual History of Europe in the 18th and 19th Centuries notes, 1948
Government 252 notes, 1949
Government 218 notes and readings, undated
German 16 notes and essays, 1947
9 Photocopy of Harvard transcript, ca. 1950
7 San Antonio Junior College
English 1.4 notebook, 1942-1943
Stanford Visiting Professor
Political Science 127b course materials, 1963
University of Pennsylvania
Senate Committee on Academic Freedom and Responsibility, 1966-1967
Faculty Seminar on Africa, 1964
Almanac - faculty newsletters, 1969-1970
Course Materials
Political Science 2B course materials, 1967
Political Science 2 course materials, undated
University of Texas
Course Materials
University of Texas at Austin and the Ditchley Foundations Conference, 1990
Government 310L Course Instructor Surveys, 1988-1989
Government 365N Course Instructor Surveys, 1989-1990
Government 310L Course Instructor Surveys, 1991
GOV 365N (German States & Neighbors) course materials, 1989
GOV 365N (German States & Neighbors) course materials, 1990
GOV 310L (American Government), 1990-1991
Texas Declaration of Independence copy, undated
Intradepartmental memos/correspondence, 1990-1991
Psychology 310 course materials, 1943
10 Research Fellowships
Africa Fulbright
Africa Fulbright in 1959, 1958-1965
Fulbright application correspondence, 1956-1957
Advisory Commission on the Review of the Constitution of the Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland, 1960
Correspondence, expenses, notes & other personal files, 1962
11 Guggenheim Foundation – application, correspondence, & notes, 1959-1980
Africa bills, 1959
Fulbright correspondence & applications, 1952-1954
Report of the Secretary of Native Affairs and Chief Native Commissioner for the Year of 1960 – Southern Rhodesia, 1961
Southern Rhodesia Act #s 14 and 15, 1945 & 1963
Correspondence, 1959-1960
Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars
Wilson Center Annual Report, 1977-1978
Human Rights Conference at Pomona College, 1978-1979
NATO College in Rome lecture, 1978
Attaché: Ambassador, Embassy, Foreign service, 1978-1979 and undated
Book excerpt, undated
Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars new fellows profiles and corresponding memos, 1977-1978
Departmental memos, 1978
Interlibrary loan requests, 1978
Certificate of Group Disability Insurance, 1978
Woodrow Wilson Center application and corresponding documents, 1977
10 General
Rockefeller Foundation, 1958-1984
Rockefeller Foundation research, 1967-1978
German Marshall Fund fellowship, 1975-1978
6 Conferences
Aspen Institute
Aspen Institute Seminar Programs, 1985-1990
Aspen Institute for Humanistic Studies – bulletin, correspondence, program, notes, memos & photograph, 1980-1988
11 Pomona College, 1978
Amerikahaus lecture materials, correspondence, and notes, 1985
Conference on Human Rights, Foreign Policy, and the Media, undated
Assorted Conference materials, 1967-1968
Als Jude in Deutschland, undated
Midwest Seminar on U.S. Foreign Policy – Michigan State, 1972
Reykjavik lecture, 1982
Haus Rissen International Conference on South Africa, 1981
Haus Rissen – Hamburg, 1982
African Studies Association of the United Kingdom Conference, 1966
Cheiron Annual Meeting, 1981
African Studies Association annual meeting, 1971-1974
Conference lecture drafts, 1961-1987
Inter-University Seminar on Internatinoal Relations - Canada, 1972
Openness as the Fundamental Value, 1990
Brookings Institution Symposium presentation, 1966
Spiro lecture bulletins, 1956-1988
Spionage, Abwehr, Paranoia und Xenophobie: Geheimdienste und ihre Kontrolle in den USA (CIA & USA), 1981-1982
Kiel, undated
Amerikahaus lecture notes & correspondence (german), 1968
Two Germanys, NATO and the Warsaw Pact speech materials, 1980-1981
Dialektik der Amerikanischen Unabhängigkeit - notes and draft, 1979
"Constitutionalism and Constitutional Engineering," 1966
Air Command and Staff College, 1964
12 Academic travel to US – reports, correspondence, lectures, notes, & tickets, 1980-1988
"The Contribution of German Universities to Political Theory," 1961
"The United States and Europe: From Diplomacy to Politics," 1981
"African Problems, 1965-1966," 1965
"The American Response to Africa's Participation in the International System," 1972
"United States-Soviet Détente: Implications for Africa," 1973


Government and Politics

12 Correspondence
Federal Executive Institute director position, 1979
Public speaker general application, 1978
1 Congressional Campaigns
1991 Texas House of Representatives
Campaign Materials
Campaign cards, pamphlets, and ads, 1991
Election results - precinct lists, 1991
District 51 voters from Travis County list, 1991
Candidacy announcement speech, 1991
County clerk, 1991
Questionnaire issues, 1991
Precinct chairmen list, 1991
Internal memos and notes, 1991
Certificate of Poll Watchers, 1991
District 51 polling places, 1991
Problems at the Polls flipchart, 1991
Airport letter mailout, 1991
Telephone script, undated
Poll watchers rules, 1991
Volunteer sign-up sheets, 1991
Mailouts - "nail" letter, 1991
Campaign plan, 1991
Opponents' campaign ads and newsclippings, 1991
Miscellaneous materials, 1990-1991 and undated
Election newsclippings, 1991 and undated
Application for place on ballot, 1991
Campaign & Officeholder Funds Reporting & Political Communications, 1989
Post-election statements and correspondence, 1991 and undated
Republican Party of Texas, 1991 and undated
Campaign Finances
Campaign account, 1991
2 1992 House of Representatives
Campaign Materials
Testimonials and letters, 1992
Questionnaires and campaign correspondence, 1992
NRCC - GOPAC, 1991-1992
Campaign flyers, statements, and endorsements, 1992
Surveys and questionnaires, 1992
Audio/video campaign - correspondence and scripts, 1992
Biographical data, 1992
"Voter's guide," 1992
Fiscal Policy Conference, 1992
Brochures, 1992
NRCC Congressional Candidate School, 1991
Luke Pontifell, 1992
Race, 1990-1992
Polls, 1990, 1992
Letters fo the Editor - Austin American Statesman, 1992
Print ads, 1992
General press release faxes, 1992
Letters to out-of-staters, 1992
NRCC - correspondence, newsletters, and reports, 1992
NRCC Campaign Finance Materials packet, 1991
Change Congress Now GOPAC school, 1991-1992
Press releases, 1992
Campaign plans, 1992
Staff meeting notes, 1992
Fundraising, 1991-1992
Push cards, 1992
Spiro campaign newsletter, 1992
National taxpayers Union, 1992
Volunteer list, 1991
Texas Election/Convention materials, 1979, 1988 and 1992
Texas Election/Convention materials, 1990
Endorsements/pledges, 1992
Austin Nonprofit Organizations, 1992
Contribution Mailing Ruth Fox, 1992
Speaking engagements, 1992
Letters to the editor, 1992
Letter for Campaign, 1992
Letters received, 1992
Campaign events, 1992
Debates, 1992
Survey Interest, 1992
3 Meetings, 1992-1993
News media representative listing, 1992
2 Campaign Finances
Report of Receipts & Disbursements, 1992
Contribution envelopes,
3 Office rental lease agreement, 1992
Telephone bills, 1992
Utilities, 1992
Office furniture & fixtures supplies, 1992
Postage & mailing, 1992
Advertising printing expense, 1992
Expense reimbursements – Michael Delarosa, 1992
Expense reimbursements – Herbert Spiro, 1992
Expense reimbursements – James King, 1992
Bank statements, 1992
Bret Williams invoices, 1992
Mailing expenses, 1992
Contribution letters & notes, 1992
Incumbent J.J. Pickle
Pickle biodata, undated
Bob Higley/Pickle Correspondence & newsclipping, 1983-1990
Newsclippings, 1986, 1989, 1992
Personal Financial Disclosure, 1988-1991
Pickle voting record, 1988, 1992
Legislative activity , 1988-1992
FEC Report, 1990-1991
FEC Report, 1990
PACS, 1998, 1990, 1992
Pickle Editorials, 1992
Pickle local issues, 1992
Ways/means, 1992 and undated
Group rating, undated
2 Newsclippings
Republican party, 1992
Pickle and Beilharz, 1992
1 1993 Senate
Campaign Materials
United We Stand America speaking engagements, 1993
Spiro for Senate - ads, flyers, newsclippings and press releases, 1993 and undated
Senate Questionnaires and campaign correspondence, 1993
Newsclippings, 1993 and undated
Other candidates, 1993
3 1994 House of Representatives
10th district – correspondence, 1992-1994
Hunt/Fisher correspondence, 1993
Jo Baylor correspondence & endorsement, 1994
Correspondence, 1994
Campaign Materials
Campaign literature, 1994
10th district – newsclippings, 1994
United We Stand America (UWSA), 1993-1994
Meetings, 1994
Texas Politics – ads, bulletins, pamphlets, newsletters, 1993-1994
Letters, 1994
Campaign plan, 1994
Bio/resume, 1994
Push cards, 1994
Newspaper articles, 1994
Media file, 1994
Questionnaires, 1994
Travis County Republicans, 1994
Scripts, 1994
Endorsements, 1994
Vendors, 1994
Texas Republican Newspaper, 1994
Assorted campaign materials, 1992
Center for Strategic & International Studies, 1992
The Concord Coalition, 1992
Campaign Finances
Accounting, 1994
13 State Department
Policy Planning Staff
Academic correspondence, 1971-1975
Governmental correspondence, 1970-1975
Officer Evaluation Reports, 1970-1972
Speeches and departmental position papers, 1971-1975 and undated
Foreign Broadcast Information Service (FBIS) Daily Reports on Soviet Union, 1975
Foreign Policy ‘Future Paper’, 1972
Memos, correspondence, notes & policy papers on Berlin & Germany, 1970-1972
Department of State newsletter, 1970
Department of State newsletter, 1975
Interdependence project and proposal, 1972-1975
Assorted think pieces and articles with correspondence, 1971-1974 and undated
Visiting ambassador kit, 1973-1975
Miscellaneous seminar/convention materials, 1974-1975 and undated
Mogadiscio visit, 1971
European Trip correspondence, memos, itineraries & notes, 1971
European Trip (Germany, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, & Soviet Union) correspondence, memos, itineraries & notes, 1973-1974
European Trip – itineraries, telegrams, and travel materials, 1973
Policy Planning reading list, undated
Proposals & seminars correspondence and notes, 1972
State Department preliminary and hiring forms, 1968-1970
State Department Executive Inventory Records, 1968-1973
State Department appointment, 1970
12 Ambassadorship
Resignation agreement correspondence, 1977
1977 (final months of ambassadorial position), 1977
Embassy file – schedules, briefs, correspondence, & reports, 1975-1976
Press release of Presidential nomination as ambassador, 1975
Return trip from Yaounde - costs and procedures, 1976-1977
State Department Executive and Professional Placement Services booklet, 1975
Ambassador preliminary and hiring forms, 1975-1976
Spiro in Cameroon newsclippings, 1976-1977
Cameroon Tribune, 1977
6 General
U.S. Department of State correspondence, 1956-1957
12 Earnings statements, allowances, and leave summaries, 1971-1977
Medical records and exams, 1972-1977
Service recognition, 1977
International Congress of Africanists packet, 1973
Travel orders, itineraries, associated telegrams, & notes, 1970-1974
Conference Group on German Politics packet, 1972
International Affairs & Federal Operations packet, 1972
American Foreign Friends Service conference, 1972
1979 Rhodesia Congressional hearing, 1978-1980
Speeches & discussions – memos, correspondence, & speech drafts, 1970-1974


Publications, Manuscripts and Drafts

20 Essays
Adversaries & the Truth: The Adversary Process of the Common Law & the Peculiarities of American Politics, A Personal Experience, 1968
Privacy and the Adversary Method – critiques and notes, undated
Adversary System – correspondence, notes, & readings, 1969 and undated
"Privacy and the Adversary Method," undated
21 Codetermination
Codetermination in Germany, 1954
Codetermination in Germany, 1953-1956
Codetermination in Germany article (in German), 1954
Die Dialektik der Amerikanischen Unahangigkeit: Von der Abhangigkeit zur Interdependenz, undated
Interdependence and Replication: America’s Unique Role in the World draft, undated
Spiro colloquium on Replication, 1978-1979
‘Replication’ notes, memos, correspondence, notepads, and articles, 1971-1979 and undated
"The Laws of Replication: From Bureaucratic Politics to Philosophy of History" draft, undated
Responsibility, undated
Bureaucratic Responsibility, 1953
"Responsibility in Citizenship, Government, and Administration," 1953
19 Chapter draft to untitled essay, undated
New York Times article and correspondence, 1973
Encyclopedia Britannica entry on Constitution and Constitutional Government, 1969-1970
20 "Der Streit um die Menschenrechte in der amerikanischen Aussenpolitik," 1978
Assorted essays, 1966-1979 and undated
Assorted German articles, undated
‘Germany’, undated
German Government & Politics, undated
The Revolt Against Determinism, 1949
"Governing Postwar Germany," 1954
"Comparative Politics: A Comprehensive Approach," 1962
"Critique of Behavioralism in Political Science," undated
"Human Rights, Responsibility, and the Philosophy of History" draft, undated
"Political Values in Black America," 1966
"Constitutional Development in British Central Africa," 1965
"New Constitutional Forms in Africa," 1960
"Whose Problems" op-ed in journal, 1965
Subcontractor's Monograph HRAF-34 Harvard-1, The Soviet Zone of Germany, 1956
"Der Nationalismus der USA" - drafts, correspondence, and research materials, 1981 and undated
"The United States as a Nation-state" - correspondence and drafts, 1964-1969
Journal and newspaper columns - drafts, newsclippings, and correspondence, 1963-1969
Case for University Self-Government - drafts and correspondence, 1968-1970
Anti-Americanism in Western Europe, 1988
Time and Intellectualism essays, ca. 1957 and undated
Bureaucratic Politics and Foreign Policy Consensus drafts, undated
Carl Friedrich biography - correspondence and articles,
19 Others
Carl-Ludwig Holtfrerich draft with comments & correspondence, 1986-1987
Assorted essays with comments, undated
Force Republique in Congo pamphlets and booklet (in French), undated
Assorted journal articles on government, Africa, and Europe(French, German, English), 1955-1967
6 Correspondents' publications, undated
19 Books
Dissertation: A Theory of Responsibility in Government, 1952
An Aspect of Contemporary Political Thought: The Revolt Against Determinism, Return to Freedom and Responsibility, 1949
Untitled, undated
Comparative European Governments textbook, 1955
Politics as the Master Science
Politics as the Master Science: From Plato to Mao, undated
Politics as the Master Science – correspondence with publisher & notes, 1969-1970
14 Manuscripts and drafts
United States Policy Towards South Africa draft proposal, 1977
Untitled draft – pgs. 40-204, undated
Vietnam Commencement - novel by Herbert Spiro with publishers’ responses, 1966
Jury-Trials, undated
Research materials
Foreign Policy Consensus - notes and reading materials, 1978-1980
Assorted reading/research materials, undated
Soviet Occupation Zone (SBZ) – notes, readings and newsclippings, undated
Law, 1956, 1981 and undated
Development under the Bonn Constitution – correspondence, notes and constitution, 1949-1951
19 Book Reviews
Assorted book reviews, 1959-1985
Politics of Codetermination book review, 1958
Constitutional Law of Ghana book review by Spiro, 1964
Literary Caricatures by David Levine from the New York Review of Books, 1964
Miscellaneous bulletins, 1985
East Africa newsletters (german), 1965
Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin journal and correspondence, 1977
Kagnew Station assignment brochure, undated
The Amherst Student newspaper, 1961-1965



14 American Political Science Association
American Political Science Association (APSA), 1966-1982
“The American Constitution” – American Political Science Association paper presentation, 1987
American Political Science Association (APSA) Annual Meeting presentations, 1983
Totalitarianism – newsclippings, correspondence, course materials, articles & American Political Science Association lecture, 1965-1983
American Political Science Association election committee – correspondence, notes and forms, 1969
American Political Science Association (APSA) 1964 Annual Meeting, 1964
APSA 1970 meetings and convention - correspondence, resolutions, and minutes, 1969-1970
Council on Foreign Relations
Council on Foreign Relations, 1971-1985
Council on Foreign Relations – correspondence, meetings, seminars, papers, notes 1971-1975
Council on Foreign Relations - meetings and correspondence, 1983
13 Harvard clubs
Harvard Club of West Berlin, 1984-1988
1 Republican Party
Republican Party support - correspondence, invititations and receipts, 1990-1992
Republican Party participation - correspondence with leading members, 1976, 1985, 1988-1989
Republican Party - correspondence, pamphlets, and bulletins, 1992
1992 Republican National Convention in Houston, 1991-1992
Republicans - local/state members' correspondence, 1991-1992
1990 Republican National Convention in Dallas passes, 1990
General envolope contributions, 1993
2 Executive Committee - Travis County Republican Party, 1992
13 Republican GOP cards, 1976-1977
Assorted organization memberships, 1960-1990
Deutsche Vereinigung für Politische Wissenschaft (DVPW), 1980-1987
2 Brackenridge Reunion - 1942, 1986-1992



15 Family
Albert J. Spiro correspondence 1945-1957
Albert Spiro’s correspondence with Elly Kreisl (ex-wife) and marriage license, 1951-1957
Herbert Spiro last will, 1950
Albert Spiro estate - last will, official documents, and correspondence, 1957-1959
Betsy Spiro correspondence, 1956-1971 and undated
Play group, 1963 and undated
Betsy Spiro personal file – graded assignments, letters from, and diary, 1955-1964 and undated
Peter and Alex
Peter and Alex Spiro, 1964-1977
Alex Spiro report cards, progress reports, 1967-1980
Peter Spiro report cards and progress reports, 1967-1979
14 "Penny" - Golden Retriever forms, 1968-1976
Relatives birth certificate, ca. 1861
15 Howard C. Peterson, 1957-1971
Herta correspondence, 1960-1970
5 Max Stiefel, 1960-1974
Marion Ballin de Adler, 1981-1983
Enrique Ballin Spiro correspondence 1942-1985
15 Finances
Teacher's Insurance and Annuity Association (TIAA), 1975-1991
Assorted expense receipts, 1958-1968 and undated
Appraisal of Personal Property, 1975
U.S. Embassy in Bonn packet and receipts, 1980
Midland Bank check book, ca. 1971
Stock purchase receipts and statements, 1965-1967
Family Budget Book, 1958
Insurance statements & forms, 1980-1989
US trip – receipts & documents, 1982
Salary forms, 1980-1983
Bills, 1964
Move to Berlin – compensation reports, correspondence, item inventories, shipping costs, tickets, 1980-1982
16 Bank and credit card statements, receipts, and invoices 1975-1984
Restitution, 1939-1970
VBL German pension, 1984-1991
General Finances, 1980-1984
American Express statements, 1986-1988
Bills, June-July, 1967
Fidelity bills, 1967
Bills, 1966
Chase bank statements, checks, and correspondence, 1976 and 1980-1983
American Security Bank statements, checks, and correspondence, 1977 and 1981-1986
1972 taxes, 1972-1973
1975 taxes, 1975-1976
17 1976 taxes, 1975-1977
1978 taxes, 1978-1980
1979 taxes, 1979-1980
1980 taxes, 1979-1980
IRS, 1981
Receipts, 1980-1982
Tax deficiencies matter (1976-1983), 1985
Receipts and tax correspondence, 1985-1986
Receipts and tax information, 1984-1987
Receipts, 1982
1981 taxes, 1981-1982
Statements and receipts, 1987
Bills and statements, 1966
Travel receipts and correspondence, 1984
Blue Cross Blue Shield - correspondence, medical plans, and bills, 1957-1968
6 Royalty statements and correspondence, 1961-1980
USAA policy statements, 1984-1991
17 Housing
Invoices for Austin home with Marion Ballin, 1986
2251 North 51st Street correspondence and bills, 1967-1971
18 Amherst Town Report, Comparative Valuation Lists, & College Directory, 1962-1965
3418 Garfield Street, Northwest – correspondence, tax information, insurance policies, bills, and other maintenance costs, 1970-1982
Spiro house blueprints, 1966-1967
648 Concord Avenue – correspondence, deed, receipts, 1957-1961
271 South Third Street – correspondence and bills, 1965-1967
415-417 South Third Street - correspondence and construction agreement, 1966-1967
Philadelphia housing information, 1964-1967 and undated
Degewo - correspondence and lease contract (German), 1980-1988
Pomeroy Lane - mortgage contracts and correspondence, 1961-1965
Bob Casey and Michael Glenn (tenants) correspondence, 1975-1977
6 Biographical Materials
Curriculum Vitae, 1955-1969
Herbert Spiro curriculum vitae, 1974-1977
Awards and Honors
Who's Who, 1970-1984
Certificates, 1982-1983 and undated
2 Photographs
Spiro photograph, circa 1990
18 Herbert Spiro photographs, 1956, 1973
Photographs, 1980-1981
Assorted photographs & negatives, ca. 1980s
Spiro childhood and mother 1919-1936 and undated
19 Assorted negatives, 1987 and 1991
Family, 1978 1978
Harvard Class of 1950 reunion, 1991
Military demonstration in Germany, 1987
New York and Washington D.C., undated
Austin, undated
Assorted photos/negatives in Germany, undated
Germany and Austin, 1987
6 Spiro portrait photograph, 1966
3 Photo file, undated
2 Miscellaneous
Austin representative ballots, 1986-1987
18 Foreign service travel documents, 1954
International Driving Permit, 1953 and 1980
Airline tickets, 1960
Berlin Census form, 1987
Map of Harvard, 1954
Montreal hotel brochures, undated
"Current events" personal notebook, 1939
Assorted notes, ca. 1982 and undated
Assorted notes, 1982 and undated
Assorted essays and notes, 1980-1987 and undated
Personal notebook with correspondence and newsclippings, 1957



22 Assorted newsclippings, 1966-1986, undated
The Amherst Student newspaper, 1965
Vietnam, 1966-1967
State Department, 1970 and undated
Nazi Germany, 1938 and undated
Openness, 1979-1980 and undated
Presidential elections, 1979-1980 and undated


Audiovisual materials

AV 1 Spiro for Congress, “The Ideal Representative” (6/10/92), 1992
Project ’92 “Sample TV Ads” video cassette, 1992
“Bush & Spiro” (10/6/92) broadcast videocassette, 1992
“Candidate Walk Thru: Herbert Spiro, Texas, 1992
10” (10/7/1992), film reel
Swearing in of Mr. Spiro as Ambassador to Cameroon by Ingersoll 1975
Interview with Ambassador Spiro - New Ambassador to Cameroon, undated
Interview - Ambassador Spiro, undated
Interview with U.S. Ambassador to Cameroon, Mr. Herbert Spiro , 1975
Untitled recording, undated
Untitled recording, undated


Unprocessed materials

23 Amherst, classified files, A-F, 1961-1965
24 Amherst, classified files, G-L, 1961-1965
25 Classified files, Mc-P
Macalester, University of North Carolina, 1967
Morgenthau, Hans J.
Merrell, Charles E., books
Midgley-APSR, 1965
Merrell, Charles E. Books, Inc.
Mead, Lawrence
Mitchell, Meisha, 1964-1965
Natural Law Forum, 1964
Nelson, Bryo
New college plan
NCA, 1966
NCA Foreign Relations Project
Oberlin, 1965
Penn, 1965
Pennsylvania, 1963
Princeton, 1966
ASA meeting, 1963
Palmer, Joseph
Philadelphia World Affairs Council, 1964
Parsons, Talcott
Charlesworth Annals, 1964
Primacy of politics, 1964
Primacy of politics in Africa, 1964
Pittsburgh, 1965
Prentice-Hall, 1966
African Studies Association, 1966
26 Classified Files, Q-Z
27 Classified files
Course work
Book manuscript preparation
28 Classified files
Course work
Book manuscript preparation
29 Lecture notes, 1950-1965
30 Classified files, 1955-1975
Financial records, 1964-1967
Correspondence, University of Pennsylvania, 1968-1969
31 43 videocassettes
32 Freie Universitat Berlin [contains various writings]
Untitled Folder [contains various writings, clippings, and correspondence]
Music Note Book
Untitled Folder [contains drafts and other writings]
Untitled Folder [contains book excerpts]
Untitled Folder [Adversaries of the Truth by H. Spiro]
Gen Bills '95
Perritt Incidentals
Joe H. Barrett
Bank 93-94
Bank statements
Untitled Folder [contains assorted letterheads]
Senate Filing
FEC Reports
Manila Envelope from US Senate Select Committee on Ethics
Federal Election Commission
Untitled Folder [contains letterhead]
General Election Returns [not in a folder]
Untitled Folder [contains miscellaneous notes, clippings, correspondence, etc.]
Untitled Folder [contains miscellaneous correspondence]
Untitled Folder [contains miscellaneous notes, clippings, correspondence, etc.]
Untitled Folder [contains miscellaneous notes, clippings, letterhead, etc]
The Making of a Political Scientist: An Empirical Analysis of Ph.D. Programs
4 editions of the Bobbs-Merrill Reprint Series in the Social Sciences
33 1989 CG et al.
Untitled Folder [contains miscellaneous notes and correspondence]
Untitled Folder [contains miscellaneous notes, book excerpts and correspondence]
Haynes, Ulrich
Senate Support
Untitled Folder [contains correspondence, papers, excerpts, and certificate]
Miscellaneous correspondence not in a folder
Untitled Folder [contains assorted memos, clippings, etc.]
Untitled Folder [contains correspondence, notes, etc.]
Untitled Folder [contains political paperwork, correspondence, newsletters]
No $ Replies
Miscellaneous correspondence not in a folder
Miscellaneous correspondence not in a folder
34 Adversaries of the Truth
Council of American Ambassadors
Friends of Cameroon Directory [not in a folder]
Cards, Addresses, etc.
Friends of Cameroon Directory June 1995 [not in a folder]
George Hume Kennerly Photographic Archive
Manila Envelope from Dept. of State, U.S.A.
Texas/LBT [Hanging file]
Tom Thornton
Wilhelm Gymnasium
Eckstein/Irvine June 1993
Video ACTV
Atliante, Nov. 14-17, 1994
Untitled Folder [contains miscellaneous paperwork]
Balloon Cpgor Photos
1 inch of assorted paperwork not in a folder
HBG 96
Assorted paperwork not in a folder
HAA May 1996
Harvard Union/Research '96
Assorted paperwork not in a folder
Untitled Folder [contains miscellaneous paperwork]
El Paso, September 28, 1996
Untitled Folder [contains miscellaneous paperwork]
German Paper not in a folder
Harvard Club Austin 94-95
H'50 1994 X-Mas
Harvard Austin
Harvard Alumni Association
HAA '94
Harvard '50 (94-95)
Untitled Folder [contains miscellaneous Harvard paperwork]
Herbert Spiro for Senate Representative Flyers
35 3 notebooks
Mailing List (alphabetically)
Untitled folder [contains correspondence]
Untitled folder [contains correspondence]
Untitled folder [contains clipping and a speech]
Untitled folder [contains speech and newspaper]
Untitled folder [contains miscellaneous political papers]
Assorted papers and newspapers not in a folder
Hartz, Katz, Train, Sua, etc.
Untitled folder [contains miscellaneous correspondence]
Untitled folder [contains miscellaneous correspondence]
Gov 106b Spring 1952
Aspen [Hanging folder]
1 budget book not in a folder
Book Reviews
Untitled Folder [contains miscellaneous papers and notes]
Course GOV 365N [book]
Untitled Folder [contains course syllabus, clippings, and other materials]
Miscellaneous paperwork, syllabi, and notes
GOV 365N
Freie Universitat Berlin [contains miscellaneous correspondence,etc]
Betsy [envelope]
Envelope Addressed to Prof Herb Spiro [contains correspondence]
Untitled Folder [contains miscellaneous clippings, notes, and correspondence]
Untitled Folder [contains miscellaneous clippings, notes, and correspondence]
36 49 videocassettes
37 1 USPS Box with correspondence
1 Box entitled Novel by Herbert Spiro
1 Box containing various writing samples and excerpts
10 long desk calendars
38 Untitled Folder [containing miscellaneous correspondence]
Untitled Folder [contains photos]
Untitled Folder [contains miscellaneous correspondence]
Notes, paperwork, not in a folder
1983 & 1982 US IRS Taxes
1 tied bundle of miscellaneous papers
Untitled Folder [Contains manuscript draft?]
Manuscript copies and other paperwork
Untitled Folder [contains miscellaneous book excerpts, notes, etc]
1 envelope addressed to Mrs. Spiro containing photos
Miscellaneous paperwork not in a folder
Untitled Folder [Contains manuscript draft?]
Freie Universitat Berlin [Contains documents in German]
Book excerpts, notes, cards and correspondence
39 Untitled folder [Contains misc writings, clippings, magazines, etc]
Copy of Spiro's will [not in a folder]
Town and Country Title Company
Untitled Folder [Contains miscellaneous correspondence and paperwork]
Contribs Senate
German Trip 1969 Elections Internationes
Harvard Club
310 L 1991
Untitled Folder [Contains primarily bank statements]
December 1964 NY Times
3 magazines [not in a folder]
Hignet, Keith
Bibliography, Biography
Untitled Folder [Contains miscellaneous paperwork]
Untitled Folder [Contains miscellaneous paperwork]
Untitled Folder [Contains miscellaneous paperwork]
Amherst Journal Record
Carl J. Fredrick
Book Reviews
1 tied bundle of miscellaneous paperwork and graded papers
40 Correspondence from Glenn Scharm, 2000-2002
41 Financial information such as bills, tax information, credit card statements
42 Financial information and other documents, 1991-1998
43 Correspondence
Tax information, 1991-1997
OM1-OM4 Restricted: VHS videocassettes
44 Business cards
Mmedia, reel
E.K. Bibliography
Harvard College, 1959 class rosters
Weimar99 essay contest
Rhodes Scholarships
Will of Howard C. Petersen
96 Hamburg
"From Bureaucratic Politics to Philosophy of History: The Laws of Replication"
German writing
Handwritten correspondence
Restricted: Betacam: Conversations with Herb Spiro; John Loeb, Jr. -- Guest, December 14, 1993; Part 1
Restricted: Betacam: Conversations with Herb Spiro; John Loeb, Jr. -- Guest, December 14, 1993; Part 2
Restricted: Betacam: Peter Spiro, December 13, 1993
Restricted: Betacam: Thomas P. Thornton, December 13, 1993
Handwritten correspondence
Correspondence and writings
Harvard University exam book
Article from Amherst Journal Record
WS Intl., other clippings
Alamo and Kristalnacht
45 Old Harvard MS
Clippings, photos and postcards
article from The Weekly Standard
correspondence (in German and English)
Dr. Devine
Last Will and Testament of Herbert J. Spiro
Telephone 1994
The Texas Commercial Package Policy
financial papers
Towers of Town Lake
1995 taxes
Bill 1989
Audit 1996
Spiro personal papers
Federal Bureau of Investigation, FIOPA deleted page information sheet
FOIA -- Privacy Act 1980
Travel 1994
OM5 International driving permit
Vaccination records
Health certificates
Address book
Check and check stubs
Datebooks, 1949-2003
46 A, 1993-2005
B, 1998-2000
Brackenridge High School '42, 1990-1996
Old Hamburg letters and poems, 1944 and undated
C, 1992-2002
C [continued], 1992-2002
Cliches/clippings, undated
G, 1986-2003
H, 1950, 1991-2002
H [continued], 1991-2003
Hamburg, 1994-1997
I-J, 1986-1991
The dangers of intellectualism in politics, undated
K, 1985-2005
Kristallnacht to the Alamo, undated
L, 1985-2004
M, 1950, 1975, 1990-2002
Moscow, 1981-1988
N, 1986-1996
O, 1983, 1991-1998
P-Q, 1997-2001
R, 1995-2000
S, 1973-1976 and 1996-1997
47 San Antonio to Hamburg, 1939
T, 1985, 1996, 1998, and undated
V, 1986, 2001-2004
W, 1996-2002
Hanover, 1927-1928
Clippings, 1966, 1987-1989
Correspondence, 1946-1995
X-Y, 1945-1949
X-Y [continued], 1945-1950
Best of 1938-1939
Department of state, manuscripts, book reviews, 1967-1972
Archives UTSA, 2002, 2006, and undated
Photographs (Centre Culturel Americain B:P 817 Yaounde (Cameroon), undated
Holocaust Insurance, 2005-2006
Correspondence, 1938-1939
Correspondence, 1938-1940
48 The Signet, A Centennial Catalogue 1870-1970
Why Federations Fail, an Inquiry into the Requisites for Successful Federalism, 1968
Contemporary Political Analysis, 1967
World Politics, the Global System by Herbert J. Spiro, 1966
Africa, The Primacy of Politics, 1967
Government by Constitution, the Political Systems of Democracy, 1959
Politics in Africa Prospects South of the Sahara, by Herbert Spiro, 1962
Politics as the Master Science: From Plato to Mao, by Herbert Spiro, 1970
The Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science: Africa in Motion, 1964
The Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science: Anti-Americanism Origins and Context, 1988
Government by Constitution, the Politcal Systems of Democracy, by Herbert Spiro, 1959
49 John L. Loeb, Jr., correspondence, 1982-1984
John L. Loeb, Jr., 1963
"The Captivity of the Hostages has set America Free," by John L. Loeb, Jr., conservative party seminar in Albany, February 11, 1980