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A Guide to the Ernestine Glossbrenner Papers, 1948-1996

Descriptive Summary

Creator: Glossbrenner, Ernestine 1932-
Title: Ernestine Glossbrenner Papers
Dates: 1948-1996
Abstract: The Ernestine Glossbrenner Papers document the State Representative's career through correspondence, legal documentation, photographs, awards and printed materials. These papers also include materials of her time as an educator before assuming office in 1977. Finally, a small amount of her post-political activities are documented through 1996. The collection is separated into three series: Political Career, Texas Women's Political Caucus and Personal Records.
Identification: MS 63
Extent: 8 linear feet
Language: Materials are in English.
Repository: University of Texas at San Antonio Libraries Special Collections

Biographical Note

Ernestine Glossbrenner served 16 years as Texas State Representative from 1977 until her retirement in 1993. She gained a reputation as a legislator who kept her sense of humor, yet remained dedicated to her fight for the improvement of education and the lives of the underprivileged in Texas. Glossbrenner was born in 1932, and raised in the small East Texas oilfield community of Carlisle. With her father on the school board, education and public service was a priority of the family. After graduating from Kilgore Junior College in 1952, Glossbrenner went on to receive her B.A. in chemistry from the University of Texas at Austin in 1954. She then began her teaching career in Alice, Texas where she taught for twenty-two years.

Glossbrenner was first inspired to run for State Representative in 1974 because she was dissatisfied with the incumbent's stance on education. Amid controversy regarding the election process, she lost, but ran again in 1976 and won the State Representative's seat on the Democratic ticket. Glossbrenner decided to be a legislator full time, marking the end of her teaching career. One of her first important legislative contributions allowed Texan voters the first true secret ballot election procedure. While she contributed important legislation to other causes such as worker safety, Glossbrenner is most known for her victories in the realm of public education. In 1989 House Speaker Gib Lewis named her Head of the House Public Education Committee. In 1984, during the development of education reform bill HB 72, Glossbrenner put forward the interests of students and teachers. As part of the 71st Legislature she supported legislation that addressed the school dropout rate, and increased funding for education.

Glossbrenner was heavily involved with local and national women's organizations during her time in office. She remained affiliated with such organizations after her retirement from office, and continues to dedicate herself to women's issues and causes. Glossbrenner has served as state president for the Texas Chapter of the National Women's Political Caucus during the early 1990's, and in 1999 served on the Advisory Board of the Women's Advocacy Project. Currently, Glossbrenner is a governor-appointed member of the Texas Ethics Commission.

Scope and Contents

The Ernestine Glossbrenner Papers document the State Representative's career through correspondence, legal documentation, photographs, awards and printed materials. These papers also include materials of her time as an educator before assuming office in 1977. Finally, a small amount of her post-political activities are documented through 1996. The collection is separated into three series: Political Career, Texas Women's Political Caucus and Personal Records. The first series contains the bulk of the collection.

The Political Career series is divided into two subseries: Campaigns and Office Records. The Campaigns subseries represents Glossbrenner's campaign activities covering her first unsuccessful run for office in 1974 and elections to office from 1976 to 1991. The bulk of material on campaigns is in the form of correspondence and newspaper articles. Of particular note, is the coverage of her first political race, which ended in her loss and claims of a mishandled election process. Campaign ads from early elections provide insight into the campaign strategy utilized by Glossbrenner. Most of the materials in this series deal with Glossbrenner's position in office as state representative. A small amount of this material also deals with Glossbrenner's support of other Democratic candidates on a state and national level. The Office Records subseries documents Glossbrenner's actual political career as State Representative from 1977 to 1993. These materials offer the researcher a glimpse of Glossbrenner's interests and causes while in office, and the resulting legislation that followed. The included correspondence is comprised mainly of appreciation letters from Glossbrenner's constituents and colleagues, and from affiliated organizations for the work she did on their behalf while in office. The substantial amount of photographs present offer the researcher a rare visual representation of Glossbrenner's activities inside the capitol during her term.

The Texas Women's Political Caucus series offers insight into Glossbrenner's involvement with the organization during and after her term as State Representative. These materials illustrate the manner in which the organization came to rely on Glossbrenner for advice, support and leadership. The correspondence in this series offers the most insight into Glossbrenner's relationship with the TWPC. This correspondence contains incoming and outgoing letters, most of which date from the early 1990's. These letters reveal Glossbrenner's increased involvement with the TWPC, first as chairperson, then as president.

The Personal Records is the smallest of the three series, but does offer some detail of Glossbrenner's teaching career and her continued relationship with acquaintances from Alice, Texas and surrounding towns. Through materials such as correspondence and newspaper articles, Glossbrenner kept abreast of local happenings, particularly those related to education. The bulk of this series is represented by correspondence with acquaintances from Glossbrenner's pre-political career. This correspondence consists of incoming and outgoing letters, most of which were sent during the 1990's. Contracts with the Alice Independent School District offer some specifics of her career as an educator. Also present are several college yearbooks from schools where Glossbrenner attended and taught, as well as a scrapbook containing family photos.


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[Identification of item], Ernestine Glossbrenner Papers, 1948-1996, MS 63, University of Texas at San Antonio Libraries Special Collections.

Acquisition Information

All the materials in this collection were donated by Ernestine Glossbrenner in September 1997.

Processing Information

Prepared by Dale Sauter, February 2001. Materials were added to the Papers by Jose Javier Garza, Library Assistant, Summer 2005.

 Notes to Researchers 

In summer 2005, new materials were added to the collection. The new additions consist mainly of photographs and correspondence. In the Political Career series, new photographs were added to the Inside Capital subseries. In the Personal Records series, photographs and correspondence were added. The photographs are of events and portraits of Glossbrenner, her friends and her constituents. The added correspondence consists of greeting cards, letters, and postcards. Though the correspondence is mostly of a personal nature, much of it can also be considered part of her political correspondence because many of the correspondents were also her constituents.

Detailed Description of the Papers


Political Career

Box Folder
1 Campaigns
1 Biographies (Glossbrenner), undated
2 Correspondence, 1974-1982
3 Paid Bills, 1976 Campaign
4 Paid Bills 1974 Campaign
5 Campaign Fund Account Donations
6 Bank Statements, Campaign Fund
7 Tax Returns, 1986, 1987, 1989
8 Volunteer Forms, undated
Financial Documents
9 Filed Financial Statements, 1975, 1981-1989
10 Campaign Contribution Reports, 1984, 1988, 1990
11 Contribution and Expenditure Statement Report, 1974-1992
Legal Documentation
12 Agreements, 1974, undated
13 Order of Impoundment, 1974
14 Sworn Statements, 1974
15 Maps (Alice, TX), undated
16 Notes, 1980, undated
17 Photographs (Assorted), undated
Box Folder
14 Plaques
5-9 Awards, 1986-1992
10 House Membership, 1991
Box Folder
16 Resolution, 1992
Box Folder
1 Printed Materials
18 Announcements, 1974-1982, undated
19 Clippings, 1974-1990, undated
20 Calendars, 1973-1988, undated
21 Campaign Ads (Glossbrenner), 1974-1980, undated
22 Assorted, 1976-1984, undated
22 Campaign Signs, undated
23 Forms, 1976, 1978, undated
24 The Texas Observer, 1986 (signed)
Box Folder
2 Manuals
1 Manuals, 1972-1984
2 Manuals, 1986-1990
3 Newsletters (Assorted), 1976-1996, undated
4 Programs, Democratic Conventions, 1984, 1988, undated
5 Rosters (political), 1976-1979, undated
6 Legislative Sessions Proceedings, 1974, undated
7 Application to Place Name on Ballot, 1976-1990
8 Assorted, 1973-1996, undated
9 Candidate Questionnaire, 1976, undated
10 Election Results, 1974-1996, undated
11 Treasurer Designation, 1977-1981
12 Speeches (Glossbrenner), 1975, undated
13 Transcripts for Campaign Ads, undated
Office Records
14 Appointment Papers, 1993
Box Folder
3 1 Audiotapes (Interviews), 1981, 1987
2-3 Bills/Legislation
4 Correspondence, 1974-1990
5 Correspondence, 1990-1992
6-7 Correspondence, 1992
Box Folder
4 1 Correspondence, 1992, undated
2 Assorted, undated
Box Folder
16 Sign from Capitol Office, undated
Carpet Sample from Capitol, undated
Box Folder
4 3 A.M.E. Church History, 1987
4 State, undated
5 Federal, 1977, 1978
Legal Documents
6 Affidavit, 1991
7 Contracts - Lease of Office, 1983-1991
8 Buildings – State Capitol, undated
Box Folder
Map Case Century of Women in the Legislature Gala (panoramic), 1995
Box Folder
4 Events
9 [Color], 1987
10 Easter Egg Hunt, 1983
11 Ground Breaking, 1978
Inside Capitol
12 Contact Sheets [Black and White], 1977-1985, undated
13 Contact Sheets [Color], 1979-1992, undated
14 Children [Black and White], undated
Box Folder
5 1 Children [color], undated
2-3 Group Photos, undated
4-6 House of Representative Floor Photos, undated
7-8 Meeting Photos, undated
Box Folder
6 1 Office Photos, undated
Box Folder
15 Political Colleagues
1978-1983 (oversize), undated
Box Folder
6 2 undated
3 1985, undated
4 undated
5 Contact Prints, 1976, 1988-1989, undated
Printed Materials
6 Announcements (Assorted), 1973-1992, undated
7 Magazines, 1974-1992, undated
8 Newspapers, 1975-1983
9 Newspapers, 1983-1992, undated
Box Folder
Map Case Article about Ann Richards (signed by Richards), 1982
Box Folder
6 10 Cartoons (Political), undated
11 Awards, 1997-1996, undated
12 Certifications, 1976-1992, undated
Box Folder
7 Directories
1 Political Colleagues, 1980-1991, undated
2 Political Colleagues, 1992, undated
3 Documents from Texas History and Government, undated
4 Manuals – Rules of Procedure, 1976-1989, undated
5 Newsletters (Assorted), 1974-1991, undated
Box Folder
8 1 Papers (Assorted), 1978-1987
2 Appreciation Dinners, 1979, 1989
3 Federal Inaugurations – Jimmy Carter, 1977
4 State Inaugurations, 1978, 1984, undated
5 Personal Appointment, 1978, 1983
6 Personal Appointment, 1991-1992
7 Proceedings - 86th Congress, 1960
8 Proclamations (Assorted), 1984-1995
8 Songs and Music, undated
10 Committee Expense Vouchers, 1991-1992
11 Office Expense Vouchers, 1991-1992
12 Travel Expense Vouchers, 1990-1992, undated
Box Folder
9 1 Committee Financial Statements, 1991-1992
2 Office Financial Statements, 1991-1992
3 Personal Financial Statements, 1977-1991
4 Personnel Action Requests, 1986-1992
5 Assorted, 1984-1991, undated
6 Legislature, 1984-1991, undated
7 Ernestine Glossbrenner, 1974-1988
8 Ernestine Glossbrenner, 1988-1991, undated
9 House Bill Comments, 1988
10 Interview, 1981
Box Folder
14 Videotapes
1 Texas Inaugaration Celebration, 1991
2 School Finance Committee Hearings, 1991
3 Texas Supreme Court: America and the Courts, 1990


Texas Women's Political Caucus

Box Folder
9 11 Agendas, 1992-1996
12 Biographies (Glossbrenner), undated
88 Folder
9 13 By-Laws, 1987, 1992
14 Correspondence, 1975-1996, undated
88 Folder
10 Legal Documentation
Box Folder
10 1 Contracts, 1996
2 Formal Complaint (unsigned), 1973
3 Minutes, 1993-1995
4 Photographs (Convention), undated
Box Folder
16 Plaques, 1974
Box Folder
10 Printed Materials
5 Magazines, 1986-1995, undated
6 Newspapers, 1986-1996, undated
7 Calendars, 1992-1997
8 Certificates (Awards), 1987
9 Forms, 1994-1996, undated
10 Newsletters (Assorted), 1976-1996
11 Press Releases, 1992
12 TWPC Events, 1983-1995
13 National Conventions, 1971-1995
14 Publications (Political), 1980, 1992
15 Quotes (Assorted), undated
16 Assorted, 1992-1995, undated
17 TWPC, 1991-1996, undated
18 Procedures (Assorted), 1992-1995, undated
19 Assorted, 1976-1996, undated
20 Contributions, undated
21 Financial, 1992-1995
22 Speeches (Draft), undated
23 Statement of Purpose, 1971
24 Transcripts, 1992


Personal Records

Box Folder
10 25 Birth Certificate and Personal Information, 1932, 1953, 1962, undated
26 Church, 1984, 1988, 1989, 1996
27 Contracts (Teaching), 1954-1974
Box Folder
11 Correspondence
1 Greeting Cards
2 Letters, 1970-1985
3 Letters, 1986-1991, undated
4 Postcards, 1978, 1985, 1985, 1990, 1994, undated
Box Folder
14 11 Apron, undated
Box Folder
11 5 Invitations, 1978, 1986, 1992
6 Legal Document - Last Will and Testament of John Leslie Glossbrenner, 1970
Photographic Material
7 Group Photographs of Ernestine Glossbrenner, 1988, undated
8 Events, undated
9 Individual Photographs of Ernestine Glossbrenner, undated
10 Groups, 1986, 1989, 1990, undated
11 Individual, 1978-1986, 1987, undated
Printed Material
12 Articles, Newspaper Clippings, 1979-1994, undated
13 Cartoons, undated
14 Awards, 1952-1996, undated
15 Certificates and Memberships, 1948-1982, undated
16 Ephemera, 1987, undated
17 Newsletters (Assorted), 1975-1996, undated
18 Programs (Assorted), 1983, 1991
19 Quotes (Assorted), 1979, 1987, undated
Scrapbook, 1922-1947, undated
20 Copy
Box Folder
17 Original
Box Folder
4 Videotape, Abortion Denied, undated
Box Folder
12 Yearbooks