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Diego Cordovez Papers, 1933-2009

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Creator: Cordovez, Diego, 1935-2014
Title: Diego Cordovez Papers
Dates: 1933-2009
Abstract: The papers of Diego Cordovez document his career as an Ecuadorean diplomat and official in the United Nations. Cordovez played a crucial role in mediating various international conflicts on behalf of the United Nations and also served as the Foreign Minister of Ecuador. The majority of the collection concerns his work as a UN official working in various roles including Director of the Secretariat of the Economic and Social Council, Assistant Secretary-General for Economic and Social Matters, and Under-Secretary-General for Political Affairs. The remaining collection materials concern his work in the Ecuadorean Ministry of Foreign Affairs as well as his involvement in various economic and political matters in Ecuador and Latin America.
Accession No.: 2014-40
OCLC Record No.: 972829737
Extent: 75 linear feet
Language: English and Spanish
Repository: Benson Latin American Collection, The University of Texas at Austin

Biographical Note

Diego Cordovez was born in Quito, Ecuador, on November 3, 1935 to Luis Cordovez-Borja and Isidora Zegers de Cordovez. In 1960, he married María Teresa Somavia and they had one son, Diego, in 1965. Cordovez graduated from the Faculty of Juridicial and Political Science of the University of Chile and was admitted to the Bar by the Chilean Supreme Court in 1962. Cordovez served since 1958 as Secretary of the Ecuadorian Embassy in Santiago. He relinquished his post in the Ecuadorian Foreign Service in 1962 and joined the United Nations in March 1963 as an Economic Affairs Officer in the Economic and Social Council Secretariat. This was the start of Cordovez's career in the UN Secretariat, which would last over 25 years.

Over the course of his career, he would hold several positions in the UN including Director of the Secretariat of the Economic and Social Council, Assistant Secretary-General for Economic and Social Matters and Under-Secretary-General for Political Affairs. Cordovez was entrusted by three successive Secretary-Generals with a number of special political assignments. In 1965, he served as Political Officer in a mission sent by the Security Council to the Dominican Republic. In 1971, he was a member of a mission sent to Pakistan to assist in the solution of a constitutional crisis and, upon the secession of East Pakistan, participated in the establishment of the first UN office in Bangladesh. In 1980, he went to Iran as the Officer-in-Charge of a UN commission, which held negotiations with the Iranian Government for the release of the hostages taken in the United States Embassy in Teheran. Mr. Cordovez was the UN Mediator in a dispute over the continental shelf between Malta and Libya, which was resolved when the two governments agreed in 1980 to submit the conflict to the International Court of Justice. Cordovez also undertook special political missions on behalf of the United Nations in Korea, Granada, Guyana, and Venezuela. From 1980 to 1988, he was responsible for the organization of Secretariat efforts to end the Iran/Iraq War. Cordovez was also a mediator in the Soviet-Afghan conflict and negotiated the Geneva Accords (1988) peace settlement under the terms of which the Soviet Union withdrew all its troops from Afghanistan. He was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize by the parliamentary committee of the European Conference on Security and Cooperation but the prize was awarded that year to the United Nations. His memoir of the Afghan mission, Out of Afghanistan: The Inside Story of the Soviet Withdrawal, was published in 1995.

From 1988 to 1992, Cordovez served as the Foreign Minister of Ecuador. Upon leaving government service, he joined LeBoeuf, Lamb, Green and MacRae in New York as Special Counsel, was President of the World Trade Center of Quito and Diplomat-in-Residence of Columbia University in New York. He was also a candidate for Vice President of Ecuador in 1996. During the 1990s and early 2000s, he was also Special Adviser for Political and Latin American Affairs of the Secretary-General of the United Nations. In that capacity, Cordovez was interim mediator of the Cyprus conflict from 1997 to 1999. He was also a member of the Conciliation Commission for the resolution of the border problem between Colombia and Venezuela and member of the international board of the Institute of Global Conflict and Cooperation of the University of California. Cordovez also served as President of the Andean Center for International Studies of the Universidad Andina Simón Bolívar. Cordovez died on May 24, 2014 in Quito, Ecuador.

Scope and Contents Note

The majority of this collection is in bound volumes and has been arranged into the following seven series:

The Personal series includes agendas, correspondence, awards, memoirs, and press clippings highlighting Cordovez's diplomatic work, as well as career files documenting Cordovez's early career transition from the Ecuadorean Ministry of Foreign Affairs to the United Nations. This series contains the following subseries: Agendas; Biographical, Health and other information; Awards; Press coverage about Cordovez collected by Cordovez; Trip and Vacation Keepsakes, Memoir; Correspondence; Career Files.

The Career in the United Nations series contains UN material spanning over seven decades (1944-2009). It includes several bound volumes of UN documents, statements, memoranda, and press releases as well as Cordovez's UN business correspondence. The UN Special Missions subseries is comprised of the following missions and conflicts: Dominican Republic Mission, Mission in Korea, South China Sea territorial dispute, Malta-Libya dispute, situation in Grenada, Falkland/Malvinas crisis, Guyana-Venezuela territorial dispute, Iran-Iraq conflict, Cyprus conflict. The series contains the following subseries: UN General; UN chronology documenting Cordovez's career in the UN; Conflict and Peace Negotiations in Afghanistan; Afghanistan: UN documents, correspondence, and Cordovez's written accounts; UN Special Missions.

The Ecuadorean Ministry of Foreign Affairs series includes correspondence, reports, and statements documenting Cordovez's service as Minister of Foreign Affairs in Ecuador as well as materials concerning territorial disputes between Ecuador, Peru, and Colombia. The series contains the following subseries: Ministry General Documents; Colombia-Venezuela Territorial Dispute, Ecuador-Peru Territorial Dispute, Clippings: Ecuador-Peru Territorial Dispute, Clippings: Ecuador Local Press.

The Latin American Conflicts, Negotations, Organization of American States series contains reports, correspondence, statements, and reports relating to an OAS mission in Panama as well as various other Latin American conflicts in Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, Peru, and Cuba. The series includes the following subseries: Mission in Panama; Organization of American States (OAS); Latin American conflicts, negotiations, mediations, and agreements.

The Vice Presidential Campaign and Business Ventures series contains newspaper clippings documenting Cordovez's vice-presidential run in Ecuador as well as reports, presentations, and correspondence concerning Cordovez's role in various economic negotiations between United States corporations and governments and industries in Ecuador, Chile, and Bolivia. This series is divided into the following subseries: Vice Presidential Campaign Clippings and Business Ventures.

The General Interest Press Clippings series contains newspaper and magazine clippings that Cordovez collected about a vast array of current events as well as obituaries of people he regarded as important or interesting.

The Video Recordings series contains VHS, betamax, and U-matic tapes of interviews, documentaries, news reports, press conferences, and recorded meetings relating to the following topics: Afghanistan; Pakistan; Iran, Iraq, Kuwait; UN Various; Cyprus; Ecuador; Latin America; and Miscellaneous.


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Cordovez, Diego, 1935-2014.
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United Nations.
United Nations. Conference on Trade and Development.
United Nations. Economic and Social Council.
Ecuador--Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores.
Afghanistan--History--Soviet occupation, 1979-1989.
Geneva Accords (1988)
Latin America.
Middle East.

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Box and Folder Inventory

Series 1: Personal, 1940-2009

Box Folder
1 Agendas, 1962-2004
1 1962
2 1967
3 1969
4 1970
5 1971
6 1973
Box Folder
2 1 1974
2 1975
3 1976
4 1977
5 1977
Box Folder
3 1 1979
2 1980
3 1980
4 1981
5 1983
Box Folder
4 1 1984
2 1985
3 1985
4 1985
Box Folder
5 1 1986
2 1987
3 1988
4 1988
Box Folder
6 1 1990
2 1990
3 1990
4 1991
5 1992
6 1992
Box Folder
7 1 1993
2 1994
3 1995
4 2004
Box Folder
8 Biographical, Health, and other information, 1940-2000s
1 Kindergarten and first grade class roster and photo, American School in Ecuador, 1940-1941
2 Universidad de Chile, Exam confirmation sheets, 1955-1959
3 Cordovez Family Crest, undated
4 Cordovez, biographical sketches and summaries, circa 2000s
5 Medical information, 1991
6 Brainwork personal evaluation and script of play "El Conde de Pipirigallo," undated
7 Raúl Prebisch divorce papers, 1969, 1986
Correspondence and documents relating to Cordovez's involvement in settling Prebisch's divorce.
Awards, 1988
8 Pio Manzu Centre, Gold medal prize "Man of Peace," 1988
9 Noble Peace Prize nomination, press clippings, correspondence, 1988
10 Friends World College, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Peace Prize, 1988
Press coverage about Cordovez collected by Cordovez, 1973-1992
11 Photos, clippings, press releases about Cordovez, 1973-1996
12 Clippings, press briefings, press releases, cables about Cordovez, 1973-1985
13 Clippings about Cordovez, 1982-1988
14 Clippings about Cordovez, 1984-1988
15 Clippings and press releases about Cordovez, 1982-1992
16 Clippings supporting or critiquing Cordovez, 1990-1992
Box Folder
9 Trips and Vacation Keepsakes, 1964-1997
1 Trip to Europe receipts and documents, 1964
2 New Dehli trip invitations, 1968
3 Trip to Oman, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Qatar programs and invitations, 1985 March-April
4 Soviet Union trip, programs, itineraries, menus, tourist publications, 1987 June-July
5 Spain and Portugal trip, program, itinerary, tourist publications, 1989 September
6 Trip to the United Kingdom and Germany: correspondence, itineraries, programs, invitations, receipts, clippings, photos, conference materials, 1990 February
7 Chile and Brazil trip: programs, invitations, receipts, menus, 1990 March
8 Paris trip: receipts, travel docs, 1990 December
9 Miscellaneous trip clippings, 1990-1991
10 Trip to Bolivia, leadership transition of Bolivian president: invitations, programs, delegations, 1997 August
Box Folder
10 Cordovez's Memoir: "Memorias de un trotamundos," circa 2000s
1-2 2 copies of memoir, circa 2000s
Box Folder
11 1-3 Final editing copies, circa 2000s
12 Correspondence, 1962-1988
General and Personal Correspondence, 1962-1969
1 General outgoing, 1963-1966
2 General incoming, 1963-1966
3 Personal incoming, 1962-1963
4 Personal incoming, 1964-1965
5 Personal outgoing, 1963-1964
6 Personal ouutgoing, 1967-1968
7 Personal incoming, 1967-1969
Box Folder
13 Letters of Congratulations, 1981-1988
1 Assistant Secretary General position promotion correspondence, incoming, 1981
2 Assistant Secretary General position promotion correspondence, outgoing, 1981
3 Assistant Secretary General position appointment announcement, press briefings, clippings, 1981-1982
4 Foreign Minister in Ecuador position correspondence, 1987-1988
5 Congratulations for leading Afghanistan Peace Negotiations correspondence, 1988
6 Congratulations for leading Afghanistan Peace negotiations correspondence, 1988
7 Correspondence with Secretary General Javier Pérez de Cuéllar, Congratulations on Geneva Peace Accort, 1988
8 Birthday, congratulations, and farewell cards, circa 1969-1988
Box Folder
14 Speaking Engagements, 1972-1988
1 Special engagements, presentations, commitments, 1984-1988
2 Speaking Engagements, Seminars, 1983-1984
3 Speaking Engagements, Regretted, 1984-1988
4 Harvard Fellowship offer declined, 1972
Career Files, 1958-1962
Documents career transition from Ecuadorean Embassy in Chile to UN Fellowship in Geneva to UN appointment.
5 Correspondence and press clippings of the Comisión Permanente del Pacífico del Sur: III Conferencia Extraordinaria, VII Reunión Ordinaria, Cordovez was a delegate of Ecuador, 1958-1961
6 Correspondence relating to Cordovez's position as second secretary of the Ecuadorean Embassy in Chile and his resignation to work at the UN, 1962
7 Directory of Consulates in Chile; Consulate statues in Chile, 1961, 1958
8 Correspondence relating to UN fellowship, 1962
9 Correspondence relating to UN fellowship in Geneva, 1962
10 Correspondence, dispatches, and news briefings, 1962
11 UN fellowship with the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trad (GATT): documentation of fellowship; correspondence, receipts, administrative guide for UN fellows; application materials, 1961-1962
12 Banana Study/Report and GATT correspondence, 1962

Series 2: Career in the United Nations, 1944-2009

15 UN General, 1944-2009
1 Survival Kit: Various UN treaties, charters, conventions, resolutions, declarations, and settlements about peaceful settlement of disputes and the rights and duties of states compiled by Cordovez, 1950-1982
Contains a detailed table of contents.
2 Additional documents from Survival Kit, 1970-1985
3 Survival Kit: Various UN treaties, charters, conventions, resolutions, declarations, and settlements about peaceful settlement of disputes and the rights and duties of states compiled by Cordovez, 1950-1982
Contains a detailed table of contents.
4 Additional documents from Survival Kit, 1970-1985
5 People and Institutions: UN Press releases of position nominations, elections and appointments in the UN and profiles, descriptions, and biographical notes, 1964-1983
6 People and Institutions: UN Press releases of position nominations, elections and appointments in the UN and profiles, descriptions, biographical notes, and L'Affair Waldheim, 1981-1986
7 People and Institutions: UN Press releases of position nominations, elections and appointments in the UN and profiles, descriptions, and biographical notes; UN Movements; clippings; L'Affair Waldheim, 1982-1988
8 People and Institutions: UN press releases about position nominations, elections and appointments in the UN, 1982-1988
Box Folder
16 1 UN statements and press releases, 1944-1970
2 UN statements and press releases, 1972-1982
3 Restructuring of the United Nations System: UN interoffice memos, reports, press releases, notes for the record, Report and addendums of the Ad Hoc Committee on the Restructuring of the Economic and Social Sectors of the United Nations System, 1974-1979
4 Additional documents from Restructuring of the United Nations System, 1979-1984
5 Clippings about the UN's Fortieth Anniversary and Financial Crisis, 1985-1988
6 Introduction to the Annual Report of the Secretary-General on the Work of the Organization, 1955-1972
7 United Nations Juridical Yearbook, 1962
Box Folder
17 1 Election of Javier Pérez de Cuéllar as Secretary-General, 1980-1981, 1987
Documents, clippings, UN statements and press releasses, photocopies of book, "Como un peruano fue elegido Secretario General de las Naciones Unidas," by Celso Pastor de la Torre.
2 Secretary General elections, secretariat reform: clippings, 1990-1992
Box Folder
18 1 UN peace diplomacy: papers and reports, 1986-1993
2 UN peace keeping: articles, papers, and reports, 1993
3 US and USSR at UN: articles, speeches, reports, and declarations, 1988, 1990
Box Folder
19 1 Disarmament: Colloquium of the Groupe de Bellerive, Geneva Nuclear War: Nuclear Proliferation and Their Consequences, program and list of participants, 1985 June
2 Five Continent Peace Initiative, Athens Meeting, 1985 January-February
3 Disarmament: reports, articles, briefings, clippings, on nuclear disarmament and arms control negotiations, 1984-1986
Box Folder
20 1 University for Peace: Correspondence, UN reports, 1980-1981
2 University for Peace: Correspondence, UN reports, 1980-1981
3 University for Peace: bound volume containing correspondence, reports, resolutions, press releases, and clippings relating to the establishment of the University for Peace in Costa Rica, 1980-1981
Box Folder
21 UN Legal Documents, UNCTAD, GATT, Secretary General, 1957-1986
1 United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), General Agreement on Trade and Tariffs (GATT) reports, correspondence, press releases, clippings, 1957-1968
2 UNCTAD GATT correspondence, 1963
3 Legal documents Institutional, statements, meeting records, memos, 1965-1986
4 Legal documents Procedural debate: meeting records, reports, correspondence, 1962-1977
5 UN Legal documents Miscellaneous reports, correspondence, meeting records, notes for the Secretary-General, 1960-1985
6 Resignation of Raúl Prebisch UNCTAD Secretary General, Correspondence, cables, newsletters, 1968
7 Correspondence relating to incident with UN employee Phillipe de Seynes, 1979
8 UNCTAD Resolutions, 1965
UN Chronology documenting Cordovez's career in the UN, 1965-1988
Bound volumes containing interoffice memoranda, correspondence, statements, resolutions, agreements, and reports of various United Nations offices and conferences, documenting Cordovez's work as an economic affairs officer for the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) and the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT), as Director of the Secretariat of the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), and as Under-Secretary General for Special Political Affairs of the United Nations Security Council. Loose material that was in a volume is listed after the volume to which it belongs under the heading "additional documents."
Box Folder
22 1 1965 November-1966 June
2 1966 July-December
3 1967 January-June
4 1967 July-December
Box Folder
23 1 1968 January-June
2 1968 July-December
3 1969 July-December
Box Folder
24 1 1970 January-June
2 1970 July-December
3 1971 January-December
4 1972 January-December
5 1973 January-December
6 Additional document, 1973 January
Box Folder
25 1 1974 January-December
2 Additional documents, 1974 April
3 1975 January-December
4 Additional document, 1975 November
5 1976 January-June
6 Additional document, 1976 January
7 1976 July-December
Box Folder
26 1 1977 January-June
2 Additional Document, 1977 May
3 1977 July-December
4 1978 January-June
5 1978 January-December
Box Folder
27 1 1979 January-June
2 1979 July-December
3 1980 January-December
4 1981 January-December
Box Folder
28 1 1982 January-June
2 1982 July-December
3 1983 January-June
Box Folder
29 1 1983 July-December
2 Journal notes, 1984-1985
3 1984 January-June
Box Folder
30 1 1984 July-December
2 1985 January-June
3 1985 July-December
4 Additional document, 1985 November
Box Folder
31 1 1986 January-June
2 1986 July-December
3 Schedule, 1986-1987
Box Folder
32 1 1987 Januar-June
2 1987 July-December
3 1988 January-August
Box Folder
33 Conflict and Peace Negotiations in Afghanistan, 1980-1994
Afghanistan Memorandums, 1980-1988
Bound volumes containing notes on meetings, correspondence, press releases, proposals, clippings, resolutions, communiques, speeches, and logs. Each volume is divided into labeled sections. Loose material that was in a volume is listed after the volume to which it belongs under the heading "additional documents."
1 Volume 1 of 1, 1980-1981
2 Additional documents: record of meetings, clippings, 1979-1981
3 Volume 1 of 3, 1982
4 Additional documents: preliminary draft text of the comprehensive settlement, undated
5 Volume 2 of 3, 1982
6 Volume 3 of 3, 1982
7 Volume 1 of 3, 1983
8 Volume 2 of 3, 1983
Box Folder
34 1 Volume 3 of 3, 1983
2 Volume 1 of 3, 1984
3 Volume 2 of 3, 1984
4 Volume 3 of 3, 1984
5 Volume 1 of 3, 1985
6 Volume 2 of 3, 1985
Box Folder
35 1 Volume 3 of 3, 1985
2 Volume 1 of 4, 1986
3 Volume 2 of 4, 1986
4 Volume 3 of 4, 1986
5 Volume 4 of 4, 1986
Box Folder
36 1 Volume 1 of 3, 1987
2 Additional documents: records of meetings, extract from communique, and notes on Moscow meeting, 1987
3 Volume 2 of 3, 1987
4 Volume 3 of 3, 1987
5 Volume 1 of 4, 1988
6 Volume 2 of 4, 1988
Box Folder
37 1 Volume 3 of 4, 1988
2 Volume 4 of 4, 1988
Afghanistan Clippings, 1980-1994
3 1982
4 1983 January-May
Box Folder
38 1 1983 June-December
2 1984 January-July
3 1984 August-December
4 1985 January-June
5 1985 July-December
Box Folder
39 1 1986 January-April
2 1986 May-August
3 1986 September-December
4 1987 January-March
Box Folder
40 1 1987 April-August
2 1987 September-December
3 1988 January
4 1988 February
Box Folder
41 1 1988 March
2 1988 April
3 Additional clipping, 1988
4 1988 May-June
5 1988 July
6 1988 August-October
Box Folder
42 1 1988 November-December
2 1989 January
3 1989 February
4 1989 March-April
5 1989 May-June
6 1989 July-September
7 1989 October-December
Box Folder
43 1 1988-1992
2 Afghanistan the End: Press clippings about conflict in Afghanistan, 1992
3 Afghan Odds and Ends: Articles, reports, papers, book chapters, 1980-1994
44 Afghanistan UN documents, correspondence, and Cordovez's written accounts, 1977-1996
1 Programs of Cordovez's visits to Afghanistan, 1982-1984
2 Cordovez's personal schedule notebooks, 1987
3 Personal Correspondence, 1987-1989
4 Manuscript notes, 1983-1992
5 Preliminary draft text of comprehensive settlement Afghanistan, 1982
6 Records of Secretary General Javier Pérez de Cuéllar meetings regarding Afghanistan, 1981
7 Reports and notes on situation in Afghanistan, 1984-1994
8 Communiques between US Embassies and the Department of State about the situation in Afghanistan, 1977-1979
Box Folder
45 1-2 Afghan Bible, 1982-1988
Afghan Logs and chronologies; Notes for the record; UN press releases; Reports of the Secretary General; General Assembly Resolutions; Talking points; The Geneva Accords; and Implementation.
Box Folder
46 1 Directory of government officials, Afghanistan, 1987 July
2 Key UN Press reports, 1987-1990
Negotiations on the situation relating to Afghanistan, 1982-1988; UN Press briefings, statements, reports, testimonies, clippings, and relating to situation in Afghanistan.
3 UN Cables, 1988 Aug-Dec
Box Folder
47 1 A step-by-step account of the negotiations that secured the Soviet withdrawal from Afghanistan, select book chapters, undated
Box Folder
48 1 Chapters 2, 4, 6, 8, undated
2 Chapter 2, undated
3 Chapter 4, undated
4 Chapter 6, undated
5 Chapter 8, undated
6 Chapter 10, undated
49 Material relating to Cordovez's book, Out of Afghanistan: The Inside Story of the Soviety Withdrawal, 1982-1996
1 El Libro I: Correspondence with Oxford University Press regarding manuscript corrections, editing, and publishing of "Out of Afghanistan," 1989-1993
2 El Libro II: articles, book reviews, publicity, clippings related to book, 1982-1996
3 Out of Afghanistan book contract and correspondence with Oxford University Press, 1989
Box Folder
50 UN Special Missions, 1950-2009
1 Santo Domingo Mission: Contains UN Security Council letters, documents, and records relating to US intervention in the Dominican Republic, 1965 April-June
2 Palestine Mission: "The Origins and Evolution of the Palestine Problem," Parts I and II, UN publication, 1978-1979
3 Peaceful Unification of Korea, UN Study, 1982-1983
4 Mission in Korea, 1950; 1984-1988
Security council resolution on Korea; Agreement between North and South Korea on basic principles of national unity; Notes on visit to korea; and Notes for and Report of the Secretary General.
5 Visit to Shanghai and Beijing, Asian Pacific Mass Media Leaders' Roundtable, statements, correspondence, conference program, 1984 April-May
6 South China Sea border and territorial dispute, 1986-1996
Box Folder
51 1 Malta/Libya Dispute: Chronology of events, Report of the Security Council, Correspondence, 1980-1982
2 Malta/Libya Dispute, 1980-1982
Background material, notes verbales, press releases, reports, press clippings, memorandums, statements; Official documents of the Security Council; Provisional verbatim records of Security Council and General Assembly meetings; International Court of Justice intervention in case concerning the continental shelf (Tunisia/Libyan Arab Jamahiriya).
3 Malta/Libya Dispute additional documents from volumes: report of the international court of justice, UN press release, clippings, 1982-1985
4 Situation in Grenada: chronology, correspondence, notes, 1983-1984
5 Situation in Grenada: background material, official documents of the Security Council and the General Assembly; Organization of American States (OAS) statements, 1981-1983
6 Situation in Grenada: clippings, 1983-1984
7 Situation in Grenada: clippings, 1983-1986
Falkland/Malvinas Crisis
8 Chronology and annexes; Sir Anthony Parson's account and the Franks Report; Notes on meetings, OAS and UN Secretary General; Official Security Council Documents; Clippings, 1982-1983
9 Additional documents from chronology and annexes, 1988
Box Folder
52 1 List of headlines, notes and various articles and clippings, 1982
2 UN and OAS documents, 1982
3 United Nations Security Council meeting records; OAS documents and correspondence, 1982
4 Notes and clippings; Security Council letters and meeting records, 1982
5 Various articles and clippings, 1982-1983
6 Newspaper clippings, 1982
7 UN documents; General Assembly Security Council letters; Question of the Falkland Islands OAS document, 1982
Box Folder
53 Guyana-Venezuela
1 Clippings, 1981-1987
2 Clippings relating to Cordovez's visit to Venezuela, 1985 March
3 Guyana-Venezuela territorial dispute chronology, speeches, and meeting notes, 1981-1987
4 Mission to Venezuela: email printouts, schedule, list of media headlines, business cards, documents relating to the national elections, 2003-2005
Box Folder
54 Iran-Iraq Conflict
1 An annotated chronology "The work of the Commission of Inquiry in Teheran," 1983
2 Personal handwritten notes and meeting minutes, Teheran hostages, circa 1980
3 Complete set of Tehran Times during visit of Commission of Inquiry, 1980 February 24-March 10
4 Records of Commission of Inquiry, 1980
5 Iran-Iraq diary, meeting notes, reports, notes for the Secretary General, 1980-1988
6 Gulf War border dispute between Iraq and Kuwait documents, 1990-1992
7 UN Security Council Gulf Security Resolution Drafts, 1991
8 UN Security Council Gulf Resolution project documents, 1991
9 United Nations Emergency Operation, Algiers, Egypt, Israel, correspondence, meeting notes, 1974-1975
Box Folder
55 1 Reports, Notes for Secretary-general, records of meetings, UN internal memos, 1980-1983
2 Iran-Iraq Dossier, 1980-1988
Includes the following sections: scenario, draft statement, future sequence of events, astpects of peace-keeping operation, diary, principlies, refined principles, draft treaty, UN presence, Letters, Aide-memoire, non-interference, shatt-al-arab, map, border study, treaty, prisoner of war status.
3 Iran-Iraq Clippings, 1980-1983
56 Iran-Iraq Conflict Clippings
1 1981 June-December
2 1980 October-December and 1981 January-May
3 1982 January-June
4 1982 July-December
5 1983 January-December
6 1984 January-May
Box Folder
57 1 1984 June-December
2 1985 January-December
3 1986 January-December
4 1987 January-July
5 1987 August-September
6 1987 October-December and 1988 January-June
Box Folder
58 1 Commission of Inquiry in Iran, 1980
Outline of developments in Iran; security Council documents and minutes of informal consultations; chronology of the commission's work in Teheran; meeting minutes; records of meetings; draft report; working papers; correspondence; press statements; handwritten notes of meetings.
2 Commission of Inquiry in Iran: Press clippings, 1979-1981
3 Commission of Inquiry in Iran: Press clippings, 1979-1981
4 Commission of Inquiry in Iran: Selected documentation submitted to the Commission of Inquiry; International Court of Justice Reports; Press briefings and media transcripts, 1978-1981
59 Cyprus Conflict
1 Cyprus Guide, 1997-1998
2 Written Statement Re: Accordance with International Law of the Unilateral Declaration of Independence by the Provisional Institutions of Kosovo, Submitted by the Republic of Cyprus to the International Court of Justice, 2008-2009
3 Address to European-Atlantic Group, 1998 October 12
4 Cyprus Diary, 1998
5 Cyprus Telegrams, 1998
6 Cyprus settlement correspondence and cables, 1997
Box Folder
60 1 Clippings and articles, 1977, 1990-1998
2-5 Articles on the Cyprus Problem, 1985-1999
6 Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Defense Papers, 1992-1998
Summary of the Current positions of the two sides in relation to the set of ideas, 1992; Cyprus Constitution supplement; Regular Report from the Commission on Cyprus' Progress Towards Accession; Integration of South Cyprus with Greece, Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Defense; A Dossier on the Greek Cypriot Embargoes; Greek Cypriot Anti-Federation Statements; Talking points.
Box Folder
61 1 Round-Table Meeting on Statehood, Self-Determination, Integration: The Case of Cyprus, Institute for Human Rights, Abo Akademi University, background material and program, 1997 June 26-29
2 Draft Cyprus constitution with commentary and analysis by Henry Steel sent to Derek Boothby, 1997 August 13
3 Correspondence on Turkish-Greek relations between the Ministries of Foreign Affairs of Turkey and Greece, 1998 February-March
4 6 Appendices, 1988-1998
1) Akritas Organization Description, secret paramilitary organization; 2) Apology on Missing Persons, 1998 May; 3) English translation of a letter sent by Greek Cypriot leader George Vassiliou to EDEK party leader Vassos Lyssarides, 1988 February; 4) Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus President to Javier Perez de Cuellar, UN Secretary General 1990 February 10; 5) Report of the Secretary-General on his mission of Good Offices in Cyprus, 1997; and 6) Joint Declaration between the Republic of Turkey and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.
5 Cordovez's visit to Cyprus: talking points, statements, program of visit, itinerary, 1997-1998
6 Letter from President Rauf R. Denktas to Kofi Annan, 1999 April 28; Greece and Turkey maps; official transcript of statement by SIr John Weston, President of the Security Council, following the Council briefing on Cyprus on 1997 August 20; Notes for the Secretary-General about Cyprus, 1997-1999
7 Letter from Rauf R. Denktas critiquing Secretary-General Javier Perez de Cuellar's depiction of the Cyprus problem in his memoir, "Pilgrimage for Peace," 1998 September 26
8 Cyprus conflict clippings, 1956-1965
9 Reports of the Secretary-General Mission of Good Offices in Cyprus; resolutions; Code cables, constitutional arrangements, 1992-1997
Detailed table of contents in volume
10 Report by Galo Plaza, United Nations Mediator on Cyprus, to the Secretary General, 1965
Box Folder
62 1 Cyprus Papers: UN operation correspondence and documents; statements and declarations by Turkey and Cyprus; Working drafts and papers of agreement for a comprehensive settlement; Press papers; background notes on EU accession; administrative documents, 1997
2 Cyprus Papers, 1998
Includes UN correspondence and documents; outgoing code cables; briefing notes for the secretary-general; Security Council resolutions; Secretary-General Mission of Good Offices in Cyprus Reports; Meeting notes with Secretary-General; Press releases, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus; Draft Statements by the Special Adviser of the Secretary General; Correspondence to Cordovez about the conflict in Cyprus.
Box Folder
63 1 Good Bye Cyprus, 1997-1999
The Cyprus Problem: Historical Review and the Latest Developments; Notes for the Secretary General on Cyprus; Notes for the File; Reports of the Secretary-General on the UN Operation in Cyprus including Draft framework agreement on Cyprus presented by the SG; Press clippings; Photocopies of book chapters on Cyprus; UN Operations in Cyprus Cables; Constitution of Federal Republic of Cyprus Drafts.
2 UN Yearbook Cyprus: Yearly summaries from the UN Yearbook about the situation in Cyprus, 1963-1994

Series 3: Ecuadorean Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 1933-2006

64 Ministry General Documents, 1973-2006
1 Cordovez Minister of foreign affairs, Correspondence, 1989
2 Cordovez Minister of foreign affairs, Correspondence, 1990 January-June
Box Folder
65 1 Minister of foreign affairs correspondence, 1990 July-December
2 Minister of foreign affairs correspondence, 1991 January-July
3 Minister of foreign affairs correspondence, 1991 August-December
Box Folder
66 1 Minister of foreign affairs correspondence, 1992 January-June
2 Communications, agreements, and clippings of local press in Ecuador, 1992 July-August
3 Decrees, Agreements, and Correspondence, 1988
Box Folder
67 1 Ministry Agreements, 1989
2 Ministry Agreements, 1990
3 Ministry Agreements, 1991 January-June
4 Ministry Agreements, 1991 July-December
Box Folder
68 1 Ministry Agreements, 1992 January-June
2 Lectures and Interviews, 1988 August-1992 June
3 Decrees and Trips, 1988-1992
4 Cordovez's meeting log, 1989
Box Folder
69 1-4 Annual Reports of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs prepared by Foreign Minister Cordovez, 1988-1992
Box Folder
70 1 Correspondence and clippings relating to Cordovez's appointment as Foreign Minister of Ecuador, 1988
2 Correspondence about Ecuador and Peru Border conflicts/disputes; Conflicto de la Cordillera del Cóndor; Paquisha Incident; El conflicto de paquisha de la OEA, 1981, 1991
3 Official Register 1973, 1986
4 Personal administrative documents; administrative affairs; list of functionaries in ministry; ministry expenses; personnel loan list; personnel lists; contact information for ministry personnel; lists and correspondence about employee promotions and transfers, 1988-1991
5 Documents concerning Ambassador Juan Carlos Faidutti's moving expenses, 1985-1992
6 Documents and correspondence with Ambassador Patricio Zuquilanda, 1992-1993
Box Folder
71 1 Economic report of funds for the special commission, 1991
2 Report by Patricio Paredes; correspondence; details of signed contracts for remodeling the offices of the ministry of foreign affairs, 1990-1994
3 Financial audits of the ministry, 1989-1993
4 Clippings and correspondence relating to audits, 1992-1993
5 Various Ministry reports and bulletins, 1988-1992
Request for equipment and material for project "Formación y Modernización de Relaciones Exteriores"; "Modernización en Marcha"; Ministry of Foreign Affairs Bulletins, 1989-1991; Jornadas de Información: Programa de Modernización 1992, June-August; Instituto de relaciones Europeo-Latinoamericanas, Dossier: "Ecuador: Los Desafíos del desarrollo político y económico," 1988 August
6 Restructuring of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Report on Ecuador's role in the international sphere; articles on diplomacy, 1989-2006
7 Report of the inspection of the Consulate General of Ecuador in Bogota, 1989-1990
72 Colombia-Venezuela Territorial Dispute, 1989-1992
1 Report: Diferendo Limítrofe, Colombo-Venezolano, 1989
2 Memorandums, correspondence, clippings, Embajada del Ecuador en Colombia, 1989-1990
3 "La Declaración de Ureña," 1989
4 Banana Sector Tributes to Cordovez: memos, correspondence, newspaper clippings, 1991
5 Banana Sector Export negotiations documents and correspondence, 1992
73 Ecuador-Peru Territorial Dispute, 1933-2002
1 Report: Consenso Nacional para la solución del problema territorial ecuatoriano peruano, Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores Ecuador, 1982
2 Peru territorial dispute, Ministerio de relaciones exteriores, 1982-1989
Detailed table of contents and section headings in volume.
Box Folder
74 1 Problema Rios Fronterizos, 1971-1986
2 Cronologia-Proyecto Puyango-Tumbes, Catamayo-Chira, 1933-1989
3 Press clippings: Puyango-Tumbes, 1976-1989
4 Cuencas hidrográficas binacionales: Puyango-Tumbes, Catamayo-Chira, 1970-1989
5 Puyango-Tumbes, Catamayo-Chira, 1988-1989
Box Folder
75 1 Propuesta 1991: Proposal relating to the Rio de Janeiro Protocol; Ministry of Foreign Affairs documents concerning Ecuadorean embassy in Peru and Washington DC, 1991
2 Propuesta 1992: Proposal relating to the Rio de Janeiro Protocol; Press communications, correspondence, memorandums related to territorial dispute between Ecuador and Peru, 1992
3 Caso Hamburger, 1983-1989
Correspondence between the Departments of Foreign Relations in Ecuador and Switzerland relating to the controversy involving Swiss citizen Leo Hamburger in Ecuador and the resulting diplomatic negotiations.
4 Acuerdo de Paz, 1998
Peace Agreement, Diplomacia presidencial y propuesta de los Garantes, correspondence; Other agreements and treaties between Ecuador and Peru.
Box Folder
76 1 Los Pareceres, Statements by the governments of Ecuador and Peru over impasses to the application Rio protocol, 1998
2 Ecuador maps, clippings about territorial negotiations between Ecuador and Peru, 2000-2002
3 Ecuador-Peru territorial dispute, reports, memos, clippings, articles, 1992-2001
4 Ecuadorean-Peruvian Rivalry in the Upper Amazon, William L. Krieg, US Department of State Study, 1986
77 Clippings: Ecuador-Peru Territorial Dispute, 1989-2000
1 1989-1991
2 1992
3 1994
4 1995
Box Folder
78 1 Miscellaneous clippings, 1992, 1995
2 1996 January
3 1996 January
4 1996 February
Box Folder
79 1 1996 March
2 1996 April
3 1996 May
Box Folder
80 1 1996 June
2 1996 July-December
3 Hoy, 1997
Box Folder
81 1 El Comercio, 1997
2 Hoy, 1998 January-June
3 El Comercio, 1998 January-June
Box Folder
82 1 Hoy and El Comercio, 1998 July
2 Hoy and El Comercio, 1998 August
3 Hoy and El Comercio, 1998 September
4 Miscellaneous, 1993-2005
Oversize-Box Folder
83 1 El Comercio, 1998 September
2 El Comercio, 1998 October
3 Hoy, 1998 October
4 Hoy, 1998 November
5 El Comercio, 1998 November
6 Hoy and El Comercio, 1998 December
7 Hoy and El Comercio, 1999 January-February
8 Hoy and El Comercio, 1999 March-2000 January
Box Folder
84 Clippings: Ecuador Local Press, 1989-1992
1 1989 January-June
2 1989 July-December
3 1990
Box Folder
85 1 1991 January-August
2 1991 September-December
Box Folder
86 1 1992 January-June

Series 4: Latin American Conflicts, Negotiations, Organization of American States, 1959-2004

Box Folder
86 2 Organization of American States Reports, Fifth Meeting of Consultation of Ministers of Foreign Affairs, Speeches, 1959
3 La Segunda Cumbre Iberoamericana de Jefes de Estado y de Gobierno, Madrid, Documento de Conclusiones, 1992 July
Box Folder
87 Mission in Panama, Organization of American States, 1988-1989
1 Mission in Panama, Secret documents, 1988-1989
2 Mission chronology, resolutions and reports (2 copies), 1989 May-December
3 OAS Mission in Panama correspondence, reports, 1989 February-April
4 Research paper: Regional support for democratization in Latin America, the case of Panama, 1989-1991
5 OAS Mission in Panama, reports, correspondence, statements relating to the Panamanian elections, 1989 May
88 OAS Mission in Panama Reports, correspondence, statements
1 1989 June
2 1989 July-August
3 1989 September-December
Box Folder
89 OAS Mission in Panama, Press clippings
1 1989 February-June
2 1989 July-December
90 Latin American conflicts, negotiations, mediations, and agreements, 1986-2004
1 Bolivia-Chile Negotiations, 1996
2 Chile-Bolivia Relations, Documents sent to Cordovez from Embassy in Chile, 2004
3 Mission to Bolivia, Bolivian foreign affairs laws, modernization of Bolivian ministry, Cordovez's visit agenda, 1993-1994; 2002
4 Papal mediation in the Beagle Conflict between Argentina and Chile and maps of territory under dispute, 1986-1989
5 Cartagena Agreement, Report: "El sistema andino de integración: logros, perspectivas y prioridades," 1987
6 Book excerpt, "El plan Colombia y la internacionalización del conflicto," US military and diplomatic aid initiative, 2001
7 Incident of Peruvian Embassy in Cuba: notes, cables, correspondence, clippings, 1980

Series 5: Vice Presidential Campaign and Business Ventures, 1995-1999

91 Vice Presidential Campaign Clippings, 1995-1996
1 1995
2 1996 January
3 1996 February
Box Folder
92 1 1996 March
2 1996 April-June
Box Folder
93 1 1996 July
Business Ventures, 1993-1999
2 ST Global-Bank of America: Ecuador negotiations with ST Global Products Corporation about Petroleum Sales, 1999
3 Leboeuf International Independent Power Companies, Profiles of Industry Players and Projects, 1995
4 First the People Report about Economic Development in Ecuador by Jamie Nebot, circa 1990s
5 Tocopilla, Chilean electricity generation company in report for potential investors, circa 1990s
Box Folder
94 1 Telecommunications sector in Bolivia, reports about Entel capitalization and negotiations with the Bolivian Ministry of Capitalization, 1993-1994

Series 6: General Interest Press Clippings, 1961-1992

95 Press Clippings
1 1961-1966
2 1967-1969
3 1970
4 1971-1972
5 1973-1975
6 1976
Box Folder
96 1 1977-1978
2 1979-1980
3 1981
4 1982
5 1983
Box Folder
97 1 1984
2 1985
3 1986
4 1987 January-August
5 1987 September-1988 December
Box Folder
98 1 Various press clippings, 1988 May-1990 December
2 Various press clippings, 1991 January-December
3 Various press clippings, 1992 January-July
4 Obituaries: Chronological list of deaths and corresponding clippings of obituaries, 1962-1982
5 Obituaries: Chronological list of deaths and corresponding clippings of obituaries, 1982 September-1988 May
6 Time Magazine Clippings, 1963-1982

Series 7: Video Recordings, 1980-1998

99 Afghanistan
1 Diego Cordovez en Afghanistan, circa 1980s
2 Afghanistan, Cold War, circa 1980s
3 First Visit to Kabul, 1982
4 Cordovez Mission Kabul, 1983 January-Febuary
5 Diego Cordovez Mission, Kabul, 1983 January-February,
6 Kabul-Islamabad, Tomas Cortas 1st Trip, undated
7 Kabul, undated
8 Cronicas de Afghanistan, 1982-1983
Tape label description: Viaje 1982 April, McNeil-Lehrer Report, CBS Report; Case label description: Afghanistan 1. ABC Nightline, Roger Fisher, 1983 May 16, 2. CBS Evening News 1983 June 12.
9 Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, 1986 November
10 Gorbachev Press Conference, Part 2, 1987 December 10
11 Press Conference and meeting with Afghanistan Delegation in Geneva, undated
12 Proximity Talks, Meetings with Afghan and Pakistani Foreign Ministers and Press Conference, circa 1980s
13 Proximity Talks, Meetings with Afghan and Pakistani Foreign Ministers and Interview, circa 1980s
14 Afghanistan Talks, Diego Cordovez meets Pakistan Foreign Minister Sahabzada Yaqub Khan, circa 1980s
15 Afghanistan informal talks, Under-Secretary General Diego Cordovex, Geneva, circa 1980s
16 Afghanistnan Talks, Under-Secretary General Diego Cordovez Press Conference, circa 1980s
17 Visit of UN Secretary-General's Representative on the Settlement of the Situation Relating to Afghanistan, Mr. Diego Cordovez, to Pakistan, 1988 June
18 Afghanistan Talks, Closing News Conference, circa 1980s
19 Afghanistan Talks Closing News Conference, Diego Cordovez, circa 1980s
20 Ceremonia Acuerdos de Afghanistan, Palacio de las Naciones, Ginebra, Suiza, 1988 April 14
21 US News Reports After Afghan Deal, undated
22 US television coverage on Afghanistan Accords, 1988 April 14
23 CBS News, Afghanistan, undated
Box Video
100 1 Signing Ceremony of the Afghanistan Accord, 1988 April 14
2 Engagements of Cordovez in Pakistan, undated
3 Press conference in Pakistan, 1986 November-December
4 Cordovez's Shuttle, visit to Pakistan, 1988 January 20- February 7
5 Afghanistan, Visita Pakistan, Principios, 1988
6 Cordovez's interview with Pakistan Television, Islamabad, interviewed by PTV correspondent Shamim-Ur-Rahman, 1988 January 22
7 Cordovez News Conference, Islamabad, 1998 February 9
Iran, Iraq, Kuwait
8 UN Commision of Inquiry to Iran, 1980 February
9 Kofi Annan-Iraq, undated
10 Iran/Iraq War, Chemical Weapons, Raja El Qaysy Debate Background, undated
11 PBS: Hostages in Teheran, undated
12 And Kuwait Remains, undated
United Nations Various
13 Diego Cordovez Briefing, 1983 June 10
14 Press Conference, Diego Cordovez, 1986 February 26
15 USG D. Cordovez Press Conference UN, 1986 December 9
16 Press Conference, Diego Cordovez, Foreign Minister Ecuador, 1988 September 15
17 GA Ecuador, FM, 1988 September 1988
18 Noon Briefing, 1988 January 18
19 Secretary General and Diego Cordovez, 1998 March 10
20 Diego Cordovez, LA#6, undated
21 Cyprus, Diego Cordovez, 1988 September
22 Cordovez (?) International Nicosia, Cyprus, 1998 March 20
23 Galo Plaza (SG de la OEA), Nora Astorga en 60 minutes, undated
24 Galo Plaza, undated
25 Galo Plaza undated
26 CYBC interview, TIAN Pal (?), undated
27 CYBC Interview, NTSC, undated
Box Video
101 Ecuador
1 Programa "Entorno" Entrevista Dr. Diego Codovez, undated
2 Noticiero Univisión, Embajada del Ecuador, Juan Carlos Merino Borja, Panamá, 1989 May
3 Entrevistas Ex-canciller E. Teran, Canal 10, y Canal 8, June 10-19
4 El personaje es: Intervencion: Sr. Pedro Saad y Dr. Edgar Teran, undated
5 Dialogo Borjas/Leon, Febres Cordero, undated
6 Transmision del mando Febres Cordero, 1984
7 Bucaram, 1998 January
8 Entrevista Bucaram, 1998 April
9 Mahuad I, undated
10 DC-Peru-Instituto de Altos Estudios Nacionales Ecuador (IAEN), 1994
11 Problema territorial- Programa “Maximo Nivel”, Canal 10, 1998 August 30
12 Resumen Ecuador-Peru, 1998 October
13 La Antartica, Embajada de Chile en Ecuador, undated
14 Ecuador en el mundo: mas alla de las fronteras 1-2, undated
Latin America
15 Dr. Cordovez, TV Venezuela (Esquibo), undated
16 Venezuela, undated
17 Visita del Comisionado del Secretario General de la ONU Dr. Diego Cordovez, a Venezuela, Entrevista con el Canciller Consalvi, Entrevista con el PDTE de la Republica Doctor Jaime Lusinchi, undated
18 Visita del Comisionado del Secretario General de la ONU Dr. Diego Cordovez, a Venezuela, Entrevista con el Canciller Consalvi, Entrevista con el PDFE de la Republica Doctor Jaime Lusinchi, undated
19 Carlos Vera: Entrevista a Rafael Santelices sobre Juicio Político, Varios Reportajes en Panamá, undated
20 El Salvador, undated
21 Malvinas, undated
22 Cumbre Interamericana, Santiago, 1998 April 18-19
23 DC on PBS—Comments by Harrison and Isby, 1987
24 Entrevista con M. Zamorano, 1987 June
25 Svarzman, 1987 Oct-Nov
26 Entrevista Polo Barriga, Quito, 1988 May
27 Excellent Interview Japanese TV, Peace Makers Joint UN and Japanese Productions, 1988
28 Cadenas Nacionales—viaje Belgrado/Portugal/España, 1989
29 Anne San Clair, ultimo programa, 1997 July 6
30 Ayala Opinions sobre gestión ONU – Interfaz; Parar 1. Despues (?) Premio Nobel Portugal 2. Cuando aparece el, 1997 December 14
31 Pelicula sobre Malraux, undated
32 Radio and Television Correspondents Association "Tapes of Wrath," Alek Martinovic, undated
33 Cero tolerancia, agrega El hers (?) donde esta parado; Entrevista 1er programa F El hers (?), undated
34 Title label in Arabic, undated
35 Title label in Arabic, undated
36 Unlabeled, undated
37 Unlabeled, undated