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Mexican Communist Party Collection, 1935-2013

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Creator: Partido Comunista Mexicano
Title: Mexican Communist Party Collection
Dates: 1935-2013
(bulk 1958-1966)
Abstract: Documents, proceedings, publications, bulletins, correspondence, newsletters, and other printed materials related to the Mexican Communist Party (Partido Comunista Mexicano). The materials cover the critical events and happenings of the party during its existence, in particular those of the 1950s-1960s, including the Mexican Railway Strike of 1959 (Huelga ferrocarrilera mexicana de 1959).
Accession No.: 2014-20
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Language: English
Repository: Benson Latin American Collection, The University of Texas at Austin

Historical Note

The Mexican Communist Party officially began in 1919 as a result of the strengthning workers' movement in Mexico, the interational communist movement, and the success of the Great October Socialist Revolution of 1917. In 1935 the Mexican Communist Party participated in the creation of the El Comité Nacional de Defensa Proletaria, which opposed the political group directed by Luis N. Morones and Plutarco E. Calles. The 1920s-1930s were tumultuous years in the party, marked by internal issues, key figures renouncing the party, and a struggle to define the party's role and values.

The 1940s-1960s were the decades which saw the most activity and change in the party's history. Various key explusions and separations from the party ocurred during this time, including the newly created el Partido Obrero Campesino de México (POCM) in 1950 and later in 1957 with the creation of José Revueltas'-led Liga Leninista Espartaco. 1958-1959 was marked by the influential Railroad Movement (Movimiento ferrocarrilero), which unified the railroad workers on a national level and would have a lasting influence for years to come. Over 800 people involved in the strike were sentenced to prison, including many who were kept in prison for several years. Demetrio Vallejo and Valentín Campa were kept in prison from 1959-1969, their release was greatly a result of the efforts of the Mexican Student Movement of 1968 (Movimiento estudantil de 1968).

After the Student Movement of 1968 the Mexican Communist Party attempted to bring together various factions of reformists and far-left groups that had been operating under different names, but with similar motives. Ultimately in May of 1978, the Mexican Communist Party joined El Partido Demócrata Mexicano (PDM) and the El Partido Socialista de los Trabajadores de México (PST). The next years would see splits and mergings between other political groups and parties. Ultimately, in 2011 the Marxist-Leninst inspired Commuist Party of Mexico (Partido Comunista de México, PCdeM) was created and is still operational.

Works Referenced:

Campa S., Valentín.Mi testimonio: experiencias de un comunista mexicano 1st ed. México: Ediciones de Cultura Popular, 1978.

Scope and Contents Note

The collection covers the Mexican Communist Party from 1935-1966 with the bulk of the materials being from the 1950s and 1960s. Also included are publications that range from 1974-2013, which relate to far-left political groups and movements. While most of the Mexican Communisty Party materials are from Mexico City and the central section, the Mexican Communist Party was a national one, which is seen in the colleciton through materials from different state sections such as Puebla, Nuevo Leon, and Sinaloa. Materials beyond the 1960s are mainly publications related to the party, offshoots of the party, and other far-left political groups, movements, and causes.

Proceedings: includes reports, declarations, correspondence, congress proceedings, and other printed material related to the Mexican Communist Party. Of interest is the correspondence, writings, and other materials related to the Mexican Railway Strike of 1959 and the ensuing imprisonment of those involved. It includes correspondence and writings from many of the imprisoned members including David Alfaro Siqueiros, Filomeno Mata, Valentín Campa, Demetrio Vallejo, Dionisio Encina, and José Encarnación Pérez Gaytán. This series also includes communication of solidarity from international groups and other state sections of the Mexican Communist Party.

Publications: includes pamphlets, newsletters, and articles ranging from 1974-2013. Titles of note include "Revolución,""Ediciones Revolución," Centro de Investigaciones Históricas de los Movimientos Armados, Liga Comunista 23 de Septiembre, and others.


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Subjects (Persons)
Siqueiros, David Alfaro
Mata, Filomeno, 1889-1967
Vallejo, Demetrio
Encarnación Pérez, J.
Campa S., Valentín(Campa Salázar), 1904-
Mexico--Politics and government--1946-1970.
Corporate Names
Partido Comunista Mexicano.
Sindicato de Trabajadores Ferrocarrileros de la República Mexicana.
Juventud Comunista de México.

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Box and Folder Inventory


Box Folder
1 1 1935
2 1940
3 1941
4 1949
5 1954
6 1956
7 1957
8 1958
Partido Comunista Mexicano bulletins, conference proceedings, newsletters, and correspondence; Several issues of "Carta seminaria al partido."
9 1959
Correspondence and materials related to the Huelga ferrocarrilera mexicana de 1959, including letters from the political prisoners being held at the Lecumberri prison; Several issues of "Carta seminaria al partido;" Proceedings and writings from the Mexico City Committee of the Communist Party.
10 1960
Letters, declarations, and donations related to the political prisoners being held at the Lecumberri prison; Several names to note include David Alfaro Siqueiros, Filomeno Mata, Dionisio Encina, Valentín Campa, Demetrio Vallejo Martinez, Gilberto Rojo Robles, and J. Encarnación Pérez Gaytán (Chón).
11 "Informe del Comité Central ante el XIII Congreso Nacional del Partido," 1960
12 January-September 1961
Proceedings, resolutions, and many letters written by Chón; Letters written by Siqueiros and his wife Angélica A. De Siqueiros.
13 October-December 1961
Letters from Siqueiros describing the hunger strike of the political prisoners; Letters of solidarity including from U.S. Friends of Mexico; Letters from Filomeno Mata, Chón Pérez, Comité Estatal de Sinaloa, and collectively the political prisoners.
14 January-August 1962
Resolutions, bulletins, declarations, and party proceedings; Materials related to the Consejo Nacional Ferrocarrillero; John F. Kennedy's visit to Mexico; Bulletins from la Conferencia Nacional Femenil del Partido Communista Mexicano; Much correspondence between Chón and Valentín Campa; Dionisio Encina and Siqueiros also featured.
15 September-December 1962
Proceedings, initiatives, and reports; Correspondence featuring Chón, Valentín Campa, and Siqueiros; Letters of solidarity with the political prisoners; "El Partido Comunista en la nacionalización petrolera;" Materials from the Primera Convención Nacional Extraordinaria de Consejos Locales Ferrocarrileros.
16 "Proyecto inicial de programa del Partido Communista Mexicano," 1962
17 "El desarrollo y la caracterización de México," por Valentín Campa, 1962
18 1963
Reportings, bulletins, correspondence, and proceedings; XIV Congreso Nacional Ordinario del Partido Comunista Mexicano; Correspondence featuring Chón, Valentín Campa, Filomeno Mata; Isuues of the magazine Política.
Box Folder
2 1 "Movimiento de liberación nacional: La situación nacional," 1963
2 January-October 1964
Pamphlets, bulletins, correspondence and proceedings; Correspondence featuring Chón, Valentín Campa, Siqueiros, and J. Encarnación Pérez; "45 años de lucha del PCM" por Arnoldo Martínez Verdugo.
3 November-December 1964
Resolutions, financials, notes, and correspondence; Donation records from Compania Hulera Euzkadi, S.A.; Correspondence featuring Valentín Campa and Chón.
4 "Cordemex: Historia y advertencia," por Mario Menéndez Rodríguez, 1964
5 A: Señor magistrado del tribunal unitario del primer circuito, De: J. Encarnación Pérez, 1964
6 XIV Congreso Nacional del PCM: "Sobre las modificaciones a los estatutos del Partido Comunista Mexicano," por Alejo Méndez García, 1964
7 Saludos de diferentes partidos socialistas al 45 aniversario del Partido Comunista Mexicano, 1964
8 January-May 1965
Bulletins, newsletters, and correspondence; Reports, correspondence, and congresses from different sections of the party such as Guanajuato, Nuevo León, Los Mochis, Coahuila, Puebla, and others; Consejo Nacional de los Estudiantes Democráticos; Juventud Comunista de México; Correspondence featuring Chón, Valentín Campa, Mario H. Hernández, and Graciano G. Benítez.
9 "Reforma agraria radical, bandera de la C.C.I. y de todos los campesinos pobres de México" por Ramón Danzós Palomino, 1965
10 June-December 1965
Publications, resolutions, and proceedings; "Estrella Roja," publication of La Juventud Comunista de México; Movimiento Estudiantil y la Central Nacional de Estudiantes Democráticos; III Plano de Comité Central; Documents covering the role of the middle class in the political party and documentation from different sections of the party.
11 Conferencia Nacional de Maestros Comunistas, 1965
12 "La revolución permanente del renegado Trotsky," 1965
13 "Proyecto de informe para la conferencia de organización del partido en el D.F.," 1965
14 V Congreso Estatal del Partido Comunista Mexicano, 1965
15 1966
Resolutions, proceedings, notes, and financials; Correspondence featuring Chón, Valentín Campa, Arnoldo Martínez Verdugo; Juventud Comunista de México, and other sections of the party; Movimiento Revolucionario del Magisterio.
16 V Pleno Nacional Ordinario de la Central Campesina Independiente, 1966


Box Folder
2 17 Various Publications, A-B, 1974-2013
18 Various Publications, C-D, 1975-2005
Box Folder
3 1 Various Publications, E-F, 1986, undated
2 "Exposición de la linea política de la resistencia popular...", 1992
3 "La guerra popular en el Perú," 1982-1985
4 Various Publications, H-O, 1978-1984
5 "Informe de la lucha de clases 3," undated
6 Various Publications, P-V, 1979-2013, undated
7 "Revolución" , Nos. 1, 3-13, 1978-1982
8 "Rebeldía" , Nos. 56, 79, 2007-2011
9 Bumper Stickers, 2013
10 Centro de Investigaciones Históricas de los Movimientos Armados, 1996
11 Centro de Investigaciones Históricas de los Movimientos Armados, "Para romper el silencio expediente abierto," 1994-1995
12 Comité Comunista Estudiantil," 13 de Junio," 1983-1987
13 Ediciones Revolución, 1976, undated
14 Ediciones Revolución, "Lo que se oculta en los enformes presidenciales," 1980
15 Liga Comunista 23 de Septiembre, 1974-1976
16 Liga Comunista 23 de Septiembre," Algunas experiencias sobre táctica y técnica," 1974
Box Folder
4 1 Liga Comunista 23 de Septiembre, Boletín Interna 7, 1982
2 Liga de comunistas revolucionarios, "Proyecto de Línea Política," undated
3 Organización del Proletariado, "Camaradas" 1980-1981
4 PROCUP-PDLP, 1992-1994